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"stu caraway" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"stu caraway" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Let's size up as an opponent. What when you think about the biggest threats? What are they? I think he's very well trained very role schooled. He's got good timing with his combinations. I think he brings he's well rounded out say that he can Russell don't think his jitsu is anywhere near mind. But. Outside of that. I think he does really well whenever still wanna make initial movement. He does really well just time with his counters at slip slip, Ajab rain to his right hand left hook right cross or he'll double up when the body had come up in finished towards the head. I don't think he's forty two one who really kicks the way I kick in who can Russell the way. I russell. So that I think that's gonna be the factor in his fight. Do you agree that actually let me let me stay differently true or false? It's better for you that this is three rounds versus five or. No, what do you come down on that? I think it was five rows of being better hundred percent. I when I fought the case fury, all the title fights were five round fights. Even though my last three opponents I finished. But the first one I had went the distance full twenty five minutes. And I know I got guessing to go for days. It's just kinda a little unfortunate that this wasn't a main event. What who could be mad at Francis Ghana when Kate Alaska's coming back and taking the spot. So I can't can't hope when that too much. But I do wish it was a five rounder how how would it massively change your strategic approach? And I think. With more time. I have more time to break him down with three rounds. I think as professional when you get to the levels that we're at to be Jimmy Rivera to be algebra stolen into positions that we into being the top five you have to have a gas tank to goal throughout specially at the light away classes. And I think I think that's the difference. I think he's comfortable with those three rounds. I think if I had more time to push the pace, I tend to I tend to crack guys I really feel when I'm in there. So if the fight was a little longer, I think it benefits me, no doubt. Especially with the grappling. Exchanges to go. From grapple into striking is not easy thing to do and to go back and forth between the two for twenty five minutes that would have been my right there. But fifteen minutes is should be enough to get the job done. I took out my last opponent. And Cody Stayman he thought the detour rustling was gritted dethroning ahead of shut that shit down. And I'm gonna have to bring back that that wrestling also to the table when go out the empty human backpack. Once again, you know, what's interesting is your grappling has always been on point. Although. Oh, obviously, it's gotten better. And you're striking has just incrementally come along. But now it's seriously formidable here's the deal though. We had Ryan hall on the hour. And he was like I love algebra sterling's grappling, which is to say. In a good way. You have a reputation as a grappler, a very good one. But I wonder if it's an outdated reputation. It's not to say, you're not one. But now, maybe that's still your best skill set. But you're well rounded enough now where I don't know that that's a complete picture. Yeah. I would definitely hundred percent agree with that. And what I call Rivera out after I lost. My my two five Stu caraway in a sense out back to back in cold out. I was now on the down swing when I was right on the cusp of fight for world tied with had I gotten through caraway and Jimmy very was still working his way up in when I call them out. And he didn't wanna take the fight with me. I think it would have been smart if he had taken fight will meet back, then while still growing still developing my striking..

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