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"steve winwood" Discussed on Drum History

"So you hear the song. What a new world your jazz brushes under the first actual song of the album. Pretty you know pretty out there. He's he doesn't seem to care. I don't say he doesn't seem to care but he seems to be constrained by anything. Well i. I've said this before for years i. I'm so grateful that jimmy let mitch be mitch. And that's that's a remarkable thing. It wasn't said quarter santa background. He wasn't intimidated. All by misapplying and it was Apparently so experimental perfectly. Cool with jimmy so totally. Yeah and let me let me throw this in there too. I think people know because they've listened to the show before but with these with audio examples of one of the most famous guitarists in the world gets caught by copyright stuff. Pretty quick You kinda can. You can put him on podcast. But i know that it's going to get caught up. And if i put it on youtube or instagram or facebook it gets taken down instantly like he's just catches it within seconds so i'll put the names of these In the description of the episode so people can do a little bit of homework and listen to him separately but anyway are what would be number three. Okay if someone said to me what. Mitch mitchell drumming up with jimi hendrix establishing forever as A giant percussion would be voodoo child. Fifty minute song in in the middle of electric lady land. That song which occurred about two o'clock in the morning. Abc television crew in there and a bunch a bunch of hangers outta heroes background noise. People said for years that was that was canned the studios loaded with his people and it was it was filmed by abc and then promptly lost now. When when the it's a slow six eight one to the four five six is a blues blowback starts starts off now the amazing things got. Steve winwood on on organ. Is jack cassidy on bass and mitch. Just total free form. It's it's only just twelve hundred in reality now for years and years. I've i've tried to play the song incorrect. Did then i. The movie came out a making a. Are you experience. You see mitch planets off about five or six seconds. And here's what he's doing which is so mind blown this august one two three four five six one two four but he's walking back and forth one two three four five six warranty thin air. So he's doing his three over to plan to one two three four five six one two four five and with that. We're lilt tilt the you get the proper feel if it doesn't sound and i played it for years and years and years adele. When i saw that one now. I understand theoretically what he's doing so advanced he's planned us wont and boom for five to. I'm insane. It's so cool that you you notice that by his body movement i mean. Sometimes you can't tell that's just the cool thing about drums. You can't tell what's happening like people can. It can be the same thing we all here. But y- we all we hear it slightly differently. We played a little different. If you you listen to the song it starts off very slow but it gets in. He gets into the triple field.

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"Think i said no. Is that how it dear. Mr fantasy from traffic had no idea that was originally supposed to be today. I believe i believe I i don't know how blue you can work on your network here i i. I believe they They they low balled me the nfl. Network and i remember thinking. I think they got money. I think they pay a little bit more. So so you know okay in the most polite manner you telling that story so that was one of the greatest commercial campaigns. I've ever been fortunate to to be featured in is the campaign of being rich doesn't suck Was the tagline. And the dear. Mr fantasy was the soundtrack. You're saying the first choice was your song and you said no. I saw the ad. And i saw how well it was done. Of course. i was regretful. Because i thought it was great. Add remember clearly because it was one of those kind of you know. I could have been gone with the wind. I could've been. I could've been in the original. Nfl network commercial. I appreciate you equating those to culture iconic moments my commercial and comment the wind up. Billy i think that's that's appropriate. So thank you. I appreciate it all right. Thank you brother that everybody get here about that. Wow that's i mean that's a fan. That was fantastic song for that. And the nfl's like You know they got some of winward has low standards zoning zoning just told me wow. I know that that's a great song. And that's that's actually very ordered. They hit the number. For steve winwood and traffic dear.

