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01-06-20 Temporary agreement at Mauna Kea standoff

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01-06-20 Temporary agreement at Mauna Kea standoff

"Walk continued of America. Calling from studio forty nine in Albuquerque. I'm Tara Gatewood. For the first time in six months the road. To Hawaii's Monica is open demonstrators. Shut down access to the sacred volcano in July. As an international consortium announced plans to begin construction of the one point four billion dollar thirty meter telescope coming up this hour. We're going to hear about what this means and what might be in store for the future. We go live right after national made made a news This is national native news. I'm Megan camera in for Antonio Gonzales in Virginia a tribe that one a lengthy battle federal recognition in two thousand eighteen is looking to use that status to prevent construction of a water pumping station. The Washington Post reports the mannequin. Try believes the location which is at the confluence of the Ravana and James Rivers. Southeast of Charlottesville is the site of their ancient capital. RASA weck this would be the first major test of the power gained by six state tribes through federal recognition in two thousand eighteen. The evidence for the site serving as Menachem capital comes from a map drawn by Captain John Smith in sixteen twelve. The MANAKA's were eventually pushed off their land by the English and dispersed I to other states and possibly Canada about twenty one hundred remained today with five hundred. Who Live within seventy miles from the disputed site in one thousand nine hundred eighty native artifacts found when a gas line was dug on site but they were bulldozed since work began for the pumping station? The Department of Historic Resources said the archaeologist on the project had improper academic academic credentials. The project is currently on hold a high school. Basketball coach in Washington was fired after posting video on facebook. Where he said the city of Wada? To- quote vote smells like natives lighting up while potatoes within the boundaries of the Yakima Nation K. I. M. A. T. and Yakima reports video prompted a backlash in charges urges of racism. Nick Navarro was a volunteer coach. He has since released a new video apologizing for his comments never posted the video for more importantly I server said those words for that. I'm truly sorry that audio comes from TV Station K.. I. M. A. Navarro did not respond to the TV station's request for comment. The governor of Oklahoma has hired in out of state law firm in his ongoing dispute with tribes over gaming compacts the Tulsa world reports Kevin stood hired. seattle-based seattle-based Perkins Koi to represent the state following the federal lawsuits filed by three tribes last week stood insist the compacts with the state expired on January first the tribes dispute that saying the agreement language calls for automatic renewal the Cherokee chickasaw and choctaw nations sued. Asking the court for a decision on the language tribe I'd say they're open to renegotiating. The percentage of gaming fees they pay the state but not until the expiration dispute is settled Oklahoma gaming tribes currently pay between four percent and ten one percent of gaming revenue to the state the Tulsa world reports. It's the second outside law firm hired in relation to the compact years of cleanup and demolition could provide some continued jobs at the decommissioned Navajo Generating Station and Kay into coal mine. CRONKITE news service. Reports facilities owners expect to employ people for at least three three years for the decommissioning process and decades more for environmental monitoring cronkite reports the Salt River Project. The owners of the power plant instructed contractors doing in the work to give hiring preference to Navajo nation members. The number of employees will only be a fraction of those working when the plant was up and running peabody energy which owns the mine says reclamation of the site will also take several years both efforts could help buffer the expected loss of revenue from shutting down the operations in Vancouver British Columbia a new development on aims to help the city's housing crisis while also making a dramatic statement about urban indigene. Eddie The Guardian reports the site on nearly twelve acres under the Berar Street Bridge is one of the smallest first nation reserves in Canada and was home to dozens of squamish families. The village was destroyed more than a century ago. Now the squamish nation plans to to build six thousand dwelling units in high rise buildings for ten thousand residents and bring more of its members back to the city to live called Sonata. After the original village the project's six design will include slender towers. Could be fifty six stories tall with a density akin to Hong Kong some members of the squamish nation have raised concerns about the tribes profit sharing partnership partnership with private developer West Bank and some Vancouverites are concerned about the height but construction is slated to begin in twenty twenty one for National Native News. I'm Megan in Cameron. mm-hmm national native news is produced by Broadcast Corporation but funding by the corporation for public broadcasting support support by Freedom Lodge inviting you to join the historical trauma masterclass Twenty Twenty to provide cure and lighten the load for the next seven generations. No charge for tribal members. Registration is March. Second Information at Freedom Lodge Dot Org support by BNF railway moving our economy for over one hundred sixty five years. Our vision is to operate injury accident. Free with safety programs training and technology more at Bien SF DOT com slash tribal relations native voice one the native American radio network. This is native America calling. I'm Tara Gatewood. The latest