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"steve mangrove" Discussed on The Two Shot Podcast

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"steve mangrove" Discussed on The Two Shot Podcast

"To the to shop. Podcasts at yourself down public how we're gonna marry old shot this week. I'm going to tell you. Law seems is rather redundant asking that question. Consider in you know everything. The the whole thing. The bleakness of everything. But i've been doing it for three years and asking that question. And i'm not going to stop now. Authorized republican emails saying gray. Why didn't you have to be honest. And other one that i want everything to be as easy as possible because let's face it. The life isn't easy. The moments of trion find the pockets of goodness. She's of the grades and tell a couple of really nice things that i did. I haven't sat down and watched anything for for ages really and new year's eve. I thought you don't wanna do. I have some champagne papi while day causing champagne and i was little women to park. Greco like starring. Sasha ronan and laura done and timothy channel may timothy. Shell may eight. I said it to a friend of mine. I seen foreseen pound for pound performers by one of the best films of sin for. Maybe i was feeling old new year's eve and quarterly. And that's kind of what i wanted. But maybe that's what you need to fob for me to tell yet but you know go for it. You need at the moment and it was a great comfort. I loved it so so much Yeah so trying to find the greatness. I think i think downlist. What do i now look. We're all on their own path. Oh my god we thought we would kick this year off with a brilliant. So that's what we're there in. I've been a fan at inside his term. Because i don't think he would have dealt well with a conference. This is an episode with jack. Loudon who yeah. I've been a big fan of for ages. You hugh my seen on stage in their scotland's brilliant black watch or the dumb mar measure Or in the stays version of chariots of fire. But you'll definitely. I've seen his work. In steve much film fight with my family which was brilliant as morrissey and england is mine in warren pace on the bbc. A most recently in the first film of small act series to steve mangrove again which he said and i would never tell him this. I would not want to embarrass. Him is not really wrong. Almonds great so was really thrilled on. He said he would come on. And it was the first time we met this afternoon on the road. And i was down and yeah it was when things go right. They just flow. Ns flood and it was a joy so as much fan of him as an actor. Now as i'm as a person was great. I love that it was joy so i thought just get down to where she we. Yeah okay well. This is episode one hundred forty of the to show podcast the new one of this year as going to be many many more. It's with great. The very lovely very mr chat loudon enjoy and i'll see you at the end and a big stuckey on and we have to keep shooting. You guys shut down. I think something like that. Way out to shut down through felt like ages but i think it was about that for four six weeks it was. We were in a park on the other side of manchester play in this game of football. I remember scientists. Someone this sort of the stunt of coordinate because this debate and tomboys acquire and. I'm just on the sideline know nothing about football going. This looks precarious. Say the least. And i send cav so russia in and then they went for another one. I've got bad failing about us. And then all of a sudden snap qisas right and then it turned up turned up in on the hour. I'm going to give them publicity within minutes. And there was some guy in the bush to take blood. D- how he he literally he went back to the uk. 'cause we were shooting in ireland and he came back. He was like a got a bit of a problem. Check wall and i look at my own and it was in a sticky and we had to shoot shoot shoot with him and put him in like a long massive long jacket. Luckily one of those police dog training guys like he just has like a massive forearm by walk the no. he's great. No there's there's a whole bunch of them. Yeah i i. Just i love that. We won't stop. I think it was like the first or second week of first. Lock down Oh it was grief. Washing-up beautiful to look at. I mean it really saw sports ya especially for someone like may knows next to nothing about football and has to pretend that he knows exactly what he's talking about. Yeah but speaking of football jack. That was high on your list of priorities younger. If i'm right absolutely i still. I've always said that if someone could come along and give say you could play professional football tomorrow but you tough to give up acting. I won't wouldn't even think about it. I do it in a heartbeat. Is we still laugh. The fires still die for. It's it's sort of when i was younger. It was just like oh. I just wanna play football. And then as i've gotten older and the more actinides done i've acted enacted in in one way or another since i was quite young though but the older i've gotten the more i realized. What is it. find missing in our profession for me. Maybe not loads of other people that sort of the unknown and even though in football there's only three outcomes there's win lose or draw with with what we do. I just feel like there isn't feel like i know what's going to happen and get quite quite quick players that whether it's on stage all scream on the buzz. They must get any professional sportsmen athlete. Get from going and having something to achieve something to fight for and then the sorts of rivera's of not getting it you know there's the closest we get is that if if you're under enormous time constraints on a shoot or something and you and your goal notes stunned all we fucking good before.

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