Mr fantasy nfl Billy steve winwood
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"steve winwood" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"In the nfl network started. They came to me and they wanted to use my song today for the first promo ad okay. Yeah and what happened. I think i said no with dear. Mr fantasy from traffic had no idea that was originally supposed to be today. I believe i believe i. I don't know how blue can work on your network here. I i believe they They called me at the nfl network. And and i remember thinking. I think they got money. I think they could pay a little bit more. So now. okay in the most Polite manner in which you telling that story so that was one of the greatest commercial campaigns. I've ever been fortunate to to be featured in the campaign of being rich doesn't suck Was the tagline. And the dear. Mr fantasy was the soundtrack. You're saying the first choice was your song and you said no because when i saw the ad and i saw how well it was of course. I was regretful because i thought it was great ad. I'm that's why. I remember it so clearly because it was one of those kind of you know i could have been gone with the wind. I could've been. I could've been in the original. Nfl network commercial. I appreciate you equating those to pop culture iconic moments my commercial and with the wind. Billy i think that's that's appropriate. So thank you. I appreciate it all right. Thank you brother that corgan. Everybody get here about how to. I mean i mean that's a fair. That was fantastic for that. And the nfl's like around a little bit. You know they got some windward has low standards zodiac just told me wow. That's a great song stats. That's actually very ordered. They hit the number. For steve winwood and traffic mr fantasy commercial. I mean that's standard. Should i should. I take a break until the store. I've got stories. Yeah and now. I want to get that clip and put you in over. We'll take a break. We'll take a break. We'll come back on rich set up shop for friday. Wow i am going to have to take a few seconds to that one. Coupes getting up to go putt. Now you're hanging out with some friends and putting.

Mr fantasy nfl corgan Billy steve winwood
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"Want steve winwood give me that. There is a there is some crossover there and there's like this very white dude from the eighties. A lot of them are british. Yes is this specific kind of sound in the production. Where it's they're obviously very influenced by american arm be. Yeah but there's a very kind of just like this white the essence to that they bring heavy. And you've got peter. Gabriel you've got Steve winwood huey lewis. Who is american. Right yeah very minded like was giving that vibe to he had affiliations with the british nick. Lower friends yeah. The news in an earlier. Incarnation as clover as the bandit backup elvis costello on my aim is true really. Yeah there's this new album from laura evola who is a british singer and she's kind of it. It's such a great album. It just came out two weeks ago. Cool which that means. I haven't heard it because you know me. I'm the same like i wanted. I did check out this album. And it's really really fantastic and it sounds like peter. Gabriel and steve winwood. Oh wow that's really here for that. Yeah for sure is it. Did you just hear knocking. Yeah is there a surprise guest coming Think so let's find out ladies gentlemen. Is that a tax collector. It's a ghost. Could be a ghost or it could be the result of the new flooring. They put an upstairs king. Yes not well secured like there's gaps between the floorboard and the paneling great job guys. Yeah terrific job. Really easy to get redone to and that's a whole nother story. But he had there. Is that british soul thing. Then also coincided with the whole big chill soundtrack thing and then the godforsaken california raisins Wow yeah there was a lot of that stuff going on a. I think there was a certain fatigue happen. Yeah yeah there was like kind of like a hokey hoping to yes exactly but Where were we so you're twelve. And then some twelve shock akon. So that's that's a nice thing to have in your back pocket if you ever have a little moment of doubt but your voice shocked on. She won't remember. This probably did say didn't yes. He did say what a goofy thing to ask chaka. Khan but why would she remember. The nfc wouldn't remember. That's like that's terrific souffle. I remembered it is about you and she shock a yeah. Twelve right yeah. It wasn't like a big moment for her and her life but that that's like the. The taylor always remembers at frank sinatra. Really like the cut of the suit that he helped him with that time. Right rank wooden rumor abobo the yeah. Kind of a weird thing to bring up. Yeah who's at journalists. get him. Let's get him and get him and taught hanes together to find out what the hell's going on so you're twelve and then what are you doing in terms of music outside the church. I'm so at that point. I was just doing a lot of singing in church..

