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"The GOAT Tom Brady" with former Coach Bobby Morrison - Episode 041

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"The GOAT Tom Brady" with former Coach Bobby Morrison - Episode 041

"The sports caster and her son is brought to you by foot first. Podiatrist the painful bunions. That it's time to get your bunion fixed with foot first. Podiatrist exclusive sklar on your neck. No scars no cast no crutches. no kidding for more information about the sklar on your neck to me visit foot. I dot com and by elektra flex a global leader in electrical conduit for over sixty years makers of liquid tight flexible conduit electrically connecting our world. Hello everybody and welcome to the sports caster and her son were sports. Bridges the gap between the generations. I'm your host. Peggy kozinski twelve time. Emmy award winning sports caster at nbc chicago. For seventeen years. I am the baby. Boomer i'm jay thinking freshman at ut austin generations the writer tv routine and on air talent tv sport. Hey thank you. Everyone has downloaded the sports caster in her son. From apple pod being or wherever you are listening please continue to do so and spread the word to your family and friends. Don't forget to rate us as well because that is our podcast. Lifeblood is ratings. It's how we actually move up and help new listeners. Find us okay so typically with the podcast we always say we don't get along but we both share a passion for sports. Geez i have to say that in last almost two years now that we have been doing the podcast together It really has brought us together in a different kind of way and You you've matured. i've mellowed. We get along great and we get to talk about not only sports but lots of other things as well. Would you agree. No i totally do agree with that. I'd say the only like little snag when i'm away. School sometimes is waking up a little earlier than i normally would but i really do enjoy it and it's kind of nice being able to be away from school and take a little break from like the grind schoolwork or like going out with friends all the time. It's kind of nice to have like a little bit hiatus from that and just talk about sports with my mom which a lotta people don't really have the privilege to do I just. I feel like i've talked to wait. You buddy people who are like. Oh yeah my mom doesn't even know what football like that was stock. so i'm just. I'm really fortunate to have mugs. That is their well-versed in sports. World and I mean that. I do a podcast with. That's it not to be cheesier too can simplistic but i mean you really do appreciate all of it too. Good time i enjoyed it. Maybe a little more than i do have at home just because it's kind of more like a job here a little bit but yeah no i love it all right so because you were at. Ut austin i am watching more texas sporting events than i ever would have before and can adjust. Baylor was just going to bring up the baylor game. The basketball game. You know second half it was still a two point game going back and forth and i don't care what anyone says the dunk. This slam was phenomenal but the technical totally took away their momentum and changed the rest of the game. I don't care everyone's saying. I was watching the pan. And they're like yes but after a dunk like like i'm okay with the technical know it totally changed the momentum of the game and it went out to be like a blowout the way i saw and maybe this is a little scooter by that was the first chertien technical foul call. I especially considering scenario he. I mean i'm really sorry that greg brown looked to defend our after he dumped on him and stopped over in inflex on 'em he just looked at him. He didn't look very happy but he just want that. And so the you. The technical. Follow the cosby s. But we're gonna win anyway. Probably not baylor's incredible that she this shoot the hell out of the ball. They have five guys that shoot over forty percents from three and then when they're not hitting the ball when their shots from three they play the best defense in the country has the top defensive players in the country so they're in nearly impossible team to be even with like at what point at one point taxi led by three in the second half and bailey's every game eight plus leading by three. I never really felt like in my mind that we had a chance to win the game. So we're gonna talk about the goats who do you think is the greatest of all time college basketball player college basketball player of all time. I mean told I'm not as like. I'm i don't know as much about the historical aspects of college basketball so there's probably a better answer than the one i'm going to give but i believe will chamberlain. Yeah statistically your motion. College can't player history any play that kansas so i'm going to go. I was actually thinking the same thing. You know Lew alcindor at ucla is well. You know you know. I think that in terms of truly back when guys stayed in you know for four years and lead their their teams to you know two three four championships like that. So i would agree with that so when it comes to athletes the question with the goat is were they always the star or did someone unearth rare gem when it comes to football we are taping this before the super bowl and so of course. Everyone's talking about the goat. eh quarterback. tom brady jason. Your thoughts on tom. Brady the greatest to ever play the game at that position. So i'm it's not for me like the at jaylen. Brown debate is where you feel. Like i'm jay got the benefit of the doubt of the fans. Just can't james. Most of the time. Because most of those people that are real sticklers for michael jordan and the mj lebron to pay actually. Were not alive to see. I'm jay play. So i feel like okay. I will say this. So typically i will