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Patty Tiu - The Hustle Of A Nightlife DJ


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Patty Tiu - The Hustle Of A Nightlife DJ

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Here's your host roster bape young welcome to episode thirty nine of the Hustle share podcast. My name is roster and I'm your host. This episode is powered by ear digital payment platform that provides online money transfer empowering businesses around the world to grow global if you're in you to the show. I'd like to remind you that this podcast for adults only so make sure that are no kids around when you're listening to this especially in this next couple of episode says we're going to be talking about nightlife why nightlife because in my first hustle as a sort of bounder my first startup was called Party file and I'm here to talk to someone who's very integral in making this industry growth and her name is patty. Jew and we're going to be talking about the Hustle Public Nightlife Life D._J.. And Patty WANNA share with us how she started out her career by being promoters in how hard it was for her to begin D._J.. especially if nobody actually taught her how to do this patties also get a discuss us how lucrative than nightlife industry works and how it is from a perspective of a D._J.. To make an amazing night for you but it doesn't just end there because she's also going to be sharing with us a lot of lessons that you can apply in your own hustle like how to reinvent yourself how can become great in your craft and how she was able to transform herself to do some other things that she loves so if you're ready to learn about the hustle of the Nightlife D._J.. Let's begin this episode right now. Welcome to the latest episode of the share podcasts. Oh my God I'm going back to the whole time machine because I have someone that I look to very dearly and today it's like a blast from to pass literally because I came from this industry this where my real hustle was born and today will highlight light someone who's very well respected across the whole industry in what she does. I don't need to really intro you because you're good at what you do so I'd like to Introduce D._J.. Or A D._J.. Cottage you everybody so patty welcome to share. I know this is done podcast for instance. I cannot match those you've done but today we're going to be talking about something different. It's not the showbiz stuff. It's not you know the pride stuff that again. There's nothing wrong with that. I WanNa talk to you about your hustle how you built this fucking career that that's so amazing and you're still alive and kicking doing so well right but before we start that let's educate our listeners real quick. What's your hustle? What's my Hossa job this moment right well? I still do gigs. I'm Um trying away from doing so <hes> right now borough event yeah I grew the events of festivals <hes> and then like I'm busy with that to shop God yeah from from performing from D._J.. -Ing I wanted to <hes> be an entrepreneur wanted to discover new things avid before <hes> yeah. That's about it for this D._J.. School right now all right again so shout shout out. What's displays that we're at right now is really cool sessions Academy Manila right now they are? We won't call it at school. It's D._J.. Studio Studio <hes> you can you can find us on facebook actually I._D.. Manila and then you get inquire. Have you WANNA learn how to D._J.. <HES> IF YOU WANNA learn music production take even radio one to one wow because we got some these again. We'll have another episode here right back with the hubby very soon again so congrats and events before I forget but patty I'd I'd like to ask because nightlife is a real hustle for those listeners who don't know what it is. I my first startup was called guest list dot h with eventually with rebranded to party fan but that was my right. Remember all make a gig photos would have that <hes> what they're you know why I was the one who actually started this whole photographer thing going around because most photographers will only be exclusive to one club so you're not fuck that I I need good goddamn higher. Let's do a whole gamut of all these things and then this photographer. Yes I'll send them. I'll pee photographer but it goes again. My only thing is this marketing before right so it's good I've had so many memories and the one that really sticks out in the most is when you were holding this this tray of shot I remember specifically this was a night we used to the night and more hustle that I want to one thought more on Koa was remember very vividly specific. The did that 'cause we were trying to hit the sales. My night was so competitive with the Saturday Saturday night. <hes> we were handling Friday night tonight and then we were trying to up the sales for the Saturday night groups like I am going to get these fuckers drums and then because the more people are jumping more. They want to buy Jake Yeah. That's another hustle all talk about. We'll do a deep dive of the business of Nightlife technically from a D._J.. Perspective in the second part but real quick patty. What was your first foray into Nightlife D._J.? Were you a D._J.. I how did you get into this industry industry. Honestly I was just a regular fucking person who loved going out thousand nine. Oh