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Marvel's 'What if…?' Series Explained


01:22 min | Last month

Marvel's 'What if…?' Series Explained

"That we are heavy into the Marvel Cinematic universe and another property just dropped this week on the Disney Plus APP. It is called. What if And it's very simple. You know what if Peggy Carter got the Super soldier serum, as opposed to Steve Rogers. What if we found out this week to Walla? I don't know about you, but I love the first episode. It's animated in nature, but it has implications for the live action Cinematic universe. Not only does it have implications for the live action Marvel cinematic universe. This is actually an animated canon series, meaning everything that happens in this series actually exist within the larger marvel cinematic universe. These stories are not just Hey, this is just a fun idea and well exposed the viewers to something that You know, can boggle their mind and actually have them asking what if the things that happened in this series spend directly out of the Loki series? What if is essentially a spin off or continuation of what we were exposed to in the Loki series with the existence of the multiverse? For

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Chris Evans Returning to Marvel Cinematic Universe in Some Vague Way

/Film Daily

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Chris Evans Returning to Marvel Cinematic Universe in Some Vague Way

"Chris evans is reportedly in talks to make turn to the marvel. Cinematic universe as steve rogers aka captain america after he supposedly retired the character in avengers endgame. It's deadline broke. The news that chris evans is closing in on a deal to reprise his role of at least one property with the door open for a second film. Whoever they won't likely won't be captain. America solo projects but in ensemble or other superheroes solo films akin to how robert downey junior operated in the mcu post iron man. Three with appearances in cats america's civil war spiderman homecoming and of course the avengers

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How Does Captain America's Shield Work?


04:04 min | 1 year ago

How Does Captain America's Shield Work?

"The official marvel comics database says that Captain America's shield is a metal disc that's approximately two point five feet in diameter and weighs twelve pounds. But Rhett Lane at wired magazine did some math and figured out that it would be more likely to weigh forty three point nine pounds despite the shield being made of a unique alloy combining vibrant. NEOM, which is. A fictional metal steel in an unknown third component. Elaine also figured out that the density of the shield would be somewhere between eight, thousand, seven, hundred, sixty, seven, and four, thousand, three, hundred, eighty, three kilograms per meter cubed. That is somewhere between the density of iron and titanium. Now in the Captain America Comics Story goes that Dr. Myron McLean was attempting to replicate Hercules Golden Mace fusing. Vibrant NEOM with an experimental iron alloy some say it was a steel alloy but even McLean didn't know what it was because he fell asleep when an unknown catalyst was introduced to the process he was never able to duplicate the process. So the government painted the disk and gave it to Captain America. But how would you forge such a thing? Especially since metallurgy is so complicated just The forging temperature alone depends on the materials carbon content. It's alloy composition maximum plasticity in the amount of reduction required. Was it heated by induction or by continuous fuel fired furnaces with material this unique you'd have to carefully control the heating process. Now, Ford ability is how easy or difficult material resists de formation and since Captain America's shield is indestructible, it would have to be a very Narrow forging temperature range meaning it could only be forged for a short time after heating with metallurgical factors like crystal structure chemical composition in grain-size at play the only way McLean could have diminished their influence would-be by adding alloying wants possibly compounds that easily dissolved with the metal. There are all types of elements that could have been introduced, but it's likely the captain America's shield was forged. Like a super alloy, this is how metallurgist refer to iron base nickel base in cobalt based alloys. Specifically, the ones that offer very high strength at high temperatures. These really high strength metals and iron based grades are the least difficult wants to work with. So that would narrow down Mcclain's experimental alloy to iron super-alloys are really difficult to forge because of their narrow temperature range you can't. Even use regular sizing presses in hammers on them because they will deform. They even wear down the tools designed for forging them pretty easily. They're also extremely expensive like ten times. The price of carbon steel sounds a lot like captain America's shield right. But how do we explain the shields ability to absorb kinetic energy supposedly from the vibe rhenium in the alloy usually materials absorb kinetic energy. Through other mechanisms like plastic or elastic deformation or dynamic fluid flow but cap shield doesn't seem to be an elastic metric material and it's not organic like polyurethane in the movies it actually seems to reflect vibration rather than absorb it like when thor hits with Mueller in that first avengers movie and the shockwave flattens a whole forest. Perhaps that was because the shield reached its absorption limit. Another thing that's tough to explain his how aerodynamic the shield is. If it really weighed forty three point, nine pounds, it would be difficult to throw even for a guy in peak physical condition like Steve Rogers the comics Tony Stark actually puts electromagnet under the shield to help control it in mid flight but captain America later ditched them because they upset the shields natural balance it seems like the soldier and the shield are made for each other.

