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"stv eggers" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

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"stv eggers" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"I think he's going to be very serious candidate there. Okay. So Luke is still here. Luke's got one more year of guaranteed money on his contractors? They second year, but it's an option year. There's one more year guaranteed money. But the thing is such a it's such. Flux right now, if he's only got one year left, and now the Lakers would look even more foolish out of whack if they all of a sudden move the coach out too. But you know, if you're Luke maybe that's a more attractive option right now. Just as far as stability goes stability. Did you say second canes instability to this? Yes. No. Yes. Even with even with this. I would I would not say, Sacramento Kings, organizations and much more stable. You remember what they did the bookie? Remember what they just did the Dave remember what they what the owner. We remember what happened three nights ago in in with L A. We're not that there's some sort of palace coup going on inside the building where nobody knows what's going on understand the paddock's coup, but I would much rather have smart people orchestrator coup than idiot running the kingdom when eighty is running the kingdom. Nothing makes sense. When you had a coup, you know, it's a power grab that makes sense magic left because he didn't wanna. Play your little game of thrones. There's not a game of thrones up in Sacramento. It's just a it's just a. Game with Rome, we go. I sword. I think for Luke is a lot like you say travels a lot of moving pieces. Okay. You you got a coach on the one basically on a one year deal. I don't you know, I don't count the option porn of just one year deal. So he's basically becoming a lame duck coach if you allow him to walk you allow him to walk after magic did magic wanted to get rid of him along with rob Pelinka. Then you made the decision that that's out there that that's not what you want it to do. Right. So now, you lose magic and the coach in the same here. You don't wanna give him extension because from what I'm hearing. Lebron James ain't smiling. Right. So you don't wanna give an extension because you still gotta deal with the king. So you you kinda like stuck in a situation that quite frankly will turn into a bad situation for you getting next year. That's that's my point is summer. That's what you're saying. For Luke Walton? I think that Sacramento could be more stable situation for all the things you said, look, the only reason Lucas still there is because magic tap the Matt that if magic doesn't do that Luke's gone loose down the road. And what you said he knows he knows that he knows the only reason he still there is because the guy that was going to get rid of him decided to leave. He knows he's got a one year deal. He knows that the most important player in his locker room is not fully invested in his future. So whatever is going to happen here. Feels like it's a short time or even if he comes back, even if they decide to do it if they get track weight engine. He's. Besley for whatever reason if he quits and that means four fiesta money, right? And then if like a minnow decide we won't mind yells instead now, you don't quit without having that deal done. Now, you just out there in limbo. Now. Look if they give me an extension. It changes things if they come back and say, look, we you're our guy we've decided that you are guy. We want to give you three more years. Okay. Then that's a little bit of a different situation. Trae LeBrun, right? But just come in and say, yeah. Luke's coach next year you go. That's one of those. I'm saying, no, no extent. Yeah. Yeah. You just Dead Man Walking, right? The Sacramento Kings a bad deal when your coach with a one year deal. That never works out. But if you're if you're Luke Walton, and you're worried about the devil. You know, which is the Lakers. There's the devil. You do not know the Sacramento Kings. Now, Dave Yeager is why considered to be a pretty good coach STV Eggers..

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