Shafts fucking office job here in J._p.. Margaret if I'm allowed to see missile talks wasn't employees <hes> I was doing a desk job. I was doing nine to five so I on us. I everytime I get out from where you have embassy there. Yeah Jamie Eh diapers office. I was like I wanNA drink so though that was the start of it and I became a became so curious with Holler the night life wise and they began to just go out and like experience what the clubbing scene is in Manila so you so for me same being created because when they started partying around two thousand six two thousand seven everybody had to be covered and all of a sudden. There's this fucking thing that started becoming popular to guest list and every single time. I couldn't get on the list because I was like fuck. You WanNA create my own APP not unless you're like me yeah it. There's no I can't get away. I couldn't get away with Eric so yeah. Yes seem seem problem. But how did you take tonight Lakers career per se good you what did you do. I and all honesty like nothing. Nothing was ever planned in my life. I wasn't a person who did a lot of planning especially those years of of my of my career yeah so early twenties. We really don't have a plan. You don't have passed just Kinda. Go with the flow and that's what I that's what I did. I went with the flow hear him. I and the waves went up and down. I'm still here got about what it was. The first thing you did you promote I will how did you like because again. There's a lot there's mad money in nightlife. If you just fucking know the game well and if you can stay here for a long longtime and people don't know there's a lot of the owners of a lot of people that been here are to seem people have been there decades before you just notice with considers this generation gap also of promoting Migas say quit my job as I got so amazed with thing as I am going to quit my job and then I'm just GonNa go with the floor. So I started promoting. I even trade photography geography with Graffiti Bananas. I go hi. I'm good at this whole dude just lucky the body to get the job before started <hes> remote thing <hes> <hes> and seven tie and then I met a few d._v._d.. Friends were like <hes> Canaan of to help me out so that was the start of May D._J.. Thing Federal I started promoting the guy that was my I love <hes> the meeting people fighting people loved seeing people have a great by them talked up so much joy understanding your so happy when you had a good night we have a happier time so you have a good money before what was the great for promoting one five what to do with one five at that I bought and he was more of the fun but people also make bent the back on this. If you so promoting promoting right there sue types the guest list game which is headcount to so hard to fucking keep up because you'll never know who's going to show up still do that. Do they still do fillers. It's more like people's and correct. If you hit the what you get the Barney's to make money if you get one hundred people and they don't spend be all different with clubs though like for clubs what I know as you still have a few bullet the numbers you get in <hes> you get no money from the A._P._D.. If you get these fillers like there's different promoters for V._I._P.. Tables tables Percy and then there's different promoters for the fillers which fills the dance because you need the club three popping Nevada at Szott I._T.. A._P._A.. Like wall to wall right so it's going to be a good night. I hate to see what sort of like wrestling and has no. You're passionate about this so yeah. It's an act there's a lot of components that work at need to work. Well together Sir you to have an an epic night correct now. I've how did you become. How did you start mixing all these this D._J.? Equipment because I've seen this progression so many times like Nick Hernandez who was a very mighty promoter D._J.. Now this this is a progression. I've seen happen but not a lot of people become successful. You carved out a career. Oh my God what I've seen her performance. I had a lot of them. The biggest raves and whatnot how did you become from a promoter who turned that into becoming a D.. Gene or at it wasn't always like this big gigs and like the knee playing for this playing for a festival. Hello this big easy my name like whatever whatever whatever I have now. It wasn't always this lucky. I wasn't always this. There's a lot of being sobre like I begun with actually started as <hes> an assistant for school before yeah there was a D._j.. School in one actually owned by Market Kasha he used to be my boss and a they had no idea with anything really they had a lot of de France witness them right so this really is himself thought like no. Nobody nobody. Nobody taught me how to use the that <hes>. It's contradicting like I'm there assistant. I'm supposed to be booking their schedules to be like helping students so like it's an unspoken rule I can't and so what happened was equip the job. I quit the being assistant then be V._R.. Manager didn't they pursued it so before that I had this ad this plan about okay I've no equipment I have nicely and before my Lebanon Flash drives all C._D.. Before by what I'll do was when all the people are all the students are all. All the all the classes are what I'm GonNa do is going to weed for them to leave the place school