steve winwood Steve winwood huey lewis laura evola Gabriel peter elvis costello chaka california nfc Khan frank sinatra taylor
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"Happening. I wasn't in any pain and i was joking around with the nurses. Meanwhile everyone around me was having actual emergencies like the woman. Next door to me was screaming. And like i don't know what the hell the doctor was doing. Press my little buzzer and it'd be like. Is there anything you can do about that whole situation trying to watch some tv here. It's kind of distracting. Maybe you can move me. Part of me You know of course was freaking out. Because you're in technically an emergency situation but the other part of me is like glad i was there because maybe i could get some answers like. Why is my heart doing that. Like every once in a while every couple of years it just goes crazy outta whack. And i never get an answer by the way. No one knows what the hell's going on this doctor at the emergency room was pretty good though. He's way more comforting than even my cardiologists. At least the emergency room doctor was like look you know nothing major is happening right now. Nothing bad they did like ekg's. I even had like an x ray done. You know that he was like you're not having a heart attack. It's just weird thing also unlike back in two thousand thirteen or two thousand fourteen. Whenever this happened the first time i was not an eighth my heart was Like steady it was going fast but it was steady the other thing the doctor thought maybe it was probably not this but it could be. I love this one. I'm hoping this is it. He's like it could be thyroid. Problem like hyperthyroidism. Or something. And i love that idea. Because isn't that what every fat woman says she has like. That's why i'm overweight. It's a thyroid problem. I would love to be diagnosed with the thyroid problem. So i could blame my weight on that so cross cross your fingers for thyroid problem rather than sleep apnea again. All in all i was there for maybe two hours. They gave me out of outta van. I think it was just to calm my nerves. Which by the way. I did not get a prescription for. They gave me like a one out of and they're like nope. Go to your regular doctor. If you want more. I can never get good stuff and you know what it did kind of take the edge off and i got. I got when i got home. I got to sleep relatively quickly. I don't even remember falling asleep or heading to bed. It was nice when i did finally wake up in the morning. I was fully expecting to do a show. Because again i was. I was feeling fine by that point. My heart was back to normal. There is no residual weird side effects. I was. I was absolutely fine and then later in the evening. That's when the storms hit our went out and should all over those plans. So even though i was in the emergency room it was not going to affect the schedule of distorted view daily. Which i know is your main concern. I was thinking back. Like what was i doing right before my heart rate started going all crazy like i said i posted a show. Then i think i went downstairs eight. Some potato chips will late night. Snack took a shower and went to bed. The chips were like super salty. Maybe that had something to do with it. Sodium and then also tuesday's episode was a great one. It was a lot of fun. We talked about mead skeletons. Fourth of july spectacular. It was crazy breaks. If you are not yet side members you gotta sign up and listen to that recap. The man is fucking nuts. Oh it was so much fun going through that But then later on in the program. I was baited into singing. And i'm gonna tell you. Whoever this listener is colored the voicemail line jahmil. Sunday killed me. You have one of the most chanting boyhood. Are you talking about me. This bearing at a song yeah. I'd be happy to sing to you right now. Actually listening back. He's not asking me to sing a song. He saying my voice. My speaking voice is so pleasant. It's like a song. But what i heard was sent me a song tim and then i did and then my heart nearly exploded by the way in case. You're wondering the song that nearly killed me was steve winwood. I know this is a dark thought. And i'm glad i'm alive. But how great would it be. If i would have died that night cause of death bring me a higher love.

heart attack apnea tim steve winwood
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"Mr Z Trying time is 10 19, Bob JIA Quinn. So here hanging out with you were rolling with it. Steve Winwood in there as well Right now, let's get a check on those roadways. See what's going on. It's New Jersey. Fast traffic. Well, good to go around the state this evening, Major highways all fine. I don't think we'll see any construction pop up for the overnight hours. I imagine it's all been put on hold for the long holiday weekend. So both the parkway and turnpike look good right now. No accidents posted in same story on to 87 from Edison Up to Parsippany. You look good. And Toms River. They have still got Bay Avenue close for a crash being cleared away. That detour running both ways between Cedar Grove Road and Von Avenue crossings. All fine. They cleared away police activity at the Lincoln Tunnel. At one point, they had the center tube. Shut down. That has since been reopened. So we looked around the helix right into the tube. Holland Tunnel light off. Both approaches gwb fine on both decks. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next report. 10 33 on New Jersey one A 1.5, New Jersey traffic is made possible by New York Blood Center. They're building the nation supply of convalescent plasma to treat their patients with serious or immediately life threatening Covad 19 infections. Visit and wide b c dot org's to register and donate today. Jersey, but up Cloudy skies tonight for the rest of the night lows dropped down. The 30 Sprinkles or flurries are quite possible. For tomorrow. It'll be nice and sunny, though a slight chance of snow for.

