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"steve steve gale" Discussed on Science Friction

"You find yourself suspending both gravity and reality and you start to live tight and suddenly you flying with the booths. In this episode of sods friction you mating a dead able who does just that. He's gonna try a wild experiment with these own body and he's chasing a world record. I always wanted to a superhero. Chicken. Superheroes. They always. This is Mike has it. And he's grouped by an obsession he wants to fly alone. So in the with Atta plane or Glava and he wants to do it fast. Lied passion for flying wind power has in my childhood. I always wanted to fly like. Convert. What I started skydiving quickly realized, but with my size, my weight, I was all his faults flying forward and in two thousand and twelve I set a first world record three hundred four kilometers per hour in ground speak without anytime. As a next step. I wanted to find out how fast I could fly with a good tailwind and the best option, of course, would be hurricanes, but hurricanes are more or less suicidal. So the second best option was the jets. I'm just not convinced that throwing self into the Jetstream is any safer than throwing yourself into hurricane taking into the sky will be my co pilot fifties episode of science friction ABC documentary maker, lean Gallaher now Leanne is actually politics in real life load. Tash? It has to be said, I'm just a by product. I'm still learning. So you want? Shit show. I just made to think about. Stephen. With the eighty bugging the rod spot. We. What wouldn't you flying? He lied. It's a little military jet called machete. I'm in the back way, the rea- gonna would sit and I've never felt so cool. And so yours us all at the same time. People often get seeking these machines. It's just too fast. She'll like did you vomit swallowed? But let's talk about something else. Can we think Jetstream it's kind of like the planets via belt of the sky? It's what migratory birds and commercial planes us. And it's a high altitude current of air it moves fast at least one hundred kilometers now birds and planes, the Jetstream hitchhikers, but what sort of craziness does it take for a human in this case Mark to consider throwing their body into the jet stream without you know, a big plein wrapped around them t- extreme is very extreme. And the temperature up there will be modest forty degrees celsius. He'll be wearing thermal prediction suit, and he'll have his oxygen. So he's gonna head up in a hot air balloon and then jump out of the basket of hot air balloon into the Jetstream. What just jump out? Oh, well, he will have a parachute. So many weren't open that parachute until he's hit that record. Breaking speed that he's I mean for okay, we're talking about twenty. Four thousand feet above sea level and just to give people a sense of what that looks like. That's just undermanned Everest. Yes. So it's almost but not quite at the point where you can see the curvature of this. What about the balloon pilot as he? Okay. About going up at high in you know, he is. We've recalled balloon pilot balloonist he's been up that high before. And he knows what the limits of the machine and this is rod on the edge right on the limits of what a balloon like this can do. Okay. So you're gonna take us ringside to witness in this episode of science fiction, the whole med trip moment by moment. I'm flying up with another Steve Steve gale, and he's the one with the little jet flight applying the one that we had before..

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