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"Upper Marlboro 69 in Centreville We have 74° here in friendship heights It's 6 40 Maryland's popular parks kicked off the summer season by filling up fast So fast that some people had to be turned away because parking lots were at capacity but a new state law going into effect this summer is aimed at easing that problem State delegate and House majority leader Eric lutke sponsored the Maryland great outdoors act to create more access at more parks It's going to take time to build the new parks we need which will help reduce overcrowding but we're on the right path Lutke a Democrat has a goal to get to all the states parks It's one shared by Republican lieutenant governor Boyd Rutherford My number now is 64 or 65 parks that I visited The lieutenant governor may actually be ahead of me now Maryland state park superintendent need a catena looks forward to expanding the park system Does she have a current favorite That's sort of like asking me who my favorite child is It's really hard to choose one But if I had to I would go with swallow falls state park Kate Ryan WTO P news America has a long list of national parks but the number of minorities who visit them tend to be on the extreme low end A buoy state university professor says it's important to try to change that Malaka Dixon is one of ten buoy state students who just got back from a ten day camping trip through 5 national parks in the Rocky Mountains in American Southwest I thought it would be important for me to go and experience things that I've never experienced But how many other African Americans did she see outside of her group Black and probably literally sit here and count my fingers Between two and less than 5% of African Americans visit the national parks That's why doctor sumanth Reddy a geography professor at Bowie state organized a trip through a grant from the American association of geographers Many African Americans live in urban areas But he says exposing minorities opens up new worlds and experiences Even though these are far away we are welcome these belong to all of us John dome in WTO news In Los Angeles and surrounding areas today water rationing goes into effect officials say they have no other option as the area is running out of water In many parts of that area people will be restricted to watering their lawns only once a week The era of lush green lawns in the LA area may be coming to an end We think this is the English countryside and it's not Linda lowhill is a well expert today new restrictions go into effect Dmitri police with the metropolitan water district says the crisis is real There may come a day when you go to the tap and the water won't come out This homeowner says he's ready for his lawn to turn brown To me there's more important things in the world to worry about than a nice long Steve futterman CBS News Los Angeles Coming up will Virginia open up its checkbook to land the commanders 6 43 Here's Raven Manuel the senior application developer and architect and dev ops engineer for the national museum of African American history and culture on the discussion scalability and security with industry leading government cloud sponsored by appian Our next step is to be able to take the end gallery and interactives which I plan and implement and move them to the cloud Listen.

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