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"stone cold bronchoscope" Discussed on The Sue Plex Podcast

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"stone cold bronchoscope" Discussed on The Sue Plex Podcast

"Everyone and welcome to another edition of the suplex podcast. I will let you go straight into this episode. But before i go i just wanted to reach out to you and ask you a favor. If you are enjoying these episodes of suplex podcast. Reach out to me on social media. Share it with your friends. Give us a review on apple podcast or just simply like episodes. I want to get as many as on his products as possible. 'cause i hope your own enjoy needs episodes. You can even get your voice a message on anchor page. Then by all means out over the links and the show notes. And i'm gonna let you sit back. Relax and enjoy this episode of the sue plex. Podcast hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another edition. Oakland suplex podcast. I have been far and wide scouted far and wide and i have caught us a young zebra for this way laden. Jovan am going to introduce you to one old. The most talented referees in the country young mr scott bell skull. How're you keeping. I'm very well thank you. How are you. i'm good my friend. Nady their shows are now they watch Distance cannot wear. It's gonna be fun. I can't wait to get back to shows. I know that you've got a few coming out. Definitely yes it a bit of you. Are you have to think. I won july. Hopefully fingers costed if things go well. Enough but like Sites the site for owner and honestly pro wrestling a tidal and yeah hopefully moneyball also cost entice cross so those are done. No you've already been around the business ready for a few years now But i'm assuming you're a fan much longer than that. So what what was it that cool. Your roy won't catch she do how arrested well going back years ago. My gun medusa tip superstars guy one when it first came out and he says shit it requires that debt. And then i like old sailed like maybe cevallos It was being broadcast on channel saw sidewalks in more and more than than resumes seventeen came on and investment seventeen. I've been a fundraiser Wants been quite in a enamored by all the spectacle lights you know ethnic to wrestling really just all things into dramas well. Nothing wrestling is is physical. Isn't it look so bats captured my iowa as well but yeah since two thousand one just saw nonstop watched it. I mean recently. I saw goff watching it as much as i like to. Just because of what i catch up now. What i've used stuff go. Yeah yes i don't think. Politics is good in pots as it used to be off the bucket out shooter for me got to risk nothing will ever recreate shootings made in the con- yeah cheers. If you tv tonight it'd be cancelled but within five minutes. I i watched Stone cold Bronchoscope sections.

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