New Jersey Steve Winwood Bob JIA Quinn Lincoln Tunnel Holland Tunnel Toms River Parsippany Mr Z Cloudy skies New York Blood Center Edison
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"I'm talking about time off a moment ago. I was not here on Wednesday or yesterday. Cherry. Did you and Mr T on Wednesday or You and Chris duel yesterday talked all about the death of Spencer Davis. We did not shame on you, man. No, this is Slappy. Coworkers say I'm in a different studio. You can touch me OK? Spencer Davis, leader of the Spencer Davis Group passed away on Tuesday at the age of 81. His agent, said he died in the hospital while being treated for pneumonia. Born in Wales in 1939 in the early days of Spencer Davis is career he performed in bands with the likes of Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman. Christine Perfect, Who later, of course, became Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie, and he formed the Spencer Davis Group in 1963 with a 15 year old Steve Winwood on keyboards and guitar and bass guitar in that band was Steve Winwood's brother, Muff. Winwood. I'm guessing that's a nickname. They had huge hits. Keep on running in 65. Somebody helped me in 1966 Davis later released a couple of solo albums. He will be missed rest in peace and also passing away. We ever heard of actress and dancer Marge Champion. She died on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. Oh, no. She was starting her career dancing and acting in films in the late 19 thirties. Her first gig was being the model. For Disney Snow White. Oh, wow! In the 1937 animated classic. Her father was a dancer and was friends with Walt Disney. The movies. All male animation team studied her movements in order to make snow white. Move more Realistically, they also used her movements for dopey The Blue Fairy and Pinocchio hyacinth hippo in Fantasia and Mr Stork in Dumbo. So wide spectrum there Yeah, and speaking of wide spectrums. Her stepdaughter. Marge's stepdaughter is Katey Sagal from married with Children and sons of anarchy. John Hannity's morning minute your weekend Earworm before nine. If you were hurt in an accident, Thomas Tree Henry can help. Let us help you get a rental car, make your medical.

Spencer Davis Spencer Davis Group Steve Winwood Marge Champion Christine Perfect Mr T Bill Wyman Katey Sagal Walt Disney Chris duel pneumonia Thomas Tree Mr Stork John Hannity Wales Dumbo Muff
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"Leopard has the one armed drummer drummer, right? Yeah, exactly. I almost bought his house in in Los Angeles. Yeah, Yeah, I got a got a tour of the house and there's no Yeah, well, that's pretty cool. I don't know that. Nothing. Just a real estate agent. And But you know who the real estate agent wass who had forgotten about this? The real estate agent was Sharona from my Sharona give literally wrote the song The Knack song, My Sharona, which old older boys and girls may remember. Ah, I want to see her Last name was Was like Rubinstein or launched a nor something like that. Yeah. Sharona or Rosen? Maybe Sharona Rosen. I forget. Gosh, Betty when she was my real estate agent, for sure, she was the real estate agent representing the house. That was it anyway. She was when they wrote my Sharona man, you know, on the neck. That's which is interesting. The only other thing I leave it with wins the passing of Tony Lewis at 62. I learnt this today. The outfield actually first name themselves the baseball boys. Oh, there's the manager said. Yeah, you might want to change that. But they stuck with the theme so that song that you heard was from the album play Deep, which explains earlier is something well. Arrest in peace. That's way too young to to pass away. Who else is part of the obituaries? Seems like we're losing so many musicians to Spencer Davis, the band leader of the Spencer Davis Group, who produced the hits. Keep on running and give me some 11 has done me some loving Will you tell me something? Yeah. I'm sorry. How old a man was he? He was 81 years old. He died of pneumonia. But what I learned today is that his band members you'll know I being the musician Steve Winwood was just about to ask you. I think, Steve One word is the lead vocalist here. Always that right? OK, I was going to ask you. I wasn't sure. But I thought maybe you would know, you know that. I know. I know. I was going to say I think I know.

Sharona Rosen Spencer Davis Los Angeles Steve Winwood Spencer Davis Group Tony Lewis baseball Rubinstein Steve One pneumonia
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"steve winwood" Discussed on X96