roughly. That's what I'll do is teach myself a learned a learn every night. I won't get too much Assam. That's why even if I'm mad but I can close my eyes and they can still match us and they see it's really your ears. You should be using the isis first of all the crowd this up nine and whatnot but you know shit. This is a real hustle and it's on how did you you self taught yourself. How did you get your first breaks because sometimes it's also what we need? You know someone taking a gamble on us in whatnot for you. What would what was those first things that you finally got the practice what you practice behind wizards so well I began with just playing for myself and before when when you play for yourself you feel everything and everytime you get so much on around? Shed like an really doing it now. I wish I have a calendar and then there's this this time <hes> uh research serve or at the gas holdings yes and the needed new D._J.'s all. I'M GONNA offer it to my students and then the owner want that no again in a long term <hes> offer it. Let's have an M._B._A.. Night that's let's be night for your students but also hopefully for us because we want so anyone yeah that wasn't i. Hey couldn't even like consistently match. Also I wasn't there yet. I was ready to play but I was already playing. The Cabrillo. Bad taste was something my friends were. If you make a mistake fucking big noise make noise they just just the knobs and that's what I did survive that for like a few months. Wow that's crazy so how noted that become. I mean some momentum veterans well. That's the beginning Barrow. I think it's feed is a treaty the San Mig right <hes> spent oh shoot our remember that I don't know World Trade Center. That was the big week right. Let's from that point on. You know you also became deuce now right. I am language yeah. I joined sign McGLADE right then that's when I came up while we we came with a with a D._J.. Duo Duisburg right right so that's from two thousand twelve and two thousand fifteen. We made a Brad but just which it was the first D._J.. Do in the Philippines female no those amazing especially Dow was also. I get knowing my nightlife. That was the peak of everything or Dow's where everything team went from zero to our own buying us in that year. God it was like me to after hustle because I know that there's going to be people going out. It was crazy and that was popping e._M._C.. In Two thousand twelve that that was the boom dellagha correct correct festivals every weekend these internationally this coming in the country every now and then ever. There's so many things but before that let's see creek breaking now when we come back. I'd like to take a deep dive. Oh what it takes speaks really what does it D._J.. Do Decide Ryan the art of D._J.. -Ing when you're extra expenses how expensive is this shit right so but the stock about that more after the hey hustler's let's take a quick break from the episode to talk about big mistake. I did early in my own hustles so start at founder and that's going all in my startup without having any other source of income you might see that's weird because we talk about going all in a lot in this podcast but allow me. I need to tell you what exactly happened to me early. On back in my first startup called party foul I resigned from my day job thinking that I'm going to get funded when I started winning pitching competitions because I thought I was going to get funded very soon but the reality is took me three. I get funded very broke during that time just because I wanted to go all in I didn't take any side hustle in the bad thing was I was dependent on my startup for my survival while I was trying to grow so I ended up getting a lot of bad deals because that was desperate so in my next startup which is chat bots age. I made sure that I'm not going to be deceived mistake so I got into the art of freelancing by making enough money on the side to make ends meet but allowed my sort of the flourish worship get acquired. It just told months after put it up but that wouldn't happen if I didn't get paid on time and there's one product that I relied on heavily to get paid easily and it's pay near near see me from a lot of hassle because it's the fastest way to get paid especially Ashley if you're doing freelancing and a cool thing about it is that it goes straight to your bank account so you don't have to worry about their money getting stuck in wallet somewhere so whether you're a freelancer ecommerce seller digital market or any hustler that require speed of payment I highly recommend recommend the speed here to get your money so register now. Go to pioneer dot com or download the pioneer APP on the APP store or we will all right. Let's get back to the show. Welcome back. Were still with Patty to of deuce or or deuce already. I'm Patty to our dues. Burial deuces Chris Brown. I love that song by the way there's a side of me like shoot this. She chose a right Sauve C._B.. Two right that's how did that name come about mater. I'd never got to ask well originally or the. <hes> said he was a female D._J.. Do It's Deuce. When we first <hes> came up with it? It's do straight and then cat added Manila. Let me get more must make deuce Manila <hes> Stu Right Newell but then you on when we disbanded Yuck this year we <hes> ar-kar years <hes> the the best explanation or when you