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"stew garden hamburg" Discussed on 90 and Extra Time

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"stew garden hamburg" Discussed on 90 and Extra Time

"Everybody I hope everybody had a great weekend. Hopefully you got the chance to watch. Matches didn't get to watch as many this weekend as a wanted to had some stuff going on But unfortunately I did watch the the Stew Garden Hamburg match and then it was terrible First OFF STU gorgeous. I don't know they've started off the game terribly. They've been having a whole lot of issues us recently. This was their third loss in a row. They've lost vs Baden Keel and now to Hamburg of this game aim was an embarrassment. I mean the final score ended up being sixty to to head an own-goal there was you know a little little glimmer of a possibility. Get back in the game after they were down. Two Zero Steve Kerr scored dissolves actually scored in the thirty third They were down to to one and then three minutes later. Hamburg's scores again and it was basically over after that the next goal was scored was an own goal scored according to guard so Like I said it ended up being six to one and it just looked terrible. I mean I don't know what else to say. You give up six goals in one game in the really bad part about it is. This game was on Saturday in Hamburg and then stood guard. Plays the Hamburg again tomorrow in the Book Cal for the German Domestic League Cup in if the Saturday you know like any Hannah Microcosm of what's going to happen tomorrow. It's not going to be in the door Chipoko so after tomorrow Hopefully they can do something you know. Change up their formation or something because they do run enough for one to one too. Bad Stupor wasn't playing. But I mean I don't know they. They had like sixty five percent a possession during the game and they give up six goals. I mean they had five shots on target. But I don't know I mean this is three losses in a row. They were sitting on top comfortably on top of the table. Now they fall down to third so now now they're not even in the automatic promotion spot anymore. Now they're in the promotion playoff spot. which last year on the other side of where they were in the relegation? play-off yeah I just. I didn't think I mean yes. Hamburg a good team there another team that recently fell out of the Bundesliga. The first bonus sleet but I didn't think that it was going to be that bad. You know I mean. I understand given up a penalty early totally changes the way the team has to play changes strategy strategy a little bit. But it's not like they went down to ten men or something like that so they just got embarrassed and I just hope that tomorrow. It doesn't end up being being you know similar to To how it was on Saturday. But you know we'll we'll see what happens but I hope for everybody else that your teams you know how to have a good weekend We'll just see how things are for For tomorrow and you know they'll play again This coming weekend and I don't know hopefully they can bounce back just doesn't look good. They're playing Dinamo was a grip at home on Saturday November. Second and. I don't know they're just doing terribly. Dinamo Motza Greg. Now is in second to last place in the second Bundesliga but that doesn't mean anything because you know stick our loss to These Baden couple weeks ago and they were in last place. They're actually still in last place so I don't know I don't know what they need to do. It's it's so sad to let's see I mean I understand teams are GONNA lose games. You know it's a tough season starting to get a little cold here. The weather's changing or whatever but it Just seeing them fall out of the Bundesliga last year now to be struggling because you know after losing three games in a row I guess you say struggling in the second Bundesliga is not what I expected. Acted I just I just want a little bit more. I just want them to hopefully maybe do something in the winter market. Hopefully they're looking for somebody. Team still does not have a president right now I did get an email. 'cause I'm a member Malaga Club member To there's going to be a vote coming up. I got invited. Invited to the vote are probably won't go but Because the last one into kind of fiasco where there was supposed to be voting and then somehow magically the The WIFI went down in the stadium so all the members that were here were not allowed to cast their vote and that was back in like August. I think the end of July and they pushed it back to now and it's coming up November seventh but like I said I'm probably not going to go But we'll see I mean. Hopefully they get somebody in there. That's that's pretty good actually gives a shit about the team and hopefully we can start to Make some changes. I mean I know what changes I would make you know have expressed some of them on the show. But we'll see we'll see what happens. I mean that's all we can do is wait and I hope things get better to all right so now i WanNa talk about the the new version of the club. World Cup is GonNa be starting in twenty twenty one so The Up until like well until twenty twenty one. The Food Club World Cup is held every December. You know it's been kind of bouncing around it's been like in the we think there was a couple of times. It was in Morocco Japan But it was every year and I know talked about this before the podcast put They will take the six champions beans from the varying confederations The continental champions for for club teams