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"steve goggin" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"Of classes, some students at Seattle's Art Institute looted campus arrow seven obtained footage of shocked classmates going through the rubble of broken computers in classrooms, full of debris. Oh, no ram. No drives. Spur down there amid bankruptcy proceedings. The Art Institute announced it was shutting down two weeks before the end of the quarter. A rented homeowner is speaking for the first time after a home invasion Monday, it happened while Steve Goggin moss was in bed with his wife. We heard oh Rome again in far bedroom door, absolutely explodes and two masked perpetrators come out us guns drawn and they're screaming at us worst. Where's the math? Where's the cast? He spoke with Dory. Monson police think the masked men hit the wrong house empire actor Jesse smollet hit with sixteen felony counts. According to police, this was all the scheme to get jussie smollet more money from the producers of empire smollet told investigators that he was attacked by two men who were using racial and anti gay slurs. Smollet claim the two men through a chemical liquid on him and put a noose around his neck within days. However, the story began to fall apart. And now faces these sixteen felony charges that CBS's Steve Futterman. A judge has ordered army intelligence analyst Chelsea formerly Bradley Manning to jail. He's refusing to testify before Virginia grand jury that's investigating WikiLeaks. Don't believe in the grand jury process. They don't believe in the secrecy of this. She served time. Previously for stealing thousands of documents related to the Iraq war and giving them to WikiLeaks. Washington state troopers think a semi truck hauling some sort of military vehicle slammed into an overpass on I five near joint base Lewis mcchord this afternoon. Sending concrete flying into the road below thankfully, no injuries to the driver.

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