side with the with the i i i try not to have recently these these conversations about the greatest player of all time which is why i still think. Michael jordan's a good fastball player. All of that is a conversation for totally different. Podcasts came with the. Tom brady talk their first off. Aren't really quarterbacks. Who has put up comparable numbers throughout the course of their career. And the thing with tom brady is. It's sustained success and in any sport in any walk. Boy like sustained. Success is what's to make you happy it's gonna make you rich. I'm going to make you successful. So obviously you track record of success. Year in year out for the most impressive thing with tom brady is is. It doesn't matter who's on those patriots rosters matter how good the defense was didn't matter who we had on the allying who receivers believe me. He had some years words. There were there is very little in the way of time and receiver position in new england. So when you look at what he said to work with him yes obviously. Tom brady his throwing the football. To some of the greatest pass catcher in the history of the game randy gronkowski cetera et cetera. Now i just think that the how year in and year out regardless of the state of the lead the state of his own team. You got basically the same result from tom brady. And that is incredible to be because any sports is the hardest for to go to win back to back championships. Then wishes why what changed trying to accomplish on sunday so impressive. Somebody mental and football sport but as a player to pretty much see a track record of the expectation and the outcome of the super bowl almost every year. When you're out in the super bowl made the conference championship with the exception of only a couple years is incredible. Incredible to me. So the thing that i like the most about tom. Brady's the standard that he set for himself for where he wants to finish every single year. What i love though is just like michael jordan when you are surrounded by great players on your team like the scottie pippen's and Gronk for brady you also have to elevate the games of the other guys because not everyone is going to be the best at that position on that team right so the fact that he can turn julian edelman to an amazing player. And you look at now. A scotty miller a kid here from arlington heights will look at this. When you when you take a kid that nobody was interested in Went to i think bowling green he was attract star and he's become the julian edelman four. Tom brady. Tom brady elevates other guys games. And that's what the greatest do you you can. Yes you are surrounded by great athletes as well and great talent but you also elevate the games you pull the potential out of player right. I mean it's amazing. Said it's really simply that's more of a testament to the leadership aspect and the social slash glock room aspect of being franchise quarterback. Is you need to be the guy who's in the middle of everything in the locker room. Even though offer defense can be Sort of on opposite sides of the spectrum socially on the scene. It's about being the clue and about being the guy who rallied. The troops both on and off the field. And that's the. Tom brady dungarees entire career. If you had told me in the middle of the season when the chicago bears played tampa bay and brady forgot what down it was if you had told me then that he would take that buccaneers team to the super bowl. I would have laughed in your face. There is no way that team was a super bowl team. It blows my mind that they are in the super bowl. It really does I don't necessarily agree with that when you look at the roster on paper it the star power on offense fucking near teen is incredible. It's like an average they can go at least three deep with guys that you would want to see on your team especially wide receiver. Mike evans chris. Godwin like you said. Scotty miller johnson antonio brown all guys that are quality receivers on groggy cameron brain. Oj before got hurt. Running back with shawn mccoy. Ronald jones wonders for net. All good running back. It's incredible incredible but they aren't saying is then they were not playing. I'll play the team but the defense is also come along as well which is very important. Because i feel like this year's defense lotta guys who do for years ago would have been absolute superstar in this defense because that's where they were in the nfl. Donald ensues nearly what it used to jason pierre paul jake paul doughty's to david's nowadays and the secondary senate garbage and that's why i think it seems they're going to win. That's why terry kill almost caught. Almost racked up three hundred receiving yards against someone. They played earlier so But no it's been about both units getting getting together. The defense is pretty bad in the early season for the boxers. While and and i mean yeah. It's just like it's another thing from tom brady. His ability to host teams together regardless of scenario pandemic season novel crowd full workout. You know tom brady had the same schedule. Pretty much for the past twenty years and they have something like pandemic. Come in and kind of screw that up i think that just another testament to his greatness that he he's able to make it to the championship. Choose the super bowl this year. Considering circumstances the kogo and considering his age like i think back to when dad was tom breeding age forty three and no dad no athlete in like football sunday. I mean you laugh about saying this on a bike ride every day. No other i love it but i think back to when dad was forty three which is back when i was in like elementary school. And and you know also that i could never picture him. Being out of football shows that age. I have two parents or age right. I could never picture being football field. So