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"steve  rogers" Discussed on MTR Network Main Feed

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"steve rogers" Discussed on MTR Network Main Feed

"In and <Speech_Male> I think that's <Speech_Male> what you're seeing right now with <Speech_Male> the coaches run <SpeakerChange> is <Speech_Male> trying to get Steve <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> feel the <Speech_Male> for him to <Speech_Male> feel like he's earned <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> the right to <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> be captain America <Silence> <Advertisement> again. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Because even though it wasn't <Speech_Male> him, <Speech_Male> that did those things <Speech_Male> it was. It was Hydra Supreme. <Speech_Male> The Steve that was hydro <Speech_Male> supreme, even <Speech_Male> though it wasn't him. <Speech_Male> He's still feels responsible <Speech_Male> for that <Speech_Male> and sees that <Speech_Male> look of again <Speech_Male> we when you <Speech_Male> read through all these issues <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> and you go through all <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> these the the history of <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Steve Rogers <SpeakerChange> you. See All the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> times where. <Silence> <Advertisement> When he reaches out. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> To help. <Speech_Male> An innocent life, and they <Speech_Male> pull back because something <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> that's happened before <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> because some kind of campaign <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> to turn <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> people against <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Captain America <Silence> <Advertisement> and you're seeing that again now. <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> That's where we're <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> at now. It's <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> it's one those things <Silence> <Advertisement> where. <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> The fact <Silence> <Advertisement> that it's one story. <Silence> Yes. <Silence> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> And because <Speech_Male> inside time we're <Speech_Male> allowed to tell similar <Speech_Male> story over and over again <Speech_Male> lots of <Speech_Male> current. <Speech_Male> Speak to the <Silence> <Advertisement> current climate. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> That's <Silence> all done here. <Silence> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> That they knew they <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> could tell. <Speech_Male> How does the world outside <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> reflect? <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Male> archetypical <Silence> story <SpeakerChange> about CAP. <Silence> <Speech_Male> <Silence> Nailed it. <Silence> and. <Speech_Male> <Silence> People who? <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Speak ill <Speech_Male> this run and I <Speech_Male> would tell you guys just reading <Speech_Male> the books <Speech_Male> don't want <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> even if you don't trust <Speech_Male> us after all these years, <Silence> <Advertisement> it's read the books. <Silence> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> We're not gonNA. Reach time. <Speech_Male> We're GONNA <Speech_Male> to and trust <Speech_Male> me <SpeakerChange> things I. Don't <Silence> do this podcast. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Like I gotta <Speech_Male> find somebody to sit in on <Speech_Male> the heroes reborn. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> FIASCO <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> 'CAUSE <Speech_Male> I just <Speech_Male> won't be your boy. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I couldn't find out what I <Speech_Male> gotta do to get <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> cut. Feel like just <Speech_Male> the reactions of <Silence> that would be. <Speech_Male> There <Speech_Male> is no <SpeakerChange> way I <Speech_Male> wanNA make that. <Speech_Male> No <Speech_Male> I think we. <Speech_Male> Actually <Speech_Male> do some of it for like <Speech_Male> the for <Speech_Male> Ironman <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> year. We're not doing that <Speech_Male> shit again. <Speech_Male> I looked <Speech_Male> out. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Now I <Speech_Male> didn't read it when it happened <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> reading <SpeakerChange> fucking <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> everything, right? <Speech_Music_Male> <Silence> <Advertisement> Oh. <Speech_Music_Male> <Speech_Male> Well our folks. <Silence> They have that as our. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Cap Captain America <Speech_Male> part one. Steve Rogers <Speech_Male> the men <Speech_Male> behind the shield. <Speech_Male> We are going <Speech_Male> to. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Be Back <Speech_Male> probably in a couple of weeks <Speech_Male> we move, wrap up <Speech_Male> We'll hit some of the <Speech_Male> stuff that we skipped over. <Speech_Male> There are big chunks <Speech_Male> of the big chunks where <Speech_Male> particularly we're <Silence> buddies cap. <Speech_Male> For <Speech_Male> a while there <Speech_Male> and <SpeakerChange> We'll <Speech_Male> hit those <Speech_Male> <hes> tragedy <Speech_Male> of all the other cats. America's <Speech_Male> in the weight <Speech_Male> in the reason why Bucky <Speech_Male> was the biggest <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Sheila. This shield <Silence> <Advertisement> breaks people. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Yeah! <Silence> <Advertisement> This shoot will break <Silence> <Advertisement> you. <Silence> <Advertisement> Yeah! <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> It's <Silence> <Advertisement> not an easy thing. <Silence> all. You know. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> You <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> ask them to do it? It was <Silence> <Advertisement> not small at <Silence> <Advertisement> <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> the. <Speech_Music_Male> <hes> <Speech_Music_Male> all right. <Speech_Male>

