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"steven vogt" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Covers the Giants and Susan. Today I am joined in studio by are the boys in the creative department is Tony Ryan and Shannon Caylor sitting in as Murph is out, but nice to have you on board today. Susan, How are you? I'm great. How are you guys were doing good. Susan. Just want to start Susan with Johnny Cueto. What we saw last night I talked to Kruk about it a little earlier. And, um, I don't know. Apparently, he was under the weather and laboring a little bit. How much of what you saw last night. Would you attribute to Just his being under the weather. Uh, I would say, probably significant. Based on a couple of things, he said he'd been getting fluids for three days, including yesterday. Anybody that's ever been sick enough to need an Ivy knows that when that happens, you are really, really, really feeling run and then post game. He looks terrible. Everybody knows Johnny Cueto, He's usually got a smile on his face. He is fun. Even after bad game. Usually he's smiling and kind of joking around. And you know that we see the big personality last night. He looks like death. Frankly, he looks he looks like he felt Terrible. So, yes, I'm going to say that, uh, that was a tough one. And I know a lot of people were like, Well, why I started. It sounds like that thing has hit the entire clubhouse. So I'm guessing there's probably another starter or two that was not feeling at their best. If you start taking out everybody that's sick. You're not going to have much of a team left when when something's going through a clubhouse. Susan, Tony Ryan here. I was going to just ask you if there was something actually going through the clubhouse because we have a cut of Posey postgame, saying that he was not feeling too hot either. And, um I have to ask, you know in these times is their covid testing happening when these symptoms arise, And how is that being handled? Yeah, And everybody knows the giant hit the 85% vaccine, right, like a month ago, right? Um, but, yeah, if anybody comes in with any symptoms at all their rapid test it and I think there is still pretty regular testing, even for guys that got vaccinated. I don't think it's as often I think once the team hits that 85% threshold testing for everybody drops from like You know, every other day to something more like once a week, but they are all regularly tested. So yeah, it's not difficult like it's a bad, bad cold. It's probably you know something like a rhinovirus or something. Assuming that quota was needed those lives every day. It's nasty, you know? Yeah, and people people are out and about again. You know, we're going to everybody's going to start getting colds and rhinoviruses another growth stuff, especially if they're not wearing that. Facts of surrendered a lot of things we've forgotten middle up. A lot of these things are still out there and around seriously, might that be part of the reason further over 22 slump with runners in scoring position? Yeah, they're not going to say that. I mean, no team would ever say that. I can say that. And I will say that I've got to think that if you had a team with the majority of guys just feelings, you know, bad, right? Probably not like overall, just not going to be put in, you know, out there best product, uh, consistently over 22. It's still hard, No matter what I mean, That's that's bad numbers, and you know what the Giants have dominated. Diamondbacks. Everybody has a lot to the Diamondbacks is not the end of the world, though they are not going to lose every game, even though it sometimes has seemed like it. Um, so you know if they lose this series, Yeah, Reason for serious concern, but this is not a team. I don't think that it's going to drop a seat as series against the Diamondbacks, who are just an awful awful team that you guys know. The Diamondbacks won three games. Engine three. No, it's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. Yeah, presumable like that. I pop it like that heart like almost If you tried to do that, I don't know if you could. Well last night I heard I heard flim in the final call Say that they have lost 47 of their last 54. It's almost hard to flew in mind. Yeah, I feel bad for him. Yeah. Yes, Dad, I I ran into Steven Vogt after one of the really bad game at San Francisco, where where the Giants came back from the seven run deficit And and he was so downcast and everyone in the Bay area notes. What a great guy he is that he and Jeff brother are just, um, you know, it's tough. It's tough when you're with a team that is just getting beaten down like that all the time. So yeah, I feel a little bad for them, too. But You know, this is the thing good teams beat bad team consistently. The Giants have done that. They need to keep doing that. So it's weird to say that a serious four game series at Arizona means something kind of does. What's going on with the Giants lately? Actually is a little bit of a test for them Well, said the voice you hear Susan Slusser from the San Francisco Chronicle. Obviously, she is on the, um, a gas line. Shannon Susan, this is Shannon. I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your perspective as someone who covered the A's for so long and your new perspective on the Giants. It's been really fun to listen to you. And I know that you've been a a Kazimir fan. And a logon Web fan, and I'm kind of wondering, you know, looking at the starting pitching going into the second half. It seems a little dicey. And I'm wondering. Are there any gems in the farm system or any arms that you're kind of looking at and saying, like, Yeah, I'm a fan of this guy Now. Is there anybody out there that we can kind of latch onto? Well, you know that we put some really good things from Aaron Sanchez before he got hurt, and he's getting closer. I'm curious about what he might be able to give the Giants assuming full health. He's really struggled with that the last few years, but, you know, he put out some night. Surprisingly nice numbers, given the fact that he really had not pitched in a major league game for a while, and it had blister issues and then you know the biceps, saying I'm not saying that the giant said, You know, that's going to be the thing that takes them over the edge. I think the trading deadline is the thing that where they really need to go out and get a starter. Maybe it two starters, you know, maybe get like a frontline starter, and then you know, maybe somebody else. That's kind of more of a workout. Horse kind of guy, right? Um, I'm sure they'd love to. It's going to depend a little bit on the market. We know they're not going to give up, you know, say any other top 10 prospects kind of guys. Which is going to be tough to, you know, obviously the the gold standard here for I think everybody looking at teams there may be a little out of it as somebody like, Sure, they're very unlikely. Right? Somebody like that without giving up. You know, like a Luciano or Ramos or somebody like that. Um, so I don't see that. But you could probably get somebody you know another very good. Starter for less. And I think that Jones would actually really like to get somebody that is team controllable beyond this year because they've got so few guys coming back in the rotation next year, right? I mean, where's Brad Penny? We need Brad Penny again, or someone like that. Is he still out there? I'm sorry. I'm sure he's available. Yeah, column far on him. Speaking of availability, Susan, what if anything, have you heard or what Can you tell us, if anything about just the status of Evan Longoria?.

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