protests against construction destruction of the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory in Hawaii has hit a new chapter demonstrators. Who Barricades on the road to Monica also also known as Mona our Kia the sacred mountain where telescope backers say they intend to build the facility and officials have withdrawn the police presence installed to counter those who have taken a stance the efforts to scale back tensions come as the coalition intending to build the telescope and those who call themselves yourselves Kia he which means guardian protector agreed to halt any action until at least the end of February? It's the latest in conflict over plans to construct. What organizers say is the largest most technically advanced telescope in the world some need of Wyans though say desecrates a secret place today? We'll get it some perspective. On the significance of the current situation and what strategies both sides may be considering. You're welcome to join this conversation. If you've been following knowing this issue what do you think will come next. I guess even better what do you hope will enfold. Were at one. Eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. It's also one eight hundred nine native and right now we are going to say hello to our guests who is joining today out of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii we have Kale a Kasuga. She is a spokesperson for Monica on Nina and also Monica who we she is connector. Molly our pleasure to ever here with US Killa. Welcome yes aloha. Thank you for having me on your show I just wanted to say that You know the state it has been the one that has been blocking the road And we were there to block construction Astronomers and observatory technicians have been allowed to go up the mountain for some time So you know I just WanNa make that correction. That's that's a problem that people keep thinking that we're the ones blocking the people the rest of the people from the road. We're not So what's happened recently. Is there's an an agreement with the mayor of the county of Hawaii Holy Island and and the Kupuna Made an agreement and to move the tenth to the side An open the road for you know the actual the actual road. Ah for the for the record. The road had been open. Ever since the state pulled the the doe care officers off the road so people had to go around the Ed Kupuna tent now. The main access road is open but there are now speed bumps crosswalks and The people I think they're going to adjust the speed limit to fifteen miles. It was way too high for that area where a lot of people are so that that agreement justice for two months and it's a temporary agreement If anything changes that will change also the into kill when and we see two months. When does it expire and February? Probably Okay and thank you for clearing that up because we we do see many different interpretations of exactly what is going on and we want to hear from all sides When we think of why people are even in in this area go him Tillis well? They're in the area because It's time it's time to stand you know we started fighting in court and then contested hearings administrative hearings as far back as two housing nine and the the the narrative is always that you know we've done everything we've gone through all the processes when and and most important thing that never was done was the horn people heard. I mean we we in Twenty fifteen we had you know sixty sixty nine thousand signatures of people are asking the governor to stop the desecration now we you have a new one for twenty nineteen and that one's over two hundred fifty thousand Asking the governor to stop the desecration I also things things that you know. The Hind people have found their voice. They have witnessed so many global movements in in in you you know standing rock Black lives matter. Shell no more. You know all kinds of movements that have been erupting all around the The world and Danny not for What they believe even and and standing up for the earth this is about protecting eighteen the earth you know it's not about quote unquote anti-science like a- like the opposition always likes to frame us It's about being form on the care not against science We're the native of the first scientists of by and It's not it's it's not that shallow. You know this this. This issue is about protecting our water. Sources just Mama. Cat Are sacred encrypt source and bare ground. which is on the cat and also protecting you know every species on long kids rare threatened and endangered entailed diversity of yes in all that plays a big role in just even the culture two in glad you are You know bringing light to all of this to and within some of these transitions understand the UN responded to the situation Shed more light on that please. Yes actually We had Collaborated with a group called cultural survival To make submission missing a kind of an emergency mission and that was left me and And we ask them to review do What is happening along the calf and we supplied them documentation and they actually did respond And they came out and they said that One thing that is really kind of actually an important matter because it comes from the the committee on the elimination of racism and so far the United States is not answered nor the state of why have not answered but one of the key key points was one they said that the TNT project should be stopped Until such time is they have received clear and free informed consent Base you know. That's one of the requirements in the declaration on the rights of indigenous people for which the United States is a signatory three as well as Signatory on the the Committee for the limitation of the Treaty on Committee for the elimination of racism. To to to you know there's a major development I think an important to have the UN time in because it's not only important for horns but for all ages people globally. Well there are many people who