brandon I wanted to be do still so make concept was me and the crowd are more deep yeah so it's still it's not view with always you in conjunction function with whatever audience and audience or me and another collaboration so so it's always appear okay now. Do you touch on this already. How difficult was it what I mean? It's not easy right right when when you had to you need you made a name for yourself as a dual but I've seen you conquer greater heights s a single performer right and how but it's not easier said than on in a personal behind closed doors behind the stage how difficult was going from that point to now transition yourself asp attitude because seen every year in coke and all that ah cheering from the sidelines but I didn't know what's going on the back how difficult well it was really hard because a eight think when you're in a dual eternal loose yourself also in the process was you're always considering during the Kadduri Lang Chamber I own looks up. There always always has to be the same level the same level but sometimes you can't help but go over of course you're oh great but then it made it easier because it made me find my own sound back again which is really Trans Strand House right so that's that's what I was passionate. I am passionate about the job near that. I'm super passionate about a went back to that as do's and when a May monitor as bad each referred my commercial pop stuff so there's a separate so clients can book me commercially as Patty to clients undergound or people be grew festivals. Whatever can represent trance music you choose what this dislike this wrestler who has alter-ego the Demon yes so I don't know which one is demon for you where I got my inspiration shame I come in real quick on my intro always say when I opened in my episodes Alice? Let's begin this zone right now that fucking shit. That's the second yeah well yeah. That's where I got it. Sorry guys but okay. How'd he from that point where you now identified yourself? How high did it go because I mean let's come clean twenty sixteen to bubble bursts the whole metlife Seton after forever summer and I don't know if you know this Dallas the big pivotal moment for me because that's actually found that very senior because one of the five people that passed away in that night was my investment? I lost everything right after that. I only have two months of runway. Let all night people than ours Iraq right but <hes> from from that point on you actually live through ended ship how you doing. That's cool but now going from that identification of who you were. How did you move past that and still conquer all these types in doing? I've seen you do a really crazy. Shit like a twelve hour sent this killed in a twelve hour. What is wrong honestly after that incident everyone in the industry got affected because festivals pop the Producers Stop Making Festivals happen and they and they'll now hours affected by the value of death and like it's not as if we have a number of clubs anymore like before in two thousand eleven when you go to Hoti? They're like five eight clubs when you go to be J._C.. There's there's competition name. There's separation. There's a lot of jobs for a lot of but now what do we have we have we have Alice. There's still at the moment like the others are considered bars and involving just popped out of nowhere which is really good for the industry because there's options in Amman Parada but it's not as big room at was now at Sola different. It's so different but okay now. Let's talk about I wanNA talk about the the Hustle Behind D._J.. So I'm a student so let's educate those people people. How hard is it fucking? It's not just pressing breasts and graders. Let's walk walk us through this process. How hard is this the culture me that yes be stupid? How do you say they just blow it? Out of proportion down through the buckle chair made us look like we were pressing the movie yeah one twenty eight is not the only temple that can make a dance especially good luck exactly well for us. It's really eighty not easy <hes> for regular employees they have health guards. They have stuff that that that can make them feel secured with their health and then the Nightlife Industry Palo. You're always if we had all these drinking. It's not the call surrounded by but <hes> luckily now the the establishments. Don't allow smoking anymore inside this year but anyway like we don't have holidays. That's the peak of our of our job say are bookings right like Christmas Valentine's eight New Year's snake. Everybody's flying her remember. Everyone's having fun welcoming the New Year and where they're playing correct you even everyone in the nightlife industry to promoters bouncers receptionist. They got the staff layer us. We have a little bit fancier say we have building areas and something that mark law thanks not as early as the balancers and like and whoever's cleans up. This'll got those those people just have it really rough so what does the D._J.. Prepare for walk us through say a typical night if you're about to play tonight. Why are you going to be preparing? What are you going to do when you get there? How are we gonNA play the crowd and what's your objective when you get to that stage? I can't speak for all of the D._J.'s that everyone has different routines already but for me I can speak for myself but if I