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Grant Gustin

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Grant Gustin

"You're listening to inside with Michael Rosenbaum. If you're there you're watching someone go craziest lose their mind a little bit. No I woke up late. This is a real boring story but I got a new mouthguard night guard from my mouth. My teeth grind especially nowadays grinder But I got a new one fitted and it was kind of like not tight like the other one. I woke up man. Jot doesn't hurt my next better. You imagine if I've gone through all this shit for the last five years and it was all because my night guard was too tight embarrassing. Be Embarrassing see a any kind of relief. I WANNA thank everybody for listen. The show continued support. I WANNA fit patrons who The patrons are awesome. I save every episode. But you know they. They really kick ass and they go above and beyond subscribing is unbelievable. I appreciate everybody who subscribes and listens and gives the podcast a chance and follows us in all our handles. Our social handles at inside you. Podcast I think on Instagram. Facebook and at at inside you pot on twitter follow us. Subscribe on the Michael Rosenbaum Instagram. Give me some sport. I'm always support them doing some funny stuff on well? Some think it's funny on Instagram. Some Fun Videos. I do instagram lives. You never know who's GonNa be my guest. I like to talk to people. I like to invite people on the instagram lives. The Patriot I do. Youtube lives all that stuff and of course left on Laurel my music. The band's music is available everywhere free. Or if you'RE GONNA pay for tonight tans but why would you do that I mean it? You know it's cool. I am waiting for someone a surprise guest. All right here. He is folks. He's a Zoom Zoom. Zoom may should admit him boom dude. Sa- grant Guston's on the podcast as you know you know we of course talk a little bit about you. We talked about your BANDANNAS. We talked about I think about you know your good looks we talk about you know and you take shirt off you know. He's very humble. He's a sweet guy did you. What did you get out of working with him? What did you? It's the one thing that you take it like grant. I always remember this about grant hours. Remember the first team read when we meet very our intimidating man because Judas table read and he's coming in playing flash ends it's his episode. Any comes in and he kneels is Hillary. I didn't even need to see what he was gonNA do. On Saturday to read. I knew God they minarets And then it was just really cool on a yearly basis Siphon the tubers becoming friends aside from US enjoying working the other side from us both females be very honest with one another. We had that a delay not super common. It was really nice. Just going to show once or twice a year change in pace. It was nice and catering's kidding wasn't elbow their bird now. He's reason I love you more than when you come back. Maybe every couple of weeks or whatever. Just check in for morning read. Yes sure La over his brother. Aldous families in well-doing safe than all right. Why miss you buddy and give the family a hug? And I can't wait to hug you say buddy inside of you is brought to you by. Sun Basket boy. Do I need these guys right now? Right now some basket is offering thirty five dollars off your order when you go right now to Sun Basket. Dot Com slash. Iou and enter Promo Code. I owe you at checkout so without further ADO Stick around afterwards and please subscribe to the podcast. And if you haven't if you're a grant fan I know you're grant fan you're here for grant. I love it but the podcast a chance I think you'll learn something even if you don't know all the guests have I appreciate your support and I hope you enjoy this. Let's get inside of Grant Gusta. It's my pawn view. You're listening to inside of you with Michael Rose by a inside of you with Michael. Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. Now I fucked it up. It's Guston isn't it? Yeah how many people call you goosen time but I see it. A growing concern related. You hate it when people MIS MIS pronounce your name. I don't care now but as a kid be like if you're not going to be bothered you mark. I gotTa Baseball Coach now. He's coughing and like he called me. Grab you just company good. Let's have a little more hustle over here. Yeah than that wasn't great. Were you good athlete? Not I wasn't a great athlete. I played baseball for a long time. I was pretty good baseball but like I I I R- honestly hated soccer because of the running. I thought it's just ridiculous to run back and forth. Hope for the ball so I quit most sports other than baseball toes. Fourteen fifteen stop baseball theater. I mean you're Berry Allen you're the flash so you'RE GONNA BE ATHLETIC GOTTA RUN. You gotta look good running. There's a lot of people that don't look good when they run. My mother is one of them. This is true. Yeah now I danced for years and years and years. I guess that would necessarily help with running but like I'm pretty aware of my body and I'm pretty. I'm a pretty decent looking you are you know how to run. You know the stride yet why they also actually before the pilot can't remember his name that was working with this like Olympic track and field sprint coach. That did the coast. Olympians running backs in the NFL in heels me with my gate might. What my arms. We're supposed to be doing with so I did. Have some technical trade show started. Now there's a thing where you know for instance. When when Tom Welling SMALLVILLE had to you know fly he didn't really fly. But the you know super speed or whatever he did. There was a certain look like if he went with his gut. It didn't look good even though it felt right so that could you put your arm here or can you do. Did they have to sort of like? Oh Hey I know this seems like you're stupid and really awkward. But this looks better when you do this. I actually in two hundred horn but like on a regular basis. director Sometimes even cast will. That's the thing I'm most on. It's just like man you really know how to move. Your Body. Really think is finance background. It's an honest when a director somebody comes into the show did something. I usually have that again. They look pretty awkward as one thing. I've pretty grasp up like I'm supposed to look with lot that's good. There's nothing like a good looking runner. Strides just like. That's what they want for those commercials for like we don't run often. Sometimes for full body shots they'll be robbing a green street stuff on generally in a stance and Mike doing my legs really hard times just per step and other speedster guest stars not people that run the Tend to see people do same. Rbis leg likely step forward. You do the same right now. And then I always showed him with trade around. And they're like Yeah Grant Gustafson is teaching me how to run unbelievable. He's been running for what like five years and he just knows he has the flash. What's what's the major difference. I should know this because I didn't realize I. You know what I'm saying. I want to talk to you an interview. I have thought about it. But I certainly haven't thought about in a while. But then I'm like wait a minute. I play the Flash Animated Wally West Your Berry Allen for an audience who doesn't know you briefly like what what's the difference between varying law for someone who doesn't know felt like our interpretation of. Berry was kind of a combination of the comics buried and wally. Because I was a little younger wasn't really the age berry usually was we did a Lotta Corky awkward jokes. I think that tends to usually fall warn us. Wally Realm. Yes so yeah. I mean it's up to say use an ink where we landed with. Berry at least initially was somewhere between the two and we've kind of grown in some more uncertainty now twenty three. I think I did so like. I've grown a little more mature kind of leader version of area not quite as awkward on regular basis. We still have kinda going Eric