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"studio bergman" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"Laura's back in Studio Bergman is Being a corporate stooge in his house somewhere listening in so real quick before. I get to the movie stuff because Ben's going to join us in a few minutes the The Rams how much pressure is there now. On Sean McVeigh less need in the coaching staff. Now this is separate right. Like less is separate from the coaching staff. But there's also some pressure on them together right because Sean is going to need to have success and less is going to have to be better in the margins per se right. Well I would say this. It's been three years in Sean. Mcvay era right in the they won the division two out of three years they have super bowl appearance. Nfc Conference Championship and if the rules Of the new. Cba that was signed last weekend. If they were in place for the twenty nineteen season the rams would have made the playoffs and would have been traveling to Green Bay in the wildcard round. So you look at what they've done three seasons and you say okay. Could there be better could have been better Possibly but I I would take that in a heartbeat now. This year they have hit the reset button. They've hired a new offensive coordinator. Kevin O'CONNELL Brennan Staley. Who's their new defensive coordinator? This is a full on reset Right in front of our eyes but they feel that they have the masterpiece. Which is the quarterback. Some still question about that. But but now they're going to get a multiple running backs. I don't know how they feel about Daryl Henderson. Because he didn't play much last year but like you mentioned. I don't know if there's a ton of pressure because they did sign extensions right remember that before last season they signed extensions. And know what you do when you get that extension you feel better about yourself you can. You can take a little more risk. They weren't going into a make it or break it season. So I'll get this year is that how does the reset look? How did they get their books? Back in order and in how to be built now. They've really have to go out and draft well in order to build this team backup. So is there is. There's always going to be pressure on general managers and head coaches. But I think that what the rams they had to do. Addition by subtraction. Now this season we'll see where that puts them at. Yeah for sure. I think that there's there's going to be some of those situations where you're just. GonNa have to figure it out But Yeah I. It's going to be a test of their abilities as as someone who constructs a roster even Sean. It's GonNa test abilities as a coach. Yeah and I think that's why he went and got some help. I think that's why he hired a new offense coordinator because they didn't actually have one last year. Remember he had lost two guys and in that were with him. Right Matt Leflore. Who takes the head job in Green Bay? And then you know. Obviously we know about Zack. Taylor who's the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals? So the guys who had helped him in his previous two seasons were now gone in this season number three thought he took on too much as a head coach and I think this is part of the reset is will try to divvy up some the responsibilities and just be a head coach. Sean McVeigh Right. It'd be a head coach when you do that. That that that that that to me is where you can really get an have more. I think of a re a better relationship but some of the players I think last year. That's what Kinda got distance in there was that he was trying to handle too many roles all by himself. I think now just having the head. Coaching role really can help him. Really figure out a football team. Yes sure I do think that sometimes you take on maybe too much more more than you think you can chew right like that that that plays a huge role in some of this stuff but I think that ultimately I trust him a guy who can overcome some of this stuff. No I agree. I I trust that. This is the first time in his coaching career right This is year. Four under Sean mcvay but like I said before if you look at his resume remember he does have a coach of the year Attached to that as will this is the first year we're going to see. How does he handle adversity right? This is the first time if things have come easy to Sean right and but to the thing about it is for me. I've seen him so far. Look at where he's had mistake set and then try to not only fix them. Buddy fixed them in a way to grab guys who can help him fix it right. It's not I'm doing it by myself. He went out this off season and grabbed guys to go out and fix things. And that's part of a head coach. Who's learning as he still gets a gets more years under his belt as the head coach. Yeah no doubt for sure. I think that when you when you look at at Sean I I believe that you're you're in one of these situations that you're again. I like the NBA. I can give you the example. A lot of these coaches they you can you people think more of them when they do more with less you she would've saying he's GonNa have to do more with less right. That's why everybody was like if the NBA ended today. A lot of people thought nick nurse would be the NBA coach of the year. Right of what he was doing with less in Toronto With no Kawhi Leonard you know no Danny Green. And they're still a team that's five and four possibly the tops on the Eastern Conference so I understand that point particular but I think what happens in the. Nfl is that the rams actually had players. So I think we may give Sean mcvay in year four right. This is fourth years the head coach if he's able to have a successful season make the playoffs minus the guys. We know that list that have left in free agency or been released or have been traded. I think we may appreciate more what he does. And your four than what he's accomplished in his first three years and that even being a super bowl appearance yeah for sure. I think that that's absolutely possible. So here's the movies thing that I'm getting ripped on so lebatardshow and his crew were doing a movie thing today because they said there's not five good basketball movies. Okay and I said that's not true like my top five or white men can't jump. He got game okay basketball now. This is the one I got a lot of grief over. Forget Paris and glory road now. People said that I should have had was above the rim with Hakkinen or coach. That's a good one. I'm sorry forget. Paris is one of my top favorite movies of all time. Because I love Rahm Romantic comedies and I love basketball movies so you get both so. That's gotta be my top five above the rim would probably be six. Maybe I could squeeze Glory Road But glory Roadman. That's a that's a tear jerker you know what I'm saying like that's a good movie and by the way you could keep hoosiers. That movies thinks doniger movie though a Greg. I'm which you meant. I was just about to say blue chips mayor with Neon Bodo Kilo meal and not. That was that was good. That was probably one of the best ones I the thing about it for me. Was I go back to? He got game and I mean first of all the dinsdale flick but then you throw a spike Lee but you throw in so many great players that were in that movie right and so many young young actors in there. I don't know why Allen and get more love for his acting in their baby he was he he still called. Jesus subtler yeah I think so. Yeah I I like some of those Let's see what else space jam based me. That's fine that's what about Dr. Are we doing documentaries? Docu Hoop Dreams Hoop Dreams. Documentary feature film removing feature film feature film and. I'm getting a great movie. The sixth man or now you're going with the one that had a whoopie Goldberg and it was Eddie. That's terrible terrible. Terrible Laura Laura said coach Carter. Yeah coach Carter is okay. It's not my favorite. I don't love I don't love it I love it. I love it. We gotta break his Ben's going to join us. We'll talk to him about these movies. I also have my rom com list that we posted at. Espn Los Angeles at Sodano. Because of forget Paris it's number two ROM com. I'm going to run these lists by Ben. We'll get his thoughts on all that. Stick AROUND BACK IN THREE MINUTES. Sodano with a year on seven ten. Espn presented by progressive. Insurance guests appear via the shell. Pennzoil Performance Line Greg. I don't remember what you told me to read but I'll just.

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