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"storrow drive east pounds" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"13. Traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes brought to you by SPL Eye Doctor calm where you're taking us. Mike, What do we start up to the North? Here? Ban We've got some pretty, uh, significant delays on 1 28 north, all brake lights from Wind street in Burlington. Up into Wakefield. That's more than a few miles south founds a grind literally from route 62 down into Peabody. With that rough road surface. 93 North bounced not terrible until you get up to and overall brake lights from route 1 33 up into Massu. And why is the worst unusual? It's a right wing crash up after River Road and Route one north around just slow for a while coming up towards the Lynnfield Tunnel. Let's see how things are shaping up downtown. Check in with the WBC news radio road report. Let's begin with the fun over on. Storrow drives the Storrow Drive East Pounds back to the Longfellow Bridge, waiting for the leverage up ramp. Lever it up ramp and the down rapper both pretty crowded both directions. The lower deck of 93 Year, Ben's a slow from back beyond the hood plant heading down toward the O'Neill tunnel. Lower level of the Tobin Bridge still has delays getting into the work zone on the Chelsea side of the bridge. One A north is just about eased out for the time being Apartment street. So that's good news in the airport tunnels. They're still okay. Kristen Act in the WBC news radio road report and the expressway far from okay. South bounds, just inching along from the tunnel down to the gas tank granted half Down pass through 37. I've got 45 minutes. Boston, the brain, Trey North Bounds tide of granted. Have a past Neponset circle. That's no surprise. 1 28 South delays to Needham from 109 down past for one and dead Um 24 95 south. They're both backed up Getting by 4 95. The mass. Pike eastbound doing a lot better coming in through the potential tunnel. We had a earlier problem there and West bounds Pretty good on through Newton and framing him today, my king WBC's traffic on the threes. We've got some clouds. We've got a stray shower in a couple of spots and then clearing out overnight. Tonight we're gonna get a warming trend.

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