while. Yeah I mean hard for me to answer just because our gary has never been like the comics now. She doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Obviously watched you. I don't I don't like watch superhero shows constantly. I mean I was on. It doesn't mean I'm a huge fan of one I am. I'M A fan. I I love the world I feel like I'm part of something. That's very Popular especially now and I feel like small definitely was one of those first shows that spawned all these great shows like flash and Arrow and supergirl. But you were fan where you're real fan and by the way. Did you do research like I'm going to study all the people who played? Berry Allen or I'm GonNa what did you watch Justice League On my show I was on. D.c What is it called? I grew up like a a big superman fan. I didn't really read comics. I up like they were before digital. Obviously when I was still getting it wasn't the I didn't know where to get common. Thread parents Intolerance but I was a big fan of Chris. Berries in that franchise And when I started doing flash or one of his concerts flashy the research. I initially dove into reading comics because I had done that. Strike out like the APP and was reading. Newt new fifty two brand new. It's time so I was reading all those I still revisit. The comic sometimes now But again our show is like kind of its own things. So it's you know you are on. Cw Show for years and it's CW is very much its own thing too. So where is just its own tone in version of the character? I blended LEX LUTHER. Twenty six years old. You landed a Barry Allen Flash at twenty three now. I certainly wasn't mature enough to carry a show at twenty three let alone. Twenty six let alone. Maybe just recently. I am able to do that so when you first find out you know. I'M GONNA play this character first of all you like. I much rather play Superman or are there other characters that you'd rather play because it's probably true flashes. Probably not top two or three on your list. I mean I used to grow up arguing with one of my best friends in high school. Who was a big flash fan about about why Superman was so much better? The flash served in for sure was wouldn't've headlight. can pick a super time. He's grown into being one of my. I mean probably up there superman now just because I'm so emotionally attached to character now but I don't think I also was at the time like radically Superman Batman eggs of nights. I've ever got the any superhero right. Isn't that the reality we don't want? Who would ever thought like honestly I. I never thought I'D BE LEX. Luther little own anything right so. I'm sure like look you're talented guy. Broadway tore you acted your whole life. You've done all these things. You had early success but if somebody would've said to you when you were even twenty-three before you've got the script or even in an age as an eighteen year old little boy. Hey you know you're going to be the flash back off. Can you say I was? I wouldn't have been sure. I mean even when when I got the Audition Marco because I was like I'm not GonNa get it and I get a lot of audition anxiety and if I if I don't WanNa waste my time. Their time breakdown. Twenty mid twenties early thirty S or mid twenties to early to mid thirties. Then again I was like twenty three and looked like ours. Nineteen maybe in. I didn't want to go to the audition at all because so Russia took it. That's exactly with me. There's no way I'm playing lex luther. No one's going to cast this guy. I'm a I'm a joke. Come kind of a joke. I'm looking at me. Yeah my friends even said that. Like dude no and then you know what you know what you know what happened. Grant we fucking zoned in man. We turn that we turn the volume. I we prove moderate man. He Did Jersey right either pilot and he was in my second audition. I believe in. He called me after he had seen my tape. My initial issue David casting director and really early on not it was like your ability to get this. You're GonNa get this and that from then on out. I was like you know tunnel vision on on on Danny because he had this belief in me that I was in may be heavily us but like you already had some shops. You're still young but at least you think without theater background. You'd never be able to make it through this. No no I still to this day. I I don't ever like even take my sides to set rarely. I'm very obsessed with like the process about getting the scenes down and that's guessing my theater background. I mean I I really drill not just memorizing it but the scene work and it's not you know hopefully I do much more challenging stuff throughout my career. It's not like it's nothing against writers intimating job but it's not like it's the most in-depth like emotional actor on a regular basis but I take really really really seriously and really prepared i. It's almost too much like I. I I I WANNA be too good almost. I WANNA like I don't want to. I worked so I worked so hard that I thought like most people don't do this. Does anybody work this hard? And that's obviously silly to think that it was torturous actually especially in the first season's just trying to prove everybody like I have to prove myself and do you feel like you just WanNa know these lines inside out you want to just be able to go on set and let's go. I mean it's I've come a long way with some taking a little pressure off myself not taking it as seriously at times. I've never let up on the work but our I've I've always been really hard at myself. Nice going on but I yeah way too much pressure on myself really on and gotten my way a lot. It shows in my research work like how like round up. I wasn't how focused I wasn't getting it right. And you're sure. Do you do anything before? You're doing your lines is there something like remember Jesse Eisenberg. I was doing this movie. That no one saw called cursed West Craven and remember every take he would jump up and down and and spin himself around right before action and I would do. There was certain things I would do if I had a certain scene. But he was doing this like just all the time and like it was it was way of doing and I'm like hey whatever it takes do you have A. I don't know if it's a tick if it's a I developed ticks from doing Shit Kinda working myself up. Is there something you do or you? Just kind of zoned in relax and let's go. I'm way more relaxed now than I used to be. I still have days that I'm really anxious or stressed about really tough scene or emotional scene but I really WanNa get right like like you said I mean. I still sometimes love that. You're really wanting to prove myself to accrue like the people on set. They're actually watching like really find myself thinking about what you think about this. I'm thinking about watching Yup. Yes Inter background. I think it's almost like like instant gratification. That instant response like I remember. J. D. J. J. D. is he ever worked for great guy. We always still talk among Arabs said. Great Dude Yeah. Jd remember just like I remember one episode early on he goes. Hey man good now all right thumbs up and I just wanted that thumbs up all the time and when I didn't get it I was like crew members that like I feel like I have that relationship but yeah I mean I don't think they realize how much you WanNa comes up to me after seed crush that I mean that means the world does right. They don't they think oh they don't want to hear. I think they're thinking they don't want to hear from the grip that they're good we do. I carry with me for forever like I usually come over and tell my wife about like like like buzzing seen an deals up to the afterwards gone. You don't care about e w writing an interview saying grant crushed it you want Neil. You want that's exactly the same way. Yeah I feel that same way whenever I'm on a set. I always WANNA know people's names very quickly. I always wanted to be like a family because I think for me. It safety like I feel like if I if I trust them I could fail in front of them and they could just pick me up and I can be