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Ep 15: 3 ways to train your brain to help you stick to habits

Become Your Own Best Friend Podcast

34:54 min | 11 months ago

Ep 15: 3 ways to train your brain to help you stick to habits

"Hi and welcome to episode fifteen of the become. You'll earn best friend podcast. My name is Kiara Johnson. I'm a wellness courage rush and I specialize in helping self-conscious women lose weight and lovely at parties. This podcast is here to help you understand your thoughts and feelings wings. And how to turn into empowering beliefs reframing your beliefs will not only how you become more humidity but it will also have a flow on effects to improving your health relationships curry business and your own happiness. Now let's get into today's episode. I WanNa talk about how to rewire your brain or had a train in order to stick to habits bits so I'm going to focus on just three ways today. Keep it nice and simple. I like this podcast being really short and sweet and actionable actionable. Sorry that after every episode you have something that you can go away and think about or if you want to use your journal and use some of the questions that I talk about in there and yet and start to swirly make some changes in your life and of course every episode is men to help you become invest friend and today we are having a flow on from the previous episode. So it So if you haven't listened to that I highly recommend listening to episode fourteen after this one and that was where I was talking about goal setting because this time of year. If you're listening to this in January when I release it Popular time to create New Year's resolutions and setting new goals and things like that But then after that motivation vacation wears off it can become really hard to stick to them and of course then we get really down on our selves for never sticking to our goals and resolutions. So I wanted to talk about some rain hacks today and see can understand yourself better and of course and you don't have to get so hard on yourself as well So we're trying to make a change. Lives with her via habit will go. You can use those interchangeably guess and you know we get so hard on ourselves when we can't make that habit stick all you. Oh you know. We can't keep working towards that goal and as I said last week Sorry not last week last four nights in the previous episode. You'd I spoke more about the motivation behind setting goals and I guess really understanding why and how important that. What is When you watch on create a new change and it's really getting a few layers deep Rather than just the very superficial raisin season because often in our language and whatever we say as the first thing that's often not very not what we're really thinking about And that's why particularly what I do with my clients is I hope people get really deep into thoughts and their underlying beliefs and figure out what has been holding them back All this time to focus on helping you understand your brain when it comes to creating creating new habits or letting go of old habit. Now I'm GonNa say old habits because I don't want you referring to you have it as either good or bad habits of is bad habit. Oh whatever it might be now. What do you think might happen when when you refer as having a bad habit? That's right. That language is very negative. So of course that's just going to reinforce that into Brian and then we start to go into that so PD so echo. So I really WANNA dive into that in a future episode so definitely come back and explain that a little loop it more But I said we did touch on not in when we spoke about self image which was two episodes that would be episode starting so the Halliburton to that one is a highly recommend off towards Listening to dot com so again now when you talk about your habits Yeah I I don't want them as good or bad So that's why I'm saying you WanNa let go of a habit isn't necessarily aligned with Hewa and then that's fine but we just don't want to reinforce that what you're doing is negative or negative behavior So you I guess when you help understand when you understand your brain a bit better it can actually Create some self compassion when things don't go your way So this is the idea of this. PODCAST episode is creating self compassion by fiscal missile understanding. Why things don't stick firstly? I want you to understand that your brain is wide for survival therefore four. It doesn't like creating new habits because of course that requires extra energy. Your brain simply wants to keep you comfortable. And if you feel like it's really challenging to stick to a new habit then guess what your brain's working improperly because at wants to keep you in that survival mode in that comfortable mode so if you feel really uneasy and uncomfortable about making a change in your alive then that's exactly where it needs to be and that means as I said you're Brian is doing the right thing. It's just simply trying super detect you so instead of getting angry yourself and no pain to stick to new habits. Just have some compassion that your brain is just steady. Keep doing survival mode and it's doing the right thing so we're going to talk more in this episode about how you can get around that now at this point. I really want you to understand that you want your Brian. Okay you are not your brain you were also not your thoughts not your feelings and not your behavior. You saw much more than that. Okay so this is the first step in having that self compassion. Is that you separate from your brain and you separate And your feelings and this just helps you understand so that you don't get too attached to y you're not achieving something and ah so I just want to reiterate that point that creating new habits is really stressful exhausting for your brain because it's constantly constantly having to think all right it's not on autopilot. So guess what we do for most of the day. Think think about the things that you do in. Sorry the things that you do. During the day I want auto pilot most of the time for example driving to work or walking to the bus station on the train station. Do you take the same route every single day. I'm thinking thinking perhaps you do. Therefore your brain in that sense is on or pilot. It doesn't have to think about what to do so it's really conserving energy. Njit because that's what we WANNA do is bring wants to conserve energy and so when we can get a habits onto autopilot settings. That's when it's going to have more of a chance of actually sticking so just remember that when you're trying to create a new habit you're not currently on what I pilot and then your brain is also wired to seek pleasure of void pain and be efficient therefore it always wants to do the same things things so your current habits are on autopilot. Your brain doesn't have to think and it's really comfortable so if you have some quote unquote quote bad habits now. Remember we don't really want to be referring to that but I just want to help you. Just this in context remember those habits it's our own ordering pilot and they took a while to develop that habit and of course it's just GonNa take a little bit to actually undo. I do that I actually had a bit of an analogy the other day which I thought was really cool so again referred to bad habits which I'm not really a panel that old forgive the Pun so anyway it said that a bad habit is like getting into is like a comfortable bed so it's easy to get into really difficult to get out of so really last that analogy But it certainly doesn't have to be difficult to get out of As you just need to understand in how your brain works and then so we can work on on how you actually go about re wiring it because most of the I guess the conventional advice that you get around changing habits is is not really working on the most efficient way your brain and Mrs Wild so passionate about starting this podcast will just help you understand more about how your thoughts and your feelings actually create. Create your actions annual behaviors. So it's not as simple as just get up early and go for a run if you WANNA lose weight and we we need to is eight healthy and throw all the junk food out in your pantry and therefore you beyond healthy or get a gym body and that way you have someone to be accountable and noise. Things don't always work and then pay will get frustrated and down on themselves thinking. Why aren't they things worked for me? So for example a gym body might work really well for the first a couple of weeks because guess what you both motivated and remember. I spoke about innovation in last week's episode. So you make motivated which is really great and especially this time of year as a set. If you're listening to this in January you will be motivated in to create a change in whatever you wanna do in life about some most of us. It's sort of you know we want to get fit and we want to get healthy and and whether that be focusing on an exercise all focusing on our nutrition so it will always motivated to stop. But it's actually getting pastas the motivation and falling through our plans. Despite being motivated not motivated. So of course that Jim Buddy Buddy. Let's just attention here but hopefully this will be helpful for you So let's say you know Jim Buddy you going on really well and then one of you says Oh. It's it's really cold tomorrow. Take a bright. We've been doing really well for the on presents like okay annoys. We'll take a break and then it's really challenging to get back into it and then all of a sudden the other person has something that's come up so then they have to cancel and then Econo- just goes on a bit of spiral out from that and that's why that's what a convention will advice about. You know if you want to exercise. Just get a buddy. It's really not as simple as that because you haven't worked on the underlying problem and as I said this is one soy passionate about about what I do is because I work on underlying problems I helped bring to the surface. What actually is the issue because because everyone knows what they need to be doing or they should be doing? It's noise secret. Pay Nothing that I know about. Nutrition and exercise is revolutionary and everyone moist people noise. Same thing that Eyder and so it's not about. I guess being able to help someone do that. Something like paying a personal trainer not is very different because the accountability ability is only one way your of you obviously don't have accountability to that personal China. They have to. So that's a little bit different but but then you also cannot push push all of your accountability onto someone else. I I certainly found that in my personal back in my personal training device with paypal just because they were paying you just pushed over their accountability onto you so I highly recommend a. You're your own accountability. You don't need anyone else to be accountable for you. You can certainly have them and that's great But I a highly recommend not having a a buddy that you both relying on each ella as a set that happens to down quite quickly that if you one to exercise with someone that's completely different if you like. Hey I'm going to the gym tonight would love you to join But if they can't go you're still go okay so you're not relying on them to make sure that you're going and as I said that sometimes becomes the problem with when you're relying on someone else if they can't then you often due to anyway I just gone on a massive tangent of they countable for yourself which wasn't one of my points but that's okay I sometimes go off on tangents and as it. Hopefully helpfully yeah. Let's get back on track so in my first step in helping you I guess. Train your brain or Rewire O'Brien into actually actually sticking to habits. Is You need to help you. Brian stick to new habits through repetition. Now I know that's nothing revolutionary. He me out the more often you do something the better your brain gets it doing it and the sooner you can become on autopilot I pilot and there was a quote that I found which isn't a really great book? Code Seven Habits of highly effective people By Steven Covy so he says that we become what we've repeatedly to just think about what you do day-to-day in let's say if I was to look into your life and you were. Let's say in some jobs you have to actually chilly Write down like what you do every half now or our whatever it might be you have to sort of write down what you would shave fat that timeframe so if you were to write down what you're doing every day from the moment you wake up to the moment you code sleep if someone else looked at it a sale coming to look at it would it be a reflection of what you're wanting to achieve so I guess the habits that you were doing every day a reflection of what you really want and that's where the repetition on comes in in handy is against you. You're constantly just training. You're praying into thinking that is your new identity. So of course is a few other things around repetition. How which I'll talk about later on in the episode? But just I Chris concept to understand is the repetition is the kate and constantly visualizing performing. Your new habit is really important open. So that part of your repetition is that you visualizing yourself forming that habit. So let's say you want to to get healthy and you want to visualize yourself eating healthy foods. Ko visualize yourself going going to the gym. We'll going for a run. Or whatever what they is that constant repetition whether it's in your mind physically doing it is extremely tamely powerful. Because remember what we're visualizing you now mind is what is the actions that will create. So you certainly don't underestimate how how important visualizing in its and I guess on visualizing think about what you are currently visualizing so for example if you're end quote unquote diet at the moment I thinking about eating junk food or eating. Whatever it is you you want to leave? But just think about that visualization. And if you're like you're missing out on certain foods at the moment how often Actin I-i've visualizing yourself eating that food and so that will be a huge pot about waste thinking about it so much now. Well let's move on so to point number two and this is really crucial to understand is understanding that your brain is wired to seek pleasure and employed need to. Brian wants to seek pleasure and avoid pain. And if you think about when paypal people do make a change in their life it sometimes is at that rock bottom so when it when it hit rock bottom and the right that the pain is too great I have to change so for example. Some of the clients that doc seen before have broken with their pop. The partners of bird cannot with them or whatever it might be an over sudden that's given them a be taken the guts let's for example and it's meant that they've sort of been forced to change because they're in so much pain with the way that they are now that they must change or for example someone trying to give up smoking. You know that might have been trying to give up smoking for years and years and now all of a sudden it could be a threat that they've got one cancel so of course. That will be a huge pain point. That will more than likely get them to to quit or for example with famous when they're pregnant often night quit smoking during that time. So it's when we talk about the addictions when the pain is great. So obviously the pain of something happening to your child. Because if you're smoking is to G- right right so that will force you to change. And so what. I'm trying to helping understand. He is where and thinking about the pleasure of changing gene rather than the pain. Now I know that sounds a bit Serious there is focusing on pain. Rosalyn pleasure but again. It's really important that you understand that. This is the bread. Sorry this is the way out. Brain is wide and the way that it works. And if you think about as I said when when people have changed. It's more than likely on a huge pain point or a rock bottom moment. So if we're thinking about let's say again you want to lose weight you morton likely thinking about the pleasure that that will bring you so you might look good in a bikini. Menial have more energy to run around the grandkids or feel good in a certain dress that you've got you know whatever it might be but again that's often not enough to 'em and of course sometimes expect it. It's often not enough. Why or you're not using gene? You know sort of the the good side of your brain. I guess now we so just to go before about when I said rock-bottom ointment heartfully you. You have an assumed that you need to hit bottom in order to change. We can definitely work our way around that without hitting a rock bottom moment. What you can do is actually create that pain in your mind so that if you don't try you can you know as boycott pain so that it can really help the change? Now let me just make this a little bit simple for you because I know this may be the first time that you hearing something like this And so it can can be a little bit intense or a little bit difficult to understand a really simple way of doing it is you. You can actually do do some journaling on or just ask yourself as questions in your mind. Pervasive Golf three questions for you which is really going to help this out. So what are the if you trying to make a change again. Let's review our weight loss. What are the benefits of use stainless sign if you don't change so if you don't change your exercise habits or your eating habits what are the benefits is to you? Abstained the same server example. You'll be comfortable. You really have to do anything else because you be doing the same thing And whatever it might be but you could find that there. Maybe things that you didn't even know that I guess we're in your subconscious hunches one. He didn't even realize that and again. This is what I find. My clients is don't say something and they'll be like all. I know where that came from. I I didn't even know I was thinking that. And that's why when you're asking yourself days questions and you get really deep as in just allow yourself to to really think about them and as I said just give yourself some time So in this context I would say maybe few set a time of ten minutes just literally get a blank. Page doesn't need to be offense. He diary or Journal. Anything like that. This get penn pay set your Toma- fit ten minutes an ask the three questions so again number one was one of the benefits of staying the same for again. You want to change something but you need to look out. What would be the benefit of staying the same number two would be one of the consequences of staying the same so this might be? Is that if you are wanting to lose weight in the consequences are that you've got your wedding coming up you've You in photos For a photo of yourself and you don't like it or whatever it might be Feed you is at one of the the consequences if you don't change this habit. And then what are the benefits of creating a new habit. So kind of each of those is questions is just flipping on each other case number one of the benefits of staying the same number two. What are the consequences of staying? The same nine and number three is one of the benefits of creating your new habit and this will just help you just really understand where your with thoughts are going and what you believing about that. So yes highly. Recommend doing not. So that was I. Guess that whole point it was really understanding that you'll brains wide to seek pleasure and avoid heighten so if you notice that one section is greater than any other. It's probably the pleasure questions that are great other than pain questions if you can stop really thinking about. If you've I've got something that you really want to change and you don't change it. What are the consequences and really delve into not? And as I said that's in an equivalent of hitting that rock bottom moment because you don't need hit that rock bottom line. You kind of feeling. Not I guess from a visualization station perspective rather than actually going through it Say Yes just to read right. I'm not telling you to go out and have a real boom women women so you can change just visualize or and number three is working on one habit at a time now. I know this might be advised that you don't want to hear because when we want to change something we want to change everything all at once and again particularly this. If if you're listening to this in January when it's released is we get so excited in soil motivated. It's like you know New Year new me on a change. Everything thing and out. Brian just completely freaks out remember. It's exhausting for your brain to change a habit. It's exhausting hosting to be off or a pilot settings I just think about that so therefore we need to take one step take time so if we look at how we want to get healthy older white habit goal just thinking about how many sections Sion's there ought to that so if you change your exercise habits if all of a sudden you WANNA stop getting up early on because she needs to fit in gym before work and then you want to eat healthy and then and you wanna meal prep and you know all these things that are associated around eating healthy Sorry becoming healthier losing white now how you can start to understand why it such an or avoid for your brain so what you need to look at his work habits you already have so. Let's say you already currently have a really good exercise retain okay so that essentially is on autopilot and your self image or your self identity is around someone that exercises regularly okay. So that's fine that's not going to be Something suggesting for your brain because that pot already on foreign pilot but and then so let's say just wanted to change eating habits around that On so that's fine because you just focusing on one thing at a time but it feel wanting to completely change things so as I said fuel as to sleeping in and I'm getting up just before work so then all of a sudden you WANNA look at getting up early getting to the gym meal prepping breakfast lunch and milk prepping you dinners. You know all that sort of stuff as it can become very overwhelming and it's so easy at the start because you've got that motivation. So good that I found from Jim Ryan is motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going to remember NBA motivated or get you started but you need to create a habit slash order planet to in order to keep that going. So that's why I've really into change. Golden Habits are throughout this episode. Because that Boli want to achieve we WANNA create into a habit so it's just part of your identity. It's just part of your order pilots settings. It's just you do. And that has such a how will impact on having lofting change. Because if you're just relying on motivation than trust me things are going to go down hill very quickly quickly and again I don't mean to sound negative or anything like that and I'm just trying to help you understand potentially wave going wrong in the past cost because people will come and say me all the time and say you are exercising. I'm trying to eat healthy and of off trial lacings And nothing seemed to work doesn't matter what Jim I try A. What died I try is nothing seems to work? And that's because because everything that they've been trying hasn't worked on actually on their beliefs and they're all an understanding that brain about what creates those habits. You know we can all try the latest fad diet or the latest fat exercise thing. That's out whether it's Jim Mora video will whatever it might be the seems to be something new coming all the time. I definitely struck Kate. So you know it's easy to get caught up doing those sort of things but what's really challenging is actually changing out changing habits from a deep layer and from a beliefs perspective so Just to read or write dot one was just what he one habit at a time because it's easy to to try and change everything at once when we're it really motivated. Because as I said it's a bit of a false sense of security and again why I'm saying changing two meetings things at once is because we don't realize that all those little things like getting Italy exercising eating healthy. They're all separate habits so we can't work on all of them at once Against It as before if you've already if you're already doing and one of them not fun and just focus on working on one at a time if you hardly don't have habits around eating Healthier Habits and Exercise Habits Patrick getting up early then focused on just one thing and then when that habit becomes order pilot and remember in order again on autopilot repetition is the cave. So you'll repeat that habit you get into your brain It'll become an order pilot and then then you can focus on starting up a new habit rather than just this motivation. Everything's really great and we just WanNa change everything and then a couple of weeks later at this is too hot. I can't do this and remember that concept it's so powerful language in forming your identity So he listened to episode eighteen yet. about self image and self identity Listen to that one because You always act in accordance wants your beliefs who you believe you all will be what your behavior is really wanna see yourself as the kind of person that does breath whatever habit you trying to change. Sorry that's about all I had today Just three points. I know I went off on tangents at taunt. So hopefully you can understand rambling As a Senate get excited sometimes and Go off and chat chat and but eventually I get back on track So that I have it was sorry the first Point about rewiring in your brain for habits was the repetition and then the second one was understanding that your brain seeks pleasure and avoid pain So those three generally excises I gave you can be really powerful If it's been something you've been trying to change a habit for wall and you just can't stick you just don't understand why you keep You know letting go of would it be doing Strongly suggest doing those channeling exercises and the loss one was just working one thing at a time so again if you just your general goal is about losing white and you're trying to change eating and exercising and getting up early and meal prepping and whatever else is involved around that is just break it down. there's no rush Josh. You've got plenty of time to lose white As just one thing at a time get that into a habit see yourself as that identity Eh. And then one that's on autopilot. Definitely adding another one. So thank you so much for listening today hopefully my rambling rambling makes sense and this was helpful and just a reminder up that if you find that small things of bugging you throughout the day and you're a person gets disturbed quite easily the little things happening and you get upset angry or frustrated make sure you check out my Website www dot inside at health wellness conde. You and I've got a free guide on that. Four transforming Iraq gay so so a highly recommend checking out on And this will be really great for what In alignment with this episode is about rewind your brain to help stick to habits and if you this answer on actually la if he could go and review it for me and so on I tunes Or if you're you're listening to this on the podcast added super easy to scroll down where it says why review That would be absolutely wonderful and just help more people find it and it's called. If you've been helpful I would love it if you would refer or recommend it To friend so I hope he got a having a wonderful day and I would not next time bye.

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Part 2:Tony Black, Steve Haskin

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

1:22:03 hr | 1 year ago

Part 2:Tony Black, Steve Haskin

"And we're back at the races can't go wrong with with run run Rudolph off and I'm trying to remember this was I think we had this couple of years ago and I'm forgetting who for getting who this was. I'm going to quickly look at my at I list because there's been so many so many different covers skinner. Okay didn't even realize that. How about that attack? Okay thank you. Wow skinner with run Rudolph I love it. Tony Black is gonNA join US and Boy Tony You you you guys you guys are troublemakers. You jocks no that figure that run run Rudolph route all the way. I like it only even better is at the rate I is running fast and his name is Rudolf. Don't believe ever one name is awesome. I'm sure there's then one out there. You're at the symposium. No I'm back I'm back home. I came back last night. Right there jocks making in trouble out there and it was off the wall. No well coming out of coming out of that conference Sir last week and the and the jocks are asking and rightly so the guild Saying that they in a lot of these discussion points That you know that are happening on a widespread basis that they want to have input and then when it's coming to now this. This essentially regulation from the state agencies New Jersey has jumped jumped into the fray and New Jersey Essentially taking an aggressive posture about regulating crop us and California. As part of the you know the overall series of of discussion points that emerged this year. And Ah Tony. The summers are suggesting no crop. Use At all other than you know in emergency. Circumstances is You know I think it gets to emergency circumstances already. It's too late but then I saw Gary Stevens said if we're going to do this why don't we do. What what they've done in in Europe with the three you know three strikes Three three swings and and then wait. Wait wait for a response. That says nobody's after three swings. You know then you can use it again. You get a response There's no response and it becomes abuse not not us Other whip in a way of trying to enhance your horses perform but let me explain somebody the DA number one. If you have people up there at East tracks monitoring the race and in Stewart's Dan that really are washing for abuse and misuse of whip. You don't need a special. You just need the qualified person to sit up there monitoring the race and saying listen fooling Ajar Cup after the race giving him a warning or giving him a substantial given a severe fine they that not the proper use of the whip. You know you. You don't sit there and just Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang and indiscriminately hit or several times and say that You know and there's no response and and and you say well I'm trying you know trying comes point trying and then there comes a point where it's abused but you need people that are up there monitoring turning it and and maybe need a special group of people out there besides the stewardess you know One or two people that that's all their job is to monitor on it says the use of the whip and and get these jobs you know experience than educated to what the proper and improper use of a with it you know. Oh that's just Stewart's job to monitor the race and decide whether the uses are whip was abusive or useful. But to say you're gonNA take the whips away from The jockeys is probably the most. There's only one other thing as ridiculous as that. And that's let sakes thanks. Let's not have lasix anymore. You know. Let's let worth is progressing. Be severe leaders you know. Let's not try to address the issue before it becomes uncontrollable to taking whips away from. Riders is taking a piece of equipment away from them that can be conducive Lucic to the horse's performance. If you properly that's what you have to key in on if used properly you don't need special rules Eh. People monitoring the use of it and and and deciding whether the jock is using it improperly or properly you know it it's not a real complicated located issue except making it into a complicated issue you know. Let's take away you can't take it away. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard you know. Let's take the whip away from riders. Let's take a piece of equipment away from them that does enhance a horse's performance. At times. You know this the horses a tremendous When it comes to the response to the stick you know my my take on it was Stick was almost something threaten them with. You know you wave that item and threaten them. You hit them once. Wave at them and then you see how they respond when they don't respond to you waving at Jantar they aren't gonNA respond to you hit numb. You know. It's not real hard to be a better job of course is back. What is hard to get people up in jocks rooms that really you make an impression on the young rider and and teach them how to do it the right way or have people monitoring the races that teach jockeys how to use it in the proper way? It ain't. That's complicated complicated. It's simple. They're making it more complicated than it has to be it. Explain Tony how I I mean if limited let let let let's let's work backwards from what what might be a workable happy balance here and understand that in fact even even some of the terminology that that you just used is is going to be is going to be held against the sport by those that are are already critiquing whatever element they WANNA critique. I mean when when you say that you threaten them you wave at you know no at their. I you know when you guys in near the wire just saying you know go on go on go on with the with the stick but this is all a public perception issue. It's it's people that are saying the horses. Obviously we don't want to run because guys are hitting them. They wouldn't if the horses if the horses didn't need to be motivated They wouldn't be wouldn't be feeling the crop in you know what it used to be. Where if there was is a horse that was not Responding to the crop in a positive way you had the option of taking the crop away from right right or if you as a trainer and say this. I don't want this job to carry a whip on this particular wars and that was something that you know. I was exposed to that and usually the job under trainer came up with the same scenario. I reach in even when I just barely let this for. See the stick you know when I popped him on the shoulder with the stick on cop or a way without independence ears any actually had to take sticks his toes and now they're always that would give you that indication. No they spend their ears that stick they're posing and it would actually interrupt the momentum and then you would take the stick away from them but most sources you know. We're talking about horses that instinctually. Eventually they want to run now. Sometimes you have to take that desire of them wanting to run and enhance it a little bit like giving them a The threatening wave the stick flag the stick from touch them a couple of times with the stick if they wanted to limit the amount of times like European the road. You hit three times. Wait for response. You know you reach pump on them a few times before you can hit them again. Do something of that nature I can go along with that at. That would have to be something that maybe jocks would have to become comfortable with but they would become comfortable with with it in a very short period of time if they didn't become become comfortable with it you know hitting three times and wait for a response pump on You know before you hit him again. Then what will help them become more comfortable with that. That kind of scenario is suspensions and fines. That usually makes your points with rider suspensions and fines but that something that the stick is there it comes a dire situation. I wrote a horse years ago. that Had A bad reputation his name was less. He put a few people. It yeah and and he was a horse that would run through the end of the outside fence. If if if given the Opportunity Eddie and I believe in Maryland he was running any right. I think wound up in the hospital one time after he wrote in because he Iran through the fence. Well well you know what I wrote. So he hadn't done anything wrong in a while but guess where he gets. Ground up At PIMLICO race bracket a free quote. Call on a horse that had bought it. You know and you couldn't actually steering with the pit as easily with if you could steering with the business stick. Well you know what I wound up. I went inside fences PIMLICO. I broke my jaw busted my I asked him and I thought this was even tried. Hi this steering with the Rangers impossible and you know and then then steer name with the help of the stick even became. He became aware of. Well I'm not going through the outside fence because I don't Wanna get smacked on the nose which stick and he went through the inside fence with me so joe don't and he was all right. I was the one with the bus. The JAW and knocked my bottom teeth out but there was was all right I think eventually they stopped letting him run. And that was the best scenario. Don't that was like that. Run again but to stick can be something that can save you at times. Not all the time you know I know many Stewart that I wrote under you know if you were hitting a horse and he was logging in and you're hitting left handed and yogurt did eh started Shying out you know what most students would Kalua and I kind of agreed with the stick is a steering device. You're reigns the scaring device life. But you know in an emergency situation sometimes stick can save you. We're the rains. Don't save you you know you don't need so much pressure you can put a gun Ah against a bit noises now. Where the fear of the stick? The fear go the crop. Maybe will make the point that you're trying to make with that who I still keep going back to the same scenario could people up there that know the proper use of the stick monitor the situation. Watch these kids right. You know the young ride the old arrive or the one that has reputation or over using a sticks you know and pull them up. I mean I can remember years ago. There was writers that that's what they're strong set was la-z-boy. He's a great stick right away. Hit some they know they've been hit. I think one of the writers anything I think he maybe all of Ayla was Tommy Brooks. He was known to be one of the strongest. Get out there not just a songwriter. Really at a great purchase on a horse and pushed on and then used a lot of finesse. ICAN when he had some they know Over they've been hit. You know what that's an air. That's going by the wayside. Let's let's put people out there that monitor the use of the stick and you something of that nature. Make sure that these kids are taught properly because they they have someone that watches what they're doing. They'll eventually do what needs to be done when it comes to Lottery the use of this dip the stickers gas style you know I can remember coming back from races isn't stopped hitting the list because he stopped responding to you and the public would be the first one that would be bitching and complaining. What'd you stop it and then come into the war or you got Peter? Peter knows that nature were go back. They weren't responding impact. It was having a native a Affect he actually was like we were talking opinions. Here stick association you know and and you stop and first thing you criticize. Would you stop hitting him for. I've had trainers and owners say that to me but it was my choice when I was writing to do what I felt was right thing to do. We're always getting positive response from the Horse. You know Horses in the same mentality of maybe a little kid it You know you can you yell at your kids and once in a while you're smack on the ass and you say you want more of that where it came from and the the next time you stand up and you say the kid you want more of that you you know you put your hand up like you're gonNA wave them and they they come to attention. Do the right thing. Well won't horses. They're kind of the same PALETTI. I hit you once and I'll threaten your two or three times and maybe this way you'll respond in a positive way you give me a little extra Acceleration I'll enhance your effort to the wire but that is what using a stick properly is. It's not sitting there beating on them and You know but to no avail and that's where the public is Kinda right when they if they are seeing something like that and they are a criticizing. But I don't want the public who absolutely the public. Perception is so important in this air. But I don't want them to absolute control what I do on a horse's back because they're not up there with me they're not the one that that is going who serve the consequence of doing the wrong thing on that horse. Is that or not being able to respond to his doing the wrong thing and have my I Crop if needed when it's needed to be used properly on his bat the public can't totally control. The business in the public needs explanation and understanding that this but I don't want them to think that they're smarter than the guy sitting on their back or smarter than the guys is that are monitoring the race you know. Are we have qualified people on there that monitor these races and and that's what we have to explain to the public. We understand what ray sources can do and we understand that jockeys can be abusive Were an DOC monitored and properly. But that's what I want the public done this public reception isn't or and you know I'm I'm sitting here talking to you on that place right now. 'CAUSE I forgot about you calling me and I do my grocery shopping and guess where if the Regman snap absolutely windows on fire I drove eating writer if a place that I wrote when they were down and I say here I I wrote here when it was burning down I wrote here F before they tore it down and now I'm at Wegmans doing my grocery shopping in the middle middle of the of the store and a quiet place garden state park. You think a lot of memories aren't lying in my head okay. Well they still got the right. They still have those gates right there at the corner one gate. Wherever you the Cross route seventy from go to the clubhouse in you come through this gate? It's the last remnant anything left of State Park. It set my memory. I've I've told that story to. Who About My my dad taking me down to Philly to visit colleges and it was the morning after the fire and We've gotten off the Jersey turnpike and we're angling in you know to to go to. I had to meetings at the interviews at at Penn and Haverford and it was I I. It was unbelievable. There was bouldering. I it's just incredible. Yeah Yeah it was incredible and you know in the next morning coming out here at the fire you know. Get all the damage and guess level grandstand clubhouse house and what little bit of the clubhouse was built with Role is the new edition. Had some steal the fire had taken and twisted and melted Nelson. What was left of the scale and it wasn't anything left with wooden structure and never forget climbing out the second story windows out jock? Swim leaving and We're we're standing out in the parking lot clubhouse park and not you couldn't even get near. The fire was so intense. But I'm standing there with my old Beijing ready. Krieger my ex wife. and May and I'm in my jockey silks that we check for the next race. 'cause I won the race before Rick Quilts in won the race. They're on duty roster when we look Aliban back we saw the smoke. But we just get you fire. And we wound up going back back to the jocks room checking for the next race. Got Her colors on and then they announced evacuate the building. The fire is under control and there was a jock the sleeping room. And I'll tell you hey look been riding day and night probably went to spend the night before someplace you know is bobby stovall and don't you know just as look out the window. One of the chocolate. Hey did I buy wake up bobby. So and no cutting bobby stove or when she turned out to be unofficial many years later but bobby still We woke him up. We didn't let you earn bobby less than Uh there's there's pictures that That I got one of me standing there with my ex-wife and my agent. You can sit down in my callers and there's Seventy seventy car still parked out in front there and we're watching the place burned to the ground and I'm in my colors jockey close and and someone sent me that picture on the paper April April April Fourteenth nineteen seventy seven burned to the ground. And Wilson I are Gallop back saying. Hey maybe it's a kitchen fire. We'll get out of here a little early today then the ground. Well that So I was. It would have been April fifteenth. Then it would have been taxed as the next day that that My Dad and I were were headed into Philly and he he was taking me that and the timing. The timing was because I graduated high school in in seventy eight so it was late. Perfect sense that we tore in college at the time not a memories. I graduated in seventy. It used to walk state in the morning to Gallup horses and if I went out for wrestling coach that just make sure you come out your senior year arrests in your junior year you can go Gallup or is and Galloped horses and I as long as I got the school by ten o'clock they considered it a school day from eight and I never missed a day get nearby ten o'clock and then I W- Sleep through my first history class and you know baby slept through a couple couple other classes but I was galloping at six in the morning and going to school at ten o'clock and I graduated and went out for wrestling like the deal was AH roundup. Guest Jam or region didn't make it to state. I was tired from Galvin horses in the morning. So that I I had my opportunities to even after then afterward when Bob Brennan rebuilt the track we the I I remember I think it was. I think it it was Tartan foods from Philly. We had an outing. Tartan took us to the track and you. You know you if you were going to go. If you're going to make a garden state run you'd you'd go to Ponzi IOS and diamond. Diner pond videos racing. You went after answer the races. This is your wound up on the corner the diamond diner or once in a while we go to the greenbrier which I just went past there and it hasn't been greenbrier for quite a while on the corner of seventy and hadn't feel road and guess what they're tearing that building down as those last eight of the whole area has changed or you bite around up at the Latin in Casino. There was somebody that you want to see like rose Frank Sinatra. Sammy Davis Junior saw at the Latin casino hm area to live in that area or go to Ellie but say you know the out to eat it was it was fun place to be before. Burn down it was a fun place. The ads macron downward built it. It was a fun place to be. I'm looking around here right now. I wonder if this the backstretch fun side dances at. Well they still they still they still call it right. The market the market had guard state. Park is still the the name is still on the on the MARQUEES signs brick The the brick What used to say Garden State Park? That was his big brick structure on the corner of seventy and had feel road. and Eh you say Garden State Park say they brought anymore but they still have the brick structure there the beautiful wall that was built up just like a true or three report right foot. High Wall. Nice Decorative Rick Work and that's still there and then the old building the club out that Prince on Route Luke seventy is an old building and that You walk through. There was a gate and the gate still there. And that's that's all you know I ever need area and I've seen so much. Change moved into this area in nineteen fifty nine. I was eight years old. And you know it's I've seen All the transition racetracks stores restaurants. But it's been a great area. The raise families look I got raise era. Raise two other boys here and I'm raising a little girl an eleven year old Son Of Fourteen and eleven year old Here in this township area great place to grow up so it's one of those areas. I watched my uncle. Uncle ride races in the sixties. Here name Retard six seven I watch Kim right and then of course I wrote here and seven knees it here when they rebuilt it in eighty eighty four bill and still still at it Tony Johny I appreciate the particularly the input on the sticks situation. And we'll see we'll see where these initiatives go in in various jurisdictions and you know how much wider application it gets but Go have go ebonics sandwich. My my my egg product and the over the coffee shop go get that and I hope cooler heads prevail when it comes to make and sensible dogs watch for their when it comes to make any changes when when it comes to this crop use and not less. Use the crop with like I said good people out. I know what they're looking at. You won't have to have special GONNA make special. Make sure that you know they're going to work or not. That's enough from remain. Well that's why we count on you. We count on you to get up on the soapbox next week. Tony will wrap up the season. We got a year in thoughts when we talk next Thursday. That a love it. If you take care keep up the good work and keep putting a good word out there on racing they cash. Yeah I started. You thought he black everybody. The one and only ninety nine hundred Cups Steve Asking speaking of Egg Sandwich. No there's nothing asking loves more than and then my sandwich that We saw the whole thing. We did we. Just we sell them the egg. We sell them the scrambled egg. That it goes in the middle. Get through it on on a croissant. Muffin go to Wegmans near you. Should I actually should have a lot of listeners from upstate. New York all the way down to Virginia North Carolina to now everywhere but Albany that wish we could have a wagmans close by Steve askins close by join us next. We'll talk. Some of the two year olds see what he thought of last week. Rejang then more. Stay with it with Steve on Sirius. XM Radio on the weekend of day. Am night racing at Los Alamitos. Race course the daytime winter thoroughbred meet wraps up with closing seconds. Sunday December fifteenth and after thrilling wins by the Bob Baffert trained duo of Baston thousand words. Get ready for more top. Two year olds an action in the Soviet problem steaks on Saturday and the King Glorious stakes on Sunday plus don't forget the mandatory payouts for key wagers like the pick six players pick five super high five and more on closing gay looking to enjoy the racism style. 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Don't you know it's Christmas Now back to apple races with Steve Vic on Sirius. XM Radio Yeah. Ah Our I anna that is yeah so very stole Christmas again. And and Vinke grip type in the case. It was really call fun too. I just heard it from our partner. Steve Carlin and Steve who is sales on the road Through the metropolitan area and he he said they were great times going down to garden state and the whole South Jersey environs. Ah that whole circuit and Tony. Tony relives it. Every so often antic city and and Philly Park Keystone Barks all all the various the various versions but particularly I and of course Alantic City Steve Asking I can certainly could certainly relate to that circuit of morning. Good Morning Steve. By the way don't you. Don't you ever play any songs by the original. Oh artists well yes but you get you get you get an awful slick with your with your songs you mhm really hit. You have to find obscure artists to do the same songs. Well th the Christmas this the Particularly with the Christmas stuff. It's fun and I like covers in general and and you know seek out just because it it it stuff that's familiar to people but it has a You know a twist it. That's what that's what makes it fresh. You mean like a white Christmas. By the drifters. Yeah exactly exactly. And and and so many other being so specter Treatments derived. Yep We play Gabriella chimneys perversion of Connie landers warm this winter. That's A. That's a favorite Britt and the best. The best part of Christmas music is. There's there's always artists that are are are coming back and and doing the some of those songs again so there's always he's fresh versions of the standards and then occasionally there's something there's something new that gets created. There's still people all right new Christmas songs. Orange as up to send you a tape of Oh holy night somebody Mandy hoskin. Oh we can. We put that we but that I will but that enter. We'll do it next week for your for your visit for the final visited the season. Well we'll have banned the only other person that has his own music. He would kill me you know. She should be match as you know she's always. She's always intimidated about her singing. That's one thing I remember when she she took singing lessons. And they had ah put on a show in Allentown Pennsylvania Downtown Jersey at a church and they put on the whole show and he was to sing silver bells. And I've never seen us more nervous in my life. I mean. He was absolutely petrified and then she went on on and she started singing silver bells and the the the the musicians they're screwed it up played like the wrong tune and she was like completely lost on there and she overcame it like a Like a champ but she was like absolutely petrified but I have I had have had had. I don't even know where it is now. I don't know disappeared but had it. You know I had taped it and everybody just you know just like raves about it. But she's always saying that she's saying she's off key is very very intimidated about her Singing even though she she was in the school choir. You know at at In High School and Rutgers he was in the choir they toward Toward global of Taiwan singing sending in different. Wow all over Taiwan But she She's always self-conscious about About sending and but I have seen all night you know I think she was probably about sixteen or something like that. I'm just in just in just in the in room. I videotaped it and I just thought it was like a angelic but she was. Okay okay I I don't care if you've key or you thought your of the voice. You know the voices WHO's was unbelievable? I remember one time. We went to stony in Connecticut. And they have a lighthouse there and she climbed up to the lighthouse and she was all by yourself. You know she has no and she goes up in the top of the lighthouse and she starts singing. I forgot what's on the west moves from Phantom of the opera opera downstairs. They had like a little like a little office gift shop type here and everybody stopped what they were doing because the voice interest echoing down you know you know it was like an echo chamber coming down from the top. It sounded like it was coming from heaven and it's been listening a high waist. I coming from. That's so cool. Wonderful wonderful hidden talents but There's does not want to miss the same well usually usually if you can dance you can see. Sometimes they go together that's It's a hand hand in hand when I have tape of her when she was like six six six five six years old singing singing songs from into the woods. I'm saying it is impossible for human being that age to memorized. Ah The lyric you Stephen Sondheim and she remembers all these lyrics and singing the song and she sings. It would always would always passionate the steps of the palace and all kinds of stuff like that. You know I mean she if she you know she pursued it. If you kept up with sinuous things he could have been a great A great singer but no complaints. Well BEC- Great that we we give you even if you've slipped the tape in and she said and then everybody nobody else surprise her on twitter Steve. The We'd look ahead. I talked to you right before I headed out to California and then Arizona and all over the place vagabond. That's true but the two year old old racing from the past weekend. I'm anxious for your for your thoughts between between the Starlit few thirty and the Rim Samoa's Al.. And even those races at Laurel. I I had Brittany Russell Philly side that things will will watch this. Hello beautiful all story. UNFOLD was celebrate with Jerry Dwyer with shot ski and to be on hand with Baffert for that five race win win streak and certainly thousand words and you know both come out of the weekend. Really gone on a high note heading into their three-year-old years. Some thoughts about last weekend. Well you know you remember last weekend. We're talking about you know talking about early fall early winter stakes Ecuador House attracted so deep and once again it just like I said last week when I said you know they're gonNA run. They'RE GONNA wind up running fifty to one fifty three or even one fifty four. Well so then you know the book both racers wound up being running one fifty four and change and you know it was a dead track favorite speed comfy. I'm free hydrolysis. Couldn't do one thing and Yeah shot keeping. It was no surprise. I'm not going to declare me a major derby. Derby Horse Right now. He still has you know. WanNa see what he can do coming off the pace. He's obviously an improved doors but I it was a it was a good race. Shell shock source amends. I you know he just he just broke lasts from the outside and then tonight i. I don't even know if even finish the the race I mean. He's like he was being used. I don't know what happened to him. you know putting a sort of a feeble run to get four. He ran well he was he was not second second. Yeah Yeah Yeah He. He ran well but you can see at these horses. Were struggling on that track. You know you never could get close to shot ski but you know he was running well enough you know. Look at him as a shot. Ski Still has to. You know a little versatility. But the fact that he is improving certainly bodes. Well so you know I mean I mean if you're if you're a fan before the race telling be more of a cat scan fan now so we'll see I'm not familiar with Jeremiah. Dwyer I mean you know you know you know anything about him. Yeah Jerry Maguire has been with us a few times James. This was his first grade at stake win but He's he's done at terrific job he's going back Back early days as was a writer. before coming to the US and Does a nice job. I one of the best parts of of these conversations this week having him and Brittany Russell on just you know to have young people that are are making their way and you know doing nicely Andrew Learner with the greatest state. His first grade at stake went as well on on Sunday with Queen. Bee to you. These are all people under thirty five. That are trying to make a name for themselves. Khakis that you know. He certainly has the breeding. I mean there's no doubt he's GonNa go. He's already won a mile race but I see no reason why he's not going to stretch out to a mile and a quarter order but You know once you know after disastrous turf debut we put blinkers on them and you know he was impressive breaking news baby at Laurel. Oh and I you know. He ran a nice even race in the street sense. I think it was a pretty good pretty good race. Didn't show any kind of explosion Russian but You know the fact that Affected say is sent him to the front in this race and control the race over racetrack. That was conducive to that now he's GonNa you know now we'll see we'll see what they do them now. They're gonNA keep him Keaton or you're GonNa try and sharpen them up. You know he he. He did break his maintenance six rollings you go six hundred ten at Laurel you know. That's pretty decent time at Laurel. So we know he's got You know he's got early speed. So now you run a mile. One fifty four and Juan de keep mature turns like everybody else does or do you go against the grain and and He picked up points in direction. So he's not desperate for points so we'll see we'll see we'll see what she does she say If he's shopping some up get some of that speed back in. Because you know you've seen horses year. If the year with the Remington they just go you know the plot along one fifty two and fifty fifty three fifty four and then they just get dull by the time they get to the Derby. So we'll see you know as as far as Ward's I got to tell you that it was really really impressed with I mean that's very good horse and and anybody who hasn't watch watch the that race or even the head on of the race. If you WANNA see one of the best rides you'll ever see in the race race. Just Watch Flavian Pratt on this horse. I mean you know. He's four Horsfield so it's a jockey's race and he's going ahead and had with his stable maybe tracking stablemate high-velocity who baffert you know had been very high on you know it was a stakes winner and you know it come into stretch. And he's got a high velocity inside and then comes up on his outside so his horse coming offer. Megan Sprint victory. And he's got A. He's got a graded stakes winner on his inside. And he's got the Breeders Cup juvenile runner up on his is outside. And and you see a horse dig in and when it comes to stretch the three horses spread apart right Ah Flavian Pratt. Goes to a right handed whip so he can get closer to high velocities to get closer to him and he's and he's writing any puts him away. We start inching away from him. Only such interesting away from him and outdoor comes up and it looks like he's got more momentum he's under a furious whip as he was in the Breeders Cup and Flavian Pratt. And he's like a g six. Pass separating those horses so we have the Pratt realizes that he's that he's put high-velocity away switches for right handed to a left handed whip and you could see him steering Thousand awards out could get to get to Annadurai and seeing that interfere with a horse. Go Out and bunch of pumping he came right out right alongside maybe an inch away or so and he stopped and then he got there. He switched back to his right hand again and then he and then he looked like he actually got a nose in front. Came back again at that horse. And as soon as he did he put the whip away way and just waved the front of his front of it was Classic Textbook Ride. I mean if you WANNA show a a ride to a young writer on what to do in a case like that to to to serious stake sources away like that on the inside of a maiden race ace and what you could do with horse steering in staring them out and to do it twice a lot of times you see a jock. Do another time where you know. She got momentum will try and come out and looked at horse in the eye but to do it twice. Wants to Warsaw inside and then a horse to his outside so I mean the I thought that was an absolutely brilliant ride and it showed a lot of guts to put two stakes stakes horses stakes winner and under the juvenile runner-up away the way he did. Yeah we as we discussed with with Baffert at low salad and I brought it up with with with Julian with the Flavian as he was walking back to after the race the issue with having to steer him out. So that that thousand words could see ano- door was those blinkers and he and the first first thing. He said the baffert immediately after the race. was they gotta cut those back. The two severe and so I said okay. That's what we'll do so the the he'll have more like a cheater cop next time But that that basically he was blind to what was what was his outside. Remember remember it was Flavian Pratt. Who suggested to Peter to put blinkers? Install the cat on. The Cat told him to court for the for the Breeders Cup. So does this kid knows He he's he's he's baby young but he's a seasoned very sharp shoprite or very the French writers. I mean they are really good you by the way. I was very impressed with him. And the thing is I mean you know beverage still has eight rings who of course you know. As soon as soon as I write a column mm about about how rings is going into a and thank goodness we got a history going back then. Then the next day advocates Africa going into rebel. He taught me what he was going into. San Percentage says I'm GONNA do. Jackie did with silver charm. shorting them up. We're GONNA shut them up and like two days later. He's going into rebel but yeah that's that's that's fitness fabric. That doesn't it doesn't surprise me but he's got he's got he's got some horses you know not just these three. I don't know if you saw this race by Zule coast. Yeah but wow what a movie again. You don't you'd have you know when it's on and off track but That was put but in a huge run from last in circular field about eight wide. The quarter pole just drew off very Very impressively you know and then otherwise. I don't know what we discussed last week that Rod I thought he looked he looked really strong as well. So you know now. We're up to now. We're up to five legitimate courses that baptized. At least I should say talented horses. We'll see if they're safe. These two maiden winners at Derby horses a year after year. He's just loaded incredible rod as well on on Saturday that He looked beaten and what was most exciting about him in that second career. Start first of all that you know. He he finished the way he did. And then you know essentially really under wrap past the wire but rod me again immediately after the raise the you know. The story was From I'm from drain Van Dyke that he the horse had really no clue out there what he was doing and he said Oh these must he. He's looking around he he he had no he had no idea what was going on out there so there's there's some maturity yet to come. I'm from him and he's a he I thought he even though the fig came back kind of moderate I thought that was a pretty nice performance to and a The the thing that was most intriguing about About both of them and and thousand words is that they both look look like big long body types that that are going to relish distance. And and you know I to me. Low Sow how is always a a great gauge because of the log stretch and horses the finish there. There's a lot to look forward to you. Know moving ahead ahead. Yeah I mean I like cell. I mean racing era. You know I like I like the long stretch. I like the you know. I guess they call it a paper clip shape to the radio right. Yeah it's it's to me. It's who erasing. I don't see anything I don't see anything wrong with that racetrack. It seems like it's you know it's certainly Certainly a safe track. Yeah you know that's a you know a lot louder trainers who who train you you know. Listen I I have lots of his top horses training there did you. Speaking of which we talked about extensively yesterday with him. Did you hear him yesterday. Yesterday I hated that interview. You more information. She needs me for freaking autobiography He did give me the whole I I he did give me the whole thirty Slough story which is you know which is a great story. But you know there's there's more stuff in there the whole thing about him having to sign the You know they had him after you have had to check his bank account and have to make great that he had no credit So you know that's what all the other thing about him buying a horse from south and panicking you know he did. He did have in the book. There was one one thing that I I recall from the book that I love is that when he when he when he saw Jimmy Bell and He had talked talked about the horse and he said He said who she by and he said and he baffler though he's he's probably some more snakes loopy he said I've never heard of him and Can Bell said to him. Turn around and I'll introduce you to new standing right in front of the store I mean and you got the thing is I mean you you got to talk you know. We had talked freely for the autobiography. You know a lot of it was like pulling teeth here. He was just flowing. It's like I'm listening to what I said. What would you give them? Sodium Pentothal of something. He would stay too I he. They came and got they. They kind of dragged him off so I mean you know he was just going on and on and he was telling Great Telling great stories one after another. Yeah yeah the the one the one thing he said which really was very profound which I never even thought of when you asked him about about pointing pointing courses for for for for races and stuff and he said it all goes back back to the quarter horse trials where you have to have a horse run fast enough to qualify for the race but not too to fast and that and I realized I said you know what that's what he does the Baffler come on. He'll he'll win a race like the American Phero steaks. So you know whatever names they used to call it The awesome again. You're the real ones you want to win them. But you don't WanNa alcohol shout for the Breeders Cup. Well he found. I said but he's got a way of winning these races and still and still having the horse move forward the Breeders Cup right then it makes sense that he got that from pointing horses for trials. Because these these are trials where you have to run you know if if you take back a little too much on a horse and save too much source you know it. It's a matter title of tenths of a second where you can qualify any all of a sudden. You don't qualify for the great so you have to get him good enough whereas you're GONNA win or qualify run fast enough but you gotta save something because they gotta come right back and do it again. You know when we all the money's online you talk here you got a million million dollar. All Americans thirty so I think that was great training and I think that says a lot about baffert success and his style of training while he can do things. A lot of trainers can't do and I think it's the I think it's the quarterhorse background so I was I I would. I was absolutely fascinated by that That way of thinking and the way he explain that great I I whatever you get them to reflect on the history it adds insight into approaches things. Now it's that was fun. It was yeah twice in one week right. You had him on earlier in the week. Well did he was mad it because I was late getting to him on Monday and did you already because he sat on Monday. Well we gotta go and he said who took my time like you said he he was he was he was ready to talk for another hour. Yeah it it and you know that that part His his brother was I met his brother to brother Bill. And you'd never met bill. No I think I did actually several years ago somewhere at. I'm on a big day but much character is bobby's he you can. You can see that you can see that. Actually it's what he is saying he's a he's the one that by the way like if ever whenever Bob used to be interviewed he'd always a photo bomb. You know he was always in the background making can goofy faces and stuff. He's just as he's he's just this year different. PA is not more quiet. And then there's the dentist brother Gamble who to me. It's like the is like Seppo nobody knows. Yeah yeah there's another brother what's his name again. You know off. The ZIPPO the simple marks. Nobody knows anything about him. But Bill used to come to everything race every race. That he's I I I'm I know. Go really well we we get along. Uh We get along great yesterday and then you know then with Todd's edition for the kids the bad ah for the students said you obey its out of the way around the future you know and you got to realize that you got to figure what's going through these kids minds right now when you see what's happening in relation brought it up if we brought that up. Yeah we brought it up but there and I asked. I asked Wendy Davis to let me when they when she has the parents when the parents come and and you know that that are are basically handing their kids over and I asked her that question and you know. They're they're not intimidated. They have to take an optimistic approach. Because that's going to be there. It's going to be their livelihood and maybe maybe Maybe all these kids now you see now with you know that Arizona. Maybe they're the ones that are gonNA save save ration- nothing not that. I'm not saying that racing needs saving but yeah Let's put it this way will that that will help raising move forward in the future. Yeah exactly GLIAC and we all I say this. I've said this regularly that it's all up to it's up to us. It's our Hanson and everyone you know the importance of being a a good steward that that's the key that is the king settling down for a while. Yeah it'll be half AH until Basically I guess until. NHCD we will then yeah Although I may first week in February first weekend in in February okay and trying to I was trying to tie in a few in fact. I've got it right here. Trying to figure out what it I I I would have liked to have gone to fairgrounds however her that weekend is Mardi Gra. Aw that Saturday Oh oh okay so there's no going there's no going to New Orleans you can't get a flight. You can't get a hotel towel so there will not be it'll be I think Unless people are already in town there's not going to be trip for our so I'm I'm looking at Louisiana Derby instead on the twenty first and that water park right you make several trips to Florida. So yeah maybe there's something when it's not like around something you I think that's what I'm GONNA do is the founding the youth the twenty ninth and then Tampa Bay. Derby is the seventh. So I think we'll tie in a will tie in a you a nice period Down in Florida After after Vegas and then the you got BS is actually. I was trying to figure grab Guinea. CATA GET BACK TO OBI s this year. It's the seventeenth and eighteenth in March. And then there's also the I've got to go to WHO FAIRGROUNDS fairgrounds to Oakland for. HP happens to be at at OAKLAWN OAKLAWN But it it doesn't coincide with a big weekend for say so I it's a little bit of a tricky. I this the planning I worked on this a couple of weeks ago and then and then again as I was flying back last night everybody everybody everybody wants you. Uh I just I just show up I. I don't know demand that is I just. I'm there these organizations racetracks. I mean they're they're Honored when Joe her she used to come and cover ray side of town they say. Oh my God just much big race. I was here artist. Wow this must be big if you stop. Stop Visuals February twenty ninth next year. Yeah sure lear election year I didn't know was leaping. Yeah yeah good point map out some kind of schedule. I'm working on it. I The I was counting on the New Orleans I it was funny because at effective. Who'd I tell eldest do I? I was counting on doing the same thing. That you're going to New Orleans after Vegas it. It worked out perfectly and I'm looking at the dates it's and I and I'm I'm looking at the prices of the flights. I'm like what what is going on here and then I thought Oh no it sure enough. I don't want to be anywhere near there unless unless you down here to party and you know get drunk and run through the streets and stuff and We you you don't WanNa be there for Mardi Gras. I mean it's I know I don't I if you're going down near where you know with you know. Would you know if your student or something you're going on in the party and Yeah it's one thing but if if you're going down here for the reasons you're going down very certain there's certain things it. It was Mardi Gras. You WanNa keep away from and I remember when we were in When we were there for Thanksgiving you know when when Thanksgiving Day was sure? Yeah I was when West proposed to Mandy. Well when we get it. We found out that that was because life outside our hotel Yeah which is done in French quarter you know you have all these big parades and bands and the and and what it is got it. It was his. Football game is to these. Two football teams come from surrounding area. Something like that but like we were I forgot the name of the section. Where the the old cemetery is and Fancy restaurant. They're really great restaurant. Commander's Palace Antoine's espouse You know it's close to it's right near You know it's right. Near the cemetery was a laughing at cemetery but hey rate so we. We're taking. We're taking waiting for a bus to get back into the French quarter and like several people saw saying But you're not planning on going out in the French record tonight. All you and we said Yeah well we're going we're going to. We're doing a walking tour and stuff like that and he says keep away from the French quarter a AH like when these two football teams meet they come in there by the way. There's like all these muggings. Have you saw there. Was the street rangers. Eight years. There was a shooting shooting last week. There was right on. It was right on canal. Yeah it it. It's right around Thanksgiving time right. Probably the same thing with these when these to school when he's Scott for that the names at the two schools but when they meet You got all these you know these fights muggings and shootings and stabbings and stuff. So you know the thing. Is You know we had west with so we thought that sounds a lot better but we already signed up for these tours. Walking toys So so we went and it was it was it was fine. It was nothing. Nothing different from any other Any other night. Although I remember as we were walking tour there was this one guy. This black guy who's out in the street and he was walking with us as the walking and he's singing Sam Cooke songs and I said Oh my God this guy is. This is one of the greatest things I I gave you. Gave them a a bunch of money. I forgot how much I gave him but I told him I said man. You are incredible. I mean this guy sounded exactly like Sam Cook. It was like listening to Sam Cooke Concert. Are you never know what you're gonNA see moral. Is these guys just you know. He's just on the street. And he's just walking Gill in the street alongside a singing Sam Cooke zones and I said Oh I got to get this guy. This guy is phenomenal. They love it. You know. It's it's it's yeah it's a great place. It's a fun I hadn't been until we went back for that that weekend a few years ago and now subsequently have been back two more times but I had not been. I had this conversation with Pete I had not been since I early. Early Nineties Oh yeah it has been a twenty five year. It'd been twenty plus years easily twenty five years and and We used to go very often when I on business with a we had a lot of. There's a what's known as the cantors convention food business thing and we used to go a lot. I said Canada or canter. Canter canter the cantor's convention yeah So I I decided I brought that brought team twice Weiss now I mean she she had never been and she. She's captivated I mean there's there's no place like it there really isn't I have ever gone in any the the haunted house now. Now walking tours no stories by the way all the haunted places over there and stories of the you know these tortures and stuff and it's like really creepy out when you 'cause it's all in the French quarter so where we're walking you know and we're going to this one place and we hearing all these creepy stories and stuff and we start you know. And we're walking and tour guide stops in front of our hotel. You told us this that was hysterical. You you tell us that story you know. Tell several buildings building in the back where we were and it was like some fancy buildings underside. Not Big courtyard we. Are you drive drive through and you. Can you know you park right in there and it used to be during the civil war was a hospital so he says is anybody staying in this hotel and we say and we raise a hand you know. We only want to raise the answer we are he goes. He's as what building are you staying in so we go building to and he goes. Oh and I go really telling us these stories by the way you know about all the stuff that went on in that building because that would be building adding to where we were was the hospital so I got when when I got back home sort of thing is I was. I was sort of looking forward to seeing a ghost or something thing. You know some things in fighting the PUN. But I get back home and I googled old. You know the the hotel was provincial. Hotel is really nice place at Google. It really stories. It's by the way of people who like kick the elevator in up to their floor and the elevator doors open and and L.. WH WHOA elevator doors open they look out. And there's a surgery and always Barati soldiers with arms missing missing in blue blood all over the place and people are seeing these you know. You're not even seeing those thing the whole surgery. And and and and supposedly there's all these civil war maimed CELICAS. You know walking around the place you know really getting into it and it said that and when we were there when somebody had told us about it The tour guides. Don't ask anybody in a hotel about it because they don't like get out they don't want people to know the history of the place. So of course West went over time and ask them about it and they told him the whole story about he says. Oh yes. Please wanted people's Sammy Sosa Orleans things all of these crazy things over there so from that point done just waiting for something to happen but But we didn't see We didn't see it was a great hotel but that was funny but it was funny. You know and and and I had been joking when we're walking the streets I said. Can you imagine if he stuff at hotel because I noticed where we're at. Yeah but you know when he goes. I'll always right. What are you going to tell us about this place? I mean there's so much so much stuff doing in there you know. We'll do shop by the way next time he's there. If you WANNA go to unbelievable kids is club is the best one I've I've been through. Its Fritz cels the entertainment there is amazing. Anything you can go you can buy. You can buy CDs. He's autumn music was just a great. It was incredible best music I've ever heard in my life It's just a friendly replace and the way it was set up with you next time you go. You go to Frizzell. It's right on Bourbon Street. We like Frenchmen Frenchmen Street the clubs there. And what what I always marvel at is how you've got the the the musicians and summer full-time professional musicians others probably are part time or or trying to you know. China make their way into fulltime. And you watch you watch them walking from gig to Gig. And they'll they'll have they'll be part of a band that's playing. Thank you know at at Maison. Let's say on Frenchman and then they're they're six to eight and then they've got another gig somewhere else nine to eleven and and then there in another band and you you see these kids and and the the the generally younger not not not exclusively younger but you see them all all over walking with with with instruments and it's it it's really cool a- and Memphis Memphis and Nashville save thank I think You know obviously different genres but you go down and then the buskers people playing and they great. You can't walk to stop and listen to them. 'cause they're ASPIC now being in the world by the way and having West proposed the mandate in Jackson Square In your Jones like peeking around the Bush trying to see. Where are they hugging yet? I I you know. Flaunting her Her ring on the whole time so he was like so excited without. Let's get a special and plus the fact that we had unbelievable. I'll tell you say you're talking about feasts you go up and have any up to the boxes or they call them sweets but they really open boxes but you go different Thanksgiving dinner buffet. Oh my God food. I've I mean I've never seen food like that. My can you imagine by the way Thanksgiving Dinner Avenue in New Orleans and they put on a feast. Like you wouldn't believe. Yeah it's it's we. We talked Just just weeks ago with with Al Stall off the win combination win that he had in the Clark and and also with With the the stake win on opening day A. and then Thanksgiving You can't call it handicap anymore but Yeah Yeah Well Alan is family and Thomas and his family that they were right in the box Next to us so you see the double take when he saw me. Thank you doing exactly. You know. It's like it's like when I just mentioned early. Must be some big going on here. I mean what he's doing here so there was Wesson Essen Western Mandy getting engaged. Yeah that was the big thing but but Yeah that was when thanks. You know that was Thanksgiving was the opening today and You know festive big crowds and you know again though. That's this year. Oh this year was opening. Who Food was amazing stave? Let me wrap up and We'll look forward to the season ender next week. Another equipment line. You're going to wrap up nice. Good job We'll do some of the year end. Does some of the urine decisions and moments and everything that goes with the the end of the. He'll be a few interesting. Anger Quips. categories this year. We'll see what happens. Steve asking everybody and and I appreciate it as always. So Do I Steve Steve asking folks. Let's take a break coming up toward the bottom of the our. Let me get rich and the rich for a couple of weeks and he asked the he asked an interesting question in as apr when is when is Churchill. Coming to Vegas Liga's the Vegas has got re-creations of so many landmarks. 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239: How to Be a Successful Trader