have a very important gig on the weekend let's say these Saturday array at the week and before that when when when <hes> when it Sunday starts start <hes> researching for new songs you saw I listen to podcasts. Wow I knew hits on spotify. What's charting? What's not charting depends on what Gig I'm going to do is attitude is loose God? That's all that's my brain. Tests may patients which we love a get bored easy. I have to have have to do something new other times which a lot of research minded a lot of research expenses like I mentioned earlier yeah for your free subscriptions we don't fucking convert you to songs hell no right and they for some producers or remixed spot which are like mark. My fiance got mark. He needs to be for <hes>. Let's say abled on. It's a software making music and remixing songs soy unlike kindy. We don't download free stuff. We have subscriptions we have <hes> we have softwares to be you for not counting the hardware which is more expensive so let's just ballpark figures the software a little and how much are we talking about ballpark figure for from one hundred five hundred bucks. You knew shit eight hundred dollars heard that's almost fifty thousand bills until the until at a bit which is a longtime still a significant. If you're of several years starting out you're getting what good luck until now these to be. D._J.'s one five and I'm so against it. You know why because things are you're getting expensive and it's not as if like in become Augusta's lake we're going. It's not like establishment bay for parking and stuff like that and when we get hospitalized is not as they they're gonNA like eh at least bumpier of the two five because you've already invested so much ahead of time now in terms of equipment now. That's just the software that's how much is the one one like the the whole setup that you need to get in order for you just stuck rehearsing because he can't display that out of your fucking handwrite you gotta practice. <hes> for practicing controller can pass but it's not standard for me. Honestly if I'M GONNA pay for an equipment the practice on I'd rather get the club set up this that which is the stagnant buried ruler burial in the actual Gig you're going to see the resistance is different different correct. So how much does that usually cost the pioneer once and shit. Let's not cheap geo. How much is a set up? I'm sorry I'm not talking to go set the Sir Echo Shadow robot two thousand dollars seventy five thousand dollars just to be able to practice invest that God so imagine that if you're if you're guitarist REC- These are Volley Cossio ten twenty thousand plus. Maybe maybe but dude in D._J.. Right so whoever thinking right now if you're like Oh shit that's just playing like fucking that that's why we have studio slate firearm for me honestly honestly if if new deejays listening or are gonNA listen to this. I guess you don't need to buy an equipment right away. fucking rich kid right the go ahead but it's not gonNa make the Best D._J.. If you have the best equipment imagine you work with what you have and then you hone it there. It's not make whipping. It's what you do with absolutely no talking about what what you're doing with it when you get to the club now there's different sets again what I know from my friends right. There's three different sets your opening your main main right and then enclosing those are three different sets of of doing so walk us through what the me I mean an opening I mean in the closing US openings at <hes>. I'm going to Nick Survey Short simple by visiting billion opening said. Do you make people not their heads. It's time for people to catch up because they just entered the police. They just entered the club the bar whatever you WANNA call okay <hes> it's time to mingle prime and towards the frame. I am said that when you Kinda get up now you have to bring the energy up now but very slowly also the temple goes higher right. Actually I don't go for <hes> you have to be up. You have to know open for him at that. You can't guy openings at guy. You can't just stay in one BPM firm me at least for me. You can have different than temples host but have an opening set by okay now in terms of is there an objective because I've seen this happen. A lot of my friends will always say he no you can't just make the Condi- and whatnot and then meaning you have to respect the me that the after you because if you're going to lead the chain smokers and opening play those are what's wrong with in this she also here and B._J.. Industry I like around the world. We don't have rules as not like we have make be the models they have through around. Let's say the F. shouldn't go lower than this game again so d._J.'s you just kind of wing it like Etiquette D._J.. Before you already going allow Alcoa but you have to you have to find a way to to still pump the crowd up. How do you greed the crowd and is there an objective the you know because I've seen people really yummy really pumped up and then all of a sudden you're gonNA bring it down? Is that intentional for them people for for of course to help the bar to make drinks. How is there a sign's behind that or can you just really go one full one one to two two hours of from one of your mean one A._M.? To three <hes> getting all real fucked up defense or is it depends on the event as well. We have to