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"steve  rogers" Discussed on MTR Network Main Feed

MTR Network Main Feed

05:22 min | 1 year ago

"steve rogers" Discussed on MTR Network Main Feed

"There's another one of those things that if you're not really familiar with these captain America, books you spend. This is ridiculous I'm like no. This is normal like you'd be shocked. How many times? Some of the best cap runs come back to him. Dealing with the internal between him and the rest goal and the Casa Cuba's involved. Is just what it is. Yeah, so. Yes we get. The same Wilson and salmon and cap become. Partners. And the book as important, even becomes captain America and the Falcon. It's. It's there for a long while actually end. We get like. But Scuba means that once you get kappa partner again. It almost starts to make the story more. Engaging, because then you get immediately, defy fake Rogers and Jack Monroe. And so the net. In the gap between caps disappearance. Trying. CATAMACAS occur, said the PODCAST. Jaclyn Jose particularly sad story. He snapped with crazy and. Having to put him down. and. He does it, but man it is. Sad Tale Jacqueline, let's just bad right now. We'll we'll cover into. We'll go into those later on and you're right. Those cases of the there, but for the grace of God go Steve It's it's again. It's a scene. Cap American combat? Yep. and in having to have the real cap if you will come on down but also bring you know that becomes captain, America and the Falcon offer won't because again when Sam eventually gets the shield later all those year later, people look I can't believe. I'm like when you look at it. Look at the history. It's OK America's like it's almost point. It was over deep. Like anybody was going to pick up the shield. Sam. Sam Is there when there's a part when we get into the Brubaker run where they're trying to read. Sharing trying to reach Steve. A Knicks Ronald. Reach out to Steve and they and they go. We got a call. The we basically we've got calling the big guns and who they call, they.

Steve It captain America partner Sam Jaclyn Jose Casa Cuba Knicks Falcon Jacqueline Brubaker Rogers Jack Monroe
"steve  rogers" Discussed on Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

01:43 min | 1 year ago

"steve rogers" Discussed on Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

"The pass. so I can have that closed loop, so you can have a closed loop and you can have you know an alternate time that both can be right. It's just that like like Like a DIJK says at the start you know. Where to sticks in the streams, probably built the dam now diverting the time slow, you know. And of course that is. That and that of course is the argument with Steve Rogers going back in time that he always was going to go back in time. Anti knew that he would do it so long as he stayed on the path. Now here's the. One says Oh. You know what what was that like the last? Here's a theoretical possibility. We see Rogers Rogers on the bench. What if there's another seen that we never saw were old Steve Rogers comes to this visits. See Rogers to tell them what they did. Oh, now then it is still see Rogers, and because then I think even see budgets that knowledge your choice. You can go back and you can come back and it doesn't matter it doesn't. Doesn't affect my life, because I've already lived my life, but if you want what I've done this what you do, and he also makes other point, and the end is you wanna go back in six all the problems that we never did. You can do that, too, but then you're going to be in an alternate timeline, and it creates interesting paradox where there's one Steve Rogers, who went back in time, lived a life with Peggy. Carter did nothing. You know with you know that basically.