Money For the Rest of Us

30:07 min | 1 year ago

239: How to Be a Successful Trader

"Walk on the money for the rest of us. This is a personal finance show on money. How it works? How to invest it and how to live without worrying about it? I mean host David Stein today's upset to thirty nine. It's titled how to be a successful trader. The Pearl, and I recently were at a furniture store, we met a sales rep there who was way more excited about trading, then he was about furniture. He talked of supply and demand candlestick charts. Nasdaq. And the Australian dollar. He said he's still struggling to understand how shorting works. It's where you borrow shares of security and then sell them in order to profit when the security falls in price. He mentioned that he gets goofy feeling when he gets it trade, right? When the trade works. He is sixty five he's worked at this furniture store for fourteen years, but has never participated in his employers for when k plan this is it a fine contribution plan where he could have collected a match free money from the company if you put up I'm not sure what the the match percentage was. But he acknowledged that. There was a match at the company would match dollar per dollar up to some level. He said he hadn't participated because the stock market is risky. You could lose money in the stock market. His wife works as a nurse. And the couple's financial planner says they can hopefully retire. At the age seventy I asked him more about this trading school. He had been attending attended online classes and in person he has lifetime access to these classes. How much did you pay asked twenty three thousand dollars? But he pointed out that if he had wanted to join the mastermind community associated with this training school. It would be fifty thousand dollars. He said he got the money for this training school from his mother who passed away he asked his wife, whether he should join. She says you have to invest in yourself. So he joined he told me, this is my retirement. The only thing keeping him from learning to trade batteries says is full fulltime job working at the furniture store. The good news is he's not actually traded with his real assets yet all his trading has been virtual in his part of the trading school. We got to trade a little bit. With the trading schools money because they're not a broker dealer. They're an education platform. But he's being patient. He wants to make sure he knows what he's doing before. He starts risking his own capital. And that's really what you should do. If you're going to trade. I was on a call. The other day was Stig road Hurson of the investors podcast. And it kinda I talked about this the sales rep I meant that trading. And stick what other Demane can someone pick up a little bit of knowledge and then start competing with professionals. Stick had meeting answer. He mentioned poker. Stick played poker. Throughout college at help funded his college education. And he said poker's zero-sum game. If a winner, and then you have losers. And the only reason he said he did well poker's because he was smarter than the other players and not because Stig says smart, he's smart, but it poker the other players, generally novices. Stick also participated in the commodities market institutionally. It was an institutional trader competing against other institutions. He never could shake the feeling that. He was just he did well at it because he was lucky in that. He had a tailwind. After your. So he got bought out by the company, and then a couple years later, they ended up laying off most of their staff. It this sales rep is competing against this the same institutions. Well, he he will. He's not spent his capital now. I wanted to see how this particular training school and not I'm not going to mention their name. Because I actually went last week to one of their free classes to learn how to trade because I wanted to see how is it? They could convince. Base sixty five year old man with no investment experience at all no participation in the markets. That thought the stock market was risky. How did they get him to commit twenty three thousand dollars? The learn how to trade before I share what I learned at my trading class on how to be a successful. Trader I made pause and share some words from one of this week sponsors. Maybe you've considered a sleep number bed. But thought you couldn't afford one. But can you really afford another restless night's sleep? There's never been a better time to save unproven quality sleep now during the ultimate sleep number event. A Queen three sixty smart bed starts at only eight hundred and ninety nine dollars the prone. I've spent a lot of time at the sleep number store recently trying to figure out which of these beds. We're going to buy we've identified one, and we will be participating and buying as part of the alternate sleep number event. That's where you can save up to fifty percent on a sleep number. Three. Sixty limited edition smart bed. Sleep has been ranked highest in customer satisfaction with mattresses by Jd power. Though, the officials sleep wellness partner and of the NFL and you'll only find sleepnumber at one of their five hundred and seventy five sleepnumber stores. Visit sleepnumber dot com slash David. If find the one nearest you. This trading class was four hours long. It was held at a office park in Scottsdale. Arizona there were fifteen individuals that attended the class three women and twelve men to the individuals was still in high school to were over seventy. The instructors pretty good instructor was president of this particular branch of the traders go he he mentioned how he bought the school. In one reason he bought the school was because they had a patent for their trading process. He started with disclosures, the same type of disclosures that I share on this show about general education that this isn't trading advice at cetera. But he then he said this material is copyrighted, and you can't share it on the internet. Now, I didn't sign any type of disclosure agreement. But that's one reason I'm not sharing. The school. But in the show notes there will be a link to to their US patent for the trading process because we're going to talk about. How to be a successful trader from their standpoint and their approach make sense if you can execute it. He started out by saying if you're not if you're uneducated in the market. Then you're going to lose and the most important topic is risk management. He outlined three objectives for the class. Help us understand why we're not reaching our income in retirement goals. And his approach was the reason why members weren't reaching their income in retirement goals is because returns are too low and traditional asset classes. And we need to trade. Instead. The second objective was how. Their particular school trains students that think and execute like Wall Street like institutional professional traders, and the reality is if you're going to be a successful. Trader you have to think like Wall Street? And third. There were the give us the opportunity to work with them to create a personal financial blueprint and education plan, which is what they did at the end. Of this particular class because you don't go from attending a free class to paint twenty three thousand dollars to join a training school. Much of this four hours was spent pitching their next class three day workshop on timing the market on futures and options and other trading strategies that was only a three hundred dollar class. So that was the first step and then after three days. You would be given the opportunity if you apply, and they accept you the pay twenty three thousand of fifty thousand dollars to be a member of the school. Instructor pointed out successful traders need to be coach -able and school disciplined and decisive. The main theme as I put it on. Is they were giving that traditional financial assets and vehicles are just insufficient. Most individuals haven't saved enough just like. The the furniture sales person sixty five has to work two seventy because he hasn't saved enough. Trading as he said, that's his retirement. There is some things instructors just didn't agree with. He said markets are as safe as a Bank. If you know what you're doing. But then he proceeded to tell. How spanish? Depositors at Spanish banks lost twenty percent of their savings as part of the Spanish Bank, restructuring after the great recession. I raised my hand there. So that that's just not true. But I did I stayed quiet. But it's just not true. Investors in Spanish, banks, retail investors that had equity shares in banks, they guess lost their savings, but not the depositors. Maybe he was referring to Cyprus. We we discuss Bank depositors in Cyprus that lost some of their deposits above one hundred thousand euros we discussed that in episode one ten how to protect yourself from balance. So there was some non factual information again to convince us that trading is the way that we can make money. He outlined common mistakes in managing wealth. One is making individual stock decisions based on fundamental information. And you went through. All the different scandals over the years. AIG WorldCom Enron Lehman Brothers. The idea is that you can't trust the financial data the financial statements in order to make. Individual stock decision. Now, those are rare. The rare. I think generally speaking you can trust the financial information produced by companies now, whether you can get some type of informational edge, the determined that the stock is MS priced in order to earn excess return that's a different matter. But he. Felt that that couldn't be trusted. But then as you think you could move faster than a supercomputer, which was one of the themes, which is one of the things about trading that I've mentioned in earlier episodes so much of trading has been being taken over by algorithms by computers. So how are you going to get an edge to be able to to do that? I'll share with you their view how to do that. In today's episode. Another common mistake is to rely on brokers. You say brokers just don't they we had a discussion on the fiduciary role rule. One of the topics we've discussed on this show. How brokers don't have a fiduciary standard that they have to adhere to. They just have to be fair. They don't have to necessarily do what's in your best interest? That's true. Third common mistake is don't understand retirement plans? He was really negative toward 4._0._1._K plans. He felt that they were tax inefficient. So you could participate up to the match. But after that, they just weren't officiant because when you withdraw from a traditional individual retirement account in US or four when k plan you're taxed at ordinary income tax rates, and compared to commodities or futures they're taxed even no matter. What time period you, hold him? You don't even if you wanna hold him for a few minutes. Your gains are taxed sixty percent is at the capital gains tax rate and forty percent is ordinary income rate. He didn't mention Roth IRA's though, rot individual retirement accounts, which if you put after tax money in which is what you're generally going to do for trading accounts. Within a Roth all your earnings and any withdrawals are tax free. That's a huge advantage over playing taxable. Accounts wasn't mentioned fourth investing in mutual funds. He says he hates mutual funds because of the high fees and all the turnover, and they're not terribly tax efficient, if they're an active mutual fund, he recommended instead investing in spy, you never I'd actually defied with spy was Espy. Whites is yours core S and P five hundred ETF. Invest in traditional markets. He said invest in ATS because index based just because they're more tax efficient, and that's true. But then he said he wouldn't invest in the stock market. Because quote, everyone knows every ten years there's a recession and he went through the math to show that been ten years since the recession so. Markets can lose fifty seven percent stock market during. Economic recessions. So might not be a great time to invest plus every eighty years, there's a depression. We've talked about that in earlier episodes. I've mentioned this episode one thirty eight and two fifteen that economic recoveries. They don't die of old age, and I've I have referred to a paper by Glenn de Rueda bitch from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. His quotas. The historical record since World War Two does not support view that the probability of recession increases with the length of the recovery. Effectively. They don't die of old age there. You can't say that there's a recession every ten years don't invest in the stock market every year. There's a twenty three percent chance of a recession that year. That's what the historical record states. Now. My person investing is to look at. Economic trends investment conditions. To see if it if the risk of a recession is increasing and reduce risk. Then. But not because there's a particular time period, it's focusing on. What is happening now? He characterized that classic stake as thinking that by an hold investing still works where you can ride the market up and down like a roller coaster and subject yourself to these fifty seven percent losses. So his solution is not to make adjustments. Just don't invest in the stock market at all and less your trading and his final common mistake was not understanding fees. Says if you're gonna invest invest with vanguard because the fees are lower, but he wouldn't do it. And then that's when he went into discussion of why everyone knows there's a recession every decade. What's the solution? His solution. As you can imagine is trading to used leveraged asset classes before we look at his specific recommendations for how to trade successfully. Let me pause and share some words from one of this week sponsors. Let me tell you about molecule. This is the only air filter that is finally capable of destroying air pollutants at a molecular level. Molecules technology has been personally affected and verified by science. But most importantly, it's been tested by real people molecule has already helped allergy and asthma sufferers around the country better cope with their conditions and significantly reduce their symptoms. One customer even say that she was able to breathe through her nose for the first time in fifteen years right now, you can get seventy five dollars off your first order visit molecule dot com. M O L E K U L E dot com and at checkout, enter the promo code, David DAV ID that's molecule dot com. Promo code David to get seventy five dollars off your first order. Instructor pointed out that individuals can make more money. While putting up less capital. If they used leveraged assets stocks mentioned could be levered two to one options tend to one futures including the commodities market twenty two one and foreign-exchange fifty to one. He points out that. Futures. For example, the commodities market. We eat you can lever tend to one because we'd. Under most circumstances will not go down to zero. The guy says is earn consistent ten percent in the commodities market. But because of the leverage you do better than that. In fact, he mentioned he has never done less than forty percent in his trading account didn't mention how much she was investing. But forty percent per year, with exception of two thousand one. Trading is zero sum game for every winner. There's a loser. And you have to be right. More than fifty percent of the time. They were very upfront that because of the leverage. You can quickly lose all your money. As a result. You have to be you have to do better than fifty. We have to be better than fifty percent not much better because they point out that if you can do a little better than fifty percent, if you let your winners run, and you cap your losses you get out. When trade go against you fast enough. Then that's how you potentially could generate that, Tim. Deformity percent. But we have to have the ability to predict what's going to happen. He pointed out if you do what everyone else does you will get marginal returns, you need to do something different. And that's where they're patent comes along. The founders of this firm have patent number eight six five zero one one five be one I'll link to the patent. In the show notes, very detailed. You can read their particular trading strategy as as it deals with supply and demand, and you can read all about that. Again. That's in the show notes that money for the rest of us dot com. While you're there you if you're not signed up ready. Sign up for my free insider skied now, send those show notes to you this links to you every week right after the podcast is released along with an essay or other writing things that didn't make it into the podcast. Something I just share with members of that Email list, only that are not available on the public web. So that's money for the rest of us dot com. So I read through the patent. It was extremely detailed. They mentioned in the Pat, and this is a language some traders, typically individuals are retail traders as opposed to professional or institutional traders will trade manually largely based on nothing more than a gut feel. That's nice. We're going to be successful trader traders, we can't trade on our gut. They go on alternatively various individuals and even sophisticated individuals, and it's just traders will use manual systems under which they devise a plan to make specific trades under various circumstances a market condition. So they have it trade plan. Sometimes use software to automate that. These trade plans the patent describes generally fall under what are known as technical analysis. So it's it's predicated on acting upon. Big future price movement. So wet weather price trends. But they point out that the this using technical now says applying math or or some other trigger based on price trends has some drawbacks. They right, for example. In many cases, a great many competing. Traders are using the same systems with the same predictive algorithms and are acting upon these predictions generated by these systems at the same time at a market based level this produces undesirable outcomes for these traders since they are competing at the same time to buy a security with others using the same algorithms based on the same predictions at the same time further they are also competing against each other. When the system indicates. The traders should sell security. So if a lot of retail traders are all using these price trend systems to figure out when to trade, then they're tripping over each other as they invest in that can push up the price. And it could also if they're selling at the same time can push down the price. So their approach is is to use. What are known as setups to see what the retail individual traders doing where are their footprints swear individuals selling and buying where our institutions buying and selling, and then they have what they call demand zone and supplies end. So they're looking for these footprints effectively to take advantage. Of these novice traders. Which is why and has thinking about this day. I woke up in the middle night thinking about this these trading schools that exist. While they're trying to teach trading. And they the very upfront how difficult it can be in that there's leverage involved. The success of their approach is dependent on a constant supply of retail traders that are trading gut feel are some other way using price trend models. They're patent approach is based on taking advantage. The individual investors because it is based some game. They right with respect to demand. Price turns higher at a price level where willing demand exceeds willing supply with respect to supply price turns lower at a price level where willing supply exceeds willing demand since the markets for tradeable instruments are almost always a zero sum game. The novel system and methodology of the present invention operated determine these price turning points and leverage, the human emotions of fear and greed of other competing traders to provide optimum trading results. To take advantage of investor emotion and fear. They continue again operating under this someone that trading in most markets is zero sum game winners win at the expense of losers losing it is important to identify the mistakes that other traders typically make in market so that these can be exploited. What are some of the mistakes that their algorithm and process seeks to exploit they write the first mistake often made by novice traders is buying after a rally in price. And the second mistake also automate is buying at a price level where supply exceeds demand. So the entire focus is figuring out. The supply and demand. These owns. It's what they teach. It's their approach. They tell those in their school that you shouldn't do any trading. With real money to a lease after six months of using their system. Now, I think it's a reasonable approach. I mean, they're not trying to outsmart institutions are trying to exploited novice traders because it is zero sum game for every winner. There's a loser. The winners win the expense of the losers. So if you're going to be a successful trader, that's what you have to do trade much more like Wall Street professionals, the Goldman Sachs of the world that are able to consistently. Exploited the traders. So that they can win if the practice and practice be disciplined and decisive. I'm not gonna do that. I don't have the patience to do that. I'd rather be a long term investor and look at market conditions. Look at where we are today and try to make the best risk reward tradeoff with with the opportunities that are there today. I don't want to toy around with levered assets. And try to be right. More than fifty percent of the time. I'd rather. Spent time in asset classes, the generate income. And have cash flow growth. I don't want to earn my retirement by exploiting. Novice traders for profit. That is episode two thirty nine you can get shown to money for the rest of us dot com. Everything has shared with you in this episode been for general education, not considered your specific. Risk profile, not provided investment advice. This is simply general education on money investing and the economy have a great week.

instructor US Stick David Stein Scottsdale fiduciary Goldman Sachs Spanish Bank MS Stig Arizona depression
Rachael Leigh Cook

On with Mario Interviews

12:23 min | 3 months ago

Rachael Leigh Cook

"I had gone with Mario Lopez. Mario Lopez join zoom for the Netflix Film. Love. Guaranteed Actress Rachel Lee Cook Welcome to the show. Rachel, you look great. How have you been? Think good I mean I would say being busy now I don't think anyone's busier than you guys. Thank you. I. Know I'm trying to burn the candle both ends here and in the middle. How have you been during this time? You look like, I said you look timeless that you'll have the same last saw which is. Compliment I'm meaning that. Only. Thank you only be in a particularly signature Operandi. Thank you. AETNA series factor I can say the same we do this all day. Well, let's talk about your new movie. Then we'll get into love guaranteed obviously a ROM com. What's the premise of this? Okay. So I was intrigued by this false advertising lawsuit that I had heard about where this this group of people sued Kors ear for not being actually made with Rocky Mountain. Spring water where come on we're both old enough to remember that that tagline courts backing Well, you know why that went away why did it go with? This is a real live this is real. This is real. He wasn't true and some people found out that it was not actually I'm sure they're using gray water it was not from announced so. You know after a while it wasn't the advertising flow. This group of people said Hey that's been proudly supporting the pro Ragas in said waters there from buying product I allow field fronted. You gotta pay up your pain, Viga pay my friends you've got your advertising I just thought that was such an interesting because really do like. That but I thought what's it very cool extension of and I'm so I am just a rom com nurse through and through like for my life there. My favorite. I appreciate a good one to. Get It of course. Like what if a dating site basically made a very foolish mistake of guaranteeing love like if you read the fine print on their user agreement and it said, if you don't, if you go on two thousand dates and you don't meet the love of Your Life you know what will eat has where like me guaranteed or your money back guarantee guarantee word is legally binding language. So I find. Would be a great ron common has got to be a lawyer. So you're I know that is an incredible backstory and what an inspiration from cores light. This netflix film that in and of itself is Romantic I. Correlation of for since again so Long winded answer. No no I loved it. It was very thorough. You're working with Damon Wayans Junior. I do good guy good guy. We've had them in here a few times. So yeah. Now, how did he handle the romance part? Is more romantic comedy because he's involved. Let me see you know. David really brought it can smolder printing. Your murder be through saying that the role as ways but. He knows he knows how when you need to he's so funny like I will say apple let me also qualify the Damon is the least accurate actor is the least like vein actor I've ever worked with so he would absolutely that Oh. That's a nice compliment. That's a nice compliment. You mentioned you mentioned his dating APPs, which, of course, begs the question have you yourself used dating ask before? I have. Oh, you have. Okay in an hour. How was the experience? I had some of the very classic experiences. had the one where you talk to someone for like a month, and then they disappear had the one where it turns out they don't have a home. Yet. Adventurous All all the hits. All the Scottish. Stealing, my gosh. No absolutely. Did you film this by the way where did you feel this on I'm assuming that it was pre pandemic. Oh, yeah. Yeah. We were filming in Denker. Spent near as well. It's absolutely all we're doubling. So the rain I guess you could say human handy. was also in writing. Yeah not too far away either right there. So you've also done three then you're movies for hallmark any plans to play Frankie? Baldwin again. You. Know I think. Here's the thing I'm just going to be honest with you. Each of those movies had a very strong story line about how things kept going wrong with the line and I think that it's GonNa start seeming like we just don't actually know how to make wine very well. These movies look people are going to say, where are these two donors do? I don't know how to make wine. Right, I love the name by the way Frankie, Bolton's a great name. Check later. One of my daughters is one of my daughters I have A. Daughter after kids only one daughter she's a Francesca. Frankie stick because my wife's got a sister who's got a kid that's already frankie she's stolen the name at the whole thing. I hear. That, we're going to call her charlie. She's like my name's Charlotte Yeah my other son dominate to he doesn't he's not big fan of nicknames either he likes he's my name's dominic. So the whole thing speaking of which, how many how many kids do you have a holiday today I have to? You, I will never forget talking to you when I was pregnant with my daughter. Snow freaked out. At least point five APP law. Because this would have been a little over six years ago. Yeah. It was. It was in our studio when we were downstairs. Yeah that's right. That's right. Forget this moment because I was really nervous or having my first kid I remember saying you how are you on? You know keep it alive and you were like you know what you just gotTa take time for you gotTa make date nights and I was like I meant the baby. I. The best moment ever. Get into it with me about how Great it was of scary. The first bite you want you'll go and you check make sure their breathing and the crib thing. Now, by the time you get to the third one you guys fide. He's good. He's good. Here's a fun fact what are your earliest gigs was modeling for the cover of the milk bone box? You remember anything about that photo shoot with the dog Yet like. I also remember how roll your classmates be when you're in like second grade. You think it's going to be like this whole thing accidentally just mentioned in classes that you did and then your classmates like how which one's the dog in your. Home. Crowley WHO's laughing now? Exactly. Probably still that. We originally by the way Rachel. Minneapolis. Okay. You're you're. Right on the southern Kelly Kid. Born and raised in La my sister lived in Minneapolis for about five years actually went to go visit her enabled Eden Eden Prairie I think the name of the neighborhood. Is a lovely supper I used to take gymnastics now. We're GONNA, talk about. them now six. Okay. Good to go to another fun fact. This she's she's now in Houston Texas quite the. I think we if we found the moment in this interview that that Rachel will never forget. Only. Here. She had she husband was a professional football player and he played for the Vikings, and then he moved to the. New Deal was with the Texan sell bench he remained there. So yes, I she. Won't answer. I mean that's that's the truth. All. Right Rachel GonNa put you on the spot. Quick questions. Quick answers. Okay. What's your favorite show me favorite show you've been during quarantine. I. This is hard this hard probably ninety day fiance or India matchmaking on death's with your Indian matchmaking on Netflix haven't heard wait is that. What is that? Is that specifically, for Indian people they match make Washington the title. Okay. I was mine I would have to say. Probably the last season Moser I. Think would probably be the best favorite show that I've seen. Do you watch? Oh. I start. Getting your family man, you could you have found a way to keep your family out of this? Yes once I surrendered the the reality of of. Of that particular equation I enjoyed the show. that. Very good point. It is a very good point is that sometimes you don't have a choice, our cartels and. They don't leave you much choice who is a little guy behind you there. Triscuit. Animal. Christina's. Hey. WHAT'S UP TRISCUIT? Guy. Oh We got question. All right. Go to Karaoke Song. Lock like an Egyptian. Okay please or you can talk your way through most I think it's a pretty solid choice that is a solid choice. I'm so glad you didn't answer with a ballad that's my number one pet peeve. Ballads at Karaoke come on. Right. Now I need. You know you're. So what is it? It varies depending on the amount of alcohol consumed I. Usually like to start out with a little Lionel Ritchie. And little all night long you know my friends come on. This with a lot of alcohol correct. Maybe two. Then it can get crazy like metallica into the Sandman. Depends there's levels there's levels to this role level. But this is about you Rachel next celebrity crush up. Besides Mario Lopez. Okay didn't didn't go right way Michael Stipe. Oh Amore yet. That didn't go. That's What the APP you use the most. See Apple maps because. No I'm all about it. The way you go there you go the way sometimes I'd been finding out Jackson up a little bit. Sometimes. It takes you out of the ways. Well, it takes you a whole different way different ways exactly and last question something you've learned about yourself in twenty twenty. We have learned about myself in twenty twenty. Self? taught me that. Kind of annoying. misfit a lot of time with me real eye opening. My Life. Yes, it can be quite therapeutic and. Beautiful Sauerbrun. At No sourdot grand show for this time. I think I've learned in twenty twenty. And can't wait to learn more I don't know it's a solid answer I like that we always keep growing. It's nice to see you and catch up. Hopefully we'll. We'll get you here in person soon when this when this madness is over in meanwhile everyone checkout love guaranteed out now on Netflix's Rachel thanks again for checking in. The to take care. With Lopez.

Rachel Lee Cook Netflix Mario Lopez Frankie stick Minneapolis apple AETNA Damon Viga murder Kors India Rocky Mountain Lionel Ritchie ron Denker Michael Stipe Houston Washington David
#65  Stig Pryds #2 | Catch-Up with Denmarks Champion

The Freedive Cafe Podcast

54:46 min | 1 year ago

#65 Stig Pryds #2 | Catch-Up with Denmarks Champion

"The welcome to the free Daf cafe episodes, sixty five with stick proofs. Finding is Danni. I'm the host feed have cafe. The free Daf cafe is the long form interview podcast, that explores the backstory's, the training, the challenges, and the combined wisdom, and personal philosophies of the world, free divers. The website is free to have cafe dot com. You can find the show notes there, and beautiful pictures of the guests and links to their social media and other contents. If you never want to miss an episode of the show, make sure to subscribe, you can do that through the website or through your favorite podcast app for we get into this episode. Let me say thanks to continuum fins for sponsoring the show. Freda Caffey listeners get ten percent off any pair of continuum fins. And if you live in a stray area, you get the added bonus of free shipping, which is really cool because fins can be a bit awkward and expensive to ship, as you might imagine, continua make beautiful custom-made carbon fins to the exact specifications, you want, and you can find out more about. Them by visiting continuum fins dot com dot. AU. C. O N T you, you M F, I N, S dot com dot AU and taking it from there. Don't forget to mention the free cafe. If you want that ten percent discount nixed month is June and as well as having some awesome guests on the regular edition of the free death. Cafes kicking off with me, gal Lozano at the beginning of the month. We will also see the launch of the new podcast for patriot supporters Freda cafe, plus athletes, corner episodes are coming. The first interview was with Adam stern. It was a lot of fun. And you can learn from Adam things like his favorite way to structure, a deep dive session, what he does out of the water to support his free diving the technique and mindset changes that to come to the next level, and what he would eat if he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life, and you can hear that at the beginning. Of June to get access to that episode head over to patriot dot com slash free. Dive cafe and show your love by supporting the show and kiss. Anyone is thinking, well, that isn't fair. Why don't we all get to hear these special episodes? These episodes will one day be available to everybody, but not on the free to have cafe and not this year, they will be available in another time and they mentioned in space and another project, and you'll just have to wait until next year to find out what that's all about if you guys have a spare five minutes or three minutes or even two minutes. I'm sure that's enough. You could go to choose and Facebook page for the free death cafe and write a little review. They're writing a review on, I tunes would be really great. Actually, I noticed that it's been like two years the podcast is up and running now. Up to ten thousand downloads a month. And still, I don't think one person has written a review there. So if you could do that, that would be great, and might get the short a little bit more exposure. And spread the spread the love of free diving through the world. So today's episode sees the return of Mr. stick, pruse, Stig's, fascinating and heartwarming story of healing through free diving was one of the most popular episodes ever free cafe. And that was episode four of the podcast, go to the website or go to your podcast app. If you want to hear that the first episode was Stig's backstory, and all that usual, good stuff. This time we be nearly two years since we did that interview, and Stig, I caught up, and we just wanted to have a chat and find out what's been going on was new in his life. We talk about his performances last year. Was it last year two thousand eighteen vertical blue how things have changed in his training? We talk about. Some ups and downs in his life. Hell things are going with his health and, and basically just catch up. So I hope you enjoy this interview it was a lot of fun. Catching up with Stig? Don't forget to check out his apt that we mentioned on the show. The stick proves breathe with stick proves app, which you can now get an English on Android, and on. What's the other one called? Yeah. The apple store, check it out. It's really nice. Okay. Guys. Let's do it. Let's dive. Okay. Awesome. Yesterday. Welcome back to the free dot Kathy man. It's been, like almost two years since your last on the show, which I can't quite believe for those last year. No, it was. I'm just looking at the Skype record. It was like, July, two thousand seventeen so this is, it's almost two years, crazy. A- chimed joining fast. Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, first of all, let me ask you about. Let's catch everything that's happened since then, but first of all, to ask you, but vertical blue because, you know, I was watching you last year during that sort of amazing coverage that we had with the dive, I and everything last year. What was the experience like for you? And did it live up to your expectations? You had a pretty good run of records there. Maybe you can tell the story fours. Yeah, well, the setup to die. Yeah. It was really amazing. And it was just it was just on time and notably. The just amazing competition again. So it was pretty cool. Actually have kind of issue I was almost leaving the competition. Because one of my Whitacre friends and he died. Finglas. Ten days before the competition started. And the. Should go home would be funeral. But then, again, he was he was helping me training up through this. And he was sick. And we know that Republican dia, but not so fast as really bad. So it just. Yeah. Just came to. He was in a chi- two weeks before I left to Bahamas. And that's just pushed him would you in the yet? Yep. Down on. So I was really. I'm trying to push me as hot as I can doing the constant weight dives defend on and wanted to have one has to record of chase that full quite a while now and, and also want to compete in contemplate noth ans and free motion, but it, it actually told me little bit away about this when he died and shoot like home should I stay? But yeah, I could hear voices say you're not going home, you're gonna do this because we have been training for quite a while so Sweden potent. I'm gonna do. So then I decided that okay. I'm actually only doing this discipline skip Carson weight, and olefins and free motion just to record. Over and over again, actually, like three times right to own a him and. Yeah. And I don't have to think about free motion Nova types. It was just too much for me to handle, but the trading on concert within was scoring willa good. So, okay. I just thought and Costa recalled over and over again and see how goals. And I wouldn't really go. You're, you're talking about here is the Danish national record for constant. Yeah. It was one hundred and two. It was just a statement the head up and he got it since. Was two thousand twelve or thirteen or something. And I have tried since started to, to get this record, but I couldn't come up. I come down to, but I was not able to swim up again. And so, but then attains the fin. Twice to mow pool training and get some most rains in Malek and yeah. Now going really good. So you really focused on developing this strength. And I guess, also technique to for that really long ascent, like, what did you have, like a really strict and, you know, training regiment planned out in order to do that? Yeah. Listen the pool and just punishing this. Badly doing a lot of hundred sprint and just one Oregon, so Malek's was falling off. But it will make a huge different. I remember some of the dive to one oh, five credible. Quite some time, Dan. Some of them. I couldn't even feel my legs. So it was just perfect. Nice. Yeah. But it also really held with this. We soften and orders technique going on again. And again, and so you gotta you gotta multi fin right? Yes. You don't have to be scared to say brand names on this podcast. It's okay. It's the most and the it was because I will have more stiffens before. But it just when you got the right technique, would soften. It's amazing. How what's more to you? Can move them win fast. Yeah. I heard that Alexi always uses like the most soft kind of Finn that he possibly cans that true. Yeah. Squash with softest one is using but one yeah. Into substance products indefinitely. Yes. So congratulations on that you did it. And you like three times a very. One or two, and then a English one of free all wanna fall. I think it was what? I think it was one two three then went, oh no five you just to show that now I got. I don't know if we mentioned because I was just watching that red Bill documentary. That you did couple of years ago, the breaking day for, for the red bull guys. And I was just watching that again. And I love the I don't think I think I put that in the show notes last time, but I didn't mention on the show or you mentioned briefly. So, yeah, if you guys out there are listening wanna see a bit of stigma action going back a couple of years and quite a very nice story to it as well with a lot of footage in the blue hole that's going to be on the show notes for this episode and the first episode which was episode four. My goodness number on episode sixty something. So. Mazing with before come quite a waste since then what other kind of highlights have there been over the last two years for you in the water and in life in general. Well, I know it hasn't been highlights. No, be really some them stuff. But a yes. That's the part of licensing. Some subs have scope under when you completely down, and it's you can see you will learn some more about yourself and you can start doing Jim changes. Let's see live in a different way. And learn more about stuff Lincoln. Yeah. So. Not so fun. When you completely down, but yeah. Yeah. But it's been a dole opens up for changes new stuff. So it's actually. Yeah. It's okay to be sometimes, but I'm. And. Well, what happened? I just one thinnest championship in deep diving last year. Got all records and. You have really good competition. Whole me and then a went to Dominican, less also. Looking forward to that. How was that all it was more than I if I expected that is it's like a paradise island. Boltholes. I just really mind blowing it was so beautiful, there, the nature and the way people living there. It's really amazing those no Winston that for quite a while. But. After few days, it was accurate. Nice. There was a few spots. You can get incident on you have to go down to a town nearly incident but at home in evening stuff. There's just nothing yet tried to have an interview with Johnny like three times. So you're not even the interview, but just a test of the interview to see food work, and you have to go down to like, the, the town, and then it would start raining, so heavily that would become impossible to have, like even the conversation if we had the internet. So, yeah, I can imagine that it's pretty pretty rugged and remote there, what it was actually quite nice that you just it will your far away from everything and just join the nature. So we really, really beautiful. And the so much thing to see so much to look at nominee will go out diving stuff. It's only you can do free diving and then yeah, that's actually. One on this on so much stuff to do. And so much face Assey and, and it's just we mind blowing. Though, us a Weeden. I spot where it was to waterfalls. And that was some hot water. Coming out of one of the gifts of the Quesnel. At it would just went into the same pool. So you can you lay in forty degrees of water and Rollo. And then in twenty two degrees of water and you can find a position just been treating this and you can just stay relaxed of figures falling asleep. There sends says it's like a volcanic jungle island with, like mountains, and like trails all that kind of good stuff. Yeah. Second on the beach. Those bobbling coming up from the from the sand in the water. Yeah, it was really amazing. And the water. Wow. Those so many fish somewhat slice. Have super yeah. Sends incredible I'm planning to to visit their next year. If everything goes to plan, and obviously, a lot of things can change. That's one of my top top of the list for apart from dot com, obviously and a couple of other places. I think Dominique, it's going to be there. If I can make if I can afford it, so. Yeah. Sends amazing hope to go there in this year. Decibel championship. And I'm not sure yet, but a finger, I'm gonna go to, but I would radically just goes to me. Yeah. We will see what is bringing. And so, yeah, I know I won the competition. The so that was also nice. Nice that is that the competition Janis organizing. Just removed of blue element. Nice is that going to be every year? He was not quite sure of it, but he's gonna put it up again this year, and then we will see, but I will man he should to revere. But I know it sweetheart ROY can slow things to do day out. Yeah. On holder around so. Pretty rough to. But yeah he's going to do it again. So hope that just continues doing. Yeah. And so it and looks like you, you go to the world championships in eastern. Yeah, it depends little bit out how money sponsor of. What they gonna think about it, but I'm pretty sure would love me to go, so yeah, next two weeks. Notice I'm going think one hundred percent. I'm going to so it's relied stuff. Yeah. So in the first interview, we, we heard you told us the story about your battle with Soraya -tic are threatens that. I say that correctly. Yeah. He's if difficult to say. Do. And, and you talked about how free diving help to overcome the symptoms of this disease. What can of health are you in? Now is better is a much better? Did you get a lot better? Or have you had kind of like dips in your health, as well as other conditions? It's the same. I just been before I went to I was will bet I so much spectating the. Yeah. When you possible to get my luggage down, because we're not lifted up. But I'm yeah. I mentioned go down to end still held with this deep diving the pressure and the breath. All just a huge difference, Lloyd. And also moves away, stress level stuff. But again, I was yeah. Prodigious before I went down to. So you're in this weird kind of situation where other athletes who have some kind of disease, the might struggle to get themselves. You know, like the thing that they do the activity that they do would probably be the most stressful part of it for them. But for you, it seems like everything else is stressful. And the, and it's the, the deep high level free diving that is the, the most pleasant part of it for you. Yeah, it makes us a big difference for me. Humanity just walking around with headache all the time. And then. You do something. And then disappears. So it may suspect difference in it helped me a not to kit. Yeah. It's almost bitter. So, but I, I need to figure out not to be stressed about land. It's nice that I'm having his finger, I can go down. And we enjoyed in different kind of way. I think the live next whatever it's more important and two hundred meter. But it it's so much easier for me because I'm not thinking about it not so much pressure on me. It's small Alexei Shen to go down to. But then, again, when windy, competitions going on up still feel bus risks than need to do this, because the sponsored as paying you and notice, but in training, it's so amazing. And do you do you feel also the same kind of relief just doing training as well without the depth? No, it's not the same. Still dos different. If I combined with yoga and a lot of Solomon. It makes a big difference. So, so I still have my daily routine at home. Yoga hot yoga two times a week. And then the pool free times of week and sound array. And so, yes, this, this is still going on. And I wanna continue. Yeah, yeah. Yet helps to keep you at sort of baseline level of health. That is letting you live a decent life. Yeah. So keeping my diet and. Make sure I'm meeting stuff on the time. So, but it should be really good for me anyway. So I don't to be wheeled if I continue living on so. I heard you had a little bit of trouble with insurance man. What's there for crazy? Actually, when I when home from Bahamas there was an Email from this insurance company. I could not leave what the rolling. But yeah, they can see on Facebook was having time. And I wanna I think I'm not allowed to have time as should be really sad on the. So out of only looking at the pictures, does okay. You'll find again you stop paying you. Yeah. Got spun stuff. So I will able to. Yeah. Through everything myself again. It's so put a lot of pressure on me and the whole family and everything. And it was just. We I was company down broke down again. A father was in good. Yeah. Now there's some lawyers, looking United to see. Yeah. Well respected you should do about it. I have all my scans have scanning bag is getting my roofing and this show, some, some of the things, though. So something going on back in. Yeah. So it has not been changed. The deceased. But I'm what I'm probably too happy. So happy to be. So he cannot be an happy, same so just in case anyone's listening, and like a bit confused. But we're talking about basically, you know, because of your terrible debilitating condition that you have, you know you were obviously receiving benefits for that in Denmark. And because you kind of turn your life around, and, like found a way to deal with this terrible condition through health and, and positively and doing something amazing becoming top level of free diving athlete. And, you know, you travel to some tropical locations or whatever the insurance man, who's sitting in his desk, you know, in his shirt and the gray Danish. Climate sees the pictures of you on social media and decides instantly that you cheating the system. You're not sick and you shouldn't deserve any kind of help. Yeah. Best shoe company. The government where got my pension from those still giving me the morning. So they know me and they know Messori than what I'm doing. And they have talked to them say, hey, what should we do here? Not cheating. Anyone you know, I know nowhere. We know what you're doing. And we also know that you want to twice a make a living out of it. And, and I'm actually trying to do my best to get to my own money, and I've done that since starting but I'm not able to yet. What I still hoped. I'd be able to do it. I know on never gonna work forty hours a week. But I hope I can maybe. Get six eight hours ten dollars week and maybe get some more money out of it, and maybe yeah, I live. Twi just to have like don't have so much to pay to like lift smaller have. So I'm able to earn my own money. But I know don't know how will go. Everything seems that it's going to ride way that some people thought helping you know. Actually went into big sponsorship, two weeks ago. That was. Yeah. Was completely mind known about it. Have a meeting with Audi. In orange unfought. They wanna talk about doing helping them with talks, and maybe some helping Mr. stress level for the people that were. But they acted in say anything when winning their say can you please? Tell me what you're doing and what you plan is. And let me just you and I was talking on our and talking about it need to see if I can make my own money and just. Seve I have can get lis- expense. How do you say that? So don't have to pay so much to the Bank and. Joseph, I can find a place don't have to pay what sue and save the also paying a lot of money for that. And see if I can slow down with that and use your living costs. Yeah. Executive was a world. But ended up saying okay we wanna help you. We want to be in on this journey, would you. So you can sell your car, and we give you a brand new car, and we want to help you so you can. Come out doing talk studio workshops yourself. You can, so they gave me a brand new as ING then that's incredible. So they're going to be your sponsors. And in return, supporting the kind of lifestyle that you need to live in supporting your, your life, as an athlete on the other things that you do. You'll also know promote them as a brand and I do some talks for them and help them out with some people go down Swiss of stuff and then they have a big network. So, yeah, it's I think is just the beginning of something that could be really good being them. Maybe get some more sponsons, so I can get some cash owing. Keep keep them. Happy men, whatever they want. Again, so. But it's is just weeks ago. So it took me quite a while, just to hey, is this true process, so yeah, and I'm going to believe it when I got the cards in the middle of may show. Yeah. By the time people listen to this interview that will that should be run about now. Right. Yeah. This should be. So you mentioned there something about like him talking to their staff, helping them deal with stress things like that. So I understand that you've also been working on some like new projects. I know that you've been doing some workshops and even released an app, can you tell us about that stuff? Yeah. Well. Insurance companies fault. Because when I moved to money, if I have to do something I have two kids in the school in these something to eat everything. And so I yeah. So there was this yoga in the I'm going to yoga every week. And they have asked me quite a while, if I wanna try to teach just a little bit order stuff. I'm doing and maybe it's good for them. And, and as he maybe this is over to t- to try out, see if it's something that I can do. Because I'm doing all this exercise everyday myself may feel amazing when I do it. So why not try to see how people sweet on it? So we did just test with all the teachers and they just could you start working here now? But we just put up two hours workshop, and it was just sold out after a few days. And they would amazing heavy of I don't free times now just sold out every time and then I try to set it up to make it going in new goal realm living. And is the same thing. Undoing teaching. After the may, I will do two times a week one hour and it just filled up again. And I'm doing workshops around in Mark, and yoga us, and fitness into, and yeah. People love so. And it's a way for me to make more money. And twain at the same time. So, when, when you say you're doing workshops, what exactly specifically are you teaching people? Greeting paying me for brief. We have the most natural thing in the world. How to? I'm doing tin tin exercises with them. Some of them from yoga from free diving some of its I made up myself, and then we doing free Bethel's and finishing up with. Ten to fifteen minutes of meditation -sation and that's nice as you heard that you released an app is well as the app, kind of does that guide you through the same kind of exercises. Yeah, it's just a breath, holding thing, also some stretching breath holding. And because all of this, what this showing that if people are doing those exercises a lot they getting shape. So if you sick in hospital and you still complete yourself, then you should do all this exercise because you're getting a better shape getting faster healthy again. And they. Yeah, the doctor can. So it could be cool if this episode on every hospital. On the program for anyone who's in hospital. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's only available in Danish right now. Greco. It's English in its own every kind of shit. Right. I gotta get gotta get on during what's it called breathe, which do push? All right. I'm gonna get that as soon as I can. The needs to sit out big fangs Howitt, re amazing guy that make the film going. So help from okay? Nice cool. While we're on that topic of breathing. How about we sort of which over into the practical set of things? I want to ask you, some practical questions about your training and stuff over the last couple of years was changed. But if you could give just for the listeners like one, exercise or piece of advice or simple breeding practice that they could start doing right now. What would you tell them breathe bouncer? Stomach up to your chest, exhale weary. We're this lowly recipes figuring into a so easy. You do that right now. You're going. Undo some breath holding. It's really good. All right. Let's talk about your training stick. Are you still focusing heavily on being competitive athlete? Yeah. This breakdown with just with the chew company and being just fucked up and just say, okay, now just have to concentrate about get this thing going at home. But yeah, I would love to go to the world championship again. Achieve as possible. I'm no in shape port. So just need some deep dive training. So I think I'll do it. But maybe slow down a little bit with all this competition. Yeah. But again, get kind of dicta to it. And if I have the money go straightaway. You know, you, you're you have you sort of torn obviously between the fact that you have a family and to look after kids to look after and you need to have something stable back in Denmark. But at the same time, potentially you could just if you had the money you just travel around the world doing this crazy competition, right? Yeah. They'll be knees yourself to what I have two girls or fifteen twelve years old under on each be here for them. Big one thing would be permanently and so she needs someone in house. She's fifteen. Yeah. I love the end of that red bull documentary that you did, like after admit, I think at tier came to my eye. When you're, you're not going to spoil it for people, but. Go and watch that. Are your kids free diving yet on? Nobody was bit me in the dob. Last year. The little Muncie, went down to seven meet us and just played around down to. Yeah, but a love to go with me snorkeling and being in the water that just told you so anyone day. Yeah. By the time they are ready to compete, you know, free, diving will be big money business. You know. No Bill to get huge sponsors. And all that kind of stuff. Where do you do most of your training? Now stick. I guess pool. Right. Yeah. Just in the pool. This year in January, the whole was shut down. Full six eight months. Because to have to up again. It was really old system. But this have something going on India, and after two weeks of estimate, he Cohn, we need to do something to go into Wola least free two week. Had a meeting and then figure out okay you can do it. Choose day Wednesday info stay in. Yeah. I'm in the bull free, generally. Able to do much winning. So that's the main thing and then I'm still doing yoga. And I'm trying to building up some certain strating, so. Yeah. That's also pretty good. Between what are the what are the biggest lessons? You've learned in the last two years. Are you just doing things the same way that you always did them or have you learned any lessons about training that, you know, you could talk about? Well, I'm trying to some more. Night. To get my pulse up and I've twice done gym and stuff. But every time I'm pushing myself Sahal am I join swallows again at high intensity stuff? Yeah. It's just too heavy for him. But then I talked to Neutrogena and the, he's also have some of the same issues that I got on. On the. He was trying to putting up like system. So only using my own body weight. But I'm scrolling faster and my pulses coming really high up, and then you have a break for little one go on again, and again, and again, and again to the exit, you must just fill up at so. So you move, but it doesn't like my joins us. Okay with us. It seems as we will stuff. So that's the new twang to put in so late me phone. She helps but then I'm actually the same thing on just the beginning. I'm still doing this, right. That makes me think of, you know, a couple of guests on the show brought up stuff that I hadn't heard of until the mentioned such as underwater hockey and underwater rugby, which I think is like exports. We have really high intensity bursts. Sure, you must get the pulse like absolutely racing like, but it's in the water. Do you think something like that would be good for you to have that high intensity, but actually being supported by the water? Yeah I try doing it with the finish. They have. So when unto sprint again, on again and just a small break, you have to save intensity. Of course when you doing underwater Ruggeri. That's a big chance of Iran. Be hit pretty hard. And if my joints get hit, it's gonna it's not so yeah. It's the same thing with your regular training. Yeah. And you just have to push yourself really hot. Sometimes not so fun is one of only again. No. I will not do it. Yeah. So you always have a buddy with me, and just helping me pushing me again. So, yeah, just have to do it and doing the hot yoga thing. It's also really intensive last time you were talking about how much enjoyed diving that hap-. And I guess you've already can answer that was going to ask anywhere else that you've discovered in the last couple of years that you love just as much. But I'm you were talking really highly of Dominika. Did you get the chance to go anywhere else? No. No Dominicus the new place of intial. Actually, when the winter, the Bahamas dean flew home, behalf was the most. Yeah. Place dive into stuff. But after too many chains. The has the same conditions there. You have a little bit a right out to the platform. But it's okay. Yeah, it is. Because there's so much smaller to look at so much Mosa seek. So if I can choose. Yeah, say here that the blue holes great for diving, but the sort of like the local like what's available to do outside of the blue holes. Not so great. Harder to get fresh produce and find good restaurants thing. Right. It's really expensive to say. You've got fresh fish in rela-, while. You got all this. Nice truth growing on trees with so Chiba to so, yeah, I wanted to ask you this time, you know. About. What else in my guests? Now, if you could let me like mentioned, some people that have been, especially influential to you like, in kind of getting for you are now, particularly, like, inspirational people like people who've helped, you not just in you diving but in your your life in general, who would you like to give shout out to while you have the chance on the show. Dan, who've been he made some we at a cool stuff again, with me. So mazing videos linked to those in the show notes as well. If you guys are listening to this show notes in the website and link to really kill stuff that you've been doing with, Dan. Like tell tell tell the guys like what you've been doing there. There we have to use of and the one was, we want to try to do the skydiving underwater. Jumping out with what a suit on guys jumping from cliffs links, dining wings, diving, and we wanted to do it on the water had a he said, we can do it in the bills next to blue hole. And yeah, as we idea and check it out. And she just it could be possible just doing empty lungs. So I can start falling in the water. And then he said you just take a mass, also then you're gonna see anything into one. The corals is not so nice to jump into. We did the dive quiet a few times with a mask on. And he finds. Yeah, so petition position in the water or will still able and then just started doing it. In the beginning of video, I'm going down forty five degrees. And I have to go down to ninety degrees just straight down. But. I couldn't just bent and to go down just doing the end. Hey, you can just turn around to like twist between, like just for surround then go down. Yep. Don't have a mask on. Retreated with a mask and find some spots. I can see you can see light attack easily went out a mask on. So I just put my mind to watch on also, they can tell me the Lom when I'm at the dips after turn, like this, then yeah. Just worked and on the radio just goes amazing. Yet, yet, it's hard for you to describe it. But if you go, go to the show notes on. You can see that. But how how deep so obviously you dive quite a few times to get all the show. But how would that dive be roughly how deep dive in their thirty meters quite as quite a deep dive? I actually didn't think it was that deep. Yeah. When this really long reforming all time. Just takes. And but yeah, it was really fun to do. But we have to do at twelve talk every day. So Sean was at the same spot, but there was a tourist coming in erase, some sometimes have to wait to it again. And again and again, so he was quite a love diving in those Indus week, but it was fun and cool. So to do put Zucchero also. And then just find some way to cool music was painful, and screwed a box movie. It just it went crazy. So many people can see themselves in. In this kind of situation like you have to do something as changing. Sometimes. So I got a lot of emails, some yeah. Like people can see themselves in it. They still heavy about it that I can put some word on it. An helped him to get. Going going again into life and stuff. So. So also really fun movie to make. And when you put it together with the sound that's talk. And everything was just. Yeah. They actually give me. Screw the boxes. The video you did in the UAE forty. Right. O'neil cases. Screw the books is the one you didn't. Niemoeller right. Tired, and I can't believe I, I shouldn't have this information. Those are all gone on the podcast, actually. That's the yeah. Yeah. That's done. Anyone else you'd like to shout out to my kids, just it's just amazing. And then actually have. Enrolling. We Likud book. The actually helped me to give through all of this, you know, been through. It's a guy called Mark mansion. And. I don't know if I translate, completely in English of makes sense, but the ads is to be like. Cannot translate them but is is about don't give shit about anything, right? Right. Is it called the, the art of not giving a fuck or something like that? Yes sector. I, I didn't see that entirely correctly. But I think another when you talking about you, I'll find it 'cause, you know, of course, they usually ask for book recommendation. So you've just there. Yeah. So everyone should read it. For me, just it just was a rest- reading at completely right time. And it just help be. Look at the different way that I know. I would want us to manager Illeana fun for trying to get something more going really, thanks for that. And definitely want us to hang Saudi for believing in me that we can do something together, really? Yeah. Forward through this journey that starting now. So, okay. Alright. So stake. What are your plans than for? We've kind of talked about it. You know, over the last hour. But what are your plans? What are your dreams for not just this year? But for the coming year, like ideally, like where you see yourself in a few years time, like what do you what do you wanna make happen? I will hope that I can travel around to do all the speeding classes on workshops, some more, because it, it helped people and give me. I feel really good about doing it and for me, it's just it's like I'm doing much waning over knowing him and just shared with all the people. So I really want to make this biggest possible. For the next next few? Yes. See what can bring me. Maybe in some kind of little I can skip everything from the pinch himself just. Yeah. Wani and see how gross and just do what she loved Dylan. That would be the education. Yeah, no one should Everson. Little like insurance company again. Yeah. Just. Yeah. Just completed down, so, well, I wish you all the best man. I know you have your heart is in the right place, the big heart. And I think if you just keep doing what you're doing. You know, sometimes things don't happen as quickly as we would like them to happen. But I think if you keep going down this route, you probably be successful. Yeah, but it's, it's. Chemical fast on this for me. I can follow it. So if it's going to apartment actually be able to follow up for me. It's just really good schooling display. So if people want to find out more about you. Linked to everything that Lincoln in the first episode but. Are there any new places that people should go to find out about yourself and also like your app, just Abbas? Just you can get just ride my name's deploys. It was show. It was. I have a new page on Facebook called breath, which suppose like yeah. I can see some of the stuff I'm doing DAL. So my homepage, deposed dot com. In this free diving supporters on this St. police on Facebook and also Instagram, steep lose seventy free taking up day. Also actually just putting up a lot of nice pictures videos from Donald Timpson. Totals of has been on this trip last week was amazing. It was in cool to use free diving in just play around with all this hour. Yeah. Majoring. Yes. Sometimes it's easy to forget, just to have fun in the water, right? Yeah. If you just think about this need to do this, this, and everything has to be completed strike them suddenly, when you just jumping while like it's all out doing lot of cave diving. It was just amazing. Story was we we really good week. I'll have a lot of people would meet enjoying it also. Yeah. How do we time? Was that something that you organized, as like people could come and join you pay to come and go trip with you? It was just a diving center in Copenhagen was asked me if I want to do this. Called me. Can't do do wanna go diving with all fins and totals a year. I would have to do that. And then we can do breathing classes on the boat and you can have people with you. You can smoke around and there's also a few oughta guides soda can help you when you into water. Yeah. Transis Iago's, and it was really with an ice and people will love to, so I'm probably going to do it again. Fuck man. I'm coming to do with you, then. I want to see dolphins dive asleep. Preuss was so amazing. It was really mazing. Okay. Cool man. Awesome arresting, I'm gonna let you go and get on with the rest of your day. It's being really awesome. Catching up with human. I'm glad to hear that you're doing well, it sounds like you've had ups and downs, but, you know, hopefully you're on one of these like upturns and just keep doing what you're doing. Really talk to you again. Yeah. Yeah. Amazing. Enjoy all your stuff on them three fading. It's really nice to, to heal story amazing. I hope we can meet in person, someday and get into the water. Maybe maybe with dolphins in Egypt's, ascends amazing Mandic big be will let you know, when an next okay? Perfect do that. Okay. Tickets brother and. Yeah. You to do. That was stick, pruse Sonae to catch up with sticky such a nice guy, and I wish him all the best with the coming year the world championships. I hope he makes it there. Good luck to stick with his health and and his new sponsorship. She's really cool. Cool. Thank you stake. Okay. Freda cafe plus episodes athletes corner coming in June head over to patriot. If you wanna hear that the first one is already done that was Adam stern go to patriot dot com slash Freda cafe. There's links to that on the website, otherwise just type in the name. Yeah. Nixed up Talia Zhukova a bit of a Ukrainian supergirl. We find out all about her story her training, the usual stuff in the freedom of cafe. I hope you like it. It's coming soon. Take it easy. Guys, dive safe.

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Drew Canole - How He Went From Abused As A Child To Building A 100 Million Dollar Wellness Company. Organifi Founder Shares His Money Mindset + Biohacks for ENERGY.

Rich Bitch

52:38 min | 3 months ago

Drew Canole - How He Went From Abused As A Child To Building A 100 Million Dollar Wellness Company. Organifi Founder Shares His Money Mindset + Biohacks for ENERGY.