delegate guy. That's when that's very the thing is okay. So is it intentional also that you know Kinda do it in waves and whatnot so if you just keep up the entire time because Clinton closings at closing they're they're not. I'm going to buy drinks too. Certain formula then goes viral primetime shop waiting rocket rocket lawless Oldham Lakers roller coaster in the meantime if I if I if I stare at the ground let's say I let this is just my mathematics. This is just referred me if I put Patty Patty the three songs but three Bangor's the fourth one should be a little mellow mellow the energies of the same pedal in the Asia Newman Shop Agudo. You'll be going tain. What the what is the whole set also prepare or just again? You're feeling it out depending on what the crowd vibes to it bans <hes> festivals I have said I have I have energy. I wanted to show but club gigs. You have to have folders with you and you have to be prepared like not. All gigs will be promising and that's the truth later some gigs. They're just GONNA the fucking stare at you and you have to be prepared to make them stare better. They're invading still entertainment. Okay now last question before we take another break. You're one of the few D._J.'s consider a musician because you're not just there. I mean again. It depends on what your craft is. What I've seen you play other instruments that I haven't seen done in a normal like what is that? It's awesome right and somebody who live there. Most of the time people think I'm bouncing. I swear people always always people I think it's because he always wear black yeah go ahead. I'm only the quarter Bro. I'm not. I'm not too. That's why I don't either. I sat beside the bouncer so I know that's not me him. That's him not me real here but for U.. Mass what our instruments you're playing. How did you <hes> put that into your crap? Now this crazy dude. What would you say that now? Let's bring back. Let's talk about the stuff that Patty chew does extra on on the next part he guys. Let's take another quick break to talk about little trick that helped us get traction and chat bots very early in ultimately we help us did acquire and it's called A._B.. Testing basically creating two versions of the same site or landing page to see what works in what converts for you because one of the worst things you can do us a founder is put all your exit one basket in hope that it converts. This is why a lot of early stage startups don't get the traction that they want because they're hoping and praying and they Haidari quickly A._B.. Testing eliminates that problem so now you can really see which part of your site converts by giving different designs to different sets of users and I'll tell you right now which platform we used to allow us to do this and it's called on bounce here you can now create two sets of of your startups landing page and see which one really converts for you. You don't have to keep guessing people actually likely site to design or not and a cool thing about this is also does not require you to be a developer which literally put up a site very picky picky. Now also use this for your pop-ups and sticky bars but hold on because I'm not get done dropping bombs out here because we found a way to give unbalanced long term after you do your thirty day for you trial just Yoda bit dot com slash Hustle Bounce to get twenty percents off your first three paid months so you can run better experiments long-term at I'm not trying to bullshit you here because if you go to chat but the H. we're still running on bounce for our website site so go ahead and check it out to use the power of A._B.. Testing for your started welcome back into break. I flunked that last the one job per se Oh my God embarrassing. Hey we got to this point so it's all good all right now. How did you before we took a rate you you you wanted to give us a cliffhanger of? What are these things you you do extra out of your sets? How did you solve teach yourself on that one? Well Nick what I said earlier. I get easy board right and I think that's a part of my anxiety like I just want to do something you all the time so I I like trying new stuff. I like succeeding and trying that new stuff but I also love to feel so I know where I'm good at an where I'm not good that that's when you get the test your skill so again I just I guess learning leaning those instruments and putting them on my sets Eliza Challenge and like you're not go. I'll say feel the whole with I feel to some somewhere successful somewhere like as dislike okay. This is not going to have to stop it but you you were brave enough to try it. A lot of people will just not even we'll just chicken whatever and the state what they were comfortable and that's what I like and that's why I wanted to interview you because you're a risk taker and in this industry. I don't see a lot of risk being taken right because it's the same formula being done again but you're always like your ally. Fuck you out of you up right. I just don't give up. That's the best advice like I they have to do me like whatever I want to go for after go for it like no one's GonNa stop me. Anyone tries to stop like fuck off like vice advice as a new ones also with with what you WANNA. DO WE WANNA. Do you WANNA do enablers do music production. If anyone tries to stop you with what you're doing. They don't send