Rogers Rogers Steve Rogers Carter Peggy
"steve  rogers" Discussed on KTRH


02:22 min | 1 year ago

"steve rogers" Discussed on KTRH

"That top of the hour on Katie orange instructions so how are things going how's business this man I got up earlier than usual and he's early early riser I've been making visits site visits put in bids Taylor because he does commercial and residential fences and they do gates access control at all my case for me it is like people are sitting around and they're using this time to get things done that would have been nice on their priority list and they go I could call them and have them come out and update all our gates our installers gates were put in our offensive and I don't have to interact with them perfect all you want is number eight three two eight eight four fifty to ninety one's name Steve Rogers good do good friend of mine eight three two eight eight four fifty to ninety one eight three two eight eight four fifty to ninety one but here's the deal if you spend more than ten grand with him make him take you fishing is that his whole pack the only reason he runs his business and run so hard is because he loves to fish and he's got a great boat and he could be a fishing guide if he if he lost his if he lost his business when you purchase the official his name is Steve Rogers to say look if I spend.

Taylor Steve Rogers Katie orange
"steve  rogers" Discussed on Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

05:47 min | 2 years ago

"steve rogers" Discussed on Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast

"Yeah which is why Steve Ryan Old. Steve Rogers is actually alternate timeline no matter what the right who say they they didn't bother to read the show Bible is not there from problem job at the show by knows it causes an alternate it just an ultimate universe then second you go back in time. It's talk show. It's almost like what Robert Anton Wilson used to talk about. Everybody has their own reality tunnel. You know they perceive reality in the universe in their own unique way everybody does so. It's like you have your own time line. You have your own world well. Yeah I mean it's the it is in its own way. The close loop is closed loop of birth to death that ensure time line you know and it it doesn't matter we're in space time you go you have your own individual chronology yeah and your own version of it almost exactly so you know maybe snap APP didn't fix everything for anybody but for iron man you know or I mean the reality is is that forever universe in which Steno snaps is that there's fourteen million other ones that he didn't snap because again when backstreet drinks I look at four hundred million possibilities and only one. Do we win well. It's fourteen million out of an infinite number which means it's basically ten. You looked at ten out of infinity or fourteen million infinity. That's still not very many wall right and the other thing is he said he snapped everything in the universe not the multi-diverse so maybe he only snapped away half the population of this universe in the one university was in then he took one action and actually located here is that other this didn't always be true about and fifty stones now it is came that can be stones only work in their own universe which actually means that the suit brought to the future shouldn't have work but I guess because they share a common time line. They actually could work but you know there's a lot of there's a lot of questions that you get here when you get into the which is probably the agents are ignoring all that because they never pay grade man. That's that's a venue we're we're doing. We're the shield around the earth. We're we're the people that actually freaking wanted to put ozone's church. Yeah almost like coming full circle with the way comics work and there's all these alternative you know retailing's and Blah Blah Blah and that's and they're all valid and they're all fun. You know well of course because it's fiction all fiction is that you know all it's fiction should never make you feel bad or sad. I mean should make you feel sad should get you your blood's boiling but you know it's just fiction you know and it'd be mad about somebody. Else's is fiction. You know it's team gets mad about teen titans going. I'm like you know it's just teen titans. Go let its own thing you know doesn't erase past you know exactly it doesn't erase the past asked nothing erases the past the past the pass something new and other. It's good rinse bad but you know it's like you know no one. Is You know you can't say oh man as a dish edition of Dungeons and dragons so much better the ninth of tissue then pay the eighth edition. You know it's like it's a pretty straightforward. You know way to work but anyway that's one theory okay but that is episode. <hes> is now sort of Bosnia around the agents and I think he's GonNa get his <hes>. Come up before the end of it. <hes> interestingly enough we had two characters Bruce who theoretically are in this episode aren't in this episode one is that the fourth member of surges crew gets. Nothing in this doctor are Dr isn't in this episode either which I thought was interesting. That's yeah so both of them because again the doctor had been a guy who would have said you know if they're moving towards each other. We probably don't WanNa put it in the same place yeah yeah again. Maybe play got that day off that he's been looking for who knows who knows multiple anyway so <hes> Mas that is tonight's episode <hes> and if people would like to reach out to you and discuss the agents the the shreiks the chronic John's or at all the fun that you can have on awesome oh they can email me Mas Manzoor at Jima Dot com or find me on facebook under Mas Manzoor. That's M. O.. w. p. m. a. n.. Z. Double O. R. and I and of course you can always right to me in that old fashioned you my way the way our mothers and fathers did at superconductivity blog at gmail.com that superconductivity plug all one word ask gmail.com email dot com and of course follow me on twitter. They live agents of shield when I'm not recording another podcast or something else I might WanNa Watch I can beggar which is currently waiting for next season or the or real which will come. They come back I'm sure..