"It was Spencer Davis when they recorded that song. You haven't mentioned that weight. The only one I'd let David Lee Roth time last week was telling me All very confused. It is risky. If Gina it's not confusing yourself kissing on Steve would would. I don't know anything about Spencer Davis. And he's the one that died. I just told you about Spencer Davis. He was 81. He formed the band Davis Group. They had three hits with Steve Winwood singing So you're telling me after What you're telling me here is as usual. You don't listen to a thing. No, I just think you're hung up on Steve Winwood, and he didn't even die. You're the one who keeps bringing up. Steve would now we've got a texture asking. Did Sam Elliott dy? No mite is Emilia? Did you watch the that ran during the World Series for No, because it was during the world's No. I found it too confusing. I couldn't. I couldn't want watcher that was too confusing. I thought, What is this? Is this an ad for beef? Wasn't it? It was an ad for Joe Biden. It wasn't a never beef because if it's Sam Elliott, I'm thinking it's beef. Is it Biden? He's what's for dinner. Is that what they you've got? You've got the calming soothing Speaking to the seniors, voice of Sam Elliott telling him to vote for Joe, but I'm confused. Does he want us to vote for Joe Biden? Nor does he want us to eat beef? Yeah. Both actually That's confusing. I think, with Sam Elliott ever in a band I'm just wondering why you don't think he did. I said, I heard a little bit of that Add and he didn't sound well. Sam Elliott is older. Here's oldest Spencer Davis. Spencer Davis was 81 when he died in Los Angeles, Gina Spencer Davis died in Los Angeles. He was 81. Let's see. 76 Sam Elliott, seven. Oh, Here's a picture of Steve Winwood and his brother Muff Winwood. Why do you have to get the name off? Now? That's confusing to me. You think my office is real name or a nickname? I don't know. Let's look, it could be a simple as his parents hated him. Oh, yeah, Here's. Here's why it's muff because his real first name is Mervyn. Mervyn like the story. That's a really lame I can't go by Mervyn! Mervyn. Just call me Mum. Call me Mum. I'm prone to accidents. And my name is Mervyn. So call me, Ma. You know, I muffed it his way. Ah, well, anyway, Steve and Steve Winwood, one of the great voices of all time, I think, Is he still really stuff? No, but muff was named after because now I've gone down. Oh, I almost said that I probably shouldn't have gone to the low. Don't just What is that? What's wrong with that? TV character called Muffin, The Mule, a British TV character. That's what you do. That's you know, that's one of those things. Jean When you bring up a fact like that, I go. You are always curious where people's nicknames come from. That's a thing with, you.

Steve Winwood Spencer Davis Sam Elliott Mervyn Joe Biden Muff Winwood Gina it Davis Group David Lee Roth Los Angeles Emilia Jean Ma
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"steve winwood" Discussed on WTOP

"It works on Valeska Plasma has been used for more than a century, but never like this before. Doctors at two local hospitals air giving it now to patients who have been exposed to the corona virus. But before they even get infected or developed symptoms tonight on news for you'll hear from researchers and a Maryland doctor who took part in the study, see how it works and what you could do if you'd like to take part in the clinical trial That's coming up tonight on news four at six. For the first time. A former CIA officer is speaking out about being attacked by a sonic weapon, not in Cuba or China, like the U. S diplomats. But while undercover in Russia here's w t o P national security correspondent J. J Green after dangerous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, probably the most scared I've ever been, because I really didn't know it was happening. Vertigo, nausea ringing in the years couldn't even stand up. That's what happened to Marke Polymer Rapolas in early December 2017. He was in Moscow just about a week later, just as well. Down for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Moscow It happened again dizziness and nausea and those symptoms for years later, I'm not gonna wait. 24 7 migraine, but his biggest worry today. Reluctance CIA to acknowledge that something has happened to us and to get us the treatment that we need. Spokesperson Nicole Hey says CIA's first priority has been and continues to be the welfare of our officers. J G Green w T o P News GOP at 5 53 Legendary British rocker Spencer Davis has done Davis was the British guitarist and band leader whose eponymous rock group had 19 sixties classic like I'm a Man and Give Me some loving, lead singer of that band was a very young Steve Winwood. He was a teenager. At the time. Davis's agent says that he died in a hospital while being treated for pneumonia. He didn't give a location, but British media reported. Davis lived in California. Spencer Davis dead at the age of 81 coming up next in money news, that online grocery thing Am I just catch on Jeff labeled 5 50 for right now we.