are watching a lot of this in Killa just to be clear from your understanding this agreement between Kia He and T. M. T. And maybe even the governor specifically what it is and is it a written document that people signed it is written document Yes and they enter entry knowingly signed on behalf of the and Yeah it's in writing and so that means that to break that would be break another contracting not that. That hasn't happened to a lot however I actually actually think this is important that they did make this. Signing you know. The Team T. Board. According to our understanding is that they are divided it is According to the New York Times That only Japan and Canada are actually the holdouts at this time. So that means the University of California in Caltech have decided to. I don't know what Pull back which is it's a very interesting development because we've had students in Berkeley California University of Santa Cruz and a number of the UC schools. Oh really re questing divestment and that that To know how much their schools have contributed contributed to this project. you know and also there's ongoing litigation we're still in a case You know suing the the state for not requiring a construction bond on the TNT construction bond requires that the amount of the full project be put up Prior to construction and the Tam T. also has difficulty because they're competing with the giant Magellan Telescope For American and the National Science Foundation money so you know the the bar and to protect Hawaii's public from a construction job that goes bad We've had that many times with the rail and other projects where the people of Hawaii or pain to offset those those costs and So the team teams should put up the bond if they're gonNA do it at all and they still have to deal with Ti. I'm I don't think that. AH THAT'S GONNA change you're GonNa continue either stand right thank you for that. Killa shooter is on the line line with us If you have any thoughts on this go ahead and dial in one eight hundred nine six two eight. Four eight is a number. We are talking about the construction of the thirty thirty meter telescope atop Monica and Does any of this relate to maybe even things that your community has faced construction -struction over what many people are standing insane is a sacred place Any thoughts one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. Is the number coming up after the break DOC We'll hear from more folks more opinions on how they feel. This all should go. And what do you think when we get to a point where it is A split between understanding of what a certain space should be used for In this case there is a company that wants to build thirty meter telescope NOPE And the Kia he is. You've heard have taken a stand seeing the shouldn't happen Any thoughts one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is a number you can go ask your questions to By calling in one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight is a number and if you're not able to call in you can also tweet your thoughts to us. Our twitter handle is at one eight hundred nine nine native and of course comments can always be left at native America Calling Dot Com a new center in Seattle is aimed at helping native Americans experiencing homelessness in addition to providing a place to stay organizers. Say The center offers culturally appropriate services will hear about some of the promises and challenges to addressing homelessness on the next native America calling support by dream spring. A nonprofit community lender for over twenty five years dream. Spring has been increasing access to business credit for entrepreneurs across New Mexico Arizona Arizona and beyond dream spring offers loans for self employed entrepreneurs startups and large established enterprises information about flexible credit requirements armaments affordable rates and customized lending available by calling eight hundred five zero eight seventy six twenty four or online at Dream Spring Dot Com. I know Neko Halley. Ko L. Ever. Nah Old NYC League league. Hey He'll come under McKay and more he quite a you know he loves all he all hikes. helicase you come on come on and Kelly lay why I pray. Allah la who all boy. You're listening to native America calling him target what from his letter Pueblo. We are hearing about thirty meter telescope in Hawaii today. native Hawaiian Royan protectors camped out at the base on K.. On the Big island for months have been sharing their thoughts to prevent the construction of the one point. Four Billion Dollar Observatory sorry project. There's dialogue on this anywhere. You stand on this. Give us a call joyner conversation by calling one eight hundred nine six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine million native and before the break. We were introduced to K- aloha shooter on the line with US too. If you WANNA chat directly with her Phone all nine again are open. One eight hundred nine six two eight four eight is the number Kahlo. Welcome back and also want to bring in another voice joining us out of Honolulu. Hawaii is semi Wando Wilder King. And he's the Executive Director of Imo Imola. TNT in he is molly our pleasure to have him here as well Samuel Mule. Welcome law. Thank you for having me and semi. Don't tell us a little bit about where you stand all this My the group was founded by my friend Martin to create a safe space for native Hawaiians who support TNT because we've experience the brunt of the bullying and racism online against supporters of the TNT primarily. From I'm not sure who they were in general but there are some people who are identified themselves as native Hawaiians economic me saying that we were fake Alliance for supporting the telescope and he's kind of intimidation they should tactics and you know threatening people threatening people's jobs so she wanted to create this group immoral. GMT to protect those people. And she's