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"steve hi roman" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Welcome back to the Jimbo Hannah show at one 8 6 6 5 O Jimbo one 8 6 6 5 O 5 four 6 two 6 as we're taking calls for our guests to Roman Italy as Ukrainian born based now in the Dallas Texas area a vodka distillery in the name of the vodka crudo which means cool by the way KRT O and the website kruto vodka dot com and he's a very brave man at age 63 is going back to Ukraine around the 19th or the 20th his wife still in Dallas is not thrilled about that and again who knows what may be awaiting him but lots of people would like to speak with the Roman talis starting with Steve in the Topeka Kansas good evening Steve Hi Roman I just want to say that you're a very brave man and I don't think you realize it but you're fighting right now And I think what you're doing now is more important than anything a 63 year old man could do over there That's something for the young men and I think you should run your business I'm sure you're very successful and you could donate money to some of these young guys that want to go over there and fight You could lobby and go watching Your means and I just think that you could Follow what you're doing right now All right he tried to talk you out of going back a Roman No I understand the German energy is absolutely correct But here is the thing Yes We are very successful company We're doing pretty distant business But yes we do send money back directly to military accounts Yes I organize past Sunday two days ago walk yes so good But when I have 300 people and I'm not looking at 300 people I'm looking at 300 families If a husband works and he has a wife and children and he's getting salary and his supporting the family and more happy than anything These 300 these are still in Ukraine working for you correctly Since the war starts everything starts and because people sitting pretty much in the basements of subways and the big cities because our subways underground So that's a big best shelters So and they sitting there It's not you don't have no best They just sitting on the ground And children born there Yes this gentleman is correct But my wife here she can do what he mentioned We are raising money Yes we are trying to do awareness of people around the world would it be me here in the United States and I'm sure people like me who is a Ukrainian Americans or American Ukrainians I don't have to correctly say it because my children consider themselves just Americans It's not such thing as Ukrainian They call themselves Americans Are you aware of other call them what you will Ukrainian Americans who are also going back Very few from the area where I am yes but I am pretty much sure I can even guarantee a lot of them did And as far as I have information and I have a very good enclosing information with government I know a lot of Canadians a lot of them Americans young men volunteering to come and fight I believe anywhere between 16 and 40 thousand volunteers is already from different countries We're going to fight already fighting for Ukraine today as we speak Wow I had a call from Andrew Big difference between 16 and 40 Well let me tell you Andrew calls in from Rhode Island good evening Andrew Good evening how are you Jim Nice to hear great guest Speaking and giving us education on some realities over there I wanted to first ask if mister Taylor knows families in the area of North Miami and in Hollywood Florida where there are big population has migrated here I go down there quite a bit And especially during and after the Crimean War so do you have any friends and relatives that have migrated to the North Miami and Hollywood Florida area who are set up they've brought over there here to work in our wonderful country And to get their children educated here pay taxes They have businesses like markets like Eastern European food markets is fantastic It looks like our guests I'm sure he must know Ukrainian Americans in a variety of locations in the particular in the North Miami Hollywood Florida area Yes it is It's a few between Hollywood and sunny isles on Collins avenue It's a lot of Ukrainian or even not or and and Russian people are there A lot of them also run away from that dictator He is dictator he is not president If you look at 22 years that he is already on the top of Russian Federation We've changed four or 5 presidents Good bad and different We had election They don't 22 years you already staying on the top More than Stalin did And Stalin killed a lot of Ukrainian people send them to Siberia glides or kill them And she is following I guess very famous person steps Hitler bombard Ukraine chief bombarding Ukraine Stalin killed his own people And she is killing similar brothers I mean rather than I told you Cousins killing cousins nephews killing and uncles right now It doesn't make no sense Doesn't make no sense And what you did as you know every country when we have presidents we are some opposition some complaints some love him but what she did by coming in to our land Now we all want country and we follow our president Look at him He's still there You know one exiled Russian who put in put him in jail for many years He was in jail and now he's leading someone Switzerland You know what he said and I love what you said Stan while petition became clowns and some clown.

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