Mas Manzoor Steve Rogers Robert Anton Wilson Steve Ryan Old Z. Double O. R. Bosnia John twitter facebook M. O.. Bruce fifty stones
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How Many Podcast

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"steve rogers" Discussed on How Many Podcast

"Up being exactly what he did. Big Man Suda Armor Take that off. What are you genius billionaire playboy philanthropist? I know guys with none of that worth tenue. I've seen the footage the only thing you really fight for yourself. You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play to lay down on a wire at the other guy crawl over you. I think I would just cut the war yeah and I thought that was very slick. I was really happy with it. It was the per a he was the perfect character sacrifice and then I've loved how they gave Steve Rogers a happy ending because that I can't I see the he's kept a sense.

Steve Rogers
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"steve rogers" Discussed on #WhoWouldWin

"Everyone the premier matchup. It's about that time. Jay, go ahead and announce today's matchup. Representing the DC universe of routing billionaire who hates guns and going to the theatre, Bruce, Wayne Batman. Representing the marvel universe. A super soldier who grew up faster than Tom Hanks in big Steve Rogers cats in America. Always J in today's tale of the tape is brought to you by who would win t shirts except no mutations. Find the official who would when shirt on Amazon by typing in hashtag who would win. Jay, please. Give us details on captain America. Name cats in America, Steve Rogers, he was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and debuted in captain, America comics issue, one in March of nineteen forty one where he faced off against the red skull general powers after taking these super soldier serum. A ninety pound four foot eleven Steve Rogers became captain, America. The serum make Steve Rogers as strong fast and durable as possible for a human being to be without becoming superhuman. Even without the serum cap is a master tactician hand to hand fighter and. One of if not the greatest marksman in the marvel universe. Cap carries? His trademark discus shield made vibe rainy and can throw it hit any target straight ahead or using Bank shots, the shield is unbreakable and can absorb unlimited Connectik energy. Always assume that if cap is throwing his shield he can catch it again, later cat, spiting style is a combination of Kito, boxing, judo, karate jujitsu and through years of dedicated training. He has even surpassed the undermine Flynn assistant to the regional manager to white case roots at the art of park hor. An interesting fact, captain America has always represented a progressive embodiment of the ideals of America and not Representative or tool of any government or regime in captain America volume. One issue sixty six in April of nineteen forty eight. His sidekick Bucky was wounded and cap could choose any replacement side kick he wanted and he chose a female FBI agent named Betsy Ross and he trained the not so creatively named Betsy Ross to be every bit as kick ass as Bucky, and then gave her the superhero name golden girl. So, you know, when they parted ways imagine that he in Betsy saying, you know, thank you for being a friend. How does it go crystal sing it with me? Thank you. You've been around. You don't get the reference. Oh, wow. We mentioned this during sorry. Go ahead. I have nothing to say. So that flew right over my head. I did not catch it. Okay. So we mentioned this during the live shows, you know, I take offence when people make fun of the golden girls, specifically be Arthur because as I mentioned, let's him I'm gonna get in. We'll fight and it's to vertigo to people who never I gotta fight. And I have to pick a partner to fight by my side. I'd pick Arthur in a heartbeat. She's like at least six five two hundred eighty pounds has that voice? That can just shatter bricks whenever she opens her mouth. She is like the ultimate kick ass warrior fighter and j I take offence you making fun of the lady Di not make fun of them. I think they are awesome. And if be Arthur could come back, she would be the perfect person for DC to play granny goodness. Oh my gosh. She would be amazing. Yes. Absolutely. All right. Well, speaking amazing here the details for Batman now that that's all right. That was created by artist. Bob, Kane and writer, Bill vigor and first appeared in detective comics twenty seven and nineteen thirty nine everything changed for Bruce. Wayne RAs parents were gunned down in front of during a botched robbery swearing vengeance..

