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Modern lifehacks

"Headphone shudder you. I'm trying I'm trying to Steve. The volume control on your smartphones headphones can be used to such release this way. You can take a picture with your camera without your camera shaking Christopherson brought by ferry. Andy Right WHA- okay. I know so the Plus Button. Yeah the plus and minus button. You hit for more in line in line remote control when thanks to camera can also click the shutter on your camera so you say your camera up somewhere tripolar slightly making something and if you if you act of pressing the sharp button with your fingers with. Chiku camera is we. Using a like effective August photographers would use a remote lease shelter. And you can take that. She can alternatively at airports. That does it. Doesn't you right attentively? If you have an Apple Watch then you can see on your watch. What camera you're seeing so up. Go back to join. The group praised the three second timer casually hands in your pockets having check the freemen. Take a job son. Drake Group selfie right on there. Like Saudi full Griffey okay. How many times of US Postal weekend zeal? Coney deal right. I'm going to is that. The is that the metric for us. I'm going to introduce an innovation to the puzzle and tips podcast. I'm going to stop just because it seems to me and for this week only I'm going to introduce a scoring system so I'm giving but them I'm giving that tip to Tim O. My God harsh. I knew Jake rival Harvard over but no I don't think I would use video of I understand. I can see saying but when when I said tips and hawks I meant clever little things what people have discovered and have found useful. No that's take that was invented by UPPAL as I was the operating system of a piece of technical but not everybody knows that. I didn't know that you'd iphone could do that. So I should apply. I think having no Shared the Katina for success with us. The had some guys life is about teaching house. You don't you're not gonNA clever whatsoever because you're not going to understand it whatsoever. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA go and Miss Steve. I can't read. I like Steve. Rc At lake. Steve Fake Tan move. I mean he's aisling ordered count so hard to get off and would deliver yes. Yeah Yeah exactly. So you kind of have to this. This is more of a story than a tip but I might let down to Monday. I'm going to have to explain. Fake Tonto Steve. And that's a whole entire podcast concept of. Yeah Okay So. It's hard to so if you want to take off an old layered and put on a newly are for an eye or whatever you have to take off so have you seen those scabby things that you get that you put the Lid Fadi. Let quit and two. They're totally several times. You say yeah so I use one of them. Like Scouts Scouting pods felt with victim over what she can buy an score and actually works. Very well obviously distill your tip to. It's very sick to get this stuff of your skin you know. Don't boss. I scar point. Leslie will bleed but once you take that many layers of skin on with with a this scatter ADESCO Dr. The delivery mechanism built into it. Sorta stop so. When you need to take de ton DEATON BEC- be Thanh on. But you want to take off on Morton which is against you back to the same place. I am the point right so use you wash vigorously with a fairly vigorous sponge like thing so uteck pint. Dusk is this guy with with the with the sun in the handle is being dispensed through the sponge. I think was it a such a thing as speak Tundra move. Oh Yeah I mean it's not belly and you still need to give up available. Spa Alpha also known to use 'em to they call it cream am I just couldn't stop. I've ever heard of the pink stuff. They'll top of 'em pink makes full like like scoping for like using on. Pvc and stuff of us. That and I'm going to have no skin left by the time in theory. I think it's a clever thing this scattered thing with the insight. I know feeling I was Louis really harsh. I was overly harsh. Calibrate your scoring system like trust you've been elevated to fool and I'm GonNa get you don't you all during the to your deck. Come on you're doing something that doesn't need done with something that sneak. John was on with the old fake ton. What's wrong with snobby? Look at Skopje known. What's on with not having just being you know so scotch. You're not giving me all you know. One did think of a one. But I'm giving you tonight. Okay can I. Oh you're going again. No score years. You certainly can.

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