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"sudbury steve" Discussed on The Steve Warne Project - Sports

"Nhl who is or who was the first rookie to get one hundred points and one hundred penalty minutes in the season in the new. Do you like the sound effect I play. They're by the with the WHO wants to be a millionaire sound effect. Oh that's cool. I love that lady who hosted that thing Regis Philbin. No no one who hosts the one who hosts it now is a chick who had a morning TV TV show. I want to say meredith something. Oh Yeah yes she took over for reach and she does that. Show and she's trying. She's trying to bust us to move on all the contestants all the time what Steve Hundred points and one hundred penalty minutes since the year two thousand first. I rookies you that first. NHL Rookie to do that. That's a lot of points and that's a lot of penalty minutes for one rookie and maybe guy you'd never think of drama. Ghinwa Ghinwa might have been a rookie who did that but that's way before two thousand I think can I don't think it a hundred points. Oh he didn't okay not a bad guests. They'll Steve. You know he'd be the kind of guy that you for sure. I Shave one hundred penalty minutes and just say you know a guy in that first decade of the two thousand one hundred bridge-points as a rookie then I'd say sit crosby there. You Go shock a lucky. He was a chippy little bugger. I guess I in his rookie season and ended up with one hundred points at one hundred penalty minutes. That is today's warranties Super Trivia. My fear was when you asked me that question Steve. What that I forgot the answer so you gave me before the show. I think you did to jerome again. I was going with the answer here. Forgot AH okay. It's incense notes to close the show today we had lots going on in the NFL today like the injury front. We'll get awesome sends notes in the second year but the Pittsburgh steelers. How'd you like to be them. They're my AFC team by the one I'm wearing their hoodie right now. As we speak they of course us going into the season of course in their rear view mirror lately on bell who sat out all last year and now he's course in the New York jets so he's gone Antonio Oneal Brown. I'm not sure they're weeping over socially the loss of that guy but he's gone to I'll certainly loss of skill anyway and then today you the V. If you pick two guys on the offense that you wouldn't wanNA lose of the guys remaining Ben Rothlisberger. He's he gets injured and then their new star running back can James Connor. He got injured and he couldn't put much weight on his leg as he left the field so and the steelers by the way started to to start the year so that's these are not good times in steeler land in steeler nation. No I'm glad to see Steve as an adult that you're wearing Pittsburgh steelers Hoodie on game day I should I should I send steelers lunchbox Steve Well. Yes I'd love that yeah. Can I get that gold for you. UH by the way you've got to follow Super Seventy sports on twitter. It is so good it's so funny and they're always always putting stuff in there like like a lunch box with Steve Austin on it or you know some kind of sports star and all kinds of cool stuff. It's very funny Andy's Ritz. He's around our age as well. So sense of humor is very similar similar. Do you know when I was in Sudbury. Steve growing up as a kid. We had lunch. We had lunch boxes but they were metal. They're all like they have metal class onto under their big metal lunchboxes because it was a mining town right right. They made a bunch of these lunch pails out of it. Yeah you're probably lasted your entire school life versus the stupid cheap plastic plastic ones that I had that had all the NHL Logos on it that might last to the first recess of the first day yeah no no. I still have it because it's I kept kept all my dope in the airplane bottles of liquor that I used to put in their school well. At least you found a hand hand to use for that's good. I I got busted going to school my mother. I was rushing out the door to school which was very rare case. You always have to coax me. You'll get let's go. Let's go oh. Let's go come on. Hurry up. You're going to be late and then one day I got up and went went in you know that was all dressed and everything able whip my food down and grab my lunch fail and went into my room to get my knapsack or whatever we had school bags and I said okay I gotta go mom wannabe early for the bus and she was like Whoa Whoa Whoa. WHOA wait a minute here. What's what's going on. It's it's okay go early. Get back here. Give me your lunch pail. She opened up a bottle Carlsberg in there. Steve Steve Carlsberg light at least Carlsberg regular my favorite high test through that into the I don't think I'll oh get caught here with the glass bottle of beer rattling around in a metal lunchbox come along great four really yes yeah. I guess snuck a bear on the case downstairs and the bedroom thought I'd give it a whirl bringing this anyway I did didn't ended up with chocolate milk against Shaimaa. I I always love chocolate milk and the Weiner inside the thermos and the buns wrapped up in cellophane hot water in the thermos couple of wieners in there you make your dog later on very solid. They're mushy but you know what it was still better than Baloney Sandwich anyway. Let's get back to where we are going. That was director of the show with some sends notes. It's there's lots to talk about the recycling of Thomas Chabad and when that will happen and the wheels kind of all get in motion a little bit with the Marna re-signing and you're seeing signings happening elsewhere elsewhere you saw Charlie mcevoy the fine young Bruins defenceman who came from the same draft year but as far as his career he's he's a year further along then then Thomas Chabad is and so he resigned on the weekend and he ended up signing a three year deal worth fourteen point nine million and also the flyers they got Ivan Provorov he got He got his six year deal with forty million dollars. So that's kind of giving. Are you an idea of roughly the kind of dough that that probably Thomas Chabad will command and guess is going to be