"What is the thing that lights your soul on fire, and if you're doing something outside of that, it's draining your battery faster than your battery would be charged. If you're doing something that you absolutely love, you don't have to have one purpose. You just have to do something that later soul on fire and eventually to build up into something. So massive, you're GONNA put yourself. In the future realizing that source runs through you, it's not separate so I get my energy from that. I'm not getting my energy from other people from nutrients even though I love organic superfoods but really my energy comes from something in the invisible world. That's far beyond anything that we can even see in this realm and I feel that money is not mind to own. You'll never see U-HAUL truck. The hearse game only here for a temporary moment time and the money that I have I'm the steward of it so I can never lose it. The money is just an expanded. It's an accelerator of who you naturally. So friend I'm about to introduce you to one of my favorite humans on this planet someone who started as a friend and turned into family. He's become like a big brother to me and someone who I know will deeply impact your life just after hearing this conversation, he's been a mentor and Inspiration one of my absolute favorite humid's to around with and laugh with because he's a total goofball. He's like he has the brains of an ancient shaman but the humor of a twelve year old boy. He's the best. He's a visionary alight, a leader, and one of the most giving souls I know we were literally in a crystal shop a few weeks ago and he gifted the sweet old woman who he just met this five hundred dollar stick like A. Stick that you bless someone with you know like that is just so drew he's just loving and giving and hilarious and awesome, and truly the embodiment of leadership. So you're about to meet drew cannoli. He is the founder of organic by and has one of the most incredible and inspiring stories of coming from nothing child abuse being broke. He grew up in Michigan and now. He is the founder of one of the largest wellness companies guys were by a hundred million dollar company that just gives me chills to think about because the idea started in drew's at San Diego apartment just a few years ago and you know my obsession with organic by not only do I love the products and they are one of the best superfood companies on the planet. There Greens and chocolate gold are to die for, but they have one of the most incredible company cultures and that's something we jam bit on in this episode is how did drew build one of the most incredible companies to work for like how did he actually do that? So we jam on that and guys if you have not checked out yet, check it out you're GonNa? Love. It today is the day. I. Take the Greens every single morning and the chocolate gold seven times a day just down it because I'm obsessed with chocolate head to organic by DOT COM SLASH NGO lead check it out again organic dot com slash Angie Lou drew is such an inspiration for all of us to play more to give more and to enjoy every single moments. To know druids to love drew guys. So I know you're going to love this conversation and I hope it reminds you of your lights your power enter joy. How would you answer someone? Who says, what do you do in an elevator wild? Got To keep it short. I'm the CEO the chief. Energy Officer. The chief of inspiration and I lived my whole life in moment by moment I'm not I don't operate in time like most people do I very much. Help people awaken to who they really are by just being me unapologetic. The real me that showed up here and I've had a lot of trauma that got me there at a young age as you know, we've talked about this in the past. Yeah. Take us back a little bit to some of that trauma. You don't have to go too in depth i. feel like you are who you are because of that. So we think it's really important to touch on what you experienced in the net, and then how that inspired you to essentially be successful and do something with your life. Yes. So at a very young age and I'm not saying this, let me paint the picture here and set some context or the frame as we call it. I'm not saying this to have anybody feel emotional and I know you have a lot of emotional very heart centric sentient beings listening to this I'm not. I'm not telling the story for that I'm telling it to hopefully uplift and inspire people to. Deal with whatever happened in their past and let it go move on. Right. So for me at a very young age I, was physically tortured and abused by couldn't tie my shoes fast enough. My Dad would put cigarettes out on my forehead. He'd hold my head underneath the water in the bathtub. Is Awful no man should ever do that to a son. And at the time, it was wrote about in the papers. Cadillac Michigan is one of the worst events in child abuse ever, and this was in the eighties. And a lot of people were abused lot of children. You Know Precious Child Children of God. Were abused and it's unfortunate but the lessons that I learned I had a very young age to forgive. I became a really. Very empathic, very heart Senate at a young age 'cause I just saw the pain in my dad's life and I knew that I wasn't the cause of it. I know it was deeper issues that he had that he was dealing with and I discovered this in a lucid dream when I was five years old. I went into the Dreamland and I woke up. Finally after three months of seeing this monster in dream time attack me every night and I as a kid, I'd wet the bed and I would wake up and be like. All right freaked out nightmares, right And then one night I realized that I was dreaming. And I looked at the monster I, said, you're not real. And he shrunk in my arms. And I knew internally every cell in my body that monster and my dream was my dad and reality. And I came out of that the next day and I saw my dad through a different perception which ultimately created different reality. And he shifted and he started to change around me enough. So that gave my sister and opportunities to exit that situation. So she escaped and we she was able to go to a neighbor and they took us away and we got adopted by the most beautiful loving amazing family. Huge hearts I like to call him emotional billionaires because they have hearts of gold. But they were broke I saw my old man lose seven jobs growing up. My mom had three. She was a janitor. My Dad was a truck driver. So nowhere in my life were the subconscious memories. in this world of remembering what it was like to be rich or abundant. So I had a lot to work through I. Actually there's like levels and layers of this, right so the first one was forgiveness you have to forgive because anytime you don't just holding stagnant energy in your body you're manifesting it in reality back and forth until big UNI, I like to call her the universe. SHOWS UP AND You know control out deletes the situation. So forgiveness is key. Next level is thinking the person for the experience and actually having gratitude for it. 'cause gratitude the present day currency that pays for future abundance. So, having gratitude now for all those lessons and all those what we would call memories. Because when we lived truly in the present moment, nothing has really happened in the past. So nothing can ping you if you're in the present moment or what we would call the fourth dimension. Right and then the next level is and this is a total mind blow. This is where the Wu lights go off on your podcast. But it wasn't a man that did it to me it was the me that did it to myself. So I and my father. My biological father are one and we're connected. Right. So it's A. Did to myself and why would I do it? Why would I do it? What do you think? I think that contrast is necessary for happiness sometimes and I think that you needed to go through pain in order to become apathetic deeply pathetic not just all I care about people. But if you're listening to this and you've gone through any sort of pain I, believe that you really know what it means to help people into give back at a level that someone who maybe has never experienced any pain or trauma might never understand traumas a necessary evil in order to actually help people I don't know the only answer I can think of because it's such a rate. It's such a big answer. Why do bad things happen to good people? I love how you said it. It's the pain that gave me the empathetic ability to really help other people heal and if I hadn't gone through that, then I never would have it. TRAUMAS. Fuel. Right it's energy it's hidden in your subconscious, which is your body and through the chemical. And physical action in motion. Trauma releases itself and it gives you great amounts of energy. So hidden pockets in your body open up and energy just comes to you. So your drive your work ethic your skill set your ability your willpower to get things done. I got a lot of that from just bottling up all that trauma from the past. It's a beautiful thing I want to go back to the first few years of organic by a lot of women listening are entrepreneurs and they're super inspired by you. I don't know if you've ever really taken a moment to understand what you've created. It's obsolete incredible. Not only if you create this massive multimillion dollar DC brand, but you've created a culture that people this is how I would explain it because I'm friends or no people who work at our Gadaffi album being partnered with the company for a while people don't just want to work at your company they love working at your company what really happened. Tell us what really happened. You really want to know what really raising yeah. Drew's like one of my best friends but I still always wonder like what really happened even if this offense path that people and they get off your podcast Oh shit I am never listening to Angeles podcast again, do you really want to know what it is they're going to take the organic throw it in their garbage. You really. Yeah. Yeah. Let's be real. Is Them. All right. So I'm GonNa tell you bit by bit as much as I can recall. And I'm going to look at it from a perspective outside the vehicle that we called drew and I'm also going to look at it very much so within. So first and foremost it was getting congruent in who I am so. The mission that I have in my heart and what I wanted to create in this life and I knew it took my morning rituals I knew it took getting quiet in my own mind and getting this. Peaceful. Serene. State. Of Oneness of joy of wonder of radical all. In my life every day in the morning and charging my own batteries. Because I had I can only give from a full cup. So every day I was charging my batteries. I was reading the books that I needed to have embodied memories. No wing later down the road. So I've read thousands of books, right? Nine years I've been doing this. I started fit like TV. And every day I would focus in the morning of raising my vibrational frequency. What can I do? So there's a few things that do that for me number one, I love music a music junkie. There's probably thirty two instruments sitting around us right now we got the guitar the flu loves. Bikes, there's like the pianos over there. Every time I made. Like? Everywhere what? I didn't know where there's a good. And so the body what I've discovered is actually the body's instrument. and. We have eight or nine different energy fields that are attached to our three D. body. And many of them can be tuned to instruments can be tuned to different types of music affirmations, different thoughts, different You know by Neuro Try Merle Beats, these things, and it was just tuning my frequency as beating the drum I was becoming a better vibration of myself. And I would work out every day so I would pour energy into me. And my occur Andrea. Loved it. which would give me the energy to work longer in the gym and work longer during the day as well. So. About Health and fitness was congruent in my life I. So if you're running nail beauty, you know website online in your nails are all Jank and you don't take care of them like you're out of. congruency already right like you have to be congruent with your message and your mission. The universe knows. For me if I chase money money runs away from me but if I chased change physical change in the manifestation of transformation than money comes to me. So the only thing that I have to do is focus in these individual moments one person at a time. and. One of my mentors taught me long ago. He said through I want you to remember today is a good day to die. And I'll never forget the day that he said that. And now every person I talked to I look at them as if it's the first time in the last time I will ever talk to them again. And it just changes the way you feel it opens up your heart and people feel that Shit. It's real. It would be described I. Think people have described meeting me like dude, it was intense. Like I felt like there was nothing else going on in the room we were in our own vortex. And everybody has that it's not because I'm special or anything else we all have that ability but it takes you tuning your own instrument in beating the owned vibrational drum of your own heart to step into that. So the morning was the big thing and then Finding people that were fit energetically I didn't care what skillset they. Right. So you want one of the greatest places to work in the country. We've been two years in a row you have to find people that you love hanging out with outside of work. And then inside of work just becomes the naturally occurring thing of what would happen outside. Random. Dance parties, biohacking gear all over the office taking exotic trips together. Playing, Ping Pong and having tournaments and Karaoke in the office and Weird Shaman people coming in all the time and blessing the space and you know so it just becomes an extension of who you are everything starts with you. Your Business is a reflection of you. I don't even have to meet you. I can walk into Your Business and I can tell you who you are. So, it becomes a reflection of who you are. Your tribe is reflection of you. So, would I do this to myself? Would I pay myself this what I treat myself this way. And when you live like that in your business, amazing things open up people go to the end of the Earth for you. One of my guys his girlfriend broke up with him he had to move out of the house. I volunteered my whole day to go help move right that's not a normal founder of a business to do. He's not part of the sea level team. There's no extra. Seniority or anything like that. It was just something that we do for the people that we love and having one hundred people in the team. Now, every single one of those are my family. You what has been the hardest part of building organic because you obviously have pushed through a lot of things and the woman listening to this is probably like, wow, this sounds way too good to be true like when have you been like this Kinda? Sucks I don't WanNA manage all this. I don't want to run this Oh my God, we're losing money like win were there moments and there always will be these moments where you're just like this is a lot to take on so. It was a lot of hard work, right? If, we want to go down the hustle and grind rabbit hole. We can all day long like sixteen hour days in the beginning for years I have a life, right? No relationships I my ass off at eight people working out of my condo for a while. Right? There was ups and downs. Yeah. They came over every day we were getting. On facebook, we are selling digital courses and products. Before we launch our anti, we're doing millions of dollars a year digital sales get sixteen million hits a month on our website. Organically. Right organically, that's crazy at a point zero, two percent conversion rate we were making millions of dollars. Selling a ninety seven dollars course and a thirty seven dollar membership site. Eight Hundred Square foot condo and my little poodle kitchen over here and the gas lamp district. San Diego. And we're having a blast. It was so fun. Right had eight employees they would work in my condo it was offline and then facebook algorithm switched. And then month after month lost twenty, thousand dollars lost fifty thousand dollars lost fifty thousand dollars again, nine months later lost over half a million dollars. About to go out of business, right? That's when we've already let couple people go people that were close to us when you're that small everybody's family. And I I remember sitting at a table, the vitality juice tap I remember like it was yesterday. We all got together. and. We all went around the table. And we said what we loved about working with everybody at the table. And we got grateful for just being part of this mission part of this cause for what we've created and at the same time two weeks before that, we had placed our first purchase order for three thousand units exchangers. So we're sitting there getting. Grateful. And something about that time I just felt the energy shift. It was all as well. In all everything is well always and I'm gonNA walk you through that and a little bit. But sitting there energy changed two weeks later. About ready to go out of business. We're praying that this thing works Hail Mary Field Goal Kick when the game like we gotta figure this out. And I, remember it like it was yesterday. David Lupita who still on the team Jamal CEO. Sitting in my living room. and. Tiny little living room they both had these stand up desks right? There's like no space at all. and. At the first hour, we got our first sale like okay. Well, got her sale. We know that there's people that are interested. We got one. Let's keep. Focusing meditating. An hour later we sold it thousand bucks. We sent out another email. and. We sold out of three thousand units within the first three days. So, and then we sold out five times. So we did one hundred, fifty, thousand dollars in revenue. In the first like three days, which was four times more than our monthly average up to that point. And then we sold out five more times replacing placing purchase orders over one hundred, thousand units, a piece bailing out the well we focused on one product for a year that was a big thing for us. Just one skew focused on that tested a thousand different split test headlines copy like we were we were running. Lean. So. Exchange the whole entire business but there was the darkest hour they're really there always is and you have these darkest hour moments but it's just realizing that what we think is real is really just the illusion. It's the Matrix so my team is trained and I've trained them in this like a frigging. Hornet, right like I actually I come down on people. Not Hard but in a loving interrupt way of watching language I believe in Abracadabra what I say what I speak is created. So that, you'll never hear me say this was too hard. You know I'm I'm feeling beat up at organic fire, right? So They know that. Everything is great in its continuously getting easier is getting better more and more people are opening up to the possibility of what nutrition can do for them. And we're making it convenient for everybody in the world and. there's no product like it organic. We have the finest ingredients we've done. There's clinical trials on select ingredients that are in our stuff like the crack that's inside of the chocolate. Yeah. Yeah just get a crack that's in their. Dictate to go one day. I can't you know I just want to in my veins like an IV can we put it in? What do you think would happen if you? Go there you're. I don't do that. So the most difficult parts were obviously in the beginning the beginning always sucks a little bit. It's like unnecessary suck to get to success. There there is. But for me what I knew right away is that anything that sucked I was already looking for my way out of it. Because what sucks for me doesn't suck for everyone else. Right like data acceler spreadsheets, there's people that would roll around in excel spreadsheets and love it like. Like what's the old cartoon Duck Tales on the guy sliding down this sliding down excel spreadsheets. Type having so much fun. If people break in the sheets? Yeah and for me no no. No creativity speaking like you were promoters like inspiring people guiding energy. And anything outside of that it's like I'm going to find somebody to do the stuff that I don't like to do. You're such a good delegator. That's definitely one of your strange is you delegate what isn't in yours on a genius and I think more people need two more women especially because where people pleasers were nervous to do this, but everybody needs to get better at this in order to become uber successful, you have to learn to delegate. Yes. In the easiest way to delegate is just a paint such a huge vision for the company where they're headed real vision, right? And then a vision for the other person. So they say there's five love languages I believe there's actually eight in the eighth love language is actually talking to the person's future self is if it's already sitting there with you right now. So when you bring that person in and I say Angie I'm blown away that your TV shows bigger than Oprah's that you have spoken on stages with twenty five, thirty, thousand people like three books you wrote it's absolutely incredible. It's real. Right like I feel that in my soul. And when you have that I, think. Lights people up like it gets going. and. They live into it. It's not I'm not micromanaging anybody. I'm just painting such a big pitcher for them. That's real that they can grow into. Right yeah I think that's the big thing. I think this will be helpful for other visionaries listening but I think how you've been so helpful for me not just as a friend but as someone I'm obviously inspired by is I have this belief that being a visionary is almost not enough going through bouts of that where it's like really this is what I'm doing now. Because you wake up and everything that you've ever dreamed of is now your reality. So you've closed the time line, you know you went from visualizing a dream and your wish room of wishful thinking that we would call the mind in your prefrontal cortex and now all of a sudden you're living the dream. And you wake up and you feel like an impostor. So. All you have to remember is that dream is just one room of the big dream. And the big dream is your sacred dream and the sacred dream. Is in the invisible worlds, right. It's what connects every living being on this planet, every life or more swimming in a sea of luminous love and that sacred dream connecting to that. You could show up for one minute in your company and provide more value than years worth of somebody that was doing because of your ways of being. and. Being carries such a higher vibrational frequency than a doer. And all you need to do just be be more Angie Lee your energies contagious. It's infectious. You have a fifth dimensional laugh. It immediately pulls people out of three D you carry the big dream in the pitcher and you beat the vibrational drum of owning that place and people will come to your business like a magnet because everybody wants to be around that people want to be given permission. Right, so it's your mission to give them permission. So let's bring it back down to brass tacks. So here's what we did in. This is super super powerful. I'm not trying this little bit. and. So. It's real easy to do this number one when somebody comes in I've hired more people just by reading their name. And feeling it in my gut, right intuition 'cause you know the body knows you could energy test it you can talk to any energy medicine person and they just they feel it immediately do it enough all of a sudden you know. real world things you can do number one. Culture screen in your company. So think of that as a separate interview that's the first interview. I. Want to know that. I could hang out with this person outside of work. We're GONNA work, one third of our life we WANNA. Make sure the people around us. We'd actually have fun with or not boring they're not site goes or not serial killers. Culture. Screen. Yeah next up I like to test them and we do kind of an arduous testing process but it really solidifies who the person is and what their skills are for the job number one. Colby Ko L. B. E., B. I believe it is. So we're looking for as an integrator somebody who has a massive fall through 'cause you're through shit engine. Let's be honest. I couldn't I couldn't work there. And depending on the position like if it's a writer somebody who's coming up with copy for. You probably want somebody WHO's a high researcher to because you WanNa make sure that dialing in the if you can make some claims or whatever they're dialing madden. So Colby test. Second to that, we do Myers Briggs as well just to see where they fall on the extrovert introvert. And then we're looking at the center just test. So Center gist I believe it's senator just dot com something like that. We're seeing how well they work with people because if I'm going to put them in a pod as we have individual pods on the organizational chart of you know now over one hundred people, we wanna make sure that. There in the right seat. And it's finding the people to run all this for you that are even more brilliant than you are. So Lisa Shields, my hr manager, she's a Rockstar. She just has such a huge heart. She sees people she so charismatic, she does a ten times better job than I ever could not position May as well. Our COO right. She just gets people. She's so good at having those difficult conversations and can guide people into the next evolution of who they are. So surrounding yourself with those people. And Once you have the testing you've looked at that then they come for another interview of. Skill assessment. So. What I like to do and it's real weird. I asked the weirdest questions right So depending on the position I would do a group interview because time is money so I'd have five to eight people interviewing for the same job. Scam blow you away you ready for this. Is I ask them at the end of the inner interview benefit of Inigo is who they would hire. In Ninety eight percent of the time. They all pick the same person and it's not even then. It's not themselves. So I know based on social proof in the moment who is carrying the most power with them in relation to the job that American for. Yeah, that's powerful. So if I'm not there I already know who it is like I could walk into a room and tell you is going to be hired who? Without, even sitting in the interview. But to the untrained initiate, the person that's sitting there. That's one of the greatest questions you can ask. No one another one of my favorite questions in an interview processes if you could do one dance move for the rest of your life, what would it be? I just always loved the responses at that. So, there's that as well. You get the right person, and then it's all about culture. It's indoctrination sequence. So we spent three days indoctrinating them. This is constantly evolving. So we started at five days. Realize that was a little too much back to down to three, but they're going through a video sequence to watch. Videos they're going through my process of evolution what we've created with organic by so they really feel the brand. Many of them are actually hired from watching Youtube or in your case listening to the podcast. So you have the big ambassador that's not working for you. It's getting to know the person and I would argue that when you silence your mind. And you open up your heart and you enter this base of these other souls that are sitting there wanting to work. With in your mission that there's going to be For lack of better words almost like an ancient remembering more it's like that's the person. It's been a long time, my brother and my sister, and now you're back and here we are again. Yeah neck a continuation of changing this planet. Right. I love this juicy. I want to chat about money. Ma Money. Guys told drew and I came over. I was like I lost a crapload of money recently and you know what he said to me. He was like this is like a few months ago when I was over, you were like Oh you just pay the tuition for life. Like. It's okay. You know and I think it is it is hard sometimes when we're investing. Gosh, maybe you guys want a company, you have a coaching business you invested a lot in a coach maybe you're starting to TC line whatever it may be is release gary to play with money and to move that energy because most of us are engrained come from a place of so much scarcity and when you're an entrepreneur, your relationship with money is so important because you're risking all of the time you're playing with it you're throwing at, you may not see it again, but then you it's just it's a lie. So by the end of this money is going to be your best friend. Best friend cannot just a friend of best. Every dollar bill, every hundred dollar bill you ever see again is going to be talking to you and you're going to see the little head on it. And they're going to be like anti just want. A. Back. Real quick you ask me all the time and what products do you love for getting rid of Scroll Brain Syndrome and getting focused on my friend I have the answers for you because I've been dealing with add since I was a little girl. So I've got you I. AM basically a Guinea pig when it comes to testing all supplements that help with focus and productivity, and you know if you watch my stories that I geek out on the tropics. ATRO- big is essentially a natural brain booster so Here my to absolute favorite intro picks that you've got to try dude I've tried over a hundred nutro picks. Okay. These work I actually do both of these before I started recording this and I'm feeling good I'm feeling very good. Okay. Number one is be lecture brain fuel. I've been loyal to this little vile for over three years if you're having trouble concentrating and getting your work done be licks or is your bff, it's a natural productivity shot that supports clear thinking it has no caffeine. No Jitters No. Crash. No sugar and I take one full vile every single morning or at least every single time before he speak teach or record podcast. So four to five times a week. So to snag some Elixir had to beekeepers naturals dot com slash Angie Lee beekeepers naturals, dot com slash. Angie. Lee You've got to get the Elixir Brain fuel it is a game changer number two my newest obsession are these brain balls okay. Well, I call them brain balls but the name is Nirvana N. Y. R.. V. A. N.. A.. And that name is very appropriate because these brain balls tastes like just sexy time in your mouth just chocolate -I sexy time the most delicious chocolate you've ever had. Oh, my goodness the peanut butter ones are my Kryptonite they. They had three the other day and I was in the zone I was in the Matrix as so they figured out how to put brain, boos. Dina Tropics inside of delicious sugar free chocolate. So check these both at beekeepers naturals dot com slash, Angie Lee and Nirvana Dot Com. Your brain is GonNa. Love you are eight. Let's dive back in. You know what's interesting though is used to look at it like it was a loss like it was something that I was trying to get. Money is not mind to own. I am not the possessor of possessions. Never. See. U-HAUL. Truck behind a hearse. Right. Like I'm only here for temporary moment in time and the money that I have I'm the steward of it. So I can never lose it first of all, and that's part of my identity. That's part of what I believe now was it like that long ago hail? No, right. I've lost like back in the day hundreds of thousands probably millions of dollars. Different. Things that didn't work out. And that's okay. Because money is I like to say if you break it down M. O. N. E. Y. is my own natural energy yield. So can Angie Lee ever lose her own natural energy? Yeah. What is your natural energy? Yeah. Your essence or spirit love right. The invisible and there's an infinitum of that within you and with all around you. So there's nothing that can never be taken away from you. And it's our job as stewards to manage the emotions around it. So as soon as you start going off the deep end and playing those loops. Call Him and rabbits down the hole, and then the rabbits multiply I lost this Oh my God. How dare this person? I can't believe this lawsuit. All these things they come up in our mind and it shifts are emotion, and then we start to as Esther Hicks would say we to row upstream. Against the current. and. Mother Nature's beautiful because all we get to do is realizing that moment to change the feeling of anger and sad and disappointed and resentment and fear and scarcity into joy into love and peace into serenity into optimism into life is fantastic. There's so much abundance here, and when we start to feel that in our body, the words that we say is starts to change the resonance. Money's attracted to a frequency. It's not attracted to doing money is a way of being. So the more eye attune, this antenna human beings are all giant antennas I'm convinced the more I radiate love joy peace. The more I make others have fun like together like fun is one of my highest values and it's yours as well because we're like little five year old Jovan. Everywhere we go. The more fun. You can hang out with us. Embarrass you. Yeah. We love embarrassing people. and. The more fun. We have the more money. Is Made. It's weird how that works. Money Fund is like a magnet for money. So how much how much good can handle today is a question that asked myself. How can I live in the moment? How much fun can I am part on other people? How much can I wake people up to their true essence? And that's what I'm gauging I'm not gauging. Revenue and profits I'm not even looking at it. Right. I'm not even paying attention to that. What I'm paying attention to is how much fun? How much ease joy how much piece? How much connection? How much sacred oneness how much alignment can I feel in the day and the rest is shows up. So there's nothing to ever lose. And those moments when we lose fifty eighty, grand one, hundred, million dollars whatever it is. It's so vitally fundamentally important to become aligned with who you really are. And realize that that was just an investment in the school of life. Right and to get excited about it. This. Amazing. This I lost. Eighty fifty thousand dollars. That's so cool. Like most people in the world have fifteen dollars in the bank. Like you are considered rich if you have over fifteen dollars in the bank, we live in such excess. So if you look at the sacred economics of what money really is, money is a way of saying. Thank you. So. If you have a lot of money, a lot of people have been thanking you. For an idea for a gift that you brought forth in the world. And you have a gift inside of you. You have something. So deeply inspiring that you should treasure that will materialize wealth in the earth plane. Making money. Easy. The hard part is having enough personal power to manage at once you get it. Because money will destroy people. It's so funny because we take it so serious. But the three D. is so small. It's a limited perception of who we really are as multidimensional beings. This three. D., physical reality is. It's it's it's so laughable. Right yeah. How simple and silly it is and how serious we take ourselves the serious business you've been running serious relationship you're in. It's laughable. The. Money is just an expanded. It's an accelerator of who you naturally are. So, more love more light or joy. You can do things for others to one of my favorite things to do. Right. You can enrich their life. You can make their life better. You can show minutes. It's easy. Money does not exist to stay stuck or stagnant because D- energy energy is always moving. And the more you can put out the more that comes back to you. So the more I can give. The more is going to come back in my life. And my goal is to give as much as I humanly can in this life how much can I give? How can I get more? So. I used to be worried about it constricted hold it plays an account. Not Think about doing anything with it. and. The the older I get. I think the the more free money flows and. It's just the process of not taking yourself so serious. And believing in your future. So creating more narrow synapses or more neural pathways because right now, if we were to take an image of your brain when it relates to money, right, we would see maybe a small dirt road as an example. Of Your freedom around it. And the more you practice putting money out there for pace to be brave putting money out there for maybe soul CBD. inadvertently selling all your stuff by the way I. WanNa Commission. I. Thank. The more you practice the release, the greater the road. So you're laying down payment, and then it's a little road in the city in the novice. Fan Yep mega highway. And when you get to that place where There are no more roads. It's just an airport and there's these huge jumbo jets flying around because you've done the work. You realize that. It was as simple as trusting in yourself. I, think a lot of its trust. Trusting that you're GonNa make the right decision. You don't need role models. You don't need parents that were good with money anything like that I'm living proof of that. You just get to be unapologetically yourself and trust that the universe has your back there so much abundant everywhere you look out the window radio there's thousands of trees, billions of blades of grass in the physical world that's not even the in the unseen, which is ninety, nine percent of all light. You see around us we were literally swimming sea of luminous beings, but we can't see it some of us can. But Yeah. Tapping into that. There's so much richness. There's so much abundance. And it's all around us. Always. So the more you see that the more it shows up in your life, you're not disconnected from it. You are it and it's not happening outside of you it's happening within you. I think that's the big thing that people mistake I have to do something externally to get something externally. No did something within and watch how it shows up in your life. The veil is getting smaller and smaller. These higher galactic frequencies are entering our earth at an unprecedented rate. Things are changing aliens are coming. I have one in front of me right now. I have the biggest daily never ever seen area there'd be one. Duty. ME. Drew's overcoming goes I just found out about area fifty one of you months ago and I'm like, how did I know about this? That's my hometown. You showed up on a starship. No Right. Sometimes I'm like I just go back home. This is too much. So, energy I WANNA know I wanNA close it with you are like the biohacking master I mean we're at your house right now there are a lot of weird as gadgets and maybe the women listening can't buy all of these gadgets and all of these things. But what are a few simple things that you do to stay energized and to stay healthy because I think energy is everything people ask me all the time. How do you get so much done how do you do what you do and I think it's just one word it's energy. SAS with being the most energized person I can be because then I can pour that in other people and then I, can get a ton of stuff done. So in order to answer this question, we have to understand the fundamentals of what the human body is. Right it's a conductor, it's battery. It's an electrical organism and it's primarily water right? Where cucumbers cucumbers, jank cucumbers, people. So how do we change the electromagnetic state of the body by manipulating the field number one? It's our thoughts. If you're tired all the time, it's probably because you're not plugged into your purpose. What is the thing that lights your soul on fire, and if you're doing something outside of that, it's draining your battery faster than your battery would be charged if you're doing something that you absolutely love mother treats out. In the street hugging thousands of children every day she was never tired because she was plugged into what her highest calling was. Right you don't have to have one purpose. You just have to do something that light your soul on fire and eventually they'll build up into something. So massive, you're gonNA. Pinch yourself in the future plug into that energetic source second to that realizing that source runs through you it's not separate. So I get my energy from that, I'm not getting my energy from other people from nutrients even though I love organic superfoods but really my energy comes from something in the invisible world. That's far beyond anything that we can even see in this realm and I feel that I connect to by breathing. Right as would say, breath is super powerful. We want oxygen rich bodies. We can do that by running doing sprints moving mighty Andrea, rebounding IVA, belly CON rebounder out here small investment jumping on this thing, cleanse the lymphatic system, get your blood circulating, get your body moving. Water you really good water structured water I've life is our machine here. That is absolutely incredible filters it all out sends a blue light through a red light mineralized alkalis hydrolysis it. I'm talking the best water on the planet then I put it in a vortex machine in China Juve light through it right then. Water water obsessed sometimes I put a cobalt blue glass and I said it out in the moon and charge my water with Moon Raise K I'm one of those guys smelled like Julian whole foods. So. For sure. There's water there's moon water their son water drinking out of copper actually mineralized cools the body a little bit as well. We're we're copper deficient. So next up, I would do a blood panel and I would test micronutrients I would see micronutrients missing my body what enzymes do a stool test because I want to understand what bacteria and my gut wants everything test poop tests. You want your poop to be shaped like an s anything outside of that know something's wrong with. Yes. Oh micronutrients. self-testing is actually huge I. do it every ninety days I'm looking at my blood. I'm looking at my micronutrients I'm making sure that I'm in alignment there. Those are the basics right to this water voltage lightbody that sitting in front of right now. Other things that help with that don't cost anything meditation sitting quiet quieting your mind. If you have an apple watch great whoop ban cool testing your hr V. Understanding what your HR V. is. It's your ability to go to into para sympathetic nervous system. That's when your autonomic nervous system. autonomous. Yet, nervous system kicks on and your body heals. If you're a stress magnet and you're going into work grinding every single day and you're coming home and you're crying and your you know rubbing your cat at night and you're sad. You're body's. Like rubbing your cat lady like a Cat Lady, your Gatland your. I love cats actually got to put your body in the sympathetic nervous system on. So breathing meditating. Sleeping is. For Energy. So chilly pad is one of my favorite things small investment fifty, five degrees I've increased my deep sleep by forty five minutes with that thing. I also jumping my plunge before bed. It's forty degrees sitting there for three minutes. Knock you out? Could they do this and their shower cold shower freezing cold sharp stick your head in a vise if you want to the water like Novi Bio hacks. Less than ten dollars, you can buy Hackett stick your head in a tub of ice. Thing you can do as well for energy, but it's all about my Andrea if you want to take it to the next level and you got Angie Lee money, then you WanNa do an. issue. I've been doing an ID. And A. Once a week for the past three months it's changed my life. Brain is on fire. Next level. I did three days in a row and then I did every week. So four hundred Mil and a five hundred bag over your live natural. And it changed my energy. I ran a five minute mile who am I? Like this guy right here look at me. We're his physical me I don't even. You guys drew launching a podcast called beyond the meat suit. Well Angie wants me to name it that often. So we don't know what we're GONNA name you're waiting for it to come to you. We're just waiting. We're GONNA source the perfect. Let's go. Ready is lie there is not Mark Roe can I tell you the idea? ooh. Yeah. Yeah. So I WANNA make it about you. About listener because we're all so interconnected more than you'd ever know. And I want to call it drew and you. And I want to bring on an expert. So let's say Angie lease the expert of helping entrepreneurs established business and really grow and scale and become. Better business people. So with that being said, I'd interview for about thirty minutes and then I would bring on two or three guests that have problems relative to you, and you would coach them on my podcast. Happened that'd be fine. That's cool. It's different. It's different. It's gotta be different. You have to be different and you have to put the listener I. It's about them. It's not about me not not beating my own drum over here listen to how cool I am how many hacks I have or how much money I can make like, right? Yeah I think that's the biggest advice that I give to creators is make your show. Thank your content about them so they can see themselves in you, but it's not actually about you. You got a message you gotTA DM too I read this recently. Crazy Woo instagram or like if you don't DM your people, you're going to be off the platform. Basically everyone everyone went shit crazy but. You you know what I mean by that. You've got it. You gotta give a shit about your people and really be in it for the people and there are so many influencers who are in it for the product and the only way to push product is too I care about the people. Can I give away some soul CD? Sure. Let's give away some WanNa give away your book. Eleven K. I. Want Eleven of the best comments in what you got out of this podcast with Angie. Ni-. When it's live, I post a photo of both of us on my instagram. And I'm GonNa personally by eleven soul cd what what are we should we give away tinctures? Gumy's what are your people like the most Shares Gumy's and tinctures will give away eleven, Gumy's and teachers your choice whatever you want of what was the biggest thing that learned from this. And we'll just let it. Let it rip what do you think let's do that cool I mean they're probably peeing their pants right now and excitement. Yeah we'll. Should we give away somewhere gamified to yeah we're at it. We should give away some chocolate goals, chocolate gold. So eleven chocolate gold eleven, soul CD Eleven, cars, and eleven. Martin's. Hanging. Out Wait cars, guys not yet maybe the future a future selves. Maybe, you and I will start a show together. We'll just cars and shit. I. Would Love to just have a job like my career just give away as much stuff as possible. Yeah. You have to tag Angie and me and it's going to be posted. To just have it on both of our yes. Grams tag me drew organic find soul just all crew you have to take your mom. Or the person closest to you. Okay. These girls are like. Right now.

Angie Lee Angie Andrea founder U-HAUL San Diego Drew Greens Energy Officer Senate facebook A. Stick Gumy Angie Lou CEO Michigan Cadillac Michigan flu WanNa
EP. 401 - Health Is Self Defense ft. Sticman

Mark Bell's Power Project

1:49:44 hr | 6 months ago

EP. 401 - Health Is Self Defense ft. Sticman

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome to mark bells. Power Project. PODCAST hosted by Mark Bell Co hosted by me and Myself Andrews. Zaragoza this episode was recorded on June seventeenth in his with stick man. stick is half of the legendary rap group dead, Prez? His a huge fitness. He created what he calls fit hop, which of course is a combination of fitness and hip hop? Therefore hop, he follows a plant based Diet and is a big advocate for living a holistic life. Stick is known for some of his controversial music. We talked about the debut album of dead, Prez. How wasn't necessarily received very well by the masses, but it was really really cool here in the history of how that whole thing came to be. How him and M one you know met. Met Up in college, and how they both were on the same path of trying to educate the masses, and really trying to get their message out to world. We got sticks opinions on You know the current events going on in the world today, so we did talk a lot about that. We talked about you know whether or not we should be defending the police We got his opinions on that and really the co-. The conversation just kind of always kept coming back to fitness Really cool to see that he's actually you know in the process of opening up his own gym and Marcus really wants to remind everybody that, just because you may or may not agree with some of what someone says doesn't mean you can just get triggered and start spouting crazy things on the Internet. Just listen. We're just having a conversation. We really hope you do find some value out of today's conversation. He said some very very. Very powerful and impactful stuff so again just have an open mind, and if you guys do like what you're hearing, WE'RE GONNA put sticks social media links down in the description down below or the I tuned show notes. Please reach out to guys. Thank and let them know that. You guys heard them on our podcast. Because this was a it was just an honor to be able to have stick on. On her podcast, I said it several times I'm I'm just a big fan of his. We've worked together in the past, so it was really cool that things came full circle before we get into the episode I just WanNa. Remind everybody please take advantage of Mark Bell. Dot Com right now. They are still offering a free thirty day trial that includes the paid site and the paid premium side of things which of course. Course, that's where he has can put up. Points on the scoreboard literally points on the scoreboard, a awesome motivational tool in a way to keep yourself accountable, but for the the extra premium side the extra more interest side. You can actually train with the team. Super Training If you're not in the Sacramento area, a will bring the gym to you. You guys can follow everything that team. Super Training is doing. The the whole program it'll all be laid out for UCS can train with the team. Even if you guys aren't in the area again, it's. Free, the only thing is, you have to register before the end of June? After that the thirty day, free trial will be gone. That's it for me. Really Hope you guys enjoyed this episode again. Please reach out to stick. Reach out to let us know what you guys think. And Ladies and gentlemen please enjoy the show with stick men, so encima him over still hanging out at the podcast studio. You have you ever done this? Isn't the studio actually the background of Zoom okay, that's that's a really really good back are. pixelated at all since they've done updates, yeah. I was thinking. Maybe you just never left. I just got the you know your background. Managers HD. I'm excited for today's Today's podcast. Man should be could begin. Yeah, the I'm really stoked. Worked with stick man somewhere around two thousand ten two thousand eleven. WanNa on a video that we filmed in. An Oakland? It was right after the the Oscar grant. bar thing yeah, so that was heavy on our minds and. Yeah so. But I mean first and foremost I would just been a huge fan of dead presence titles since their first album and what's like? You know how like when when you're at that age like you'll like that music more than anything. That's why I'm like the grumpy old man that doesn't like new new hip hop, but like that was like a perfect storm, because like I didn't like school, and like they had a lot of like political raps, instead of just like yeah man like to fuck school, and it was just like perfect, so that did not help my relationship with school, but When I got to meet him, talk to him about it. He's actually like such till. Dude, it's you guys are really GonNa like him. I mean it's a powerful to hear. At such a young age, he was rapping about these. The kind of matters that are like really front and center right now. You know he's been. He's been rapping about them for a long time and then. You know according to our information. He like wasn't allowed to perform like a school You know a function. He wasn't allowed to Do his song and. So he protested, and so did a bunch of other students, and that's really cool as powerful stuff you know especially if you're listening to it, if you were listening to him as a kid kind of knowing that he was that kind of person. That's definitely very influential. Yeah, so before we get any further This episode is sponsored by. Beef Yes, have any state yesterday. Had a three, three more three more burgers. My wife made a chicken salad. And I knew that the chicken salad. This wasn't going to cut it so. I. Eight three burgers while she was making that up and that helps a lot. We always we talk a lot about how good the Dan Burgers are on this on this show. I don't know what the difference is I. Don't know if it's because it's like they made the Burger. Versus me putting the Patty together, but for some reason those tastes a little better than me disarray ground beef, but it's probably just because I'm lazy. Go ahead. Now same thing same exact thing to that flatiron yesterday. I I don't think I can never deceit one at this point anymore, so double flat irons. They were just so damn good down I'm not sure what's what the deal. Is there the hamburger patties but I had one with a gun for the first time and I wasn't just anyone it. It was the the Hawaiian sweet roll you know. Great do when I say it it right into spoons all over our podcast right long. Stand up there all the time Up Not lying when I say so now that that that was like a little bit of a cheap meal, having the Bun and everything in that, but it did rival like. Your favorite hamburger restaurant right. But I would say even better like I just I know it sounds like like you know blowing gas up everyone's ass or whatever they say blunt smoke there you go gas you up. Kevin Far. Yeah yeah sounds like farting. Everyone's asked but do it. I was just like I sat there staring at it. Just like I can't believe it tastes this good. It was Is Mind Boggling for sure. So, don't forget about those sliders and Also you know it's. It's the time of year for some and so get yourself some hotdogs from Piedmont tease. Grams of protein ten grams of fat heck, yeah, for more information, please head over to Piedmontese DOT com. That's P. I e., D. M., O. N.! T. S. E. DOT COM at checkout enter Promo Code Power Project for twenty five percents off your order, and if your order is ninety nine dollars or more, get free shipping a heck of a deal. Sent this out. hotdog ratios and bat I was thinking if I ate what? Ten hotdogs, two hundred grams of protein, and like one hundred grams of fat. It's not bad. That's not good. Yeah, I know it's amazing I. Love Those hot dogs. As Though sliders are amazing to I. Don't know if like. The sliders are different, fat composition or something, but they're delicious to I throw them. I usually just throw them in a Pan, and then I throw a bunch of cheese on top of them, and then the cheese kinda cooks in with the hamburger fat. On the actual pan and it like gets like crusted over. Ridiculous good. So you're back in bed, Databa-. Mark Can can take the heat. I'm back. I'm back. Yeah, just for like a day or two in a hideout up here and then we have. Our team. Party. Wanted to come up here for a day or two and kind of chill out. Yeah, brought brought my son up here so. We're GONNA go on a big old fat. Walk a little bit later on today. Yeah just kind of kick. It got a Lotta days. A lifted involves at super training. Trained every day and Kinda brutalized myself for a little bit, so come up here and try to kick back and relax and reload, and then come back down. There again kicks more ass. I did full on Yoga this morning. Nice feel! Wow, yeah, you quickly realized that it's way harder, and but I mean I guess we all kind of understand that I think we'll. The three of us do understand that like okay. Yeah, it's. It looks like it's just you're moving imposing. It's not it's not lifting, but it's like it is hard especially for me like my week so in in some like the planking. Or whatever they're called like start shaking and it's like Oh shit like what's going on here, but just the way my back's been. Even that was like a strain at times. I know you're not supposed to strain, but like getting up off. The ground was like pretty tough, so. but I? mean it wasn't terrible. On a scale of one to ten, it's still low, but because of the like inexperienced that I have, and because it was difficult for me, it was kind of fun because like I did have a hard time getting through the whole thing. without like like you know. Oh, focus on your breathing and it's like I'm trying in. It's not working right now, so it was cool I'm going to stick with it and Yeah just try to get back strong in start feeling better again. Do Yoga with the lady, so she already had started working, but I just asked her for like a like a routine, or whatever and she sent me all up and I just followed it on the TV. She's always a few steps ahead of you know. It's like I'll never catch up no. Interested talk to stick man about. His choice of the things he raps about I think is is really cool. I know that he's he raps about. You know multiple things, but. Rapping about fitness and I, think rapping about you know a you know getting a new regimen getting into routine all these things I think are. Great it's motivational. You know and I think I think maybe people can use some more positively in their lives. There's plenty of people rapping about other stuff. You know that you can get. You can get. From them as well, but it's It kinda reminds me of I listen to a ton of his stuff. I'm not really super familiar with all of his work but over the last week I have listened to a handful of his things and it. Kinda reminds me in some in some weird way of like A A comedian that chooses not to cuss. You know to somebody who chooses to. Maybe slightly different route, even though I know, he's wrapped about inner city things and things he saw growing up, and and he's still wrapped about many similar things. I like that. They also chose to enlightened people with some different different style of music. Yeah. There so dead presidents I. I believe it's the first album they might have had some like underground stuff that I wasn't able to get my hands on, but the let's get free album. I mean it went against the grain in so many different ways I mean at that time. I, I know there was like socially or what they call them. Yes, socially conscious rappers or conscious rappers. But nobody did it on a platform the way they did. And like I remember that Album Lake I saw it on the shelves I bought it. And then when I go back to like Sam goody I if he has remember that store back in the day tower records to. I would see their album cover, and it would have stickers all over it, and it would say like due to the powers that be, we can't show our album, cover or something like that just like Woah. Okay, so they were you know not only. Were they going against the grain also like they were getting blowback from the stuff that they were talking about the album cover that they had on. So it was I mean like I, said only anybody else was doing it at that time. This was probably like you know thousand, maybe and maybe even. Know those about two thousand. and. It was just cool at. They just didn't give a fuck you just like. Nope, this is what we want to talk about. We could easily sell out. Go the mainstream route. 'cause they him and m one just so damn talented, but they're just like. Nope, that's not what we want to talk about. So, it's always interesting to me. When I'm rappers tend to like they don't do what's popular like like nowadays dig, thing, or the big thing for a while. It's been like bubble, wrap and so like when rappers still tend to hold substance you really had. It's really. Not Mainstream and it's not what everyone is listening to. But when a rapper chooses to forego that money for something that is really maybe not as much and tends to be a little bit less popular because that's what they WANNA do. That's where you have like a really really really interesting person. Yes, this could be the kind of stuff. That's transformative because when you're when you're down now. More than likely, not gonNA listen to something that like. You're not gonNA listen to something I like either enrages you. Or like moves you to be like really emotional, maybe in like a positive or stronger way. You're going to want WANNA. Listen to stuff that's like. You WanNA listen stuff. That's the deeper you know. Stuff does deeply rooted in into something and you know for each person at that kind of music. That style of music will be. We'll be be. We'll be quite different, but you know Rapping bow. You know like like fuck. The police type stuff like that that kind of stuff. know from Nwea back into a huge fan I love all that kind of music, but when you're sad, and when you're like upset over something, that's not the kind of music. You're probably GONNA. Put on. Darius stick what's going on man. So, brothers! Don't want. So, so it's more. What's your name in red? In same. Okay? So My name is Andrew. About two thousand eleven when you did a track with brown buffalo the Godson Remix. Yeah Yeah, so I was actually the one that film that video. So that was the first time you and I worked on something Yeah, so I'm grateful that you hopped on our podcast man. It's really cool to get to talk to you again. Unfortunately back then you know that was right after Oscar grant at Bart, station had happened. The laws in Arizona had just changed where basically you get pulled over for being Mexican, so a lot of the stuff that we were talking about in that track, unfortunately still going on today So, that's another reason why I wanted to get you on the podcast because you've been. kind of like a good voice for you know especially people in hip hop, but the black community itself also. A lot of people look up to you so again. We're just really grateful. The you spend some time with us today. Talk about current. You know situations going on with George Floyd and everything that's happening, but first and foremost man. How are you doing? That you know. I've been around this royal. and. I've been using lot holistic practices. This keep Ron. Same fraud. About my composer in the. And I'm feeling grateful for that. And inspired by our uprise, it's. Like we said I was listening to something you said May about three years ago, and you were talking about black lives matter and you were saying how you know. It needs to matter to the community in more ways than one you know it, it can't. can only matter in terms of a police brutality. It has to matter in people taking care of themselves and I can't agree with. With you more I, think in general, all people show a lack of the ability to really care for themselves. Really Take Care Care of themselves, and it's hard sometimes to identify with somebody who continues. Maybe somebody continues to come to us, and they say hey. Man Like I don't know how to you know I. Don't know how to get gained control of my diet. You know I don't know how to. Do this do that, but at the same time maybe every weekend. They're going out drinking and they're doing stuff where you're like. Will you know that that's not productive? You know that that's not a good way to show that. You're caring for yourself so if you cannot expand upon that little bit I, like I like like what you said about. How many people die from diabetes? Are Disease and things of that nature. The are I mean. Touchy ride because. But you just said is one hundred percent correct lighting. Beings. Planning ammos black folk by whoever. We. WanNa be about self kit. Kyrie in sub defensive self care, do no. Drinking water is something sex. Note is is. In oppressed situations right something that may be commonsense to a community. Lifestyle does familiar with these standards may may not asserted. Communities don't have the saying. The information access to certain resources, and then on top of that a lot of the cultural ways. Press people cope is through Dave. That harmful. You know but it, but it gives us escape in in in means. So I totally agree with what you're saying. A respect to this time you had to put it in concepts you know is one thing of I'm choosing the eat greasy piece of banking in. In. Arteries versus in a release is choose the blocked off. Suited for dance, so but yet it is important, and that's one reason why we do what we do because there is no separation between you know. Our our right for justice freedom in pursuit of happiness in August, this was supposed to be about and on ability. Sell Kit Lifetime. That's the only chair we get you know me. Is Self Care Anyway, so while we wait on government or who else did it? I think is good. Agency is good. Be Proactive. At least take care which you can take a daily basis, yeah! Yeah like what you're saying right there and. It's important to be mindful of some people are trying to survive day in and day out. Some people just have A. They start out life in a different in a different spot and as we have seen. Time and time again with black individuals in particular. You guys are kind of your your set your set back a little bit. You know your. Your every day is a little bit harder to to climb forward. And when people are, try answer survive. It's hard to maybe think about the gym, or maybe it's hard to think about you know proper ways eat. Maybe somebody's not even has just never even learned. Proper way to eat, because it's just not in that particular community, but I think guys like yourself can help change especially with the stuff that you rapping about and and promoting a holistic health. I know that you have also changed up your diet. You're on a Vegan style diet. Is that right? Well, that's what I'm probably most non-fox, because my my wife's Tristan and how I kind of guy on the. Going plan base ten years. So. Could start. Advocate plant based on the L. D.. And in so modernity, but I don't consider ourselves Avilla. How for a lot of reasons. And on. One thing fits all type type thinker. Right I think that. There's how ways that you can eat meat, and and our balanced diet is healthy ways. There's unhealthy ways you can be. Plant based in eat French fries in Solo. You know asked US plant based, but is not held so. And I also realized that we eat different diets in as things change lives. We all a grown man. He same thing as a baby. You know elder. It might not eat the same thing as Michael Jordan you know is it depends on who you all your activity your even your cultural DNA matters a lot of. Folks that toast in Thailand. A lot of European descent people doesn't. You know. So to advocate one diet is not what I want. OUT LEAVE THAT HOLISTIC Nutrition is something that anybody can apply and you can kind of experiment in Five was working for you at this period in your life on. Just keep keep. In A. You know yeah. I was curious about something and especially with everything that's going on right now. George. Lloyd, Brianna Taylor all those types of things first off. These types of things has happened to happen for a time. I think one of the reasons why it's spreading right now is because number. One people have phones media spread is much larger and then also people aren't. Like the people are stuck at home bright, so it's like the perfect storm. For a lot of gangs exactly a lot of things will be brought to light and for people to pay attention to it, but when you look at you music. With a DAD press like even from a while ago. It seems like that music was it was relevant then, but it seems to be even more relevant now because everybody's eyes are on these situations, so I was curious like. How does it? I feel like have that music last so long terms of its messaging it Kinda almost. A kind of almost as it's Kinda sad that the message. Is still relevant. I feel exactly I. am saying will you described so tedious? L. Fortunate that I saw like police state right can can beat one of the most relevant sauce two years, let. It should be a museum somewhere like remember when he was ignorant and we grew and. Now here. Everybody's healthy children all. The reality is when we were Spearhead this kind of consciousness right the industry of music in the integrated. Society, itself. try to put us in like a out coup bag. But what you're what you're talking about his Ratatouille, really justice in the United States is radical really. Revolutionary ideas in this country was founded on America Revolution. Not Be. Exploited Britain right not. To tear. Any of you know other people will be right to pursue happiness that have free. This is all we were talking about, but. because. We're black, right and because. Real Freedom and justice. Is a threat to. Tasted oppression in which is really foundational. We live in this country so. To See twenty years later you know on. Had relevant. I'm inspired by, but I'm worse by by. In, the new young people to millennials who was like screw listening some rat, we streaks we you know we. This is the principle that did that. Is Always now. I mean Seattle is like we don't hold his block their Minnesota revived. We don't need police going to do some different. Public Safety, we all get the community all. Why does the? If a mental health person with mental health issues going on, why does the Armed Police? brier domestic violence cases craft wise wiser police on showing people instead of a marriage house. You know what I'm saying like is is different ways to live and I think this generation is is they've seen at a heard about it? But when it hit them, they reacted. They responded, and now again some unprecedent unprecedented. Moments of clarity you I mean so me every day I wake up! The one I woke up more in. California voted for. Forget it so many what it was like I never thought I would see that. About every constantly remember this edge. There's. A new. Results. From, people being fed up into odd what she said. Not only. Is it that we have phones? Not only. Is it that we're sitting sitting idle largely right, but it's worldwide. Right when Rodney King got killed, it was the United States. It was La. Then was United States. When when? Abner Louima. Rate with the plunger by police win shop belt got shots it to. Win This this is my my era right, but these same names now George Floyd on armory Brianna, Taylor. You know in some in the middle, and it's all about when it was happening that it was a US thing but Joyce Floyd in the modern lynchings right now the world spot you know it's a bit in human. History is the biggest worldwide police brutality protests in history. Has Happened in twenty twenty and this is the twentieth anniversary of our. Free so what? What? What a? World let's. Let's actually get free, you know. What do you think are some possible solutions to The situation with the police with police brutality and I hear people talking about defunding police. Some people are saying hey, need to fund more need to educate them more so that they can. have better training and various things. What are your thoughts on that? Well I think. We'll ask for know. Their experts who studied sociology? Science. Law Enforcement and you know all these. Ideologies and Danes, I would defer for a comprehensive I think those people put put together what we already have though. My opinion is more of I think. Collectively people have the answers were individually we have you know a piece? Being Aung so I stayed at humbling to say this. So definitely I feel like giving police more money. Is doesn't make any sense. Given police. Even more training. Right doesn't make sense because. About what you're saying when you say we police, we know police killing everybody chilling black phobes and all the people left right. Being the MR, even if a person is co guilty you're. Doing. The job of the police did not killed. But we are all that. Add as a community so to say. Oh, you had more training. You know you're not supposed to choke that man like you. Know what I'm saying I. Don't I don't feel like Lack of training. Lack of education is is the racism is the impunity within a greater system that can happen and they have nothing. No, they could get away with they. When? On Body cares you can. You can't buy five candidate Watson on the body chance. You know what I wanted to quit I must education. Lead you know like it. None of this is atten. People like George. Getting murdered, so I think like of many other people think. You can say this bureaucracy called a police. Is is default. It is not working. It was it was set up. It'd a saying catching. Institution and is not rehabilitating people. The prison industrial complex is data is horrible it. We want to talk about police. The let's start talking about the conditions in prison in inhumane treatment in the railroad in in criminal corruption in that whole equation, so you do away with at hold department and you say. How can the community? Make, yourself safe right with Allah. Oppressing itself right, and in making this a whole lot of ways to a militarized as structured whole lot winds. To deed criminalize a lot of things that have become criminal. So I. Think the the the smart people in. The room are starting to think along allies and eat, and even the more maverick Osu Castle. In even certain governors, certain places ought to say look. We don't move this money. From the Police Laughlin toys preventative things and more chair minded days Oughta Start and we'll we'll see. We'll see. When did you discover that you might have a voice to speak out on some of these topics? When you know you're in a, you know you're pursuing goals of being a rap artists and looking around. There was gangster rap, which encima has a really good take on, but then like when let's get free came out right like. macy rap sounded nothing like dead, Prez. So, what was it that made guys go that route versus the mainstream route. So Way Before Dad Prize but you know professional group. Kitchen me right I'm in. I'm in ninth rate. In! Will Call Account. Brian this is a thirty miles south of Tallahassee Blunder, capital flow. I'm going to his high school. You get off the bus in sidewalks you go into school. Mix Ex this and has caused as confederate flag. This is this how we get to school every day you walk across the confederate flat? And this the type of Mentality surrounding my high school right so just so happens I have been wrapping up fan of big daddy chain, all original meaning battling beaten. They're buying. Right on one. What a what I am talking about nothing significant nutting substitutes. Talking about how nice I am on. Am One. What this teacher named Miss! Who had a natural style? The only lady outlook is in my family and stuff that had natural gas dowse. She stopped me in the Hallway Wall as rap. On. Talk. Seal known about rapid seeing of standing over his hip hop. In laws are short, she she gave me. She said. Do you know this is the first year in history? That there will be a black history assembly. A moment to acknowledge history, and also what's black? His right this how this is on! Sin Song sees like seeded y'all donating. Again. So she gave me some books. As you, could you ride around about your history I'll let you perform at the assembly and you can do monitor your battle raps. You know you WANNA do. So House, like Deuce, associate, real, quick and You know, and so I was in no problem not s amounts. Law Stories shore I'll start looking up on. A C Hewitt new. Norway, who is you? Go down that radical Malcolm, let's all these union leaders Toronto people I never even heard an talking about the issues going on, but I never saw like a neo intimates. And I'll write this song called. Black Zakian right in a moment. I'm black gave not this black. Give out black on black right and you know just now pass. Iraq and I write this song about our history of stuff. Learn school out. For Zoom. buffing off center stage on hit on My principal school. A guy named wait nobles, who was the truck of my era? Cut Mike off. In the middle of Michael Forming, Walkman stage and start talking that we're not having that. Right now twenty twenty and we. We thought. That just we usually just is not be inserted right we. We spec no just. That's exactly what I expected in. What people stood up just like we did in twenty twenty and the kids was not had. Why he can't say it is true. Let's say no Malay. Every kid's wild windows skit broke all titled Senator Going Down and I'll be it. became a dissenter dissenter on a not intentionally, but I became the center of this process of this rebellion of this moment that I had the right to say what I was GONNA say. This was our assembly and we should have that right and the parents everybody in the whole community chain. Speaking for the impactful time. This was the stating moment in my journey. But I got dot in violence unity because I got kicked out of school. In that, you're expelled so putting community groups adopted. The Nation of Islam. The church the Baptist Church the. Greek organizations the atlas shields. Street, Dad's, you know. Everybody. Community was not all that world is not brother, and you're welcome here to learn to be supported, and that obviously made me realize the power of you speak, and you speak to the issues in the community at a powerful in his needed to put voice to two issues that don't have a West so dash eight Ma. Ma On. Revolutionary Mentality early. And then I, and then I went in that process of being incubated with different groups and eventually joined a rebel organization. Call it African Solstice Pie. A member of Political has changed this security. BILL ON IN CERTAIN REAL ESTATE WE OUTCLASSES MAW Shaw. You know etcetera Saturday, and then I met in what? He was on the same shit in in. We organized with years. Oakland slower Saint Petersburg, and then we say us. So just you know a lot. Just as a I came from those way before music and. And That was the mission. Let's give free was to be the PLATTE voice for those platforms you know seems. Seems so ridiculous to be censored during black history month. Rapping about. Happened about black history, but times sometimes like ridiculous behavior sometimes leads to better action like what's going on and Chas I. Think some people look at Chaz and they're like what the hell is going on like. This is complete madness, but. I will. You mentioned in earlier about You know freedom in the way. The United States was developed in the first place. a lot of chaos, and a lot of crazy things were going on. People were fighting. Each other people were killing each other. Unfortunately, so you know hopefully at some point you know. Some of this chaos leads to US correcting old errors, and we just stopped making stupid. You know same mistakes and. Hopefully other twenty years from now and I'm talking about the same thing. Right I remark Mary. And it will it will I think that the human journey is Lucien. Definitely a boy can be a delusion, but. I'm missing a hopeful that. And I think we are I really do think even in fact that we can have this conversation right now. You know two years ago like? That would have been a chance you know. So you know progress. Also because. I, stop. We already kind of touched on how you like yourself. There's guys like most desk to again. As I listened to most qualley in common, those are a lot of artist. I listened to you back then, but you were also part of that are those individuals that had a lot of substance to the winger, Iraq, right and obviously there is also the gangster rap side of things. About gangster at is that it was more popular right so. This is necessarily correct, but. The reason why I thought about this a lot is because Gangsta rap is what a lot of people saw as okay. This is what black people are. The believes Blah Blah. This is what this is what they talked about. This is how they are, and it. Kinda even hit me because I have a lot of family in that jury once Nigeria when I was sixteen, go visit family right. And I was there for like there for almost a month and people could tell even though as Nigerian people could tell that this is a kid from America just because I walked in the way spoke only. Yeah yeah, but but but like. When I was talking to like younger kids and teenagers, they'd be able. Are you part of bloods, crips and stuff like that I'm like. I'm a Montana gang like this an but knitting is is like bats. What else people even in that country? Saw of what American black I was and I was just like Yo. If people in other countries think I'm already like that and they haven't even met me. I'm not surprised when people in my country automatically stereotype me for for being that way because of what they see on TV. So question is like how do you? How do you feel about that? That's a great point man and I witnessed that around the world and traveling it you in different places and. Why would be like without? Lie To. You like Hey. I'M GONNA. Tell you one time you know A. Heard hurt ain't cool, but. Yeah. It is I. Totally agree that that fits into a general possession of wet black community is but I also understand. Against Iraq and in his validity as awesome. And and where it comes from and why? You know ended up. Waiting shows the same foot. Call these because. Where we're at right in in what is is is also is connected to the conditions. It was you know end up. You know had. You know they had police. They haven't hundred miles have run like they had A. IT WAS J. Because La is king was gang culture, and and they capitalize on nat on reality, and in nuances in in in oppression, right? You'RE NOT GONNA. Monks you know in the projects just sitting in the products, this peaceful, just tolerating all coward. Mistreatment that's not. You know what I mean, so guests arrive Jane Voice to really what was happening on the street level, whereas before it had RV and hit up and in Gospel Music, and all that with with at like. That's the under bet. You know that we all have people in our families. Doing against the Shit, and all that but. That wasn't a public discourse. So so that familiarity that reality? Found his voice and it was important because that's who say fuck police and told you know no none of the positive rat. Talk. So. Even though I read that, but also may on saying dealt. Cool. Me With Easy easy is Q.. Had Star Jackets incur all? Everybody wanted to curl and star. Jackie, insult Jordan's and whatever it so get that you know. I mean you was willing to do it. But. We know that to to really to blame. Gangsta rap forwarded. Negative image of our community to no way. We know that. We know been promoting images of our community as negative as bat was as three fifths of a human being. SIS colonization, you know so gangsta rap is just a symptom of the cell hate in the corruption society in the first black salt. Our Rather. Gansta rap exists so that we could discuss it in unpacking dinner, sweep it under the rug. Just so we look squeaky clean. You know what I mean arrested a world, not as much sex. You've gone as far as getting arrested in standing up for your rights more than once. Can you speak about that a little bit because I find that I find to be interesting because you know. We know how dangerous that situation can be. So you figure have just been like hey. I'M GONNA. You know do what the hell to do. What the Hell you say, but you are! You're standing up for stuff that you you believe in, and then you Julia via e or being harassed. Probably I would imagine right. Sir. I'll definitely strive like no just growing black. Just being outside you. You gotta get handcuffs. You get you stop Frisk intimidated question, just just being black. In plenty of time. What I do not was. Still, get harass you still so at a certain point like does not going for like I don't. You'll have to deal with. It, you know what I mean. I got ownership on his, do you? Also you start resisting the intimidation for no reason and then I saw ragging disorderly conduct. Net that's the charge that. Out On. Because you, don't, you don't say yes. Yes A. Disorderly conduct name back jail Tampa. Fees or take please all. Osso but. Just early, young teenage then ask her to move in movement. I learned. That is your responsibility to stand up for your rights by you to survive like you got. Make noise you to get eyeballs on you you to make sure people are attention anytime. You the presence of police because like you said anything can happen in in in several situations. What went wrong? What? We were in. Downstream for March destroyed Crown Heights Brooklyn new. York black community. And we were in front of one of my friends. Is Building. We stand on students, and we're GONNA do a photo shoot I'll homeys came. We. Did He limps Amazon do? On our on our team and we. Are Getting Ready to give simple to take some photos. Okay, Collie CENA's gathering the beat cots was this is what? In a they they see us in A. So, we, we got protocol any interaction which all could end up in death. So I got Nutley Stern. You at all have an is. Is We're talk. We're taking care of business and win a little bit in your interrupted. Thank you buy. Those mighty. Need to any idea, I'm in the middle of my work in your interrupting necessarily know we. We squatted with police. We go out riot. Police crack, Mahoney had yanked out his head. We all hand caused we box and we was like. How did that happen? You know now now the Weei we sit in the outside and we being processed, and we go along shit in the mechanics grassroots on attorneys. You know that our comrades Avaz Whatever need we put a case together and we end on sort New York police if in dollars which we started with, we bought. All music equipment without to MSG Mick, and then the rest we bought out music. And we started makes take serious. Turn off the radio else. To defend the police along time ago. Pay For actual any time. What three or four police paper, so thank you. So can you explain what the? I guess I'll say rby stands for. AUTOPHAGY is an acronym. That is rare flexible. Right so it is is the simplest origin, his Marcus Garvey, creating a the ask deliberation flag in red, black and gray reps glut black for the community and grain foot. Lan in prosperity. And, so we you know that was assistant nineteen twenty. But in our era. WAS NOT. In markets. You know what I mean. People got was so we reimagined. Hacker we make that more appealing to where we from do so we put the red, black and green. We put Bandanna on allred and the. Black of the band on, agree, and we said this is our jeep this revolutionary but Jackson. This is A. Garbey, this is rice, beans and Greens. You know we we we we. Await at the coach hip hop. Our liberation and she'll. Make his hours making it make a funny in as the legal to rise on. A point that my brother. was making about gangster rap while always considered ourselves not conscious and not. But revolutionary but against. Is because simply, that's a revolutionary right. It always happen. Be Like Aren't Al Shit? destructors a revolutionary really just want fundamental change that power people right they want. The power in the hands of the masses of people control a lot. That's a revolution. Some people do it peacefully the AK whatever. Trying to. In. against. The gas is somebody who says look. My job was not exchange the corruption. My job is to. Dominate in. A corrupt environment right and not be Apollon, not your so the combination of that is we want change. We want positive change. That's the route loosener. But we recognize we live in a gangsta system. We live in and against the word that operates all gang law in gang tattoos. Police the military. The you know the races autism so we're not under losing. That is not reality is, so we began. You know that is common sense and you know on ultimate goal is to make to change it fundamentally. That's what we come from as. Young. What what do we know seventeen eighteen nineteen year olds? time you know. I've grown as individuals maintenance of. Father Two sons on. Husband twenty years this year. You know what I'm saying. Hello Kaz Transform holistic practices job I'm long distance running coach I. Meditate every. Normally so mob mentality of that range in outrage. Has has shifted. In recognize that. that. Stress in raise will will consume you I. Recognize Dot what what was fueling meter drink alcohol in try to be hired. We set an all arguments in just negative energy that come with being fresh debate. On in I've learned holistic practices so. Say All right now. South for autophagy span so obviously we can't read some bigger goals bribe. It became refined bill. Paying and so. Is A is a have loosened in progress. J. Revolution without evidence assaults obviously means the of things you people who feel like rb G.. Is You know their way? They see it in our mean an audio body. It you as I'm road, be True Authentic Mario. Sounds like working out and fitness has. Helped you to? Maybe, just think about your outrage a little bit more and then make make better decisions about like What's do about these situations right? One hundred percent because. Studying things like on. Religious Personal, whatever what? Things like Buddhism and things like on Taoism have been really helpful to. US Now you're listening to Alan Watts listen. That guy wants yeah. I dig that kind of stuff myself. You know it's like the Dow did changing the philosophy of nature, and how it works within our minds and spirit and body. Versus you send team. Another person got murdered. Your your pop on crack. You brought songcraft in you saw learn about Black Panther. They used to learn about. Make sure is smaller. Rebound admits in White Man's double. You know that's a whole nother. Perspective? Yeah, I mean. That Kim Kim. It can be empowering right. To appoint. But then you have managed that emotional atmosphere. Right in a lot of. The political `Isms don't really address the human mind human suffering. The you know that developed. The human development is all is on political systems. institutions and I felt like that was only half. had. It left me felt like well how to deal wit. How Michael Make relationship work. Right. Like how I want to be a whole right? I'm just ticking time bomb. Just ready. You know, spoil saw and I. Thought to be a follower elected? Already so? Taoism Buddhism. Just different on. Internal practices from cheap gone always different things manages. Made. Me Realize there was more. To. Solve this equation. You know didn't one dogmatic political. IDEA. You know what I mean. Also had real tower experience seeing. The difference between the ideal in in application of certain things, so where best political speech. In. How you treat in the members how how you interact in as a human being with people in in and taking care of people when they make certain sacrifices star seen, that is the same thing. Corruption is out here you all the way right on all the way less, but you somewhere. WHAT WHATEVER THE HUMAN CONDITION! If there's corruption possible, it'll happen. People people because we don't do to sell work. We don't do the inner work that makes us show up in a way. That team man does kind of impulse. installed. The long story short beaten ahead for me. Meditation. On of Meditation, a dedicated fitness practice on in my diet pattern more high vibration. Qods quality. Dad helped me. Get break out bat toxic trance. It doesn't mean believe we don't need revolution that we don't need justice that we don't eat change where the way I would go out. is lot more. I would hope lives I would hope. A lot more wise in a lot more of. Holistic minded on as opposed to A. A face that in not being able to listen onsides. A lot of times we're really charged by our feelings and only living in the experience, only living in that particular. That particular way that we're feeling is making us gravitate towards acting a certain way being assertive and having some more self awareness can really help I. mean you've ever heard someone say a man. You really pissed off. Go go smash a heavy bag. Smash, a heavy bag and you feel a little bit better, and you feel a little bit more logical, and somebody can actually now have a conversation with you about what you were upset about, and you can kind of work your way through it. In every level you know what I mean, imagine how a trial. fa-father don't find that that grits right don't find states right. How's the child will come up a new. Thought. Did hostile. You name you know what I mean how whatever vices I would have art. That feel I guess, nor would I deal with live. So the. Systemic oppression that I'm feeling and in autumn. Passing down through drew my habits and actions right so one of the things that really inspired me is that I can break. Right like I I can't change the whole. But I mean personally I can be as the best I can be for my wife sons. I can do. I can I can definitely do that. I can work on me. I can get off sitting or in really best parts are be for them into us. That's striking at the main. You know man that's that's game back at his shit, because if it seems like is setup to make our this. So if I can find harmony function in an excel based on me controlling myself. Winning even if the holy question is not solved, we still making progress, so that's what drives me everyday to the hit on miles when I wake up and it at bag when I need you to live. Without to. When I go when I when I feel like I need. Those very impactful. I think that's that's going to be something that everybody's going to be able to start implementing right away. That's so thank you so much for sharing that One of the want and ask is heavy like had any conversations with the current events with some your colleagues, because like I know like immortal technique has been speaking out a lot on Instagram, but I don't know I just wanted to like in my head. I'm a fan right so in my head I'm thinking like all my favorite rappers like they all speak on the phone or something like that. You know on their off days. So have you talked to anybody else gotten their thoughts? Actually I just did on route serve. A podcast and me me and tyreek blacked off in early We just chop it up like an hour. Another buddy a mile from A. Ban In. The medicine for the people NOCCO bear. A live on. On the. Talking to different hallways arrived, you know. But this ain't. This ain't like Oh. Let's our new. IS LOOTING ON WE'VE BEEN TAUGHT SHIFT YEARS! More often talk about being. Intentionally side I've been intestinal elite listening. Woods I've been in the forests. In water on meditate. In disallow myself space away from the chaos you know is. I'm about. Because I know if I'm not active intake kids staying at equanimity unanimity. I'm. GonNa get triggered. In right now is not. His. Cabinet So I've. Met. I seem certain Shit pop off. Lead to get him to force. ME. That's been really helped me. State rounded and when I do have something to say I hope that is not reacting. I'm not trying to add to confusion, not trump nobody do stupid, and I'm not trying to juggle body not to a stand up for justice. You know I'm. I, want people to be safe and I want justice to be realized. We share kind of what you just said. Very often on this podcast. When we think about when we talk about nutrition, you know we ask people. Hey, what triggers you? You know what trait what triggers you. What's a? A Food! That's a slippery slope. OPS can have a couple of potato chips and the next thing you know you're you're you're way off your your way off your plan? You know and. Think the same thing. People need to consider what they ingest from instagram social media. You know they need to say. Hey this they. When they get that feeling, they need to recognize that and say okay. This shit is triggering me. I need to take myself out of the situation. You'RE GONNA make a stupid post or you're GONNA. Say something that's this is you want to think about? How can it be helpful? Putting out there. How can it be helpful and maybe if you took your time to think about it a little bit more. Akwa something. That would be helpful. Exactly I'll be confusing to. Like when I listen to my old records. Every day. I'm seeing these means. Men going around this as a dad press was right about everything, right and not get it. I get what you're saying well. I don't agree we. Deference is not right about him. Saying with not today, right? We. We have a right to say what we're saying and since in San Speak. Front at that that is right, but it doesn't mean I'm right on day in a in a clinic things. Our approach different in our office. With hindsight being twenty twenty, so you know it's good to be silent and quiet sometime. Reflect in, listen in trying to get harder matter stategist create noise around yourself, so you can feel important at A. In defend trending. Martin since he got. Tell us a little bit about your your workout, todd, you. How'd you get into fitness in the first place? So. The big the big thing was. Like I certain ministries struggle. Matt, blocks, out, Holla. Wendy's Burger King. Chinese takeout all this stuff mega stress wake up one to Brooklyn. Ankle this big. Found out. At Twenty one twenty two years old, right? How hard I was calling and my the. Dot! Wretched prescription. Let's get you at the system. And Y, you know. Same same person. She. She, said like you. Don't you to not finance? And she said this court always, she said. I believe in the body's. Natural ability to heal itself in given proper. And I was like I trust you. GotTa, do she put me on a plant based green? Guy Did all these Kalanick's not fun? But I got rid of gap naturally. No medicines in out now I have this leg that I haven't taken for granted right because on live. In. Just. Twenty, one twenty two year old now got my leg back on regular. Chit Joe do everything and this'll happen knows a comfort. In Crown Heights on Fulton in awe. And I was like Oh. This is right on the block when. Two years banging out who come. From from Gal right in in that experience. was so powerful because obviously I had I had become disciplined to to show up the class. I had to not in class. I had work all my different Catis with the belts. In on Justin Pap Stamina in retraining. It just took over my life, and in our in our found like I really want this hard, a real light and disciplined out. Man I needed this thought doing research in on like rites of passages in in different. In, how young people young men particular go through or your tranquil bright to channel that rage at potential for destruction in a hotline is way and. I realized what Marshall would be. In so, so you know I was studying that about advocate coaches saw. As has. Come forward. That Africa got asked where everybody comes from. They had Marshall is. Do Research Foul Started taking that African martial art coach. Bruce Lee always been hero. Found out a Narsey which is like three train rise from where I live. Does Gee Kudo school I went on Baghdad instructor? He took me on. It was a really small highs Hans fuel class like eight people, and I was the new new and. Let me, take sweep the floor without without. Elastic, taking class in, G, Cuneo chain Martial art. For philosophically and Craft Weekly speaking and I've been you know. Our practice safer route metro for a couple years and then I moved Atlanta but I. The principles of autos. From in lab got went into Atlanta boxing with my side. Bang are boxing and in boxing. You GotTa do a lot of running. So, I started running and awesome level dash it to play by did marathons, and all that, and then I've got. TO BE A. Ryan coach with all our CIA. got. Old thing that I used to do in sticks was archie. And I just got real low ball. Stop Messing around in a buddy of mine was actually teach so I went through his training became our to and struck. And I just keep adding all physical. Challenges As a as a therapy keep me focused. Do somewhat all his energy. And I even a step in Uganda's world a little bit when I R-. Because I always been. Always, been on plant based y'all that stuff, so trying to gain weight, and all that went thing. I did experiment with my wife as nutritionist. Strip coats Scott settling. who was in powerlifting and he? He put me a programme together for training. She put Nutrition Gallon House, the Guinea pig. Gained twenty pounds who plant base no supplements, whole foods with the allergies and running chain miles every other day with three days of lifting in between gained twenty, thousand two, and a half months right in. That became this this book right here. Office is back with, but it's called. Eight plants lift higher. In on so that was me doing the experiment on on. If I. IF I add weightlifting on to my Reggie would still be pack on some way to finally get a little muscle. And Idea! Years us so muscles GONNA. I love that I love. That story I love so much of it came from you working on yourself within you know and I think that that's a great place I. Wish more people would start there. I know a lot of people I feel upset that they're heavier overweight and they WANNA make some changes, but I think if you work on changing yourself internally. The external kind of comes along with it as a as a reward for the hard work. I'm so grateful Bro Light. I wake up everyday. Joe, what's going on in the world? Are Grateful I tell them how the. I really realized. That I rich. Are Really have realized that in what I mean by that is I'm rich in essence of everything I've ever wanted a hat. Bill Wife Twenty seven years tool sons riot. We got a house such a chance Jason you know. Entrepreneurial. Cry You know I I say WanNa. Say in what I do I. Create Sore. The benefit of community in are being and. You know we can be richer in degree. But if fundamental things aren't missing than we all feel. That gap with feel impoverished in certain areas. When you have your whole wheel of life so to speak. Is At least this mid-east bucket. You, rich you know in. I hold on that. I can literally enjoy breeds. A lot of people feel breezy, but not realizes raising. What I'm saying. You know I decided on a site day when I walk in the woods. You know a rich land, so I really feel thankful. Grateful fulfill even otas plenty of work in and I know all of that comes through these practices, and it helps you realize on. The richness in Salt, dense. Internal space in everything outside of uses. This degree is. What do you think? What do you think the key is the whole all together for twenty seven years and also having two children Andrew is a is a rookie in this whole game and Seema still in amateur the Bush League still so. Maybe, you can kill us in with some. Ah, some good advice I've been married myself for almost twenty years. Salute Yeah. It. Really is is the two people involved bonuses is? Is An equation. You know what I mean like for for me and my wife. Is a genuine friendship. Like not likes is she's really my friend and we really were just best friend like when we first met. We just clip in a certain way. It was just a blessing and we've. We've had every issue imagine. I. Know, we've been through in. Go through. You know normal in relationship, but fundamentally we're best. It's and in through through even trail me. Domes infidelity in automate she. Saw believe that. I have more potential than I was living up to. An in at a certain point. I actually got humble enough to realize what I had. To. Actually be a man about word in my responsibilities, you not meeting in. She hung in there and. I caught up to Harvard serve. and. That's us in particular so for you know other people dead dot Narey may be different, but for for for me as it is you grow if you continue to grow in, your spouse continues to grow. Bexley Java like? ME IS GONNA work. Yeah, So, we gotta get down to Super Training Gym. That's that's our gyms the strongest Jim in the West. It's the biggest freedom in the world is absolutely free to everybody to come out, but we do. Yeah, we listen to the workout especially in the back of my regimen. That's like my like I mean I every day. Listening to that gets me focus back on what I need to be focused on as far as you know back on. On my weight gain back on my discipline I. Love that because I'm Gonna I'm GonNa, Echo more you know more obviously my whole life, too, and I was looking for it, but it. It got packed up, but actually bought your book back in the day, because I was I was lost I didn't really know what Diet I wanted to to pursue because i. just there's so much information out there some like. Let me see what sticks up to, but. Yeah the workout to. Do you have any new music coming out soon? I just dropped workout to February. Right when a pandemic. Out To drop, so you know. That was out. That's my latest project. I'm working on some some days with Some books and actually. A gym space on in Atlanta. Is kind of a radical approach to Jim. so yeah, but yeah. The latest music I put out was workout to. And I did is partnership with Larry. I worked with down from from China, tom on different creative things. And they The project was called experience Woodson's for people who own notice what I call a my John Rowe newsy. Glands hip hop without living, and so we told his story in. Dot. Codes remind table. About this young girl. Who was is fourteen years old. Now seems channels. You started boxing and she wanted about boxer. Dan was also like curling boxing. She did it anyway in in now? She's twelve times national champion. She. Just made team USA what Olympics as? Bad Ass, and she trains the mob meals, so we got kind of terrorist story. In. In in in promotion of the album, and just spread world, set up, you know so, we doing those kinds of down working right now with a direct on this movie called. In a about a refugee name core maker who? was literally from his from the Sudan in A. Camp escaped any became in Olympia in his is. His journey not got a lot of running songs. We. Try to plan these worlds together and creative so. Sometimes think about some of these lyrics like when you're training yourself when you're exercising yourself, you're like I. Need to put that into a song, because like. Maybe maybe you lost a little motivation Mike during a particular workout. That's exactly how fit how is made like I'll make a beat. And then I'll be like I. Repeat is ready. I'll go rain because I just chop in playing around with sounds getting a feeling motion. Dan Gaza okay now. Let me make a three minute sequence or the a thirty minute. Just repeat it all. Right so now in in Rhode. In catastophic pure. I Dunno at Israelite you. You'll start with fifteen pushups to fourteen. Ride, so output beat. Song is a met it at. You know I mean if you will play a 'cause you so. If I WANNA Colonna. Running lifting without I would do it to be, and then I'm like what what changed him. You know you know you know like the song back on my resident. was you don't mind his infant. My train of Scott. You sits out we is. This is what lips. If you. Too Heavy you. You Ain't into right frank. So little deathly are limits. Come from I. Tried to put myself where I can get insights into. The Ryan. Music and Fitness all these days audie stays on. There's a certain part of it where we don't control you know what I mean I'm not Rapid Adam. Same Ohio. Let me. Let at I'll more like I put myself in space as open. That welcomes that creative Dana happy. And? I made sure I wrapped shit count. So! I'll take notes from the spirit at as what might move me or Somebody else in an check every time I released the album on testing. People say. that. That's. Like. Train to that I'll learn like okay, but so far people have been like. You know Iran married Shit you know so. Yet man I believe it comes from the spirit in I. Just put myself in on a beat on and put myself in activity messages cops. Yeah. Let Him. I wanted snow because you mentioned that you're opening gym and it was a radical. Take on a gym. So are you able to talk about what that means or is that something? You're keeping routes right now. What could I say? I'll I'll say they say think outside dots. Say That raised. Saying that you know. No obviously breaking the glass ceiling, you know, say stuff like that. But if if you know me, I like a loud outdoors I love being outside, so the concept Jim is like. Beyond, the doors. In on. This kind of radical innovation on it, so obviously I wanNA I. WanNa present before I. Start Talking about it, but I'm so excited I. Don brought it up, you know. So we We purchase some land purchase three acres in southeast. Atlanta Lakewood. Residential area. We. You know obviously that a him. Can Be so much more than a place to lift weights. Thank of list you? And you saw. Can Be lifting rebelled jump might be. But I think sometimes the culture jams emphasizes. The physical. result. and not necessarily holistic. Nurturing Yourself People will do anything to get that. Your chest swo- do do. Anything I could say. Look. Don't know your genetics your work at the. All of this is. You know look like Ula. And I think that comes with culture a gente lights. In too much, and so I feel like in order to. Have a different effect. You actually have to create a different atmosphere. A take people down box. He's still be strong as an ox with you don't necessarily have to be inside a box. Saying talk, so we've been working on it for a couple years. Developed, an idea. And how to make the business of it? Makes Sense 'cause I'm interested? How you guys have a free gym. Like how how does that were young business? Wise, you know because. It doesn't really work out great businesswise, but you know I. I created some products. You know we'll I'll have Andrew it'd be get in touch with you. through the through some email and we can send out so products DC. You can check them out, but I created a product a long time ago about ten years ago now called the slingshot. It's a upper by device for like push ups, bench press dips, things like that, and then behind that we create a bunch of other products like knee sleeves, elbow sleeves. Wrist wraps all that kind of stuff, so we'll send some out here and that's how the gym is free because I've had some great customers over the years. WHO enjoy the product people share the products. People are excited about it, and it helps people so. I've been very fortunate to be able I've always wanted to have a free gym since the time I was a kid. I started going to a gym, not being able to afford the GM trying to sneak in all the time without my without a legit membership pretty much ever. Always wanted to open up a free gym and when I was you know had the ability to I? It's something that. Just, Kinda called to me so I wanted to do it. Does beautiful. On this. Look. Cool Kumai, man, where can people find you? Where can people find out more about you? So we are in digital space, RPG FIT CLOUD DOT com website on. On instagram long STI. Check. You follow me, Serc. We, work. Are, you still getting some of that mailbox money as its money still coming in from some old music that you did use getting some residuals checks especially with like you know all stuff that's going on now and people saying that you guys had it right from the beginning. A man. I love it added. Back Now I love it. Thank. You so much for coming on as they've really appreciate your time. Oscar said she got mad. Pace for having our best y'all stay safe stay saw. Thank you so much, thank you. Stick man. I remember I. Think it was like. He was on Joe Rogan news talking about mailbox money coming in. This residual Jackson mei-chieh tunes or something from selling music. That's gotta be pretty cool like. Like! We've been talking about you know. He made music twenty years ago. It's still has a lot of relevance today. So I'm sure there's a lot of people that are a lot of people are just researching stuff in general, you know what about race and racism and you know how to how to deal with it better and stuff, so I imagine yeah. People are probably checking out his music. Yeah, he has a lot of powerful stuff, but man just such a cool dude I think he said some really impactful things on this podcast. I'm glad that we finally made this happen initially. I think it was back when we first started having a bunch of like people from Carnivore Carnivore community and I was like man. We don't have any good representation of a plant based you know. Athlete in is no looking at some of the videos Danny like stickers jacked like we should probably reach out and he and his wife have a podcast, and of course she's. She's the nutritionist, so we try to reach out to see if like like. Are you going on tour? And you're going to be in sack like let's make this happen. And then of course everything with like Cohen, and it just didn't work out so to get them this way. It was really cool, but could have them in the gym, getting a solid workout. People are listening to this. You know I know like we're not always GONNA all agree. Even the three of us aren't gonNA. Agree on stuff and sometimes when you have a guest on. Maybe. There's some things that someone says all we're trying to do is. Give people a voice. A let people talk You know all the stuff that he said today is is is his opinion, and I think that and all the stuff I say you and also says Andrew says it's just it's just opinion and we're. We're We're just trying to. Let out some of our thoughts about you know. Some of the things are going on in today's world whether it be covid whether it be a particular nutrition idea or whether it be. Talking about race you know I think this is important in like people are like. Oh, it's virtue, signaling or what? Whatever they want to say, but but I. I personally don't believe that there's anything wrong with highlighting a problem that's been around for a long time and actually so what if someone wants to call it? Virtue signaling? I think it's Ok to say hey. This has been a problem for a long time. Let's put this like front and center. Let's talk about it. More get people to I. Think a lot of times. It's hard to have good perspective. You know from somebody else from another ethnicity. They might say something repeatedly. We repeatedly heard the same thing. From the black community for a long time, and for whatever reason it just Maybe. People were maybe people were hearing it, but they weren't truly listening and they weren't. No one really was making any steps. Towards, anything different, and so when we have some guests on the show, and they may be talk about how they're in favor of defunding the police. I don't think there's any reason for you to get triggered about that. I think it's just something to be to to think about. Maybe maybe he does have a good point. Maybe we don't have good solutions at the moment and maybe bringing up something Maybe burying up pay like maybe we bring in the military versus. Maybe we don't have any place at all. I think it's good to think about both of those things. What would it look like you know, do we do? We want people you know if somebody goes through a stop sign? Do we want that person to go to jail? You know because they went through the stop sign. Do we want the person to be prosecuted at all that? We want the person that you can think about it like let's. Let's think about it because maybe now is a good time to discuss Reform of of what we once had you know in the past? You, know especially like with what he was saying from defending the police. I WANNA say I I don't necessarily think that that's the answer, but you know you gotta understand when people talk about that idea like mark said it's a good idea to try to maybe try to envision what it'd be like. Maybe try to understand why people are. CNN posted some audio from a former police chief that was talking about how when his precinct hats hit quotas, former police chief how they would purposefully try to aim for young black men, because they'd be easier to pull over and they'd be easier to help them hit their quota of tickets or arrest that they needed to get and this. Quota in Weiser quota. Why is there a quote night? And now you see like you can't. A lot of people try to just say we'll look at the statistics. Statistically, this doesn't make sense we'll. Statistics don't actually always reflect what may be actually going on to. Some statistics may be wrong just like when you see. Individuals falsified police reports, and you see what actually happens. You got imagine that some of that probably does happen in the system too so. Again I. Think Jock like yesterday. Jaakko was on Rogan and there's this snippet that he has a very informative piece of content where he talks about giving the police. Actually more money, but he goes about it in a way that I've never heard. Anybody actually talked about ours. Recently with facts for example lease only get what to four hours of. it's like a sensitivity training potentially a year whereas Jaakko in the military like they have to have eighteen months of training before on six months. Point right so so that's something to think about like these guys are literally are not getting training, and that is where you could understand where stick comes and he's like. Well shoot. We've been doing this for so long and we've been doing all this training and nothing's really changing. Why are they here? You can kind of see it even if you don't agree with it. You can see where both sides are coming from. Imagine if it was your job to squat, and you'll only squatted for a couple hours every year. Was Your job to bench press, and you only bench press a couple times a year, and and none of this is an attack on the police. At all either I have a lot of friends that are in the police department, and I have great respect for anybody that wants to do that job that is, that is a you know. I don't think anyone's GonNa argue that it's it's really really tough job. I just think that it makes a lot of sense at the moment to reconsider I think on the Joe Rogan podcast with Jaakko willink which she got should listen to. highly recommended is three hours, but I think that you should dedicate the time to listen to it because they talked about a lot of things that made sense. They talked about a couple things that maybe didn't make sense, but they talked about a lot of things did make a lot of sense I feel like especially when it comes to. The police department. Or police officers general, just having like more training, and it's not more training, so they can beat up more people's not training, so they can kill more people. A more training, so they can have de escalation training. They can communicate with people better Maybe they have more more talks. More calms isn't get together more and say. Hey you know. We gotta be out there in the community and we got rather than like knocking on people's doors, and saying hey, going on in their kind of thing or or being frustrated with the with people in the community. Why, not walk the streets a little bit more? Why not? Communicate with people more, and now you know you know you know the neighborhood cop. You know the neighborhood police officer and when he sees you. May Be doing something that you know you. Maybe you're not supposed to east. Lake Dude come on. Like I. Know Your Dad. Mike I! Know your mom like. Dude? What are you doing why hanging out with these guys like you know better than that? That's different right than you know chuck and somebody down the ground, and and doing you know whatever whatever the hell spin going on, and so I think you know it's just a good time to really consider those things, but yet Jaakko had. Some really fantastic ideas that I don't think would be hard to implement. Zoos is a really really good, really eye-opening podcast. In terms of the things that he was speaking as far as funding the more, so they cannot so they could actually become parts of the community when he was saying that it was making me think of. Making police more like teachers like it really just makes me think of Oh like your sixth grade teacher. You know who she is. She knows who you are. She knows your parents. It's almost like police become kind of like that. That's going to take a lot of money. He'll bring bringing up. Teachers I think is is a really good point because remember when you had a a substitute teacher and that wasn't really well respected. Like remember remember the actions of the classroom you know. Right like an I I mean I I've had teachers we've had I've had. I've seen teachers cry. You know in the classroom because they just can't get. They can't get the students to pay attention to listen you know. Somebody's shooting a spitball across the room. Someone else throws gum in somebody else's hair. Whatever the hell is going like this craziness going on in the classrooms, because that particular teacher doesn't have enough training, they don't know how to gain respect from a I mean, and how many teachers have you had before where you're like? You do not mess around and this person's classroom ever. You know you, don't you? Don't take that risk you don't you? Don't mess around the seat to see what this guy's made out of because you know that. You know that he's GonNa. Take Command of the room and he's and it's not like just a fearful thing. It's not like not like you've seen. The teacher beat the shit out of somebody before. It's just that the command, a certain respect, and most often those people either had or background in in sports, or those people had a background in like military, or they have some other type of training, or they had a physical presence. Maybe they work out and you're like I. Mean I remember I remember having teachers that that lifted you know. And they were. They were kind of strong, and that was thing as a kid, and we all looked up to we. We weren't gonNA mess around in that person's classroom and stuff like that so. Yeah! We're. Talking about you know about like knowing names, and they know your parents and whatnot everybody listen can can relate to having that one teacher or that one Even. Security are whoever it was at your school that when he started to get in trouble, you can go to that person like hey. Can you talk to Mr? So and so of like? Wow was late or like why this happened or you know like you had some you had. An end can refer you or that can stand up for you, so it's almost like if you know a again, this would probably cost too much, and I haven't listened to the the Rogan Choco podcast, but like if there was like a like officer representation, not necessarily for each block, but like maybe like a certain. You know quadrant of a neighborhood like if you have an issue with whatever it is, you have your man. You have your your officer, right? You have you and have their number. You can text them whatever it may be so when something goes down, you can be like dude officer, so and so like this just happened to my friend. Can you check in and see what's going on, so it brings the anxiety down it. Kinda you know doesn't make it such like a like a pressure pot cooker. It can relieve some of that stress because. That that badge face in the name, and then they know yours. I think that could be pretty damn cool. Yeah, no one had to talk to people and knowing how to Just, take the anger rage out of a situation is is a huge skill, but a lot of times like the police don't have you know sometimes it's. There's there's. People with higher levels of of training. That have that type of you know that that have that knowledge to be able to negotiate and be able to talk somebody down. And not every police department. Has You know a lot of people at that? Can that have had that training to be able to assist? As so I, think it's it's. It's complicated. You know because I think in in some areas where they're going to pull back on police I. Think they may see. an uprise in in some in some problems, but in other areas. Maybe that'll be effective. It might depend on you. Know where you know where they implement some of these things and I also don't think like just paying police officers. More money is anything that we're talking about either. I, think they were just saying like. You know D funding them may cut off their ability to get trained properly. You know and you and you want to think about how. How can they get the best training possible and I think on the Rogan I think mentioned that police officer should be purple belts and I think that's that's kind of interesting, but some physical standards. At I don't know exactly what all those would be, but some physical standards and make some sense. Think like this yesterday because I was actually mom and I were having a conversation about this I'll just like you know well. When we think about a society with no police some would think that's a good idea, but that does kind of seems like a a remedy for everything just to go haywire for people who want to take advantage of the lack of protection in certain places, people are GonNa. Try to take advantage of that. Not Everybody is going to be able to be armed to protect themselves. That's. Probably in my opinion off best idea, but when you look. When you think about schools that don't have good education, while what do you do to try to help those students? Do you take away funding, do you? Do you do less because those students just aren't doing well or you give up on those students because they're not hitting. The standards at other schools are hitting. No you try to put more money into getting them better books into getting them better education. And getting them just just more resources, so they could, so they could achieve right and and do better and I'm like. I look about I. Look about the same way you look at it systems as far as we haven't far as far as police, it doesn't necessarily make sense to. You know, take money away. Don't keep talking about reallocation, but if we're really serious about trying to get the right people in the position in the job than a lot of structures do have to be torn down, but they need to be torn down and rebuilt not torn down and left there for us to have wars, policing and wars quality police officers. Would imagine to for the police department to be Kinda like audited or the police department to have its own police department. Basically you know who's policing the police, right? That's GonNa probably cost money you know, and so with this particular case with this particular police officer I mean. He was police officer for like eight years nineteen years. Something like that live very long time you know as anybody, check in on this guy in a long time I know he had A. Rap Sheet of Many instances many complaints. I don't know I never really looked into. How severe those complaints are or were But has anybody like you know? How do they do a psychological evaluation Do they check up on? You know his his last five arrests or something like that I mean. Some of the stuff I heard. Is that you know? He had some pretty severe complaints against him and so. Just kind of like like. Can you have you know some strikes against you and then, and then they re evaluate your position. These are all things that I I don't think are that hard to Get answers to you know and I I'm not a police officer I've never considered that job, but anyone who has done that job for a long time. More people that have. Been in law enforcement, they should be able to figure it out fairly quickly, I think. It'd be interesting if like even for just regular people to obtain weapons like a gun like you had to pass a physical test also because I was just. You know I know somebody. He's responsible, but he's. He's smaller than me and you know with all this. That's happening just like shit. Men should that go be able to have a gun like I know if that would be his first or second thing to reach for it. If he was bigger, maybe he wouldn't need to. Santa is just kind of crossed my mind just now, if maybe everybody that is carrying like if that wasn't there first option, you know maybe the handle somebody or some situation without a lethal weapon. I don't know maybe just. Maybe helped situation a little bit more as well but I know asking general public. Now. You have to be in shape to get a gun. My like freak people out to. You know when it came to the situation with George Floyd like I. I don't know what they did and didn't do. You know. Protocol wise but. From the videos, it doesn't really look like they. Looked like they took their time to ask Kim very many questions and it doesn't look like. They took their time to explain anything to him. when he's handcuffed and he is sitting down, up against the wall. and. He's on the kind of corner that street. And then when he stands up, they dislike Pulham across the street and they bring him towards the car. But you can see that he is like He. You can tell the. He's kind of pleading his case. He's like asking questions and I. Don't see their mouths moving all again. I don't know what happened. What didn't happen but just imagine if if there was a lot more communication going on I, mean not. Another stuff would have happened. You. Know if they said Hey, you're under arrest. Here's why it doesn't appear on. The video doesn't appear like. Again I don I. Don't know for sure. but just going into a situation and just using like brute force you know seems like. Seems like the worst thing to do and and it's got again. It's got to be tough to be a police officer because. You? Deal with so many different things. They're stretched so thin they have to. They're called for so many different things. I mean there They're stopping people for traffic violations, and they're also going to domestic violence disputes. They're also answering calls because somebody's just acting because a homeless persons acting crazy. And yelling and screaming You know they might have to. Answer a call, 'cause some kid through a rocket car. Something stupid. You know I mean it's just like the variation of different things that they have to show up to imagine. You know they show up to a situation and they ben too many situations that are shitty. Throughout the day I think something again that Jaakko brought up was like. Yup I'm about to go have a bunch of bad interactions with humans today like that's what police officers do. Like the the entire day. You know they're. They're not really called for anything good. I can't think of anything. That they're called for. I mean. I'm going to call the police and you hear people say it all the time like sometimes a neighbor. Say You keep that music too loud. WHO THEY GONNA call. They're going to call the cops which is kind of weird. It's it's kind of a weird system. Why why would you you know? It doesn't seem like you need. It seems like it's severe. You call law enforcement because somebody's music as loud, but I don't know who else he would call I. Don't have a solution to that, but. It does bring up a lot of interesting questions. They're also just may be stretched too thin on stuff. Yeah like I think you mentioned it like you said you know a lot of. People? That that have been former officers, and it's just like they have a very bleak outlook on society as a whole like they have very low outlook on humanity, because all of their interactions are having to do with something negative all day long anything about how that weighs down on an individual. They're not. You know they're not typically checked up on. They don't. They're not able to take breaks when they actually feel that stress and they just keep dealing with day in and day out. They're going to a lot of them are going to take stupid actions They're gonNA they're going to act emotionally in certain situations, they're gonNA act angry in certain situations, and they're going to do very horrible things because of the way that some of them do people. Stop put take on out of here Andrew. Thank you everybody for taking that today's episode Yeah who shot to stick man for hanging out with us today? That was really cool Thank you Piedmont's for sponsoring this episode. For more information on the please check the show notes and Youtube and facebook description down below Please make sure your phone the podcast. At Mark Bells Power Project on Instagram at M, be power project on twitter, on linked in and facebook. My instagram is at I am Andruzzi. If you want to talk to Encima, how could do so? I don't see many on instagram. Youtube ends in the. Talking twitter mark. at Mark Smelly Bell. Strength is never a week this week. This never strength catch y'all later.

