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"sumner st. officers" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Did this. We're gonna get our state and federal partners to help us do that We're going to celebrate our heroes, which are first responders that went and saved lives. Three people were reported injured in that blast possible remains. Found nearby. Police are investigating whether those remains are tied to that blast. Several buildings were damaged Police in Grapevine, Texas, responding to reports of threats of a hotel guests at the Great Wolf Lodge. Say a man was making threats against the hotel officials search room by room, evacuating all the guests great find, police spokeswoman Amanda McNew says. So far that's only been threats did have reports from multiple witnesses describing the same man saying he was going to make threats that he was going to shoot. And so far, police have not found that suspect. A man who was stabbed on Christmas Eve and he's Boston has died from his injuries. Police say they responded to a call at about nine o'clock Thursday night about a stabbing near to await Sumner ST. Officers finding a man suffering life threatening injuries rushed to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead police asking anyone with information to contact them. Those advocating for prisoners in Massachusetts are redoubling their efforts to release inmates from state prisons. Because of the pandemic Prisoners Legal services of Massachusetts, arguing in Suffolk Superior Court that the state Department of Correction should release inmates, too. Home confinement, furlough, medical parole or other legal measures so that other prisoners will be able to socially distance. Now it appears that the on Lee woman who sits on death row will not be executed as soon as expected. The latest with CBS is Jennifer Keiper. Lisa Montgomery had been scheduled to be put to death this month for killing a pregnant woman in Skidmore, Missouri, and 20 or four removing the baby and trying to pass it off as their own. U. S. District Court Judge Randolph Moss delayed the execution after her attorneys contracted covert 19 while visiting their client. The Justice Department tried to reschedule the execution date for January. 12th. However, judge Moss says that cannot happen while the stay of execution order remains in effect, which is until January, 1st Montgomery would be the first woman executed by the federal government since 1953 Jennifer Caper, CBS NEWS Residents of three nursing homes outside Madison, Alabama, Receiving a special surprise on Christmas animals, goats, donkeys decked out an adorable costumes. I love the name of this place. It's tiny, high knees traveling farm. Visiting nursing homes and schools so people can connect with animals they don't see often and with the added isolation of covert 19, keeping many away from their families, farm owner Susan Bolivia says their mission means so much more this year. You know the depression that comes along with it..

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