it's incredible to me there just so many different angles so many different aspects. You can look at this from and then we'll still like i can still matter fully head around it speaking of dad. Happy fifty fifth birthday to jason commander senior. Your dad yeah. He he went. We talk to somebody who knows tom. Brady better than you. And i from afar someone who knew the high school kid that ended up going to michigan. He was part of the recruiting staff at the big house. What do you say good. Coach bobby morrison former michigan assistant coach from one thousand nine hundred seventy two thousand and two and the recruiting coordinator from ninety six to zero two as well at the big house. I think he knows something about the recruiting of tom. Brady coach good morning. Thank you for joining the podcast. How are you. i'm doing great. Thank you pay. Thanks for the call atmosphere. Oh you too so on the eve of another. Tom brady super bowl. It must just. I tell me what goes through your head when you think about the sixteen year old kid that you knew back then and now forty something. Year old man making history on the football field in the national football league. Well you know. I i think about the recruiting of tom. But you know really. You think the tom brady i think of It's kind of personal with me in that. I had my last few years at michigan. I had bladder cancer. And and my son drove. Who's in captain in the navy and hawaii flew washington and drove up here and spend time with me while i was going through the a neo bladders what i have put in. They took my Slider out and i just wanted to do something for him and he has a little daughter. Peyton and i asked Tom he would get my granddaughter football and he signed the foot tall from one of the super bowls and send it to her and that means so much to me. Of course i had to tell her. She was out in the yard playing with isis. Peyton you don't play with that ball you put it away. You don't touch it because one day is going to be worth gazillions as but anyhow. That's what when. I think tom brady. I think that part of the brady but know the recruiting of them was a whole different story. But he's one of the most genuine people that i've ever met in my life tat. Tell us about the recruiting of him. Tell you know it's not the same. It's you know. There's the ratings are now are so different and so accessible with all the social media and all the websites. What was it like back then with this quarterback from california. Well at that time i was Jerry muller was the head coach and bo had retired and ramona's head coach and My recruiting area was the east coast. So i had Maryland dc jersey. All the way up these coast and down the east coast. And i had this quarterback from maryland which recruiting by the name of bobby stable house. Who at that time. They didn't have five stars and four stars three stars and all that stuff just like you said but the biggest thing that they had was. You've made a usa today all american team. I mean that's all it was and then they'd have the players the year in the states and stuff like that and bobby. Sable house was ranked the number one player in the country. And so i'm recruiting him in maryland. That was my area and a thursday night after practice. Moment when i got the private plane we flew to. Maryland was sat down and bobby houses home his mom and dad who originally from cincinnati so had a affiliation with being around michigan. It was Let great evening. And they're great people and you know they didn't leave anything They wanted him to come to michigan. And bobby said well. I talked to steve spurrier florida and calmest him. That i would at least visit this coming weekend. And this was a thursday night and then i will call you on sunday night. And we'll confirmed about becomes the michigan and so you know mo- and i felt good going back on the plane and like everything was good. He called me on sunday night and said Coach i've decided. I'm gonna play for steve spurrier fordham thought. Oh my goodness well you don't recruits not. Like you have an abundance of quarterbacks. I mean you're not working ten guys to get one you know you're we had all of our money throwing them the money by saying that but we had all our marbles in that pocket say loss because we thought we were going to get him and he called on sunday night and i told mo- most sold the next morning where to staff getting most of first thing he says. Well we lost sabe. Watts what are we gonna do. So everybody's just sixteen or fifteen or sixteen. There were sitting around the table. And billy harris rosen. Put his hand up in the back. And says i've got this kid in california that i think is pretty good. I don't he's recruited you know by the west coast schools. But i think we might have a shot at it. Well what's his name his. Name's tom brady. How shows we we. That's when we really pick up steam and started recruiting. Tom brady really hard. The interesting thing about the whole thing is sable house and i have kept in contact. I don't know whether stable house and brady help. 