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"Go WTO P never this a moment a good afternoon to you I'm Mike Murillo Anika velas our producer coming up after a manhunt for them the parents of the accused Michigan school shooter are arraigned in court Why is a suspect in a Michigan school shooting charged with terrorism I'm JJ green With carjackings and car related crimes way up advice to reduce the odds you're a victim I'm John dome and good to have you with us this afternoon News time 1231 The parents of the 15 year old who was shot and killed who is accused of shooting and killing four people at his Michigan high school were arraigned this morning James and Jennifer crumbly were caught earlier today after hiding in a commercial building fox's Steven harrigan has details from Oxford Michigan A dramatic arraignment of the parents each of whom now face four charges of involuntary manslaughter each of those charges could carry a penalty of up to 15 years The judge read out the charges one by one the four slain students aged 17 17 16 and 14 each time the parents one at a time pleading not guilty And the mother Jennifer crumbly was sobbing audibly throughout that plea The other detail the note is that the prosecutor said there's not one person in this community here to vouch for them They couldn't find anyone to stand up for them The judge imposed a combined $1 million bond on the parents and placed other requirements such as GPS monitoring agreeing with prosecutors at they posed a flight risk They are due back in court on December 14th Contact tracing teams are working fast this week and trying to find people who may have crossed paths with anyone infected with the fast spreading omicron variant of the coronavirus So far 34 countries have identified cases with the omicron strain and from doctor Anthony Fauci get vaccinated and get boosted Now the new variant has prompted health officials in some places to revive contact tracing operations that were put in place in the early days of the pandemic they're hoping to better understand how the omicron variant spreads and whether it can avoid vaccines Correspondent Tom Hanson reporting Meanwhile a next generation COVID vaccine could be on the way University of Virginia researchers including doctor Stevens eichner are developing what they're calling a universal vaccine to protect against any variant of COVID without needing to modify or alter what's in the shot What we want to do is make a vaccine that is exceedingly inexpensive and can be produced around the world They hope the vaccine will be available for clinical trials within the next year Jim chrysalis CBS News There are fresh concerns about Russia taking new military actions in Ukraine more now from associated presses Mike Gracia U.S. intelligence officials have determined Russia is planning for a possible military offensive against Ukraine as soon as early 2022 an administration official who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity said U.S. intelligence estimates the Russian offensive would include an estimated 175,000 personnel Moscow is pressing Washington for assurances that Ukraine will not be allowed to join the NATO alliance addressing the Russian threat Friday Biden said he is working on what he termed a meaningful set of initiatives to make it very very difficult for mister Putin to go ahead and do what people are worried he may do Today the Kremlin saying President Biden and prime minister Putin will have a video call on Tuesday as tensions escalate over the Russian buildup It's 1234 and coming up on senator Bernie Sanders is asking the president to prevent a Medicare premium hike which is tied to an Alzheimer's drug more on.

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