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"Nearly 20,000 Americans are admitted to hospitals each day to be treated for COVID that's down 8% from last week overall to a better place with each wave But we just have to recognize that we're not really at the end of the world just yet even though things will be much better in the coming weeks ABC's medical contributor Doctor John brownstein the U.S. has sent approximately 80 tons of missiles and launchers to Kyiv to be used if Russia invades a queen Is to raise the potential cost of an invasion by way of supplying these systems By the way these are sophisticated best in the best in class systems And Putin knows that they're that good Lieutenant general Doug luta former U.S. representative to NATO 39 people have been missing for days They're believed to have been on a human smuggling boat that capsized off Florida's eastern coast Stocks closed lower today the NASDAQ down more than 300 points Stereo Alvin are ABC News Como news 1000 FM 97 7 7 31 37° art Sanders top local stories now from the 24/7 news center as Washington's hospitals deal with a still growing number of COVID patients their administrators have another concern over a bill that would set strict numbers of patients for each nurse on duty Our state has avoided healthcare rationing or crisis standards of care because hospitals have worked together to balance their patient loads Washington state hospital association vice president taya briley says the nurse to patient ratios proposed would end load leveling because hospitals would need to reserve all their staff and their beds for their own communities If we have these ratios in place throughout the pandemic many washingtonians who are served by hospitals outside their community would have lost their lives Well they also says hospitals would have to hire more nurses which would take the limited number away from other services like long-term care facilities She points to California where ambulances have been lined up outside Los Angeles hospitals in patients are unable to get in Calling the omo cron variant the worst of the pandemic struggling restaurant owners took their stories to a round table today with United States senator Maria Cantwell John Lowe martini reports The problems are multiplying This fourth quarter we've lost so much money It's just been shocking We're stunned Supply chain delays are driving up costs and omicron is taking a bigger toll on employees Steve valenti runs the mighty bowl in Vancouver You've probably all seen it where you're going to your favorite restaurant and you show up And they're not open And there's a note on the door that said too many staff are sick The restaurant industry is pushing for a second round of federal aid Anthony Anton heads the Washington hospitality association And we know that there's 4000 Washington restaurants who applied qualified and did not get it U.S. senator Maria Cantwell told the roundtable there's a push to increase the restaurant revitalization fund from 29 billion to $60 billion We think this should be a priority within the next 60 days Trouble is time is running out for restaurant owners many who have used their homes as collateral to stay in business John libertini como nude in a controversial vote Celia Seattle city council effectively voted to continue hazard pay for grocery store workers the four to two vote upheld a move by X mayor Jenny durkan and continues the $4 an hour pay ramp Bump that is city councilman shama sohan Go see what goes have risked their lives on poverty wages to make food available to all of society throughout this crisis Calcium and Alex Peterson voted against the continuation of hazard pay Their lives on poverty wages to make food available to all of society throughout this crisis The northwest grocery association rejected the vote saying we are extremely frustrated with the Seattle council This is a completely unfair and illogical hazard pay ordinance Both University of Washington and Seattle university will return to in person classes January 31st Schools moved online for the first four weeks of winter classes while COVID cases were spiking 7 34 traffic every ten minutes on the fours from the dupin law group traffic center Tama Fulton At earlier stall we were watching in Seattle westbound on 5 to wanna get in The Motley Fool of our baby was doing the brave way that's been cleared away and is no longer causing a blocking issue in the burian areas Don't washing a crash eastbound on 148th street at first avenue south that's causing a bit of a backup from former avenue south and in takua across south on 5 just before interurban avenue has the.

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