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Episode 476  How Great Graphics Will Help Your Content Get Noticed?

The Bacon Podcast | Brian Basilico - Marketing Strategy Expert Interviews to CURE Your Marketing

10:20 min | 1 year ago

Episode 476 How Great Graphics Will Help Your Content Get Noticed?

"Everyone agrees bacon makes everything better, even marketing. This is the fake and podcast. You'll learn to cure your marketing Victor. Internet marketing online marketing social media tips and techniques now to help you bring more bacon hall master marketing, sizzle, Brian basilica. This is the bacon podcast. Welcome everybody. I'm your host Brian basilica in this is the podcast where you learned to make your business. Sizzle online. So are you ready to fry up some new business? Hey peeps. So something happened that has not happened in over ten years. My wife comes up stairs, and she's got this. Look on her face, like she's about to cry. She says, I broke my phone, okay? Literally, it fell out of her pocket and it hit the corner, and it cracked the screen. Now, I've never done it. She's never done it in ten years, high mature, a lot of you have done and have had to go have the screen Ripley's. So what you gonna do. I calmed her down. I said, it's okay. I'll just get the screen replaced. I go on Facebook. I say, hey peeps. Anybody in the area us in particular place. I got a bunch of recommendation. Check them out found the closest one got in the car and got the screen replaced, so while I was sitting there waiting they had this front display with all these broken screens. And I looked at it and I said, ooh. It's the boulevard of broken screens. Now, if you hear boulevard of broken screens, you think a boulevard of broken dreams, right? And it has so many different connotations mind, what I think of is the art, I think of that cafe. And there's one that has people in there and some have Elvis and other celebrities sitting in there. So, but it brings up this visualization, and the people that saw the broken screens felt something on Facebook when he saw that photo that I posted like. Oh my God. Been there done that hate it. You know it just but it decrease in emotion. So today wanna talk about graphics, and how they're important your content and how it makes people feel now if you've been listening to this podcast for while, you know, m captain typo, I suck at writing. Well, guess what? My art skills are not much better. I call myself the stick figure geek, yes, I have studied art, but have no talent whatsoever. I can't pick colors. I don't understand any of that stuff. But it's probably because an auditory learner. I learned to my ears. My brain just doesn't work that way. But I can tell you that the images that you use with your content make a difference. Now, keep in mind, statistics are made up to benefit the statistician and sixty three point two percent or made up on the spot. But I did hear something one time that said that having a good image will increase in gauge on any social media posed by about seventy percent. As a matter of fact, an Instagram it's one hundred percent because you have to post an image, if you think about a brand a brand is much more than a logo. A brand is the emotion behind what somebody feels and even sees. And tastes when the interact with your company on any level. So the way that you brand your images is important, the art that you post is like an emotional hook. It's like a course to a song. It also stops people from scrolling, when they're going through his social media feed, whether it's Facebook Instagram or Lincoln or whatever it also can build confidence or can confuse the message depending on how well that image Mary's up with what's being said inside the content an example of this is I put up a an article that I did on Lincoln and a couple other places, and they said, would you fly a plane that was on autopilot, from takeoff to landing in most people, you know would fear that to begin with, but showing the controls would know hands on their gives it lie. Life. And that's exactly what it did. And I had over a thousand people like that, which is pretty rare for me on a Lincoln post. So I could tell you that it works the science and the emotion behind. It is not my specialty just like drawing stick figures, but I do know good stuff when I see it. So let's kinda define out what you need in order to create great art. Will you need some skills? Captain stick, figure does not have skills, but you do need have some kind of design sense. So either you have to learn how, you know, images and graphics and fonts and composition and all work together or you're going to have to hire somebody to do it. Same thing was photography photography is really a skill how to compose in light an image. And then there's the technical side of things you have to know how to optimize an image, how to make it look how to make it pop where it needs to be dark, where it needs to be light. We're the fonz go. What colors you need to add to enhance it all of that kind of fun stuff. But let's say none of that as your strong suit. So you've got two choices you can eat their learn it, you can try doing it yourself, or you can pay somebody for it. So, again, it gets down to the time and money conundrum, right? So let's talk about the budget side of things. And let's talk about how to generate some ideas. Budget wise. One of my favorite tools is canvas NBA dot com. It goes from free to about one hundred twenty dollars a year. If you want some of the more advanced features in comparison with that the, the king of the hill is adobe, creative cloud Photoshop, those kind of tools, illustrator, that's six hundred and fifty dollars a year. Do you really wanna pay for that? If you're not skilled at it depends the other thing is stock art. You can go to something like pics obey which was just bought by Canada and use a bunch of free stock images Ned granted, they're not as good generally as say something like adobe stock, again, the quality of the images are just better in general. And they charged me thirty bucks a month or three dollars an image for ten images and they just keep building up as time goes on cannot, like roll over images anyways, I can use a mix of those depending on what I wanna do. The next thing is, you know, where do you find? In hell? If you need to sign you can go to five. Right. I've seen a lot of people go there and have decent results. But more often than not takes them more time to get what they're looking for. They might have to go to four or five people in order to get a good design out of it. So you may want to look at some other options or even ask some people does anybody know, a local designer pro and maybe work with them. But obviously, you know, a logo on fiber could be five bucks. A logo on the local person, or really good professional could be five thousand on up. Is it worth? It depends on your brand depends on what you're trying to accomplish the last thing is if you're going to work with anybody, make sure that you have a conversation with them that they understand what you're images, which are vision is. And if you don't have that work with somebody to design it in other words pay in advance to figure out what you want before you go higher designer because designed by committee. Tux. Let me tell you. All right. Last thing I want to leave you with is some ideas on what you can do to improve your graphics. One of the things that I suggest is creating kind of a catalog of things that you like I love Evernote. I can go into Evernote and I can basically grab screengrabs, and I can create notebooks and keep things in there. So that I have with me at all times, another way of doing this is using Pinterest go and open up, a Pinterest account and create a specific pin board for different graphic ideas or layouts or themes, that you like and finally use something like canvas to use some their prebuilt designs to maybe grab this element in this font in this image. So you can create kind of a theme or an image or brand that you like. So the final thought I want to leave you with is your image is your brand. Is it worth investing in well that depends? But chances are. Are your audience is paying attention? So if you found this helpful, I encourage you to go to Brian loves dot info on there. You'll find a whole bunch of products, coupon codes free trials that will give you the opportunity to give them a shot. I love them. I use them in only promote things that I actually use. Well, that's it for today's bacon podcast. We hope you enjoyed it, and learned something today, if you did, please go to IT tunes and give us a review. We appreciate all your feedback, and comments. If you have any questions go to WWW dot bacon, podcast dot com forward slash questions. And we'll make sure we get those answered for you till next time keeps sizzling.

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The Perfect 420 Festival LIVE! (w/ Eric)

The Perfect Package Podcast

1:35:32 hr | 8 months ago

The Perfect 420 Festival LIVE! (w/ Eric)

"Hey podcasts lovers are you. Looking for a story with drama helped me action. Schuyler becomes a problem. I'll handle them mystery. Who ARE HUMOR JOE? Many eggs in a basket one of them's going to drop out and split right open. Have I got a story for you? Stick Shift Inc an audio drama about life. Death and mayhem coming to a podcast player near you on April. Twenty six twenty twenty. Welcome to P three eight. Three five pigs to create the perfect packet. It's time for the perfect package. Podcast terrier hosts Chattan. Dave Welcome Ladies and gentlemen and the rest of you and anyone that's elsewhere on the spectrum Three the perfect cast. I don't I don't think you're allowed to say that. Sure I am. This is well. I guess you actually put it the proper way for twenty twenty six good. Yeah it's time for another perfect package. I'm Chad it is in fact you boy. Dave and we are joined by L. President Himself Eric Williams and we are live from Ms Pilion River brewing in Milford Delaware Broadcasting Worldwide. Labs all around here. It is there it is yeah. Yeah yea broadcasts worldwide via facebook. Where on the youtube tonight for as long as the Internet hangs in there because we are in the middle of a weather event. Yeah that's what they're calling it a sunny now. It's beautiful out now. I got a tornado. Alert went outside five minutes later was like I'm GonNa take my coat off. I know it's real nice. I was watching war of the worlds really and I didn't know it was a storms coming and I literally like looked out the window and I was like Oh shit. We're the aliens I feel like right now would be a real great time for aliens to show up and nobody would notice nobody. Nobody nobody outside. It'd be Chilin. Had the aliens would be like where everybody go. You think they just like passed by lake sums up the situation onto the next plan. Yeah onto the next so we have made a pack tonight that we will not be saying the seaward which one any of them okay so we are live here. Ms Pulling River semi social distancing. Good couple of feet. I'm I'm fine onto we're fine. It's fine it's fine good. It's all fine. Oh Man we've got a few people trickling in here on the Youtube tonight people are already going day. Believe probably my boy John. Oh Yeah it's Was was out here looking for shoutouts and I will do so. Only because he's got a new puppy and I need to go see that puppy soon. So shutout Janelle and also most importantly your puppy because I want to cuddle that thing to death. It looks cute your friend or the both both one big bed man. One big bed all dogs. Welcome so for those of you joining us for the first time tonight. Each week we have a theme and then we each have five picks That we will make draft style and collectively. We will create the perfect package. Yeah I did tell a bunch of my friends about it today like some more people than had previously known that I did. This have learned about this recently. And I had to assure a bunch of people that it's not about Dick's the perfect package Are you sure? It's not exclusively about Dick's okay. All right so tonight. We're picking the perfect Dick Package. I'm kidding no this episode will actually be releasing in our main feed next Monday which is April twentieth and yet to be exact and because of that tonight we are creating the perfect four twenty festival. I have questions already. Yeah off the top okay off the top. I mean there's a couple of things I we need to establish here one. I'm a good Christian boy and I never experienced these types of things so I just want everybody to know mine are coming from a place of I'm guessing are making lots of guesses here assumptions. Yeah lots lots of guesses So anybody who may be professionally listening. God Mom especially MOMS goes to for God These are all assumptions and guesses with You know if it's accurate it's only because I read a lot of books a lot of books. Some good Christian boy book of course We are talking when we talk for twenty. We are talking about the street drug known as marijuana that'LL PSA because we've read a lot of books. Some people might not be aware some people might not they like what twenty like your mom lake? My mom is an avid listener. I'm I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA put my mom blast but no no. She is not one of those people. She knows she's well aware. We'll just put it that way. Yes and nature. Of course of course needs a shepherd. Love You Bud. Shannon Khanate all right so I think to determine the order of tonight's draft. We should have a rollicking game of rock. Paper scissors played between the two of you. Don't best out of three. No just once we go we go onesies. Okay so one two three shoot we throw on she on shoot all right here we go rock just making sure. Israeli thing Chedda this game between men. Rock PAPER SCISSORS SHOOT ROCK. Paper scissors shoot. It is our Dave winds absolutely but as a gracious host. I am going to Because we are in your fine establishment and I'm sipping on your find beer. I'm GonNa let you choose where you would like to go in the order I'm GONNA choose third because this is my first time doing this. And I kinda feel what you guys are. GonNa do all right now. Do we WANNA go serpentine. Well here decide the rest of the trash I mean. We'll we'll explain that in just a second but what order do you WanNa go in? You're going last. We'LL START WITH DAVE. So Dave me. And then Eric is the order. And now a serpentine draft is basically. If you go last in the first round you go first and the second rally battling the NFL draft there you go if you choose that route in the NFL draft. Absolutely if you choose that route. I know you're an avid fantasy football player. So the draft thing should not throw you it only reason I watch. Football is because a fantasy. Football affiliates is a lot of people I feel like fantasy. Football is going to be bigger. Hit this year than regular football. I feel like this season is going to be a little goofy with people. Not Having time to practice SOC imagined social distancing with a football game everybody running around in circles not knowing how to tackle the guy get down just you stop. I totally would have got you. Just lay down right now football. You can't believe two hand touch. Yeah flag football might work with a six foot flags. It looks like one of those floor routines with the gymnast where they're just reading things. Ah The halftime shows the whole show. You say we gotta pull it back. People did not appreciate when we did that. A fictional football team that that's true or not happy. No they were not all right. So I'm going I it is. It is incumbent upon you to make the first pick. Oh so yeah I actually did have one more question. Okay so this overall just one very very important question for me is this outdoors is a festival festival. Or is this like it depends on if anybody picks venue fair enough? All right I see where your head's at I will leave it at that then and I'm going to start with my first pick all right now I went with the festival vibe. So I've been to a couple of different festivals. Of course years. Probably Not as many as you gentlemen you call me old. I tried to put it nicely but you know I see. The modern festival has like specific things to see in addition to the music and I definitely got some music here. Don't get me wrong. There's definitely music here but I also want things to do and more importantly I'm going from the Avenue of again assumptions. There are probably people out there who when they get a little altered they like to be. Obviously chill is a description I can use but Just kind of turned into the weird guy in the corner. He's like please. Don't talk to me kind of want to sit here and be in my head that's me. That's me every day so I picked a lot of things for those people just to make sure that they're going to have a good time and they can still participate So a number one on my list number one on my list is probably the most active of this and that's the take five lounge take but take five lounge. It's a break. It's it's so you would think so right so it is a little little is a little low-key but it's low key and also social. It's actually a little jazz lounge. Oh I get it take five. Yeah that's a Dave Brubeck. Think Dave Brubeck band. Take five if you don't know that song look it up. Take five Dave Brubeck Band Dane Lynn and men. Then men that one. Okay love that Song I wanNA little jazzy space for people who are like. I want to have a little class. What I'm doing right now. I was thinking a totally different thing. When you take five lines from like the guy who's been his mind is altered needs to take a break from the crowd. It has to go somewhere quiet so he can regain his thoughts. That's what people think. That's why the take five lounge is filled with really chill people. Because nobody's coming over here to get loud everybody coming over here to relax and they just got like a little bit of jazz going. It's smooth probably got a bar that serving some like bubbly water is something to keep you feeling good keep you hydrated but Take five lounges. Places sit relax. Have some highbrow conversation while you listen to jazz. Hi Bro I see what you did. There absolutely absolutely. I just thought that needs to be a place for people to just chill. Just show but also socializing. I'm with it. I like that. I also like this. I also do like the idea this outdoors. So you like you got your bar. You got your like couches and lounge space but this is open air couches outside outside hopefully take him in. So if it's in the take five land take five lounge. I like that all right so for my first pick. I I seems like a no brainer man It is the fourteen thousand festival. What do you need their food trucks? And obviously you're GONNA have food trucks so many food trucks almost more than anything else there because people are going to get hungry. Yeah yeah well yeah well. There's a lot of things that would make you hungry out of four twenty festival. That is also true. Here's what question Are these included in the price of admission. Or are you having to manage dollars? No you gotta man no. It's not it's not. They don't make much off of these tickets. They make all the concessions and whatnot. They gotta they gotta pay the entertainment so you need to. You know the food people need to make their money and they're gonNa make so much ailing they probably make more money off of that won't even if you're if you're a vendor right you gotta pay to get in there. That's also true. So then you got to sell your stuff like beer. You imagine a a open bar for twenty festival. Oh God Jesus all right. All right brandon would be working overtime. Yeah we know what to think about that. I think I might stay home on that one. You need some type of systems that people can like not have to think about it. Like I dunno like have no choices many food trucks but no choice his own dressing food truck every trick is one food and it's I want Mexican. Okay that's it we. That's you have your Mexican plate. That's it that's it. You don't get to decide. I had I had written down the noodle truck like you when we went to firefly trump off point. That's all I ever wanted. And I would sit there like in the city field shoving his much of these noodles and chicken or whatever it is vegetables ahead just shoving it in my face. I need nourishment to get through the next six hours. That's also true. 'cause you're you're going to need that energy only noodles but put. I'm thinking like festival app where you could just be like. This is me and they scan it and it's just like connected to your bank account so you don't have to worry about change now whatever. Yeah just like Disney lease the just the wristband that you're just deduct from your charges Your Room I think we're going to have like a permanent wristband on dead one. Please boop boop still just. I don't want to touch anything the TUXEDO truck. That's a good one the noodle truck and what do you want of Takeda's all Keita's excuse me Sir? You fucking heard me want to go in the back opened up that bag of whatever you got. If they're frozen he came up if they're not make me a bunch more. I need as many as I can fit in my pockets and I got deep pockets. Baby you know. I had a friend about a festival. Walk up I'm like. Oh Man did you get that Burger? He'd been gone like an hour and a half. She'd been gone like an hour and a half and she was like. Oh yeah came from the total opposite direction of where the hamburger place was pulled a hamburger out of her bag and handed it to me for my kid and my kid looked at it. She was so hungry she just took it in unwrapped it and started eating no matter where it came from. Ferghana bag bag. It was in a minute food truck. Mcgregor egg bag bagasse sacrifice that is that is a perennial. I don't know I don't think my friends came up with. That's one of those things where you like. I know this is the thing amongst my friends but I don't think we came up with it but I do remember in college. One of the things that was a regular occurrence was. Hey man you coming over grab a sack Bergh's and it was just stop by somewhere where you can get a large number of hamburger's all at once Yes and bring a whole bag of them. We're about to rip into these. So maybe maybe that's another category food truck that has burgers in a bag. It's like you get come get a dozen burgers for all your friends for twenty dollars at a festival. It'd be like four hundred. Yeah it's going to be real expensive to Pitie who fitting yeah. It's like I just got a sack of Berg's for the boys it's like how much do. Oh you just bend moment in your life that she was expensive. Yeah all right Eric Rex. I like it Eric. It is time for your first and second picks as it should. I gotta go drafts fourth. I'M GONNA save my second pick. Which would be the headliner. Okay everybody whoever knows me? Well if not even fairly well knows my favorite band. But I'M GONNA go with a glow stick rental shop shit. What's why isn't that a thing right. Now get your deposit back. We're like I'm sorry. I broke them clues to rental shop. That's that's just the story back but I like calling it. A glow stick rental shop. Just get people's hopes up chance you can learn. Eric's glow stick rental shop. Deposits are not refundable and put it in air quotes the the rental write quote unquote rental. Imagine how much money these places would make if they did. 'cause everybody loves glow sticks now. If you sold slash rented glow sticks on premises crazy you would make so much money because you could mark them up you if I go to party city right now I could probably get a thousand glow sticks for like ten bucks right. But if I'm on premises altered yes and I'm like I'm GonNa go see something. I'm not naming names because the probably picks I'm GonNa go see something I want me. Some glow sticks need to adorn them upon my body and might throw around Manila lot of loose. The glow sticks. Lot of whatever you want for those listings. I want everybody else to have glow sticks. I'm just GONNA staring up in the sky while somebody I need a bag of glose. Yeah do you want to? Do you want to ten dollar bag or the twenty dollar back. If you get one hundred dollar bag you will be. The most important person at the festival would be a really good strategy. And I've seen this before I'm going to bring this down for a second to my nerd fests but They have these like people. Spend a lot of money on dice when they're nerds. They spend a lot of money dice. And there's this one vendor where they have an option where you just take a Mug and you dip it into a vatted dice and it costs a certain amount or you can take a whole pitcher and CAMPA bunch of dice. You don't get to pick them. It's just you get what you get if you sold that but you sell them by the handful and it just like you go in as many as you can grab and hold with your hand. None can slip out if they slip out their mind. The back you gotta pay no Bella reminding you can grab with your hand. That's like ten bucks right there. Five bucks you would make so much off a tiny tractor supply of glow sticks exactly. Pay It by the pound or by the handful. You'RE GOING TO GET SOMEBODY. Who's coming in with like? They're either freshly washed. Her baby patted hands. And they're just like trying to grab grab. This is five bucks right. It's just like slip slip. Then Andre. The giant comes in and reaches in and grabs a whole freaking thing. There's going to be a couple of over on you. Yeah they're gonNA come Andrea Andrea ten bucks a handful over everybody's throwing on hundred taken like ten dollars ten dollars ten dollars. It's going to cost you fifteen. I need to make some points on. This is getting on the back end. It's got two hundred. I gotta go see some shows. I can't be here all day. God Damn close to rental. That's amazing so much money. I'm glad I contributed. I could've said something stupid like the obvious one. That's coming next. Hey speaking of come and go ahead. I think when you look at a headlining band at a four twenty festival for me and I think for a lot of people out there and it's not much to talk about. It's not really a whole lot of funding this. Although you guys might be able to make fun of this would be the band fish. I don't disagree. Don't it might. It might be boring because that's an obvious answer. But that's the only reason I would go to four twenty festival glow sticks current quote unquote current. Because you can't do the predecessor. Is there anybody left? I mean they're they're you're talking about the grateful dead. Yeah I mean they're they're they're still playing shows here and there. But I mean they're in mid to late seventies. They've Dave worn it but how many are left. Well maybe the original band because changed around. But I'd say would you can five of the original. Four of the original band members are still there four out of thirty six over history and time. Yeah I mean it's you know it's it's like the beach boys. Do you consider John. Stamos a beach boy you know. He played drums for him. How he with them now. I'm Mickey Hart and Bob Weir and Phil Phil the Lash Who's the other drummer? Poor guy doesn't nobody knows who the other drummers he's still got paid like spinal tap he's still he's still like I was in grateful dead. Yeah Fuck you. That's something you can hold overviews. That's no no that's GonNa be fun because you're definitely GONNA have conversations. There's GonNa be a lot that you can get from that because you're going to have people who don't know what's going on like they're here for a certain subset of the festival but maybe they're not a huge fan and they're here for the glow sticks they're here for the most but They'll be exposed. They get an opportunity to hear it like it's a it's it's an experience and also the conversations. I live for the conversations I honestly do. I got a Buddy Jeff. Who's huge fish fan? Love Jam bands and We went to go. See Jared and it's just like those conversations before those types of shows where it's what are they going to start with? What are they gonNA move onto and then during the show? What are they going to play for the next three hours? A very true during the show seeing the happiness on their faces like you stay here. The transition leave listened to it so much. They're so in tune with they can hear the transition. They're like this is coming up. I can hear you and you can and you know it's funny the first time we went to. Edm Show. I was that was that firefly and I'm Stanley outside. A friend of mine went into the crowd. She just went into and I'm standard and I'm like I don't really like. Edm watched all these kids jumping around and feeling the build up build up. Build up build up to the explosion when the glow sticks go. Walk off yeah and then also shit. That's what I do fish show and then I understood. Edm liked it's the same thing. It's that same you know. It's not exactly the same. Almost build up build up build explosion. You're waiting for that climax you're waiting for and sometimes you're trying to hold it off a little bit longer. Your friend can get here. Sorry I took it there no. I'm along the same lines when you're expecting to hit that. And they just like your like. Thanks for ruining this. Hey Man I gotta go to the Bathroom Jammer. Damn it all right. So lots of people check it in the corrections department full effect in the comments section. Tonight Bill Kreutzmann. Oh yeah there you go. There was your drummer from grateful. Dead say look and in the Feed right now is the one and only will Farrow Shit. Wills on the bills on the lot awesome. We'll in house and a couple of questions here. What are you drinking? I drinking yeah. We're going down the line now. Drinking a misplanned river brewing yard bird lager. It's the brewers choice. Drink of the brewers drink. Brewers I am drinking the yield Standby for me is Prater I'm also drinking the prater And I'm not well I am ashamed but I'm not gonNA hold it in I had a chance to poor earlier. And it was a poor showing. I'll tell you that it was. You gave a lot of head. Yeah yeah now. And it's different environment. Somebody might appreciate it. Nobody here did. So yeah my My efforts had to be cleaned up. Say when are you gonNa say it happened so I'm going to go now with? I think the hosts of the festival emcees people coming out introducing fish Encouraging people to stop by the one item only food trucks and and the glow stick rental booth The host for the four festival right on the nose but cheech and Chong don't you want teach young up there. Maybe they sing some songs do some skits there host and the festival they're doing schtick maybe they don't stick. I mean I don't know how funny cheech is nowadays since Nash Bridges but since show. That's thirty years old. Jesus forgot about that show and like on purpose on purpose. Jason Chong Yeah. It's one of those ones again. Where a betray my age. Kaz trying to think. When was the first time I saw like okay? This is embarrassing. This is embarrassing. Don't hold this against me. We will laugh at you But the first time I really saw Tommy Chong Feng that was like I'm already cringing. You know what I'm going to say you know what I'm going to say like. That was something that I really participated in partook in Ann enjoyed. And just kind of if you say Jay and Silent Bob. Booth the like two months ago. I'm going to be so disappointed. That seventy show okay. Yeah he was in the photo booth. Yeah yeah he was What's his name's boss? Yeah and from there was like I heard the name because I'd seen the show and then when I heard his name was like this is he's been another things. Let me go back and look at that. I'm trying to remember where I search for the first time but I can't remember expert. I don't think it was Nash. Bridges Man. I don't think it was Nash. Bridges really good job considering where he came from yes. I've driving that van around. Do you have a favorite teaching Chung bit? Yes so they're driving around in the van and they're drinking beers and then they got. They got a piece so I think it was. Chong started peeing into the bottles and they got pulled over or or if they got pulled over but teach like grab one of the bottles and just chug it. Thank you beer. I listen all those movies are a little hazy at this point in time. So my favorite bit. Actually from one of the album's question mark that you would love though is the Dave skit. Are you familiar? I'm not from the home. So it's a audio comedy album kind of thing you hear a knock at the door. And he's like. Hey man it's it's Dave open man. It's Dave I got the stuff open up. Its Dave Man Open. Who Dave Dave Man? Dave's not here and it goes on and on and Dave's not here man now. That's the one that I always that Eric My i. I like that one too that little song they did but yeah. I'm a big fan of teaching challenge and I think they would be great hosts and it goes into Last week two weeks ago. the the throwback Thursdays Oh yeah throwback Thursdays. Yeah it'd be a nice little Throwback there to have cheech and Chong as the ringleaders Philip Voices in Disney movies and like the late nineties early two thousands maybe lion king. Oh he was one of the hyenas they were correct. You're creeks he was the high won the high in the guy. Yeah man that's awesome. Yeah all right David. Time for your second and third picks alright is a serpentine drafts and So I'm going to things here ones. I'M GONNA go with the one that builds on something we had earlier cat Which is the food trucks and this is generic so yes we need to have food trucks. Here we need have all kinds of food trucks here whether we decide you know there's going to be like one option per food drucker more. Whatever it's fine but What I want is for every single food truck to have the universal burrito option every single. One Okay I could see that everyone allows you to Burrito. They have yet. You're getting bacon eggs. Wrap that shit up. Your didn't a burger and fries wrapped up. You're getting noodles noodles breath. That's you know that shit up a wanted for portable snacking. I'm not like yes. I might need another hand for something else. Who knows what I might need another hand for. I might need a free hand And so I need to have a free hand. Whatever else doing and a hand for my Burrito okay? I want the universal breed option at every single food truck every single ten free single one a Burrito by the way. I have recently wrapped pasta either Burrito for the purposes of eating on the go on the go and buy only go. I mean on the way to my couch and I bet you it was amazing. It was really good. What was I was the combination of the the Tortilla and the Pasta? So that was the thing like you would think it's too much. It's too many carbs. It's to Brady ever know if you go on something sauce. Heavy perfect so wrapped up. You know if you've got some meat in that Pasta. You've got some vegetables in Pasta. So I've seen people eat tacos with these tortillas and they put a Tortilla down on the plate and they put another one and then they build door Taco into that stuff it so as they're eating everything's falling out onto the second one and then they wrap that up and they eat that. These are the people who should be giving Nobel prizes. They need to work for NASA. They do they're figuring the real problems out. That really is because what do you do you like I didn't. I'm sitting on my couch. My hands are dirty. I don't have a fork. No you don't need one. Wrap it back up and then you could over over stuff you really. Can you get the best bites in the first one and then the second one is a regular one but you like you know what the first one was a little overstuffed? It's fine. It's almost like anti anxiety medicine because you're like you know just like you and lays on the play and like what am I gonNa do with all that? Oh my God. I don't have a fork if you don't have if you have your Tortilla no anxiety just like everything's all good. Wrap that Shit back up and Keith has cooperated your Your story that he says the I can attest to the pasta wrap sainted with my own eyes of but a lot of Reps. Last time I went to the store. I got a lot of APPS A lot. So but they need that catch-all rap do while. You're eating your straps. Wraps to wrap spur. You're you're anticipating that second rap getting filled up I dig it. Dig It all right so in addition to the BURRITO option I'M GONNA go with another place that you can visit when you just not necessarily need downtime but you're just like I want a place that again you're altered maybe you're feeling weighs about stuff. You feeling a little ways about stuff feel a ways ways about Saddam ways. These different ways about whatever ways are coming your way whatever you know. How are you feeling about whatever it is that you're thinking about ways about stuff just in general and so? I want the cartoon Corner Que son of a bitch curtsying Cornyn steal your son of a bitch you I want. I want couches? Tv's all the streaming services to that. You cuddle up with your so you hang out with your best buds. Maybe you made some new friends here and you're GONNA go chicken line for glow sticks in line for glow sticks You need a place to put your glow sticks together and Adorn yourself properly. Or maybe there's rechargeable glow sticks and use a place where you can recharge your glow sticks. Shut the fuck. What is happening right now? The way fine just blew all the people that are running into the crowd. They're throwing their glow sticks up grabbing them and they're running as fast as they can because I'm going to charge her for the next peak in the song. Oh my God and it just like come on. Come on no wait team song getting ready to start. It's only been forty five minutes in song. Twos getting ready to start your making fish jokes. I love it. Listen Fish Fan. That's too serious does just doesn't get it. Yeah so yeah so I want the cartoon corner and I want it from all across time one everything you want some looney tunes you got it. You want some Johnny Quest. You got it you other other headphones there so you can just zone into your own. Tv and just be like ooh like when they have the scientists go. I took my kid there. One time. Scientists go and we're sitting at dance. I'm like hey let me hear what you're listening to and listed okay girl. It's time to go. We're getting so you don't need to listen to. This is like Dad. That's my favorite. Oh Shit my kids grown now. They're good kids they're smart. That's all you could ask. Because they're gonNA they're gonNA hear some Shit Do a silent like if you again need to be in your own space. You turned into the weird guy in the corner and you like I just WanNa Watch Eddie Right now. Put Your headphones on. You got your own little. Tv and you the are VR. Headsets be dangerous with the mind altering drugs. That are going to be at a show. Like this yeah. You don't WanNa fall into the Matrix. You don't yeah you don't want Ren and stimpy coming out you know. Trevon right into your face after the first night's over and they're sweeping everything up and there's like people laying there still have the virtual reality. Shit on and they've lost their minds they're done. Yeah like like. We can't do anything with this. I agree I I think with the VR headset. It would be kind of like clockwork orange with like forcing his imagine. Can you imagine the meeting that? The festival coordinators had before this like we really like the guy that one guy we should do virtual reality and then the Realistic Guy Goes. Are you lost your mind in the bosses still sitting there? Just kind of like with his arms crossed trying to figure out. What do I do a cartoon? Tent Cartoon Tent Okay. Yeah I did. Yeah but I'm just like people people would get down on that and that's cross barriers because then you're like hey have you have you ever seen Johnny quest and somebody's like no? I've never seen Johnny Quest. Because they're like twelve wait. No twelve years told us on a ladder festival. Sorry remind back. Samsung Johnny quest because their uncouth fucking And then you're like I want you to see I want you to see one person one person alone race banning now johnny quest now johnny data can remember fucking name. No I want you to see Haji I want you to see Haji and I want you to tell you I wanna tell you that this existed twenty years ago twenty years ago you could see how on TV and everybody thought it was cool and now it's at a festival dude. He's got a head Brab he saying Simpson's Alabam Kuhlman. Everything was fine. Nobody had a problem with it. Nobody had a problem with it. He was like charmed and snakes and shit and it was cool. It was cool. Everybody was fine. Nobody lost their fucking minds. That's that's hey you can get through one festival where nobody lost. Her mind could festival. Yeah all right. What are we on for? I don't even know where you okay pick three and apparently I still your cartoon. Yeah yeah that's all right. We'll get there. I lost count by the way. That's fine our margin. I'M GONNA GO WITH THE SPONSOR. Okay of the four hundred thousand fest Taco Bell Oh yes sponsored by Taco Bell. Yeah that's just an easy pick. That isn't easy pack. That's sending tacos bag. I'll just have a bag of tacos Taco. We talked about that earlier. Yeah just a bag of burrito Mexican pizzas and Breda breeders rap anything rap rat. Because that's how I order when I go to Taco Bell. True because it. I've had bad food at every fast food place in the on the planet. I've had bad food. Taco bell never disappoints. The only time is like I don't want to get into it now. You know when they met the steam the Mexican pieces I got one that came in and everything was on one side of the pizza. It wasn't steamed look like Shit. I went in there and I actually I look. I said I'm not gonNA insist and I'm not gonNA eat this. It was the same stuff that would have been if it's spread all over just shifted. Oh she gave me my money back and made me buy food. Oh and I'll say I don't want my money back and she goes I have to. It's our it's our rules and I wanted to say I don't care about your rules but really I kind of wanted my money back. I took it well. Yeah you say you don't want your money bag because that's the polite thing to do right but it's like you're not gonNA okay if. I said I didn't want to. I didn't want my money back. They're going to be like. Oh well the fucking give us give us your ten forty nine You don't want it's like Shit I didn't I didn't mean it you're right. It would've tasted the same if I just cut it all up. Here's my thing I recently stopped blaming Taco bell for the results of eating Taco Bell. 'cause I thought I used to think oh I eat Taco bell have horrible stomach pain an explosive shifts from Taco Bell tacos. Just talk. Yeah that's kind of like these days in the queue the keywords. Okay right quarantine. Yeah you're at home. You like. Eat something you're like look dog. I'm like well it's time buddy. Yeah and then. I'm off to the bathroom. I appreciate my unique. Well not unique situation. May I appreciate my situation? My living situation so much more now because my roommate knows my shit cer- terrible sometimes and it's like. Oh that sucks but it's not like I'm going to be braided for it. You know you live with someone around them enough. You just kind of accept it like you're in a car you're driving down the road do did you. Yeah sorry and then you just keep driving the windows. Don't even go down because you're so used to that smell. It's like this is going to happen right but I feel like there are people in January maybe mid February. They just moved in together. And they've been rushed into experience she's experiencing each other's worst chits and think about a new husband and wife like they haven't been around each other for that long they just moved in and now they're around each other all fucking day no work to like. Why did I marry you? I mean there was the concern by some people. I guess it's an interesting idea of just like on the other side of this. Just a bunch of babies up onto divorces where people like fuck this. I'm not living with you not for one more day. I think are two separate things. Oh yeah because I think someone is having a baby would still want to get as far away from their spouses possibly like. Yeah no we just had this baby in this baby's beautiful but you're still like I can't deal with you got to go with the baby. Under normal circumstances I would be concerned about this baby right now. I'm GonNa take the baby. You fucking stay. Keep the House I gotta go all these Taco Bell. That's our sponsor sorry. Taco bell is the sponsor dark. All right. Eric. It is time. Oh just every year. Third and fourth picks People rally like relaying. You picks now do. Do you want me tell them what I don't know if that'll make it now. Let's even good friend of mine. So you gotTa pick your you go with your Heart Man. Well talking about vendors okay. A lot of vendors there a lot of vendors but there's a lot of things you shoot this one here a dispensary truck I mean and I thought does she was a low hanging. Just start even funny. It's like this series business. You know I really forgot that we could know picks put this on in a state where it's all cool. Yeah and then yeah alongside your food trucks. You got dispensaries. Who were like you got to do it in a state where it's legal and they're properly carting people ups absolutely. This is why we don't have called a mental health station. I mean Yeah. If you spent all day you walk hard. Do you have your card if not we got a ten car. There's a doctor sitting right there for eighty five dollars. You can get a card that says you have a disease that was witnessed by Aaron t that both tents would make more money than any other truck. Maybe go stick station. Close stick rental those lined up one doctor dispensary truck three close sticks and then four am I. This is my fourth. Pick em I I just because it just gained a mind this game from my friend. Steve WHO's up in philly? Shut outs to see a. Frito Pie truck and that could tie into the Mexican Dave Taco Bell sponsor sponsored by TACO. Bell this is their fell out of here by the way I think he just had a stroke just so to make sure we're all on the same page. The FRITO pies the bag of fritos St Street tacos the street Taco in a bag a bag of Taco even a bad one of those is good is fantastic. Like people will go out and buy go to these Mexican restaurants. And they're great. They're authentic Mexican restaurants foods so amazing. Give me good old ground beef Americana Taco and throw. It was some Fritos and some cheese tomato and lettuce and sour cream. Maybe a little bit of hot sauce got a light that ass on fire And if the bag was actually edible you could wrap it all up right. Yeah I'm in there. I'm I'm so on that space. I'll be at that would be where that'd be road spent all of my time and like take this. Take this Frito Pie and wrap that shit up. And that's going to be every meal I eat or however many days this goes on and at the end of it my insides are GonNa Melt. That's it that's it so let me God. I don't want noodles Brampton Rick me if I'm wrong when we did the school lunch draft. This was on it. It was on the back of TACO. Yeah it was not this specific. Frito pie it was like the generic as one because schools are sometimes too cheap to get actual fritos or doritos as corn chips conscious corn chips in a bag frito Pie. My parents growing up. They call it. Straw hat really. We still eat it today. Go to my mom's house in Tennessee and she's like what are we haven't Straw hat. I'm like Hell. Yeah so good all your Taco Shit. Right on crushed up fritos. I'm asking this question Tangentially related. What do you call when you take a piece of bread? Cut Out of the hole in the middle cracking egg in the middle and fry that shit up with the egg in the middle of the toast. I don't know but I WANNA know I don't know what I just wanted to know because I've heard a bunch of different names for it towed the whole one. I'd say they're a bunch of other stuff and I was just like I. I hadn't heard of it before. I got wildly wild visit just piece of bread and Hick. So yeah you you skill it. Bread take like a cupper shock class stamp a hole in the middle start cooking that bread on the skillet like almost like making French toast. And then while it's cooking cracking egg in there so it stays in the middle of you got a piece of toast with a fried egg in the middle and it's delicious and I had it for the first time because we got wildly drunk at a friend's house and then I woke up in the morning on their foyer floor and four you for you Busey bitches. And she was just like a making when I'd say ladies and I was just like what the fuck is about. And then she brought by what I call her. This is what we're doing pretty early in the morning. I'm still fucked up but okay. Lindsey said it's called Lone Ranger Lone ranger okay. Lots of different options. Here he was. It was delicious. Like pick me right back up. It might have been because it was cooked in like Bacon fat and a bunch of butter but I was like I was good after that in any case so yes the frito. Pie All right Chad. You're up my fourth pick fourth pick. This is going to be adjacent. Or maybe on the other side of the compound from the take five lounge. Okay also a place for people that are feeling as they say on the streets all right all right all right all right all right fuck in hammocks hammocks that's Hammock Lounge. Yeah I mean if you you you you made it through the first three songs in the fishes two hours. Yeah and it's you ate all of the Frito pies. You wrapped all that shit up. It's got all the Frito Pie. GotTa be right next to the back to the porta-pottys I just need a minute. I just need a minute ago in a hammock. Is it next to the Comic Lounge who yeah Maybe you comic lounge inside. And now you could land Amex watch cartoons get that. Oh Sh- I will say that our brainstorm. I will say this the idea of a hammock. If I'm altered in any way shape or form is daunting at times. Listen to it once you're in it. You're the best but what happens if you get into the HAMMOCK. You finally get in because it's hard to get into your altered right you lay down and you're like shit. I got the spins. I gotta get out of Hammock. You do the role and dump on you gotta go fast you care to you. Hold onto the sides and just ride it out. Well it depends on how bad it is. That's true it. Yeah it depends on what you've got going on around you. How close you are to other people. Do you feel like you have space. Maybe in a hammock. It's got to be more of an open hammock one with the wood on each end. I'm going to go. Hush know I'm not trying to be cocooned would I'm like ready to get out Especially because it's probably going to be really hot too so you know when that when that spin stuff happens starts sweating. And you're like I need air and you can't get out of your cocoon and you try to flip over but you actually just wrap yourself even tighter like imagine like there would have to be. Ems Standing by maybe the hammocks are by the EMS station. Just to flip people out there. That's what they gotTA BE. 'cause imagine if other people are coming to the hammocks for the same reason traffic trying to come down trying to just be cool and you start freaking out. And it just caused chain-reaction and now everybody's trying to get out of their hammocks and nobody's successful. That's going to start freaking everybody else out. Because they're just getting in the woods if that's like on video elsewhere in the festival it's probably the funniest thing you've ever seen. Oh Hell Yeah. That's on a big screen. There's like three people on Hammocks expected the laugh. Man It only it only takes those couple cheese with these idiots I right. Yeah Yeah Yeah it is time for your fourth and final picks my fourth and final picks opens your microphone voice. I didn't like which is adding depots. All right okay. Ladies and gentlemen your girls I feel like this one of my pictures too close to the Hammock or hang out some to leave that one off all right Which means my fourth and final picks are going to be a little dicey My fourth pick is these are just. They're a little specific. I'm just going to say that there are little specific It's my fourth pick. This is another activity with a lot of activities. Because I figured you guys would cover the things outside of when you need to just chill like food booths. Yeah like food trucks and fish and then after that I was like all right. Now what are you doing when you're not seeing fish so my fourth biggest clue the movie on Repeat Wherever? I don't care where it is. I don't care what's going on around it. Maybe there's just a big old arena space where everybody can just be together and once clue or it's on. Tv's all over the festival. They could walk and be like I'm still. I'm still watching watching clue. I'm a hundred feet away from the last TV. But I'm still watching clue. I just want to be on all the time because I love that movie. I love that movie. And it's my favorite thing to watch. When I'm altered in any way shape or form clue never picked that as a movie to watch. When you're watching me now I'm GonNa go watch it tonight. I think hurry tim everything with Tim. Curry and as the Butler. And just it's Goofy Shit I. That is my favorite movie ever bowl time. It's the only movie I've watched more than fifty times in my life and by proxy or well I was going to say it's the only move I watch more than one hundred times in my life and by proxy it's only that's more than fifty times in my life. I love that film and if you just have it on all the time I'll never have a bad time. Just like guaranteed just walking around clue on a bunch of TV's all over the place just so that's out there. All right clue and my last one is again a little bit specific but again very important for the people in my age bracket which is we need the game lounge. There's never been time. I'll read somewhere between fourteen and five minutes ago minutes ago. You're in that space you're doing. You're you're going to be playing one of a few video games recently added Jacks that list Jack Boxes Dope. It's really good for that box. But you got got Mario Kart Super Smash brothers and Mario Party these three things you put them in a place. You'RE GONNA get a ton of people between the ages of I WanNa say like twenty seven and thirty eight. Who just like this is much am. I'M GONNA get weirdly competitive for his chill as I am. Let me add it and there's GonNa be there's GONNA BE CONVERSATIONS. Really unnecessarily deep conversations about which controller is appropriate to us which version of each game is appropriate to play. What are the rules? Were the unwritten rules. It's going to be a thing and everybody else with fucks up with these nerds over here but that space is going to be filled with a bunch of rocks people who are just like laid back on a couch. Don't have on video games. I thought you were going to have Maybe some tabletop games. There too now. Yes but also no. It doesn't work because at least one person. The person in charge the game that needs to be in the right frame of mind or everything goes off the rails. Real Fast Professional. Dm's no no no. You can't really have professional anything at four twenty fest. Exactly I must be. We're just you know whatever I'm just going to tell you S- kind of I'm just going to tell you it gets weird now. It's actually you know what will just chimed in and said Ed We sports. And you come around. He's not wrong. He's wrong one hundred percent and the look that you had on your face. This is going to be a really good job really doing. Oh yes okay. We sports is to go on that list token so if there if this out came to mind if they are doing the we sports are they taking pictures like his era photographer. They're taking pictures. There needs to be. Yeah because you know you're going to the roller coaster and you'd get your picture as you can buy and how it'd be when you're not going. You're not moving anywhere. You just standing erect arms back home for you like. Oh Yeah do you want you look like you're in a superman pose an interest like we put some shit behind you make you look less like ours we got you got you That'd be fantastic. That's awesome but yeah that's my my last Nuruddin hand. Stephen chimed in and said Mechanical Surfboard Mechanical Bowl. Mechanical surfboards Surf. I'd be good with that. Would be fun in that little game lamb stew and you know what else is you know what else? I think is important because VR headset now. I talked about that man that was in the board meeting. We decided to outlaw. That Shit Damn it. I don't want people losing their minds. I if we're in charge of this specific festival I wanNA vet whoever's in charge of the mechanical surfboard because I feel like most bars that have a mechanical bowl either. They're a not vetting that person or be there all Dick's because that guys like oh you're a man and you're about to get on this bull. I'm GonNa toss you about point five. Get the fuck Outta here. Nobody's here for you on the Bull Sir. We don't care how long you can hold on. We're here for the ladies to have a good time writing the bull get down. I just want somebody who's going to be fair and equitable so I don't think he likes the Mechanical Bull. Operator very much no I. Don't I happen to be a good buddy of mine for his thirtieth birthday? We went to a power plant in Baltimore and there was a place called. Pb or something like that and they had a mechanical bull. And maybe maybe my pants were a little too tight. Maybe there were a little too slick all that. Got On that bull so defensive man. Put your shirt on not say anything man it booked one time and I get tossed and I almost almost got a bloody nose. I felt it coming on and I was just sniffing back like a crazy person. I thought you're on cocaine. Everybody's on cocaine I'm just like I'm just like a businessman. Who's maybe not doing so well in terms of their business I'm sniffing back a whole lot of something and I'm just like yelling at everybody about how I could definitely give me another shot. I could definitely do better. Give me a shot. I could definitely do better. Everybody's like it's that guy us to sniffle and now I don't think you should guide. I can't like I go to the store and I'm like I'm afraid like if I have a little tickle cough and but he's a sniffle. Is Somebody going to tackle you? Or what the touch you listen who turned to me. And they say something. I'M GONNA look in your face if you don't shut up I mean. Are you going to stop talking at that point I would? I would immediately shut up. I'm not getting liquid phase totally lick your face. It's not going to happen. I mean it'd be funny me chasing you around the grocery store say like Walmart just tongue out tongue out trying to lick your face. You run and go get away in a way it. Nobody's helping me because I'm not getting involved Walmart. Nobody's looking at you this is. This is pretty normal. Walmart behavior They're more worried about the dress code. Which is usually slippers. Pj Bottoms and whatever top. They can find you can you? Can you can say about the. Pj Bottoms for really unhealthily. Short shorts if you want to err is that now that we digressed Walmart video game corner. We were from videogame honor to Walmart Right. Pick five but all right for my final pick. I'M GONNA base this pick off of a guy I used to know. Well I still know him but God knows where he is anymore. Used to know I still do but I used to. Also I know but I used to know him as well Mitch. So he He was a guy that I would. I would say it's safe to say. He smoked more weed than there is wheat and he used to call me in the middle of the night because he lived in California. I was out here on the east coast so three hour time difference. He would call me in the middle of the night because he knew I was up because overnights and he would solve all the world's problems all of them and if you really set and thought about it they kind of made sense in some weird sick way okay. So as a as a tip of the hat and I'll give you an example here in a minute I want. I don't know if it's an intermission for fish or if it's a separate side stage but I wanNA presentation a spoken word presentation all right and I'm GONNA call it hypothetical America with my hosts for it are going to be Kevin Smith and Seth Rogan Jesus to people that can talk. Tell a story and laugh and laugh and understand the the whole premise of getting centered. Because once you get out of college you get centered get stoned but no an example. Though of my friend cliff now. He used to work at a post office. That's why we call them cliff. A shadow cheers but cliff. He would call me in the middle of the night and he had lost the use of tease because in colony tape. Were not knows. What what you sounded like spur coli by the way just because he is on my list. I don't think it's GonNa make fifth round but it's on their cheese. What and another thing that he would do is the word that he would replace with what I don't know why but so I'll give you an example of one of his stories and that would explain it anyway so he called me one night. And he's like Hey. I've figured out what's up with all these wildfires. What are happening in California. I see I see. Okay what's up with it? And he was like rabbits stewed rabbit. I said the rabbits are starting fire. And he's like stay with me your rabbits they got for and when you rub for you get static electricity and you gotTa Bunny was running through the underbrush. He starts sparking off a fire. What fire is next thing? You know a whole force is on fire. Bunny did it and Mike. Okay thank about it. Somebody's out there. Kampen minding your own business. Big Fire breaks out. Flaming Bunny runs through campsite. He don't know what he's doing. Sounds like somebody who needs to stop actually stop smoking weed and the way to get him off the phone because he would explain it to you like yeah. Got It man. Flaming bunnies got any keep going and keep going the only way to get him off is to throw him another hypothetical. America idea was like wow man. Yeah flaming bunnies. Yeah Man. How can you imagine if there was no bread? And he'd silent off it was like I gotta get back to that. I did it with. What if there was no bread? What if there was no concrete? Is your form. Just what if there was no and the brain shuts off so no I think overloaded his brain he's like I can't Compute I. Just I WANNA see Kevin Smith and Seth Rogan famously. Too Big donors doing a just seminar seminar of Hypothetical America. Okay I don't disagree. I would enjoy the especially when you're in a head space where you're ready to solve the world's problems it probably needs to be next to the comic corner probably and what was the other one that was without. I forgot We got plenty corners. Yeah but one of the many calls right. Next to that one it was the The Hammocks Hammocks Hammocks right between both so like really you can listen to one. You can listen to the other or you can just let both of them flood your brain and you're like. I don't know what's happening right now. I'm just hearing a whole lot of stuff. Love it yes. I can't wait stuff stuff stuff. Dust stuff this stuff joe. We'll talk about that stuff by the way. My mom is listening Eric and she chimed in and said you should wear the T. Rex custom when you go to Walmart. It's not a terrible idea. She was here for T. Rex. She lives in Utah. Came out for this year. She was out here and we stopped. Mom Yeah Hi mom you. You will get arrested. The cops hang out at Walmart now. If you come in with a t rex costume dangerous. Getting arrested for that. Like upset is also anybody. I've totally blocked except that. You're pulling all the air from the outside and pulling in maybe no problem. It's a problem for just going to stay away from Walmart. General call for the next week or two good call all right Eric Eric. You'll be finishing us out. I was going to off and then I just got upset about it the last night. Glass show the festival okay. Closing Act closing closing act closing. Sorry no semi sonic but I think there's no better band to close out the show except maybe fish or the dead but this one I think is is very important. Snoop Dogg gotTa have snoop dog did it. I'm really glad I'm really glad somebody did it. Yeah so very. GotTa Have Snoop Dogg. I saw him live at firefly also the timing most of the time. He smoked a blunt from the crowd. Which the size of that thing. I don't think it was. It was wild. It was like the size of my arm. It was upsetting to look at and I was just like he's not going to take that one and then that was totally planted of it had been there like here. Take this spliff. Run out to the crowd and when I say handed to me you hand it to me. The guards are like here let this. Oh we're going to let this big gigantic arm sized joint go past us. Yeah because straight through security. Nobody said nothing. Of course some of hiked over the shoulder going. No I think it was in a case like you have for your equipment foam around. There's there's like this big blunt sitting in a case you pull it out gently guards. Around like protect protect the blunt protect the blunt Scott coms like just coming in The blunt is on its way blunt is on its way. I like the fact that the guards aren't coming up with the nickname for the blunt. Either they're not like go has landed there like now. The blunt is on its way. It's more like yeah. Oh blow his own. Its Way all right all right all right. No that was a great show and No I would go to any new. Doug concert ever. He's a great showman. Great absolutely the test of time through all venues of entertainment Him ICED tea. He he went TV though. Yeah but I mean like at a certain point you have to lean into one or the other snoop was just kind of like. I'm going to be knee and that's it then. People accepted that like does crazy stuff like again there But I was watching. There was like a video game thing they were like. We're going to get celebrities to play games with concerns and it's just like this whose job it is to stream himself playing video games and on one side snoop on the other side. Wiz Khalifa. And it's just like they're barely playing the game. They're just passing blunt back. Like I was I was on. I play a lot of call of duty to me. What else am I GONNA do? My dog is only gonNA entertain me for so long and I was on with a friend the other night and this guy coughed on. I could hear him coughing headphones. Because we're live right and I was like. Oh No was it the C word. I didn't say seaward but does that the C word virus and he goes no that's the THC virus and then he said another word which I won't repeat but we've company and my buddy just started laughing we we've been talking about it ever since it's so funny because the guy was so cool now man. Thc virus a credible now. What a way to finish it out that would be. That'd be great close snoop would yeah shut it down. Shocking out of the festival all the vendors everybody shut down there's no more hammocks but you still remember slope for one of those like one time only festival deals do we get to hear fish jamming and somehow snoop is free styling over that Shit. Oh I think that would happen. That would be epic and may have already happened. I don't know they've played with so many people. But yeah no you just got me thinking. Now I'm GonNa go home tonight and be like we're GONNA Youtube that. Hey so like a John page. Mike Snoop if you're listening because I'm sure you are they are. That would be pretty amazing. But I'm pretty sure. Fish is probably played a snoop snoop song at some point in time. I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah I would be surprised at all guys though that I really liked that ban. I mean I had a suspicion it seemed like you kind of we're into Rumor yeah kind of all right. You WanNA recap homeboy. All right. I had him taking notes. Because I've got less space than usual. You didn't ask me which is good because I say three words written on my pad. I don't know what you're not usually look like feel like a serial killer right now. I got a lot of words and there's just like it systems so memento this for all right So wait before that do we do. We have a name for this or is this just the four twenty fast? Call the four twenty minutes. We'll start with that. I can wrap around Welham recap and so this is the four fest sponsored by Taco Bell. That's a our hosts cheech. Marin and Tommy Chong Our headliner is fish. While you're at the festival there's quite a few activities that you can get into Mostly first and foremost as you show up and you are already probably in a different head space. You probably a little bit hungry from waiting in line. You can stop by our line of food trucks. Every single one of them has the universal burrito option. You can have that shit wrapped up if you feel like it You can also stop by the FRO pie truck. If you're not feeling like getting wrapped up you can get it in a bag. Everybody's also got portable portable long as it's in your hand and you can walk away and eat it absolutely you can get tacos on facebook. Scott did Say that We could call the food truck. I'd Burrito that I'm Brita that bad. That's not bad at all that at all still that one. I breed of that breed of that works. It works I like that. Okay go ahead Besides food of course these various food trucks. There's lots of activities besides the music We're we're going to assume that there's something besides fish before closing act but We just let those be what they are. They'll change year to year. But you can spend some time at the take five lounge listening to jazz having some sparkling water feeling a little high. Falutin for the day you can slip by the cartoon corner to watch the cartoons your childhood or experienced somebody else childhood. While you're walking back and forth you can watch the movie clue as it will be on loop all day long on just various. Tv's around the place everywhere everywhere. If you're a child of the nineties slip over to the video game corner play some smash place. Mario Kart Place Him Jack. Box have a good time and argue about things that don't matter you can slip by. If you're not having the Best Tommy just delay down you can head over to the hammock space and lay down. You'll probably end up freaking out because we got little cocoon hammocks and when you're trying to get up. You're going to be trapped. Don't think about that right now though. Just stare at the stars and listen to. We have the comic space which wasn't actually pick but Kept coming up. We also have the hypothetical America series hosted by Kevin Smith. And Seth Rogan. If you're having a good time anywhere you can stop in between your events at the glow stick rental shop to get all of your glow stick apparel needs and also glow sticks for the drops because those probably GonNa be a little bit of EDM probably a lot of EDM somewhere when or if you didn't bring enough smuggled into your jock to keep you up. You can stop by the dispensary track or if you just don't want to suck that's been smuggled into your jock. Listen sometimes it's needs a little season adds to the flavor baby. Do what you gotta do. You do what you gotta do. And then of course at the end on your way out if you're trying to leave early to beat the traffic or If you're at the hammocks everything shuts down so that we can all listen to our closing act. Snoop Dogg. Who MAY OR MAY NOT BE FREE. Styling the jam of fish which would be amazing. That sounds awesome guy thing we wanna workshop on this well name we need a name for this is also true. We need to name a name for the festival or other than the four twenty fast. I was going you know blow bar and I was thinking stone fast would be fun. But that's what it is. I mean you didn't talk about what movies you would watch before you go. This is someone that zoo vegetables and not shamelessly plug something. That's coming up but it could be the pineapple express fest so we're supposed to this month and things are changed. Obviously they're different but they're different but we are doing our best to release our Pineapple Express. We're not GonNa make by the twentieth with our Point it is a throwback that Dank Lord tank load throwback to the Harry Potter Eric. If I'm not mistaken you are also a Fan Oh yeah slightly. I may have watched a few episodes of the clone wars this morning. Okay If I may future now listen. This is just me doing the thing that I do. Where sometimes I try insinuate myself into a situation that I have no business in but if we're if we're trying to come up with some names I kind of like Han smoke low. Oh on smoke well. Hans Glow Judge Stinky. It's a lot of dumb stuff. None of this makes any none of it makes any sense because her job graduates thank. You don't even have this number of right. That's what I but I like that. That's what makes it better for me when it doesn't actually make sense it right out of the way that we do things around here. Miss pilion sometimes in any case if we held the festival indoors skies coming from Philadelphia. But all right. I'm listening. Hold it indoors and call it the hot box. Nice Nice. That's amazing. That's a throughout to my buddy Steve from philly box. Oh he put it on their two bucks. Interesting story took my kid. My oldest was twelve or thirteen at the time went to New York City and took her to a fish show at Madison Square Gardens. I was telling you about the thirteen shows. They played the Baker's dozen so I took her to one of the show so I went tonight before without her. Okay and I'm standing in there and the show starts and I'm looking around. Everybody lights everything up. Shit. My kids going to be in this room tomorrow night. So let's say the next night when my buddy brought her up from Delaware New York and met up with them and we went to the show We took her out about intermission to so she could get some fresh air. She doesn't know it. But yeah and I was something as a parent and you know you're probably not admit but you're like I didn't know but she's perfectly fine smartest girl. I know she's awesome. Yeah absolutely another one that Lindsey sent to us this actually my sister. My little sister is here the gone Jay gala concert gala. And be fancy that would be fancy shit. This is this is very in keeping with the take five lounge. Yeah maybe have a little sub thing in the Take five other other tents around black-tie event that the would you call it the Ganga Gala? Yeah the Ganges gala is just a bunch of different. Hoity toity tents around. You know it's a little like make firefly little lanes so everybody wants to be in VIP MVP you want to be in Super VIP was there was anything left on the board for me now. No no he's got a bunch of stuff there. Yeah there's You WanNa just run through. Yeah let's put cruise ship down having her ship. Oh God yeah that they have a three eleven cruise. The dirty heads play so that going back to the rental hacky sack rental opening song down with disease type going back to half-baked fun yeon booth just and then water. You GOTTA HAVE WATER. Man GotTa have water this. What is because I'm old? None of feel like pooping in Porta. Potty like real bathrooms real real just have this adjacent to a place that's got real actual bathrooms right but the worst is when you spend three hundred dollars on a ticket for the weekend and you see these people going in these air conditioned bathroom places and you can't get through the fence don't have the clearance you don't have the VIP right and so you can't vip anywhere except for the Shitty porta-pottys you're gonNA VIP in that Porta potty. I just whether you like it or not. I think the thing is like what I learned was one. If you're at a festival we're staying. You're you're you're camping Go first thing in the morning when they've just clean the shootout yup and you're just like it smells fresh in here. I'm the first one taking shit and I'm just going to purge my soul you know. It's better when the water is the water that they use to wash it. Down is still inside your like this per fun. Huh. It's and it's GonNa stay cool. I don't have the Hamas noon Sun Bacon down. Turn this place into an oven that I'm sitting on an oven an oven. That is cooking shit. Yeah the ship of people who've been doing some we mind altering healthy shits. They are unhealthy shifts. They are wild shits. I should see somebody shits concern about my health. I'll talk to my doctor on Tuesday. Take Him in the morning. Take your toilet paper. Take baby wipes now guys. Don't think about this Friend of mine gone to play festivals with she. She goes to a PORTA potty for the first time she's stealing toilet paper knowing that at some point in time it's possible that they will run out of toilet paper. See that's that's that's a big brain play. I'll say but the quantum brain play is bring your own Goddamn toilet paper roll per day. You don't know who are the costs going to stop you? I'm sorry you have to use the festival to do water. They won't they will not use it a good place to hide your illegals. I don't I don't know I don't know that's a good question. If you just like slip between some in a in a role toilet paper you might be okay now. What about this? What about the toilet? Paper rental kiosks deposit is non refundable. That's funny man. Don't zone joke about this in today's Day and age. No that might work. I mean the craze on toilet paper. Do you guys have enough toilet paper? I have plenty. Enough became another burritos. We have when I go when I go to Taco Bell. You Still Rolling Toilet paper when I when I go to toilet paper. I get a pallet. I'm not out here getting a couple of rolls of toilet paper so I gotta be back here doing this again in the week or two months of toilet paper all at once and they get the good stuff so that you're not wasting it. I'm sorry and we'll move to this part where I give my. Psa PSA for this is if you're out here getting one ply or one and a half ply and you make enough money to afford better get better. You're not saving money. You're just using more toilet paper or you got shitty fingers and your gross. Well sorry I always say there's things you don't cheap on when you're buying for your house toilet paper trash bags. Yup Ice Cream and there was another one the other day now. I can't remember what it is. I think milk. I don't usually buy milk because my kids only drink it and then it goes bad. I usually have a milk jug in there. That's like three quarters full. That's like blown up twice the size of what it normally is making assumptions. I'm lactose intolerant. Milk anymore get ice cream either but you know every now and you just gotTa go for it and just be like. I'm just going to deal with the pain. I have good toilet paper. I can make this. We segue into that route a right back around so great the SATRAP. Psa PSA just get good toilet paper. If you've never done it before in your life and there are probably some of you who grew up like I did whereas like money might have been a little bit tight and you just like toilet paper not at the top of my priority list right now but if you're doing well for yourself you're on the come up. Listen you WANNA go to Jacobs get a chain like Cognac. Don't try to upgrade your car. Get yourself in economy that will treat you right for however many years you need it your toilet paper get the Sharman or ultra soft double thick quilted whatever six ply and make your asshole feel beautiful. Yes treat it like you would have prom date. Okay wait a second your your. What do I go to Prom Day? I'M A Christian boy. I'm good Christian boy that baggage. That's it that's all it is cam and and don't buy cheap beer and cheap beer. It's a matter of fact When you when you get the opportunity the opportunity when all this is cleared up and you You got some spare dollars pocket because you ain't been out every night for the last couple of months. Stop by Miss Billion Bruin. Grab yourself one of these Delicious Delicious Beers tomorrow. I'll tell you what I love this place. great great. Every time I've come here had a great time also me to your here like every other day. If not every day feels like it. Have ANYTHING TO PLUG. Keep foulness on facebook in and check out our Webpage if anybody does anymore we are open. Twelve to six everyday are hours may vary in the future. We'll see but we are. We have bearded go. We have a couple of new beers or read not which we were going to release the spring with a big thing to raise money for the red dot. That's a bird that come here to to Delaware And we have a couple of other beers that are coming up. We got a new war beer. That's GONNA BE COMING UP. That's going to be grout crawlers only So just keep up with us and keep supporting local whether it's here or down at the beach or up north or SMYRNA or wherever by local buy local buy local. It makes a huge difference in all of these businesses that are really St- Suffering and hurting right now so Can people still like if they just wanted to grab a grab some beer they can. You can come in. You can take beer to go any draft we have we're putting in crawlers. Can we seal up right here? And we've got a very good protocol here to keep everybody safe and clean and As little contact as possible. But we're here Yemen. Keep please come on in. Please thank you everybody for watching the live feed tonight. Thank you again to Eric. And everybody remember sport that local business local local. That's right now more than ever Dave says bye bye good toilet paper so I don't need to ask you what you WanNa talk about tonight And that's it for this week. Stay SAFE EVERYBODY. Stay home and until next time if there is a next time. We'll talk to you then deuces. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of the perfect package. Podcast or walking. And what do you have an idea for a future topic? Shoot us a message via twitter facebook or even instagram we our p three show across all platforms or visit our website at p three show dot com remember to subscribe to the show and spread the with the perfect five star review. Otherwise we may start to think you're hater. Thanks for listening and tune in next time for a brand new episode of the perfect package. Podcast pickle Piper pecker perfect pecker package.