there for them that there's something I don't know if it's a good thing. It's just kind of what I do that I just. I WANNA feel safe when I'm doing my work that I know people rooting for me around me. It goes back to the theater. Do shows like Acting Class High School College? And it's like that's what the relationship that I have with my acting classes. You know it's like you need to be feel safe enough to fail and that you're gonNA receive constructive criticism and we're GONNA PAT each other on the back and we're GONNA learn from each other ended. Obviously you mop as constructive criticism about you. Want it to feel like a safe glades somebody I can try whatever and look stupid and do get it right on the next day. When did you know it was GONNA be huge? Did you see the pilot and go okay? This is going to be doing this for awhile. I mean I hate to sound like I ain't never even done a pilot in. I now know like how unlikely islets to go to series event but I maybe it was really was ruining like I you know I was cast on Arab I it was two episodes of Arrow supposed to do a third episode of Era. That was going to be a backer. Islet but Characterists received so well. They decided to do a standalone. And I knew from that. We'll get serious just because it's the flach in it like I never thought it was never about me. It was just about like. I'm so lucky that I landed this. And there's no way to slash folder. We get a season. Want Roy coming off the heels of Ero and maybe it was even though I thought it least you know three to five seasons fella given just because it was such an iconic character and I was for sure how cells better being in the meeting. Tom Cavanagh in being a big fan of Jesse Martin before we all came in Dave. Another call to tell me. Just what a pick district theater near a ham and freaked out and annotate She's the kinds of things specifically. I remember when I was younger. Like Irving Sky High. This is insane it was gonna we shows me around for awhile. I could always tell who's had a good upbringing in terms of like close with their parents or loved were supported. Were parents were proud. I can just tell I know these things. I could tell you that you had a good upbringing. My wrong now. I mean. My parents aren't together anymore but they were both great parents. Yeah I mean we had a great family general. I'm still close with my siblings. I talked to my dad not as much as I talked to. My mom super supportive proud of you. Love you whatever you comes to me in my career in this journey on always College I WOULD. First of all was getting Efa Musical Theater which is not a real thing that's going to help you in the world. And they were various according to that it was an expensive school at Illinois University which is not A little BFA Janos Amazing Training. And I recommend anyone go down if they WANNA do theater inaccurate all but then I dropped out to do with a tour of west side story. Broke for Western story in Lake had support from both my parents to do so an ear so most beautiful sound. I have really saying when you're a jet. Eurojet all the way from your first cigarette dying day. The bad sorry. I love musical theater as well and I read somewhere. Where he said you know you always WanNa do Broadway and then maybe TV and film and it's sort of been except for that you need to the Broadway tour but you've sort of switched positions. Its course sort of like TV and film career but you always want to end up on Broadway for sure I I just don't up knows doing dimmer. Whole life was theater started doing ten In like fourteen it was like exclusively like my only hobby and what I did outside of school in the Yeah my whole life was just about musical theater and around. Eighteen thousand nine hundred New England China's of more specifically without stat or wanted to follow that ass on a huge. I saw Hugh Jackman in the boy from is us do not Broadway and I knew that he was like the movie stars essentially already and I. I do theater path by my way in the film. The months I get big Joe Johns I can just go back and do theater Hugh Jackman. I mean lucky enough to kind of be on that track now. Hopefully now theater waiting flashes over. I mean it sounds like it sounds ridiculous either. Become a movie star. Then I'll do theater and then you know I mean no. It sounds like it's absolutely I think you have to have the mentality of like. This is what I'm going to do and people will say these are the odds and this is this I i. I don't know how many times people said dude come on their soon. Great Actors Out There. And do you don't understand. I know I'm going to do it. It's something you just know. And that's success doesn't mean I'm going to be this and I'm going to. It's just that I know I know innately that. This is what I'm supposed to do not do this. I don't know I like it. It's cool. There's more of our station in college. I had with a friend that has still friends with in his head. A lot of success on Broadway on its own now but I remember at the time it almost like he was frustrated with me like I was almost getting under his skin like 'cause. I'm not a cocky overconfident. Gerson by any means I actually went very insecure a lot of time in my so very slow moving but like you said like I mean. I won't be doing this if I didn't think like. Oh Yeah I'm GONNA be on Broadway. I'M GONNA be able to do this late. Why would he if I didn't believe I'll have yet to understand? I think there's some people that you know. I have friends that just like I know I just want to do this. Should I do this if you're saying should I I don't then there's then there's no there's only there's those people I wanna be a doctor. I want to save people. This is what I WANNA do. There's not like I don't know. Should I be a doctor or should I be you get to a point? Where like I know what I'm destined to be whether it's doing theater in a small town and not making any money or becoming a movie star or whatever. This is what I WANNA do. I was fine with it. I mean I also knew that was the possibility I knew. 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The arts and try to be part of that and You know I try to help raise money and on the board or whatever and I always think the PC public feeder Kentucky's right where I went to school and it's right there and you know they have a there and they had the lex luther coat there. I don't need it all that and it's a museum and I'm always like I want to go back one day and do a play just keeps getting further and further away did so many plays in college and I remember the Camaraderie. That the feeling right before you go on and play on the makeup and going over lines and doing the stupid tongue twisters and getting. I always used to get the stage like an hour early because just nerves into the my part where I'm going and this is what I'm going to say this and sitting in a corner and there is something free cool about that. There is something that you can't really. It's you can't describe it right now I mean I missed it. I mean you said earlier that instant gratification cracks in a fourteen year old dog in once he starts screaming it's You can hang out with us. Good no yeah what I was doing. Biocide him you know. There's a lot of dancing warm-up stretching involved but I was there I two to three hours or the shower today. If you're rituals in your routine own no. It's he said are sending out is he's just a lake called yet please. Were we saying Yeah No Theater? I I missed that process for sure. I mean there's nothing. Mtv is like the process of you know the first process for show alive experience actually putting on the show nothing similar to you know it's funny. I see your parallel of our parallel. Because I'm a lot older than you I. I'm seventeen years older than you could had you. You think about it. I don't want to think about it. You know you think about the parallels of like going doing theater going through college and you know I thought it I you know I'm GonNa get I WANNA get married. I'M GONNA have a kid. I'm