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Senate Judiciary Committee holds nomination hearing for ATF head

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Senate Judiciary Committee holds nomination hearing for ATF head

"A day after a mass shooting at a Texas school kills 19 children and two adults the Senate holds a hearing on a new ATF head Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee President Biden's nominee for ATF director Steven detel box as if confirmed he would advance the cause of public safety I vow to never let politics in any way influence my actions Senate judiciary chair dick Durbin says he's qualified and needs to be confirmed The spot went vacant for four years Why Because the gun groups wanted to go vacant They don't want a strong agency doing its job Ranking committee members senator chuck grassley says he has concerns about dental bock heading the ATF Biden had to withdraw his first ATF nominee after stalling for months because of opposition from Republicans and some Democrats the NRA claimed it campaign to keep David chipman from the post I'm Julie Walker

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