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Astrology - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/1/20

The Best of Coast to Coast AM

13:24 min | 6 months ago

Astrology - Best of Coast to Coast AM - 6/1/20

"Now here's a highlight from coast to coast, am on Iheartradio and welcome back to Coast to coast astrologer William stick with us. We're going to take phone calls next hour with William about you will explain exactly what he needs in the type of questions. For you to ask, but right now we're talking about this mess that we seem to be in right now. You Know William I thought the Corona virus was bad enough at what it has done to. The economy into individuals lives into those people who've gotten sick or died from this, and then the situation occurs in Minneapolis Where this African American you know was trying to pass through a phony twenty dollar bill and he gotten police trouble for it now. He had been in trouble before. You went to jail for armed robbery. But something weird is going on here because I'm told that he was a security guard sometime ago at a bar restaurant, and that police officer who ended up killing him. Also was there right, and and you gotta believe. They know they knew each other. Somehow, this is just strange. Have you looked into that? I haven't looked into it. At the level of depth, because there seems to be always new revelations and disturbing revelations may add happening. That is revealing this something else like you're alluding to going on here and I do support what you're saying that we see. A larger I. I'm calling it a deep state intelligence operation almost as if they're trying to invoke a coup. In leadership and I'm not just talking about what's happening in the white. House but overall, and this has very powerful destructive events and set the precedent destructive set of precedence in society so That's why we're seeing a lot of things beginning to stabilize I mean look at the markets right now. The stock market continues to go up right. Despite what's going on completely disconnected from the reality. We are all living in. I think they're banking on a vaccine, so they're fueling those kinds of companies that are involved in it and you know the propping them up right look I. Mean they propped up even jetted since March six four trillion dollars of stimulus into the economy, four trillion, since March, six to June, I write, and what have they done? We'll leave. We'll leave the chief. is basically they pushed up the market a bit, but if you. You look at it right now. The stock market to date the stock market to date is down the S. and P.. One hundred instances down five percent year to date the four, hundred, ninety, five, the S. and P., five hundred companies, a lower by collective eight percent and only companies that have performed well are the five largest SNP companies Microsoft Apple Amazon Google facebook. The rest of the companies on the markets continue to underperform. Right and the stock market is nowhere near. You're still down. What six percent year today! So, what have they done? You know, look. The Fed's balance sheet right now is what over seven trillion and they've already committed. To. Inject another eleven trillion or excuse me another five trillion into the system, so they're expected to hit eleven trillion between now and election day. So? Pay That back they'll never be that back. Look. What else are they going to do because if they don't do that, right, we're going to have a full blown economic collapse. has this economic collapse in the sequestering of people in their homes contributed to this protest outcry where I mean now they're all outside. You know everybody's outside who protesting or looting or doing whatever they're doing. They're not in their homes anymore. That's right and that's going to. Possibly set up now it's one of my predictions is we're going to see a second wave resurgence, and this is going to be accelerated and intensified because these protests were all these thousands of people are mixing, and not keeping social distancing is going to set the precedence up for a much larger, a much more deadlier wave that is going to occur a mutation if you will. Because, this is all occurring during the solar eclipse zone period. So the instability. As the more the more this occurs, the greater the instability it will be as we go deeper into the summer astrologically speaking. Do you see out here a positive out? No George unfortunately I, don't I? Don't I have to call. It lied to me. To me. Look I just want to be honest. Everyone really needs to Get grounded right. They need to really get. Grounded may need to shift their thinking right at shift from short-term to long-term perspective and realize we are in global crisis. There will be a transfer. Will Social Transformational effect on society on a global scale, and there will be renaissance the follow, but we are going through the death rebirth process right now, and that's why I believe the man shop will continue. Globalization will continue to break down with the supply chains breaking down from China. Universal basic income is going to start. They're going to have no other choice. Choice. They're going to bail out. The pension funds bail out the state debt bail out the junk bond debt. They're going to have to do and they're also going to repackage a lot of these corporate debt into pensions, and that's why they're going to bail out the pensions, and here's the problem as everyone is getting bailed out, and everything is getting bailed out. The currency the fractional reserve banking in Fiat. Monetary System is imploding as a result they're going to destroy the currency in their attempt to Rian Fleet and revitalize system that has been dying since the two thousand, eight, two, thousand nine. Economic Collapse. What else can go wrong this year? Well I see a lot of black swans emerging this year, because again like these disciplines period this eclipse period all right from June fifth to July fifth. There are certain warning signals that are going to give indications that like are unknown unknown factors in the offing. Right now that we're not aware of that will erupt just the way. These protests erupted in an unexpected way. And so fast too fast, fast and furious, which are mannequin, unanticipated developments well after the events and the big one the big event, the X. event right because everyone says well the corona viruses the expert. No, it's not. It was just the Black Swan. The trigger a larger event that's coming and I believe that's coming between June twentieth and July fifth. Will it have anything to do with these two events that are happening now than the virus protesting? Absolutely I think I. Think the virus second wave and I believe because look George. In December, we had that. Big Eclipse occur on the world. Point Cross right over China, there is another more powerful eclipse again on the inside of Zodiac crossing right over China again all the way through India into the Middle East, it's going to be even more powerful so everything. That's happening now. On the world stage is all tied in to the future the future. What's happening? What will happen between June twentieth and July fifth is informing and shaping the present and its in ways that we cannot detect until after the fact. Gosh I. Hope you're wrong very respectfully. I hope you're wrong. Well. I might be wrong, but I'll tell you what I think. The. These crisis happen regardless whether we want them to happen or not, and they need to happen in the real reason is needs to happen is because the world to post nineteen forty-five postmodern world is no longer sustainable or tenable. And it is going through a death while a new civilization, a new society, a new way of being is emerging is struggling to be born, and I think that's something that people need to keep in their awareness right while they stay grounded and I think it's important for people to assist on abilities right. The people are expecting that pension to kick in as soon as they retire. That's just not going to happen things. A lot of people, especially the baby boomers. boomers are going to be affected most because they will not be able to recover if we see a continuing dislocation and breakdown of the global economy which you know I hate to say, it is happening faster than anyone anticipated. We've rolled into June and I can't tell you William how many people I have heard from who just want this year to get over with? Yeah, but you know this year is going to extend all the way out to twenty twenty three. General Crisis Okay. Every general crisis's lasted. About four four and a half years just look at World War Two right from nineteen, thirty nine to forty five, so on the American, when America entered the war, right look at World War One for instance that lasted four years the Second World War, four to five years. That's the time period. And range that we need to set expectations with based on what we have been seeing. Historically that correlates with the Monday and astrological portents. Have you looked at the astrological charts? The Afghan war in the Iraq war I mean we're still there since two thousand one in two thousand three right. The US pulling out of Afghanistan. That's going to be one of the things trump we'll. We'll be able to pull off. Just prior to the election, so we're going to hear some big announcements with that, but that's not the real issue. And Iran is not the big issue Iran is undergoing in the nation's stage of a revolution, the real issue that everyone's avoid talking about at least when the mainstream news on this show of course is the fact that we are in a through cities trap scenario with China. WHO's now rivaling to take over opposition as the global dominant hegemonic, and they have got a plan. Plan they are executing that plan, and then not letting the covert nineteen crisis, getting away or slow it down, and that is the big issue. Americans need to wake up. China is not offerings, and they are going to pull a very big move. They're already doing it now in Hong Kong, but Hong Kong is not really their real goal, their real goal in order to ensure dominance in the south Taiwan correct, and that is coming and America has to has to be prepared for that. And we're not in a position to defend Taiwan right now. We're not in that position, and they're doing everything the Pentagon the military. They are doing everything to upgrade to send sufficient fourth to blunt the momentum, right the blunt China's momentum, and it's Pacific ambitions in that area of the world, so we could see a high intensity conflict emerge between now and twenty twenty three between China because look. You. Know I. You had the Currency Wars right? Which China the same thing happened with Japan. We had a currency war with Japan nineteen, twenty, one to nineteen, thirty six, then came to trade war with Japan nineteen, thirty to thirty four, and then came to shooting war right from nineteen, forty, forty, one, forty five, and so we're seeing currency were with China right? We've been doing that trade war since twenty seventeen, and it's gone to a technology war with the five G. to the sh two to the cold war. Well, we have a full blown Cold War with China and it's in front of us, but nobody's really talking about it. Nobody's addressing this and these tariffs these traits Harris. being weaponized pursue political goals right, and you know trump in this election it I see coming up is gonNA use the tariffs to punish China for its criminal negligence in connection to the spread of the Wuhan, bio virus the bioweapon virus, right? It was I I'm convinced was made in a lab well absolutely, and I'm my my astrological, sourcing and also employing Remote viewing methodology has basically pointed at to a lab in China. So I think there's historical precedents here with what happened with Japan and America, which eventually led to war and the accelerated speed between what's happening now with China. And the US and so we have put that now on, you know we have to put that on the table. Now we cannot be extended pretend and believe everything is going to go back to normal v-shaped recovery. We we make China. The world gets back together again. We Sing Kumbaya. That's not gonNA happen. Listen to more coast to coast. AM every weeknight at one am eastern and go to coast to coast. Am Dot Com for more?

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Episode #1533: The New Phil Hendrie Show

The World of Phil Hendrie

56:23 min | 1 year ago

Episode #1533: The New Phil Hendrie Show

"This is a whole group. I've been meaning to say something that the show welcome to the world famous fill every show i don't. I don't know whose turn it was. Not it's your turn on candidates for thursday now. Welcome come to the program but this is the world famous ratio general kaelin shove margaret craig hello <hes> but declan high and robert leonard in brooklyn neighbor school is that it a yeah this is the ghost from sweden and they do have <hes> they do have <hes> members <hes> <hes> one of the what is it about a lead singer is named pope pope erect icus or something. You better not be kidding. I swear to god get the lead. Things got some wack trek named but the other guys in the band now. This is the part that disturbs me greatly because you you were to he says the other guys are the best deal club nameless ghoul. What do you mean though nameless school. Is that well no each guy is called nameless ghoul and depending on who you're talking to. It's what you're listening general. You've got to look on your face. That is one of incredulity auto. Do i really well. I'm so sorry i should take all of this. In stride some guy named nameless ghoul one. You know i find that so disturbing makes me think they're taking me for a ride. What do you mean taking you for friday it up. Somebody's trying to pull something here. Tunnel tall heavy metal and nameless ghoul is the alabama yeah. It's all heavy metal. I know all about heavy metal. Yeah it's just it's a weird wack thing and in that band ghost what's being here co spec- go species what they're called in the states most likely because there is a ban called ghosts in the in the states and the copyright works that way sometimes right margaret well. Yes you can have a domestic copyright that is that is being protected. You may use something else internationally internationally so ghost comes from scandinavia evia as they say in france please please but before i do something i'll regret for the rest of my life scandinavia hold on the french pronunciation in scandinavia or scandinavia as you but in your friends like to say i never said anything about skedaddle. It just got done saying look on you. Guys argue about that. What i'm trying to say is you can use the name ghost internationally <hes> outside of the united states when united states you may not because there's obviously a band that has the copyright to that name in the united states there are you happy thought ooh. That was a long way to run for that answer. Thank you yes it was. Are you saying though that it wasn't worth it. Here's me do it no margaret. Nobody's saying that the way the nameless ghoul is that there's four guys and nameless ghoul one nameless ghoul to soil so full nameless ghoul wooden nameless the school to assist just kind of kind of what do you call phil stick. Yeah it stays heavy metal. Stick heavy metal stick the banding bad. It's actually a pretty good band and we'll probably be hearing more from them. As we progress anyway. Welcome to the show folks and thank you for yesterday. I was with my brother darah who is as you know not right well. We're moving him and we we do get a lot of people love asking how he is and i'm very very grateful for that and i do communicate that to my sisters and and to him and and i will continue to do that. We're moving him from one hospital to another. He had a couple of procedures to help him breathe a little bit easier. I mean and the cat. You know. I'll be honest. I was saying on the pre show. This is very important. I mean you can't spend your whole life beating the shit out of your skills my french <hes> beating the crap out of yourself not that he did anything other than you know. He was just a hard drinking hard. Smokin kind of guy you know and my brother was <hes> was in the navy and then he got into the business and he liked to play cards late at night. What can i tell you. It's kind of a hail a henry trait. Oh yeah right. What are you guys. Get a lot of you. What are you the cincinnati kid or something. I've no. I'm not i'm just i'm half joking but we do kind of beat the crap out overselves because we're <hes> and the other thing that i'm dealing with this now my family my comment the men's side of my family we all tend to be heavy and when i was a kid i was a string bean well. Let's see that's. That's the whole thing. Wait a minute general. No wait i was i was a skinny little punk funk and then i flipped out and then i got in the the army and i- slender down then i blinked for a while because i just didn't care anymore <hes> that's what i became a general and then i bet patsy then i got skinny again then we got married and then i got fat again. You're slender though thank you very much margaret. I noticed. I say that it was attractive. I said you're slender blender. Oh well excuse me sorry that she. I guess maybe let the one with the tight. But what do you care. I don't know how did you lose the weight. How did i lose the weight. I stopped eating. That's the best thing to do. A lot of people are fighting the battle of a waistline everyday general. Why just the other day so you shut up taught start with jack lanny because i won't kill it but you guys get outta here with jack lolani once and for all its jack lane and that guy's been the dead. Can't you come up with a better. What about the guy went about <hes> i don't. I don't think the guy who's the barbecue guy who wound up step sleeping around the guy. Who's the barbecue guy yeah. I don't know who you're talking about. What do you mean the barbecue guy but talk about losing weight. Oh i think the the best way to lose weight is not necessarily stop eating but i think the lead meats you know i'm a big believer. How dare you look at me like that. I didn't look iraq same difference it quite you're the one that says you eat the light hams. You're the one that says yes. I do live how i eat the very light thin in hams and see you guys are bar on. You can't expect grown men men who have a natural fear of the supernatural in science fiction to sit certain listened to you talking about your late ham no benefits light. It's fine laugh until laughing boogie with the canned heat. You pay the price. I'm margaret grey. Pardon me from margaret. Pardon me we're gonna be back in the world famous filling bob bacon coming up what else we got here. <hes> bob egede did coming up. Let's see collins all our seco. We missed our scenes back. He's going to talk about the new <hes> rangers army rank. The two first female army rangers in armie history world-famous phil hendrie show up and go by now. That's boys is that what's up. Combat <hes> straight out of coming straight out of company yep easy all all right so this is the boys in the hood. Yes margaret feel <hes>. I don't know what you're aware of this but this film is is quite quite remarkable and a lot of people are talking about straight out of the story of the young. This is just the same as this go one. Is it dotty goule words. This is hip hop. What were we talking about. This is hip hop. It's not metal oh well. I don't know that differ you could it it. All sounds like the same sounds like the same thing that drips out of a sows asked to me all right world famous fill every show on the line with r._c. Call us from belmont academy in out to deny that bill maher. He's at bradley military academy. Excuse me elting californian r._c. Is going to be talking with us here about about <hes> the two new army rangers that have since passed ranger training school. They are women. This is a big deal. General what do you i think i think it's i think it's a it stands to reason that any woman who put her mind to it and wanted to be ranger was going to become a range. It got women that are marines now. I don't want to say anything. Of course it's a little bit more difficult to become an army ranger than some grunk jar head however there's no need to put down the marines <music> own. Yes there is no no wait a minute. We're not gonna do this yet. Though are we know we are not our see history to be with. You and i just want to say we still have to do our traffic. Oh brother man sorry about that guys. Pull it together phil yeah. I forgot all about traffic and how could i possibly do that when we know that we are bob bob big and how's it going buddy while you get a very very glad that this is a frickley. This is the third day of blimp in place or remember. Get out your lawn chairs and pull out your hats and that makes a little radio activity is going to get the today they have a good time and they relay sixty and freeway about seventeen eighteen before piper triumphant out there and four or five car the pile up there on the puck or there is a free way at a four way. There's also way all around the world sixty nine states. That's gonna be out there be until nine a._m. Splitting it heading out <unk> out of the great glen three and there is a free greek dinner to be had there at <hes> mamata mclean fifty five thirty five celebrate with you here by bob's of above bob's in beverly hills so my name is bob bacon of course withdrawing bob's beverly hills the hotdog stand out. They're gonna have that getting so hot. Dog and cat got bad about harvey wire noon break you know i think it's very disturbing fell to you've got helicopter guy. That shows stupide kept it. Does the gasoline thing petiot by the way let's just do. The news. Okay tampa news cab kept by has said that donald credit donald trump is is not a true conservative. Bush bush made these statements at a rally today. They kept mush dante al candidate d._c. Presidential candidacy presidential potentially. I got it. I don't like doing this anymore. Then you want me doing what i can tell you that as far as david hall is concerned. He wants to be on the air. Because is i give a legitimate messed up no second years that he turned down. Please turn it down bud good news field. Turn it down but i'll give you a good news. When i get done with you. You'll have you'll be able to read braille perfectly now. Never mind so jeb jeb bush camp boy. Who's gonna be the the president. The president president four is running for presented dent of unitaid started. God damn it. I live in a country united states. Oh yeah he's got me all pissed off what he said about the marine the marine line. Are you sure you were ever in the marines. That's the u._s. Marine corps no the u._s. May you rotten help would finish the news they buy campaign can didn't wanna what to campaign is that is that a camper pagans campaign campaign they. That's all right. I'll try to tidy that adele traditional all right traditional violence that other cut to five type of test to that other conservatives rhythms. Do your point of view harvey harvey. Weyermann take on all of this is as follows. I tend to agree with my colleague mr henry when he says says that trump i don't even know i don't even care this particular point. I had no choice but i can't even read my own writing shelley. You want to go for something hot. Wait a minute. Are you all done till you want a bag on him. I'll i'm gonna tell you is there. I thought i thought i was going to drop a load listening. Are you saying let me drop a load. You've got that excited. Oh what a man you. I don't care how oh you are guy got outside. Shut your mouth. Shut your mouth. Listen when you say to me and the people that it takes board be an army ranger than it does to be a member of the of the of the unitaid status. Ryan got gamut of the owner of the united states. Marine marine corps the united states. I think that's something. I don't even want to argue with a guy that thinks he was a member of the united study behind the car. You know i'm surprised you didn't corp. What is the marine corps. Everybody knows its core all right. Listen harvey. We do do have collins coming up to talking a little bit about this. Oh that's right. I am the part time commandant. I better get over there and get into my room in case they want to place the freshman. The balcony armyworm reporting here on the world famous fill every show. I thank you all and there's no laughter for the whole starring marie marino host the freshmen say marine. I meant to say at least a freshman set at the right way. It's still isn't funny. Wow did did he hang up. You better not hung up harvey because you know what the rule is. I pretended like i hung up. I pretended may i hang up. Go ahead all right. What what does this pretending attending. They hung up. That's the new thing that people are doing okay now. We can go over to our friend there. What does this music r._c. Collinses the start see how are you. I'm fine mr henry. I didn't know that that comment arm and was going to be on doing the news break but at the same time i think i i probably should have been informed of it to that. I could have made it better and more informed opinion damages difference. You know here's your host of the show. No i didn't think so there you gotta go through me to get the hint. Hold on for a minute. I gotta go through well. I'll tell you what man just coming the toll boop l. right here buddy and today there's a ten cent reduction in price that doesn't even even funny man got even contemporary in terms of the guys. Thank you so r._c. Collins joins us from bradley military academy to talk about the two army rangers that that have since been admitted to the united states ranger corps or unit these are women that past ranger training and and i would imagine that it's very very very difficult margaret artsy. I want to ask you a question. You heard <hes> general shaw say that the ranger training meaning is one of the toughest in the world might even be tougher argument from the marines but it might even be tougher than some of those boot camps so if two women were able to pass through that that school that training why would that be something that you would accept and and and celebrate them for foil. I mean <hes> ms grey said the world joy the word rejoice or you said the world rejoice and we live on earth <hes> then you almost the word rejoice and that's not a word that i would use inap- inapplicability to what these ladies done did first of all. I didn't say the world rejoice so that's it's real lame of. I said the word rejoice. You misheard it. Well okay but no. I didn't but okay you say that i did okay but no why didn't this. You did right still margaret's right. You heard it black at margaret's right. You misheard it. Yes ma'am i did. I did miss here it thank you. The word. Rejoice is not a word that i would use in applicable to what these ladies it did yeah. They went through the army ranger training but let me ask you a question and i just put it out there for just public consumption don't you you think that the army wants to don't you think that it'd be a feather in the cap of the army ranger man in charge that he has to women and what is past. Don't you don't you are you. Are you asking me that question anybody all right. Let's see this is general shaw. Yes yes sir first of all. I've heard a lot of idiots in my life but you each day. I hear you you break all records. Thank you sir now a feather other in the cap of who the guy that runs the army ranger school this burpee a federal decamp of any commander to allow a student a soldier jerk to pass any training who is not prepared for it. Do you understand general we don't how do you understand yes sir number two if that individual so passed by the so-called a head of the army ranger school for a feather in his cap goes out and it gets themselves killed or even worse gets a whole bunch of their fellow soldiers killed. I wouldn't call that a feather in the cap so why would putting someone without proper training in the field of battle in theater of operations. Why would that be a good thing. You check on wheels. You'll respond well sir i i. I didn't mean no disrespect to the man runs the school and first of all we're not referring to eighty man that we're talking about the united states army and the rangers you understand within well yes sir. We are talking about the rangers in the united states army but i think at some point somebody's gotta take responsibility for putting what could very well a. B. and you know the <hes>. You know what i don't mean to be offensive sir. The put a couple of cheese sticks out an operation. I think it's wrong and i think it's wrong. How dare he say something like at that time standard and it's just the way we have of saying things so you think the army put a couple of cheese dick's out there <hes> i do sir. I think the only answer the answer to that will will whether or not we'll really know is when they wind up getting themselves put up or every swinging dick sir. Let's do we have to listen. Listen to this channel. I mean this language. It's hard. This is standard army. This was just a couple of guys communicating although are still a cadet he has to get used to the way things are done. I apologize smuggle but this is simply soldiers talking. Now i wanna find out something radio you under u._s._d._a. What i'm saying no i don't understand first of all you have absolutely no combat experience. Sold your point out to the general that you went like this joe like that your snot it up something something. They're young man. If i started up then all you gotta do is keep your mouth shut. Keep your dick hard and your powder dry. D understand oh my god. Yes sir now what you answer this question. In what instance is it proper tavern individual in the field that properly trained who gets a whole bunch of swindon dick as you call them blown to hell gets themselves killed in what instance would any army officer any ranger be proud of that well sure. I think it expands to reason dono. Though when would any army officer arranger be proud of something like that they wouldn't ever that's right so it. It doesn't make any sense and you stand there with your thumb up your s not knowing what you're talking about saying that they would put somebody out in the field. What the proper training. Why are you so like about one hundred yards of dumb ass. Do you understand or i'd like to point out to you understand. Yes sir now. Why don't you roll yourself the ball and bounce yourself following on down to hell she well. I mean i'm with you. Wait a minute. Don't general i'm interviewing. When this guy oh shit. I thought i was back at the presidio raymond some guy. Excuse me yes i you were getting into character. They're even character. What you're all about ripping this guy and asked like you you. Don't you reserve yes ma'am. I very reserved personally. I've in the army reserve served professionally. I was in the army professionally and i'm in the army reserve but as i said i'm very reserved very reserved. Your personality is very very reserved at parties. Would you know when you say you're reserved all right so let's get back down to the fact that these women got passed by the army. We don't even have to talk about whether they are qualified. Do you have any other objections. Well yes sir. Actually i do and with general's permission ahead well first of all. I think that <hes> me being you know cadet situation. I'm still a cadet. I'm not even army. Do i gotta wait for another six months. Before or i can get into like any you know university or even four even <hes> joined the army to be in the army and meanwhile these the two women big it to be rangers and stuff. Nobody gave me a chance. How come general you want me to take that yeah you. You are so dumb that i feel like crying for our nation and if they're a bore of you there's only one thing we can do that would be to exterminate all of you <hes> using using any extermination company western exterminator is as good or maybe the oregon man took general r._c. You're pissing off the general. I think i know why the reason as you're thinking is all messed up. Your brain is wrecked. Your mind is a ball of confusion. You may recall the song ball of confusion dan yeah i remember the song bali confusion in the in the band played on yes. That's the one right there. Now i think our c- our that texas song futile learn because your mind is a ball of confusion and what i loved you. I become a ball all of confusion because i don't know what i'm looking at. You understand general weyermann general weyermann fuck. I apologize gerald shot. Not only just walked out of the room is harvey on the line go. Hey hardy yeah mine too. This'll this'll it'll be great and listen or she. I was listening driving over here to the school. You sound like an intelligent young man when you don't sound like a stupid jack ball. You understand what i'm saying. Yes sir now you talking about what the good army is. What the marines are whether these women are qualified. You're entitled to your own personal opinion but as a cadet at bradley military academy we whipped you into shape. We picked you up out of the gutters of chatsworth california where you are setting fire to barbecue chicken's chickens and had already been cooked and what i asked you. Why are you bringing the chicken. You said you were sacrifice again. I said it was already dead and you said yes sir but i'm making better. That's what i knew. You were bradley military mary kademi material. Yes sir and that's why i'm saying please son step off your dumb ass self now before you get. Some people killed killed. This entire segment is beginning to go gives balloon gaming because south now general shaw there right here general shot for this young man and i certainly apologize as well for somebody intemperate comments that i made even though you're talking all kinds of smacking shit about the army rangers apology accepted thank you. I didn't hang up film just pretending well. You can hang up now. Oh that's right. Well mr henry i i can see you stack the deck against me and that's fine. I didn't stack any deck against you. All i wanted was an intelligent conversation from you because you're one of the first guys that i thought of you've when i think of people who may have a problem with women in uniform. I know that this is not the nineteen ninety s era. This was a big big debate in the nineties. We've gotten past that. We know that women can pick up a weapon in and fight for their country. The same man can be in the same way. I don't think so but yeah they can fight for their country and why not the same way flow okay. Are you saying that a woman can fight it exactly the same way as a man can first of all if a man goes you know like what if you have to have a baby or something oh god i hate him. I you serious man. I am dead serious. If you're in combat and then you've got to have a baby. Put you on combat beattie. What are you know about it. Just use my own personal commonsense. You know what's the best thing for you to do right. Now is a hang up the phone gets her what to a window open it and if you're about four or five storeys dive out on your head yes sir all right are don't do that by the way later yes sir so that's the that was very intelligent field. Thank you so much for wasting my time and the time of your listeners on that asinine conversation about whether women belong in the military or not. There may be an argument there. There may be discussions there bring that she thought we had people at one of the here. We had people on on the chat friday night. Wanted here are see again. There are people that want to there are people that love or see collins value. Listen dumb ass why because ask a dumb ass. I guess not people like that about him because he's such a s now. Let me ask you. A question. Was that guy kidding lehrman when he said to this kid collins was burning a chicken that was already barbecued yeah that was he was sack of he used to be off center was used to be what used to be goth. Goth general you know the black. Oh not the blade jesus. I got a grandson that runs around looking like that. I've got a grandson my grandson josh runs relative grandpa a what the the hill i said. Are you going to a halloween party. No i'm you know i'm listening to some robert smith and evanescence. I said who i said why he said okay grandpa later. He's got the black lipstick. He's got the hill coming down. It looks like some of that cabinet the doctor of the calgary you know the water what is calorie that ain't water. That's the movie who has come on. We're going to be right back in the world famous phil hendrie show and when we come back dean wheeler is with us <hes> and also we've <hes> this ought to be interesting. <hes> west herman has asked us to allow him some time to play a new version. There's a midget down the road. There's a midget trying to get my load unbeknownst. Dean buddy says he's pretty sure dina lichen on this. I got a year so that's coming up and and yeah world-famous baby jazz become active act the world famous phil hendrie show and phil hendrie show dot com presents. Are you gonna daily classic podcast. Yes the classic podcast that you've come to know and i love is now a daily monday through friday. So whatever you do and wherever you go and whoever you are whatever it is you are or what you think you are. Make sure that you are online line and you are downloading both of our shows of course the daily phil hendrie show and well the daily. That's right the daily classic podcast. You have to be a subscriber. I totally forgot and you have to have a b. S. p. b. s. p. to get that but anyway make that daily part of your day. After you get the b. s. p. famous phil emery show daily classic podcast now now bill monday through friday at fill every show dot com you wanna do baby <music> filigree show here in philly show dot com. K. can't k- campus campus. It's a lovely song. Isn't it whatever yeah okay so r._c. Collins couple of things just dimension here breath. Ashley madison proves it. Everyone lies about birthdays now. The amount of information released by the ashley madison hackers <hes> what this the ashley madison's what ashley madison is a website where you go and you meet people if you want to cheat on your spouse. Isn't that a fine. How do you you do. Are you kidding me or something. No and there are people that say that they would rather cheat than leave. I think one of the founders said that well that sounds like some malarkey a guy like that. I bet you guys got a million reasons. Why cheat on his wife. It's a you know being a decent human being forget it on listeners. Get some ideas. Are you at your worst. You're even dumber that clown poland's get some ideas now the amount of two so it was hacked hacked and there were tens of millions of emails locations pickup lines and more personal data and birth dates that were released while but there were so so you'd expect ashley madison to ask for birth date after all it needs to know that everyone participating is over the age of eighteen and probably wants to get a sense of how old people actually are and as you'd also expect people gave ashley madison in fake birthdates there over thirty six billion different birthdates registered with the site and if everyone is telling the truth one out of every twelve ashley madison members was born on on new year's day that's because they weren't smart enough to change the date. When asked for your your birthday generally would pops up. There is january first and then and you know you pick a year. And how do you know this what you trying to register. No i wasn't trying to every time they ask you for birthday. That's what happens. They have january one. You're saying these people are so they're so brain dead. They didn't think the change that no it was all january the first nineteen in <hes> eighty two jenner the first one thousand nine hundred seventy five something that january first is by far the popular day that members said they were born presumably because the site asked visitors to pick a date and year people blah blah blah blah blah the did change the month of the day though often picked the same number for each february march april fourth after all. It's as easy as hitting six tabs six on most computers oh but some of the truly romantic people looking to cheat on their wives got a little more creative one hundred twenty four thousand said they were born on valentine's day. So what do you think of all of this well. What do i think i think it's a pretty sick and twisted the thing i i shouldn't call that but we'll get dealer on the line here in just a moment to talk a little bit about this as well as westworld for'de and the <hes> the songs that he's gonna do for. I'm not exactly sure which oh yeah he's going to. It's an updated version right. Well down the road trying to get my my go with me over here right now in el segundo california is chris. Norton chris is a telemarketer. He is also a guy that is an adult film perspective or or an aspiring adult film producer and actor and he is in hermosa beach which is where he does telemarketing for pharmaceutical company thirty five days out of the weekend say you're at the promenade there chris up so much that was going to get more quiet place because i i. I don't think this is a quite as probably should be you know no. No it's fine. <hes> we can hear you. Pretty good are you. Are you comfortable there. I'm fine. I'm not usually i eat my life soon a restaurant but i have a bag muzzle. Tell you now because someone said they called for gonna be in a bag lunch sitting out on a park bench <hes> near worth from high school band plan and i do think that i'm from lima <hes> i'm actually out here <hes> because my mom came by to are you drop off some dry cleaning done for me and she gave me this bag lunch. I feel bad so i wanted. I thought down florida eat it. You're saying that that'd be a restaurant. I'm not restaurant restaurant right now dickman but okay. I can be tied back lodge. Only that's the very sophisticated of you is. No it's not but <hes> if not it's like i'm lame. I eat a bag lunch. 'cause my mother <hes> who did my my dry cleaning and my you know. I don't need my mommy to do my cleaning forming warming then. Why did she do it because i had had a couple of very strenuous days shooting a movie <hes> one in which i did a lot of fasting and there was a lot of sweat a lot of ball bobby fluid and oh jesus that about okay go ahead. I'm in theory if you hang up no no no no no no. No people are making comments all right so you're outside and you're having a bag lunch. That's fine but you don't have to keep saying ed. I mean i could go right over here on my favorite restaurants in the world. Which is the portofino porter porter portobello portofino the portability pillow puertas pheno in you know about it. Everyone knows the portofino redondo beach. Yes okay well. Maybe we're about oil that is a female and portabella mushroom was on the menu that i was looking at on the wall. When i walk by chris. Look you're a very sophisticated guy. He just had to be in a bag agla. They're sitting on a park bench and a prominent because your mother brought it by what you brought your dry cleaning bike as you had a really strenuous bunch of days shooting up sex scenes with a whole bunch of really hot women. Is that cool. So what we wanna do is going to ask. You chris a little bit about a little bit about this ashley madison website aside. You know the one that i'm talking about moving this far here. All right got <hes> a little bit of time here. What was your question. I said you're you're in a bar right now okay. Can i get a coke diet. Coke kinda got a diet pepsi pepsi <hes> beer 'cause i'm in the middle of a workday man. Oh working mainly drink a beer but actually my misery is a site where <hes> individuals can't go hook up <hes> if <hes> the situation at home in terms of the fast. It's not measuring up and i'm sure i well imagine this happened to. A lot of guys is <hes> there is <hes> there's chris norton. If you wanna get down to it i mean there's a lot of option that lets say women <hes> if the sas at home <hes> sort of gotten ezra ezra special <hes> bad and i feel for people you know what do you mean. There's chris norton. Who are you calling yourself the equivalent to actually that some equivalent i mean i can't handle what kind of business that ashley madison handle <hes> but <hes> let's face it. You know i'm at i'm at the rusty pelican five nights a week. I'm at a bar dr roped off but <hes> oh you're the guy that has the barstool. It's roped off now. I remember you. Are you trying to tell me that there are women lined up behind the velvet rope around yeah <hes> i am. I may be a baby not believing it is extremely extremely interesting. <hes> <hes> is it can be very exciting and and i'm happy to do some answer for a lot of these young ladies to not experience experience and the way that a lot of them should spur empathize well now. You say that you ask the audience are you. Only of i'm having these <hes> relations with women do not <hes> really i don't have any real life through interesting <hes> ms grey and whether or not these women have taken merrill vowels or not <hes> if they feel they need the fast because i do have are powerful fast <hes>. I don't know what you call it. I think it just kind of goes out on the glen. You know timing glands. Hey man if you've ever read nothing about this process foods from a gland. Dan wait a minute. Hold on a second question but i did you say what the sex what if you if you mr mr show i mean general henry. I'm mr henry. He's general shop. Okay mr mrs henry. I think he's doing that on purpose trying to fuck with us. No no i swear to god spit out if you are have if you have a high level at a higher era registry of seth like do than than foods okay it exudes saying for out of the gland well more than one planned. I would think well yeah. I mean it is the glands answer this news out of the glands. Dan yeah you know the women that come near you. Oh wow <hes> check it out. You know i'm i'm feeling i'm feeling how good it is you know f o that if you couple that with the fact that these women are in the bar there to have s and to to spice up and make more assigning their marriage because right. I know a lot of marriages not fighting chris ashley. Madison is a dating site <hes> yes they. They say they cater to people who are who are there to have have extramarital relations but as a dating site they keep a database of names etc. They've just been hacked by hackers. A lot of these people's names are now being circulated much much to their embarrassment you on the other hand. You're just a guy at a bar and yours a velvet rope around your barstool. Who by the way who's letting people in and out wait a minute lose the person it's gotta be a ban on the rope man yes on the velvet rope. Oh well that could be any one of a number of a couple of guys on guys is that i <hes> that i serve well. I don't serve by south on guys. Go surfing. I generally just stroll down the sand at <hes> <hes> redondo. It'll be short hermosa beach where the tab yeah. I wear i wear a stripe speedo of horizontal stripes speedo yeah. That's real good chris and i. I'm very excited funny. We asked you a question who bands the roof. All well who mans the rope is either steve bob or a <hes> jeff probably either steve barber jeff jeff. Do they have last names to their girlfriends when their wives. Are you know if i mentioned their last names <hes>. They've each got pretty tasty tasty tasty looking <hes> girlfriend a friend home to probably just yeah get just pull arena bobbitt autumn. All my friends are well well. They will bill you know down their girlfriends puller elena a real luna by blue lorena mcmahon lorena bobbitt on bob if we wanted to poor lorena bobbitt i were talking about how much per pound man you you forgot. Okay chris thank you. I'm gonna be gross or any took trying to tell them. Your friends are all johnny. The wad homes is or whatever johnny the what is but get off that subject gagging on it saying he'll token on it fill. That was a very opportune time for you to gag. I'm not gagging. I swallowed wrong okay now. That's what she said. That's what she said it. Hey hey you guys. That's what she said. That's great. That's wonderful guy all right so chris komo first of all misery. Let's remember. I'm roped off your roped off. That's great so steve stands at the rope chicks. Come around you. Take them home. You have sex with them <hes> and <hes>. What is this doing exactly. I told you i told you you exude sex yeah because zuhdi in that then the women come around on and they want to have the size and what happens is when they have with me after they know that is zuhdi it <hes> and they and they enjoy the sas then they go back to their own husband move breath and that's when you can get pretty exciting get various stream and can become very <hes> i think fulfilling doing and and and because you're a fall in f._m. Ethanol ethanol affair doesn't mean that that's the <hes> the end of of your marriage man. It could very well mean that your marriage is about to kick it into a stream overdrive all right chris. Thank you very a bunch. I wanted to get that point of view from you and have a very very pleasant evening tonight. I don't know are you off to you know i'm going to be having having probably rally pretty soon with one of the <hes> women here. I'm swinging around my chair right now. The guy no no no yeah her put her to the left heard of the right heard of the right all the ones all the ones that are no good to the right and the ones that we can use the ones i can use the left. No no oh no all right. Would you hang up on this. No no okay <hes>. That guy is so full of crap. He's walking around with brown eyes. I don't don't believe it. I bet she's at home. Pull it on it the pixel so mr shaw. I'm in general south. Yes i do. I think got to that guys at home spanking it and he has been for weeks. Well this chris norton. There's no telling how low this young man will sink. He is one of the vilest things things. The world has ever known. I'm margaret coming back with dean whaler here and <hes> westworld for the new version of there's a midget world-famous phil emery show they don't forget to get a rating and review up on i tunes world-famous phil hendrie this show and our email list if you're not on it get on it and of course saturday b. s. p. show only <hes> we do also have our friday night chat and then on saturday. Let me talk about it. Join us as a. b. S. p. the friday night chat and the saturday only b._s._p. Show here on the outside all right <hes> dean wheeler and his close personal friend air west hartford <hes> there were deans. I think they're either at dean's compound there in northern in california or they have gone to parts parts as yet unknown. I'm not sure do we have them on the line. Hey hey dean how're you doing. It's phil hendrie fill great. <hes> wealth is done something with there's a midget that i like and <hes> i'm very excited about it and and i think that you will be too and let's listen to it now. Are you in the tub. I'm yeah i'm pouring a top. West is in the living room here. I had a very difficult weekend so i thought i'd soak <hes> while he you know does the song yes. Laying in a bathtub is are are. We gonna have a problem with that. I'm not thirty seconds into. It's fine because i don't know how it's done. All right. Wes has banned is here and wait till you hear what they've done with image. I think it's going to be a i think it's going to be expansion west whenever you you'll do the honors one. I'm two one two three. Let's all right phil. You're kidding. No hold on hold on this great all right too much of a build up. We can get the fact. No don't don't cut it back. I like it now. We will cut it back. We do what i say. Oh my god i got a few black bears trying to route name. They get pretty good pretty. Good the hold on hold on hold on wait. Wait hold on hold on what the hell you mean pretty good. It's fine fine so west has been working on this required sometime it will all he did was take the same charts yes. He took the charge for <hes> go with it. Charge forgo that which was an abomination before god a man. It was an abortion of a song. I wouldn't say that i would outlook. I'm sitting here doing a song for a guy lane in a bathtub. Okay i've already. I've already gone well beyond any line that i draw in the sand for my own personal morality and personal behavior so i'm here playing this for a guy in a bathtub tab to don't tell me about music all right so <hes> go with phil was an abortion on demand. I mean it was abortion on toast okay. Yes i get it and so now. Let's do this again. Let's do it right. I don't want all that who okay yeah you gotta play the start one to the one. I tried it about this for the first time until amoroso your wife hold on. I can't hear you can't hear anything miranda m._l._b. Like what i tell it like how about that. How's that for answer. Yes sir all right all all right well down. I gotta get back. He's kissing uh-huh. You've got older top ride off aw fuck the back. I miss the break. I missed the break. You get the idea though mr andrew do i. I got the feeling you don't like the song and when someone doesn't want them to be straight up with me. I just don't think it's you man. I think you're trying to take a song like you said is a is a third and you're trying to put <music> a you're. You're trying to put a nice dinner jacket on it and it's a hurricane. We're putting you're taking a song that is something that came out of the s of a cat and you're trying to give it a a pair of brand spanking new italian loafers no can do well. I know what you're saying. I'm doing the best i can. It is such a piece of shit. Wait hold on for just a minute ed for god's sake. What do you think i'm gonna talk today. I've been putting up with this. <hes> take it easy god damnit he's but he's been talking like some old ladies. It's got the vapors in a very tough day. Are you telling me that go with it a song that i sweat it over enslaved over a song that i knew i had to write because morella had bombed well. This is the first i'm hearing about that well now. You know you're telling me that umbrella was bombing and all those clubs. She bombed like oh. You wouldn't believe they. They refuse to pay us on our last pre gigs. That's how bad it was go. I knew i had to do something but i didn't know anything about that either dane. I'm sorry ah sorry that i yelled at you and all i wanted to start bawling like a baby. I'm gonna get outta here. I'll try one more time but if i don't like it there's something about it that bothers me but something about it that gives me the creeps he'd be g._b.'s anything that feels like it goes against my personal code of conduct sandia then i'm done about you understand what i'm saying look west. We do you understand what i'm saying. Okay it's already distinct creeps me out in bugs me beyond words all right. I'll get one more chance one two one two three. I don't like the other one. I hate guess. What are you guys doing. Wait a second. I like this one better cake. Gonna wind blows. A chicken. Ask hailed today's. Today's fluid promised me yeah okay. What are you elizabeth taylor in canada hot tin roof ed. They hate everybody well. I like that. I don't hurt. Thanks a lot boys. Thank you yeah okay. I love that is westworld. I don't to be that was so weird weird that i think the two of them cook that one up two minutes before we went on the air that's effect. That's exactly when i thought of i mean i knew it so you know i didn't. I thought about about five minutes before we did. The bet okay folks. That's all the time we have for the show. Wait a minute. Are you you telling me that you thought of that idea to have. There's a visit the the the thing no i did not i thought about don't tell me what i thought. Oughta team thought about it. You mean west's yet west thought about it. West is the guy that thought that he could take that song and he could turn that into. There's imagined because let's face it. You know there's only so much you can do with the real turret like that and i think he went. I think they both went as far as one could. <hes> humanly go with that thing all right folks. I do appreciate you being with us and for whatever reason you enjoyed enjoyed your time with us. Be sure to get a backstage pass to our website filling reshow dot com. That's funny show dot com tens of thousands of great hours of classic rare and brilliant radio do saying something myself also don't forget that every day now we'd do a classic podcast our website phil emery show dot com the world famous phil hendrie show is executive produced by phil hendrie for c._o._p._d. Incorporated all rights reserved on podcast one today. Hey by the way i'm interviewing <hes> good good friend phil lamar one of the greatest voice over guys in the business one of the greatest animation voices of the business great actor as well funny guy phillip. Jimmy johnson will be in studio with us as well. That'll be dropping next week to date dropping today collins and alex rubens on the science of the fund <music> <music> <music> uh uh-huh the a._p. News is sponsored by a._d._t. Real protection professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team aimal help you customize a system for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the a._d._t. App or the sound of your the voice you can even help keep your loved one safe on the go with location sharing driving activity alerts and an emergency s._o._s. button through the a._d._t. Go app that's a._d._t. Real real protection. I'm rita foley with an a._b._c. news minute. This suspect in the el paso texas mass shooting is on suicide. Watch twenty one year old patrick crusius crusius has been in jail since twenty two people were shot dead at a walmart in el paso on august the third no word on why exactly he's been put on suicide watch a new california law allows police to use deadly force only when necessary to defend against an imminent threat of death or serious injury to officers officers or to buy sanders the police protective leagues haw new taj amo- that everyone got what they wanted but <hes> that we can all live with a hearing is set in chicago today as it tries to recover costs from actor jesse small at after police said his claims of a racist anti attack were phoney and staged and home depot cut its sales expectations for the year as lumber prices slide and the company braces for the impact of tariffs on its customers. I'm rita fall lay.