been kind of supporting TNT for a number of years more recently. I've been more of a silent supporter like many people in Hawaii and when the protests started this year or last last year now happy new year the I decided I needed to speak out now and so where I come from is a native Hawaiian. I look at this issue and I see that. This is the tel.. The thirty meter telescope is an amazing project that I support and I consent to and I think is an excellent thing and I've and we've been speaking about informed consent. I think there's much informed consent in our community on my end and I have consented to it and that's why I think it's a good thing. The the reason I support it is because number one. It is culturally consistent with our values in in Hawaii. It's about the search for knowledge it's about advancement of knowledge for human beings for mankind about sharing that quest for excellence and I think. PMT provides all all of that. And I've spoken with one of our Puna here namely Mommy Lum. WHO's the Kahuna of Hayao on Big Island? And she's taught me that the the the sacred nature amount of CARE is not such that it prohibits construction or any human use at all indeed. You know our ancestors. I use the mountain in the ways they could. They had an ads. Corey on top of Mount of care where they mind an area. That's one hundred times the size of TNT. They mind rock out of it. It's because it was. It was used for that purpose. So the sacredness of Monica as for the advancement of human knowledge and human in no. And you know human excellence. And that's one of the things we've quoted her on our website and we have a number of flyers and that's what she explained it's just that the TNT and the nature of it you know it's not even an ad score right we're not signing for weapons or for or for tool it's a thing to learn about the universe and our place in it and to study the stars and so it also continues our cultural connection to navigation and to stargazing and Tequila Hukou and just the fact that we can navigate the stars from the telescope. And that kind of way I think the titans scripted like that which I thought was really cool metaphor and so that's the that's the number one reason I think is a great thing number. Two is the benefits that the TNT provides to our community are amazing. I mean there's a one point. Four billion dollar construction costs which is going to bring. I think they said a couple of hundred jobs are into jobs. Construction and construction jobs are always that kind of spamming in your opening bid. You were talking about you know deconstruction efforts construction jobs that would provide so those are great jobs they last for ten years and then there's the jobs that will be created wants telescopes operational. I think it's something like one hundred forty jobs and then on top of that. TNT is giving a million dollars a year and scholarships and that goes into a thing called the thing for the fun goes seven hundred fifty thousand dollars to the Hawaii Community Foundation which distributed to schools and two students. And then there's another two hundred fifty thousand that goes directly to the foundation and the by nation is from my understanding. A group that gives scholarships for college only two native lions so there's that benefit specifically to our people which is excellent and and then that's in addition to the fact that EMC also it's required to give pay a million dollars in rent with a fifty fifty operational timespan and that money he goes eight hundred thousand to the Office of Management and the Office of Medicaid Management as it has had issues for sure and I think a lot of that has been brought to light by. Ah but it's also improved dramatically since nineteen ninety. When you look at the audits you see that you know? They've cleaned up their act. They're making sure that things are kept in order. They've they've established rules for the mountain now so these kinds of things have been sold and that money that eight hundred thousand dollars go to support you know protecting the Waco Kuu bug and the and the animals and the four that are on not a cat and mapping the historical sites that are on a care and keeping track of that and then another two in two thousand dollars I read goes to the Office of affairs. Fun and so Samuel when you take a look at all this in. It's great that we're hearing different information understanding about this place and where to conduct a mile. Lease stand on all of this And that's good to hear here to have this dialogue. Maybe you haven't been able to hear this kind of dialogue and you have some thoughts. Join the conversation. All opinions are welcome. One eight hundred nine six six to eight four eight is the number Samuel hang tight got a caller on the line. We're going to go ahead and say hi to Nicole A who is in Hawaii listening in online Nicole. Thank you for giving us the ring. You're on air. Yes I agree with you sir I actually unfortunately fortunately have to work in Alaska. I work in the aeronautical industry and so hard to find good stem jobs in the state of Hawaii and I also would like to show my support for T. M. T.. And I agree with you that. I'm not native Hawaiian. I agree that Hawaii was found by wait. Finders who found their way by the stars and that with the TNT with this position so close to the equator and with hot you do the clear air. You're bored US an opportunity to study the stars. Like we've never had a chance to look for with the exception of Hubble and so I also like to throw in my I support for the TMC and just respectfully ask protectors What their stances on that? I'm not unique opportunity. She's not even the Canary Islands. The alternate stories are the alternate by fourteen cheese could provide like we can here in the state of Hawaii. Okay Okay Nicole. Thanks for giving US ring in Killa. Sounds like she's talking directly to Kia on the last part of her question Do you