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"steve sucker" Discussed on WGN Radio

"End it's five eleven in the morning. Thank you for tuning in for another addition of the opening bell and another business day getting underway. We've got the latest from the world of business for you this morning as we get underway with a good program lined up as well. More coming on markets in a minute. But on the program today Steve sucker is with US Vice President health policy senior fellow at urban institute. We're gonna be talking about a new research that shows despite some of the gains in the job market and on wages. People are still having a hard time meeting some basic needs including paying some bills and paying for food and medicine Steve will join us first thing this morning here on the opening. A little bit later in the program. Mary was new ski from the Chicago Tribune will be with us shit transportation reporter at the trip to talk a little bit about these scooters the electric scooters. You've heard about them in other cities. They're coming to Chicago in a test run. Mary's going to be talking to us about some of the reporting she's done about how dangerous these scooters are in other places have been in other places, and what kind of injuries they're causing and what we might expect when they finally park here in Chicago, Mary it's going to be with us at about five thirty eight this morning on the opening bell. First, let's begin the WGN associated Bank market. Just the opening bell rings today on Wall Street after stock stage to somewhat of a comeback yesterday to close loop at higher on Wall Street after falling from high of nearly three hundred and fifty points at one point in the day. The Dow was up two hundred seven points at the closing bell. Nasdaq gained about eighty seven the SNP finished up about twenty three's. We look at the markets. This morning futures pointing. Toward a week. Open on Wall Street with the Dow futures down sixty one points, nearly a quarter of a percent s and p futures up nearly a quarter of a percent and NASDAQ futures not far behind there in Asia this morning as we look at some of the numbers coming in from the markets. They're in a good in the green this morning. The Nikkei is gonna finish the day up nearly one hundred twenty one points or half a percent. The Hang Seng up nearly half a percent the Shanghai up nearly two percent. And in Europe markets are generally in the red lots of red is matter of fact in London down by nearly a quarter of a percent in Germany off. Nearly a half percent in France off nearly a half a percent and oil is trading at sixty one twenty barrel in the US down fifty eight cents down nearly a percent as it trades in New York at let's get some headlines this morning business headlines, I talking about tariffs and the US China trade war. You have heard the President Trump insisting that China will pay for the. Tariffs that he's amassed in the trade war with Beijing. But Goldman Sachs has a different story. The US Bank claims the cost of the US tariffs are falling entirely on American businesses and households and Goldman warrants that the impact on US consumer prices will get worse if the dispute is not resolved as we've been reporting stocks tumbled in recent days down nearly six hundred points the day before yesterday mid fierce. If the trade war is growing with no end in sight, the US and China have the world's biggest economies Papa John's international founder, John Schneider is selling some of his company stock for the first time in nearly three years securities document filed yesterday says he cashed in about six million dollars worth of stock.

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