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"steve oklahoma" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Lincoln Riley Offensive Solo first of all you know linger rally habit third said that that Saint Nick is that why he got six titles how many you'll guys got he got all them heisman and how many how many college playoff win three straight heisman trophies havoc okay tell me what are you doing. What are YOU GONNA show. That does have a good no one's ever done that. No schools ever had three straight. USC's done three well here and they're important not three three. No Nick Sabin made a big mistake. Stop what what Jalen hurts is doing for. The university. Steve Oklahoma right now is extraordinary. This is a grown man running and I'll give you big twelve defensive. I'll even give you South Dakota but it is extraordinary how he's taking over football games with his arm as well as his legs. We knew about the legs. This is a running back complain quarterback. This is a grown man. I could put that other word in the middle of it. You know drone. That's what he amen. Dan Amen this is pound for pound the strongest man in the weight room because he can lift him some weight in Egan lift him some linebackers linebackers in DB's when it's time to and I'll be the first to tell you. I don't love how he runs over people but he just if it's just gonNA run his tale over and again. Can you last doing that. Maybe in the big twelve you can but what he did at Ucla at the Rose Bowl okay utilize got athletes on defense southern California kids who fly Yup Yup Yup in all he did was something no Oklahoma title player there penalize. Good Oklahoma offensive players. None has ever done what he did. He threw for two hundred plus and ran for one hundred plus a half in the first half and the numbers he put up were were at least equal to out of big game at South Carolina because he threw for four forty four but my guide totaled for thirty nine running owning in throw it of what we do we measure question if Galas doing that with the path that he'll what would you do if to over. We're leaker Riley. He the wait a second if Jalen hurts had Jiri Judy and rubs Seattle first round if he had Adam right now. He's going to be the first pick in the draft. Yeah thank you. jalen hurts. Hattie throwing the ball in the first row in the championship game well. He got rid of the Credit Lincoln Riley for this because he's turned him into a really good. Throw the football. He looks really good to me. He looks. NFL good to me well. That's the thing about Lincoln Lincoln Riley because I love the fact that he's not saying. This is my system. I'm going to try to fit you into my system. He's calling plays four Jalen hurts that showcases skillset and does best but also jalen hurts has CD lamb. He has great weapons over there that he's using which is why he's continuing. Eighteen put up these kinds of numbers weekend and week out but there's no Jerry Judy but there's no lamps. He's really got some receives. A lot of every time I looked up to is throwing a five yard pass that went seventy yards. What if we know. Eben ahead that ball turned they do obviously. I don't go do what you do dance for trap trap to. Oh Oh oh he over five hundred. Is He real to me. If he does get knocked around he gets beat up and then sometimes he just kind of lose it. I saw him at the end of the year. He lost his confidence we did did. I saw that I'll also is input on Oklahoma. Yeah you kept telling me all colic the fathom loopy with a new stadium getting old you. Have you seen what Hollywood Brown's doing. I Lamar so this is like we did not ask him for the national semifinal he could not play he was hurt. in God bless him. I'm knocking on wood for him. He came back and beat us a tough. Do we lose players. We lose six seven coaches a year. Yeah Decoy look at the guy that in Georgia Smart Laudi guy the Guy Maryland we lose told you every year saying Knicks. Still Staying All coaching staff out of the building. That's how good he got. A statue chewed in October. I is my over under for Nick Sabin blowing up over yet another media question. Hey what about Jalen hurts are. Are you impressed player when they lose students over five hundred okay hundred Oklahoma two weeks off the latest Texas Tech. I read river so ought take a little different. They're not gonNA. We don't even talk defense. That's another day gotTa Move Yvonne Reggie always good to have you with us. Thanks for joining us no Muncie. Thanks for listening to the undisputed podcast. I'm Jenny Taft. Join US again at the same time tomorrow morning in nine thirty eastern. We'll see that part of mine of mine..

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