Spencer Davis CIA Moscow Steve Winwood Valeska Plasma J. J Green Marke Polymer Rapolas nausea Vertigo Maryland Nicole Hey officer Russia GOP Jeff Cuba Iraq China pneumonia California
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"steve winwood" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"To talk again. Trying to narrow the differences over Corona virus relief President Trump says he'd be willing to spend more than what Democrats want. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell now says if a deal is reached, he'd be willing to give it a vote. The White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow says it's not just about the bottom line is not going to sign on to some idealized, go political package that has nothing to do with covert or the economy, which is still a problem in the Democratic offering. So we shall see. President also says he doesn't think Pelosi really wants a deal before Election Day, And for now, Senate Republicans are focusing on smaller targeted proposals that Democrats have rejected before. The final faceoff between President Trump and Joe Biden later this week will include a mute button, but only at certain times. The way that it's going to work on Thursday night will be the on ly microphone That's going to be turned on is the King. Whose turn it is to talk at the top of each segment for two minutes after Trump and Biden make their opening remarks, both mikes will go back on for the remaining Nine minutes, all controlled by someone backstage with the commission on Presidential Debates boxes. Peter Doocy in Wilmington, where the Democratic nominee is focusing on debate prep while the president continues to hold daily rallies heading later today to Pennsylvania. British rocker Spencer Davis has done his Spencer Davis Group, which included a teenage Steve Winwood had that in a string of other hits in the sixties, part of the so called Beat movement inspired by American rhythm and blues..

President Trump President Senate Joe Biden Larry Kudlow Mitch McConnell Spencer Davis Spencer Davis Group Steve Winwood Peter Doocy economic adviser White House Wilmington Pennsylvania Pelosi
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"Nine o'clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in. There's an old man sitting next to me making love to his tonic and gin. Hello there. Bob's on the job. You're novice set Bob all the way until midnight in this hour. Bob Seger Steve Winwood bruise so much more on the way. In the meantime, Dixie's midnight runners saying What? She's dirties Thie jersey time. Time is 905 here with Bob O'Brien. I live at the Jersey Shore area, and we call this part of the season the summer season local summer because most of the tourists are gone, we get the beaches to ourselves. And it was sure nice heading down the parkway. I was in Fairfield, New Jersey, earlier today, way up north at a vinyl record Collectors show and then sailed down the parkway all the way back to the Jersey shore with no problem on a weekend that was indeed a treat. I love this time of year. Hopefully you're having the same on your road way. Let's see. It's New Jersey Fast traffic..