GonNa do this and you know I'm forty seven. I'm still well. I'm single and I've done all these things but it seems like you've done so much so early Broadway tour you know. You did the glee thing which was really cool and then boom catapulted here. You are the flash and and YOU'RE MARRIED NOW. You might have kid who knows right. It seems it seems like you've got your shit together unless I'm missing. Something is something that you just. Is there something that you're still? You know. People say content? Are you content? I don't think I'll ever be content. Yeah I don't know I mean I'm definitely I know how I'm very aware especially in certain moments. How lucky I am out differently. Things could have gone up until this point. But you know I also like there's clear when it comes to my career Plenty of things that I feel like. I've missed out on the to. What have you missed out on? What have you missed out on like during the flash him? You're not setting like might show amazing but what we're seven years in now in large sex. We finished six years past four. Hey this is now I've had hired as project that has fog through because of flash feel like there's a lot of other opportunities out there. I've kind of got film and stage. That has gone away. Because it's a schedule conflicts. You know so you just can't have. Everything's it's been all flash for six years ago you know all too well. Yeah but I think that you know if you look back right now I definitely don't have I mean I've sure I don't have regrets. In fact. My uncle got tattooed no regrets. I'm like fuck. That's a lot. I don't think I don't think you know what I under that you should put like a caption like not entirely true. Because we all have regrets regrets no I would never trade off where I'm at right now to be somewhere else in my life where my career I mean I have. I think one thing I really struggle with my wife targeted by recently. My mom competition all the time. I Have Imposter Syndrome for sure. Like I don't think I ever deserve anything that again or that like I not worthy or I didn't work hard enough for it or someone else for tires were talented. So that's something I struggle with time. You know Just being like okay reformat tonight. I wor- I deserve. It earned it on us wanting to really makes you feel lucky. All the time is I don't know how I got to wear now. Like almost ever like he was in west side of you now. It should have been junior college. I'm an all my friends were in. I was living all of our dreams like doing garbage for a story like Every day was out on my so much and I was kind of every step of the way solid. I can tell you why is it? That's the thing it's hard because when people's perception of you is obviously different from the perception you have yourself. Obviously you know Talented this and that but like I look at you and I'm like good looking guy. He's really talented. But all that aside the best trait about you from just knowing you and I think which is the most important with anybody is who they are as a person people see that and if it translates they want to be around you they. You're you're very likable. That's I mean. That's a huge thing. I always tell the story of James. Gunn told me the story and he directed gardens the galaxy and soon guardian galaxy to Kurt Russell. They Kurt Russell is telling the story about escape from New York and the director John Carpenter was like you know. I don't know they just want me to make the character of Snake Pushkin more likable that place and he goes why I'm likable. Likable guy and I think that's true and so I think that's kind of like. Have you ever had those moments you're like? I don't know the Berry. Seems kind of like a Dick Right now? Like todd for sure you know. So you can relate to that but you're innately likable dude. I'm sure you could play a Dick and a Weirdo. You can put an eye patch on and kill somebody in a movie and people like that. Guy's an asshole but there's something innately likable about you and I think it's humble for you to say that you know you know to deserve this. There's a lot of other actors have done that. My whole problem is I never fit in. I never felt like I fit in. I feel uncomfortable around a lot of celebrities. I put on an air of like look at me. I'm confident you know and I could turn that on but but the reality is is. I'm always kind of on because you WANNA be light. You want to be accepted. That's I've I've talked about that. Have you ever dealt with a you know exerting your life any kind of depression or any kind of way? Since I mean a really young I mean since probably four five. I've dealt with like anxiety depression like I had. I had really weird anxious type dreams as a really young kid. I mean it's John. WanNa get too into we we before we got married we started doing couples therapy just like you know. Be ready for marriage before there was really nothing going on marriage and all kinds of things for both of us start going come to the surface and has good presence couple. Mike as Vigil Olson with all kinds of I was. I knew I'd always know these items but putting like you know getting to know where things started and Y. You're feeling that were exiled is ever present in my life for sure. You saw what happened with with Stephen talked about many times. I was so brave and like I think nowadays you can sort of talk about that thing especially in this. Show it it without a doubt. I didn't know this was going to happen but it helps. It just helps people. They're like Oh my God this guy so successful and he deals with anxiety. How does he deal with it? And it's just like you're not saying this is the answer to picturing Zay. This is like this is what I do to help me. So when you say hey. I want to couple therapy because I wanted to be a better husband and wanted to be. I WanNa be a better husband. I WanNa be a better man. I want to be better on this and I think just talking about your shit with someone who could be objective and someone who could just. How could it not help if someone's professional? Obviously any concert be for anybody for sure. I mean it's been really helpful allies. I don't do us what's the thing that's the most the biggest thing in therapy that you found that you sort of heard acknowledged embraced worked on it? And you're like wow that helped me exponentially I mean just in my relationships go working on it. In a moment's it helps in another moment. Cy like forget about it but like I've not always good it just like really really listening in hearing what's going on with my wife because she's more levelheaded demand more calm less stressed out and I'm always talking about what I'm stressed about like. I just think like she's got something going on. Show share that with me but you know or different than she needs. Need like talk to her like Oscar. What's up and really listening ear or I'm thinking like also offered up if she wants. That's when I'm doing constantly look I can't shut up is she. Just isn't that way so in our relationship that's been huge in. Its something that I'll probably be whereas until the day I die. I'll tell you what that right. There is fucking profound because if it doesn't help anybody else helped me just now because I'm like this. I don't know if it's because you know sometimes we're selfish this we're actors we're fucking we're in our head think of a million things got. Add and so we're constantly open about everything that's going on. We're most people aren't so we but she's just she's not you know we're different. We assume they're fine but we need to stop for a moment. Go All right. I need to fuck off for just a minute. And how are you seriously? Because I'm a self indulgent pray Ke- and I don't think I don't ever think like selfish person or like I'm all up in my own feelings because like I am constantly also worried about in other people was on the world. And it's not like I'm just thinking about me and my problems for like my Zaidi's forefront everything including our relationship instead of like I said where her anxiety is or what is she about what she feeling. So that's something I'm definitely Dude it's awesome. I think that's sound. It wasn't even advice you gave. But it's I guess inadvertently it is. It's like listening it's hard it's like sometimes just to take a minute and go. I want to say a million things right now because it's just not saying anything and just going talk to me. Tell me under thinking. It's an exercise set to. I mean 'cause like we sat Insulted you're the same way like I cared a lot about getting things right and then sometimes I think there's no way anyone around me cares as much about getting your right as I soon. I started to project and especially earlier on I used to. I'm not addicted like I can get stressed out. Might be indicated moments because I really care about getting a right and I think other people don't and I think I've come a long way. My Flash Journey is knowing where each dealing with their own shit first of all. We're all stressed out to work in our own way In trying to keep my shits myself hello good and be their father below the more. What I'm telling you know this is fun easy right. You haven't good time. I liked us. You know it's funny. 