'cause they really never came into contact but sable house went to florida never played transferred to maryland and he laughs about this. Can you imagine if you got me said assam brady off to maryland. Richard to maryland. Never play put never played a down of football. Graduated from Maryland and he is in in sable house films and he's producing films so i chat with him and he laughed. We laugh about it all the time he said. Can you imagine how to come to michigan. You wouldn't have gotten tom. Brady unbelievable unbelievable. isn't it. it really is and and the thing about it. Is you know i don't. I'm sure tommy knows gonna years because that year Sable house was the number one quarterback in the country. So i'm sure tommy knows that much about it and i'm sure i know where tommy took the whole story. I'm sure yes. I'm sure he has just a quick question for clarification. Before i got into my real question so i feel like we never hear about tom. Brady's high school football players like very well recur with he like a blue chip recruit. Well you know. I know you went to san mateo. High school he he and you know the other thing is. He has one of the greatest family his mom and dad. I mean they're just unbelievable people but Yeah he was recruited. Pretty heavily on the west coast. Macau's recruiting them because he was kind of in their I don't remember who else. But i know cal- one of the big schools was recruiting back to our conversation with former michigan assistant coach. Bobby morrison i have you ever dealt with bunions. I have it. Got to the point that i couldn't even wear any shoes without having shooting pain even at night. I couldn't even pull the covers over my foot. It hurt so bad. It didn't matter if i was wearing slippers or boots gym shoes working out or heels for a night out. The pain was intolerable. I finally decided to do something about it. That's when i heard about foot ipad dietary and their exclusive procedure. The sklar on your next to me it. Has you on your feet the day after surgery are you kidding. I had to see it to believe it and you know what they were right. Surgery was easy. I am so glad i did it. I walked out of surgery in a boot. No cast no crutches walking the same day and you can be back in a gym shoe in two weeks when i look at my foot now. There's no visual scar. And best of all. I m pain free so ladies and guys don't walk around in pain like i did for years visit foot. I dot com and now back to our conversation with coach morrison. So here's here's my question. I feel like with. And i've been lucky enough to be in the presence of tom brady but what i feel like the or Around the greatest players. And i guess even the greatest people in history and in our generations are like they'd just carry themselves differently. They just go about doing things differently. It's just like everything they do. You know like that was just classic. Tom brady thing to do. Was there any point at michigan where you got any sort of sense like okay. This guy is going to be like really special like not just like a great college quarterback or not just having a chance to contribute in the nfl. like did you ever have like the slide. It and i mean that's why the sense in college and michigan that he was going to be at least a pro quarterback. Well i mean. I i i dealt with him because i was coaching offensive tackles and tight ends and so i would see him every day practice But you know we have some. I mean drew handsome missouri at the same time that he was user. He was the number one rated quarterback in the country when he came out. And so you know. I but as the biggest thing i would say jayson northern anything is as a person. I have never. I would never question if you knew was a person okay. I don't know whether that answers your question. No no no it definitely. It definitely does 'cause like for me. I've never personally met anybody that you could consider like the great like one of the greatest athletes our generation. You know so. I always wondered what there's people are like because the way that people talk about them you just assume that they're so much different than just everyday people. Okay they are really. I mean he is. I mean he. I mean he has time for anybody any time. He's he's like. I said he's the most genuine person i've ever met in my life. I don't know what else i could say as somebody who recruited tom brady. I'm sure you've had this question a million times. I'm going to ask it anyway. I wanna hear for myself. What about his game in college immediately translated so well to the nfl. I would say it would probably be is the mental part of it. I mean the preparation part of this. Study you know. He just was. He was just into it all the time. I mean if he threw up the wrong foot or did this or is very critical themselves and and You know he wouldn't make the mistake again. You know you made a mistake going to make it again. But he was. He was his biggest critic. I mean regardless of coaches or anything else it was it was he himself. The judge himself was so critical themselves. I mean if he can't be. I mean he's really pretty hard on himself to be honest with you when you know. I've seen people that you know you throw an interception or something like that and you think. Oh there's the next play and stuff like that but he's pretty pretty tough on it so i think that's probably one of the biggest things coach that reminds me of an interview. I saw him. I wanna see it was like on sixty minutes or something like that. And where he talked about the the michigan the guy in the the Athletic department michigan that he started seeking out for sports type of help harden okay. Is it true that at one point that he was so down on himself i mean he was battling. He watched brian greasy greasy leaves. He's in a battle. Drew henson was a true that at one point that he he considered transferring out of michigan. And then he really kind of Sought the help of greg harden has with the sports psychology of being a better athlete. Well i think you know The biggest you know. I think he had a hard time with because he worked so hard and then drew hints. And you know he was labeled like sable house through hinson was he is the number one guy in the whole country so now this kid comes in and here i am. I have you know and and it was a pretty fierce competition. Henson wasn't chopped liver. I mean he was pretty good and so you know and the other thing is he probably felt like drew. Henson was ten miles from ann arbor and he's from san mateo california and so you know he might have had some feelings of blah but you know what