Bob Seger Steve Winwood Bob Jersey Shore Bob O'Brien New Jersey Dixie Fairfield
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"With Steve Ringo. That song is pretty awesome. Steve Winwood, listen to that thing back in 88. I can't even believe that That song is still so popular on the air right in that single was number one for over four weeks during the summer of 88. So that was definitely good year. I remember my parents just jamming out to this. So I love this new, serious station that I listen to all the time you got radio. So if you've ever heard that everybody knows that, that's what the guy says, and he plays that plays a song. Quite a bit is a pretty awesome station. To hear some of the you know, really popular songs. But while 1988 that's hard to believe, because Blake my son was born in 1990. Yeah, so Wow, that's pretty crazy. That is crazy. Well, Steve, you know what's crazy? What's crazy? I'm looking at all these illustrations on the studio table, and I don't know which one to pull up next. But you know, one of the things that we hear whenever we're doing the zoom meetings, which is really pretty cool, because now I've got it down. But being able to share the files show you the illustrations is so powerful when we run in Camilla stray shin to show you how it really works. What is trust but verify. So I ran an illustration for a gentleman here in the D F W area, and I guess Well, I don't You know, I want to run it at 4% Go back and have him run a 4% on like I can't do that. We have to run. It is compliant right compliance, So it's like it runs what The numbers are, and he's like, well. This isn't what I thought and knew what he was. I thought the annuity always was. I give my money to the insurance company. And sooner or later, I'm just going to, you know, give up control of my asset, and then I'm going to take an income for life and I can run my own money. But I, you know, kind of get nervous about the market. But then, when he saw these strategies he's like This is not what I thought. Innuit Iwas I'm like, right. And if you look at the rates of return and how you're able to have a great income or even take money off of your annuity, allow the the core asset to continue to grow. He's like, Well, I'm just completely floored. I'm like we hear it all the time. Yeah, I mean it's and it's one of the biggest misconceptions out there right the way I kind of like to relate it to it. It's you know, let's talk about the lottery, for example, you forget the lump sum or you get the annuity payments when people hear annuity payments that's traditionally innuit ization where you're relinquishing control of an asset. The nice thing about the types of annuities that we work with. We have the ability to work with all of them, but the ones that were talking about on today's show is the fact that we're actually able to take Ah portion of your money. Protect it grow and have flexibility. So we're not actually creating a lifetime income stream where we're giving up control of that asset. We're using it just like we would any other type of savings or even some of your different types of investment types of strategies that are out there. So the fact that we're able to put a 1,000,000 in It's going to be protected. You have the ability to grow it. You can access funds and then at some point in time, if you want to take your money and leave you, Khun dude that unlike traditional innuit ization where it's okay, I'm going to give the insurance company $1,000,000. They're going to get any payments for the rest of my life, which usually that average rate of return is probably based on two, maybe 3%. So the nice thing about these strategies as we have the ability to grow This portfolio at a much more significant rate, and like you were saying the gentleman wanted a 4% rate. It's like they illustrate worst case scenario higher than that throws five by Point drive. One right worst case, right? So it's pretty interesting, and as I was talking to him, I said, Here's what we want to do. We want to grow your money over the next 10 years, and we wanna have a CZ much growth as we can get. And you can get that on a two year option and there's videos on our website and do it and done so. You can understand how that works, but the two are options going to give you more bang for your buck. Because that interest is gonna have a little bit of accelerator on it a little bonus on it. So if you can wait two years for you when you see the return, she'll just be blown away versus every year having the interest credited and eat if you take a look at a portfolio that goes up in value goes down. You never really book that return. So here we were just gonna book at every two years. If you want to get a bee in a big bang for your buck. And it's just a great feature. And I think also Steve when I was looking at that, so the median return is a 0.6% so just a little over 8%. That's compound. And then the highest is 9.19%. I'll tell you what, Let's just take a look. Here's a $1,000,000 we're taking a look at how that's going to grow, and I had a gentleman take a bunch of income off of it, and it's he's going to take off about 5% So he's had all this money coming in, and then he's still going to be like $1.5 million that he has available to him to roll over. At the end of a 10 year period. But we've been taken out tremendous amounts of money. He's like boys. It changed. It totally has over for everybody that's out there. Pick up the phone. Our phones are being answered Life today, the phone number that we can be reached at for your complimentary meeting the A conference call zoom face to face anyway. You want to connect we can do. It is 972473 47 100 again. That's 972 473 47 100. I see Cathy digging in on a couple more illustrations here for sir, some recent clients. Yes, There's also a great company out there that we can. Let's just say that you needed immediate income. What does that look like? Law? Here's another gentleman. It seems like every person that comes in here is putting in a $1,000,000. Who wants to be a millionaire Now? Who wants to keep your millionaire? Right? So here's a $1,000,000 going in And let me take a look at here said this person is 69 years old, and because we're doing a joint payout, and his wife is substantially much younger than he is, so they take a look at her age because they have to calculate What her life expectancy is, so they're going to end up having they put in. I'm sorry, $2 million their income is going to be $130,000 a year guaranteed within 30 days. They're going to start their monthly payments. And then let's just say, Here we go. We're going to say six years into it. Something comes up. You've been receiving all of that money and you've got over like $1.6 million of cash sitting there just in case you needed it. So.

Steve Steve Winwood Steve Ringo Camilla Blake Cathy
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"Slow it down a little bit from the rock and eighties tunes. We have been playing house. I know a lot of you might need a nap after he's not big, old large. Steve Winwood material Girl Madonna on the way, Let's do the Bangles eternal flame and just shut your eyes and my heart beating. Do you stand on end? Not when you made My CD Do you stand Today's blue Plate special at the House of Retro Pleasure your fingers with a side of fun. I love the eighties on Sonny, one of.

Steve Winwood Girl Madonna Sonny
Kygo Teams Up With One Of His Favorite Artists Ever

Direct from Hollywood

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Kygo Teams Up With One Of His Favorite Artists Ever

"Kyko help the late Whitney Houston returned to billboard hot, one hundred posthumously something she did dozens of times while alive with his reimagining of Harare, one, thousand, nine hundred ninety cover of Steve, winwood higher love, and with his next project. He's bringing another song from the past back this time from the legendary Tina Turner. Version of Tina's only solo number one, the nineteen, eighty, six classic. What's love got to do with it? Which kyw go names as one of his all time favorite songs writing on social, it feels surreal to get the opportunity to work with such a legendary artists. Now it appears this version will be entirely new with Tina providing vocals, but we'll know for sure when Kyko Tina Turner. What's love got to do with? It arrives on Friday.

