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"stran harmon" Discussed on The Falcoholic

"Podcast dave walker. I'm joined by matt. Gourley of the talking birdie podcast and we are going over the safety for the falcons as it stands right now before we get into the season things can always change in the month that we have left before. The regular season kicks off. We've talked about the veterans. Let's talk about young guys and it you mentioned him in in the first half in I know all of our fans a listeners. Wanna know is richie grant gonna see field in twenty twenty one like he's a second round pick i think people will have somewhat lofty expectations for him But as we mentioned in the first half this dean pees defense is going to demand a lot of these guys and To be blood you know that is going to be a big big ask for a rookie And this is something where i think right now. Regret is probably tracking where he needs to which is to say his head is swimming. And it's unlikely that he is going to just leapfrog. You know a bunch of veterans who have experienced on day one. That's not to say that he can't get there eventually. i think he will But what's your take on rich grant in the. We talked about this as well. But you do you think that it is ultimately his role. Grab that he's just going to need a little bit more time. Yeah i think long term. He's the number one safety in atlanta. But i'm for me personally. I'm willing to practice patients on this. Because i think said it perfectly. His heads probably definitely swimming. I mean this isn't an easy defense to pick up. you know. We talked earlier in the show. You know dan queens defense was very simplistic easier to pick up. Dp's i don't think not so much. So bringing him along slowly where where they have him on the depth chart right now is probably accurate. I'd say i mean based on the practice reports He had been starting with the third team. In now mixing him his way into the second team especially with the injury to sheffield you. Not j. green has now played some quarterbacks. That's given him an opportunity to play alongside jalen. Hawkins the expectation. I think should have been all along. Eric harris stran- harmon are going. Start there the placeholder just and it all comes down to you. How quickly grant picks up his responsibilities. You know in his media session recently grant said he starting to pick that up in. You know he's been working with harmon harris in the dorm rooms. You after hours try. Try to pick up the defense. So i think fans just need to have some patients here again. I know early picks you wanna throw them out on the field right away. But that's not always the best thing for them and right now. You know the veterans are there They know what's expected of them. And that's why it's good to have them there because there is there is no rush to bring him along but ultimately i you know as as i said you know when we when you're on the talking berry podcast. This week i do think richie grant drawn harmon. Air cares are gonna make up the core three safety lineup and then On the flip side cornerbacks. You know you're gonna have terrell Moro and oliver. That's going to be the core sixty bs i do. Think grants gonna mix in and you know in a best case ideal scenario. You have a platoon. Sometimes you're going to go big nickel Sometimes you're not and you know when when they don't go big nickel. I think later in the season maybe you can expect grant to be alongside harmon or grant to be alongside harris You know because of his versatility. I think he can play both positions. It does appear though that right now. He's playing closer. To the line of scrimmage playing in that nickel role based on the latest practice reports. And dan hawkins is actually been the backup. You know deeper safety on the field. So that's kind of interesting something to watch but again i think that's the beauty of this group. Is there versatile and they all can play. You know the the the multiple spots that wants to Utilized safeties in and. I think what you pointed out. We're probably gonna get tired of this word. As we get into the arthur smith era in full force but the the idea versatile is going to be critical. Not just on the defensive side. Obviously he taught a lot about the need for that on the offensive side in particular the offensive line. It makes sense. But i think in particular with these safeties that's gonna hold up like you said the old adage of free safety versus strong safety. You know the guy. The center fielder versus the guy atlanta scrimmage. That really is an antiquated way of looking at safeties now especially with what pieces done. Dp's is going to use these guys as well to go after the passer you're going to see him using these corners in these safeties. You're gonna see instances where richie grant will be at line of scrimmage and he's going to go after the quarterback and you'll see someone like dion jones dropped back into that intermediate coverage to to fill that spot. That is how peace operates. He does not want that offense to the where the extra rusher is coming from. Where that fourth rushers coming from So all of these safeties aircar strong harmon. Richard grant jalen hawkins at some point or another during the season. You're going to see them going after the quarterback and again that also means that for the other guys on the field. They have to know where their assignments are. And they have to be capable of helping to fill those assignments that if you've got a quote unquote box safety. You can't be limited to just keeping him. At the line of scrimmage if you're going to send your quote free safety go after quarterback. He's going to have to be someone that you can count on at least marginally to be responsible for coverage and helping a corner around you know helping out over the top so these these positions now are incredibly fluid. And i think that you know you. You noted richie. Grant is currently behind eric harris. We could very much see that flip up between now and the second preseason game i think that's the important thing to remember here is that they're going to probably move these guys around and see how they handle each of the responsibilities because i i don't think we're going to have a traditional you know single responsibility player on the defense. Except for maybe like greg jarrett. Who's just gonna just you tell the hulk from the vendors say grady go smash. That's that's basically grady. But yeah i. I'm i'm still bullish grant even even if he's not turning into the day one starter. I think that he would be as you said. I think this is one of the positions for this kind of defense where we have to be patient well and the and the thing with that just more point to add i mean. I think we're starting to see stylistically. What type of coach. Arthur smith is each day. And and you see the depth chart..

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