'cause I tried to get you on a long time ago and you're in Vancouver and I gotTa fucking pestering him now and the guy who's pestering interview. I used to be the actor mean. We're talking like generally I don't have the excuse right now that might work but like I'm always like I say no to every because the work is so constant and I just WanNa stay focused on and due to the best mind I rarely. Do you might as podcast book interviewed surrogate appearances. Undo don't do convention. I do a lot of extra stuff outside of the Working Denver. Did you think in the beginning? They were sort of like young kid. We'll take advantage of him interviews this this this because eventually you probably stepped up going all right. I think I could say something now. What no no. No no not really be honest that like I said I let it stress me out more than still set out like season one stuff but like I mean I did some centrally on thought. It was really cool. Like New York lacked for a lot more than I do now. Their first couple seasons was completely stoked about it. Because like my brother lives there There and you know it's cool to do like you know. It was Kelly and Michael at the time with the live with Kelly. Mike Oh cool down. A lot of it I did like set Myers. I think one year. It's a really cool like you see those shows in the that's I feel like Like made it so. It's not like I don't think it's cooler. I don't WanNa do it but I really do care more about making sure unprepared for my scenes show on sat in. I feel asking to take away from that. It's not hard for me to say you know not not. I don't have time. It's not just like I really don't have time to New York Street. Jimmy Scott Tweet next week ninety. Two Savior genetics. Yeah you do all the crossovers and Shit and I've talked to Steven Destined Mike and Danielle. I know it was hard enough to doing one ship. When you're just doing all these I mean how I mean. You probably think they're cool when you see them but shooting them probably. Isn't that much fun. I'm guessing is interesting because it's idea of them is like not fun at all to like you like. I feel like some people might say the opposite but for me thinking about doing them. You're just like I don't WanNa do it this year. Like it's so like you said so hard it's so hard make For eight days were making three to four episodes in television. Of course like three or four weeks and with production schedules. That just don't make sense and like there are moments relate. It's insane and just not human the type of conditions than ours. That were Ed but like I belive but said that it wasn't like some of the more fun more memorable moments didn't happen during the search shoots you drag them a little bit. But then when you're there and it's like this is like Brandon Ralph and Stephen were we all are so different but have all these things in common. We never get to see each other. You're laughing constantly. Yeah it's onto Italian. Like most comedy suits do you have. How many flash suits do you have and do they start to smell? After a day of we're in that Shit. Yeah look at one time. They do their best to this day. Coming on a regular basis for location I take a toothpick fans said like I I hear ago is today. I think it like right now. The current suit that I have. I WANNA say this probably to hero suits and maybe a third We constantly like mess up with pick police for harnesses and stuff but sometimes we have to one. 'cause one gets destroyed and all have to pick point in that with harnessed and then my that day they need to early wallets on stitching shot because the bought suit. Just kind of depends on like what we get is. What's the one Broadway show right? Now that comes to mind that you would love to do you love for it to be your first Broadway. Show when you're able to do Broadway that one Broadway. Show that if that was it. I don't mean hard question. 'cause there's I I could see. Allow us to get to see way. More before out soon fluctuate look at any given time. But I've seen nothing as open Broadway home. Darren Criss Buddy of mine. You know that I'm sure you know of to see one like every award. You could win like two years ago for that precisely show. He was ugly with us and he was great. When I you on Greece and I'm more than anyone else knew he was from the world knew like I'd done nothing like healthy understand what everybody's job was so welcoming. He was about to do. American buffalo with Lawrence Fish. Earns heavy Ever been abused as I was when I saw outfit. I'm actually like a real has laser. That's what I'm reading straight. Clay is I think more now would I'd love to be doing. I got to kill mockingbird this past season at a couple of friends that were in that that would be another with. Inherit some time like something like that. I can't even imagine getting to do. We do mice and men. And I'll play Lenny. Yeah you're going to have to gain thirty pounds but I could. That's GONNA be tough. It goes to my face now this beer. I said screw it. I'm going to beard for your beard. You're right and you know I. Finally I got the e e mail. Hey Dude a lobby at your hair. Looks terrible now. It looks looks good well. This is a bad angle too on my call. Grits. I'm always Jellison Steven grissom good. I think spirits Chin cartridges like religion perfect. You said some actually watching new girl last night and it was his episode. You took his shirt off. And you just like the outlawed Jesus Christ son of a bitch. I can't get away from this. You said that you said you wouldn't wear You told Stephen a male. I won't wear a t shirt on CAM with. I have to wear a blazer because look it's true it's like I've always been thin. I've always been not really buff. And then always Tom Welling around me so whenever had to do a scene like. I go you have to give me two months notice so I could work out so hard that I kind of look good. I don't even do like you know. We're not a typical chart. Show in that respect. Like the lead being like beautiful shirtless all the time like I really early on I did a few now. I'm not I'm not saying Chernoff Newmar. It's not me you got Aussie. This quarantine is the most at worked out since flex start discussing Time now I'm starting to like work out. I'm cooking for myself and I like the beard. Think you look good with a beard more Stewart. You know what I mean inside of. You is supported by better. Help online counseling boy. Do we need that now? This is something. I think that everyone of my guests including me and my listeners. A lot of them not saying all of them but you know. I think a lot of people can use this. I think everyone can use this if you're struggling with stress anxiety depression You know anything really. Lgbt matters grief counseling got sleeping. Better help online. Counseling is for you. You're not alone better. Health counselors specialize in so many issues. And you can connect with your counselor in a safe and private online environment. Anything shares confidential simply. 