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"sudapet griffey" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"That day. I'm feeling about today's topic. There you go. I love that word that was yesterday. You may not love. Let's go. This is a let's see what is it? A noun a pig Raphy? Sure. Hey, Griffey S E U D E P. I G. This is easy RA P H. He did that is the medicine that a pig takes for its allergy very good round him. Is it something to do with like a false color or a different something to do with color? I'm going gonna say it's a person who's six feet tall who identifies as a little person. Krant tell him what it is. It's actually drawing pictures of pigs, but not very well. Like that actually is the false ascriptin of a piece of writing to an author. Wow. Sooner pig internet when somebody says don't believe everything you read on the internet. Abraham lincoln. That's Sudapet Griffey. Yep. Okay. Put it on the way. They don't have any free throw towards that. Musical artists turned down James Cameron's invitation to create the soundtrack for the nineteen Ninety-seven blockbuster, film Titanic. John Williams that seems like it'd be yes. And I am wrong. Boy. Howdy. If you don't know what you're not gonna guess it is a slayer. Yes. Like danielle. No, it's Enya. Oh, thank goodness composer GPS creating the soundtrack. And of course, leaned eons heart will go on maybe. Yeah. Forever. Yeah. Layer rather, actually,.

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