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"stockwell alpert" Discussed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

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"stockwell alpert" Discussed on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

"From NPR WBZ Chicago this is wait wait don't tell me the NPR News Quiz Utah up our panelists run their mouths are bluff the listener game call one triple eight wait wait to play we'll be back in a minute with more wait wait tell me from NPR for this podcast and the following message comes from trader Joe's where you never have to wait to discover delicious foods and beverages from around the world speaking of waiting you don't have to wait for more episodes of trader Joe's original podcast series inside trader Joe's filled with fresh aches everything from frozen food to flowers and fresh produce is to judge spices find new episodes on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts more at traderjoes dot com trader Joe's on Instagram Pinterest and Youtube Maddie Safai here host of a new daily science podcast from NPR culled shortwave we'll bring you new discoveries everyday mysteries and this week Bill Monroe Professional nerd and creator of X. K. C. D. explains how do you science to tell if you're a ninety skip listen and subscribe to shortwave from NPR from NPR WBZ Chicago. This is wait wait don't tell me the on news quiz I'm Bill Curtis playing this week with Peter Gross Roxanne Robertson Roy Blunt Junior and here again is your host at the eccles theater in Salt Lake City Peter Sagaing thank you bill thanks everybody the right now it's time for the wait wait don't tell me bluff the listener game called one triple eight wait wait to play our game on the air hi your way don't tell me I'm stockwell Alpert nurtured Sudbury Sudbury near Boston right twenty miles away twenty miles away what.

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