consider yourself yourself one in any thoughts You know regarding the way finding I'm glad that use knowledge that that we are way finders One of the primary way fire finders oppo navigator nine hundred Thompson has come out about the desecration of Monica and he has said that this desecration and I mean th. This issue is about disrespecting attracting And Racism by the University to the people that's been his position there is one other wave finder who supports TNT But the majority of them and he's the leader has house actually not supported it. You know it's a false narrative to kind of frame this issue that it's like coins against point. This is really not About that and also I wanted to answer some of the things that were being said first of all as a practitioner. I am a practitioner. Actually and the Office of Management Does have its issues but one most important issues that it has is is that it continues to desecrate All of our sacred things in fact right before this issue in twenty nineteen started they went attend. gave the order for the state to destroy Trying and they have these began to strain my personal family shine from nineteen ninety eight and it's been desecrated I know so many times And our lily where we may offering Ceremonial talk for him has been desecrated and its office of management in the the University of Hawaii order these desecrations to occur. They're not in anybody's way. They're not bothering anybody but they just continue to do it So so you know. That's where on candles wrong on. Kim Has No jurisdiction on Monica. It is not the university's jurisdiction it belongs to the state and actually mostly belongs native alliance former Krahn loans and native points the right holders. We're not stakeholders we didn't use drive a stake in the ground That land is under the admissions act which basically says all the land in Hawaii shall be held in trust for the betterment hermit of the condition of native wines and the general public so these kinds of things are are the real issues It's not about jobs If you if you WANNA make jobs target hires more people than the than the observatory will and they're only temporary jobs They won't last forever these kinds of construction and development projects. You know We support environmentally-sound jobs and what I wanted to say is the sacred nature of Momma cow is that the summit is the realm of the cool. The dwelling place of our Gods and goddesses. Anyone who went there went there for special reasons you know most of the Observatories and there are actually twenty two observatory twenty telescopes on the cat. And not just thirteen And they're over the limit. The physical physical limit of the this limit was agreed upon by the university all those years ago because that was limit the physical limit of the mountain the resources on the mountain. It's the water source for the island of e in sits over. I think three to five aquifers. And it is the water source. And these telescopes are built above the Aquifer. So these are the kinds of issues that the earth protectors and the key are standing up for and let me just say one more thing about the funding their PMT's deciding Haidinger. They're willing to pay a million dollars but the the law actually requires fair market rent and fair market would be based on what people people are willing to pay for that or example Yale University paid eleven million dollars for ten nights On the telescope and the other alternative regarding the technology is that you could actually spend the mere size in both the cats and because catches an introver- armature it would be bigger the TNT and the last thing is that the E. L. T. is being built already and that is in Chile so this was a testbed I'm just a test bed to see if the science could be done to build something this large without gravity collapsing it. You know 'cause sorry right disclaimer. I used to work for the British government on the as a telescope. Systems specialist so So PMT was that testbed sped okay. So the E. L. T. is nine meters. It's it's bigger. It's actually bigger actually. So that that will fulfill that for the occasional you know Survey numbers anyways. Just all right. Thank you Laura. Thank you you for sharing your thoughts. You know what let's take another call. We're going to say hi to Alex in California tuned in on K. C.. SP thanks for calling. You're on Air Alex. Hi I'd like to come down in support of GMT I I usually like to side with science because it leads to the betterment of mankind in general and the irony is that they use the stars defined the islands in the first place. And now they don't want us to to stare at the stars anymore and that's it's strikes me as ironic desecration concurs when the first people arrive whether it's chopping down trees piling rocks or finding birds to pluck so they can make capes deeps so just by being there. We desecrate a location so I find it ironic that it would take that position position because just by being there it's a desecration. We should not even be their nature. Had it in hand before we arrived. And that's it. Thank you all right Alex. Thank you for your call. Got Two more folks that we're going to bring in here but Samuel just wanted to give you a moment any thoughts to it. Yeah I mean you you know one of the biggest issues with this whole discussion as far as my group is concerned especially as that. Our voice is really suppressed right. We've been on the phone now for I think thirty minutes or so forty minutes now think gala has gotten twenty five minutes of talking time and I've gotten about three and now you know that's fine. That's fine I understand. I don't even go that long. So let's be fair here. Go ahead make your statement gotten. She's gotten the vast vast majority of the time. But you know I understand. I appreciate I pre- you know more importantly I don't. I'm not trying to make any say anything bad about you. Guys I thank you very