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Ep 217 - How to Be More Present in Your Life | An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness

The ONE Thing

1:01:29 hr | 1 year ago

Ep 217 - How to Be More Present in Your Life | An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness

"This is the one thing podcast where we teach you the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results. I'm your host Ceylan Halen lasts for those of you who have not heard the past episodes jeff and I work at the one thing and I'm in charge of all of the creative content and listening to you our listeners and our community members in figuring out better ways to help you achieve your goals. We live in a culture. That's inundated by distractions. The smartest people in the world are designing APPs to capture your attention. And how do we choose. Mindfulness when we're in a world that's buzzing zapping and distracting us from what matters most this is the challenge and to to top off. No one's shown us how to how to do it. This episode was part of our one thing webinar series. Each month we feature an author whose book is aligned with the one thing to help you explore more ways you can live the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results if you'd like to see her upcoming eleven our guests the visit the one thing dot com slash Webinar. That's the one thing with the number one. Rl the one thing dot com slash webinars. In this episode. Our guests will walk you through simple and clear ways to start getting present in the moment. We'll talk about ways as to become more mindful reduce stress and have more mental clarity on what matters most to you. Our hope is that you choose one thing you can put into action immediately following this episode with that. Let's let's get into the episode with author of now is the way and host of the astral Hustle podcast Corey Allen. How're radio in Corey? Good how are you so corey. Tell us a little bit about about your practice. And what what you what you brought together in this book about all my meditation practice or Yes your spiritual practice. Yeah basically been meditating for about about twenty years and I got into it. You know out of necessity really living in an environment. Where just how I grew up there was a lot of off? Chaos and and discomfort around me and I deploy discovered meditation by chance and begin practicing just quietly. I realized that no matter what was going on outside of my body you know in the world in my environment that inside my body my inner life was mine and I could do and become who and what I wanted ought to be a narrative became a virtuous sanctuary for me and as I went deeper into my own meditation practice in just exploring becoming aware of my inner in her life. I began to see how as I made changes with. What arose what I became aware of I changed as a person. Is this thing of what's coming in was coming out in how it began to express that in the world begin to slowly more who I was and that made me realize like wait a second. You know now. Three months have gone by six months. Have Gone by have continued meditation practice in just trying to be more mindful and more self aware and trying to offer my actions. My future as opposed post being pushed around and By the life outside of me or just living mindlessly through my preprogramed behaviors that had come from family way in from society and so on the more that the more I realize that I'm actually at the head of the ship here. I'm curious choosing who want to be in changing. Who I was was into? The person that I know is possible and so through doing that. I began realizing I'm different. That was six months gone. Different now was a year ago and that led me to realizing housing like. Oh Wow I can continue this this past in continue changing forever and that's ultimately what. I'm still doing today. It's interesting because a lot of people when they start on a path of personal development We have a lot of people in our community. Who say you know I want to achieve this and this is the person I wanted to come in? I heard that sometimes there are a lot of things that we think are the first two inch domino. That helps you like I want to be healthy and I want to lose weight so they think that the first thing to do we start working out every day but recently I was talking to somebody in his first two inch domino he realized was getting his mind present and it seemed like so detached from the outcome he was actually seeking but that present nece actually does ripple into all the other areas of your life like you mentioned told him if you think about like everything that you do in in your life begins by a level of self awareness or an awareness of what you need to change your definition of the goal that you want to seek or whatever it might be and so through being more present. You're more aware of what you're feeling and more aware of what you're thinking. You Begin to get a broader more clear idea of your the small picture and the big picture that really allows you to recognize what it is that you're thinking at all you know it's interesting that a lot of people aspirations to do things in life and they get really frustrated because they're not coming into for wishing but if you stop and you actually think about how much time you spent really visualizing in laying out a strategy and understanding what that even means to achieve that thing most people say. Oh well haven't really done that. I just WANNA thing and I'm frustrated because I can't get it and so you know spending some time to actually actually increase that self awareness in your understanding of of what it is. You've decided to like the story that you're telling yourself about your life in about what you want like. Well what is that story story. Where did that story come from? And what parts of that story are true into actually want and so by being more present you can very much tap into that and it. It's a beautiful thing. It becomes more and more clear as you do it more. Yeah it's interesting when you talk about like having a goal outside of yourself that you're after and then people though oh on the inside. In their day to day they continued to react to what the world is throwing them versus having a plan for how to get an achieve that goal. And one of the things you mentioned in your book was how sometimes sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day of checking email and responding to this notification and that fire firefight that that we are so caught up in the business says at that moment that we actually realized that were not present in the moment is actually the first two inch domino of being self aware. Even though you haven't changed your behavior but you're just pausing then you're noticing that your behavior is not aligned with what's actually happening in your president it's just reacting to everything outside of yourself. Can you talk a little bit about that. I would love up to this. Oh this is such an important thing. I love that you brought it up. We should soak on this thought from matter because our culture is you know. It's we live in a capitalist capitalist culture that's all based upon marketing and advertising and all this stuff and a symptom of that is that from the time that we're born we're marketed to that. If you had this you will be happy if you could look like this person or look this way or be this thing. You'll feel happy in what that does is it makes us feel like we aren't enough. It makes makes us feel like we're perhaps were missing something. Were wrong in some way and given that we already have nasty. Inner critics begin with as human critters. But you being being living in this world where there's just marketing and advertising everywhere telling us like here's what you should be. You know like everywhere here it makes it hard to not second guess yourself from beat yourself up all the time and so yes. It's a it's a such a powerful moment to realize that first huge huge step is just becoming aware of your thoughts as you mentioned. That's the the first step in what happens. Is that most people when they sit down to try and meditate or even. You don't even need to do. Meditation took to experience mindfulness meditation. Just a part of it. Point of view. Sit Down you you. You're doing something and you think you know I just I'm becoming more aware of my thoughts of what I'm thinking of what I'm feeling but it seems to crazy so I want to go back to. I WanNa Kinda ignore it and live as series of chain reactions or the momentum of distraction that moment of recognition is usually one more people do have that that thought that that experience of Oh. I'm doing something wrong or this is nasty and and I don't want experiences because of The way that our society and just a natural way that humans tend to think about things is in so I think it's super valuable to point out that once you recognize the business of your mind actually huge win. It's the hardest win because you've gone thirty years. Fifty Years Sixty years kind of on autopilot in some ways untold told that moment to huge breakthrough. Yes so you have this breakthrough but then what I feel like. That's where people suddenly incur- right that you have awareness. But it's much easier to slip back into other behaviors that numb and that distract you because distractions are really easy to take time and fill space and feel feel busy the an important. So what do you think are the habits that people have unconsciously been forming that make it easy to slide back into that lack of awareness versus to be present in the moment. I mean it's everything that's fed to US constantly you know like even just watching. TV or you're going out on Netflix. Or whatever of course the phone and social media is a huge distraction. Careerism Arisen is another former distraction You know different substances Lavu. There's all sorts of ways that our our our society is prepared to really take advantage of all of those those pain points that we have and so You know I think the best way to get on the other side of that in and so shifting things for yourself long-term one to realize that like you're not gonNA Decide that tomorrow acuity go to sleep tonight and then tomorrow GonNa wake up and everything's going to be amazing you're going to be a completely different person. And because that's what most people tend to get the idea in their head as they. They want like a results fast. They WANNA change quickly because they're in so much pain or because they feel so discontinued or whatever it might be but the most important thing is to like with all this stuff and I think with most the stuff in general is like lower the stakes. You know it's like don't make it this huge thing. Where if you say meditate or I'm going to try and not say any judgmental things out louder express some negatively or whatever criticized strangers or whatever it might be if you do at one time where you catch yourself doing it like if the game isn't over it's like okay? Will you call yourself doing it. That's great that's a win like you recognize what you were doing it as opposed to just doing doing it and then moving on with your life so you know lowering the stakes and then just starting slow one step at a time and in the book put like a good way to just begin to tap into what you experienced as a person because we have our consciousness our awareness of our experience But that comes with different levels of depth you know some days you might experience this path where you're going in almost cube wake up you go through this automated sort of day in existence and then when you're headed spill night you're like oh what even happened today. I don't even really know but then sometimes you have those experiences where you feel completely -pletely blissed out. You feel like there's the synchronicity where everything is almost forming together. Just for you you feel deep and connected to everything you feel like that every moment of your experience you're very in tune with and you're you're responding to a not just reacting to everything. It's that's the place where everyone wants to be. The interesting thing is that that beautiful the space of grace truly is what that is is that that's here all the time. Like he doesn't disappear when you're not feeling that it's just that you're not tuned into not tapped into in that moment there's a lot of oh this is a great thing that Scott said he said you know. I felt that but it often appears by accident like it feels like it shows up without any control over what I've put into the world how'd you. How'd you respond to that Corey? Taylor we definitely can. I mean think about all just the circumstances of life will align. Do you think like a clock like it's always gonNA be. You know the minute hand in the hour hand are going to be on top of each other a couple of times you know at least once an hour you know and so. It's kind of like that. I think I think what you can take away from. That experiences is whenever you do feel that way taking a little mental snapshot of that and going like okay. This is where I need to spend more time. Time like all of the static in buzzing distraction in the endless cycle of desire and in frantic nece like. Let me use this as the goal the place to get eh and that's really useful because a lot of people You it's hard to get somewhere if you don't know where you're going I buy so using those wonderful moments as like all right right. This is this is this is what life should be. This is being fully alive. It's I know where to point myself. So they kind of aligns with what do you think are the myths that maybe people think about mindfulness like those moments that they're like a gift that may be given that I don't have any control over or are there other myths that people talk about that make mindfulness thankfulness. Might be out of reach or maybe out of Maybe make it feel out of control. Yeah there's a lot of them I mean it's like because it's dealing with the mind it's intangible enjoyable and so it's this thing that's within your right. There's no like you can go to the gym and work out and measure your biceps and cool. I'm like gaining bicep size. Whatever but if you're changing your life you have to become aware like okay? How am I feeling today? Like how was my awareness different and that's a whole nother ball all game in so with that comes a lot of you know. There's a lot of potential for imagination or self-delusion or or whatever it might be so there's a lot of misnomers a lot of fat in that world that people can kind of get caught up in and so one of the some of the definite ones ones. I hear a lot of people think that it's it's going to change who you are or like somehow the I how you understand yourself will disappear or something like like that like that. You won't be the person that you were anymore and that scares people you know Whenever really it's like what will happen is that you'll become more of who you are as opposed Seles of who you are? I guess I can relate to that fear corey in that like I think. Sometimes we define ourselves by a lot of the things we do and the things we keep ourselves busy with so that if you strip some of that away and just look at. What's left it's it's maybe it's an unfamiliar thing to look at which can be really scary? Right yeah and another one definitely is people think of like the idea of having a clear mind. There's something that I hear all the time that people it. It makes some people uncomfortable after bill. Because there's like what am i Zombie like what's going on here you know. I don't WanNa have no thoughts and that that idea of like a clear mind comes from a bad translation of I am eastern idea. You know there's this idea of whenever these SEO. Will I meditating or practicing. Mindfulness I have a clear mind. And that doesn't mean that you have no thoughts that means that you have an awareness about what's going on in your mind you have clarity in your inner vision in your life as opposed to having just thoughts and being this empty vessel. It makes sense that makes sense so when people experience those myths. How'd you debunk? That in your own world. I think that sometimes has going on. A mindfulness journey can feel intimidating. Because of those myths and the path that feels maybe an inaccessible or unclear so where the start always put yourself in the lab Stick Toe and that's the best way because as I said again like given that you're it's a experience experience of the mind you'll never know what it's actually like what it feels like unless you experience it for yourself so just trying a little bit of those practices and really just getting a sense of what that's like for you is the best way to debunk those myths. Because you quickly realize it's like maybe before you went to a foreign country for the first time you know people think like oh it's going to be scary and I'll be completely helpless and the language Barrier GonNa be insurmountable but then wherever you finally go there. You're like Oh actually like this. This is is more fun than being at home but until you actually get there are you like. Oh wait a second. This is fine this is this is good and then you know what it's all about and so. I think that you know something something like meditation again. People think. Oh what does this mean is this some deep spiritual pursuit. It's going to redefine who I am and all this stuff and that's it you know it's it's whatever whatever you want it to be because it's you right and so for something like that like people. Have this fear about meditation here at all. The time is because of a lot of things as we mentioned and there's a lot of light performance anxiety or something like that. They were worried that they're doing it wrong at that. They're failing then it's gonNa make some wear flowing closing or something thing like that. You know that that could that could be true. Only if that's who you really are and it reveals itself as you go deeper into the undoing of you know who you were told you should be but You say something like that like again just lower the stakes. We over complicate everything in life and so just sitting down sound like all right. I'm GONNA try meditation. See what it's all about. You sit down for five minutes you know in the after you go home from work in the morning or whatever super easy just close does your is breathing through your nose breathe in life or whatever that means to you. Just breathe in something well as you exhale. Release the muscles in your face in in your shoulders and relax breathing again breathing more life or just essence or what you know whatever that means to and then again xl. Relax your face your shoulders rollers and whatever. Try not to move and be fidgety. Allow your hands just relax rests in your body and just do that for five minutes about any you know noise or sounds on the background background. And don't expect anything from it. You say all right. I'm going to do that. She would. That's like I I use the phrase the thing I came up with called breathe like you're sleeping because everyone has this idea like i. I can't take deep breaths in Congress. Get we do for eight hours a night. It's just your mind isn't in the way getting. You clinched up in Aspen freaked out because you can do you easily when you're sleeping so just do that. When you're awake you know for five minutes and see I feel? Maybe don't feel any different but what you'll find is at the compound compound effects of doing that over a couple of days or a few weeks. If you do it every day you'll start to notice it in situations where normally would have just this reactive verbal response to something. We're you might Act Make a decision without thinking about you know your impulse control or whatever it is or even your own inner critic restart you go into a meeting or something like that take in you feel like I'm about to go fail this you know and you can. You can catch yourself going. Wait a second actually feel more comfortable with what is actually a bit more confident confident. And self aware of myself unless Less controlled by my past in my programming in my fears and a little bit more breathing room. Look more comfortable than flexibility. It sounds like a dream and I. I'm I don't know if I'm special here. But I've tried to go on meditation journeys and tried to build a habit of it. And it's something that I can do in a reactionary way where often I'll be like I've gotta get centered. And so when I I feel that desire it's much easier to fall into a pattern but so I guess how. How do we balance that? Like what is the the smallest I. What do you suggest for someone like me? WHO's really wants to be more present and continues to fight against that the busy the factors and turning my mind down sitting still? I find that if I walk around the block. Sometimes it's easier to turn my mind down than it is if I'm just sitting in a quiet room. So so. What are the tips to make the barriers to that outcome because the outcome sounds dreamy and the path there has for me has not up and always so clear the first thing is to just build it into a part of your routine so that becomes a virtual so you don't have to remember to brush your teeth in the morning? Probably I hope and so. You know just kind of always do that every morning. You know you often you have to remember. It's taken showers. You wake up. You've make coffee. Whatever happened hop in the shower? It's all part of this routine just building into their every morning. That's a great way to make it worth something sticks anyway. It takes a couple of days and you might miss a day or something like that. But the more that you start just putting part of just a no brainer no-brainer. Just you know no pun intended. But nobody just make it a part of your morning routine That's a great way to start building it into your daily life and then again just making it really simple like you can make meditation Complex if you want but making it don't even think about any inner life any you know psychological outcome or anything like that. Think of it from a purely physiological just physical state I so I know that you know people that are probably listening to this. Webinar are professionals. That are working long hours have a lot a lot going on a lot of complexity in their lives in so because you you're processing so much information every day you need time to like like a computer like de Frag egg that information to kind of detox all of that input in so given the people that are working very busy schedules with a lot going on There's no time there's there's often no time to sit down into actually released a lot of that stress not tension in that complexity so when you finally do do that then it's like bad all comes out once you know and so a little bit every morning. It's like we're like teapots that full of steam right so in the morning and the first time you do it you let it out. It's going to be it's going to be screeching there's GonNa be a lot of steam coming out and you're gonNA your mind is going to be really while you're gonNA feel And all that then the second day well there's still saliva semen there but not as much and the third day. There's a little less team in over. You know a week maybe two weeks. You're GonNa finally let all that seem out and then you're just dealing with the pressures of the day as opposed to the pressures of all of your life from when you were born leading up until this moment all coming up now. So there's there's this period eight of of like blowing off some of that steam at first but The fitness in the mental fitness. You know the mind and the body very much mirror each other and and so once you like there's no win at at meditating right on realigning yourself in gang meditate compared with so just knowing that okay so I like you like you said you struggle with it. You know really a frantic envision whatever so make make it known I'm like okay. That's how I feel I do this. So sit down for five minutes. I may not instantly fast forward to zen-master immediately but what what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to put in the time for myself right now and then tomorrow I'll do it again and you just as I said. Think about a completely from physical state. All all you're doing is you do whatever you sleep like. I said. Just do this while you're awake for five minutes. You sit there and you breathe. Close Your Eyes for five minutes. No big deal And so you probably know. A lot of people will be walking to their house and they'll stop looking at their phone instagram or something in the no the hallway like scrolling for five minutes in. Oh wait I was going to the kitchen. You know. If you've got five minutes you know you can turn that time into something productive but then wherever you do it a second time you know. Then it's like okay now I feel a a little less veggie again. Don't even think about the mind. Let your mind go crazy let it let it just completely blow off for this team and just think about your chest rising nutritious falling as you exhale chest rising when you inhale and again as you. Xl relaxing the muscles in your face. Your shoulders just think about the body and what happens is is that given that our body is reflection of the mind as a side note to kind of visualize that think about you know the philosopher who is stroking his or her while not her beard his beard or hurts you and and you know it's like okay. They're in deep thought. You know what we think of the person that Gary vantage shock like. Okay he is. He's crazy is you can know where his mind is because of how animated he has something like that So that we have this this body mind connection so as you're sitting there you're breathing. You're just relaxing your body slowly as you release and let some of that scene by your mind will begin to Mir your body and you'll find it much easier just through Basic you know even five minutes as I said for a couple of days a week two weeks in a row wait a second. I feel like I can relax and I can just be without without having to fidget with something you think about it from neurophysiological or no plasticity way. The way that are common behaviors are habitual behaviors. That we do it shapes the neuro pathways of our brain so in the modern world. We're always messing with the phone. We're always using a mouse. Not The animal but the digital keyboard. We're always on on our keyboard roller doing something with our hands. Were on a remote using Netflix. Or whatever always with the hands into our brain grows these neural pathways today. Okay this animal needs this. Human critter needs to always be doing something with their hands all time so be ready. Be focused on that be dialed into always be fidgeting survey Vigo to relax then you're like I need something invest y you know. Something that could fugit spinner became popular is because we're so hyper physically kind of hypnotized. These days by by how we interact with technology there were just always messing. was something in so it feels a little like you have almost like Phantom Limb Syndrome wherever you try and relax at first because I need to be messing with something and it'd be messaging maybe texting but the more that you can do. You would just relaxing and breathing. Give yourself that time the more that will start to melt away. Know what you'll find. Is that when you do that. More in you go into your life you into your busy schedule schedule you go into the crazy succession of meetings or phone calls. Whatever might be that that edginess that you would normally feel from that? Fitness has softened a little bit in with the edginess. You gain more clarity and more precision in the way the dribble to show up in your professional life you you show up in a meeting you show up being able to all right. I've got these ten appointments. I need to do today or whatever and you're able to do them with a lot more clarity and ease in less effort for have you had the feeling. Yeah I think that that edginess. Sometimes we their behaviors that we've built to sort of make it easier and one of the things in your book broke you. Talked about is Or not to soften that edge. That don't actually work. It's like a false a false softening and like checking my email all day long trying to make sure that I'm on top of things to make sure that I haven't missed anything but you mentioned like how crazy would it be if I checked my physical Mailbox Fox as often as I check my electronic when like people would think I was bananas running to the Mailbox back and forth back and forth thinking that. Something's thing's GonNa arrive and yet we've trained ourselves that that behavior is very socially acceptable. It's it keeps US busy. So what are the what are some other sort of parallels like that. Where are the analogous behavior in our mental world versus our physical world can be very alarming? yeah definitely an email is a huge wound social media of course is is another another big one just like refreshing. You know that's like another with people like we just like sitting around refreshing refreshing a friend of mine that joke about like well. Let me see if I made it quick. Let me refresh as if there's going to be something. The revelation of refreshing for the ninetieth day no and I think kind of breaking that spell all is really viable and the way for me the creating barriers to those behaviors refined yourself just ruminating on one thing over over trying to get that. Dopamine hit of like dieting more likes I get more notifications or messages or emails or whatever in real like creating barriers intranet is really viable also. If you're always like a first off one great thing if you want to just mix up the location of the APPs on your phone screen because think of how many times you just unlock your phone and you some hits instagram or whatever. You're the news feed or whatever your chosen Digital distraction thing is of choice in it's popping popping up and you're like oh I didn't even really remember opening this. I just opened it as as that forced exactly so if you move those apps around you actually have to think. Think about what you're doing and that creates what I call the book like the mindfulness gaps. You have this moment of self agency where you go away to second. What am I doing in? Why am I doing this in? You're able able to choose your behavior as opposed to living in this this momentum of of automated behavior Another one what I do is Social Media Apps as I n even my the email is I put it in the last page of my phone in a folder so after swipe to the left three times then opened a folder. Then I can see all all of those things that are there like turning notifications like we get more notifications in like an air traffic controller. I really insane like we're not meant to have these the notifications in it's causing this like your nervous. Systems are fried because the amount of input in data that were subjected to every day. Eight and we put ourselves in. Is We're literally truly like frying nurses and that's why anxiety rates are so high as to why depression is so high. And that's how people feel frazzled. Is because we're meant to be just kind of like calmly walking through the forest not you know not just like overwhelmed with more data than what we're designed to handle in so a great way to deal with that because you know technology is very useful. Obviously we wouldn't be doing this right now. With technology is to just manage them become aware of how they're changing your behavior. What they're doing to your inner life you know because like you never going to be on your deathbed going? I wish I would have checked my email more times or anything. I wish I would have been some more connection with myself with my friends with my family. Will you know. was you know the accomplish things in life and contributed to you. Know the our species. He's more than than just sitting around refreshing time. So batching whenever you check those things is really viable like. That's what I'll do. I'll say okay you normally if I have and say I have fifty emails in a day or something like that. It doesn't take that long to really get through those if you have those all at once but if you're stopping what you're doing and then going and checking I'm like okay. Why handled these two in his unread check back on that later and so then while you're off doing some singing about that one then you come back okay? We're GONNA handle handle this one. And now there's two more it just turns into this crazy fragmented time suck so with things like social media email. You know if your situation allows it saying like okay. I'm going to check it twice a day for half an hour or if you can get your once a day for one hour or half an hour or if you have to be Andrea mill frequently you could say okay. I'll check it. You know once an hour for like ten minutes hard cutoff whatever it is they just make sure that you're not caught in this long. No fragmentation when you commit to living your one thing you commit to having clarity on your priorities royalties so you can have a relationship with your goals the challenges just because you know what your priorities are doesn't mean the world stops spinning one of the biggest challenges are our members face is their email. Let's be honest folks. Your priorities rarely live in your inbox. They live on your four one one. Your inbox is simply everyone else's priorities. Just stacking up and if you don't have a model in a system for managing your inbox effectively you end up treating everything like a matters equally. We're we're excited to share a simple tool with you. That will give you back time when it comes to box. That tool is clean e mail. This is a tool that I started using. Once I linked my account clean email showed me that I had seven hundred and forty four active lists the my email was on. No wonder my inbox was crazy. The best part was system. Made it so easy for me. To unsubscribe from the ones that I didn't want to be on and keep the ones that bring guy to me after I did this clean. Email helped me organize my inbox into smart views. So I could easily see which ones were social notifications are newsletters. which ones were all the unread and I could also create rules so that the most important emails from the most it's important people quickly showed up now and I'm in between time blocks? I need to quickly triage the INBOX. I can respond to the twenty percent that matters most then get back to my one thing If you'd like to take back some of the time that you're currently spending in your inbox so you can invest it in your one thing. Visit Clean Dot e mail slash one. That's clean clean dot e mail slash and think back to when you started started your business. Did you dream about all the admin tasks that you were going to take on like drafting proposals contracts and tracking down payments. Did you imagine is not to be one thing if not you need honey book on your book is an online business management tool that organizes your client communications bookings contracts and voices on one place. It makes it simple to run your business better. They can even consolidate services. You already use like quickbooks. Uncle sweet excel and male chimpanzee meal. It's the number one choice for client and business management for freelancers and business owners. Because you save time and get to do more of what you love when you news audiobook right now. Honey book is offering our listeners. Fifty percent off when they visit honey. Brook Dot com slash. One payment is flexible and the promotion applies applies whether you pay monthly or annually. Go to high book DOT COM slash. One for fifty percents off your first year. That's honey book dot com slash. Show New York sort of what I'm hearing. You say that these things actually bring value into our world having the email. It's it's valuable. We get to have this chat because of the technology in our life and in aware. When you're choosing to engage in those things is is really important so sometimes we have to create? I love the idea. What do you call that? The mindfulness gap So that like there has to be a step the automatic if I can remove moved automatic. Step in sort of booby-trapped the path so that I have to choose like several paths in order to get to that destination to make sure that it's where I wanna go is is just somewhere that I want to go because I don't WanNa be president. I'm Ann Fidgeting. It's basically Internet for Janine. Yeah totally totally. Isn't it that mindfulness gap idea. There become so valuable in life as deepens more as you. You know again just practicing some mindfulness techniques. We've been talking about Cultivating that internal space space. You know that that maps onto your entire life so back to. We're talking about saying reflective judgmental things or negative things or whatever. It is the thing that I put my book that says you are not your thoughts but your thoughts turn into actions because all of have for that was that was pretty important Martin State when we're time you're not your thoughts your thoughts you put into action because we we people often beat themselves up because they have negative sauce if critical thoughts by others selves. Whatever that's just a part of being human but it's all about what you do? What arises in your mind and what you choose used to put onto the world? That's what builds who you are. and that's what builds your character and ultimately it's what builds your whole life system. Because the more that you you choose to put route you know the positive part of yourself into the world make good decisions compassionate choices choices that are good for you know yourself and others the more that that's who you become in the world and people will recognize you as that person treats you accordingly well so we've been talking a lot about the changes that has for our own life but what other areas of life have have been affected and have simplified as you've been implementing these mindfulness practices like family nutrition exercise. What is the ripple effect of those inner choices? Yeah yeah he goes out to everything because everything you know. Life is touched by creating that internal space because You know let's look at exercise exercise Very commonly will say like I want to exercise at least five times a week or something like that and they end up you know making some kind of quote unquote decision to do so or validating or coming up with some rationalization as to why they don't have time or they don't have the energy or whatever might be but having having that internal space the ability to recognize. You know what you're thinking in the moment allows you to go. Okay hold on a second. I'm just I'm coming up with a story aureus to why can't do this because I you know were meant to choose the path of least resistance like animals. We're trying to conserve energy in so recognizing all right. I'm just trying to talk myself out to let me change that. Go do it because I know feel better later and so. That's a good one there. Same thing thing with Diet you know being able to have the impulse control as opposed to just like eating you know Cake every night you know you can say you know. I know I'm GonNa feel better. I'M GONNA we'll have more clear mind. I'm going to have more energy. I E well and so setting yourself up for success by deciding to choosing to do that as opposed to being swept away into just the automation in the blur of your past life and your program your past live but sheer previous well. There's power also in visualizing that outcome it sounds like that. There's I want to feel good and I WANNA sleep. Well I WANNA be present so I'm going to eat this food. That's GONNA feel my body in a healthy healthy and nutritious way that effect when we get so busy reacting twice. There's not much time to think about that. There is not much time to think about what happens when I make taste traces. Because I'm so busy just trying to get from one to two and that's huge too in professional lives as well. You know you think about like you can start doing something today. A lot of people. Don't start doing something because like oh I'm GonNa get to that. I'm going to get to doing this. Mindfulness practice aren't GonNa get to eating better to start working out after the new year. Round to start the entrepreneurial project next year whenever I'm quote unquote ready or whatever it might be but I think a really valuable thing from this. You know this topic. I now is being able to see the big picture in realizing that in six months. You'RE GONNA wake up and you're going to be you in six months so you can either today decide do what I'm going to start doing something a little bit every day now in so the in six months whenever I wake up there's a huge changes occurred my life as opposed to just allowing your mind to rationalize put off but it off but it off and I think that you know. Mindfulness is a great tool in that to be more presidency. Great Tool to help you recognize that big picture in a really end up doing stuff for yourself. That's the as a way bigger overall effect than some. You Know Small Mall Fleeting type of pleasure distraction. Absolutely we're getting ready for our goal setting retreat that we do every year here in Austin and what and we I found a lot of power and when you go someday now and you imagine the future and you go back to just the tiny things that you have to do today in order to make that happen we find that most people well they overestimate what they can do in one ear and they grossly underestimate what they can do in five. What I hear you saying some of these like inner thoughts and inner the progress we make in our inner world can actually dramatically affect that someday from now when you look back and see all of the progress you've made because you've allow yourself to based on that the beason where you've made it from here Yeah absolutely I've got another question I think is a great one from Jason. Listen and he says any tips on tapping into mindfulness during our everyday interactions with others. It seems to be difficult for me when we're alone in our dark room for walk by ourselves and maybe our dog. It's easier to tap into those moments. But what about in in the real world where they were swarmed by people and distractions and meaningful meaningful relationships and some that we are just trying to get through from point A. to Point B. Right. That's a really great question so One of the I call these little mini mini mindfulness moments. So there's all these moment. This is not in engage with others. But just when you're with yourself out in the world there are all all these times where we have like a minute two minutes where we're kind of on hold as a person that you can be in line waiting for something you can be in the elevator. You can be Someplace like that you can be sitting waiting to take off aeroplane. You can be on the bus wherever it is even at a red light or something in your car. You've got two minutes and so there's all these little things peppered throughout the day we have these two minutes and starting to build a habit of going okay in those two minutes. I'M GONNA check into my posture because of course all of our our stress stress and everything is held in our bodies in so most of us are hunched over tight tense shoulders. All that breathing shallowly in so you can say okay in this. I'm in line right now. Waiting to get a coffee which was a great moment But you said now while I'm in line I'm gonNA realize my posture and relax. My shoulders stiff my chest out a little bit get it set up and then just start taking checking breath taking those slow restorative breath in a liar stuff to realign in that moment you get two minutes of just reset real quick. And what's interesting. Is that as you find these little negative spaces empty spaces in your day. Where those things are possible you start doing them automatically medically so they become good habits? That are built so I do that all the time whenever. I'm in line like a- before this you know I was in line at the grocery store and just okay find myself realigning Austin Texas good breaths and and reconnecting in when if you're engaged with people as you said Relationship Wise One of my favorite ways of practicing mindfulness. This is through conversation because you have to you know hypothetically you have to focus your attention on the person you're talking to. Because they're saying something you're saying something there are two narratives that are coming out and intertwining in they're creating this third thing which you're both nourishing as you're putting it out into the world world and so really like giving yourself over to a conversation and giving you know letting go of all that other stuff around you. All those distractions all the sauts in the back of your head and really just allowing herself to just show up and be there and focus on the person that you're talking to and then only listening to what they're saying but listening to where they're saying it from like like how did how did this person come to be. In what perspective are they really trying to share with me. What's the the big idea they're trying to get across? Are they trying to figure out what they're saying as they're saying you know there's this beautiful dance happens during conversation in the more that you were there with that the more you can open the and what's interesting. Is that what I found from doing. Hundreds and hundreds of PODCASTS. Is that what you bring to the table. Whenever you engage your someone else is fifty fifty percent of the way that they're gonNa feel in your interaction because they're they feel on what you bring gives them the feeling so if you're open and truthful Foale when relaxed and you're giving them your attention in your focus? They're gonNA feel a wait a minute. This is a safe. This is good. This is a comfortable I can open up. I can. I want to give them my attention in you. Have this much deeper connection much more profitable interaction with another person that way so I I love conversation Arc she wrote an article on it conversations. A form of meditation. Because I love it so much I love that well. It's such a gift to both people in the conversation like by being present that not only do I get bored but they get they there's a richness that either to experience that you don't otherwise get to go there mover. Mindful listening says Scott like. That's the idea of learning how to do that. That's awesome so. Tell me a little bit corey. One you start this practice. And Sometimes we stumble way through it and we do one domino at a time. What begins to happen? How do we know that? It's making an impact with the those metrics to measure an inner inner goal can be harder to measure. What's going to happen in my life so that I can start to even just appreciate the have gratitude for how far I've come? Yes so you'll notice otas icon touched on a little bit earlier and so one thing that you will begin to notice. Is that whenever you would have had a reactionary impulse to a situation nation and it's funny as you actually noticed that later a lot of times in the early stages of of focusing more on this fury Say you're you know in a professional professional situation in your talking and enroll me might have felt a bit anxious because you're talking to you know some executives or something like that and we're worth worth a whole bag but I hope that this goes well because you're in this conversation then you recognize that. Actually I wasn't. I was sold a comfortable. I wasn't anxious. Snap that conversation. I felt like comfortable loves present. I was aware of what I was saying. I you know post event processing needed as far as like you in your net compensation than stepping away like. Oh God. What did I say you say? This was heard in my terrible person. What's going on you know we all do that? That's a big one with go to parties. You go to party you cut loose. You have a good time then you come home and I know you know I was terrible. I said this. I don't think this likes name and I hope I didn't offend that person. You know and so stuff like that really begins to soften up You'll find another great one that I use. Sometimes it's like in traffic you know because it's it's so it's such a universal experience whenever people are driving in someone cuts off for you know. Does something rude you get fired up. You get irritated and then you'll someone someone will do that. And you'll just you know still cut you off new. Beg Oh well that just happened as opposed to being like. Oh you know you notice you observe Zurve like the lack of fire. The lack urination frustration and it like the volume on it. Think about it like a volume knob on your stereo. It is slowly starts turning up this this this quietness in this is calmness. In self agency begins just fading eating into your life and those of the little type of things you notice in even decisions were when you normally might not have been as is authentic as you wanted to be in a situation like okay. I really need to speak up and voice what I'm thinking and feeling right now you're able to do it because you have that. That ability to cut through the inner critic Ning Zion. That's all softener. You're able to let your true self. You know come out to play a little bit more and makes sense since that makes a Lotta Sense. How important is it for the rest of your family members? Also to implement mindfulness meditation as well. How do you deal with partners? That aren't interested. Yes so oh that's a great one The big thing I think about it. You can be meditation. Any information in general is that you can't make anyone learn anything they don't WanNa know. People need to wreck realize and gain the insights and experience on their own. That's the only way that people really stick with an embody any type type of idea so it would be wonderful if your family's on board if to to join you make it a family thing. I've a dear friend of mine has done this thing. What's his daughter every day? And she's been alive where he doesn't call in May not wrapping this in some of the language the terms because those people have certain predisposed Ideas about them. He doesn't call it meditation. He says like Hey we're gonNA have are are sitting time. And so he brings his daughter in him and his wife the daughter they go into the living room after dinner and they just sit there and they all just close your eyes and just calmly breathe for ten minutes on the couch and then okay. That's are sitting time. And she's just grown up with that and now she loves it and she looks forward to it and so she's been meditating her whole life without really realizing it and it does you know wonderful things lengths to to their family so if the families into it. That's wonderful but they don't have to be But what can happen. Is that if you practice it by yourself you know privately then the beautiful byproduct of the vet is that you'll lead by example they'll see you having more presence you can feel someone who's more present you can really feel. It's it's an animal connection in animal type of instinct that we have just like you can feel someone if you're in a subway New York in someone gets on the train in Ja rule that person contact you know. They're stressed their their On the edge right now. They're not looking good. They're frustrated. They look angry. Just I I you know you can feel that. You can feel calmness in presents just as the way that you can feel someone who's on the edge or something like that in so by leading bringing that type oppress into your life others will go. Hey that looks pretty good like they seem pretty happy and pretty connected pretty deep. I think I WANNA do that. And that's a great way that you can live by example in your family will oftentimes begin. Join you because they want to get in on what they see changing a new. That's Great Jason. Says a major you heard of mine is that I'm not is feeling like I'm not being taken advantage of are trodden upon. When I'm doing my best to open up be compassionate towards others any advice on this? Oh Yes yes that's Another wonderful wonderful question. Most of the time you know people feel the misconception. That compassion is kind of being a doormat. And that you open up because because someone WHO's trying to be compassionate does get the big picture they see outside of themselves and that's why they choose to try and be kind in be positive in the world But what happens often times said whenever you do open up and you're trying to kind of take on and let things slide and like okay like this person's being rude to me me or or other kind of taking advantage of me but they clearly don't know any better. I recognize what's going on. I'm going to let it kind of move out in the flow and not worry about it and I'm it can be the quote unquote bigger person. And let that slide that's has wonderfully intentioned but it very quickly leads to resentment and frustration and things like that. I'm more feeling taken advantage of so thinking about compassion and that openness as an intention as opposed to an you know an identity entity or something like that becomes very viable so you can show up in that conversation with your intention in your instinct to be more compassionate to be more open but whenever never they begin to feel wherever you begin to feel like you're being taken advantage of it's crucial to set boundaries for yourself and the second that you feel that to. This is the way to keep from getting into that. Resentment stake in that frustration. That feeling taking advantage of states is to show up you wanting to be open one to be connected feel that advantage or that taking eventually come then set boundary in an actually of verbalize that adding communicate that. And that's how you are able to stay open to stay a well intentioned with your connection but then as things start shifting certain way bring that into communication to where that way you're still serving yourself Santosh things for that. I think. Sometimes you're right. There's a misconception that when we show compassion for others that we have to self sacrifice something our needs and some things that we need in order to give to others and I think once you start practicing that compassion and practicing those boundaries you start to find a the true meaning of it and the Trudeau. Kansas told and it's really it's almost inevitable kind of because what I was talking talking about. Is that when you open the door. There's an orientation period. It's kind of inevitable for that to happen so if you do feel that it's not a fail. It's it's step one step two is putting your learning when to put up those boundaries. You know accept three is the communication rigo asked a great question. What's what's the one thing that we haven't asked you that we should Were you can buy now. Is the way great. That was on my list. I I have to say Corey Liz. This book is a really remarkable book and I have. I rarely binge order multiple books for so many people in my life on any what comes out and this book. I've already sent to many people in my life because it's relevant in many seasons of life. I think that I have For myself when I read it I felt very heard and seen and I have a direct prescriptive path on how to start taking action in my life and for people that are going through transitions. It's a great book. Tuck for anyone who's curious it's It's an amazing book and it's beautiful with so many good. I mean so many good. I'd like one liners that I feel like just hit me so hard. I had to stop and read it in Multiple Times awesome. Thank you so much. Where can they get now? Is the way okay so I want to get rid of it. And so the real answer is like you know. The idea of being present Nebulous ephemeral all type of idea. Right but we all know it. We've all lived. We've all felt it at least since small snapshots in our life. But how can we build it into our lives. It's kind of like this like saying. How can you build a good day to your calendar? Feels a little weird right like well. They just kind of show up right But one of the things that thing that yeah open the book with is a way to feel present every morning is by instead of I mentioned coffee. I love coffee In that's it wherever you wake up near. You're going to have your morning. Coffee as opposed to just chugging that coffee down hurry or drinking on the way to work actually taking a moment to pause sip even feel it going into your mouth feeling the warmth really tasting it feeling the vapors shown the blood vessels in your head expand showing the shift in your consciousness in the lights. Skip brighter feeling that Oh chain we're just being there with that experience allowing all your attention all your focus on one singular thing for that moments that really sets tone in. Brings you back to okay here. I am in my body in this life right now every morning and you get this almost this kind of kiss from the universe every morning by. There's the place now. Let's go start today from that place as opposed to starting it from and my lamp shade on one pant leg in lipstick and you know running out the door like that. That's great. It's a great great insight. Because I think like you said if you can start your day off with that one thing than everything else becomes easier or a necessary exactly. So where any financing book they can go. Now's the way DOT com. It's in it's they're all whatever way you want to digest it. It's there On that site or of course on Amazon Amazon have the Audio Book and hardcover. I read the audiobook which was Quite a privileged to do and so Most people we'll find my voice calming so you can hear for five or six hours. You can get the audio let I love about our conversation that I'm still processing. Is that on your journey to mindfulness like there are so many things you could do and for you our listeners. What's the one thing that you've been taking from all all of these amazing suggestions that you can start today? Why don't you put it in the question box so we can read it as I'm curious for me? The biggest thing is that I can give myself permission to the moment that I find myself noticing that I'm not in the moment. That's actually that's actually a win for me. We started that practice of quieting the noise to take inventory of what's happening versus just running through all the things things and trying to get them done in order to then earn that moment. Because I think that my processing is such that I have the big list of my highest priorities and and that's maybe sometimes I misinterpret that I. I only get this quiet moment. Once I finished all those other things. No I take that moment I I actually make space for so many other things absolutely and also being kind to yourself. You know. It's like if you think about how mean rough. We are in ourselves whenever we get when we feel alike. Were failing or doing something wrong or or we overwhelmed or whatever and you start thinking on it or whatever or like I don't look right right now. Something's wrong with me what it's like so you wouldn't think about that. You wouldn't say that to a friend you know. So why would you say to yourself be your own friend. Take it easy in La yourself all right there was that next. Let's move UV on onwards. It's absolutely so from you audience. I've got just be cool. The in the moment awareness as a win prioritise you and set some time to meditate breathe. Like I'm sleeping. Breathing is such an important important centering activity for me. I'm encouraged the time block meditation every day. Extreme noticing so that I appreciate the moment. My latest focuses an instrument of presence in in connection with others Taking five minutes every morning to be still these are awesome. I'm glad that this has been value for you and if you want more value. This book is full role of small bits of wisdom and practical ways to start taking action in your life. So thank you for writing it. Thank you for taking the time Corey and we appreciate it. Yeah thank you so much and just figure for reading the list of things that people listening took away from. This actually gave me goosebumps just hearing that our conversation. There's even more it's good it's rich and I just the richness that I'm seeing here I just can't wait for you guys to go implement all those things more. I'm really grateful for everyone watching and listening to this and I'm grateful for people that have taken any of the stuff into their lives and and felt any Small amount of change It's true it's honor to be able to to be a part of that and thank you for having me there. You have of it. Our conversation with Corey Allen author of now is the way. Here's the thing that really stood out to me as we were talking with Corey and the idea of checking our physical mailbox as often as we check our inbox. Howard Dick euless an unhealthy? Would that be running to the corner. Every fifteen twenty minutes maybe once an hour but still. What's the one thing you can do to stop doing that? Gray mentioned the mindful gap and the idea of building a moat between you. And the things that you do on autopilot when you're reacting to the moment and you go straight to that APP on your phone or you go straight to that inbox if you just put put it in a new place jeff to think about going there so maybe the APP is on the last page of your phone or maybe you actually closed down and log out of your inbox walks. When you're doing your one thing challenge you to take that first two inch domino step so that you can be more present in the moment and with the people who matter most you? In in fact if you'd like to make this a habit head over to the one thing dot com and click the free stuff page. You can download a sixty six day challenged calendar and start making mindfulness a habit that sticks and for those of you who are members of living in community we will be kicking off a community. Sixty six day challenge on January. First if you'd like to learn more about our community head over to the one something dot com slash community this episode brought value to you. Who's the one person you think needs to hear this? Would you share it with them right now. It would mean the world to us us. If you're that person and you're new to the one thing welcome please. Click the subscribe button so that all future episodes are automatically downloaded to your vice. Please click the subscribe describe buttons so that all future episodes are automatically downloaded to your device while you're at it consider leaving us a rating and review on your podcast player of choice. It helps us live our purpose. Best of helping people have a relationship with goals. Thank you for listening to the one thing. PODCAST we look forward to being with you in the next episode

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"Yeah it is. You're too low stadium. Florida's kick went down banners demand nonetheless buffeted audio moderate coffee list Panorama Agassi winning Hino status customers. Those missiles to you knew Mass Nino's Geico giving up his international villa scenarios elevator. What is the senior? Bordeaux's the police on Placetas Doc. Equal deal deal Jones data land though for Atlanta IT AIN'T GONNA fit game show Khumalo despondent SALGA SEMANTIC ALGONA CEDO parole episode. What else Ronaldson Hispania in my boyhood extra new digital me? I wound up by US Star an parochial the memo Pasta Pasta. Borka me up elemental being significant as AMIS. MOHIT THIS FICA GET kudos simply stunned. Present is impotent misdemeanor in Yemen Schutte Manoa Ella Scenarios de la Vida is already finish as he is the joa whereas has gone my little lever. UPPERCUT AVERA AH market. Elevator is La Valencia. That cassidy's gets more Novella get prosciutto Naumann. Devel- Tailor Taylor law he commended for can also and if or e- Quinoa is it is held in via della gas. Yes how is GIN. Lee said he's a meat only solid said he's told us last. NOVELLAS RALLY DOT COM is my story. Ah Berry blow the narrow it down and loose gutters will probably see no loss Editorials and his Taliban Gay Latino T to law of Los Angeles and argues this story. Ah Yummy my buddies. You'll get a granny eating okay. Conference argument was Tom. Wichita Muccio Marcel Daytona Spaniels and Darrow's elevator it. Did you know that Manoa called here gig. One death related Guinness Stick Associates thirty or more than local market in this plenary yells. Louis if they give Gimme get Silva Telugu film kriminyok medieval. Alas an awesome video on Siempre Emperor Ms Moore until those Mementos Toria the Komo news indoors Gladys until last last as he and up whether the ED the North Miguel Nola pattern and the idea to be and I get a lane coon fund e Quando Cuando Whether different deficit. That told us last Mantilla's did we tweet me up we're GONNA beat. Oh Who's journal GonNa get the same thing. Kim Use Samsung Eight. You look at the rally imaging. Wrong Job Mayo Laramie spender senior. Loved him he did needle let them as the most for the rest of our someone. That's that's better reader as he's known as seniors the media being billion winter the staggered idea. Deborah bitcoin Eh dawn this eliminate or you contra me my Nina Sadegh controversial software also control trophy contract. Garrick Perry say mentoring. I'll talk among each meal. We've any real value. Mutual masculine lower. That but I mean get where the little island of the Serena Ca Ellen Lesko locomotor. Serena's Donna de la Salle. Eight bit fit them in thinking. They didn't do this. Muslims threaded Iran. Contra Mano Coming. I'm going to other notable house. Maybe you've already got caught. They only we had the data in this hour. We've we that'd be annoyed. Elevator eggy in Premera Ruge. Poking Gwen Trowel Nah opportunity. Trahar Komo Star of the government gets off easy. Okay Vian burqas in Amora is in a more government and they WANNA move Chacha eat cinema para de la Vega. They'll as we just send them out of LAS eat. Sober taught us in more than not riled a common cities mooncakes. Is there a sauna in say in South Carolina. Today's Alita in the spoils juke okay. Cossiga dactyl our luckily Darden NC glowing UK's. Hello stick one off heavy into new GABBA sallow La Vida yeah want us to put on us. Public amounted me. Familia in Isis and La Providencia. The causes he has a game. Read Availa Sendero era as soon as Coosa but a AH powerful there but at the heart commend this to Iraqi just for US interest last Caribbean Mikasa stood guard Better than being physical mindy. Sarah is has has Zola Cassia the mutual para documentary memorize tunnel. Villa Ella. Gilgen through says agree. They're gonNA fade. You're going to either lower values that are holy. Buster gathered meeting but I notice in Yokozuna Kost and must have motions get the official discount. Toronto via Messina's Google satrap happened. They they translate. Those victories is at a needle opportunity. Daddy Daddy Competitive Canal UNICO pastore governance kick could get about elevator for your takeover by the ever GonNa join your vehicle now or figure Gal Gadot Away cover the offender. They all have engand. You gotta come back our manufacturing Shola when my complete power like our Colorado all your payroll Graham briefly viewable that I'm monitoring the fuel cake and eat geisha little model of daily Monteiro trump trumpet Huggy Fussy Butler. Ah Hello Malaysia. From arguing. She ended up with kinetic color. Not like it was a couple of Hillary Up Baha Maha the NBA honey Mollica Geico radar a she covered your momentum. All run in Halle. Okay Pink but I shall I e Olya bacteria told the operator comes couple Gaylord Maha Camara petty lobbying. Mommy's Marsha today or failed Yeti facing Ron. You do have welcome to run out of the country when those goes even up prophecy on if you gotTa Middletown Mosa dramatise hit Scipione assigned static vocals Cornell steeler decade gauge Lamar Urea. Jody includes Ado. Bola the Sassy the commodity that is the UH the SL in Quin Thron Ron ton in is how they are Mendel got hit the combat even Pacific governors we when important. Okay Getting Okayama Call Him Bogo module but I saw a bitter okay okay. Response Dot in look Agnes homeless in Montana on these young per month to the Brooklyn's a route supervisor. Who knew dousing either? Walking Seagull Nixon standards but Athens Pentecost Josh Yuccas Saturday velour all taken outta inefficient ordering a Mapa Ceiling counterpart Organ Reagan Ontario Tissue Combatants Pensa a Palo Alto honey multiple Patra. Mutual Malcolm Pick Paktika boy fisk building the area where I get those solo so you're actually get them whatever temple Molly Molly Cayenne Mali. Maputo liberals Yamaha Talladega EH pedal to the eastern this afternoon time. You're like I said a couple of weeks. Come pull your button video getting Melena Tau but Roy Tolo Luoi Soon love. Abbott Lew Civilian Day throughout under Article Rally Kimberly Allowing Intendo John. Bogel up on the Talavera in the Indian does from democracy meal. If have you been the core navy oracle the second half they see that after puzzle wisdom she took. DNA your mutual that. You've gone through my letter. But I if he must be me into and embedded they went on better they built a whole model but I guess going to Lamarcus have one another whole say I Gondola run. The all of the Alan yesterday sent them in the Mt. Not Look the anticipates. The new talk radio biztalkradio clock Walker mm-hmm mm-hmm both APEC owes caravel Paloma normal or scattered by Little Info Kallio. moxie Darren Maddy. Within Diabetes Ilma Taryn Corcion Danica roem Breath Sharia Sonia Tarango in marrow so Alex Gomez called the elder hostel resellers on on the Regardless Dominate Unity theon Oscar Gomez but other theon Gouda Paliwal young big all about what the stolen cash the puzzle elevator. Sure sure a AW. Aw the poor uh-huh the same Cinders is the podcast to you by that rally. Yulia Bunda gone.

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The Reminiscince Bump, The Tetris Effect, and Why We Have Tree-Lined City Streets

Curiosity Daily

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The Reminiscince Bump, The Tetris Effect, and Why We Have Tree-Lined City Streets

"Hi, curiosity dot com. Help you get smarter in just a few minutes. I'm Cody gov, and I'm actually Hamer today. You'll learn about the term for why you remember your teens and twenties so fondly the tetris effect that explains why things you focus on appear in your dreams and the nineteenth century doctor. You can thank for tree line city streets. It's also cody's birthday. Happy birthday, Cody. Well, thank you live. Satisfy some curiosity. There's a term for why you put so much stock in the things that happened in your youth. It's called the reminiscence bump and scientists have some theories as to why this happens, and it's appropriate that we talk about this story on cody's birthday because I love birthdays, your firmly out of the reminiscence bump though, right? Like, you're not going to remember today at all. Are you calling me old? What's happening right now. Maybe I remember some awesome parties, I had my twenties for sure for my birthday. But I did love my teens and twenties, and you know, what right now, we're recording this for posterity, and you're going to have this forever. And always I'm not that old. And unlike me this study comes from the nineteen seventies. Sure. It's unlike you, that's when's like college. Researchers ran a study where they took a bunch of participants. And they were basically like, hey, we're going to give you some words if you tell us about memories related to those words, then they plotted those memories on the graph. And it showed that most of the memories or reasons memories followed by older memories. And it of trailed off when you got to early childhood, right? But then in the nineteen eighty which is when I was born. Yes, researchers ran the same experiment with older adults. They found a gradual decline in memories as time went further back just like before. But with these older adult participants they found a bump in the. Number of memories from right around there twenties. Researchers repeated this experiment with lots of different variables. But they kept finding that everyone has more memories of early adulthood than of any other time in their lives and other studies have dug even deeper into this. Now to reiterate, scientists aren't exactly sure why this might happen. But it could be because those decades or when you experience most of your I I love first job I car first. Heartbreak those memories are likely to stick out more in your mind than the second and third times they happen. They could also be the fact that you're teens and twenties have the most diversity of experience. It's when most people move across the country to college backpack across Europe, and otherwise, so they're wild oats in your forties and fifties, you're more likely to have settled down with a house in a job. But the best theory could be that the Aira of the reminiscence bump is also the era that psychologists say is one of density formation when we figure out who we are if something happened at the same time, you were becoming well, you it's. Likely to have a pretty significant influence on your memory. Just remember that those memories are subjective. Yeah. The world probably wasn't the best. It's ever been when you were in high school, and college you just remember it that way. Also, it's worth noting. We're actually the same age. Was a week ago. Lies lies have you ever done something for so long that you see it in your sleep because there's a name for this too. It's helped scientists explore both memory and brain structure, and it's called the tetris effect of had this happen to me. Oh, yeah. I went to the Illinois state high school chess tournaments, my junior or senior year of high school, and when I closed my eyes at night, I saw chessboard diagrams in my mind because I've been studying so many maneuvers. It was really intense. Actually. Yeah. I mean, I know that when I go to sleep after a really long road trip. I see like a highway coming at me when I close my eyes on glad we're not the only ones that have to deal with this. Because it's weird fake when it happens it is. So this idea comes from a nineteen Ninety-four magazine article by author Jeffrey Goldsmith in wired. He wrote about how he played the video game tetris a lot during the day and. Night or even while going for a walk. He'd see geometric shapes falling down from the sky. Researchers started to study this affect in two thousand when a Harvard psychiatrist named Robert stick gold wondered why he kept feeling the sensation of scaling rocks in his sleep after a day of mountain climbing, even when he tried to think of something else the images stayed stuck in his brain. These are known as hip hypnotic Gajic images, by the way to find out. Why these stuck in his brain he launched a study with a group of college students in the Harvard sleep lab after playing tetris for several hours before bedtime. Sixty percent of the students reported seeing tetris pieces floating in their vision as they drifted off to sleep while they slept their minds continued to make sense of the game. What's most remarkable about? This study is that to students with amnesia still pictured blocks turning on their sides in their sleep. Even though they couldn't later recall playing the game at all. But why it all has to do with how our brains process memories? One part of your brain keeps track of. The things, you know, from real life events and a different part keeps track of what you know, how to do. Specifically your hip campus stores. Those explicit memories from real life events while your cerebral cortex stores, more procedural implicit memories. Like how to rule a tetris amnesia who have had damage to the hippocampus still saw tetris blocks in their sleep. And that means that the tetris effect happens in the brains implicit memory system. This ability can be used for positive effects, like learning a new language. Obas husband. You'll Kim Kimyo. That's not that works. Remember? This. Today's episode is sponsored by indeed when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste you need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. That's why you need indeed dot com post a job in minutes. Set up screener questions then zero in on qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard. And when you need to hire fast exceleron results with sponsor jobs. New users can try for free it, indeed dot com slash podcast. I've used it before. And that dashboard is sweet that's indeed dot com slash podcast. Terms, conditions, and quality standards apply. Do you like tree lined city streets? Well, there's a nineteenth century doctor. You can thank for that. A lot of cities. These days have tree planting campaigns to offset carbon dioxide emissions and improve local urban climates. But as reported by the conversation, we might not have tree lined city streets at all if not for the efforts of New York City physician Stephen Smith New York City's population went through. Roof in the nineteenth century and with poor sanitary, conditions and overcrowding. People started getting sick think major diseases like cholera spreading like a wildfire and the expansion of utility lines subways and real estate development really took a toll on the streets. That's why in the eighteen seventies. Stephen Smith said it was time to plant some trees arguing that it would save lives. He was the author of a groundbreaking study that correlated high temperatures with the occurrence of children dying from infectious diseases. And he said planting trees could save three to five thousand lives a year. The study became known as the Washington elm study and it claimed that the famous Washington elm standing on the Cambridge common in Massachusetts had about seven million leaves. The study also said if you laid the leaves out next to each other they would cover a whopping five acres. That's from one tree the point was to show, the huge amount of potential good. You can do just from planting one tree in eighteen seventy three. Smith drafted a Bill for the New York state legislature. To establish a bureau of forestry. It didn't get passed until nineteen o two almost thirty years later than even then the funding for the program was pretty bad. But by that time Smith and other citizens had gotten fed up with waiting so in eighteen ninety seven they put together the tree planting association. The group helped homeowners plant trees in front of their homes and some major movers and shakers were part of the association, including former mayor Edward Cooper, art dealer, Samuel Avery and financier J P Morgan shut up to you gentlemen, for me. And all my fellow tree lovers. They're so inspiring. Ashley, I'm starting my own association. Let's that the find the end wives association. Geez. Not this yet. Maybe they're in city streets. Where do they go read about today's stories and more on curiosity dot com? And please tell Cody happy birthday on Twitter. He's at producer. Cody will thank you. And if you want me to have a really good birthday, you can also tell us how you feel about having guests on her show. We posted a poll on our patriarch page at patriotair dot com slash curiosity dot com. All spelled out. Just click on our posts. And let us know what you want to hear on our show that would be an awesome birthday present. You can find a link to that and more in today's show notes. Join us again tomorrow for the award winning curiosity daily and learn something new in just a few minutes. I'm Ashley Hamer, and I'm Cody gov. Stay curious. On the Westwood One podcast network.

