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"steven certa" Discussed on Arrowhead Pride

"Any message that you have to the arrowhead pride listenership. I've got two moments that That are when i think about my time covering the chiefs. Like those are the moments that i always remember. It's a from mahomes. First season as a starter. They had an overtime game against the baltimore. Ravens where mahomes just had an unbelievable throw. He threw it across his body tyreek hill. I'll always remember that because it's like you know in the press box at arrowhead you're supposed to be professional and everybody just started cackling and like jumping up and down because it was such an absurd clay and then the twenty nineteen afc championship game against the titans where he had the run that is synonymous now which he's fans. I was in the stadium for that game. I saw that ron was absolutely unreal. It's something that always remember. It was just something that. I'll never forget an for the listeners. I'm really excited to be apart of arrowhead pride. Everybody's been really welcoming to me. So far so i really appreciate that That's been really humbling in a really cool experience to be part of and hopefully all bring you guys. Entertainment hopefully will laugh. Hopefully we'll have a of jokes and get along and just talk about how much we love football. That's the voice of the new arrowhead pride audio producer steven certa. You'll be hearing am on the mike. To some extent he will be behind the scenes making a sound professional and good and hopefully one of the best if not the best. she's podcast. We are so excited to have stephen onboard. Congratulations to you steve. Thanks excited about. Keep it here. We will continue to be putting out arrowhead. Pride podcast later today of course with. Ap out of structure. That's with ron and nat taking your questions in a chiefs mailbag be sure to listen to that later. This afternoon thanks..

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