much. Mahalo new a law allowing us to be here and to be heard because the native supporters are constantly ignored people constantly. Pretend like we don't exist so the fact that you guys had us at all it's the baby and he comes out in the language of using about saying you know it's a desecration and native. Hawaiians are standing up against this thing. But they're also standing in support of it and there's it's a lot of misinformation about this. I mean for starters. I'm not sure you know Kayla said that shrines are being desecration I I. I agree. That should not happen. Trying to not be desecrated but but the fact that matters. It's very complicated issue. Because number one a lot of shrines that were built up there were not ancient shrines. There's shrines have been built in the modern era era at a lot of times as a result of protests directly against PMT. I'm not sure she may not be responding to those. But also Monica automatic imagine can respond bonded desecrating because nothing to do with GMT is not desecrating any sites that has been decided by the Supreme Court's analyzed extensively by ah the Department of Land Natural Resources by the board landon resources in Hoy. The people of royal looked at this and as you pointed out he's lands are meant to be held in trust for the general public. Black not just off native Hawaiian so everybody has a right to use it. And so we have the right to evaluate the impacts and say yes this is a use that is valuable valuable. I think that's a good thing and also you know there's a fact about native Hawaiian culture is very very complicated and say that the mountain is sacred like number one. I've already explained how the mountains how can can be sacred in different ways but number two. You know we also the part of our history. That's really important to me is that our ancestors are Li overthrew the Kaku who system religion so when it's described to say you know the mountain was vowel cool and that was around with God. Okay that is all well and good. I'm not sure it means what they're upset. Set me but it's also the fact that our ancestors abolished that entire system of land management right and this is when Green Komano and Queen Kale Salani who is clean. Kalamata was committed. I favored wife and capable on the second mother and complimented was amazing. Lady I mean I should definitely recommend removed it but I've learned that there were a lot of strong people you know in the history of Hawaiian royalty. I'll let you finish. Hang tight. We got to go to break. Native Americans affected by domestic. Violence can call the strong hearts native helpline offering free confidential support and resources. Strong hearts takes calls calls from anyone hurting in their relationship or who may be concerned for someone else available seven. AM TO TEN PM central time seven days a week at eight four four seven seven native. That's eight four. Four seven native more at strong hearts helpline dot. Org Program support by the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center Yeah You're listening to native America calling interrogate would and we are sharing updates over Monica lately in agreement between Two who sites have been developed on the thirty meter telescope backers halted both construction plans and also major protests have been halted to for at least sixty days. The do you have questions about this issue. There's still time to join our conversation by calling one eight hundred nine nine six two eight four eight. It's also eight hundred nine nine native and just before the break week we were hearing from Samuel Wilder King. The second and Samuel thank you for being with us he is GonNa come only also the executive director of Imola. TNT TNT Samuel. Go ahead and finish your thought follow. I thank you very much. Yeah the thought was on. Was that Queen Com. who was the favorite of coming back because she was just a powerful personality and what she had done was seen that when Western arrived she was out meeting with them and partying with them? I mean as far as I was reading a lot of reading a book that is really interesting. It's given all the time and I'm sure Kayla so a lot of information on this as well but it's basically she knew knew that she could eat with men and that would not result in her death and ended a copy religion that was forbidden men and women could not eat together and so when commitment I I died. She decided and she was crying region so she had a lot of power but she also was forbidden from entering certain types of house where in her view political decisions were made that that she wanted to have be able to exercise her into its over so she knew that this system had to end and so she convinced maybe on the second and capable of learning seconds his mother and I think she was also involved into Michigan to eat dinner with her so the king of the elite and met and eat dinner with his mother and commitment on the first favorite wife and that was the message to the people that the complex system was over and the icon had been broken and then as a result of that have the highest priests and the Prime Minister of the Kingdom at the time and the wet and cold for the desecration and destruction of all of the Hale. They called out out to the people. Said this is done for not following this system anymore and they destroyed it and that's something that are defining sacred panel disgust to on facebook and about on Youtube. Well I'm definitely going to bend absolutely. I remember Kurds. People go to our facebook page and check it l.. 