Cody gov Stephen Smith Ashley Hamer New York City Europe Illinois Harvard Twitter tree planting association producer Westwood One Washington elm study Jeffrey Goldsmith Harvard Kim Kimyo Edward Cooper New York Robert stick
Dr. Mark Pitstick After Death Communication Shatters Materialism |468|

Skeptiko - Science at the Tipping Point

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Dr. Mark Pitstick After Death Communication Shatters Materialism |468|

"As friends with out their hearts are true spirits near we call to you. Bottle. Parliamentary. That's a scene from the movie we. Origins of evil or the family is gathering around the OUIJA board and get some rather unexpected results. It's a cautionary tale that seems to fit with with today's interview with Dr Mark Pitts Stick who along with Dr Gary Schwartz from the University of Arizona have designed patented and our marketing. The sole phone here's a clip from the interview and stick around after the show for. The one question I have on this one is interesting and I think it's one I really really liked to get. Input on. So if you do stick around to the end, let me know what you think. Okay here goes the interview I people need to understand that the research of Dr Schwartz. The University of Arizona is as far as we know the only truly scientific replicated control double all that that I mentioned research being done at the others you mentioned our media mystic research and some mediums are rockstars. Yeah. It was how Dr Schwartz got into this area when a after he left Yale and came University of Arizona Twenty some years ago. Documenting some mediums are very highly evidential, but again, some of those. Bad days make mistakes, etc.. But mark the problems here almost too many to even start with but you're the guys who opened that up what why why do you think you can open up the door and say trust us we know what we're doing. We talked to the eighteen and by the way the eighteen. Includes Michael Jackson who you know the Jesus juice reach around pedophile. Michael Jackson. He's on the eighteenth right. Welcome to skeptical where we explore controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers, thinkers and their critics I'm your host, Alex Karras and you know I don't usually read bios into the intros of these interviews but mark has an exceptionally impressive an exceptionally good one. So I thought I would read it. Dr Mark could stick has over forty years experience in hospitals pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers in private practice. His training includes pre medical degree graduate in theology and Pastoral Counseling Studies Masters in clinical psychology and doctorate in Chiropractic Health, which is no joke in my opinion is fantastic. He has also provided suicide prevention counseling and education to many many people. He began having clairvoyant experiences around the age of ten. and has been blessed with numerous miracles in his life revelatory experiences. Spiritually transformative experiences are getting a kind of feeling for why wander read all this in pretty amazing after working on hospitals with many suffering and dying adults and children. He was motivated defined sensible evidence-based answers to the questions that many people ask. Actually I think many people should be asking more on a regular basis who am I? Why am I here? What happens after I die will I see departed loved ones again is there God? Why is there so much suffering? So his books, documentary films and workshops have grown to address all of these questions. Dr Pit stick wrote soul proof compelling evidence that no one really dies. And radiant wellness. Guide for optimal body mind and spirit and I think there's another book in there that I may not have mentioned but I'm sure we will get marked to talk about it mark. Welcome to skeptical. Thanks for coming on I should mention the people you know the primary reason you're here today is to talk about this soul phone project which. A lot of people have heard about I've referenced on this show a couple of times I have a lot of questions about it so it's great to have you here. Thank you Alex my pleasure. Let's dive in. Do it. What's the cell phone for for the uninitiated give us the big picture view. As you have. Scoop keep it brief because my audience knows this stuff and we're going to get a level three really really quick on this I mean. So just give us the high level. Okay. The Cell Phone Project, Alex is Being conducted by Daca Gerry Schwartz as you mentioned, and his team of electrical engineers, optical physicists, software programmers, and evidential mediums at the University of Arizona's laboratory for advances constant health, he's been working for sixteen years to capture the signal of spirit and the trick is capturing their signal amidst the noise. There four anticipated devices right now, we are working on the sole switch we say, which is a binary indicator. For yes no answers from those living in the next, Rome what would call post material persons quick side note we don't come spirits our definitely don't come dead apart or deceased because none of that. It turns out and we know this from froma series of different experiments. They are just as physical as we are be. If they wish there's good evidence that can multi locate. They can be pure energy or they can manifest him physical form. So we call host material persons and those of us who are living on earth material persons. So the switch, the souls which then allows them to answer. Yes. No, we've been using what we call the plasma globe system, which uses a tesla coil. To to the their signal and seven Daphne experiments have clearly shown their accuracy and doing this, we've collected over one trillion. That's event permission in something like excuse me at forty, five, hundred sessions with them over the last year. However, the plasma globe system isn't commercialize well, it's too large and so now working on what's called the electronic souls, which which could be the size eventually of a cell phone. Which would allow ninety eight percent accurate instantaneous. Yes. No answers however, even that amazing as it is isn't considered to be a commercialized device, the main use for the soul switch is to cadet about. Those. In parallel and create a sole keyboard Jeff's like we have forty seven keys on the laptop in front of you. That then will allow much greater quality and quantity of input from what we car, eighteen thirty or so. Post Material Luminaries people like Carl Sagan and Nikola Tesla Einstein, Edison David Bohm, and others who have been feeding pieces of information be. Mediums today, but even the best evidential mediums have off-days monkey mind gets involved, etc. so once we have the keyboard to allow us at Stanford input of quality and quantity of information than the creation is the last of Isis sole voice like talking on a cellphone. So video like we're doing now facetime zoom skype. Should be possible. So this is happening our time. For communicating with our quote departed loved ones but also tapping into those luminaries who want to help us he our world and ourselves. Boy I don't know where to begin because I have so many. You kinda get me riled up with lot of that stuff. So I'll just kind of take it one step at a time. Like I said before we got on Air I I've known Gary Schwartz for longtime talked to him years ago have interviewed Julie by shall on this show many times if interviewed some of the mediums who are in your panel of advisors up some very familiar with the topic, very familiar with the area I am super impressed. I think the most amazing thing of what you guys are doing is you're essentially doing the next. Version of the double slit experiment. So in terms of just where it is in. In further solidifying or falsifying materialism I think is phenomenal. It's an extension of Dean, Graydon's double slit experiment of a meditative because what you guys are doing. Maybe we should talk a little bit about that for a hammer on you on Michael Jackson's reach around, and why he'd be on your eighteen men why God needs our help with your sole phone in your commercialized a- soul switch. Before we get there, let's talk about the device because I think people who are interested scientifically. A. Photon beam and a camera. Are. The technology that are now within reach economically to kind of make some of this stuff viable explained to people the basic setup for why you would even be so bold to suggest you could do this stuff. Well first of all, because as mentioned, seven different experiments, yielding ten of data have indicated and. The turns we have to use there's a long list are. These research experiments are replicated, which means been. Done by other people in other senators. They are controlled, which means anytime we allow a post material participants to signal an answer asked a yes or no. There's a corresponding baseline period control where nobody is doing anything. So for each experiment can say the dentist. Baseline, which is kind of like the horizontal access flatlined eeg EKG not much happening versus the spikes when they touch the particular device to answer yes or no This research is also double blinded sometimes Dr Schwartz. Doesn't know who's going to be involved when it which lab and so on and finally it's peer reviewed been publish impair reviewed. Scientific journals. In two, thousand, ten, two, thousand eleven most recently explore coming out this year and the seminal paper being written right now. Hopefully, four science advances. So there's been real scientific research and. Salah have beliefs about whether there is an afterlife for how some of this works but the true scientists has to follow the data and when you have this much data making this clear. Picture Than One needs to follow that up up up up on the screen here for people here in. This a couple times because it's got some good stuff in it it's a press release that you guys issued a couple years ago in two, thousand, seventeen and I like you know see again, you have multiple kinds of experiments mark that you've done in the areas done in case people are interested in coming at this from purely physics perspective. One of the most elegant beautiful physics experiments in the. Is the double slit experiment where a photon beam is shot through, and it either becomes everybody knows the experiment it's either a wave or a pattern based on whether there is an observer, and all this implies that consciousness is somehow fundamental at the standard model of materialism fails and the early experiments that you did was. Setting up a Photon beam in a lab and shooting a camera at it so that you could watch that vote on being and then doing your thing in terms of querying these hypothesized entities in this extended consciousness realm and getting them to answer you may be right about the details of that Alex but it was before my time on I've been with Gary now for four years the the Photon beam experiment that he was doing at that time involved a fulltime beam or a laser beam going from. Point A to point B and a sensor measured Dan how long it took and the table is pretty long ten feet long nanoseconds. then. A the control was, of course, nobody isn't room nobody's doing anything. So we know that set time then for the human On thanks, we put up a human hand through the beam or a plexiglass hands who the beam and showed a market decrease in the time it took to get from. Point A to point B. Then one of the quotes spirit participants put their hand through again because they still have density or can have, and indeed it was less than a human or plexiglass, of course there in another dimension. Hello but it was highly statistically significant versus the control groups. Perfect. That's that's great. So that's and that's just one of the experiments and there's a bunch of different experiments that have been done and as you said, they've been replicated across multiple labs completely flies in the face of a materialistic explanation for that. Again, you guys are playing by the rules, right? So science sets it up and says, these are the rules. This is how you would determine whether you know you can measure things and in that way you did that. So we're beyond that but here's the problem gets him. All the other stuff you've said. Is An interpretation of that that not everyone's on board with I mean even take Dr Julie by Shell over at the Wind Bridge Institute they've been doing this for a long time with mediums. They're not coming to exactly the same conclusions you talk to mediums mediums. To all I've interviewed him on this show even the ones who are doing this is scientifically as I can't as they can. They're coming to all sorts of different conclusions about how these extended realms work who is involved in these extended realms and I think a lot of people would be. Very hesitant to say that you're a team with a Michael Jackson and Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur, Conan, doyle that you are really connecting with those. We don't even know what what what those spirit beings would begin to to. We can't even see you don't like my term spirit being I don spirit being I don't like whatever term you're associating with it. We just do we really know enough to Bart to start setting that stuff so? I don't know matter of factly. As a fair question, first of all people need to understand that the research of Dr Schwartz the University of Arizona is as far as we know the only truly scientific replicated control double-blind all that that I mentioned research being done the others you mentioned our media mystic research and some mediums are rockstars. Yeah. It was how Dr Schwartz got into this area went after he left Yale and came University of Arizona Twenty some years ago. Documenting some mediums are very highly evidential but again, some of those have bad days make mistakes, etc. But tange, the question of how we have very high degree of certainty about dealing with. First of all. About ten of the evidential mediums and you probably know aw, they Gary Research in the late nineteen ninety s became colleagues, and this is really how all this launch they started independently. Saying. Gary. Albert Einstein keeps coming to me and he keeps telling me that you need to create technology to allow widespread communication between dimensions, and so that's how I got started on it. So that's one clue secondly. We have developed a series of tests. The first is called the personal identification test in which we ask twenty questions ten for which they answer should be no. Tan. They answer should be. Yes. Again. We have control period where nothing is happening, but they're hitting eighty percent accuracy and we consider that the other twenty percent is not that they're wrong about where they grew up what their mom or Dad's name was. It's just limitations in our. Tech our technology right now to measure their signals accurately the next test is called the expert knowledge desk where we show a very. Rarely known very arcane piece of information, for example, part of Albert. Einstein's theory of relativity something no one would know. No one would certainly understand and show this on the computer screen and say. Einstein please signal. Yes. If this is part of your theory of relativity or if it's worked by another prominent physicists back, then the answer should be no. So by doing a series of tests like this and all this independent evidential medium corroboration. Personal identity test the the expert knowledge test we have a high degree of certain of it. We would never say we have the absolute proof we definitively know who are doing with that appears who are dealing with one last thing on that. At this point, we're actually not talking about the a t much. Gary and his wife Rhonda. Medium we're trying to be transparent share all this and years ago again before I came on board. They were ridiculed and criticized pretty heavily. Oh. Really you know Michael Jackson Harry. Houdini? And so. A. Few years ago they said, you know what? We are not going to talk by more because we are getting closer and closer every day to letting them speak for themselves. Leading them type through messages, letting them do webinars, and then they can explain these questions for themselves. So it's really a sidetrack. But mark I mean the the problems here almost too many to even start with but you're the guys who opened that up what why why do you think you can open up the door and say trust us we know what we're doing we talked to the eighteen and by the way the eighteen. Includes Michael Michael Jackson who you know the Jesus juice reach around pedophile Michael Jackson he's on the eighteenth, right so he's he's one of the eighteen guys. I think you are going to get a lot of heat for that just like you're going to get a lot of heat for the idea that that somehow by asking these questions he. You're you're somehow validating a form that we don't. We can't even begin to describe what this form of consciousness is in this extended realm it seems to me like like I like to call it back door materialism. It's like, okay guys were passed this idea of materialism and you know everything is building blocks in were meaningless robots and you're starting to make all these assumptions about how the extended consciousness realm works I mean. I don't get how you can do that. So let will start. With the. Michael Jackson thing. So a lot of people have serious questions legitimate questions about the moral standards of this one individual. A lot of people wouldn't think he'd be on the good side over on that other realm that he might be on that other side. Why would we trust Michael Jackson? Why would we trust the spirit entity that is coming through as it identifying themselves Michael Jackson even if they know all the personal information and are somehow getting all the rest of that. Well. First of all, you made a statement earlier we're asking people to trust us. We're not in fact, were not doing much media outrageous right now. For this very reason because we're waiting 'til we have multiplayer studies involving six different universities and institutes and other things in place before we do the public demonstration other, we talk about all day. Alex. but it's another whole nother thing to see the public demonstrations verified by. Scientists Independent. people that it's all above board. What would they be verifying? They would be verifying that all the other words looking at the control looking at when we're purportedly measuring the signal of spirit and making sure that there's no trickery involved. Everything is above board just like Dr Schwartz did was with his. Evidential medium experiments as described in this book, the Afterlife Experiments. So again, we're not trusting anybody and were being very selective about doing interviews and probably won't do anymore because until we're ready for all that because. We are. You know we are not trying to describe the nature of reality. Thank. We will say with absolute certainty and actually ninety nine point nine percent certainty is that. Life continues after bodily death espen indicated by replicate experiments, and at least some post material persons have demonstrated their ability to communicate and their. Memory of earthly events. In other words, we do tasks while we say that draft yes or no is this a jet plane? Yes should know so they remember that. As far as Michael. You have to understand is an open mind and intelligent person that you are that there's all kinds of evidence out there some horrible toward him that would yes, make you think he's a pedophile but also some that say those are trumped up charges, uncorroborated charges and I'm not prepared to get into all that. I would say that. Like I say we're going to let them speak for themselves for people who want to focus on the negative and Michael Jackson is accused of being this. Then they can focus on that. We're focusing on getting the working devices. To the point. Schwartz has recently written two books and the first is called the case for truth about responsible true seeking with an attorney Alan. borey. Because as you know, we live in a day and age where statements are made. In a cavalier way whether there's only fact behind them or not. So people are distrustful of science. They're distrustful statements in the median Szott so that your Schwartz want to write this to help people understand we are following the utmost ethics. So that, what we say is based on science a we are not making any new statements about Michael or anybody that's years old information. The second book that Dr Schwartz Says Retinas called extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and that's based on a statement by Carl Sagan and again making the case that, yeah, we're make an extraordinary claim here that life continues after bodily death and at least some people can communicate and here's our. Events behind that. So if you want to talk about the soul phone devices, a science experiments great. But if you WANNA talk about the other will need to abbreviate this. We can. We can, of course, abbreviated at any time, but the point about Michael Jackson is not whether he's a guilty of the crimes that eye-witnesses said they've been there and obscene witnessed and and his attorneys have kind of come out. kind of said things that that's not the point. The point is the assumptions that you guys seem to be making that fly in the face of not just other mediums who've reported these extended consciousness realms differently than you have but also all that information we it escapes me Alex so where they can make some headway. Let me remark on that we're not making any. Claims about the nature of other around what it's like there and so on. So there is no, there can't be a difference. Of course, as you are, of course, very nature. The way that you described it you described let me go back I can replay it for you. I can give you the transcript you said that these are actual beans and entities that lived here and that they don't really and that their personality continues mobilised, maybe those were your exact words but you did those are all claims about how the extended consciousness realm works. And that they have physicality and that they have density, those are all based Alex on a series of experiments. So perhaps, it'd be useful for your viewers and I would suggest mark is that I I I love the experiment I love where you're going in terms of false afl falsifying materialism and unarmed ex are expanded understanding of consciousness because I think that's the greatest contribution we could make I think it dovetails with the very important near death experience research that has been gone on for the last twenty years it dovetails with a reincarnation research. Like at the University of Virginia on the near death experience I know you connected with Ions and Dr? Jeff Long He's been on this show for many times and is very popular guest. But if you go look at that research, it is very problematic and they acknowledge that it's problematic. If you go look at Jeff longs database of near death experiences, they're contradictory they're all over the place. I've interviewed people on this show that have had dramatic spiritually transformative experiences that are extremely Christian based in McCormick is a near death experience or who. Now goes around to churches all around the world and his messages I saw Jesus and my end e, and I'll tell you what if you saw Jesus in yours you had a real andy if you didn't, it's probably satanic and you need to hear that step back. Yes. Hit the point is the point is I, think you guys are making the same exact same mistake exact same mistake when you start making all these kind of very cut and dried matter-of-fact statements that you got out of your Ouija board about how extended consciousness works. Well I would love to explain. This t Alex. if you'd like to listen in our book Greater Rowdy Living at Dr Schwartz, I wrote we broke down three types of avenues for afterlife and associated. Understand one is scientific research which is defined as occurring in a university, a laboratory using all the things that mentioned before control. Double Bind. exelon. To our knowledge, we have heard that there may be some research like this going on in China but otherwise, no one else is doing this sort of scientific research that Dr, Schwartz, at first of all twenty years ago with mediums as described in this book, the Afterlife Experiments, and secondly now, what's the sole phone project? Again, seven different experiments which show by replicated data, the ability of post material persons to have physicality to move air to make audio. Signals to be visualized video, etc. That is what I'm basing those experiments that were basically my statements on about the nature coast material persons. Now, you mention near death experiences and and other research. That's what we call clinic research that's done by university professors, physicians, and others in clinical settings. But by the very nature of the experience, their death expansion, for example, you can't have control groups you can't have double blind and all the different requirements need for true scientific work. And then the third. Group of information or evidence is termed acceptable that is based on firsthand expands, and that's where it thanks can really get variable not objective as you say, you have one person saying I saw Jesus you. Now the person saying you know Jesus wasn't there. So it's very important now like because I know you're a strong voice as and and I hope you take the time to understand US why are we looking at scientific clinical or experiential nuts? Let me try back off and make this because I'm so supportive of what you guys are doing and I think it's so important in your advancing the ball down the field in a super important way with your experiments there seems to be in my opinion, Cunha. An. A problem here that I it seems obvious to me. I don't know why you don't spot it more readily, but with what you're calling your laboratory work. You're introducing this hypothesized disin- Carnegie entity. As, soon as you do that, you're no longer doing strictly laboratory work. You're doing clinical work or you're doing experiential work just who you've substituted in there is now who not up In per se but it's a hypothesized person. It's an hypothesized experience. You can still do your laboratory work like you're doing in my opinion this is like I'm not. I. Don't know this stuff like you guys do act to me a stretch to be saying that because we can now treat that hypothesized disin- Karnik entity as just another instrument in the experiment. I don't get. Yeah I really hope an fact if you want to deep six interview and read Greater Rail Living I will send you literature so you can understand more because excuse me is complicated Alex and your viewers deserve to understand all the facts behind it. So the the very reason we call them. The size post Mattel persons are hypothesize collaborators is it is a hypothesis until it's proven. But today we have so many different experiments. They are not the measurement we are measuring and seven different ways, their presence and so by. The research were doing could be in has been done with humans involved only in some cases we have allegedly those who have passed on and their signals are there and their signals are highly statistically significant as part of the scientific method. And by the way, you read on my degrees instead as I thought, I knew about science but actually I had to go back and edit my previous books like soul proof because I was guilty of making unsubstantiated statements statements that went beyond the current Evan Edge, but I can guarantee you that Dr Schwartz done do that he's a true scientists. He has a team of scientists who have been his colleagues advocates unfortunately, we live in a where. Yeah Even steadying consciousnesses looked down upon and so some of the scientists have worked with him for decades. Some were his students when he was. Harvard Yale Professor at Harvard. Yale. They say Gary we believe in you. We know you're the best of the best, but we can't come out and publicly say it because we could lose our funding and so that's the state of things in our world right now, if you know if you try to prove that life after death exist, which is the number one fear and concern so many people. You considered Kooky So we'RE WE'RE GONNA change all that and. It's coming I would just say to your viewers it's coming and you can learn a lot more about all this at the website. So phone dot Org and understand this these complex topics. Okay that's fair enough. If you've stood up to all my. Toughest questions. So I, I'm very very skeptical of use of the term laboratory experiments that include a hypothesis distant Karnataka entities as just a as like some photon over in the corner, but we'll leave that where it is tell us what's going on I in in your world in terms of one of the things that you're doing that I think anyone should be able to get behind an embrace is you're a people helper when I read your bio, you can read that you've dedicated your life to try to help people and particularly when people are in. A vulnerable grieving situation. Your whole life has been about trying to reach those people and connect with those people and no doubt that's driving this work because you see how Comforting transformational, these kind of experience. This kind of experiences can be for people. Specifically, you seem to be setting up programs in order to bring that kind of relief to people through the sole phone foundation tell people more about what you're doing and in your personal practice in your books, and also through the Cell Phone Foundation. Yeah we. Actor Schwartz Nice. So early on that, there was going to be a huge paradigm shift and. We wanted to help as many people as possible prepare for that, wrap their heads around it. I don't know if you saw net flicks movie a few years ago. Robert, Redford was a star and we were excited about coming out because the premise is very similar to wet. We're actually doing it in the lab and that is a top scientist proved without a doubt life after death where they went with, it was extremely dark and that is a lot of people around the world. Committed suicide. And we're like, what can you take possibly worse scenario from this? But. We understand that number one to so many people have had. Spiritually. Transformed experiences out of body experiences after death communications, share death experiences, etc. But they think they were the only ones and they are considered they're afraid of being considered. Kooky are crazy. You know it wasn't so long ago that if someone went to a psychiatrist said Hey when almost dies saw the light you know they get how? Interestingly I had an interview it's a I was actually helping psychiatrist last week and she was telling me about the various after death communications from her husband who passed on years ago and she said, I swear to, God. I'm not crazy I really had these experiences and I started laughing she said you're laughing I said, yeah I never thought I'd live long enough to have a psychiatrist. Try to convince me not crazy because she's having what I've been teaching people about for forty years. So maybe the world is ranked. So we wanted to have these greater route living grips close to pandemic squash. Those we had about ten going and a couple of countries where people can learn the evidence share their personal experiences learn how to internalize great news because a dry super official intellectual knowing doesn't guest today when it gets tough, you know where diag or loved one passes or whatever. We want people to internalize Noah. To learn all the benefits that accompany knowing. Very high degree of certainty that this is true, and then finally, how can we serve others and make our world a better place? So that's one of the focuses and people can learn more about that by visiting Greater Rowdy Living Dot Com greater rowdy living dot com. I also just said with the director of Ions which you mentioned earlier Chatswood Rob a series of monthly presentations for the next year sharing this with a Lotta. People. Also. I very heavily involved with the group helping parents. He'll as on the board for five years I right there. And I train their leaders and they're caring lesser. So I think we have about eighty groups now around the world. So. Yes. Yeah, I've been doing this for forty years. As as you said, since working with all these dying people and before I had the lead with the clinical and experiential evidence, which when taken together is very, very strongly indicate. But now when you add the scientific research, almost nobody knows about. It makes such a strong Kansas and I've had people write me and say you know I was thinking about ending my life but I had the stick around because I. See hope now and I wanna see how this works out or how brief parents contact me and say. My husband and I didn't know how we are going to get to this. But thanks to what you are doing sharing all this evidence and the hope of some day having practical affordable widespread devices, not total certainty but a good likelihood. That helps immensely. Mark How do you handle religious issues because again, you know there's two sides to that. Some people find that comforting other people find that. Oppressive and particularly people find that in their through their life experience that has been closing of a door rather than an opening doors. So there's a whole spectrum people understand that how do you deal with it in terms of afterlife situation? Yeah. Good question. It depends on which hat on wearing Alex the if I'm the director of the Soul Phone Foundation, a research assistant for the cellphone foundation we don't talk back. We quit because we know it's just a quagmire and people can get so upset so. However from decades wearing the sole proof hat I just ahead on because such an important topic as you said, I went to theology school purposely to learn for myself the true story, the original meanings of some of the things in the Bible that any child can here and go what what's up that you got a god of. Unfathomable love and caring who'd depending on if we believe or do certain things will allow us or put us into a fiery terminal. Hell forever it's schizophrenic and as you say, many people have been turned off by religion and I totally understand it I had many conversations with people who claim to be atheists agnostics and when we talk about it, we find the actually what they're rejecting is the archaic Dark Ages. Notion of a god is a big guy in the sky sitting on a throne sighing get smited and who goes to heaven forever they do recognize many of them however. Likes the force I mean, the Star Star Wars series have done a better job of helping people understand that there are some creative. Loving. Supportive presence in power in the universe better than most religions and so they they get that some sort of universal consciousness one mind look at the nativist approaches, great spirit, etc. so that's why I tried to make clear to people like out as Huxley wrote. About the. The golden threads, the perennial philosophy he called it. So, also, like Thomas Jefferson, he said look for the golden threads run among the world's great religions. Next Trust, your inner voice, what makes sense to you about it and third look at the contemporary evidence we have and those three perhaps thing get one the best understanding of what's going on. Let me give you one quick example. We hear about Heaven and Hell and those have morphed over time into a place way up in the sky deep in the bowels of the earth actually the Aramaic, which is the formative language at the time Judaism Islam Christianity Forum. And those in that language. The word for Heaven and Hell met how you feel when you die and you go through a passageway experience sorting out and you see what you've done. All right. Now let's go fast forward a couple of thousand years with near death experiences and so many of them describing when the most transformative aspects of the eight and ee being the life review that they not only see it but feel what they did and said others, and so that can be very heavily or a can be very hellish but that's an for example, somebody like Hitler? He may have to sleep for a long time. He may have a hellish life review, but that's different from eternal a hell. Great Great. So markets. Against Super Exciting about the work that you're doing. What's the best way for people to stay on top of what's going on and let's say the we haven't talked at all about your book. What's the? Best Book we've mentioned several of them. What's the best? Avenue Entry Point in your opinion for folks who are intrigued with this. Yeah well first of all the best, there are two websites people should see and the first is so. These are so similar soul proof Sou proof that com that is mine have now seventy five free articles on it that addressed the toughest of the tough questions and challenges people go through. When when your child changes world when a loved one's body is murdered when a loved one passes by suicide if you go to home. And then you'll see all the different articles. So these are free articles that people can read. Next. Yeah. If you scroll down, you'll see some days by the way air we go by the way notice the specific language. When a loved one's earthly body dies, the loved one doesn't die or at least a wealth of scientific clinical and experimental evidence. Indicates that but, the body, does. So that's one free resource. Next, if you go to the top to the right, you'll see radio shows I was a radio show host twice of last twenty years and. Interview People like Wayne Dyer, Brian WICE Michael Newton before a pass Bernie Siegel in the best of the best. Yeah. Actually radio shows like is further to the right and so they're free interviews. With. These great minds that people can. Listen to there you go and download I mean look at this list Carolyn may need more Johnny. Bill Guggenheim pioneer and after death communications etc.. And then at list below may giants that's another free resource. A next is sign up for the free email newsletter. So that's all with Seoul proved dot com, and then I have five bucks twelve different transformative audio experience, for example, passeig progression train with Brian, wice on. Holistic breathing, etc. Tanveer questioned the book on the upper left. Is Probably the best entry point for many people bowed s because it is so vast and complex Qassim overwhelming. This is the most recent book is at the big picture of life is that's Yes that was written Alex for ages ten to sixteen but to feedback gang is from adults they say, I hate sale but I got a lot more this kid's but then I did out so proof in greater rowdy living and we understand. So that's that part the second website again Seoul phone dot org, and then that's all about the soul phone project. Research Update and a number of radio shows at had done. So this is where people can learn about this. Again because chefs such a bake sale. It's. It's mind boggling. Really. Well you've done a great job of laying it out in. Glad I had a chance to ask you some questions that I haven't heard you ask. Another show. So fantastic again, congratulations with all this important work and. Hey, we will be looking forward to it. It can only. It can only help us all but the with what you're bringing forward it one way or another we'll will know we will know more and that's always good. So thank you mark. Thank you, Alex Take Care. Thanks again, deductor mark pit stick for joining me today and skipped. Go I know I kind of got in Mark's face and I guess indirectly, Gary Schwartz, his face about their soul phone and their soul phone quote Unquote Laboratory. Experiments. But in a way, these experiments are fantastic. So if they have a laboratory paramount witha hypothesized spirit entity. Isn't that kind of great in a way in that kinda forces the phony. Baloney physics materialism science is wrong about almost everything. Of. Forces their hand, right because on one hand. If you WANNA say, Hey, that's not a legitimate experiment because you have an entity there that may be affecting that experiment. Will. Now you've acknowledged consciousness finally consciousness but the kind of extended consciousness that we talk about on the other hand if you WanNa try and hold the line and say, there's no such things extended consciousness. Then you gotTa let his experiment in and move them right of the front of the line for the Nobel prize sure has my nomination. Right. If you're going to hold to your phoney Baloney Biological robot meaningless universe science then you gotTa let in an experiment that for all the rules does everything right? Now if we can get to that point, which we most certainly cannot for all the reasons we talked about. So often on this show, but if you can get to that point, then you're really at the next level where science needs to be because then and only then can you talk about why we might be a little bit? With the. Reach around Jesus, juice Michael Jackson purporting to be the guy who's on the other end of your Ouija Board. But like I say we'll probably never get there. But the first part of that question is pretty interesting. What do you think? Hey. The best place to reach me is skeptical form can also shoot me an email sticker out I have some good shows coming up I. Think until next time, take care and bye for now.

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Legends of Tomorrow S5E14 Ultimate Buds Review - Super Tuesday Recap

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Legends of Tomorrow S5E14 Ultimate Buds Review - Super Tuesday Recap

"Welcome back to recapture host Chris Andy Calm here and we're here to review the with episode of believe it is. Of Season Five of listener tomorrow episode fourteen. These titles have been. He's been have no title, so you tell me. They're great the title this one is the one where were trapped on TV. It's nothing is not accurate. I mean very accurate but like. This is what we're talking about when we talk about. Tomorrow like we're. The show could do something this like take everything. They kind of doing this season with of riffing on other TV shows and then really do it with this. You know the full lean in for. Just, embryo they pulled Yup. It's one thing to say. Oh, we're very very. Very how shoot every week They shot for data. Shows Episode Right? Bravo. In their Soleil. Also at Buds and For the logo literally did. I watch I wash it. made it better with mate and be going ultimate ultimate pundits like their. Tired show. Come on. You know. It, just. podcast abby. Star trip. They just went all in I think that would makes this show so fun. Even even in the fun part of it, you got the the residents of I gave all of you what you want it accrued. That could never got well, and that was. That was the thing that I thought in Charlie talking about what why she did what she did. I was like Oh. Wait actually. That makes sense she really did. Kind of give everyone their happiness. We talked to last episode and I. Think again we every week, but I think this is what makes this show so good? You know. They. They bring you win. Get laughing at the ridiculousness. Then you actually go, and you start looking at what they're putting under the surface like this. Content here. Issued some real stuff here in, and that's what that is there when when you're. Kinda going. Hey, you know Sarah and Eva. You wanted to be co captains for life so i. put you on a TV show where you guys want. You always win. You Know Mick. You wanted to be a criminal. Guess what you're back to being a criminal again. So she gave them all she wants. But then you know you'll see was like. Yeah, but we also Kinda WanNa be with our friends like those are nice to haves, and we want that stuff, but like it's not our life, it's not it's not really who we are. And who we become you know and I think that was that was. Something suddenly throw into these episodes that have really connect and really make it work. It's. Testament that they give you the episode of this. And do it like us. Right? Like what if what if what if your show dropped its gimmicky episode right before the tension finale and somehow managed to ratchet up the tension cracking. To show, the can do both. Yeah Yeah. You know and then and then leave you go. We don't know what the fuck happened. And then the season. Left and I'm like I don't know what they're gonNA. Do and how they're gonNA, know closed off right? It's just. Several things I like about this episode. Of they brought Mona back. No. I, I made a noise mistrial. Yeah, great to have. A little. She was trying to write Spartak TV show. Every time she was trying to write. It was too rebellious. Like he was a good worker, and that's the one that worked I was like us so good. The fact they gary is such a non threat. That is Gary be crazy. Let's keep this. This'll be entertaining at least right. That is better than Gary's job is to be the crazy guy outside the outside. The building with the sign that is Gary Aguirre's job was gonNA listen to Gary because it's. Geared Scary right. I love the shot. Nate took at Arrow where he was like. Yeah. I got a digital play Robin Hood and Arrows. that. was that was the one I went so shit? Okay, that's. Good. So. Can we also talk about the fact that? One like the fact that everybody except for. The captain had on basically short shorts on on bridge. Of course of fate rider, and then to, can we talk about that? Sarah Naval Base had a six. Ship full of sexual bots. Can We admit that? Is that. She gave them what they want. To soon to omit once they were Israel they're all android. Like we know what they were doing, she gave them what they want. To say I'm not saying there's a problem to same. We should all acknowledge. Certain things here and yeah. I like the fact that you know. You had Constantine. You know I like the fact that each of them had their own little kind of. Acknowledged inside, that something wasn't right. Hey Yeah I I've always had nothing dabbled with dark arts and it's just wrong. Is this wrong? Please don't tell anybody I'm like. Oh, constantly in is in there somewhere. both looks idea that. This whole thing of him, he makes he finally. You know this is something constantly finally does he makes that sacrifice? Play right that idea of he's going to stay in that world that fake world with Ashford, because it means her being here being there with her mom. which by the way it took me a water that was her mom for a while, because I just yeah, it took me a while. It was like, are they? Sisters was going on Oh. That's that's the mom, okay, but Yeah, no. It was like he realized that Hey. Listen I've always. Done what I wanted and if you want to stay here because you know, you finally get to have that time with your mom. Then we'll stay here and do that and it said you. You get these moments of getting breakthroughs with these care. Do you think you'll never get breakthroughs with? And, that was one of them. Aren't there and again you get an episode that is so over the top ridiculous. But. You have these real moments that really do matter. US. I loved our trip. Effect that make love my hair. My hair I loved it all. It's action. One reluctant. The was the pacing Because it, give you what you think would be like a logical they were. That should be the end and they put them back. Yeah! And, because I like that because it made it from, Oh, you imagine figured out your. Benjamin told he were to. You had to fight for now. You define your away Sir about and I don't know if. This woman film that the covert Banner News going to air this week, but Bravo with timing the rebellion. Hey. This show has a show as it has, it has great timing. It was always just is always timely like that like the idea of. You. Charlie come! CORTO comes back in like yeah. No, they can't do this. I gave them what they want. They can't fight. My sisters so is either I'll let you be dead or. Allow you guys in? The legends like you guys. You're going to use them as propaganda wing to keep everybody else in check I'm like. Yeah. You know that was never going to work right at some point. Legends are always going to kind of break it up. They're gonNA. Listen it up because again. That's where they are right there there. Misfits like that's what we are. We're not. We're not these characters we we made or these dreams we have ourselves. We're misfits. We do things. We mess things up like this. Is this we are, and it's not a better group of people we want to be around and then us, and so I love that. We got. We have Ariz now. So. How do you solve? You're going to stick. Stick's. Can't stick it. I mean I don't. Think. It's like with legends. I WANNA. Say can't stick thin. Is Legend so maybe it can. I don't know. I like the older. You can't stick it because it's too perfect. Everybody what they want. So I feel like I can't stick But At this point I art, we'll take it and I love the actress and she can. She can definitely payback roles. You know all of the she goes. When are the? Back, just like okay. This is not real. This is we're we're? Shoes right. You gotta get shoot man on backing. He'll love also puts on the flannel shirt. That was another having the she did like somebody pointed out about how the reason why she injuring last time because. He's Muslim and I was like see the show does those kind of subtle things little little notch? You kind of skipped over and so. Yeah I thought that was a great of the winner in the in the high heel shoe, figuring out the shoes. That's just not who she is and you have you have you have a clear clearly different personality for? This. Sorry, and then when when when bureau Murphy is like Yo, I'm supposed to be dead on anytime line. Play, but now you're here, so fuck it. We're going to keep going. Keep going forward I keep going forward yeah. This is just. It's so great like. How can you not love the less pleasure tomorrow? You know it gives you everything you want. And now we're we're. We're going like WHOA. How do we? And then we got our international so like what's going to happen? What's the next thing? They're going to do with next season like you know whenever they defeat the fades. Things are not going to go back to normal. We already can see now. Whether you have. One or two Ariz.. You. Even if you even if you go back into sharing the same body, you're probably going to have both of their personalities inside of their. Be Rod is supposed to be dead on any time line so if he's going to be in his feet in his throat was cut, so which by the way opening episode with Dugan thread cut was like. It was kinda brutal and kind of remind you. Yeah this this show. It kills people so. But again be back. We still gotTA figure out. What's going on with Sarah because? Almost almost. Almost forgot, but when t remember thinking I'm back. Sarah still blind because she had asked I was like Oh cigarettes in no, no, no, no right. She did at one point. When they get out, she doesn't cause he was like what's going on. I was like Oh. There's well he can't see them. That's right. So like I'm. Yeah so I. Don't know we gotta figure out what's going on with her and and. What powers? Sarah has like it's. I don't know what's going to happen except we. Bringing up the fact that he had to go you daughter. Which one reason why he was like yeah, like star traffic strict tripped, and like being a criminal, but like I my daughter right, and so you built that up as well so there's a lot here they've done. And again just the other shows. I'm pretty sure I don't know because I. Think there's also the fifteen actually. This might have been. A seven episode sees coming last season was. So, there's only fifteen episodes. So! Maybe this is a shorter season for them as well. Maybe some things will carry carry over. For this show. Only see. I'm trying to see him. An. Absolute last season my season. Initiatives lost one. Nobody is season of sixteen episodes. So this is fifteen, so I don't know I mean I. Think we should have before legends works in the fact that you can cut their season short, and it just be just roll doesn't film at the same time the seasons do exactly and so you know I think I think we're fine here either way. But we'll see. They didn't mean to get this in this at this wasn't the second one episode. They something new. Right exactly so I mean there's works and I think it's great because you're now in this part where legend together they know they have to do and we have to basically again like this is a time lapse. Oh, is basically a rebellion to raise their. The the have a you know. The people of the world take charge of their fate again. In now and get free will, and and the message that comes with it, and what better? Than a group of people who are completely messy and never ha ha in the whole purpose of the ledges. They've never followed their fate. I mean they just never have whatever whatever the fate had fate had laid out for them. None of them followed that Sayers died twice. Know. You know. Charlie. Fate, but then you know is using the face of you know Amaya. John Constantine is, is you know is trying to do better himself Ashford all like all these people are are the ones that. are trying to take their own the fate into their own hands, and not follow what fate had laid out for them, and I think the vast gonNA. Make an interesting season finale interesting story to tell, and I think they laid it out, and it's just one of those things on the reason why another reason why I love. The show is every time we started the season. We never know where we're going to end up like me and you could never have guessed this. We're GONNA end up. We're going to end up with legends. You know taking on the fate, sisters or to? Pick! Let's name is the cord cutter like? Shit when she showed up. Oh, no, Gorka! Run Right I. Say. What are we? What are we supposed to do with this? And there's no way you. We were thought we were gotten to this point here. But here we are and I. Think they've done a great job with it I don't know I I really enjoyed this season. I can't wait to see what the last episode is going to be and and how we how they handle it, but. I expect him to. The weight legends always goes out so. Um You got anything else you WANNA. Say about this episode we use the. I come here every week and I'm like over the show look. I'm going to see him entreprises. That's about it. Yeah, yeah, it's all going to do I think we struggle make these fifteen minutes fifteen minute long discussion that anyway, just because it's like. What do you want to say it's like. He Perfectly and they manage to balance pay and comedy once again in A. Wonderful Way that leads us both satisfied in wanting for more like watching the look of Berens faces he as he process what had happened yeah yeah. That's the thing to that. That works like this cast is. Heard singing, you're like wait. I forgot some of them, saying we. Kind of. Only vis cash could pull this off. This cat and these writers could pull this off because anything else it would just be. A thin line between you know jumping the shark and becoming that Corny and this show just never does because you said you get moments like that where you got when he realizes like that was a real moment him realizing that fuck I'm not supposed to. Exist. I'm not supposed to be. You know when you have EVO remembering that laughing. She saw was Sarah Dying. You know I remember that. When you have attred having that conversation with. They're not real. Her Mom, who's not I guess I guess Kesselman real at this point, but it's burning her mind. It's all these things are. I love that you gave go waiting decisions. You even the ability to remember losing Zara Yeah Yeah. You know like all those things. Come back, and you're like Oh wait. This show is fun. And now you guys got heavy. You know and I think that's what makes this show so good? Who makes it so that you turn and every week to watch it and you know it's what keeps them from jumping the shark. Because you have those moments. If you didn't have these moments as some point, you get bored, right? It's like Oh. Yeah, this is ridiculous, but like don't really watch this week. I'll be all right you know on can skip it I. Can Benjamin whatever, but with the of what's happening in the wake of what they're doing going through? You feel that it a personal connection with the audience like you've you get choked up? You feel that moment there so again. The show does a great job of bows and all that stuff and getting so. All right now can. All right folks game. We'll be back. This week we recorded on Wednesday. To. Wrap up this season of listening tomorrow. We will still be doing to Tuesday recaps because. Asia shows back and you'll be able to listen to that episode a rash. Listen to this one because we are recording the. Season Seven episode, one review of. Of Eight Shield right after this, also the mail bag will also be be up on super, Tuesday recap feed. There's a lot to talk about so. Stay tuned Satan. Focusing as where Michelle isn't it makes you describe suzy recap until next time Gerrad here piece.

Sarah Charlie Gary Aguirre John Constantine Soleil Chris Andy Sarah Naval Base Robin Hood US Sarah Dying Stick Michelle Mick Mona Ashford Nate Sisters Asia Benjamin
WWGD: What Would Gus Do? - #589

