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"stevie dirty" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

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"stevie dirty" Discussed on The Fighter And The Kid

"Way you flip out in their. Life. Been Ruben. Bill I, tell you what would I start reading the? Different, yeah you know I know I know immediately but anyways healthy CB's girl. Famous quarterback. But. What's the number? Only. Really. Say that. And I want to hear people's laundry Al How's it? Going on Hong August, you know you know if you know you know but. She did my boy stevie dirty. Paid for the whole get up went thanks dude that we will give me a better man. Care funded a better man. Well. Well, I mean, the game is the game she belongs the streets loans to the streets as saying Worldstar she belongs history. I love how you try to bring up world store. Like recent quote when. Always have well, no worldstar like they posted this this girl her husband watching are getting fucked bites like a homey or Says she blinds to the street and my say let there's always said to her well that's what the title. She blogs a street blocked the streets click on. That make sense. Did they fight? The video shuts off. He's like what the fuck no video shop. Its Way. So wait to do recording like him smacking on his home girl the dude heard it, and he's like you can hear like moaning and he's look at this shit shit opens the door and it's like I'll fuck why would he record that? THAT'S NOT A. Not, Homey and why would you record like my and my girl getting pounded the phone book? On his Phone and. That's the that's the culture we live in. Now, these fucking dummies like on the put this on the grand because I. Wanted to, do bear bear. You like a cornball you look even more like. How's IT embarrassing? What does she? Know because. I know it did not help it may hurt help but still I know what you know for what? You put you put in your bathroom while no one gives a fuck. Hey. I've heard of people doing that for divorce settlements to like they know they're gonNA leave their partner, but they want to catch them in the act. So they get more Labor beloit social media. Why don't you just take it to the court? She said they want to get more. Video. Here. Here's here's. Here's a good example like my boy Tito Ortiz's when he's dating Jenna Jameson I'm not saying anything that's not out in the media already talked about but they were going through a nasty divorce right naff kids and he was like do she's not fit mom she's doing drugs around the kids not safe and so he had cameras all around the house while she. took the cameras download. Di. Wire Dome so he he made it look like they were wired but they weren't he went through the back and rewired him but he left the wires look like the broken. So then you know she's around kid she has cocaine on the table She's doing drugs. So he took that to court fucking told you and now he's great with his kids the best. Yes. So now he has full custody of the kids. So that's an example. Yeah. Yeah. But it didn't that didn't end up a world store. Yeah. I think mouse points just wise that guy putting on. Yeah. Why is he putting? Worldstar Worldstar decided look at take that and put it on there I, don't think he sent to worlds check this out I. Don't know how Worldstar works I think. People who submit you don't know. So. Look. He's right. Just trying to embarrass. What I'm saying it, he probably could have text the homing black. You'll look what look look no I. Could have said that to Worldstar I think we're also has you can sign off on it right? Exactly. Yeah we'll. Nestle is Corny just stay away from that. That's why food going wild as my page. Nice. World. We'll start on Barstool. Next one. So this is unfortunate but do you remember I would I think it was like a year or two ago there was somebody putting needles into strawberries As grocery stores that it's happening again, some guy got arrested because he started to pull razor blades into pizza dough. he works out of a factory in Maine, and that's where they found the pizza dough with razor blades but he tried to leave and he escaped in New Hampshire, they ended up arresting him. Is that crazy? Wow like why would anyone want to do? Interrupt Scroll Up Chin right there. Dunkin donuts employee arrested after finds large thick piece of mucus in his Gothi. A. Mucus. That'd be. A. Big fucking coffee. Coffee. But also a rear naked choke it might be something else. You think he busted his copy could be enough time not enough time for coughing. I've made coffee I used to work at a used to work at A. Room Service. Crazy crazy. But yeah. So what does guy putting razor blades? Looks like he looks bad damn Bro, you could have done. Better in life if you just want to ask some self help books as sesame. Book. I sent him a few books to help him out you know. Hopefully you recover. Hopefully, you cover man but what is the point? So what was his excuse? I know they GET CAUGHT AND Putting out to see it. Think about we'll do socio path see because you're not gonNA know who does anything like that my home watches it i. think it's the Dateline Shit whatever he there was a case where Cancer Predator. Now this dude's over dude Sorry got his wife like sick and he went to go get her medication but..

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