'cause it's great. It's very interesting and this and this is one of the things that I want a little sign up before I finish the story is that I really do appreciate I do. Say Law Mahalo to protectors for keeping the the focus on it like Kuenlun. She knows these issues where she's watching the offer. The Monterey manager making sure they're doing their job and I do I do appreciate that. That's that's the value of democracy and the system that we have in this country where you can watch these guys and get them important. No you gotta do it right and in this case they did did it right. And that's why it's so important that it goes forward because it's not just about the history it's about the future of our kids and our and the rule of law but fundamentally really what happened also after the breaking of a cop who is that we then had a civil war like our culture had a civil war amongst itself. There was only native Hawaiian there was no this is before the missionaries there was no one else. Involved accepted extent that the native wind on both sides had guns they got from the missionaries and learn how to use this year. In fact I mean. That's that's how I conquered the islands in Concord Captures Westerner than that. Teach me how to use cannon. Then he used them better their else. I know that there are a lot of layers players in in what I'm hearing from. You is there also needs to be discussion in an understanding of just the journey of a canonical molly and where they have gotten to. who today and just how this all plays into it? Because a lot of the things that you're sharing remind me of things that have happened across many different indigenous nations Including including you know putting certain things to rest and then we have the story of people who are bringing them back today and the revival of some of that and the conflict that it may Bring an arise and so what this all tells me is that there is a vibrant understanding of who indigenous people. Well are there in Hawaii and more discussion needs to be had. I think it would be wonderful if there was a program specifically like this taking on topics fix every single day to kind of just get to the deeper side of this made and produced by Kentucky Molly themselves. Because there's a lot to be understood in learned So much and I always appreciate all of the views that come on here because it teaches us all we need to learn more more history and understanding that teaches us even more about our own. Own Histories Sammy out of respect to the two people that are waiting to talk to. I'm going to turn it over to them on the line. We have Hank Ferguson Ferguson. Ferguson unstrung sorry about that on the Big Island of Hawaii. He's a spokesperson from knock opponent all came and he is GonNa come only also on the line with this today from Kahlua. Hawaii is James My only Allah Aca Stone Junior who is an attorney and educator and he is also conduct them only Hank and James. Thank you both for being here with us. Our Time is limited. So I'm just GONNA turn into you hank. What would you like to say? Okay just Jesper introduction sake Good Morning I am the spokesperson for nut. Kupuna McCall Avi which is an elderly group from the I don't enough of a and we only speak in bath. It'd be Anyway so I've been listening to what's going on and you know this is a very good healthy show. Oh you're taking it from from many different angles and I that's well appreciated What what seems to be Lost in the current thinking is that is that Monica is is extraordinarily secret to the life. You not only the white view. The people of the Pacific Being that WANNA CASS starts from the bottom of the ocean and it's the highest reach into the skies into the heavens and and One of the things that we need to understand that it is so high that the The not a burns and stuff that Mr King was talking about. How we we dealt with our birds and stuff like that? They don't even exist up that high is that is that high infected above the cloud lines in the bud. The club Where we consider that to be cool or the the home of the Gods? What's what's what's important to understand here? Is that winds have never been against science. What the problem is with the team? Pete is the location. We're wants to be And as as killed up Spoke about there's a capacity to in mountain Especially Monica because it's not a mountain range. It is a mountain so there's a piece to it now you've already got Telescopes and all the attachment buildings in support of their. It's a it's a basic industrial city up there now. Now the question can you have to ask yourself is is with almost telescopes that why do we need another one. It's not like it's not like what they're trying to accomplish. Asia and Kayla brought it up with a with how can be used as an emperor type of situation and that's still can be done What is unnecessary is the further desecration of the last spot on monarchy? That has not been desiccated. That can meet that. Would we would like to be. We'll continue to be used for religious ceremony and Hank you got about one more minute. Anything else No not actually I. I like this conversation saying I just wish people would understand Dan. First of all the speed of light does not own that man at all We can argue about found existence of the of the state and how it became a state or whether or not is is really a state. But I bring to question and I brought it to question the contestant cases that there is has no land conversion done on that mountain is still belongs to the white people For the state to be able to should be taken over over and claim it without Without having titled and Then Pass It on third party. VC like the University of the white who then leases it to another party and now right now they're what they're doing and affected it just Kinda just past all these absurd laws on how or rules on how the mountain to be used. Let me give you a for instance Just medically unsound in there and there are new. Rules is that you can't have blankets. You can't have blankets thirteen thousand feet. You can't have emergency equipment with you. which is this all medically Just incorrect you can't. You can't ah people that they have to thirteen thousand feet and kept me warm. You know and it's it's unfortunate but hotlines are the primary users of the mountains