America Steve Rogers captain America Arthur Betsy Ross Wayne Batman Jay Bucky Bruce Tom Hanks Wayne RAs vertigo Flynn robbery Amazon official Jack Kirby Bill vigor regional manager FBI
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State of America

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"steve rogers" Discussed on State of America

"Journalists who survived yesterday's shooting describes his newsroom as a war zone police say a gunman killed five people at the capital gazette newspaper and a targeted attack on thursday today president trump who's repeatedly called the press the enemy of the people had very different tune he said that journalists should be able to work free from fear of violent attacks the pound tonight steve rogers the series a member of president trump's reelection campaign advisory board van jones is of course cnn political commentator and host of the van jones show rich galen his republican strategists and publisher of mullings dot com and caitlyn huey burns's here national political reporter with real clear politics guys thank you for being here caitlyn what is your reflection on this horrific event and where we are twenty four hours later well it's obviously horrific that journalists who are doing their jobs are gunned down in a place that's supposed to be the safest for them which is a newsroom a typical day in the newsroom i don't think you know we don't know the motivations yet for this individual and i think you know to draw direct comparisons from the president to the exact motivations of this person are just not founded at least for my reporting i think what is important though it does give us an opportunity to examine the way in which this president in particular has exacerbated tensions in this country we've seen this over the past week but also the way in which you know you can see time and time again over the course of the campaign over the course of his presidency frequently calling the press the enemy of the people having covered a lot of campaign rallies myself you saw that reflected in some of the people that were at these rallies as well so you know whether he takes us opportunity to tamp down on the rhetoric i don't anticipate that happening but i think a lot of people are going to want to see something get done here rich you've been in this business long time working with the media for a long time working for a man with an adversarial relationship of flame thrower in his own right new gig which is another one of the day is this new times though do you think when it comes to re ever seen anything like this moment and i agree with caitlin i think it is you cannot describe any connection between what happened yesterday and and rhetoric we hear it is an opportunity though to talk about the rhetoric that we were listening to station that's where i started my career in marietta ohio four or five seven five oh we had a little newspaper down the block we worked together on a lot of stuff there was no security there was no nothing i've just cutting i had there were five levels of security for me to get in to the studio just now but for a small newspaper in a place like annapolis which is you properly described is the quintessential small town in america those those people just went to work and they they didn't give security a second thought but to your point exactly it i mean i don't want to.

twenty four hours
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The Empire Film Podcast

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"steve rogers" Discussed on The Empire Film Podcast

"Yeah can you bathe in here we could try find out is hair rich and nutrients could use could you could you survive on a diet of steve rogers it depends on the conditional use it doesn't it for me what do you call it those things in your stomach this essentially a horrible in your stomach oh there's a word for it as well it's used in like magic it is actually used in magic it's used in in magic i'm not saying all the name will come to me halfway through this just to be clear we've just started podcast and we are eating steve rogers hair and create all in our stomachs which would be used for magic yeah what's your favorite scene in the movie in which someone eats someone's hair mine is there's a moment and evil dead two were when the bodies eats someone's hair i would do not steve rogers just imagine what conditioner he is i think he does i think it's natural journalists just china of his hair so good if you want more fremaux marvel content like this go and check out our spoiler special we never got round to a nick cannot grow as long enough to be bucky and that's a bad look i don't even think spastics time pulls off harris closer to doctor strange and he he should stick while his head giving each equipped one these ads a phrase it doesn't exist so yeah james here as well we do have a question and that question has been sent in it's a war.

steve rogers china bucky
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Binge Mode: Weekly

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"steve rogers" Discussed on Binge Mode: Weekly

"It's a lot ask the movie going audience don't wanna knock how important this romance might be in the comics but the movie going audience specifically to allow the feet of the universe to hinge on scarlet wage shin visions edinburgh fucking tough stuff is a lot really is a lot there's a great moment in one of the ultimate where scarlet witch is one of the characters and vision doesn't really super exist yet but like there's a moment where scarlet which is talking to a robot and quicksilver brother comes up and it's like were you just flirting with that robot and she's like what no what later and it's just like a robot though it's not vision yet it's like a robot and i respect her and her choices except for the choice when she waited as long as she did to try to get the mind sonal divisions had here's the other thing though it's not just scarlet witch like captain america steve rogers makes decision to bring all of this too will conde he takes the war to conduct you cannot rationalize that decision and say won't maybe he thought the thanos wouldn't show up and try to get the stone everybody knows what's happening everybody knows what the stakes are this is why they're fighting in the first place thanos is trying to get all the stones you guys have one protected but what is protecting it mean they won't sacrifice vision but they will sacrifice like an entire place in an entire.