just between i mean i never had a doubt in my mind that it was going to be him because he just was such a competitor and he wouldn't you wouldn't leave anything unturned. Thank goodness you. What greg hardened because i can't imagine what have been like all right. I'm gonna give you a little quiz here coach. Oh no you can't make you can't make you can't make very tough now. No i think you're going to know the answer to this I don't even know half of these people mall ninety percent. So what do these guys. All have in common chad. Pennington giovanni kurmangazy. Chris redman t martin mark bolger spurgeon win. What do they all have in common with tom. Brady well i mean i don't. I don't know some of those names. I'm guessing they were quarterbacks. They were all quarterbacks taken ahead of him in the two thousand drought. Yeah oh my little something chat chat manson. Yeah for marshall. Yeah i mean. I yeah so none of merck anyhow right i mean giovanni karmazin is that guy. I thought it was gonna be a pizza. So what is it about when these guys commodity college and the transferred to the nfl. Is it the combine is it. What is it that that that teams are missing. Do they rely too much on numbers on stats. And what is it. That they're missing that a guy. Tom brady didn't in my opinion. You're up peggy. You hit it right on the ones that i mean they go and everything is measurement. Everything's forty yard dash time. What does he do the shuttle. And i mean what's his. What's his weight You know and tom brady would not in any of those. Probably wouldn't test very well right. You know but you. They haven't tested inside is in between his ears. I mean that's where that guy has the advantage over everybody in my opinion so hard to do so hard i mean we just how do you measure heart. And how do you measure your brain and we because of your strength of arm. You looked at physical glory. Look at all all those guys would test much higher than would but as long as you can't measure guys heart tell what he's thinking you know you can't be right now yeah i just. It's it's really easy to say. Now that you know he has no heart and he had no determination bought. When like i try to put myself in like that that time that we could combine and to think like today. Because the combine picture of tom brady so in this. Because it's it's just an awful picture of the eventual greatest quarterback behind in our sport. You know which leads into my question. Obviously he was mentally mentally set to be one of the greats and his termination is competitiveness etc was is really what drove him but physically especially considering you know how he didn't exactly match up to the other prospects is. Did you guys have. And i know it wasn't. It's not really your job as a college recruiter. you're not thinking about putting guys to the nfl. You're thinking about putting guys on the team. That's gonna win a championship in their four years of college. But did you guys have any expectations of him at the pro level because all numbers and particularly wise. It didn't heed my team was really going to translate to being a pro quarterback. Well i mean. I don't You know none of those things None of those signs showed that he would be a pro quarterback. But i mean i don't know how to serve as long as you can't measure what's the guy's heart within a guys between the on on his shoulders you know or determination irs drivers you know they they're never gonna be right. He's going to be the one guy for for sure. At least one guy that's gonna say discounting businesses a bunch of crap because really and that's why i think they try to learn as much as they can and all that stuff about a guy but physically he doesn't you know not a but you know you don't measure a guy physically measure mother you know. But that's all they think about i. I don't think i ever thought you know. I don't really look at it that much. We didn't we didn't have any uh gir- back a little bit while i was you know or and i don't know whether we had any other guys who played Pro football at quarterback you for him. I don't remember that. Well i was. I wasn't there when harbaugh was there. He left before. I got here So i don't really have an answer. The question i mean. I mean other than you know. You can't measure a guy from his physical attributes coach before we let you go. I'm just curious Any any of the college quarterbacks that will be coming out this year. Because we're all doing our homework here in chicago as to the next strikeout a quarterback for the bears I'm just kidding Who do you like. Which which quarterbacks do you think do you like going on to the next level I i well. I think that I can't remember his name. But the kid from georgia. I really liked him. I mean he's done everything. He's one and I just think of all the ones. I like. Although i i like the kid in alabama i mean. He's kind of a kid. That reminds you a little bit of tom. Brady i mean the other guys have all the justice fields and the kid of georgia have all the physical attributes and stuff like that but back. Joe is mack jones. I think yeah. I think he's you know he'd probably will he. Probably my guess says he probably won't test very well either but he's pretty pretty good and love. No it's interesting i i. I kind of liked him to to be honest. I love it. I hope i well. We can only hope here in chicago. That at some point. We're able to talk about a franchise quarterback in our lifetime coach morrison. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us on the podcast. We know who. You're going to be rooting for on sunday in the super bowl. Bb for sure. You gotta thanks coach. Have a great weekend. You appreciate jason. What did you think of coach. morrison fascinating. How i mean. Nobody really knew at michigan. At the time. The tom brady was gonna amount to anything professional football more or less a pro bowler more or less the greatest quarterback of our generation. So that was very eye-opening crazy to me And i i love. How kurtz morrison wasn't one of those guys who try to act like like back twenty years ago like he knew that he was so great and because they're all i almost guarantee you. There are people that will try to their relationships and experiences of tom brady into that she was going after. Bobby's sable house. I just i love how raw and authentic and just straight up honest coach morrison's and putting his his experiences. Were and this. It's incredible because as i said. I've never been around somebody who's regarded as one of the greatest in their sport. Always wondered just simply whether those people like and can happen much more understanding of it after talks into that. All right jason. What's your your predictions. So i'm going to fire that bears but first reaction right here. I think that this does not have anything to do with my quarterback predictions so yes. I can double down on the bears predictions even though as we learned with the last podcast going through all my predictions. And i need to do better job at thinking about not funding. Look an idiot but without further ado. Here's my first. I'm going to say the bears are not going to trade up in the first round draft. Please lord please trade off. I i just. I don't want to trade out for another quarterback be trevor lawrence which you can never showed up retirement remorse. Because he's going number one. I don't trust the idea of trading up for another quarterback. I just think that would be so shallow for the front office to do that after they did. It was true but failed so freaking miserably. They were to trade. Take a quarterback at watford house to me is that they walked on was this year and how they barely got brought back after the season. I think that it would be unbelievably. Shallow and trade up quarterback could be funny that. I don't think he's going to happen. What what if. What if it was a package at a three team deal and they ended up with aaron rodgers. Okay we'll move on. Go on your next one. Okay so i am going to say right now that gonzaga baylor in college basketball and this goes right back to. The baylor aren't gonna lose games up until the tournament we're wanted to pass over. There always good that you're especially good teams that they're playing especially not as good. I don't think that they're gonna lose between now and then and baylor. My goodness baylor is probably best. Power conference teams. That i've seen since kentucky nearly went forty. You know several years ago. So i'm gonna say that both baylor gonzaga don't lose games throughout the regular season. Obviously at least one of them has always tournament would be kersey both from loss. But that's not tradition. They're not too bold but the prediction points. We inevitably go through them again. Okay my final thoughts last year. Tom brady went to the buccaneers before he did radio host. Dan patrick had revealed that one of the teams that brady was actually considering was the chicago bears. Great city with an airport. That could allow you to get anywhere quickly. That was important for his wife. Who is a supermodel and might be working on either the east or the west coast but i think that was just a fleeting thought. No one will ever know what the bears did or did not do to try and attract the greatest quarterback of all time all right. This may not be fair but we know the bears office. And they're all the failed quarterbacks that they have they have and they have not You know a picked or signed right so we all know about ryan pace strike three. He went from mike glennon. Mitch trubisky to nick foles. Who knows what's going to happen on strike for but back in two thousand. The bears weren't the only ones that did not take tom. Brady as we all know In two thousand in that draft their first round pick was bryner lacquer hall of famer then it was mike brown then it was dustin lyman. Then dez white reggie austin and they even drafted kicker paul at injure in the sixth round fifteen picks before tom brady. So just remember though. The bears are not the only ones who passed on the greatest of all time. Thirty one other teams bypassed brady selecting one hundred and ninety eight players ahead of the patriots before new england took a flyer on him in the sixth round. Just think about that when you hear. Nfl commissioner roger goodell draft as say with the twentieth overall. Pick in the two thousand and twenty one nfl draft. The chicago bears select and we can only hope it will be the next tom. Brady all right. Our thanks as always to adamy offi a new year but the same professional expertise he gives us in guiding the show hey thanks also to aldo. And all the folks at the barroom network. It's been a great start on our new platform home with some of the best chicago football podcasts. Available on pod beam. Check us out there. And wherever you get your audio and thank you to coach. Bobby morrison for michigan. Wolverines assistant coach joining us in. Do not forget that you can find the talk. Cats but at sports caster run dot com nine new to facebook twitter and censured. Do thank you. Everyone remembered download. Subscribe and rate our podcast on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Wherever you may listen thank you to our fifteen thousand. Listens and counting. steve safe. Everybody so long. The sports caster under son is brought to you by electric flex a global leader in electrical conduit for over sixty years electrically connecting our world and by foot first tree. It's time to get your bunion fixed with foot. Ipad exclusive sklar bunion ectomy. No visual scars. No cast no crutches. no kidding visit foot. i dot com.

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