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"su komala" Discussed on GSMC Football Podcast

"Rate was a top five mark among. qb's last season. okay. Sixteen point five percent uncatchable. That doesn't like out of all the ballsy through less than twenty percent of them. Boy catchable which tells you what that more than a percent or we he puts the ball where it needs to go guys. He puts it where it needs to go in a what. You can't be mad. But he took the name he runs. He does it all. he's that guy. Very impressive on may number three would should be number two only becoming. It's a debate. it's a debate. It could go a lot of different ways. But as the cleveland browns man. Hold cleveland browns. They have come so far remember when they couldn't win a game. Ninety have baker mayfield eighty five point seven niche of eight point three cream hood. Seventy four point four odeal bickham junior seventy five point. Three jarvis landry eighty four point. Seven rashad Three point four bro. The best offensive line right. Tackle jake Conkland with eighty four right guard. Why taylor what ninety two point three sinner. jc cheddar with eighty one. Joel benito at eighty five and left tackle Judge eric willis would sixty two best the line by far. Everybody knows it already. Now with the pro football fuller's rating even shows even more like do their number one in blocking for running and passing. Esus crazy okay. Moving onto desirable devdas rely incorporates miles gear with eighty six point five which again despite nagy's he should have released at ninety. That's wrong david. Clinton has a seventy four point nine. That's another reason why should be david. Klein is there kamanga. Maliki jackson sixty four point seven sixty nine point. Three coming from andrew billings. that's their lineup. But at linebacker the coming in with the rookie jeremiah. Awa- su Komala would have seventy nine point seven as good look there. And then they're db's quarterbacks in safeties in order dinsdale war would seventy point five grid newsome the second would say nine point eight choi here with a six point. Nine john johnson. The third eighty five point. Three ronnie here is during your seventy six point six in the rookie that opted out last year but is here to start for them. Possibly a safety grant delete as sixty six point three. I look man. I just i guess the only reason they are not in the top two because they didn't go to super bowl but they didn't have all that so it makes sense. 'cause the top two are two guys that want to bowl and i mean i'll just spoil the number one because i won't i won't spoil it. I'll just go ahead and say number. Two kency cheese candidate cheese have obviously elite quarterback patrick mahomes and hang one point eight to have very very very very good receiver to rick hill at a four point five elite tied in tribes cozy ninety three point. Eight okay off. It's of line better now. Definitely better orlando brown helping him out with seventy seven point eight joe. Cooney her mouth. Seventy four point. Two razali eighty fifty nine point. Seven seventy one okay. Let me not disrespect meco hartman. Sixty eight point three. I think he should be in the seventies. At least though cloud which lil cloud at to seventy seven point two you goes at outsider ball. Criminals been doing stay. He's an elite de interior defensive lineman with his ninety point three. We'll deserve at thank every month. So reserved higher should be given to jarran reed though with fifty six point. Five and frank clark would or fifty four point three. Wow they dave in taco charleston. A fifty one point six. I guess they're saying these guys. Don't get back to the quarterback and he hitchens and willie gay Sin- forty nine sixty eight and then when you get to secondary you expect to see some high numbers at least from tire matthew as safety. But he's only having a sixty seven again. I don't know. I apologize to the public. Matcher whose job this was a dean gallagher. Snee- of back there were shaun. Fenton and daniel sourcing That's eight one. Thornhill on the did but yet these are the guys that make up a team that is known for winning and getting it done when it's time to get it done. Forget this brea guys. They get the games that they need to get to get it done. It made it to the super bowl. Okay because don't be surprised if you see them go all away to all right the making them move. We'll we'll see them. You know for years to come. As long as patrick mahomes back there twiddling his thumbs i guess right now obviously. The number one team is a team that wins the super bowl in does something that no other team does brings all of them back. Bring all the players office defense special teams back. It's unheard of my goodness how they get away with this. I'll tell you got elite. Tom brady with a ninety three point. Three okay the should be so a good coach elite receiver rating. But he doesn't because he definitely deserves it. In a mike evans would have seventy four point. Nine chris cowan has seventy six. Antonio brown has eighty two point two. She's i don't know how to do these numbers going. Based off of the last season. A grunk at seventy point nine. Oj howard fifty. Four point seven for the year before last offensive line is eighty four sixty seven sixty three eighty. Seventy two gets a different side of the ball. Which is what really helped win this championship for these guys. Well i of course debris fake but dominant sue coming back again. Sixty two point four rating of eighty nine point nine okay. Shack beard has a seventy four point seven. Jp sixty six point three in levante david coming in linebacker would have seventy eight point. Eight in in devon white forty eight point one again. now that i'm going away rains at this point But yeah just looking at. I'm sorry we just really got just voted rains at just at this point clearly after we made it number one. I now don't want to even talk about ratings anymore. Let's just look at the roster's man defensive side for the tampa. bay buccaneers. sue the berry pierre. Paul vaughan david devon white called. Davis are sean murphy. Antonio winfield enjoyed the whitehead very good cast of characters. Apparently you're lacking a little bit of running back you know. Linda for nate has always been cool but he hasn't been that guy's rate rated six point five but like i said with amazing but yeah that's a lot of man that's what it looks like. That's where they stand and that's my show lays german. I appreciate you guys tuning in. Thank you for taking time to listed. This one is lower than usual. I apologize so much information sony names. You know it's hard to get off thirty two. Sometimes i'd be having thinking breaking it up into nfc afc. Like i have before. But i also don't want to get you guys. Listen to the same stuff too often So if you do if you some time if you don't mind please subscribe. Please leave a comment. please reach out. Please talk to us. We talk back all right You can find us on. Facebook twitter instagram. Gmc mc underscore football. Gmc has a large network of other podcasts tune. Into whatever you're interested in we probably have it so check us all out man. We'd really appreciate it. I thank you for your time. You've been tuned in with your guy. Dj young's for another one will be back in a couple of episodes pierce out. Everybody you've been listening to the golden state media concepts football podcast. Part.

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