steve rogers thanos edinburgh
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/Film Daily

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"One day and then there's like the people who are more inbetween who maybe started out as like the group that i just mentioned but then as soon as you walk out of the theater they think about it a little bit more and realized that like oh yeah marvel's not gonna leave money on the table by never making a sequel to black panther of course enters probably gonna come back so yeah i think it works sort of across the spectrum i do have a couple of thoughts in this i want to relate before you know of interest and finney were talk dies down and that is do you think there's a possibility that in a vendors for they're able to reverse who is dead and who's alive in this this sequence in that i mean you know steve rogers and tony stark would be the ones they have to end up sacrificing themselves to have all the people that had disappeared be alive yeah i mean that would certainly be a dramatic way to end the movie and it would provide it with conceivably some some legitimate steaks you know that's something that i think this movie has been knocked for because of what we've been talking about we know that it's going to resolve itself somehow but what if that resolution involves the actual final sacrifice of a lot of these other characters in order to save the others yeah that's a good way for them to actually make it mean something i think and another thing i wanted to bring up is spiderman peter parker's last moments he's he's they're kind of like shaking for like an extended period of time where other people kind of like just disappear into dust before they realize what's happening.

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"Fair enough mr president dr the silliest scientists to escape from italy as perfected a process that can take a boy with birth defects and make him as fast as strong as an athlete hitler already has a version of the super soldier and italian boy called the red skull we will have a regiment of these men and we've found our i volunteer out in his name is steve rogers steve what is that shots what does that face what that is how they go steve rods the greatest soldier that's a weird phase tony stark introduced to in the back of a humvee holding a glass scotch okay thor you're introduced to fucking like flying down from the heavens steve rogers i look how did they introduce him news yet at that at the place about try to get enlisted okay fucking flicking batman shows up goes i'm batman and then flies away this guy what is the composition of this no one center no one's across each other there's a weirdo ugly like just from cinematography stamp with is just a really ugly looking movie to begin oh yeah but just when you're introducing your character and you're like okay what does he looking at that for his mom like that that's why that hung's back to the future he's not trying to fuck as mom right and so the thing is i'm going to try to not go back to the first vendor because that's one of my favorite marvel movies.

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"Exactly but you do point out that he has some pretty remarkable mental abilities yeah he does i mean he's thought of as being very tactically smart when it comes to battle and strategy and all these kinds of things one of the things that really interesting is many of the stories in the comics and some of the movies talk about how you know when he was the former steve rogers before the super soldier treatment he wasn't that smart so the question becomes how did he get so smart and one of the things i tried to talk about in the book is starting to think about examples of how certain animals have been implanted with brain tissue from other animals so for example there's been some stays done where mice have had injections of brain cells from humans that are involved in helping to sustain the metabolism neurons for memory in the hippocampus and what's really interesting is when these trials have been done that these cells will live in in the brains of the mice so they're taking human brand sells and putting them into mice creating kamera basically amping the performance of that most so that most now becomes smarter when they test them behaviorally in standard test like how fast does it learn a maze run and a welcome it remember it that kind of thing they outperformed their non humans implanted tissue brethren and in the case of steve rogers we also know that there's a very rapidly advancing field now about essentially injecting memories and all age from the brain of one animal into the brain of another and it gives some examples in there about the idea of how this has been done where you record things from one animal and then inject that message by activating the proper parts of the brains of the other animal almost matrix style if you go back to those movies and think about how you're creating an implementation of memory knowledge skills in abilities and that's something that's really exploding actually as an area of research play we're almost talking like frankenstein.