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I owe you and enter the Promo Code I you well. Here's the surprise. Was The fucker Stephen Analysis. Going to pop on and he was like his thing. He's been like I WANNA come on. Come on so yeah. So he's going to probably do an intro. He's GonNa do an intro. Is there anything you want to tell them veered? This is quarantined down as a really something special. I don't know if you've seen because things to wardrobe is this like the palm springs effect there like what's going on like it's like. I'm just not never seen him look like these are some questions from some fans from my Patriot Mary. B It's called Chautauqua Rosemond. They're quick you answering quick if you could go back in time with no worry about the butterfly effect. What historical figure would you like to meet Christopher Reeve? He's not really historical. Figure like a huge. That was probably one of my early I. He did kind of those early early early era and what happened to him was just so tragic. I know he made a whole second. Life out of it was able to inspire. You know all kinds of people and do all kinds of positive. Thanks boost just awful. I was devastated when he passed away. So if I could have known him his prime and like you've got to work with him or something and then you've got to work in the you're saying that I was on small. Tom had his. He had his scenes with Tom but I did get to meet him. I went to a Christopher Refoundation van in Puerto Rico and I got to present him. A blanket signed by the cast at Madison Square Garden for Charity Hockey Game. And I kinda got teared up man. I got emotional. I mean I just said Hey I I was on Smallville. I didn't get to work with you. And I'm really bummed about that but I love you and I've always loved you and just thank you for being a true superman and he was just awesome. We just sat there and he said a few words and yeah like talk about facing the most adverse is just facing such a horrific circumstances and then going. I'm going to keep going and I'm going to be better and I'm going to more for people and I'm going to be a better man than I ever thought. I was smart excited because of this accident. Which is crazy crazy Jeanette what do you miss most about the tidewater area lived in Portsmouth many many years? She did she I loved growing up there. And folic had everything the Tiber area Norfolk Virginia Beach Cities must most time is really different from like Virginia's state and I mean it has the beaches cities city in either really normal happy life in the most part growing up in school area. I'm a big tides fan. The Norfolk tides wheel. You go to those AAA team. Goes James A lot? Just the governor school where the from your school then I got to go to growing up was really special. Israeli special ason strips the beach with France and simple life for being a teenager Nico P. Who's your favorite nineties character? I mean you were born in ninety. But who's your favorite character? The one thing you remember watching I just let that I just into my head. I thought was gone Zack Morris the Bell Inquiry Court Corey's last name from Bobi it's World Matthew so you watch those shows sweet. Did you watch SMALLVILLE. He didn't I didn't extrasensory I think because of course like vote that Rosie. What was your favorite memory? So far in the Flash. Remember one moment. You're like a kind of couldn't stop laughing your cried. I get emotional. Something where it was just at that moment that night something happened and you just like or just whatever. There's a specific moment that on never forgetting honestly. I give you my times with Tom. Cavanagh in general that like we can't stop laughing just like bits that get stupid or in super as we go but like funnier on air. Were remember for weeks and sometimes like when they're really funny late seventies remembers that coconut. Asuncion's while they come to us about that but that's so gone fight to hear like. Oh remember does lifelike but specific moment. I'll never forget was the season one finale in shooting the scene to this day maybe the best thing I've Trenton. The show where vary goes back. He thinks to save his mom from getting killed by the reverse. Flash STOPS BECAUSE HE realizes he has to let it happen but then he gets to have this moment when she's dying and berries like an adult sheep has the moment of recognition. Knows that it's him doesn't understand why it accepts. That is crazy emotional scene. I mean I never forget shooting scene or the like subsequent hours at home after I couldn't shake it like I was shower but still just like hysterically crying with my mom had died in front of me. Real get like as an actor is just something like I still draw for. Yeah when you can draw that that is just like the most powerful thing ever if you could use an experience to get you somewhere. There's I mean yeah well I mean I think for the reason always still draws from it is like that storyline is still crescent with Berry on show. So it's like I don't have to stake. I've never lost a parent going. I don't have to say when I do that. Storyline because I really have those visceral emotional reactions to thinking about losing noralyn various mob because I felt like I experienced it for real. It wasn't like something I written script did you. Maybe a stupid question. Did you feel like calling your your mom? After that I think I did. I mean yeah. I told her that I mean it was crazy. probably tried talking to her on it that it was. I really felt like I experienced using you like yeah. I mean it was crazy. Yeah Lisa asks from Villainous character like ugly to a hero character in the flash. I mean what's what's harder portraying. Which what do you like better plan the hero or do you like mixing up your actor right? Yeah I mean this is. Sailing can be fond. Play bill because not so much barry on over the years but It's also you know loved given the opportunity to play this character this just like innately has caused but is just like so good and like so well intentioned and He he has his downfalls and false at times for really puts other people before himself. And I've learned a lot from area over the years I love. I'm Berry so yeah I don't know I mean it's I I definitely want to shake things up outside of church play other kinds of things but I also hear rock says what your favorite musical. I mean we kind of went into that. You said play American buffalo kind of see but it's hard for you to kind of the musical blood brothers us like locally attached to that story just because I did it for a year. That is the only one I've done that amount of time but like I've had a lot of great experiences with musicals over the years and there's a lot of things like even like can't be silly ones. I've never done but always loved. You want to share spray like ours. Link Clark Spread Nazi war. Exciting things like one of my early Broadway Heroes that's always what music like in the past and said. This is an equivalence me. I'm thinking like do you have to your musical. You're trained. What do you sing around the house stuff? I WanNa hear you sing any seventies or eighties or ninety second hour. I think like when I left musical theater and started doing slash like unlike Melissa extinct things popular had possibly whatever we're working together. She's always saying steered interested. Ince's she's not married to my buddy Chris who was a musical theater major with me on Universal Gosh Allow like my wife's like wishes she could sing but cannot singer knows nothing theater So I'd say I kind of left behind me a lot these past two years. But I mean like seventies or eighties music or ninety s or disc or some thing if I was just like music music that a single an recently like I've always loved Jason Mraz and like I can sing his whole towel if we're in the car but just Morales on like one hundred twenty two