Rooster Teeth Podcast

1:28:25 hr | 9 months ago

WWGD: What Would Gus Do? - #589

"You're listening to rooster teeth. Podcast number five hundred eighty nine. If you hear something you'd like to see from this episode visit I Dont Rooster Teeth Dot Com however when working with received podcast this week brought to you by mercury and door Dash. I'm Gus Kevin. I'm Jessica I'm Barbara and I'm still joining us. I guess I missed. You missed all gone for a week. I watched I never watch the PODCAST. If I'm not on it because they lessons tanning without you wanna go. Obviously but I watched last week's and man. I don't know what's going on with Chris. I was worried about him. I don't know if he was having a stroke mid podcast or if he was drunk with Chris is that when you're on the cost of limits the crassness you shut him down you ask them a new question and steer them around. We just let him go. That's crazy. That was wild. Who was on last week? Blaine Chris and in these two okay. That sounds like hey the time to PLO show happened. I don't know what was happening. Was a whole `nother thing gus. Yeah Chris kept trying to give us a signal. Because Blaine left win. The signal for one plane was GONNA come back and we're like what are you. What are you talking about running? Through most of the puck us. He ran all the way across. The laws are eating which means gorie BARF FIG bar little slice on this Mike is it is Emma and Astros so Mike. Thank you Mike. Mike takes the time to sanitize it and all of the Bernau. Thank you very much and thank you to broadcast. Who are all here? Yes skeleton crew version. It's a it's a really small crew here right now Mike because we have is more than ten people currently right right until tomorrow when you know people right so I guess that's a good segue. Yeah this night slash Wednesday. This will be the last podcast from this set for awhile. Here's what we do. We each take a corner of the set. Hope so I'll take this pot and I'll sit here. Look look at you. Look at your shot. This is mine. Bernita hacksaw needs some lights. And then I just set this up and fill myself and we'll just cut them all together. Okay you know what I think would be a funnier idea not that. That's not funny. Thank you I think. They should take still of the set with the furniture. Nobody on it clean plate and we each Webcam in and they put our Webcam on each of our has ours. Ian That'd be cool. They both cool. Barbara don't miss people and laughter and stuff so that a lot I feel like I've been in lockdown already for at least a week or so. Harry. I've not just interested me is bothering you. Just you've already. We've not even two minutes in classic. All right I'll I'll turn it down battalion. It gets out of hand fast. What are you GONNA do with? My hair can take care of the bid my hair. I don't know well you want to cut it. I hope Chris Stick. You did credit crisis here. Chris hair and I died. Chris's hair and that video will be out this week good Wednesday slash Thursday on Youtube. Yeah it didn't look bad as I thought it would. So if you WanNa Barber thing you got to come over. And that's why the video is thousand feet away but I mean we haven't really been corning for that long. It's been a week right. Well couple US have been coming in. We try to bulk. Shoot a couple of videos at the start of last week and then we've been home since like Wednesday Wednesday slush Thursday but like already. It feels like we're trying to adjust really quickly It's it's strange because a lot of a lot of the podcast. The podcast is in my mind when I come here. It's two things that that I have to bring right. It's like I bring like stories and shit that I read online but then the other thing I bring is like weird interactions with people not in about in Austin all I'm not having any weird interactions with people like the weird interaction. We're having now. Is My dogs staring at me all day. Like when you why the fuck I'm not leaving. That's that's the extent of weird interaction. I have caught misbehave. I feel it's so where to even. Just go for a walk because everyone knows the same information like I've been walking down the pavement sidewalk just like cross the street to get for each other's off like I had to go to get Mindful and some people and they running right at you and I have to stand on people's front yards to get out of the way I went. I had to go to the grocery store this morning because I needed to hold a bunch of stuff shitting kidding. I'd go to the grocery. I needed my my regular weekly allotment of groceries and I went down there Pretty early this right after they opened and it was interesting. Because you know of course you have to get in line and designated markers on the ground like stand here when you're lying to get into the store and the employee is going up and down like you to or too close together some places don't have any monitoring of that and then you get in and it's like when you get to the produce section. It's all kind of narrowed in weird so it's like I need to get from here to there but there's someone in the way so I need to go around. This Cooler. Really roundabout way to go. Get My fucking lettuce. I was at Walgreens this week to pick up a prescription and I was like all. Go in and get just like a couple of essentials that I don't need to go to the grocery store for like gallon of milk and like something else and the is there a little bit more narrow than they are in grocery stores and there was a woman who was like restocking stuff and so I literally went around an entire. I'll to come back just to go in the aisle where she was like. I just want to avoid her at all costs but then I'm like what are there someone else that appears at the other end that. I'm Yuck in the Mail on either side handmaid's tale vibes from just like. We just thought about that this morning. Also because I just watched the invisible man. The other daynuss Elisabeth Moss. But I was at the park. I've been going to the park everyday just for fresh air to get some exercise and any time that I have to cross somebody else like this. We obviously move away from each other but the first couple times I did it. I kind of like somewhat felt offended when they did it. I I was just oh well no me too so but you're not me. I'm avoiding slightly got hurt. I was just like no not that I was at the park the other day too. It's so funny that like now like let's take wok afford. You're like fuck it but I was at the park to the other day sitting on a bench and most people who would walk by would like keep their distance and stuff like that There was this one guy walking by and I heard him coming because he was breathing heavily very heavily like and I don't know if he just finished jogging or something but he walked by me. He didn't move. Which I it's a confusing thing whose responsibility is because the path is there but the benches there so like yeah who really is in the wrong and he let out a big fucking breath as he was passing me and he didn't move to be further away so he's probably like three or four feet away from me. It's probably okay but I'm like what if you're short on breath and you just blew into. Yeah Line of breathing here. Essentially I hold my breath when they wouldn't like o an extra going to war. What are they breathing breathing inside me? I wonder if that's even effective. I you know I think about that too. I'm like is this even doing anything. Pass Out Right. Yes Yeah Right. The whole world is like fending off something that's completely invisible. It's really weird. We don't know really anything. Yeah I wish I was thinking about this earlier like I wish every day you get a compilation of stats like the closest distance. You've got to the Corona Virus Day or like on your hands which you successfully washed it off. I think that every time wash my hands. I'm like Bitch. You better get up the book off my hands get running down that sink. So does it take what is like a singular a piece of virus virus virus right one virus virus get e need. Could it gets in your immune system like twice the first few but then the third one gets you like. Maybe it's like a matter how fast it can replicate I dunno I wish you did know. Gus are sorry. I'm she did to look to you for all my and I apologize. I let you down there. Something I will say as someone who has medically sweaty hands airborne apparently according to the All that's good. But what if you cough that they want you to like? Cover your cough and stuff. That's like lumps of Gauze okay. Gotcha well thank you chat. But a someone was very sweaty hands all the time the medical condition. I have called hyper headdresses. Very sweaty hands all the time. Not having a shake anyone's hand has been really nice. Gotten me out of a lot of awkward social situations where I do shake someone's head in my hands are a little sweaty and they go. Oh like at least always softer someone who doesn't like social hugging. This is a big win for me. Silver lining you. GotTa you gotTa find your joy where you can like. You said you miss laughing. Yep laughing you're you're talking about the invisible man. It's crazy to me like how quickly industries are trying to pivot and change things like now the other day. I was watching TV. And there's a commercial invisible man and it was like watch it now at home the same with like onward onward this week. Yeah it was. I guess it was supposed to be leaders for a lot longer to pay for it. So I think it's GonNa be on Disney plus next week but we pay twenty dollars for him here which I am one hundred percent fine with because this movie had to come out of theaters early and we would pay ten dollars a ticket anyways to see it and I was like I want to be able to support these films That sucks that. They didn't have a theater now. I wonder if they're making the most of the downtime. If there's like maintenance to be done making the most of the anti anyone like this airport runway needs a resurface. Now's the perfect time. It's funny you say that I I I was driving down. Mo- pack the other day and it was like the middle of the day and a road crew. Had One of the lanes blocked off because they never would do that. Normally it would be a huge pain in the ass for traffic but it was like. Oh it didn't even slow anything down because there were so few cars on the road. Yeah I wonder what's being done. Didn't they also really something where the air pollution over? China has decreased significantly earlier. Yeah like they were able to see it. On satellites a significant drop in the pollution. I could be talking out of my ass. I've been reading a lot of things I mean. Yeah I read that. Just in general like rivers or clear and you know the earth is taking a much needed breath of fresh air. Sounds like so bad for us? Good for earth. Maybe they are started the corona vire what I was reading about fouled she. Yeah that's impressive. Dude there everyone who bought them like quality you just like clips of stuff all the way back to the eighties. Where he's like working on AIDS and stuff and he liked working on AIDS. Yeah like a WEIRD WAY TO A. Cure. We'll see we'll know crowbars doing like AIDS research I don't know working on. It may sound like his aides and dispersed it. Yeah I saw the Bola let stuff. He's been pivotal in all of that. He also is. That's the key provides a huge sense of comfort as well. I feel during those press conferences with the administration. Because you have someone there. Who's an expert in an adult? Yes yes I am. Who when you when he speaks he gives answers and he says what they don't know because like I don't know why people are so afraid of saying we don't know this yet and giving an answer of either something that's not true is trying to make people less scared more than an all caps tweet. That was completely vague. That's very true or or at it's nice to hear him speak. Then you know the president or someone else getting a briefing of that and then relying it to the world a terrible telephone game. Yeah you know. It's nice to hear it directly from him. It is comforting. Yeah I So when all of this quarantine in staying home in isolation it led right up to say this. That doesn't sound Shitty it. The time wise it lined up with the premier westworld season three so it was like an excuse to stay in and I re watched olive westworld season one and two already. Yeah fast I was the area where I went to really quickly and I still think westworld season two is better than season. One I think was it was. I think it was a more difficult watch week to week. But when you remove that time constrained you can watch it all more quickly. I think it's a it's way better. Anyway what's all season three episode to just came out yesterday and I thought it was a really episode but I was going to watch it last night and it was on like a headed. Dvr just watch it on HBO. Go because it's better quality to any so I switched over to. Hbo Hit Westworld play and it starts playing and has like HBO logo and it has like the nudity violence all that Shit and then a public service announcement from the CDC played it was like a commercial about krona virus. And what to do and like wash your hands it was like I've never seen a fucking commercial on. Hbo Between the the content warning and the content. It was like a minute long to watch for good place to put it right. Yeah I saw that message should be blasted fucking every and I was like no no complaining about that. Yeah absolutely right call Campbell. But they are still people in the world and they're half speed for people who are living on their own out in a more like a sparse kind of place with no internet or access to people or whatever who don't know about current virus. There's there was a few stories about that. I that I read last week. The I think it was the the German version of Big Brother. Yeah Yeah we were all on camera. And they didn't they didn't know and there was also another story about Iraq excuse me a rafting tour through the Grand Canyon was like a five day long rafting tour where they had no access to cell phone coverage or anything and that they got to the end of the the wrath tour and the guy was like listen. I got to tell you all this stuff. That's happening in the world. And they all just thought the guy was fucking with them until like started making phone calls to their families and stuff. If you came in at this point and like the world has been on pause for this time. You'd be like wait. You can't do that to happen. Yeah it just so lines up with the time you're off the grid for a while and then you hear about this. That's terrifying. I wonder it'd be like if I was just locked away somewhere for a while. And then all of a sudden I mean I'm sure there's people who will never know about it like Tribes Sentinel Island. Kill anyone who comes the they were never know about. It probably asked him about people living like the only example I can think of is Walter White in breaking bad when he gets sent to that house and he's like living like that for how long months years or something like that. There are people who live that way. Your old show. What is it now seven years? Someone mentioned like colts. People that are just don't have that'd be crazy. Yeah access to the outside world. Oh Yeah I still can't wrap my head around it. Yeah it's It's interesting times unprecedent. Episode of the received podcast is sponsored by dash deliveries more than just pizza in two thousand twenty. It could be whatever you're craving selection of your favorite flavors from across the globe. You can order world cuisine from the comfort of your living room with Jordache. Jordache brings all of America's flavors to your door ordering easy just opened up the door dash APP. Choose what you WANNA eat. Your food will be delivered to you wherever you are not only is your favorite pizza joint already on door dash their over three hundred and ten thousand restaurant partners in four thousand cities so you might find a new favorite while you're at it with door to door delivery and all fifty states. Puerto Rico Canada and Australia. You order from your local. Go choose or choose from your favorite national restaurants like Japodlay Wendy's chick fillet cheesecake factory With Dash never have to worry about your next meal right now our listeners get five dollars off their first order of fifty dollars or more when you dell at the door Nash. App and enter Code Rooster. That's five dollars off your first order when you download the door DASH APP in the APP store and enter Code Rooster Dough. Forget coder for five dollars off your first order with door dash. I don't think it's fully sunk in yet actually the beginning of it. Yeah maybe that's why we're not fully because every damage like oh you know like we had our scrum call today and it really set in for the first time where it's just like we're going to be doing this for. Awhile Question Yeah. I'm also part of that meeting as it's called. Yes what does everyone have their webcam on for that? We like to see each other. It was actually really nice to see everybody. Different human face web camera. No talking like you're heaven. You're not around people. I had to watch Jessica look for her turtle in your house watching this way. For further webcams over just audio because it just like. I like seeing who is talking and I also like seeing people when your home alone for days and you'll see people's fucking faces you're on better behavior of the webcams onto you. Definitely paying attention On your phone xactly is true. Which by the way we talked about this this chrome also. Did you see that video is going around with? That girl was on her Team meeting I guess it was on Zoom and she. I guess forgot that her Webcam was on so she went to the bathroom. And there's bull on her and like eight of their people she sitting on the Toilet Ping the person talking just kind of like what's going on because everyone's just like giggling satisfy nightmare. It's absolutely terrified. Wow this is just. Don't turn it on. Yeah I mean that's a good point because they do have to P in forget it's on so I don't know about you guys but I came to the studio to the podcast today thinking but the fucker. We're going to talk about other than this. I feel like honestly. I've been busy for good. I know I haven't finished took been busy for a decade and this is the first time in over ten years where I've had just free time like into the horizon that's share and I've never been less motivated to do anything in my life right now. I in in theory. It's brilliant. I can do. I can work all the stuff that I've not been up to work on all this time and I wake up just feeling so blah and I don't WanNa do it pass so we cannot be busiest so weird to me. Last week was so productive for me. I think last week may have been more productive than I normally. I'm in a week in the office. Dennis here no soccer. I think Denison I finish the next four scripts for blackbox down. Premiering April sixteen. Turn us. What the stories about that? We basically right out the incident when it happened all the talking points and everything so I think we taped three or four and we we have like the next three or four scripted out and ready to record so it's like really all over that. Yeah I feel like the end of last week was the most productive. I've been in a while and I think it's I finally got like my Home Office set up in a place where I'm like comfortable with it and it was just like well I. I'm working from home so I should be working and so I like made sure to answer all these emails and plan out this thing and try to get everyone on the same page about this. But it's like a really daunting saying right. Now I think for a lot of us because it's like oh you're going to be working from home for the foreseeable future still need to make content so like yeah come up with as many ideas as possible of stuff we could do a came up with. I've been messaging John Lott Electronic. Come up with ideas that we can stream and do and come up with like. I think I've come up with a few really good when some of them are like can I see how much did I say? Some of them were like remote working pranks that you could play on other people how to prank people when you're not in the same place okay. God and Webcam without a new a new series. Call it remotely funny. That's pretty good. That's remotely funny. I did too little to adjacent to kind of funny. So so maybe not but I always when we were in that meeting earlier I was like like Kim. Not Stop like. Oh should do this and we should do this and we should do this. Jeez or just trying to come up with with things to do yeah. It was productive last week but then this week I feel like he said not motivated. It's only Monday eerie a man last week. Al's like all right ready to do it Getting things done left and right and the now is like I. Don't I think honestly the thing that Helps Gavin? I don't know if you want to try this to. This is going to be the most obvious answer but like essentially make a schedule for yourself. Yeah every day or at least for the week like on Monday. I want to do this on Tuesday. I WanNa take care of that. Look what time you're going to eat lunch. And what time. You're going to work out all these things but the real problem with that animal crossing fucking addicted to animal crossing. It's going to destroy my life. I feel like I would be too if I had it but I don't Holy Shit see get. I should before before animal crossing the dark times I would wake up in the morning. It'd be like the world's Kinda shitty right now all this stuff going on now. I wake up like I kind of go check on the museum. I got some things I got to see how much money I got from the stuff. I sold overnight or I wonder if I'm GONNA go catch some issues at random island today. I should go find out this morning. I woke up at along so What House's bill showed up by my house was expanded to redecorate. I have in my house I have my bedroom slash Jim and my living room slash bathroom. I've I have a urinal a toilet and a squatting toilet in my bathroom. Well that impresses me or built a garden with a little spigot you can turn on and get a squatty. Potty the Asian style toilets Ohio that are like in the ground every time you go into that bathroom. You have a choice. Usually most people don't have choice choice to toilet in that said well. I've got everything I I'm living crossing life but you guys planet. I wish I didn't have it and I think if I were to. They're all sold out right. Allie a switch but not by digitally okay games digitally now for the most part. I think for the past decade did play animal crossing his combined. It's really it is really endearing and funny like Teaching Jessica about all these things. She's like I want to stream. How do I stream? And I'm like well. What kind of equipment do you? I don't know the country from my xbox go. There's a lot to it. There's the suddenly get into streaming. Yeah that's something that we're really working through the team. It's because we're trying to make content because a don't play video games and I WANNA learn. I think it'd be funny. What Monica Shannon? Do you have a day in animal crossing? Maybe she's talking about real talking about real life. Animal Crossing Interrupt Jessica Astros Day in animal crossing. Just take it day by day. Two brothers really isn't wrong. Line of Work Day. Why he just doesn't like bugs makes a really interesting video that I retweeted yesterday about the thought process behind gibberish. Video Games like that. I watched the video rehousing cooled. It's like localized yea like the Japanese. Gibberish is different so like an animal crossing the Japanese gibberish is different than the English gibberish. You here yeah that makes sense. I guess it does. Does that make sense? Yeah because when you hear English people speaking and it's like inaudible it probably sounds a certain way versus when a different language. It's no point. Probably walks as their brothers across well so they didn't talk exclusively about animal crossing in that video. They talked about other video games as well and brought appoint that. I'd never considered about how like when you're meet the SIMS. They created similar to try to. You know bridges gap where it didn't matter. You could just release the game anywhere in English simbarashe but the problem is that the people who recorded the simplest lines that they remixed and everything spoke English so that the sounds that they made to produce similar are all the sounds that exist in the English language like in our capacity to produce sounds like one of the assumption that video. Is that if you can hear people a conversation through rule even if you were the same can probably hear that the English right the cadence rhythm in the Pitch Change It was like a toilet video. But it was really entertaining. Emmy Sends CIS Olson's highly recommend. Everyone check that out watcher. Anyway put animal crossing down because half life came out. I can't is a good view implying. I played for about an hour before I came here and it is. I feel like valve is so good at building worlds where you don't want to rush like. I felt that way in Portland to where I look around and be like now. Alex is the new half life about in general like a pocket. Shit into the world alien stuff like a tear in the fabric of the dimension. Aliens come through. I didn't realize that because I have the index the game for free. Isn't it really? I guess maybe if you buy it before twenty twenty or something so I just had already had it so he was planning and I. I guess either because it's VR. It feels so much more most of all the graphics are just better but stuff is disgusting. I found I just found a Zombie on the floor and I was like leading down like holding his head and like looking is no that face. It's disgusting and now I'm just extra terrified. The ones going to jump out of me. I haven't actually experienced anything other than just walking around but damn it looks good and Holy Shit. It's cool to be back in that world. I'm so excited my VR setup down. It's like in a box so I've been kind of hesitant to pick up half life. Alex that much to leave it times. You just don't like the base stations up on what happened. Was I had everything up? Then I had a remodeled under my house I had to take it down and then after the remodel I just never put it back up now. It's a great time I can get some free time on your hands. So things are just up on poles so than enough to put them up on the war and what is your vr set. Look like Jessica. Oh yeah you know. I have all the things. I've only equipment all of us. All the are so and I do it every day. I actually had so I downloaded exploit the other day which is like a program used to set up streaming and things of that nature and actually had like a really good time like messing around with it and playing around with settings and scenes and stuff like that just like I do a stream I streamer girl. I'm GONNA do streams but no we're actually not to like promote stuff but we're doing livestream all the time on our TV this week. Moving forward to promote stuff. Well I guess like I'm not trying to plug plug plug but in terms of like stuff. We're doing which I think is like really fun and it's going to be able to everybody. People were bored at home for Free. Yes so RT TV which is like the livestream right here. That you guys around right now. We're GONNA have stuff all day every day. Pretty much especially between the hours of one in five o'clock central John is going to be streaming tomorrow at one o'clock think we're going to be doing some star. Devali. Perhaps hell you WANNA game do that. What what are you talking about that? I want to give a big thank you to the first member who make it all possible. Rt TV. It's something that's exclusively reserved for members but we're opening it up to everyone right now and I think the community has been really great about that really understanding wanting to share content with everyone so yeah big thanks for for making all of that members looking in the eyes. You See Something Jessica. I just been enjoying the I. Guess the feedback still like. It's nice to have a bunch of people who watch pretty much everything that we do. Keep even keep us company in the we at a time. You absolutely everything feels a little bit pointless subject jumping in chat every now and then to chat with people who are watching our T. TV just to get a little bit of human interaction. That's that's like the perfect level for me. Yeah see people just talk online great. Don't have my Webcam on thinking about doing potentially like like a happy hour kind of stream where you guys are of age. Grab a drink. Join US for some chatting and stuff like that. If you're not grabbing apple juice Virgin Dagan star search some water into its make it a little more clear water water because book watered-down WanNa try it now. Watery end just sparkly orange juice. It's just bubbly. Orange shoot like watered down watered down. But I've tried it. It's not that way sparkling water right. You go yeah put an orange juice. Mix them if you know if you're dont drinking alcohol what's going on. I just fell talkie. Yeah no I could see in your eyes like someone interrupt me. Please save us. Jump off the ship. No maybe it's because I have bubbles I have. I bubbles issue so anything. That's extremely carbonated hurts me? So maybe for that. It's just like Oh this is perfect for me. Have you talked about on the focus? He I have about left of your honor. I took pretty much every single time on any sort of live show or something. Yes it cannot BURP. There's like anybody using an episode of always open with you on. It knows what it is. We always take shots canting home shun. I can't just a guy who had a procedure to fix. It really really do they. Not In Austin though right I think there's a specialist to desert somewhere else. It was the England. Yeah they just like did little thing in his throat and it was really cool. What you do is I bump. He filmed it took colorblind near. Put the glasses on your colors burp? Or they're gonNA experience when you talk about that when we were filming the other week about someone we know or someone New Hampshire ruins girlfriend and she said that she was burping like crazy for like days right. Yeah it's just like all she could do now. Yeah I that's my dream. That's a dream for me to just BURP. Twenty four seven all day yet also great to yes. If it's an OSCE life the company will pay for it right Perfect Gavin. But if not you will okay. I heard him say you design. These shoes did try to make somebody really hideous converse. Yeah picking all the classiest patterns. I'VE GONE FOR STRAWBERRIES. Avocados and separate print actually like with a pink works really well. You can't just bad purplish to me. Purply pink all. I get when I make hideous shoes. I've named these ones disgusting. Oh is that they can just get compliments in kind of defeats the purpose of why we're the 'cause they're unique people like. I think those are fun. New Shirt people like unique. I e Gal I saw this in the chat scrolling by but you know how we always talk about getting. Bev's won't get BEV's and do a live stream with it get best. Yes you me on livestream this all right. Let's Chuck Chuck voluntee- like Oh man. Yeah Bishops podcast is also brought to you by macari. 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You can find more on the APP stores or on macari DOT COM. That's M. E. R. C. A. R. I. Macari the selling APP. Thank you to Macari for sponsoring this episode of the podcast so In in other news I read that yesterday. March twenty second marked the one hundred twenty fifth anniversary of like the public performance of movies. There was like the first time a movie was performed or was played for an audience. It was an audience. Ten PEOPLE HUNDRED. Twenty one hundred twenty five years ago it was March twenty second eighteen ninety five so they were a group of people who were like. Let's go and see the first movie where he was like the people who made the movie like. Hey what's your show this to a lot of people. Yeah well that doesn't seem that far but it also is it was. It was just like a film of people leaving the factory. The factory was done for the day. So it's just people even factory time it was. I watched the whole thing. Yeah it's a strange how far it's come so one hundred thirty five years ago movies were just being publicly before for the first time and now we're a huddled up at home with the Halloween movies to watch them close to. Oh Man I assume everywhere in the world most places in the world are starting to shut down theaters and stores and everything like that to last week you mentioned who was one of you mentioned Allendale Draft House. They were like blocking out cease to try to keep people spaced apart now. They're close your closed after their website and it says sorry we're closed. I think it is still a lot of stories. You can still buy gift cards and stuff like that. Which helps keep them afloat for the time being. Have you guys been ordering a lot of food from local stores? And so yeah. I mean guilty about special reduced menus but like Like pretty easy daughter-in-law there's also a lot of people who are afraid to order food because of the track. The virus transferring but a lot of places have transitioned to using cardboard or paper packaging And the virus doesn't stay on that all that's good because I had an incident when picking up through the other day but I was just going to say it's still. There are still traces of it but it tends to only stay on things that It could stay on without like the paper and cardboard porous so it'll essentially not stick to it or no. I might be saying this wrong but it doesn't stick to it as it does on like plastic or wood or metal or something like that interest. Here what was your incident so we ought from a restaurant. Tony was driving. I was in the passenger seat as it usually shocking and the food was pasta and she gave me the main food. We'll satellite desert bag so I put the main food on my lap and I took the desert bag and I just went down and put it in full but the handle when my mouth on the bank and I was like great. Thanks and less than two sixty in my house. I feel so careful about wash my hands constantly. I mean wash my hands like before I take a and then after yes. They don't want like virus on my penis and stuff. That is just really annoyed if that was it. That's how we get it damn well. When was that? Luckily you still got tired then got another seven days before we know. I love that line. He enlists the two seconds. He was in my mouth kind of material. Is it though a disgusting go figure but that was mainly placebo. Were you able to say something like it? Doesn't rebound say? The virus does not doesn't transfer penis. Yeah what about you say this is not? I don't think no I don't WanNA leave on us. Where would it would if I would ask my penis and then touch my I if I let me give if it could get in through my Vagina. So mucous membranes. And all that. Yeah but I'd imagine why wouldn't I mean you can get it isn't orphan vagina and anus. So why wouldn't the virus in the blood that way? I don't know how these things work. Well enough is a strange question and let me know pursue far after that conversation In the clear lake. Have you guys if didn't feel and weird during like sexy time because you're like oh the virus you seen in the original naked gun movie court. They wear like big full-body combat. No excuse me I drink every fucking time cough. Everyone looks at me to come everywhere and not into your elbow shock me it just. It was like one of those. I joking surprise. Coffee this That's how you do it. You know it's I mean Termini kiss all the time so if it's a there that's already happening. Yeah not worried about the sexy time in that sense. Yeah I've heard online at some people like couples are just not unlike corning yourself in the same house or yeah or like you have a separate room and bathroom and like you're not interacting with each other at all. Yeah but if you live together like it's there it's in the House knows where you are okay. So virus isn't transmits the blood eric. Eric is not here currently because we have a small crew. But he's watching remotely. Hi Eric he just sent me something. Interest being slow so I'm waiting for it to load but what he said here so it is talking about what we just said. The State of New York issued sex guidance. For these times that we're in Baby Berry they comforting. According to New York you should not eat ass. Is that an official cheeses proud of that No Rim I don't believe this but it's totally NYC DOT GOV Kovic sex guide. The what are the exact words. It's still it's still loading. I'm seeing the I'll let you know as Israel but it doesn't like I need to know who says do not eat ass. I think what it says. No Way I'd take a numbered list number three take care during sex and then there's four bullet points under that. The second bullet point is rooming mouth on might spread Kobe. Nineteen they use the word rhyming. Yes Oh virus and flowery enter your mouth man. A virus on your butthole. This woman workers like wants to stop. Remain number two. It's an issue. Have Sex with people close to you. You are your safest sex partner. Masturbation will not spread cove in nineteen masturbation will allow. It'll help your immune system I'm serious bitterly to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds before and after before. Yup can't donate one the virus that so I just sit on your own footing wobble around for a few minutes. Whatever you prefer data leaders for you. Okay this makes sense now today. I haven't met since I was a teenager door. What did it worker sometimes? Well YOU WOBBLE. Wobble is such a particular word. How else would you gyrate? But Jerry a little more aggressive word gyrus aggressive. Feels like it when you're talking about masturbation wobbles but she won't come down. Wow I shall come. I can't believe there's I guess that makes sense as it would be sex guidelines. Oh I was just. Yeah well where we are now. Just did you ever do a good wobbling my I know my mom is watching this right now. She's texting me. Okay all refrain from ASA. No then Jessica has never even been naked before I've never ever done. I'm I'm a virgin. Tony then what the hell. I don't know what I mean. There's there's nothing came out of your ass man. Well I look like let's let's dissect this I don't want to say that we have about your parents because you change what I say every time. Okay so there was time what video evidence of this went back and checked okay so last time you said that. I said your hairline looks like a man's hail getting sick of this conversation but I need to clarify so I was saying not to say that. I said you had a weird headline to the old one I discovered. I didn't even say that. I said at the time that you had a crazy headline because it was it's cool. It's different and you told me saying you have a weird hairline. Then you changed it to a man's hair line and I was defending myself with what you also made up the last time which was wit when originally said you had a crazy halley. So it's green costs so yeah. I think it was the last time you were on the podcast to find it but I think by the time we founded the podcast was over and I think when we found it Barbara was filming. So you have. I had the video. Yeah Essentially Gavin was right yes he was unfortunately changing it crazy in my brain. I just took that as Gavin things. I have a fucking weird hairline and so that just stuck in my brain to but I don't think he ever would hell I think so it's crazy and it's cool now is crazy sexy cool. I wouldn't call this here. Line sexual any means but sexy doesn't mean sexual surely well it's not like but you could be sexy without being sexual that's true. Always when Gavin has like an extra point he wants to make only made it he adds Shirley to the end before the beginning. It couldn't possibly Shirley I cleared my name. I'm happy now. Good all right. We're good. We're good on the On The New York sex guidelines. Who you know. This is something okay. Kobe nineteen has not yet been found in semen or vaginal fluid. Okay we we know that. Other Corona viruses do not efficiently transmit through six. Okay you go excellent oral all day but don't ask don't go flip it around you know. Keep it right side up. Let's go to low off the appropriate floor. So what are we doing next week? We just from working on a solution. So it's GonNa look a little different. We have the top of the show Working on a solution to do it remotely to podcast remotely cameras in. Yea webcams yeah. You'll need a Webcam and microphone so unlike the meetings can I turn my Webcam on on the Phantom. If you has anyone ever done a podcast on a phantom to know that I know of the first ever I mean I can run. The thing at thirty frames forbid defender. Doesn't know what is the. Phantom even on. That point is confused about what it's doing with its life. Yeah Mom just text me saying that. I'm a dirty girl. So Mrs Shell Likud has done. She writes dirty girl. Explanation for your exclamation point estimation point. But she didn't admit to anything unless you're talking about me. Although my parents absolutely watching this one hundred percent as they always they know who you are and what you do. I'm very grateful that my parents stay informed as they do with social media in the news and everything like that because like they fully understand everything going on with Kovic nineteen and like they're being responsible about it and there's a lot of people their age who don't take it seriously And it's like you're the people who are at risk. I feel like the people not taking seriously the generations either side of us. Yeah younger or older. Yeah but I feel like millennials eventually been pretty good about it. It's hard to generalize like that but I feel like a lot of people in our generation have been taken it pretty seriously. It's been frustrating watching video crowded beaches breaker kids think. Didn't we talk about it today? In our meeting how we found out that it was other five or six of those people in that video from spring. Break and Miami got the virus or look and it's probably more of them. Yeah I'm sure a lot of them I mean they're on a beach drinking and touching each other. I mean it's it's just getting past video from a helicopter in Brazil where they were flying low over beaches to annoy people. Get Him to leave. The helicopter suspect clicking right tactic blowing all that win so that they're forced to go away Interesting interesting but expensive approach to to to to getting people to do what they should already be fucking doing yet I think. The U K. Just got lockdown finally. Yeah bad time to Brexit. Yeah I it must be a bad time to go through a breakup too. I was thinking about that exact same thing the other day because you'd just be like double alone you're alone. I've been so I think we might see or going through a breakup right now when. It's the shelter in place if you live together. No Oh yeah what do you do you how you can't really move out right okay. I assume you can't find a place. All places are closed and you can rent anything. I think when this eventually passes. I think we're GONNA see two things that I'm I'm really curious to see. It'll take a while to get all the state you know. I'm fucking crazy nut when it comes to data yeah I think in nine months or to see a lot of kids so right around the end of this year early next year. Probably a mini spike in children. Who were born? The second thing is I want to see how this affects the divorce rate in this country. Like if we're GONNA see like since couples who might spend their time apart are forced to actually spend time together and cohabitate for extended periods of time. Like once it's once they're allowed to get their space but they're just like you know what this isn't worth it and there's GonNa see people end up getting divorced. I think well it's it's you have a lot of factors working against you right because you not only are stuck inside having to interact with each other twenty four seven but there's also a level of a lot of uncertainty and fear and anxiety that comes with this whole situation and not feeling safe that I think people are extra stressed out. Extra anxious might be less patient with each other. Might be more willing to snap or all these things. So it's like essentially a recipe for disaster for so many people we have in situations like Have been living together for over a year at this point and like were great together. But there's definitely moments where I realized I needed to like be more patient with myself or with him when it's just like okay like I'm getting aggravated but I think it's because I'm stressed out and I'm anxious and vice versa. So there's been a lot of like let's make sure we communicate. Yeah all the time. So cannot recommend that enough for you and your significant others talk and don't like much and you guys arguing. It's over at like it's it's so rare. It's like once every few months that we have an argument about something and it's always because one of us is trying to explain something and the other person doesn't understand and then it becomes just like a thing for a second then. It's like okay. Well let me explain where I was coming from. You explained where you're coming from okay. I'm sorry I'm sorry for reacting that way done like it's the most diplomatic resolution of any argument arguments documents. Because I'm all out I've seen trevor deal with like work arguments. Yeah 'cause wrangling. Achievement Hunter not easy and he's always like diplomatic. Yes like man you handled you handle Ryan. Pretty well just then. Both of us are a little more diplomatic in our way of handling things which works out really well for us. But it's also and I talked about this on always open. That either comes out today or next week but I had a tendency and other relationships if I was in an argument to like storm off or go to another room like I'm going to go for a walk or whatever it is or like if it's at night like I'm going to go to sleep but we don't do that like we don't leave the room. We don't go to sleep. If the argument still happening we resolve it before we leave the space. I think that helps next week. Oh you're remember having a break can cool down the yeah. I think if you were like heated in the moment I think it depends on the situation and also a this is what works for Trevor and I Every couples different. Not Trying to say that. I'm the expert on it but I think especially if it's like maybe she needs to take a moment come back but definitely. Don't go to sleep angry because it's going to be harder to remember your point of view the next day And explain how you were feeling. Devon's been in the woodshop this whole week into any time he comes home. I'm like Super Hyper and act like a five year. Old Child jump all over him. Because I'm like okay. Now we get to play because I haven't been with anybody all day so a just and then I have energy into like one. Am just wanting to play with him and Poor Guy. He has a lot of patience. Could a handful at that time? Let's play. Let's play with strip around like last night? It was awful like it was like eleven eleven thirty and he was just kind of like getting ready to go to sleep and then I just like job on the. There's just figure it out because my routine is disrupted you know an energy as drugs. Maybe perhaps having to deal with make people do about drugs in this situation drug dealers still operate do twice. Hey drug dealers Jan business going and I don't know how that happens. That's a good question like leave the money on the porch these drugs on the porch. Like how does the Vent Van ma-maybe knows? Call your local Police Department Ring Doorbell. Put the drugs on the doormat flea. Yeah the money's under the Matt thank you I mean. Put the food delivery right there. Winsor have you. Have you guys been like more tired less tired during this time because like you're at home all day not using as much energy and keeping the same schedule so I'm still going to bed at the same time still waking up at the same time but this is gonNA sound so pathetic? I'm almost ashamed to admit this last night I got up. Got up off my couch to go to bed and I was like. Oh why my legs? Kinda sore and you know like that scene in the Matrix Neo comes out of a Goo- and they're like you've never used your eyes before yet. Downplaying animal crossing all weekend and didn't move that. I think I started atrophying. Kinda hurt lucile. Mass decrease the my God. Are you drinking water? Yes he looked healthy color. I think I'm going to resort to playing animal crossing exclusively on the treadmill. That's mine I wouldn't feel like such wasted space when I'm walking around weeding for an hour and a half so don't talk about your drug use on fuck weed so much animal. Crossing part of the game is fishing. And I I've been catching a lot of flounders flounder. Like the fish that have both there is on one side of their body and staring at these fucking flounders and I started wondering about flounders. I'm so into this game like we're flounders. Just like at one point where they regular fish that just got lazy and they decided to lay down like this whole like species of fish was so lazy that it became easier for them to move. There is yeah the body would have been natural selection right so the fishes fishes the fish would I further would live longer and mate with other right to the point where the I just moved over time with. It's really weird was the other I mean. They're both on the one side next to each other right so so then they left eyed fish but they can't see on the other side of their body correct that's terrifying to not be down but they're lazy so it's good you buy your head. You're right you're right if you had one over here and when? I hear I would say that's more terrifying. Yeah that'd be so cool though cool during the back of the fucking chair right now. We're boring but I think if we had an eye here in an I hear things would be different. We wouldn't have chairs with backs on you know. Things must be different industry on his head critic enough stools or something where a chair back ends here. Not covering the other. I just lay back yet as we. Just what if like even so? What if your body wouldn't sit this way right like you were focused in? This is look like we have more. Universal of appearance to our body could move in any direction was like an octopus. Yeah are you can go in any direction I had a we stoned with. Are we talking about? We have whatever Chris had last week in fact it all about filmmaking content recently for Vr headset. And I'm doing my reviews in headset but proof in the Mason. Show like the it's like. Vr One eight t with three D. slimmer and there was an error on one of the exports where we had this lower third. Come up just like saying on names but it was only visible in one eye weird and it's the most bizarre feeling I've ever experienced brain did not know what Christ was happening. Run like how would that ever happen in real? I was just like my brain is like it was like flickering on and off. Because there's like which is my compute. Yes happening with this. What is this looks closed when I was. I always gone in this but I can see it in this. I and then I thought that would be brilliant for like via a horror movie to put the ghost or the monster only in one eye brain is around. It'd be awesome. It'd be so I hate that. S awful but great at the same time. Somebody just said you wouldn't be able to wear hoodies. Yeah there is true but he's just come up on the side. What if you could have an item in the real world? I was like left or right. I'd only like we can have something that exists. It's like oh you always see that in your left eye or doesn't know how to deal with it because that doesn't exist in the physical world want to throw up. I was looking at this. Yeah like there is this actual real object but only your left or right I can pick it up. That's so weird. I don't want you did smoke weed before this nothing else to do. I think I wonder if dispensaries are still open in places like California where it's legal. I mean because technically it will business technically authorized and stuff like a pharmacy. I would assume probably my friend works at a dispensary and she said that they're still open currently right now. Their hours are getting cut. They're not working like their typical hours but they are still open especially during this time. People are extremely high. I'd be in there. Because does anyone have? I tweeted about this the other day. Anyone have like a goto snack that they find themselves just like eating nonstop. Now that you're like everything at your house does that's my problem with working from home is when. I'm bored or like trying to think through something I'll eat and like because I've been trying to buy things that aren't necessarily perishable as quickly so I don't have a lot of necessarily like fresh fruit and vegetables at home Let's eat oreos are Barbie no oriole? They're my favorite orioles. Orioles are so good. Trevor and I have gone through two sleeves already. Yeah Dude just pure empty calories. You just keep eating oreo flavored ones. The plane Nine double stuff. Not here I get. I just like normal. Orioles are just the best double soft. And then we'll fight. That's when we fight is when he brings Home Double Steph. When I asked for Oreo both just take off the stuff all evening adventus. Is You squish it and then let the white stuff come out the side then? Yeah then you get. The excess can make Devon D. stuff. It was his new partner. Just Ram them for people that are reading these guidelines. If they're just like man but I really love I have remained fetish here. Let's give you some alternative hoariest these alternative to ring. What would you? What would you come up with going? Maybe you have if you have to have rooming in your life. It'd be okay to do anything. What's an alternative? If you like Smack Car Gogo. Rims like like sexual. What else could you early wasn't action you could do. That's like rim. Will you could just get a piece of fruit and good hole in it. If you really need the joy of rim chilly it doesn't come from the paste. I'm trying to be Gross Romy. Tim is real different right now. Oh man let's start drinking alcohol. You see that. Net flicks is slowing down or they're like quarterback what's the best way to put it. They're lowering their streaming quality in Europe to try to save on Internet bandwidth for thirty days. They're going to reduce it so that movies are not in HD. I believe who've is that if well I get it but like when you're stuck at home like the one thing you have is your entertainment to keep saying I used to watch the cutting bit rates. I'm sorry okay so the bit rates going down it's up the I mean it's not the end of the world but for like the few luxuries you have to be reduced slightly. I could see being a little annoying for some people. I watched so much on my phone. I feel like I wouldn't care. I don't know why we're so much more time I find myself just lying on the floor in front of my TV watching something on my own side. What am I doing. Tv right there is your TV. Also on playing something and you're also okay just from the floor on the rook. The other day. I found myself doing something really stupid. I found myself. I was watching a youtube video on my laptop and I was like oh I should be watching on my TV so air played it till my TV. And I was like. This doesn't look very good. I should just be playing it on my TV. Oh yes streaming it here and then you're an airplane. There was like no. It's fine is that airplay does. Does it feed from the device. You Costume or does it. Just go and fetch that. You're I think in this case it it. It fit from the device because it would definitely did not look good as should've looked do you wrong but maybe it was just a week. Clinton's but it definitely looked at that day. Watch Youtube Channel It's called in a nutshell but it's a German we're like Kirgiz Or something no. I don't think it's Kirghistan. I think it's curb is curb sat or something. But it's called in a nutshell. They have these animated informational videos that they do. That are fantastic. It's it's the one about the British. The yeah credited gratitude. Yes the same people they don't about the current virus recently. Zach Kursk. Yeah I could never prasad. It's in a nutshell. But they have a video that they did on the current a virus that is beautifully informative and very clear and concise. But also I think gives a lot of clarity to things that people have been wondering about so if you're watching this is highly suggest checking it out. I'm looking at right now so I can. I can watch. Do you have a date in? Mind that you'll mentally prepared for this to lost for like a you mentally prepared for this last year. I thought you I thought you were going to ask. Do you have a date in mind of when your mental state will collapse the next week? Okay I'm trying to mentally prepare for this to last in some capacity for a year not necessarily to this extent but I feel like things might ebb and flow a little bit like. I think things will be this way for a bit. It might loosen up for a while and then go back to being tight again for me. The the date on picture annoys me. I see I to get through the rest of March. I want to get through the whole month of April and see him so we look. I'm not saying I think it'll be subsided by then I want to. I think that will have a better idea at that point. I just want to get through this month. I'M GONNA get through the next month and see what does the world look like on. May first and then we can make a determination because you know we had a lot of problems here. Obviously United States with a lack of testing so we really don't know how widespread it is and I think by then we'll have enough empirical data where you can meet data. You can draw the line and you definitely have a couple of decent weeks of data to draw transform and know how it's going. I think the thing that keeps me from thinking it's going to be over soon is knowing the amount of time it takes to to develop a vaccine and treatment essentially or or anything for it for you to eighteen months where you're to eighteen months just because of trials and testing and stuff like that. Makamba ordered the point where they've given it to people the Linea and like I was actually talking to my parents about it and my dad had mentioned that they're actually like very much ahead in terms of a typical vaccine for this and like it's looking somewhat promising that they'll get to a solution soon. Maybe a little bit earlier than their anticipating but I think honestly realistically I think we're in this rally six months. Thank Christ for release people. I know you right absolutely. We'd be just dead species if people can go into the medical field. Thank goodness before people even when I go to Heb. I'm just like thank you guys so much. Just being here helping has been an amazing machine. They've been really a local grocery store to Texas. Yes lies on everywhere like taping? Sure that they restock and so people are still kind of panic. Buying and hoarding every day refreshed. And there's clearly that I was in line to pick up some medicine from the pharmacy. The other day even before there was mandated separation. They had put like markers down on the floor. Like when you're waiting in line with here and looked at everything was spaced apart. Everything you've done has been absolutely amazing. Yeah Blaine was there recently too and he. He said the lines look a lot more daunting than they are. Because of that space between and like they've been good about like an employee coming out in like saying like you guys are too close together separate yourself and putting markers on the ground everyone and only allowing certain amount of people in the store at a time as well to shootings good jersey. That picture of the Nurses and doctors over in Italy. Whenever they take their masks off their faces are wearing throws. D oop yeah. They wear them all day every day. Yeah I just was like man. I just wish I could have reached through been length. Thank you so much. Just don't touch them yet but don't talk just like no. Yeah I want to. I think we all need to give a shout out to healthcare providers staff at grocery stores pharmacies people who are doing deliveries anybody who has to be at work for these crucial things. Restocking things working in the food industry at all so many people to thank you for what you're doing because warehousing you hear all of us. Yeah you're essentially taking care of the entire world you absolutely mo we sit on our Butts. Recording a podcast. We're helping I hope so by talking about it nonstop on chat to you by the way. Sorry to interrupt that Phil De Frank. Apparently has a really good video about the vaccine and some information if people want to check that out. I haven't watched it yet so I'm not endorsing it but apparently it's a very informative video crazy to me is like how quickly all of this happened and how quickly things changed like. There's that clip. That people started sharing of me last week when I was joking about krona virus on this podcast early February February tenth. And obviously at the time didn't have all information didn't realize how serious it was going to be and people keep asking or some people ask like. How could you joke? I don't what we don't want. We always make jokes about stuff too. I didn't know I don't think anybody potentially knew how big it was. GonNa be violent. We didn't know most of the was joking about it. In that nobody knew the extent for context. I looked it up. South by South West wasn't canceled canceled until March sixth which is almost a month later. Yes we had no fucking idea what was happening. And it's definitely a big one that I missed and I walked on. We're not going to video. Everyone was within the reaction. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa make it seem like I'm trying to hide it right. I know I fully acknowledged I was wrong on that so but I don't want to. Hindsight is twenty twenty like we we say and do things all the time. That in that moment were reacting appropriately. For what we think the situation is and through action of the world and what we know I think is interesting. It's interesting like historic documents that you can then. This week will make fun of this week. We're like Oh fine kicking off. Next week we're home recordings. That's crazy that progression. Yeah Yeah so. I know I was wrong. I just like obviously looking back on it. You could give it a worth Roy and say like Yikes Crimson. But at the that was the my set of most people at the time not taking it as seriously as we all knew because we didn't know how serious it was at the time who wasn't was Bernie Burns. He was he was like guys China. Look at China. Yeah just before. I mentioned it to Trevor. I think in early no not really probably mid to late January. I was like we should. I don't know if like this corona virus thing. If it's something like we should be concerned about. He's like yeah I don't know and I'm like I'm kinda getting a little freaked out like spreading pretty fast there and like we kind of just brushed it off but it's crazy to think about that thought in my head at that time to now. Did you see the Ted Talk? The Bill Gates gave when Yeah Twenty. Fifteen twenty sixteen. Yeah that was crazy. I didn't talk about how the next at the time talking about the next big catastrophe isn't going to be like a nuclear war. He said I think what he showed. A picture of like nuclear detonations like the next big apocalypse is going to look like. This can look like this. We shouldn't be spending money on nuclear deterrent. Those kinds of like military deterrence stuff should be biological defense. And Damn that was the Blue Creek and someone. Also I think shared a video of Brandon on the podcast talking about how like the next big thing that's GonNa like shape. Society is some pandemic or some virus or something like that crazy. How I feel like we've this isn't like no other this in historically plagues and shit decimated numbers. Do you think this'll prepares for his army apocalypse? No I I'm going to say no just because I still don't understand where people are hoarding toilet paper. People fixate on where people are hoarding toilet. Paper can rim now. People are Hoarding Toilet Paper. Because someone somewhere or maybe a few people took pictures in places where some toilet paper was out of stock so when you have the mindset of Oh people are buying. I should probably get some to be safe if everyone thinks that way people will go out and buy toilet paper. Yeah there but why is it still going on has mentality that this for some reason is going out of stocker that like you need this because everyone posting about how? If you're losing it all this is taught me. I really need a lot less toilet paper than I thought I did. It's like oh I don't need nearly as many as I thought I did. Yeah Yep we US right now. The industry is going to make a lot of money but the people you realize what our news much as I thought I did. And then they're going to be like a buy toilet paper ages 'cause they grow much video about how like after you shit and you don't have the paper you could just go into the shower spreader ass cheeks and then do it that way. But I don't think the way you talk a people but they don't straight faced but then you say obscene things and it's a magical combination Jessica's amazing. It in animal crossing. I wouldn't have to worry about this amazing how much because I bought toilet paper in like two thousand sixteen. I bought like one hundred dollars a toilet paper or one hundred twenty or something and I'm still using him. Yes that's way too much. Yeah because I thought you know I'm GonNa buy stuff though. Where did you put them for years? I had a cabinet. I upset boss from cabinet. Didn't have anything and I so wasted damn space. I'M GONNA fill it with toilet paper so I'll never have to get it again. We go and how you're prepared accidentally head. It was funny at the time for now. You're before I've still got through and it's very serious now. Yeah I saw some funny post about how like. I've seen a lot of these things. These memes about like what I thought the apocalypse would look like or be like versus what it is people calling this see apocalypse. It's not but the joke is still there. And it's like pictures of like Shirley's therein from Max. Everyone looks bad. Ass like grungy and then it's like what it actually is me sitting on the toilet watching youtube videos using a coffee filter. That's so true you're popped into the shower and you're spreading cheeks then just like going in with your hands splashing that author letting the water. The job hopefully go down the back of your legs if you do that. It doesn't just fall off your. I mean it might but then after you've done that then you wash yourself with some soda as long as you wash from top to bottom. I've never done this before. I always have been somewhat clean after going poop before I go in the shower. What I pee in the shower. Sure me too and you guys always talk about weird but then I get it. You're in the shower getting clean. But if I have like okay if I have on my hand example if I accidentally get pu on my hand during you know about two white I'm thinking Oh you know it's disgusting can wash it off. Yes still unpleasant to have fecal particles and other waste on places where it doesn't usually look. I know that all second. We'll talk on the second. Yeah I pee in the shower. Yeah it's going down the water's going down to you. Don't really feel it on you because the second is on you it's off of you. Yeah I I don't really know how it wash. Your body was soon after and for you guys even touch Sierre because you got a fucking hoes. You GotTa Hose and you can maneuver that hose. It anyway we want to tell us. More medically penises to rib with some point with the with the poop thing about Jessica promises. Okay you could. Do you stretch you do a ninety degree angle widths alike shower shower shower head. Which which is we're heads this way. You're bending down slick but I don't know what you're doing with your hands wait so whereas my head all right so this is the shower. She yeah okay. Yeah showerheads right here on your shower. This is you hearing it tips on your head. Yes then you go backwards so butts right here. So why would you head butt shower? So it's just a In you don't have to touch anything. You just grab your ass shake spread them. It comes down okay. You're putting a lot of faith in the war doing the work though. How bad are your sh is really pretty bad. News in the shouldn't be an issue. And then you wash but wash your but you know get back into karate chops I don't either. I'm going to stop that. Well when you're out of toilet paper you're gonna Cry Shopping your asshole to wipe it just try Gavin. You figure it out. I know I know you will. I believe in Con Verify that it's done a good job. I can't you know we're GONNA score in front of a mirror to make sure it's done during this quarantine. I Challenge both of you to pee in the shower just once. Do It do it. You catchy name and then we can do it and we could tag other people and they can do it on a day to you like the fucking push ups and stuff which I got tagged Sony fucking honest here. I bike trainer Kelly tackling so I did it then but then people were still taking what I already done. Only Jennifer Kelly surprisingly. No one tagged me. Do you want to be. I don't think it's because we wouldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. How many push ups could you do me? Probably like fifty or sixty. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It was knocker given very many very enough twenty S. I ended up doing like fucking forty yesterday because I kept. I would like film it and then like that angles. We are going to do to get and I did it four times before I got the right angle on it and then I'm like my arms. Were fucking shaking bringing Labor thirty eight really week. It's like you didn't just do ten. Pushups did for the last thirty to four thirty to forty push well and then there was the plank one that was going around. I was like why. Are we all exercising and filming it with Each Other? A friend of mine tagged me to do this. Like Yoga. Move where your arms are on the ground and you put your knees up on your almost like uh hang their essentially with set. Call supposed forget on the wrong person to ask. I have no idea but I'm like Bro. I can't do that. Yeah I can't either. I could try and fail. Does gusts still not shower before bed is a thing that you've discussed on. Nope we must have discussed. I'm a morning shower person. I prefer morning shower. Tackle the day will -freshing a lot of people are split on it. Yeah I feel like it's like a more. I used to be a night shower now in the morning shower. We're I don't want I don't want to expose you guys to meet with an extra eight hours on me. Thank you. It's really for you guys. You're a man of the people. I really when I when I went to the grocery store this morning I went like before I took a shower and I came home and just like decontaminating myself got into really hot shower and just fucking scrubbed everywhere including my but yeah. Wash your hands when you go in and out of places that I've been doing lia anytime I go into a new placer leave place. I wash my hands essentially When I get back into my car I have hand sanitizer immediately. Just am a steering wheel. Because unlike I've been touching that I've been I've been like disinfected wipes stuff down in my car more than I ever thought I do in my wallet. Id To my phone. I've been using apple. Pay a lot more like they don't have to grab my wallet. Have to pull a credit card out. It's like I'm already touching my phone. Contact lists this night when I went to the grocery store this morning. I wear Latex Gloves Matt after I is that just going to try to be careful as possible. I mean there's only so much you can do right. It's like I feel like a lot of the news is overwhelming. You feel like there's all this shit you can't control all you can do is like control the things that are within your power like wash. Your hands don't touch your face. Just be very aware like maintain distance with people like you have to worry about the big picture all year. Responsibility is the shit you can control. Which is what's right in front of you wash your hands. Don't touch your face and stayed home. Stay home stay away from other people. Like I know it's tempting. You see it's like oh. The STREETS ARE EMPTY. Or maybe it's like. I can go down to this restaurant and hang out for a little while open. There's really someplace so places. There are still things open like Austin. Okay about like the cities or other countries. Back home hang up. I think it was on instagram. Someone posted this thing where they're talking about. How term social distancing is is a new term people don't necessarily know what it means ultimately stay home and go to the grocery store once a week or as needed. That's it like that's what social distancing is. I've been I've been living this life for years. So it's like if you want any advice just imagine if you're out in public and you don't know what to do just imagine what would gus do you think you're in the situation. I don't know how to handle it. What would do he would avoid everyone? Go Wash hands. Your set called this episode. That what would gus do many. Gd More just to and then hard cut to you a three weeks ago. Whatever weeks ago week yeah? Are there any restrictions on using cash? Apparently some places in Canada are no longer accepting cash. Send maybe this will be the death of cash although caches paper so it probably wouldn't hold onto it as well I don't want to. Yeah Yeah one time. I told this story before. I was at a event years ago when someone paid me with a sweaty twenty dollar bill. They pulled out of their sock. Yeah what do you remember? That was? I was at an event in California Jeff and we running the booth and some wanted to buy a t-shirt almost twenty bucks and I wasn't. I was only half paying attention to the most shirt and putting it in the back for them and they pulled a twenty dollar bill out of their sock and the handed it to me and it was like sopping wet. Remember the handed to me and I touched it and I just dropped it and I took. I said what the Fuck is wrong with. You have hand sanitizer. I started using the hand sanitizer in Iran to the bathroom. Wash my hands okay. It was really really gross. Though you must have hated that you must have been so much hannitized or hot water on the bathroom. It was like I was scalding hands to try to burn everything off of them to think when this is all said and done we come out of this whether it's couple monster now a year from now whatever it is. It's going to be weird to like go to restaurants and clubs and hug people and shake hands stuff weird anyway we just accept it but it's not weird because it's part of society were watching films and budget people hanging out. I'm like don't do slightly on easy. We saw him go to a grocery store with a bunch of people and hugging and I was like. That's not right. You shouldn't be doing. That is gonNA take some getting used to for me to return to. Yeah Yeah and Yeah November. Twenty twenty one whenever it is just like we already talked about. We thank thank shot. A bunch of videos like rt life in hard mode for the retail channel. And we're having editors put up a things at the beginning of disclaimer disclaimer at the beginning saying like this was shot a few weeks ago before the start getting really bad like. Don't think that we are saying that. This is okay. We had because we had some things where we were being physical with each other and like touching each other a lot of what we wanted to make sure to tell the audience. This is filming a long time ago to work. What are the thing I want to miss real fast Realized I also stopped wearing that big ring that I normally wear on this hat. Because it has like a lot of little crevices in it and I was worried that I couldn't clean it effectively. Do I've heard we should stop wearing decide. Like I took it off and I said I'm not gonNA wear this again until like I know that all of this keep your nails somewhat. Shorter are yeah. Yeah NO NAIL. Polish and everything. I wonder what's going to look like when we all come out of this quarantine and I said this on sort of like everyone's hair's growing back out. Yeah people who get like. The allegations are falling out. People's nails are all fucked up ever. Yeah great I needed a haircut long before this side is going to. I'm going to be a shaggy mess. Yeah what about all the people that get Botox? Get their fillers done and stuff. If they hand do that for a long time what will they look like older to find out yeah? I can't wait. Humid there no human again on weights. Yeah all right well it's about time erupted funhouse streaming after this. I believe so. So if you're in the chat right now on RTP. I think stick around for Fun House. I think they're going life so this is goodbye to the set for a bit. Oh Yeah it's kind of sad but we'll still be doing podcast so tune in next Monday and come experience something totally new with us. See our next time. Stay safe but

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O'Reilly: The Future Shock in the Tax Realm

Bill O'Reilly's Free Podcast

00:00 sec | 1 year ago

O'Reilly: The Future Shock in the Tax Realm

"Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. And this is the talking points memo future shock in the tax realm. All right. So got about a week, and you got a taxes. Refunds away down. Because Americans were earning. Good money can only deduct ten thousand dollars in expenses can't write off your mortgage. You can't write off state and local taxes. So, you know, I gotta pay more. But that's okay. With me. I want the country to prosper as long as I'm not Galvao JD. But let's take a look at what's going on in California. And the reason I point out California, not only the nation's most popular state, but what happens there in the liberal realm usually goes to Washington. So this is what if you live in? California's would you looking at all right. So the state has the highest state tax in the country can reach ten percent in some areas because they have local taxes tacked onto the state taxes. So he can get as high as ten. All right. That's an addition to what you pay Fettes. Now, they're only three states in the union that allow that. To add local taxes to state taxes. So right off your earning money in California right off the job. You are paying federal tax an ordinary Lee high state tax local tax, okay? Ready? Cigarettes, two dollars, an eighty seven cents a pack. So don't smoke gasoline. Right gasoline tax second highest in the country. Telephone three bucks a gallon three bucks a gallon to state gasoline tax liquor tax through the roof, don't drink California property tax sixteenth lowest because the folks voted on that and they can't raise the property taxes. Proud thirteen California has a levied on both residents and non resident. So if I go to California to show, I have to pay tax. If a baseball player goes plays a game. Dodgers are the angels. They pay tax with the giants. Tax just playing a game. Whatever pro rated okay capital gains on this. This is insane and capital gains. If you buy stock and you sold stock. For a game. If it's less than a year, you pay what your general tax rate is thirty five percent if it's a year or more twenty percent. Not in California in California that is you pay everything no matter how long you hold the stock at your personal income rate. So if you're thirty five you pay them thirty five that's how top of the feds. So you can't make any money in stock market. If you're California person. And you could lose a bundle Kazakhs go up Gosling Vegas now new taxes Sacramento is what they want. Firearms. Anybody who had gone for any purpose ram big big tax. Okay. Soda soft drinks. All right tax. All of that tire change you get a flak when change tire. They want three bucks. Stick wants three bucks. If you have to buy a new tire change your tire. Drinking water. All right. They wanna fee of ninety five cents a month on everybody in California just have water coming into your house state and you pay for the water. All right. This is so insane. What's happening there? And then they're going to slap a tax. They want to on any household that has more than three million dollars in assets yet pay the tax on top of whatever you paid before to accumulate the three million. You could pay more. This is socialism. This is confiscation. All right. That's what's going to happen. If Americans continue to elect liberal politicians now Democratic Party. I mean, they're buying into all of this. California's run by Democrats Harley is Republican party in state. So think about it this is they don't want capitalism anymore. Stay was take what you have through the form of all his pernicious tax business. And this is no exaggeration. This is happening right now, if you live in California, you know, the pain you're going through, and it's going to get worse. Tax on changing at tire. They'll find a tax on every single thing mowing your lawn. That'd be attacks. Hiring gardeners. Come you tax? Whatever it is. They want everything that you have. So they can redistributed to other groups. I'm. Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax, and that is talking points memo want to remind you that I do commentary every night on Bill O'Reilly dot com. A lot of people say, well, where are you? We miss you own Bill O'Reilly dot com where I am and you'll like it and also killing the SS still selling very well after seven months in the marketplace of having read it, I think you'll like it, and we have the United States Trump coming up in September. You can preorder that book on Bill O'Reilly dot com. Amazon all the other dot coms. All right. We'll see you soon.

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Gabriel Licina // Biohackers

Anatomy of Next

14:33 min | 2 years ago

Gabriel Licina // Biohackers

"Our last feature episode. We sat down with Gabriel. Icy now the man behind aunts. Remember these engineered tree systems with the goal of developing robust, complete eco-systems for the purpose of aggressive global eighth or station. Gabriel's a biologist and founder of Cy house, a small nonprofit running community education outreach and research instant biology. These also part of the my opinion, increasingly important biohacking community, and that's a word that's come up a handful of times this season bio hacker, and this I chat, we unpacked the word. We look at the community and the concept of the citizens scientists. So here's the interview. You knew your mentioning the bio hacker community. I think for a lot of our listeners people don't really know what that is. What is a bio hacker? And how would you characterize the bio hacker community? See it's the word all the set. Yeah. So one I honestly think that the term is overused and kind of abused. But really, it's just like people who were biologists. You got three flavors of bio hacker. You've got your body. Hackers and fees, are you funnel lot in California. Actually, these are the people that have basically rebranded everything that your mom told you to do when you were kid because we're so terrible at taking care of ourselves that we we need to be sold on it. You know, it mostly comes down to, you know, go to bed at decent. Our stop looking at your phone. Have you considered walking around the block and God, dammit, he to sandwich? It's like bulletproof coffee caffeine and lipids. I'm biohacking. It's like, no you're having breakfast. You know, where the people that are like. Yeah. After a certain point in the day, I put on these glasses that block all the blue lights like we'll have you considered turning off the screen for a little while. So if you Google vile hacker, you run into a lot of that type of stuff, which is just I think the stupidest thing, and then you've got this group called the grinders. They're very hardware in Susia stick. If you saw that thing about the guy who implanted it was public than northstar device in hand was like glowing de took biometrics and a picnic, but inside of you, you know, they're looking for that cyborg future richly with his like implantable sex device, and I guess me five years ago when I did the navy denied drop thing. And then you've got the people that really self identify as bio hackers, and these are the the DIY biologists community. There are people that are outside of university or traditional institutions and they're just doing biology at home or in a warehouse or in a garage, and they're not. Really doing anything that you wouldn't do a normal laboratory. But just the fact that they're doing it without like, somebody paying them just turns them into hackers somehow. This is something I've been thinking a lot about in the context of Mars, actually, because we have this idea of scientist as this person in a white lab coat in a very antiseptic environment running experiments that are super controlled. And I think that you know, as we go out into the universe. Especially in the context like Mars where things are hostile and crazy, and there are no institutions to be working outside of. I don't think a biologist is really gonna look like that anymore. Scientist is just gonna be maybe everything that's just television talking right there, man. A biologist doesn't look like that most of the time. Anyway, like lab coats are for when you're concerned about spilling something on you, the whole white lab coat thing, it's to make things show up. Most of the time nobody wears a lab coat because it's really just a transmission Becker at that point, you're gonna get your sleeve in something. You're gonna you know, drag it across the countertop. And if you're doing anything with macro species, you're doing field were which means you're wearing boots. You're wearing car hearts. If you're doing anything with algae. I mean, you're wearing waiters you're wearing gloves. This concept of the scientist is like some sort of Dexter laboratory nerd is like some sort of holdover from outer no what we thought science in the eighties. Looks like it's just completely unrealistic people just look like people, man. One of the great seeks about working in science is that you don't have to wear uniform. Right. Then there's the other part. I mean, this is the part that that maybe is somewhat knew is that you don't necessarily especially it seems like in the biology community. You don't need the support of massive institutions. You have an idea. We're getting there what this comes down to is kind of this. Please don't run with this metaphor further than I'm giving it to you. Okay. When computers were first round, basically got to play with them in rooms in the basement of MIT that were the size of your house and computers were the size of like five refrigerators stapled together for a computer. Everything was on the cloud, except they just pulled it server networks, and then, you know, the tech gut smaller and the tech gut cheaper. And then and then especially you got to the point where the tech was old enough that normal people were able to start buying rich people's garbage. I there's not. Actually, a better way to put that. And that's where we're at right now with biology genetic revolution or whatever has actually been going on for quite some time. You've just haven't been privy to it because the Toys R really freaking expensive lamb that I work in right now is probably the only million cell laboratory in the United States that isn't owned by university or an industry. So we're kind of in a special type about liar. And the reason that we are is because working with bacteria is something that you can do in a kitchen now, you can buy yourself PC are machine off of EBay for one hundred fifty bucks, you can get it cheaper. But you know, it's it's EBay how much do you want to repair something? Everything's stored in the refrigerator, you can get most of your reagents in materials off of Amazon, all hardware of EBay. But like million Selam. It's like I also got everything off of EBay, but it still really freaking expensive. When you're talking about a nine foot by six foot by three foot piece of equipment that weighs eight hundred pounds and was thirty K when it was brand new. They're still that hurdle. But in ease getting better little by little you're thinking sure 'cause we keep throwing stuff away are constant are constant desire for the new makes it so that we have a never ending stream of garbage that people like me can pick up repair and do some work with a love that. Now, I've got this. It's this idea that maybe you know, in the future people are faced with some kind of biological problem. They've never seen before. And there may be in the field. Not even the field. They're in their life. They're on a different planet. They need something. They have to create something new, and they kind of just build it on the spot. They're on their own. They have their wits about them a few, tools and some information. And they've just gotta go. See? That's the thing though. That's what we do now. Yeah. That's what most people can do. Now. Like, it's it sounds like you're saying we need the pressures of being in the middle of absolute deep space to get over our capitalistic tendencies, which is a pretty bold statement. I don't know what capitalism actually has to do with this. So what you're talking about is basically taking taking tools, and you know, they're going to run into some sort of problem. Like, I need to grow tomatoes or air quality in my house is really bad. And instead of calling somebody in paying somebody to do it or going to have to do it themselves. Wrecked. Talking just being cut off from the rest of human civilization. There's no one else who can help you have to just help yourself. Exactly, we're saying the same thing. I'm just pointing out that the only reason we don't do that. Now is because we're lazy in it's easy to just buy stuff. Oh, got it. You're saying we're capable of it. We choose not to do it. Yeah. We. Yeah. I agree with that. I just built an opera Pontic system in my backyard. Got fifty fish all bunch of vegetables grown. It's like, yeah. Maybe space kids love that kind of stuff. Self contained closed loop systems growing food better than shopping mall. Remember back from our last episode when we talked about Gabriel's project, and he was using a couple of different methods and tandem one of them genetic engineering to create a new kind of forest capable of aggressive forestation, basically forest fights back against deforestation grows back in places where it was destroyed even thicker and stronger than it was before and want to include a little more on that process here. The impact of biotechnology on the natural world is a super polarizing topic right now and the extremely ambiguous question. That never seems to go away. What if something goes wrong, and we're not crazy to ask that question. Right. Well, in the context of the environment Gabriel's point is pretty much just like really hate to break it to you guys, but something already has gone wrong with the environment. Probably just like a super super novice. Environmentalist question seems like I don't know at environments pretty delicate, and if you miss some crucial plant does it throw something off is there room for area. Here is what is the potential down. Side. We should have thought about that. Before we kick the shit out of the environment for the last ten thousand years. The potential downside is is not very big actually one. And I was being serious. I wasn't being flippant we've been selectively breeding and killing in equal parts things. Just because we feel like it for a very long time. Nobody's like, hey. What's the, you know, large scale ramifications of a third of the country, just basically being co-ord- fields. You know, it we've kind of crossed that Rubicon and when someone's trying to do something potentially positive. I don't know if now is the time to start wringing our hands and concern. So that's that's one aspect of it. The other aspects comes back to when I was working at the university of Washington and they've got a really great biology department. They're a really really awesome greenhouse two-thirds of the greenhouse is just for research. It's not as bad as used to be it used to get firebombed like every other year something seven once in a while somebody's like, I'm anti GMO. The last time it happened. It was as people were doing research on aspens great model organism for plant research. They grow really fast, which makes life easy for your researcher. Is nobody wants to sit down and wait for an oak tree mature no-take forever will get like one data point in their life. And so they were doing what was just called a t knockout, which is that just took a genetic baseball bat and knocked out. Gene. Because we don't really understand how it works. So this is like I said don't run with the computer metaphor has whenever somebody says like bio bio is the next computer of Aleutian? It's like dude, you don't know anything about biology. I don't know anything about biology, you every single person who understands the human brain into one room, and they'll all sit down and agree that we know about two percent of how that works. So when you get some coders like gassing them, we're going to upload our brains than like. No. Yeah. I always feel surrounded by people who are talking about building artificial consciousness, and I'm like can you define what a consciousness is. Do you understand why it works? How it works? It's again, let's go back to figuring out how to like taken up and eat us ham sandwich before you talk to me about how you're going to build a working model of the brain on your Chromebook. So when we're studying biology, we just knock pieces out, and that's usually how we figure out what a chain does. So will like break gene in Aspen trees, like a floppy? And we're like, oh, that's the gene that makes it stand up straight. All right. What a little note there or break, another gene in the tree grows in a corkscrew real thing. Or like, oh, well, that's the gene that makes it grow street. Otherwise does corkscrew works cruising. All right. And so you just do that with plunge of plants. You get all these weird plans. A lot of them don't even live, and you're like, well, evidently, it's very important for something have knowing what from so they had this whole greenhouse filled with all these weird trees core. Screw Tris floppy trees and somebody decided to burn it down because their whole thing. And they, you know, they have little not a manifesto, but some sort of thing that they put out there like, you know, one of those out into the wild. And it's like, you know, why we don't have floppy Aspen trees in the wild has. They don't work. Because they suck, you know, this is purely for educational purposes, the reason that we don't have corkscrew trees is because cork street trees or not benefit. They're just going to get out competed. Anyway, this is actually huge problem in biology because we like to do a lot of stuff modifying bacteria, for instance, and all of our genetic modification tools for bacteria were stolen from bacteria, which means that like their pay better than we are even large industries where people are making insulin. Because that's how we make insulin now in in yeast and stuff like after a while. They're just like, you know, I have absolutely no idea why making this insulin. Is it serves no purpose for me whatsoever. And I'm anthropomorphized a little bit, but like, our desires and the desires of bacteria or diametrically opposed. So every time we try to make bacteria do stuff eventually they figure out how to not do it because it doesn't matter. Bacteria? Don't care of you have tight to diabetes. It's kind of the same way with a lot of stuff where we are really concerned about getting out into the while while is really pretty okay on its own and will generally kick the shit out of anything that you try to make. So I think at least for now it's worth tempering, some of these fears. We've got a long way to go. And along the way with the science technology were also going to be learning. How to keep ourselves and the planets under our stewardship safe next up episode seven we're going to be taking all of this controversial genetic engineering stuff just a little bit further. What if instead of changing the Martian environment? We just changed our selves what if we became Martian genetically. This is anatomy of next.

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Barstool Rundown - April 3, 2019

Barstool Rundown

28:36 min | 1 year ago

Barstool Rundown - April 3, 2019

"The. If the rundown it's brought to you by Dietz and Watson deeds. Nuts is not regular their meat nuts. A world. I meet nuts, sir. Credible. Which one? Yeah, you're going to try to make this is the original. I tried some live on air. They're tastic Tommy's, a big sausage. That's not a joke about anything. But the fact that he's talion it's like what like a beef jerky. Stick wants to be a wishes. It was scared by us to be us. And then I had them. It was like, okay. There's also proteins peach season coming up. I'm Brian in clothing. Tommy, actually, I'm probably gonna stop your facial the whole bag of these like, no carbs did the meet the team or less. Yeah. Eleven o'clock did manchego. Vardi? Okay. Goat out of a jar of pickles. Okay. I'm though. Give no carbs house the whole point while that's crackers. I'm I mean, I love. Yeah. Wanted them. But I'm going to get all these nuts. And I'm going to put it into my next cheese board, you're going to be jetted table water crackers a little up. Sleeve, those two minute Ritz crackers and butter. You wanna put it out? I thought about it. I wish. No, notice you double your. Yeah. Please. We Dietz nuts. Their meet meet nuts, and you can get them at Dietz and Watson dot com. Watson and Watson dot com. Trying today. He's watching that some Philly based company, right, right? Eighty year old. Yeah. That's right. It's been around rather. I need some water three out here, bro. Motorise maybe start because Rohner's on the program with Bryce Harper. We ended the Washington as a franchise book. They're fucking Benito. Finished up. Thank you. Tommy. We're talking Bryce Harper. She this is. I mean, I obviously hate price. And I hate the Phillies, but this was so cocky, and I don't let the nationals. So I was actually rooting for Bryce Harper. In the Phillies last night, not rooting for team sucks. Soapbox in bed, so bad. But I wish they was here to defend himself. Davis a full out like Philly sports fan. Now love. No, he no he loved Nick foles. He loves Harper. Any roots against kyri is like could you be more of affiliate guy? Also gross Harper. Your huge partial partial content when we get blasted member. We got blasts or we read Jay Cutler on oh radio. So that was looking back on that Cutler doing that interview at the time he did it and being like, you can't have Dave on just you ruined him for future stuff. Raise putting on the quilted hoodie other day be in a fucking like eight this guy. But what do you mean? I know now I can't hate him. Oh, that's well. That's not he's the cocky ship that he did last night was so likeable, and he's just turned into a full on wrestling thing. And even yesterday on the radio you were talking about is it too early to be out on the cubs not out. But is it early for me to be like positive that the Phillies are going to at least win for in watching them? I mean, you've got some competition. All right, listen when he ran out there, and he was like hyping them up off and pomp. And I mean, the fact that he he blasted that ball of fucking moon that you heard the the nationals announcer his first at bat when he struck out. I don't know if it was TV radio Washington nationals announcer. It was like I had been waiting for this day since Bryce signed like this was the moment. We were all waiting for. It's the time where you step back take your announcer. How often you live as a fan and he struck him out. He's lived up to the hype growth. I also. Three for five year deal is gonna play about seven hundred more games against the national it easy. If if the nationals even exist after last night because they need to be relegated. I think they want to that. Well, it doesn't even very love. Does it does? You don't recover long-term from something. Like that. Awesome, though. Like, he is he really is. We're talking about radio like he's not my trout level of good. But he is ten times might trout in terms of like is on him one watch them wanna see what he's doing. It's crazy how much he's just energized. All Philadelphia do mind that he's just like politely pandering. You like it like everything he wears his horse mine what it's about right? I mean, I guess if I was in your shoes I'd like it, but still names Wrigley though that is fucked up. He's got to change his name to say. I actually don't hate harbor yet. Because I'm still in the back of my head comes still get them. Yeah. That was like the main reason we're going there. Yeah. Yeah. You got to name your dog something like something big? You can't just name them Wrigley. No. But I love him right now. It's an incredible honeymoon like it's like the very expensive top-shelf honeymoon is going Grizz. Right. Every night. It's oh my God. And the sex is amazing along. Big. The big one. So I'm it might it might come crashing back down to earth at some point. Oh, yeah. These years, right? Finish sixty seven this year. But for right now, it's like it's like the excitement we need right now. You know what? I mean, like, well, that's the thing. Everything's true about my tried is not as good. But he is a showman. But there's so many gets so far, right. But in a game like last night. That's perfect. Oh, pointing like if you weren't to show maybe like the two strikeouts. Any winds up having like a one five eight or something like that? But he played into how much they hated him there. And it was incredible to watch for it. The fans travelled all to that was impressive. Russell Westbrook over the NBA twenty twenty twenty actually twenty one assists. As far as I'm concerned. He's the first person ever do it because we'll Chamberlain doesn't count these things. Just I don't count anything. Did. It's insane. It's insane. And I know he was eight of twenty three. I know it's not that official. Yeah. Of course, snow that they want him to get these rebounds. So they, you know, they make it happen. I know he's refused to come out of the game to do it. La, LA, blah. Fucking awesome. Looking looking. I tweeted the boxer. Awesome to look I've never even considered. That's a possible. Twenty twenty twenty. What purpose he went into the game knowing that he was going to go twenty one. Probably say before him, you know, he he he walked in the Crenshaw Crenshaw shirt, or whatever for nipsy hustle. He has it adding up to six like I was going to score points. I think he was just like I'm going to play my my ass off for nipsy. And then the fact that it has up to sixty role sixties, I think was just. You can't you can't go into a game saying I'm going to do twenty twenty two. I think he. No all season through with trim level. But twenty twenty twenty. That's that's rustling. That's like saying I'm going to go gonna hit five home runs today. They get doesn't have its once. Bruce listener. That though like he doesn't really care if they win or lose these just stats Twenty-one assist. Almost you can't enforce that. I think they do. Sister Twenty-one rebound Lewis. I not do that last one. Right. You gotta keep it at twenty. I feel like he unless I see a video or tweet or something saying I'm gonna go twenty twenty twenty for Roland sixties. I can't I can't buy. Why else would he have done it? Then I think I mean, you try to get as many points rebounds and assist as you can fucking get. I really my heart of think that it was. And I think it's only person who could do it ever ever, the only person who can want an, and that's why you say, whatever you want about Russell Westbrook. Same thing. I was saying it's not a fishing, and this that and the other thing is one of a kind for that very reason he can do things that no one else can on a basketball. Tommy was asking beforehand, what is rolling sixties? It's a gang in Los Angeles. I don't know what. So he was like was re- reforms, but he was in role in these. I think so I don't think. I don't think. We were talking before Tommy's in it. We were like in these Connor McGregor. He tweeted out a picture of Habib and his wife at their wedding. And she's wearing like a blanket over her focused, obviously, some sort of religious custom or whatever. But it's like it's not like a berko where there's is slid. It's not like sheer where you can see through it. It's. Ghost costume? The plug in blanket. And he just tweeted out your wife's a blanket mate. And I'm sure people are fired up. I didn't even look at the backlash. That's funny. That's funny. It's a funny caption, the picture is just hilarious. We're we. We're is Conor McGregor right now. What's on the run? I think. Robbie where where are we? One of those like what what's you? I mean, we don't know we're in limbo with congress. Let me drink the whiskey. I'll say this. We laugh at the streets to to I don't think. So okay response. What would you say? It's it's pretty bad responded with a picture of Connor with his hand up. Terry Murray, skirt Terry Murray is a woman who's accusing Connor of wall honoring her child and Habib said you are a rapist and the law will find you oh shit. So that's there is those guys really amazing. Fuck that he was unaware as well. I was gonna say I thought he was going to tweet like pictures of Connor like with face mangled because it's hard talking shit to some guy when you beat the absolute fuck out. What are you doing dude? He's serious. Charter right? Afraid to the rematch. Would he be afraid of the remaining training? What's come over the top? With just a you are rapists with literally he said, he said, you are a rapist a rapist. And then he said, you're a hypocrite and Justice will find you. It's somebody's gonna end up dead. I mean, if it's officials somebody's gonna end up debt damn. Better get away from this. I'm away from it. Okay. It's tough to try and joke. Downst- rape. Yeah. Announcing team. No, not yet. But I've said I've said if the allegations are even slightly true. Yes. Right. Well, that's your standup guy. We'll wait and see without all the rape stuff. And without the religious stuff. It's funny when you add all that in it becomes serious. Just like, you know, you got your ass kicked by this guy. You don't you? Don't get to tweet him like that ever again gave some holes in the blanket. She's. Run into walls. Mouthful under their dense blanket like or a straw. Gopher mouth Charles Oakley says that Jeff Bezos wants to buy the Knicks. I think I don't know. I didn't do that at all. But that's headlines. There's only one guy in the world who can do this just by cash, not a finance. Yes. Yes. Are you? Sure. Yes. Dude. I would take a person. Okay. All right. So james. Yeah. What about Joan life feeling? Yes. Fizzles would terrible owner. Yes. But he's better than James on. That's true. I do think there's something to these owners if they have so much money and they by team. So they're totally. I think they'll like go jump as was probably go all in and try to get like one ring and then not care about it. But I think we get one human nice. I don't know. I'm not sure if he doesn't put, but I think like a Steinbrenner owner who's like I just wanna win like, I don't know what the fuck James wants. Because he's he's wants to play in the band. He's got to go. I would take anybody anything and the only person I mean when you buy the Knicks buying the garden, you're buying into cable vision, you're buying New York City, you have to have show much money. If like five billion is it five she's on the list who could buy I guess Bill Gates, and like, and then it goes to like, Saul tunes in the Middle East, which by more, Jay Z, Al. Dmz? Need? Yeah. What Jay z? I mean, well, how many Jay z bought like a sliver of one percent of the nets. He swans it. I mean, he yes, exactly. He had the worst. Jay. Jay has like eight or nine hundred million. That is like. Conversation over his been offered over five billion Dolan, set the debt. The garden alone. Just forget about the tea like building. It's the biggest most important building in in the fourth and my making up four billion knows. Hundred and twenty seventy his wife, lost half Zuckerberg. I don't want him that actually might be the one guy. I'll keep Dolan. Worth one forty nine point two Bill forty nine. That's more. That's free money. Okay. Hey money. He could buy the Knicks. Like, that's really really wanted. You want business wife to buy? Yeah. Well, if you have something mill area go, that's smart, boom. But that's how bomber did. It bomber. Just art. I'm gonna just do a cash and just gotta deal done. And that's how you going cut. Everybody else out just need a rich motherfucker. I mean, anyone really work. So I guess that's not the best thing you need to make a list. Just start tweeting. I mean, it's going to be very shortlist right by five billion team. We can circle the people, but just reverse psychology them and make them feel like they're more. You won't buy. Pains those you broke boy. Patagonia business bought it and just moved it. You know, what sore whatever would you still be? I would I I thought about this with the Rams and shit. I think I would just continue to go to many games for my teams as is just follow him on fucking TV and on the internet. I don't care. Although with my teams, I would take it as an opportunity to set myself free piece, should I don't wanna roof these teams anymore. Liberty patagonia. Speaking of the rich people Patagonia is saying they will not make. Br like custom vests for the investment banker finance broS. Now, it has to do with the oh actually this is perfect for varsity sports because we're so environmentally sound now with our water bottles. They will not make any customer finance for anybody. Who's not going green, which there's gonna be a lot of finance pros who are very upset because I can't imagine many of them are environmentally sound. Yeah. But when you see the finance, bro in the Patagonia best. It's a creature. You know, you know, what you get. I mean that is like a like wearing a big red flag. Yeah. Look at me. How many were they making that they had to they had to do. Yeah. They're not doing a lot invest for everyone. But they were making personalized comfort every company had their own thing. A uniform Bear Stearns, dude, you're just walking real like with uniform. But it's not just like the last time. We knew anything about finding. About J P Morgan Citi group, whatever and like, no not out. And I bet you this is the only thing that will get them to go green the puck what we need the patio. Get rid of the water bottle through could you wear someone else's or is that like stolen? Valerie. You couldn't just buy go out. A city group things like come on. What if they're like defunct now like like like? Almost back. Or some shit should start that thrift shop. Yeah, I feel that maybe we could just start making them for these companies. I was gonna go like bam. Make our own stupid douchebag vests, just bright fuck, and we'll write whatever you on it start selling all Goldman Sachs JP Morgan whatever go to the sports store last up here since March madness is winding down we got this guy. I would imagine Dan you have to hate this guy. He won like fifteen hundred bucks on that fourteen cents parlaying he's taking his head. He's geyser. Like, first of all, I hate these stories because it's like, they're just publicizing. Like anyone could do this hard that as do second guy fucking? If you're going to bed bit real money. You mean he would have made like ten billion dollars fourteen dollars fourteen. So what did you do, gene? Even death. Yeah. I could see it's like five bucks. You just like, I don't know. Here's like five. What sense what is fifteen hundred like are we reading a new story about a guy winning fifteen dollars? Yeah. I don't like those because it's like when they do the parlays go look this fifteen team parlay that's like hitting lottery. So when you put it in front of my face now, I'm thinking. We're going to have has house a fourteen cent parlay work. I don't know. I don't even know you could put for settling. It's got to be out of book. Sports. Whatever yelich remaining in his account. He said man, that's interesting. I least that he had a it was last play that that not guy probably use then kicking himself being like fuck if I had done it. He'll lose it right away. Naturally, you're all degenerates so watch out. Fucking tipped over. I'm betting baseball heated. That's oh. Dan said as long as he doesn't bet. Today. Although seriously, hey, what about gambling show? Fuck you guys. We said we thought like the the fact that people don't like like, it'd be like sales was like let's just do a show where you guys like livestream. You do drugs. Safer raging dangerous Addica do more day Marilyn on on fog periscope. It'd be great Dave's out. He's done. It'd be like drank like a full like fifth of on everyone. Walk just like you're completely using this. And the fact that you're just dipping in for baseball is so dumb. We should be. Burssels sports visors base. That's guaranteed. Lock bet. The rent on that. Down you guys doing any type of gambling content that could possibly happen. It's so funny. It's basketball. Yeah. Well, my relationship with Dave just goes in the fucking dumpster whenever he stopped gambling. There's nothing to talk about that. That's been made for ten years. Hey, dave. What's up, we rode? The elevator. I have not had one alone time with Dave for more than thirty seconds. We were I was just sitting there looking at the fucking gorilla painting, and we tried to do some small talk. I can't remember what it was. I was like I would love meter. Elevator. If his elevator could blow up right now. I would love Dave. Yes. That's really sure. But even that if I was just like, hey, like, I like your fucking shirt. They would it's also he was like using a funk yesterday. I don't know. He's like sick. Or something came in thinking sit on radio is really funny. Like all right after show. I believe rap uses wrote about. Oh, going wrote about it. Most of them are just presenting the facts just like here's what happened. If you could choose any person any celebrity to meet to the Bassett aliens who use using would be a good, the aliens would meet and be like, you know, what he's pretty tight prince will praise. Are you saying prince of lifestyle? He's alive and all of us. He's alive in a heart deep, man. What about anybody else in the rap game respect on a level? Do that too. I mean, there's lots of respect. But I don't know about to that extent. You send goes face out there. Why would we want to send him maybe if the aliens of being hostile? That's that's fucking meticulous. I bet you think there's really cute, right? That you brought that up. I can stupid. I was curious to to. On on the rest of those reduce the rap game. No, there's no beef any Wilshire, Drake. I don't know about nothing. No har. Nope. I feel you. I get that. I don't like Devi nose clean out of it. I I keep my nose clean and dirty. What about the wrestling world? You're wanted apple now l'amour I'd like to slam you to fuck law, but rap genius or I guess just just genius. Now, they annotate the. Just read, but they also do video. They're like in the music world. They may content and they said that I baited him. I don't appreciate that at all. But all all the hip. Hop outlets writing about it. And then action tweeted today. You know, cat all he's he's an all caps guy. I don't know characters. I guess he said let me just do anything for clicks. And it's sad. The main purpose of me doing any appearances to promote my book. That's I have no beef with anybody and to try to stir things up for frat boy high fives and laughs deserves a slam through wall. That's it. So. Off the heels of me saying that only cares about himself. I'm going to actually make this about myself for quick second floor is yours. I will. I actually had. No, I washed it it was like, you know, kind of it was kind of a weird in. But it was also a weird that he just reacted correctly wouldn't have been. I mean, I think he he acted like snuck it in. I mean that is literally what we do on that show. Right. We talk about hypotheticals and one of the things you do like would I send one of my enemies in there? I was going to bring up ghost face killer one way or another. I didn't think he would like it. If I was like, here's the ghost face portion of the show. So I thought I did it in a way actually allowed him to either joke about it or just say keeping moving, but if you are on the show, and you're a rapper, and I'm trying to tell the whole story, I'm gonna talk about your very public feud with they nother very famous rapper or tell me how to time you're not allowed to talk about that. Then we can decide whether we want to do this. But I I just I thought the way the interview was going I thought he was going to kinda just clown around about it or be like not man, like don't talk about anymore. You don't I actually liked that too though? Like, I I'm okay with his reaction. I just don't like the idea that people that you didn't do your homework. You ambushed him. Like, I knew it was snow. I I knew what I was doing. I wanted to ask. I did it in the way that that we do our show. And so I'm okay with everything. I did he I'm okay with him wanted through was. So the question I was gonna ask what point I really did want to go and smoke some hash with them. Well, so what point can I text about the hash? I think that I know he did say, and it's a funny dig it's on the it's on they'll be out the full interview tomorrow. He was like, listen, I was on the twilight I was taking a shit. I didn't have to come here and do this show. I already been here before overdid the good one so long. Yes. Okay. So. Probably be like like you show up with me. I don't know about. Well, supremo hashtag. Oh, look, I'm not trying to a piece off. If we're having like an action Bronson verse bar school like feud, and I'm not gonna go smoke the hash. But I I don't think he's. Like that. But I don't think he time. I'll give. I think it was when smitty and Willie had thing right right away on the radio. And it was like he just didn't fully understand what the environment is always like bar almost like the timber of the sense of humor. And I think that even if he were to like stay stay here longer if he had done more with us kind of understand that everything is going to come up like everything's going to get talked about eventually wasn't. There was a little disconnect. He was supposed to have a meeting afterwards, potentially do more. Listen, if you come in here like spider mite sherpa about goes like spider. My dress up like ghosts facing fucking play a prank. Everybody can catch it around. Right. Kill like, the mob to like us like Zik bookie coming after us. You don't talk about them. Like, the boogie goes face killer thing. It was just the guy. Who they name was trying to so people like yourself can understand. I would be interested in so hash. Yes. Or no, sure. Fucking. He did this thing where he kept on saying. That's how he's squashes hash got see this. Took the league. Believe fucking go. That's the rundown. Yeah. I didn't think you. I think the whole thing is been a little overblown. I don't. I think it was fine until you know, what you say I'm gonna through are these double XL in genius. Are they saying like rapper Kevin Clancy? Should fucking search in their own databases. I was thinking about. You can do it. Do it. No. I don't think that would be down with that. I was thinking that if I were. I'm doing it would be like it almost puts him in a bad spot because I'm punching up so much on this one that if he were to have to respond. It's like it's like MGK with 'em times a billion 'cause I'm not a rapper say, you're not songs. I was gonna say maybe I was thinking about trying to get goes face in here. And be like, oh, let's talk aliens, man. What are you going on? Shot though because of you that would be bad. If you shot that'd be great. Did I did think going forward? I do not want any problems with him. He scares me. But in the moment had he gone, Jim Rome. Chris Evert, actually doing great. All time viral. Even just the church has gone all over the place. If he threw me through a wall would have been great would've been class role. Would you do if you could plan it out? Now knowing that he might throw you through a wall. How would you physically react to him like touching you laying hands on you have to go deadly? Gotta be the barstool move. If you're ever like. Assault to solve. I would probably do the right now came to my mind is hell absolutely dare users. How dare you? Never know man with action Bronson with me. Will do probably that'd be hilarious. Sure. Hey. I'm to me. He's just like a frat boy, I'll put on a Patagonian vest. Maybe we're maybe we're like. Yeah. Like teak or TK or some Greek letters like what's up? Bring a panel.

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