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"The program was a spanish game show called our acai goal that translates to now i fall let me set the scene for this particular moment the host askar contestant named alberto who is steve rogers in the avengers the ira though who cares is the brokers elephant now the options for alberto are the door senor your copy dan the host arturo else is wearing a dark blue suit alberto the contestant is wearing stylish glass as a hopeful expression and a tshirt he's either forgotten about or does not understand because here is alba does answer trump thought oh my god bless you know you want to come me say that the other and fee on that's right the contestant says steve rogers from the avengers is the tour something again that's alberto the guy with a stylish classes the hopeful expression for another couple of seconds anyway and that tshirt i mentioned it's a tshirt with our logo on it i i would would add add a copy donald w maddie eighty four stephen warriors if you know where i want to come up with more studio that good okay so a couple of things here first the answer is copy time of course in the avenger steve rogers is copy dan america second gave where they means all while and the reason the host wearing the dark blue suit is saying gave where day is because of the contestant wearing the stylish glasses the crestfallen expression now and the grade shirt with the logo on it the logo of a famous comicbook character the logo of copy thanh america so to sum up a guy went on a game show wearing the answer to one of the questions on his shirt and he did not get that answer.

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"And then you get this heavy stuff going on steve rogers brought back bruce banner don't know how yet just reanimated and sets not for long he starts giving this your genuine steve rogers captain speech to a thing like they treated you so wrong all your life and all this and they go through and bruce is not budging yeah boost as mentally ill i've how long have been dead weight your hydronau here let me go back to sleep and again i think i love the end when brazil's like no matter what you say he's like at he's like at the end he like your hydra and i'm pretty sure you guys are the bad guys seizures like drops the big boys like i knew you wouldn't like move base and he's like but i wasn't talking to you and bam is go green yet hall comes a hoax nassr overturn and then they the day and we the hook he goes for it clint bahrein has you know he hasn't basically they get excess will crisis he's like i killed them he's like i did it encourages gives up in the middle of the battle gator ekran has mental breakdown i think also was kind of weird because no we had a whole series of him on oc by villagers were his kinda playing penance for killing bruce nike no at let me help the little guy get back to basics that at the data and now it's going to finally coming up to a whole words like while the holtz coming i probably should is almighty gotta to try yet closes his eyes everything and then we got its clobbering time road i gotta panel i didn't see it coming and it just like us to he wrote moment and that's when the tides are changing through and they.

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"When odin set himself no longer can and is no longer worthiness of little bit broken and feeling not quite right and so again even though this all seems kinda sheedy and kinda which he like the hammered knows best in it's by guy yet affiliate about it bought all the evidence i have says this is the thing so he's confused and conflictive will see a little bit more that i in issues of a steve rogers captain america's got it a particular nineteen um in on this more with with him in the next issue of of empires well six uh y'all because he's in sort of a were a weird conflicted place because he's also concerned about where is uh aware wearies jane foster whereas thawra that the hammers here an she somewhere he's somewhere else uh and that's a problem because you know he understands her sirte hair situation as well and the fact that she's jane and she's got cancer without that the hammer she's presumably not getting any medical treatment wherever the x xi is and uh you know this at this too is a is a problem an issue and probably the fulcrum on which if he's to uh you know switch size or he's going to have a turnaround it's probably gotta come from there more than anywhere else we do learn the mole in this issue do you or do we do is there is there shenanigans afoot there to to just thinking and i think you should definitely believe everything that we tell you a guy interesting you should definitely read that directly link i'm going to linger on that and just let you guys so we end the asia we'll talk a perfectly synchronizes her failure does great middle and working together long and author of think lenses like like coy in mind was like wait why what was it sees season served up pretty well the so we end this issue with two not one but two big kinda wtf moments one going on with the other steve rogers yup and the other going on with dr steve rogers that both running the people who we would not necessarily expect to see i don't want to spoil it for people who have read it but what can you guys say.

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"Laid on us your liked about steve trevor in one you're on an is that he has his own complete character arc that is both intrinsically tied to diana but it also is something that his own backstory his own experiences lend to and he starts off as you know uh spy on a mission who is a quite disillusioned and you know he doesn't think that he can save everyone but through diana he learns to believe in both the better parts of humanity and in himself and i really like that he and diana both make each other become better people and embrace that sort of idealism that diana espouses at the beginning as well as thieves own a experiences with humans being flawed and fatal the baden a complex so whereas in cap'n america first venture i feel like steve rogers is already a fully formed character at the beginning he doesn't really go through any complex character argh or a struggles that steve trevor does who's unified union he started out of physically he he only duty he up he already had the intention of doing good but the movie a first avenger really only allows him and changes him to do to actually act on that good he ills and from the beginning the movie at really change low toward laboured whereas it's one roman both of them get changed you can learn something different though right because with with the the for steve rogers is that he is trying to achieve something and it is circumstances that.

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