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"sudha hank ferguson" Discussed on Native America Calling

"Education and incarceration and all of those issues of poverty. I support TNT. Not as a leader of any group but because it might lift a hundred hundred Hawaiian scholars every year for the next ten years. That's a hundred Hawaiian families. That's an opportunity that can't be missed if TNT is not built what then must we do. We are the nine the future to anyone who it does not think and act like a certain group or segment of our committee. And that's just not fair. That's that that's against Hawaiian values one of which is Kinda Kinda is to share equally. I I celebrate gala and and Hanks right to worship portion in the in the way they feel is correct but that belief cannot be used in the die. Anybody else's that's where I draw the line. Respect from onto Kayla is consistent with modern astronomy in James. How do you feel about the the current agreement? Now where it's a halt till Pretty much till the end of February pretty much the same as I felt about this process so far the truth is it's not about accommodation or compromise the truth is this about delay. The primary strategy of any protests against TNT is to delay if you delay long enough You deny the projects and so even after litigating this for a decade and losing Supreme Bring Court level. We're still using the same arguments. When Europeans were afraid to leave the side of the land we navigate it with the stars? You can draw direct line line between Hawaiian Star allegation PMT In James Anything else you feel is missing in this conversation. Go ahead yes but those are the point and you got about a minute. Sorry about that time. Stick and go ahead sure it's PMT water gone tomorrow. Then we would have denied a enormous segment of our community. I was on a panel with Tyler cool panel. Trent coupon means excellence or proper. Or right and he's astrophysicist. Who is in a New Mexico because he doesn't have the opportunity here Kinda Silva who was in Ohio and would like to come back and practice My Lundy Neil who is in Arizona would like to come come home There are many Hawaiian voices who celebrate and practice astrophysics six and there are no left Hawaiian anyone else in our community. Follow and think too as well James I got one more many before we have to wrap things up. I'm GonNa go to our first guest killed up shooter on the line. Any final thoughts. Yeah I just wanted to point out with James Discussing. I appreciate his old but I just wanted to say that the Supreme Court fell down on on the degrade degrade Asian principle which is equivalent to sort of the rape current principal that because the mountain is already destroyed we can destroy more and that position has been rejected by Richardson. Schools Law needlepointing clinic and they've put out a primer on the very intricate problems of of that Supreme Court case. It's an anomaly. And it didn't actually take into account all of the things that we said. It basically basically just admitted that the mountain is already bad so we can do it again. The woman was raped so raping. Her again won't credit. So I I have a problem with the Supreme Court decision and when all three branches of government fail in democracy the people unless rise up and that is what they're doing and they're doing it in a couple of Aloha which helps science and all of bring back our humanity. That's what's the point in. That sound means we do need to wrap it up. Thank you to everybody for sharing. Your thoughts We scratched on the surface of this. There's more to be said the FBI WANNA share some thoughts right. Now go ahead and reach out. You can always email us poster on our website native America calling dot com. which by the way is where you can and find an archive copy of what you heard? Today thanks again to everybody. We heard from India our Samuel Wilder King the second. Kill Ya. Sudha Hank Ferguson and James Molly all okay ACA Stone Junior. And tomorrow we're going to open up the discussion again about some of the ways advocates and local governments are working to help homeless native Americans. I'm your host Harrogate Blood.

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