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The Voice First Games with Jeferson Valadares of Doppio Games

Alexa in Canada

05:28 min | 1 year ago

The Voice First Games with Jeferson Valadares of Doppio Games

"The other thing that makes me and Chris. which is the CO founder? Like Chris Barnes excited about tractive stories of the buyer and I'm and different things but we So we we got really excited about him Somebody mentioned it to me like as a possibility in the beginning of dismissed it but the next playing with like actually no. There's something years like voices. Human Metro thing to teach really people like people. Don't hope say things. Obviously the advice doesn't always reply the right way but I think if there's a potential here to do something like very metros I kind of reminds the evoque this beginning of mobile beginning of facebook games like Nfl You can do start telling here obviously when you say something when the wind goes through your pipes it means a little bit more than if you just type it or something like the weird cultural thing such I felt there was like a combination of both good business opportunity because his vice a CR- growing like crazy and and I know they cheap so you know the are where you need like a you know. Whatever expensive headsets tried out like the zoo and so keep to get the right? That's right and so they're very. That's one reason why they're exploding on the but also this idea that you know voice entertainment. It's kind of new. There hasn't been a lot done in that area because the tech wasn't good enough so I think there's some creative. Yeah it's true like nobody knows what best game is like. It goes like we. We have been very little so I felt like it was both like a good business opportunity but also good creative opportunity pretending so. That's kind of why we start. The company said okay. Let's go folks on that So the first game gortex which I like it was actually on Alexa? Release Tober UH twenty eighteen. We we did just increase like we kind of paid ourselves. We hired contractors. And you know the game name Just to just to see for ourselves. What the market was like his is actually a fan? You know how it is bound on like how. How do we get people to find? Find the game like how how. How does the whole thing work right? So we visit game Yeah like pretty good reception Fourche for reviews with on average with you know like a thousands of reviews they. It's reasonably popular game platform. So we're Kinda happy with that and then we decided to go all in and then we got some. Investors Awesome actually raised the Round last year at both Kgo participated around and Yes so based on that we took the money grew the team. So now we're ten people. Well is facing Portugal. Well yes I guess that when it once company company sumptious with kind expensive. I mean it's great if you were you know facebook Google apple but if you're like a small guy trying something new that you don't know who's going to work it's Kinda Kinda risky mortgage costs and health insurance costs and like everything's expensive lease for the office or you know everything is way more expensive right. Yes I think We looked at a bunch of different places in Europe. ended up in Portugal. I think there's a mix of It's not the most like gaming and like the bees gaming hub in Europe. Opposite like London and Stockholm Helsinki Berlin Barcelona displaced more developing games. But nobody knows what they're doing. Voice Games right so they can go go out in London. Hire ten voice specialists because they don't really exist so I felt like the talent pool. Here's pretty good than I speak English. I mentioned from just local language can go to the office and have less less of a harder time than the other foreigners as I felt like it was a good approach and yeah so we did that last year. We're going to start a company and that the funding and Yeah now are we good. A team released a second game last year in walk up to go in October and skull. The three percent challenge those any partnership at flicks. It's based on an athlete's Shoko two percent. I've watched it always didn't go yet. Yeah so we kind of how it happened like through a friend come on I met Bianca. which is the lead actress and She was really excited about doing something gain in. And I'm like wow enough to present this actually pre because it's salad tests and challenges. We gotta go when and now the other thing we wanted was to get a game that allows us to do some sort of multiplayer competition Two percent kind of fits dead dead and also we wanted to do tests differ mechanics because our first game was more like a traditional attractive starring. We want it's gotTa test different things on the second on a we. We felt like he would also fit those. Their ability to make different types of challenge. Steady could play Such different types of mechanics if they're gonNA work so we have seen different type hiking games inside on top of having that interactive story that he'd talk and get an answer a new kind of choose. What what you want at Cetera or to gain seines pains accordingly? We also have these kind of multiplayer role where you you play this new challenges and again a score. There's a weekly did aboard Yes it it does kind of things wanted to push with. It's great that's great. Wow you've done a lot and these games are pretty cool. I've played around with both of them and I think they're really

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