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"stu miller" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"John. Burkett has joined us here on sports byline usa as i mentioned pitch sixteen seasons in the major leagues with the giants florida. The rangers braves and the red sox. And there's a great story that. I read that even when you went to spring training. You had your vcr in the car so that you could tape shows and you had to bowling balls in the front seat of your car. Pick up the story from there that car with a nineteen a seven hundred prelude and i drove it if you can picture. Nineteen hundred privately. That driver pittsburgh to arizona to phoenix for spring training sets thirty two hours and i had my bowling balls and my vcr and the rest of it was my clothes and my girlfriend at the time. now's by wife We have our stuff in there. She she she is telling me about the the times and the fact that she had to put her feet on my bowling ball so volleyball on the bottom of this The pasture state and so she had to put her feet on them and during spring training. You said find some little local tournament with a fifty dollar first prize. Or whatever. And i couldn't wait for our workouts to be over so i could go bowling and that crazy. I should have been so focused on baseball right. I love bowling so much that i didn't really did consume me and so there were. There were times. When i was in the outfield checking balls or whatever and you know my work was done for the day but you kind of have to hang out and yeah and yeah fill out the time and fill out the day and Sometimes the games and start to starting pitchers could leave. And i was just looked forward to those days if they were on saturday or sunday. 'cause there would usually be a local tournament there the phoenix area. And i would scoot out. And both you and i got to know each other when you were pitching for the san francisco giants Tell me a little bit about how you ended up in the giants organization. Well i got drafted in nineteen eighty three at six around by the giants and Spent seven years of mileage them there. I grabbed it out for seven years in the minor leagues. that was actually a free agent. Nobody else wanted me. So i stayed with the giants about seventh year in the league and fortunately picked up a split finger that year and i was in aaa roger. Craig was the manager. You remember right and the split finger favorite yet. Though i eighty five eighty eight. Nothing special and i decided along with larry. Hardy was the pitching coach. The time to pick up a split finger. Maybe catch him. Attention from roger. And i started out to unwanted phoenix and got called up april twenty seventh of nineteen ninety and i never went back about four hundred. Seven here One twenty two games and ninety three and the last great race and we one hundred and three games the giants and The hundred floor didn't make the playoffs. And actually it was the wild card so upset in Five years and with the giants before Getting shipped off basically to florida during the work stoppage situation. I'm nineteen ninety-four. Let me ask about candlestick park because Having been out to that park when he was Where the giants played the players would complain about it. The media would complain about it. I don't know whether the fans complained about it. But what was your impression of it. The first time you walked into it was a big league ballpark. That's what i cared about. Part of a big league. But i'll tell you what. I love san francisco. I the candlestick park as like an old friend. A twitter account at thirty three thirty three. That's what the picture because there. San francisco is my family here recently. When i was bowling out there. I fast candlestick park or what what used to be part. I didn't realize they were tearing it down. And there's like one section of it. I took a picture. I think the right field section is always excellent so it's like losing in france. I love pitching their hated. Hated it because it was called. And wendy and i love the grass as long as the second ball pitcher Especially night games bought and carey very. Well thank daytime. You'd have to keep the ball on the ground because it would shoot out the right center. A little bit but overall. I really loved that ballpark. And the myth about it was stu miller got blown off the mound. One time when he was hitching. And i don't know whether it's fact or not but but anyway did you have to pitch differently at home than maybe on the road because of the wind conditions and just generally speaking about can stick with very cold out there and yet though i really didn't think about The much except for the fact that i was think about i i realized i've ever been so the rams was actually did things for me and i remember is there and ninety three. I remember he came he. He just had just major sector that much. Better Even if one in your face which makes our second really good because went by in your face that made it with flying out your outfit around you. It actually had the wind blowing in that having a matches face Helping your on the out. So that was nice. I remember nineteen ninety-three when you went twenty two and seven and i remember about the giants with the dusty baker as your manager winning those one hundred and three games and it just did not seem right. How did the players react to that to win. A hundred and three games and still not make the playoffs. Oh man so disappointed that we'd never been in the playoffs I came up in nineteen ninety giants. Were in the world series and eighty nine but we never had the playoffs after that so that that seemed like You know chance and to go i mean we had a seven game lead at the all star break. I think braves went fifty and ten in the second half the broker records for wins in the second half and i think we sell behind by three and a half games at one time and then we went back much sixteen in three or something last. Nineteen or something crazy and taught them with more games left and they beat the rockies four straight and we lost the last year or the year to the dodgers medical doctors at times stadium. Yeah you bring up a disappointing. It was very disappointing. Et one hundred three crazy and it's never seen that sense and they may never sued along parts. You bring up very good point. I think that there are some very special rivalries in baseball. I think about the yankees and the red sox pitch for the red sox and you might talk about that for second but also the dodger san francisco giant rivalry as well from a guy that was involved with it for a number of years. Can you put your finger on. What made it the rivalry that it was well for me when i signed in nineteen eighty. Three I grew up in pittsburgh so i was all about the pirates. You know the pirate fan and the price. He's pretty good read. That had happened by the giants. So i showed up rookie ball. I remember In montana and i mean we had they looked at us and said you're now san francisco giants and the dodgers and i don t for talking about and But i you know much we did. Ak- dodgers and i. I grew to hate them. I hate it there. White uniform and everything so And the cool thing about. My career was my first but i i got caught up. It was during the ninety nineteen ninety season. We have had a short strike at nineteen ninety so we had make afghans so so i got caught up. I especially against the dodgers at dodger stadium. And i wanted to one game. I got caught up for the game. The dodgers and the beginning so that was kinda cool. Was it the same way in the yankees. Red sox rivalry was.

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