them to do it all right now. Let's also sharing time sponsored thereby checkmark beach which is still also my company so really get paid for talking salsa my company's whatever right now for someone who if someone's going to you because again a a few years back everybody wanted to be e._J.. Right last few years about when all these shit late everybody wants to the Martin Eric's beechy piece but you know if you're now given now that we're in this sort of like a downtime in nightlife now the hype is not that crazy eight thousand fifteen s what. What would be your advice now for people that want to go into this industry ESA D._J.? Because I mean you gotta be passionate about music or what about entertainment nightlife for you to be able to do this. We have this thing before and the and the Oil D._J.. School over used to work. We ask our students. Why are you in ruling here? What's what's your music playlist Lake drug so the balance you'll known alike? Are they doing this because they're passionate about music. Do they want to pursue this because they just want to know how they curious. DID THEY WANNA learn because they want this to be another cash flow like those things. How can you tell if a student within is going to be a success or not because you can already tell to whoever's good whoever's going to be like whatever it is here for the for default? Well you know if the D._V._D.. Or the student visas wants to be famous you your Louis whatever they just WanNa use it 'cause the thing it's it's GonNa make them cooler on a male nick you. You're gonNA feel at them. Okay here when we screen student Winona man again no so let's talk about the pros now what makes or in your standard at least in European what makes a good digi a great d._J.. About greatness goodness there's no room for just Greg Rice. If you're going to do it you have to be great that good good just cut it of course no. It's not enough to know how to read the crowd. You have to know when the hits when not believe hits <hes> agreed. These researches agreed B._J.. Digs for guyot indika negrini bone genre. Let's commercially jakup rental the Monday's extended loan or mixed remix empire urge for one bladeless. They expand your six yeah great the no says the etiquettes yes and those etiquettes are very important via steps. I don't WanNa go into the told me give us some just a few examples of what those good etiquettes would be like. What is a while ago if you're doing in opening set do an opening said? Don't get to excite that you're ready. They're like John Ghanaian a spotlight. Now Relax Cologne don't you now. I want to ask you about being being uptight or sticking to a few values. They have not a few values because I know this myself. Nightlife is can really fuck you up like literally if you don't have uptight values and before I told you this during the break the one thing that I always stuck through when when I know Shit's going to go bad you know 'cause station. It's literally Dacian after temptation that is being thrown at you right and you think it's good but in reality again hindsight's always twenty twenty but one thing I always told myself don't shit where you eat pretty you patty. What what are those things that you all right this is? I'M GONNA stick to this this this concept. I'M NOT GONNA League Lina like I'm not going to be a hypocrite I haven't I haven't always been like a goody goody like a went through some shit when I was starting to make your year I probably tried all kinds of drugs starting right but I'm GonNa be on this at one point. You're GONNA know and you're gonNa tell yourself this life that I want to live. It's like okay. I'm doing these gigs left and right but what's going to be left of me what when before eight hundred thirty. I'm good at day so no I had like I just two thousand fifteen after I rebranded <hes> <hes> I went through hell I went through the freshmen. They went through all the vets of all the dark. Things in my life happened that year and that was just the three nine around now. Oh I don't WanNa do that anymore like this is I'm Gonna I'm GonNa like I'm going to rebrand but also I'm going to do. Brisk Phoenix misses the new me and like Hindi long you me as a brand as an artist as a D._J.. But a new a new me lake clean me theory that's rate and I saw that myself and from the outside looking at you also see it with a type of stuff you your posted and now again. I'll I'll say during the show. I'm so happy happy for you because you've found the line. Oh my God right. Yes and I've seen these so I've ever seen use this happy and it's so good to see these examples in nightlife. They you know you like me. I went I. I'm I'M GONNA come rough times to food right but eventually just find yourself backed up at it again but pretty now what's what's next for you. I mean what what do you want to do next doing some entrepreneurship happy interview though wreck at the end of the I've seen a lot of people <hes> be nightlife and didn't invest another ship good bank out of this now. I swear to God it's not forever even even me. I know it like it's bound to happen one of these days. I'm I'M GONNA eat the air 'cause I can always be like forever young. Maybe being you'll milking but like in those years I would want to have lake a child with mark. Eventually won't have those gigs Nah. I can't stay up late because I want to take