especially at nighttime because a lot of our ceremonies are done at nights earlier this morning and a lot of these would wrap up good. No I would just say a lot of these conditions that they're they're setting has been absolutely anti Hawaiian because they're the ones who actually he's the most in that capacity and as far as being against science no not at all we are not against science. Where against location all right? Thank you for that and Hank. I'm not familiar with some of the things that you've introduced. I guess I got some more learning to do. I appreciate that Also here with us is James Stone Junior James. Thank you for being with us and go ahead. Your thoughts One of the things I was struck by Tara was your opening new segment. That preceded our interview and a how there are several pieces regarding and data's filing lawsuits To enforce their rights in the case Booker Law and and and hang were part of that process that went. There's not going over for just over a decade where the Supreme Court Review Review the facts that are are being alleged by both scale and Hank about the Desecration of sites with regards to contamination of groundwater with with regards to damage to historic sites and though those issues were addressed satisfactorily in terms of the answers. Shire's A to those questions. Raised by by the petitioners so it's unfortunately my I love my brothers and sisters in the white community but it it is important that we are accurate. The world watches us in terms of what we say. And what we do. And if we are not accurate in our claims it undermines our own costs but for me that's just illegals item an attorney so I can't help but notice that but our community like many indigenous communities these are plagued by four overriding issues of healthcare housing education and incarceration and all of those issues of poverty. I support TNT. Not as a leader of any group but because it might lift a hundred hundred Hawaiian scholars every year for the next ten years. That's a hundred Hawaiian families. That's an opportunity that can't be missed if TNT is not built what then must we do. We are the nine the future to anyone who it does not think and act like a certain group or segment of our committee. And that's just not fair. That's that that's against Hawaiian values one of which is Kinda Kinda is to share equally. I I celebrate gala and and Hanks right to worship portion in the in the way they feel is correct but that belief cannot be used in the die. Anybody else's that's where I draw the line. Respect from onto Kayla is consistent with modern astronomy in James. How do you feel about the the current agreement? Now where it's a halt till Pretty much till the end of February pretty much the same as I felt about this process so far the truth is it's not about accommodation or compromise the truth is this about delay. The primary strategy of any protests against TNT is to delay if you delay long enough You deny the projects and so even after litigating this for a decade and losing Supreme Bring Court level. We're still using the same arguments. When Europeans were afraid to leave the side of the land we navigate it with the stars? You can draw direct line line between Hawaiian Star allegation PMT In James Anything else you feel is missing in this conversation. Go ahead yes but those are the point and you got about a minute. Sorry about that time. Stick and go ahead sure it's PMT water gone tomorrow. Then we would have denied a enormous segment of our community. I was on a panel with Tyler cool panel. Trent coupon means excellence or proper. Or right and he's astrophysicist. Who is in a New Mexico because he doesn't have the opportunity here Kinda Silva who was in Ohio and would like to come back and practice My Lundy Neil who is in Arizona would like to come come home There are many Hawaiian voices who celebrate and practice astrophysics six and there are no left Hawaiian anyone else in our community. Follow and think too as well James I got one more many before we have to wrap things up. I'm GonNa go to our first guest killed up shooter on the line. Any final thoughts. Yeah I just wanted to point out with James Discussing. I appreciate his old but I just wanted to say that the Supreme Court fell down on on the degrade degrade Asian principle which is equivalent to sort of the rape current principal that because the mountain is already destroyed we can destroy more and that position has been rejected by Richardson. Schools Law needlepointing clinic and they've put out a primer on the very intricate problems of of that Supreme Court case. It's an anomaly. And it didn't actually take into account all of the things that we said. It basically basically just admitted that the mountain is already bad so we can do it again. The woman was raped so raping. Her again won't credit. So I I have a problem with the Supreme Court decision and when all three branches of government fail in democracy the people unless rise up and that is what they're doing and they're doing it in a couple of Aloha which helps science and all of bring back our humanity. That's what's the point in. That sound means we do need to wrap it up. Thank you to everybody for sharing. Your thoughts We scratched on the surface of this. There's more to be said the FBI WANNA share some thoughts right. Now go ahead and reach out. You can always email us poster on our website native America calling dot com. which by the way is where you can and find an archive copy of what you heard? Today thanks again to everybody. We heard from India our Samuel Wilder King the second. Kill Ya. Sudha Hank Ferguson and James Molly all okay ACA Stone Junior. And tomorrow we're going to open up the discussion again about some of the ways advocates and local governments are working to help homeless native Americans. I'm your host Harrogate Blood Support by Perry EDGE DOT COM. 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