fish song. What's the fish song fishing or fishing? I don't fucking know this. What's the One Jason? Morass on the fucking. What's the one on? The illness goes through every once in a while to start singer. I mean I don't even go through my head. I just like if one comes ought to start singing it Mike. I realize I know all of these songs I mean I get it. You're not going to say no I'm not but do you. Warm up and Shit when you sing right about that even when I E to sing on regular basis dancing. It's like I never. I was always pretty good both more dancing singing. Actually I hated ballet class. A hit go to dance class. A hit instructs you warming outlook exercise to get ready to or when it comes to act like I liked the preparation. That's when I kinda stirred realize eighteen. Nineteen twenty more cash. Way was like really focused on trying to great actor. I didn't care as much traffic. A great dancer and just kind of was good. I get nervous nervous. Auditions you get nervous fraud. That auditioned to get really like in your head. Does it take you like I need to take to get into it? Not always use. I like what I make tapes. Actually I don't harp on it like I like to do one and sometimes to out do over and over again Look I didn't hurt us again. Like COMECON guy can't eat the morning before comecon like what? I'm really nervous like I don't eat. Today is really bad. Like it's mother's Zaidi rules. My stomach I've actually just in past few but six months or so. That's starting to change family eating more working out more like restaurants levels lower. Yeah I get really nervous dictates my appetite for sure. I love it. Well this has been. This has been incredible. I you know I've been wanting to talk to you for a while and I heard so many good things about you from everybody. There wasn't anybody with. There's one person who's now now. Everybody's like you know this is. This is a normal great guy who works really hard and his pleasant to work with. I mean you always wanted to hear like humans. I'm sure there's times onset. Where you through Christian Bale? But the ever flip out homing gotten a lot. I've gotten way but I'm pretty much do that anymore. But I used to like sees him once to ahead in my head to like being in season three probably being a number one was like heart of my job was to keep the day going into like 'cause I do the show better than like the director. Whatever but like I didn't have enough respect for guest directors. The first few seasons nine like they had done a lot more than I don than what they were doing in I got into my head from partly for myself partly for other people telling me that like Otniel Christner. GonNa listen to all like. Why are we shooting shooting and like I came to realize that type of behavior only didn't it didn't help but it stressed me out more like that guy added times become that guy and I don't do that shit anymore like our conversations with the director about things that are going on but I tend to not publicly declare onset anymore. There's something to be said about you know. I think we've all done that. We've all like anywhere doesn't have to be acting whatever you know you. It's just a waste of energy. It's like this day. What am I saving ten minutes? Twenty probably losing and it's just causing me grief and stress. Let's just I'm here film. Let's just film. Yeah I mean that was the biggest downside lack of experience that I had when I started doing. Flash was in something being the number one was. I think I could have learned watching other people like the did it the right way but I don't you know it. It doesn't help just wasted energy to come in like that. You're helping the day regarding by like declaring that like we need everyone we get it. You're twenty three years old too by the way I'm telling you I don't know what would have happened if I would have like. I mean I was twenty six and thank God. I wasn't lead second to Tom. But you know But I had been working for a while. I just feel like I wasn't ready for for tip to carry a show into Kudos to you for like being able to do especially stress and the anxiety. The whole shows on my back. You could start really thinking about these things. And that's also what I've learned now is just stop thinking about tomorrow. You really honestly sound stupid. Just think about today right now. What do you have to do? I have to do these lines too. Great as I can. And that's it. I don't have to think about these other days right now because stress the shit out of myself. I think that's I think that's probably what you've eventually did was just okay. I'm here. It's really just an investment year year and a half. I realized you know I could be a lot easier on myself in the whole production and I didn't put so much pressure on myself to feel like my number one roll like until more than it actually tell which is just burning scenes being. You know most prepared friendliest person I can be. How many seasons left us a flash ONE ON MY CONTRACT TO? That's GonNa be a tough woman. They throw money at you and they're like. Hey Yeah. The conversation actually had started already for adding potential eight nine. This happened and everything has stopped so and we don't know when we're going back in we didn't finish our last. What should have been our last three episodes to episode of Season Six So our not. I mean we might do those strips. We go back for seven to lead into what we were going to so many way. Anna's come back in I don't know and we're GONNA continue. The negotiation talks to also. There's two thoughts to one. Well if I do sign for season eight nine you know. I'll be fine for quite a while. I have family Blah Blah Blah. Then we'll have to worry as much now. There is like you know I've done show long enough. I made some money and I just WanNa do my own thing. So it's Kinda that there's both sides to it for sure and like the like we talked about earlier the thing that makes it hard to keep doing it. It's like I really have lost three fields. One theater opportunity that were locked set ready to go and then those things had to push like two weeks and my whole hi. This is two and a half months so like they had it retested. Yeah and that's hard to deal with hurt swallow and I had another one this Essendon this happened so like at movies not happening. Obviously so they'll remember the frustrating law. Remember this to anybody. Who's like you know you've got your friends? You got your whatever but I love my my age nice. And then the guy's the studio is nice. And everybody's going to be like this is what you WanNa do. This is how you the because everybody gets money. Everybody makes money. Just make sure whatever decision you know how to do. Just make sure. Your decisions in your. This is what I want to do. I don't think Iran decision. I WANNA do more to like I when I went into that site to the amount of seasons that you guys did like nobody gets to select that milestone. There's also something incredibly like we we did that and I don't know I mean I'm glad to that. I was like locked into the contract. I was locked in to talk about those earlier stressful seasons like if I could like their plenty of crew members that law after season two like I probably would've also because this is too stressful like this is too hard. The hours ridiculous. I want to just walk season two. I was like lockdown Glad like this let you know that have been on the journey on our side it as long as I can. Probably you get great fans. I look at the comments. I look at the love. I love with the support that I go to the cons and the fans are honestly what keeps keeps it all going. I mean without them. It's just unbelievable. Like small is over ten years now and it still go there. And there's a new resurgence on Hulu and I meet these kids and I it just it. Just it's just such an amazing thing. It's amazing thing to have thought and like you have millions and millions of fans and I rest of my life which is pretty special and I get to be one of the animated ones. Yeah not your