and and then the host nation would get to have one team accident the host nation at two but it was kind of weird. It wasn't like you know it automatically go kind of until you're quarterfinals. Type thing the European in the South American representatives wouldn't come in until the semi-final and it's only been the European South Americans winning the clitoral cup kind of like the actual people World Cup So now they WANNA change that make it a little bit bigger they're getting ready for the Confederations Cup but recently has you know finally put out some more information about how the tournaments actually gonNA flow so first off there's a host and that'll be China in twenty twenty one so it'll no longer be played in December The twenty twenty one version. We played from June to July Sufficient to be twenty four teams. They put the allocations for those will be so let's see Africa. Africa will get three This is for the next version. Africa will get three. Asia will get three and that doesn't include you know being the host nation Europe is GONNA get eight north and Central America. Caribbean will get three Oceanic Tena will get a half of spot Because they will play like a like a playoff before the tournament between the Oceana in the host nation. So in this case it will be Another team from China assuming or whoever is whoever's representing the Chinese host nation Team is GONNA play. They'll they'll play against the champions of the AFC though she enter a federation and then the winner of that actually in the proper tournament. So that's why Asia could potentially give four slots in there and then South America America will have six slots and like I said twenty four teams. They're GONNA do. We're not going to be like a full tournament. I guess they're gonNA instead of having having six groups of four Kinda like the the euro's does but instead it's going to be groups of three teams each and that'd be eight groups. Three teams in the winner of the eight groups will advance to the quarterfinals. And then it will go on from there so I I mean you can kind of see how I was going to work. There's eight European teams so there will be one European team. In every group and South America has the second most so you know the smaller confederations. Even though Africa has just as many countries is Europe in it just like the World Cup. They don't get the same representation They're actually getting the same slots as CONCACAF. which is crazy but I do think that this will be better? There will be an actual like a true true tournament. At least to determine who is is the the actual club world champion It's going to change to every four years so it won't be you know can unlike the crabby tournament they have now but the one that they have now is kind of like just so that the European South American teams can It's set up for them to win. The South Americans actually really really take the club World Cup seriously. The current version The Europeans not so much I remember after shortly after Liverpool won the Champions League there was even doubt that they were even GonNa show up to the club This year I'm against now they're going to US hasn't really put out any information or any of the considerations put on information about how they're going to determine those three slots obviously the continental champions should go but because tournaments only held every four years. Now will it be. I don't know they may have to come up with a new playoff system for some of the smaller confederation or the Confederation said don't get the decent amount of slots like Europe Europe. They can just take the last four Champions League winners in the last four Europa League winners and that'll be there eight or they could do Champions League because you know the obviously the Champions Elitist Superior Tournament in Europe They can just take the runners up of the Champions League and the champions you know they they could always I do instead of even involving the Europa League is a second tier tournament Another issue though that I noticed. Is that the way that the AH the Continental Confederation Championships are set up for like a for national teams even. So it's going to affect who goes to player wise. Who goes to this new club World Cup because this year there sees me next year in twenty twenty three continental championships? There's the euro's there's the Copa America again. And then there's the Nations Cup for Oceana but then in twenty twenty one. We'll have the Africa Cup of Nations in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and those usually take replace during the summer. And now you have the fever club World Cup so something is going to have to change or you know there's GonNa be some representatives from you the concept teams. That aren't going to be able to participate in this new club World Cup Be Interested to see what they do and honestly I wouldn't be surprised is if because right now. Africa Cup of nations and Concacaf both have their continental championships every two years whereas the Europeans do there's Every four years and now the Copa America starting in twenty twenty will be every four years because recently they had one in two thousand sixteen they just had one twenty nineteen this year and then I have another one next year but the one next year is going to start the new four year cycle So we'll see maybe Kaka calf and The African nations will do the same thing Just sort of offset it so that it doesn't interfere with in this new fever club World Cup..