up to Chabad whether he wants to do the a three year like mcevoy more of a short term thing or maybe buy up some of those. UFA years like overall didn't signed a six-year deal like his roommate call in white did as well so it's is going to be an interesting time for Thomas Chabad Willie sign at some point during camp during the season or will he like so many of these are f.a.s.t wait until next summer. You're well look what a couple of Patrick Line. I think that the kid in Winnipeg he's just going over to Switzerland to practice. He's a holdout there's three or four other guys with the same ilk as martyr who scored more goals than he has and. I WANNA say the kid in Calgary that'd be I am nasty could Chuck Yeah Chuck. This guy might get more goals in mind that these guys are fantastic. You go baby with your ten point eight Millia Leia. They're all GONNA. They're all going to end up resigning now because he was the one that everybody was waiting for not because he was necessarily the best guy I do think he is this but I think they were just waiting because he's in the best he was in the best situation to make a lot of money because not only busy probably the best player of the RFA's were talking talking about although this guy's in there that are debatable like rant and he would be right there. That's a guy love that that's great hockey player but Mitch Martyr he's obviously got the comparables in Toronto as well and that everybody thought that maybe he's going to try and shoot for the moon and get the kind of money that Taveras God and the money that Matthew Scott he came in just under that but I think everybody wanted to see where he was going to set the bar based on both talent and the comparables on his own team. What's what's Connor mcdavid making. I WANNA say thirteen yet. That's what I was going to say to. I don't know I don't know the salary list in front of me but yeah that's around where he's but you mentioned could shock. He's his brother brother. Brady course expecting to have a real breakout season. He was very good last year. Something like forty five point. I want to say and He's put it on twenty two pounds. Can you believe that from this point last year he's put on twenty two pounds of muscle from worries attic camp last September over and so he was already in ornery tough to handle. Sob as it was as a kid as a rookie now. He's got a year under his belt and he's got twenty. Twenty two more pounds to play with that is going to be a breakout player this year mark my words else all right. I will you know before we go. Steve achieved the other story because it won't go away. Tonio Brown bellowed says he's GonNa play the Games already. Done got got a touchdown whips. Yeah you got a touchdown touchdown and they win. FORTY-THREE ZIP New England so Miami's terrible ship coming up while there's much shit come from people saying you shouldn't let them play and and Bella says well till proven guilty right toe uh-huh proven guilty anyway. The Guy Certainly had a lot to do with them winning too so I wonder if it was if if it was charges that we're going through in the criminal court. I'd have to think they'd have a different spin on it now the NFL and Roger Goodell. They're gonNA actually the woman who is suing suing Antonio Brown four charges of sexual assault not the legal charges but that's what he's contending in in in a civil court they're going to meet with this woman and and so I guess the investigation is underway from the NFL's perspective and without being able to defer to the criminal courts. It's it's almost as if they're GONNA do. It sounds like anyway sounds like they're. GonNa do kind of their their own. Ad Hoc trial listen to what she has to say. Listen to what Brown asked asked to say interview. Some other people and it's going to be a very interesting couple of months here. I think yeah you know a couple of things with the Antonio Brown story Eugene Melnyk these stories. This is Antonio Brown's ferry just just reeks of of a terrible thing right. It's got this stench to it. That is not good you know and that and yet the League says or the team says There's there's nothing we're GonNa do this this things in litigation Simpson with Eugene Melnyk and I agree with that you know I don't know it'll be interesting to see the league. If Gary Bettman steps in with this Melnik deal you know I think I think as I understand it if someone gets stiffed by an owner that the league what might might pay for that what what Eugene Melnyk is being accused of whether the league steps in there's an owner what do you what do you do you can you discipline an owner like you can a player and my feeling is steve if you started not fielding guys because because of what they've been accused of you'd be missing a lot of players out there each year of stories of deadbeat. DADS they don't play alimony alimony impaired charge fighting a bar. You know there's a bunch of stuff out there. That is sort of doesn't characterize the way a team wants to A. B. B. C. themselves or their players so I'm okay with this. I'm okay with this right now with Antonio Brown yeah. I'd be okay with them sitting IMAS MS because keep in mind. They still get paid. They put them on some on some level of administrative. Leave or something like that. I don't know but they still get paid even if they're sat out so I think that's really all you owe to an employee from any perspective in the meantime they've gotten themselves caught up in something that's making the organization look bad whether they're innocent or guilty. We all know that there is you know when when just the news breaks that's bad often. It just puts a stain on the organization so if they wanted to sit him out. I'd be totally I think that's totally reasonable particularly because he'd still be receiving receiving a paycheck. We've gotta go my friend. We call it a day all right brother very good. I figure honor the late Rick O. Casick from the band the cars we play moving in Stereo and that famous Osa famous phoebe cates pool scene from fast times at Ridgemont high that was the soundtrack of it and.

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