favorite five seventy two seasons. I was animated. Look it surprises me because I was just my voice. I know people love all the. But you're you embody you're the you're the physical and the your I mean I I love. I love it. Love US THE FLASH FLASH FLASH LIST SONGS. Well look at my followers. They'd be like you better all right buddy but look I just appreciate all the fans and today I really appreciate you coming on and hopefully when this is all over one day we hang out You know I'd love that and come in person inside of you too. But that was a great down the road. Hopefully this will clear up and we won't have to zoom it up but hey got us together so thank you allow me to be inside you my friend and good luck with the Wi fi and a dog. The fourteen year old. Cute Dog's name jams do. That's great and that's Cute Tattoo mine. Mine's like twelve or he's getting old is the most consistent with delays winter. It's inconsistent anders. Yours yeah you gotta just love as much as you can anchors you know how much longer do I have? It's always like four or five years. No I know it's a hug automatically. You could die any minute. I got macabre. I shouldn't I do. I love you. Thanks so much for this. Thank you all right. Pretty Fantastic Thank you grant for being so open. And you know when he talked about a therapy with his wife and people don't want to talk about this up. I think starting to admit podcast like this podcast. The mental health thing the. It's you're just GONNA get better. You're just gonNA feel better. You have these people. Just don't want to talk about the stuff and what happens. You think that they're going to get better. I'm just going to deal with it myself. I want to ignore my wife or Just GonNa come these brave. And he's awesome for doing that. This is how you how relationships survive actually talk about their issues. My parents never talked about shit. I don't think they went to a therapist did they. I mean obviously there'd been divorced forever Big Shout out to my Patrons as I always say without these folks The show just would be Wouldn't be as good Truly truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Those who pledge when they don't have to give a little extra by the way the Patriots. They know you get a lot of stuff. I try to respond to you. I tried to do as much as I can. Youtube lives extra bonus footage inside of me. I'm always working on stuff to make you guys happy and its community so if I don't get back to your right away within a couple of days you know it's a try but it's it's so fun and check out Atrium and here are the top tier patrons. Nancy D. Mary B Lee asked Trish. F- Savvy. You keep Gold Love Kiko Jili Brian H. Lawrence G Nico. Ma made man. Barry I- Angelina Geely. Jerry W W W Kevin are emily. Kay Bob Be Bobby Bobby Bobby but Bob be Robert. B Bowl Jason. W Tiana Andrew. See Allison Al Mark Eight Jason de Chris a Shawn W. Joshua D. Emily Ask C. J. P. rocks Raccoon Samantha. 'em Homs Abi Stacey Bath Carly t the Nessa in the sky with rose. Ream dislike to say. I'm Jennifer S Janelle. Be Neil W Tabah to seventy two Kimberley Melissa seed Mike E. Mikey that's Cute Jake M Jake Katherine Katherine M Jackass Jackass Not Jack Ass. Jack S Jack. I love you buddy carly asks Judit de Remera here. I love the Remera Chris F. And I just WANNA say Bull Excellent. Thank you for all the letters from fans remember you. Could you could write in Hello at inside of you. Podcast DOT COM. I eventually get these and I do read them now. I don't read all of them online but On the PODCAST. But I do read them. I think he knows that about me. Now by the way I've been going around and You know doing my due. Diligence associate little messages or responses online. I do look at those. They may take me a long time but I respond. It's another spot right away San Jose but I reply and I'm trying to get other people to listen to the podcast so spread the word guys. This one's from Seth. I just want to thank you for the podcast. You know what my brother died. When we were kids he was hit by a car in front of me. No one was watching us. I like to think that's when my life took the course it took. I grew up. Okay considering my mother's deeper dive in deeper into depression drugs neglect was raised by my father. That was a better experience with my mother. I grew up feeling very alone doubtful of myself. I'm just thankful for your podcast. It shows me what makes other people tick what others went through. What helps others and how they think your name is on a thing that is going to live forever. Your name is on a thing. People will talk about forever. Saf I I will just leave that. I'll leave it at that You know what I got from this letter is. It's things happen and they're out of our control. It's how you deal with them and you know not to be cliche but you know you you can sink and by the way. No one's going to look at you badly if you do but you could also swim and you could also do whatever it takes to be the best you and live for your brother and You know people have bad upbringings and neglect and this and that and I think that I try to think of it as like you know. Obviously you could sit there and say what we're grateful four and there's lots of things and if you do that things are going to. It's going to help and also getting help is important but I think if you put things in perspective and remember. I'm not a doctor Phil here. I'm just saying I think that's all that we get one life. As far as we know we get one life. That's what we we know. We don't know what else there is out there. So if you think about it like that no matter how bad things get is it. So if it's it near like I hate this I just keep thinking it will get better. Hopefully you have a long life right it. A lot of people have to seventy eight ninety. Who knows the never know what tomorrow brings you never know what little golden nugget is right around the corner and I think that's what keeps us all going. You know you just gotTa know that tomorrow is better and we just have to keep looking for that golden nugget. Sometimes we have a golden nugget in front of us. We don't even know it. We don't even realize that we're not aware of it until it's too late but I don't know I don't know what I'm saying anymore but this touched man. I guess that's what I'm trying to say South as it touched me and Thank you for this and I hope you're doing well and I hope you You found that little golden nugget and hope you're doing well thank you everyone for listening Patrons we'll be doing in a youtube live with you Soon again and Thank you for all the support. Spread the word if he has won a joint patriots. Not Check it out. Go to patriotism and good inside of you. Podcast A big shout out and thanks to Ryan. Tasr my editor engineer and my friend friend. Then engineer editor friend editor engineer. I love you buddy. Great appreciate all your hard work. Hopefully this thing will blow up eventually. Thank you bryce. Roll your hard work. You just bust your ass and do so much. Where so many hats and I don't know what else to say. You're amazing jess. I love you We haven't seen each other a lot because of the self quarantine a couple of times stopping by just dropping shit off the front or whatever but Thank you for all your hard work and help me pursue my dreams and thanks everybody makes you subscribes and Since stuff out sent sent a link sending link to everybody in no and tell everybody Online store inside of you online store has merch for left. Laura new t shirts coming out very soon inside of you. The night sell out there pretty dope. I think you're GonNa love them and yes we got black. Black T. shirts. Yeah we got black T. shirts utha Ethan. Shutouts my friend Alex fat of it. You always listened to the podcast. My friend Troy all my friends. All My patriots. All my everybody even uncle Dave. Who's now listen to the podcast? I love you. Thank you for allowing new allowing me to be instead of all of you and until the next week so on.

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