Kyko Tina Turner Whitney Houston Steve Winwood
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"Well Chris with with that that's that's Steve Winwood saying yes to Spencer Dave Spencer Davis one running and it was record written and recorded by Jackie Edwards in nineteen fifty five and then a couple months later thanks for Davis group right now I thought Spencer Davis wrote that so wow and then in the UK it hit number one and it only hit seventy six on the charts on that's still snappy tune yep yep yep one more down in the Saint Augustine we got the same all the same at the theaters only like two miles from my house in Saint Augustine we still saw Steve Winwood and his daughter lily when what was the opening act those last last a year they have love like they get like may April last year something like that this time last year fantastic show that your listing the safe retirement solutions radio and I'm Robert borough we have here with way coffin of course Sir Chris the cruiser six eighty musicologist yeah where you're getting to be a little bit famous now out on the radio you know a lot of people tell me route that I got a face for radio I agree with that I'm not sure what that means but I'll take get back to social security benefits you really want to delay your your filing as long as possible said you can maximize the benefit that you're getting then you're entitled to what your full retirement age now that age is either sixty six or sixty seven or somewhere in between depending upon the year that you were born but you don't have to sign up for social security at your full retirement age you can delay filing for up to age seventy now think about that though S. age seventy the benefit does not increase and in between your full retirement age let's say sixty six and eight seventy your benefits are increasing at eight percent every year and that doesn't even include your cost of living adjustment so keep that in mind that means if you're looking at your full retirement age of sixty six following eight set six at age seventy we're gonna wind up getting twenty six percent more monthly income another thing you want to do is you if if you wanna maximize says security since social security benefits are earning space the more money that you make the more you're going to get when you retire so it pays to do whatever you can to increase your wages whether that means boosting your skills maybe get become more valuable at your current occupation taking on additional responsibilities to pave the way for promotion or researching salary data in your own industry maybe shopping your particular job around to see if there's another employer that's going to pay you more money than that breaking the shortcomings zero players attention exactly chances are you're counting on social security to provide a significant chunk of your senior income and what benefit cuts may be inevitable you can do your part to make up for them by taking the steps that we're discussing today so you know doing so we'll just put more money in your pocket but it will buy you more peace of time in the future when you retire because peace of mind you can't buy peace of mind you know but.

Chris Steve Winwood Spencer Dave Spencer Davis
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"steve winwood" Discussed on 850 WFTL

"From nineteen eighty six and the album back in the highlight Steve Winwood and his first number one hit its higher love on sunny yeah working from home has its challenges if you get all this great music right and think about your commute what commute I played one oh seven nine thank you up and make you feel good the greatest hits of the seventies eighties and nineties on sunny windows seven nine did I what is this one is and does as long as what is god I love the cars never gonna see him again that that really sucks as part of a we love the eighties we.

Steve Winwood
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"steve winwood" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"Stories about guns and roses are insane. They brawled with cops. Dealt Drugs Rob Unsuspecting friends. Fans and one night stands singer. Axl Rose once slept with drummer. Steven Adler girlfriend and recorded her orgasm for an overdubbed. In one of their songs their music and the attitude that propelled it was so authentic and so compelling that it instigated riots on multiple occasions guns N. Roses was the real deal. Violent aggressive of the street in four the street a product of nineteen eighties Los Angeles as bipolar as Gina's notoriously short tempered and moody frontman hard and hedonistic all at once and they made great music. That music you heard at the top of the show. That wasn't great music. That was a preset loop for my mellow tron called Castro McQueen's last call 'EM K. One I've played you that loop because I can't afford the rights to roll it by Steve Winwood. And why would I play you? That specific slice of divorce rock cheese. Could I afford it? Because that was the number one song in America on August Twentieth Nineteen eighty-eight and that was the guns and roses took the stage Castle Donnington kicking off one of the deadliest days in rock and roll on this. The first of a special two part episode commenced season five Castro. Mcqueen's last call divorce rock cheese to dead at Donnington and guns and roses. I'm Jay Brennan.

N. Roses Castro McQueen Axl Rose Steven Adler Steve Winwood Jay Brennan Los Angeles Gina America