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"stevie echo don hutchinson" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Today on the less of a podcast you can download it now over on the website a lot of speculation about the future of team. Oh verner this is really hard to say. If a move where to become an issue at some point would be more tempted by move abroad the move to by Stevie Echo Don Hutchinson with us discuss. This don't diamant of course former. Liverpool player doesn't fail at team. My van would fit into uragans crop. Side what do you think? Well why would disagree with on team for quite a while now and everything I say. say a top-class play play as a non eka playoff. That left unsigned super-quick. He's got a great attitude could work. I think the trouble is Liverpool. Fans my argue way. Is he going to fit into the eleven? You haven't really tend to road site. He's best players but he might need to. Whenever the nation's is played Saudi-omani is going to be away. Most sellers going to be a way not just thing it gives them more ammunition it gives them more goals and you know going into livable. I can only say that as a positive does he. Get in the starting eleven. Tv Don't you start to get start? Eleven listen team will would be fantastic for Liverpool. Yes three that they have. Raynaud are arguably the best front three in the world. The best team strike is when your heart and and this is not the time until all the things you see and it looks like he's desperate to go and join clubs and Liverpool so he could play anywhere low not frontline. You know one of the things it did. He doesn't think he could. He could play for me. No role what happens when for Newman. For me. No doesn't play. He plays Sala there. That's one thing. Salad is not good that it's net and things together but it still was Liverpool's still make it work so those don't question team could play either white or he could play the right. I'll pay for me no place so I think this is a no brainer of Liverpool can say this guy absolutely get it done all the talk though is about how they won't be as much transfer money around during the summer so then if I was to give you a choice between Kula Valley and see my verner dawn. Who would you go for because the Bali of course it's being linked to Liverpool as well? I mean that's a hell of a decision. I mean I think it Coulda. Bali comes to the door on plays long. Solid Virgil von Dyck. I think you look right. There is anyone better the woman another partnership like it. The best defenders at European part of the Premier League at the moment is mainland. Screener I in my gut feeling is he's going to join pep at Man City and alongside him as Cool Valley thing at twenty eight and he's a great age. He's got good pacey strong as a leader. I think he walked straight into Liverpool's lineup and he makes them harder to be a physical presence. You wouldn't WanNa play against find dyke all cool Bali how on earth as a strike to even think about getting any joy those two so a really tough question to answer but if if you had to push me on it I would probably lean towards being cool valley but you won the title by a million points. Is that really what you need to reinforce on? Well thank so Steve. Probably better equipped than I am. More TAKEMITSU planning goal gets. I think you'RE GONNA win. Titles and you want to Liverpool has to be harder to be you have to go into European you have to have people like Kuna Bali who could lead you into Europe. You can try and go that way. When if you want a clean sheet could've volume van Dyke Robertson and would be non impossible breakdown alison behind them and it would just put fail would imagine into every manager every play that lines against Liverpool thing in or trying to come up with a game plan. How you're actually going to score goals Liverpool's weakness going to be cooler. Bali and Van Dyke and Allison is trying but left three. They would take some big Steve. I know you go get like Don. Obviously but maybe you could chippings this conversation anyway. Team Verno Kula Valley. My goodness listen to wish list. And yes I would. I would wish to have killed a Bali alongside Van Dyke but if you can only have one choice I'm GonNa go with team over. You know I think I think the front three neither a lot more rotation the than the bike lane you know the way Liverpool. Play the way that front free press. He's when they play together. You know eventually is going to catch up with them. They've been unbelievable for the last eighteen months. But you cannot keep up for six seven years. You know you need a break. I think defensively Gomez has done enough to to make be comfortable. He's not cooler Bali. But say what? He's not that far off and so if it's a choice between the two. I'm I'M GONNA edgy. Towards team. Move Elena meanwhile moving onto your boyhood club one of the many. We support dawn talking about new. Also everyone agrees pretty much that partic- no is the man they should get as the coach. What about continue coming in? As one of the big stars this move makes sense to you on one hundred percent the most important man at the moment to try and get through the doors. Latino you have to fuel the owners and the chairman the you all this money beyond junior pump into Newcastle. The first one you have to get right is the manager. Because you get a world class manager an important on a guarantee of plays in the Premier League plays all around Europe will be looking at Newcastle thing. Dot could be a club. I want to join because they go one way. And they're going to go right into that top six and hopefully taught for it reminds me when Kevin Keegan took over in the early ninety s and they have Newcastle's best chairman John All and Newcastle came close in ninety five ninety six and should have won the tile but they were full. I wouldn't say galactic goes but superstar players and they got stronger and stronger than also fell apart. Newcastle need a massive rebuild Katina is not GonNa Win Newcastle Title. On his arm with the current crop applies is not even take them into the top four six. It's GonNa Take Pocchettino to come for. The Dole then continued then. Come in then all of a sudden everyone will take you seriously because at the moment you know it's not done it's just a pipedream. Pocchettino and continue in Newcastle. I am pretty Chal. The best place in the primitive on Europe would want to join Newcastle. If you're a partic- stevie will continue to be at the top of your list. It would be on the list again. It depends on things you know. Clearly of Poetry Tino signs signs on Newcastle. The only thing you know us there is a huge war chest because otherwise poetry. Tino as go nowhere near there and you have to start somewhere and right no continual would be a huge upgrade on anything going forward that Newcastle Hav. So yes. He's on the list he lost on your list. Maybe not but think to get the ball rolling. You know one hundred percent with dawn. The false false move has to be poetry Tino and after that if the monies available. Then there's no question you'll see big name players go into Newcastle once again. Gentlemen as always thank you very much reminder. Espn AFC on.

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