care of my kid stuff like that so for me I don't I wanted to invest in other things like I was passionate. I am passionate <hes> with that boost so I I was my art this goal again. I will have once. I'm trying to get one here. Probably semi sleep my mom's of watching this already have to so he it was like pringles when you pop star Tattoo shop and we want to build better D._J.'S WE WANNA build <hes> better artists. Here's the warhead adore so yeah and then lasagna moving all right. How did this movie opportunity come about this so awesome I swear where and it was a company? Mark Dream lover deemed by looking mark Wahlberg do up but acting them will smith with the pop music the ranch on other things. They did so many things they killed based. What's your movie yeah Donald Glover? Yes we know how about that so yeah. That's where trump so. It's aren't really expressing it in different snake you WanNa you WANNA try business. Go ahead you WANNA try singing. Why not like you're not like anything you WANNA? Do you just go for it. Dry Up anything now patty. I wanted to ask you last two things real great I one what do you think is your biggest fuck up. And what was the biggest learning you'll learn from that shit biggest fuck up. Oh my God sorry can have like five seconds. This is just zoom biggest pop up falling in love. We got showbiz and no no <hes> rear wise. I guess <hes> those away eh forever about them for <hes> a wish. I wish I did not a lot. I wish I had more patients when I was younger. <hes> I wish add like another avenue. Can you relate to to get rid of my my anger have like agit. I have these when when it helps me but ident have that when I was younger but so well I was bringing it to my work and I wish I didn't do it but the biggest lesson is like you have to forgive yourself and I I've forgiven myself. I wished the people I've I've already forgive me absolutely so yeah. If you're watching this forgive about the spur for than upper for your body the so all right let's make in terms of we always have to look up to some mentors. I ask you your biggest mentors for those things that the touchy that you're you're still putting onto your craft now to be honest with our whole in the industry don't have like rule modest on like Jayco no role models right funk. Ivy helped me a lot <hes> John Wooden my best friend <hes> had a lot when it comes to learning about <hes> but you know a lot like my mentors Al should he came from the fitness industry. Fitness instructors are like your life coaches so in a we the the also help you and you'll be so those are my my coaches things that the touch you that just resonates to what you're doing now new deal ever fear of public speaking old so we talk yeah speaking number one. Do I have social anxiety. It's so weird for the have social but always help when they became an indoor instructor in their cycling instructor last year. You have to talk to your exit while you're exercising and while you're staying on the B._T.. After you have to speak you have to speak to your writers and I have so many things to see like in my thoughts like there's a lot of what's going on in my head but against seem to like I feel like my brain's thinking fast and like a lot of gun and then my coaches gum like my either really helped me like they helped me <hes> get through with my social anxiety end-of-year of speaking there alike but the have you have such a story to tell you can't see if you can't talk and speak in Public Siahaan so we have to learn have to an trained for six months and look at me. Now again can look street value the story in my brothers swear it's just comes out. I came out of the wrong archipelago. I swear I feel like I was black kid. We went out on the wrong with China but anyway Patty Lees by over those people that want to check you out there so many things that you're doing. This is your chance and then before his wrap. This baby up does it does this area was gonna be out <hes> probably and of July. It's GonNa be always but <hes> we have contradiction it. <hes> maybe about drugs I plead and while push her wow very interesting fans if you if you and get the watch it after July fleas do I think it's going to be available in D._v._D.'s also nationwide. I think it's going to be on. I'm not sure but if it's there go ahead and watch during this most most movies always especially the go once always ended up with that the cinema industry always used priority two big ones what I love about all these streaming platforms also gives a <hes> an avenue for the local to shine even after the the cinema where people that want to catch you in your gigs or big fans genetics call it what they do exist servicemember. You have a very solid fan base. How did they eighty eight this team when when they call it plans for me I don't? I don't see myself aches. I don't ever want this thing to get into my head does if it gets into my head expenditure risks everything up and wanted to be just the normal that that I am this normal wrestling catch me on instagram begins you my schedule there. If if I have gigs <hes> sometimes may schedule tweets but they can always find me and that doesn't show arche or inception. I'd be in south here all right. We'll put that on the show notes if you want to check that out and again thank you as you hit it.

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