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"steve europol" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"It's morning edition from NPR news. I'm Noel king. And I'm Steve Inskeep. If you accept their statements at face value, the United States in Iran agree. Yeah. That's right. Iran says it doesn't want a war or a nuclear weapon, the US says in return that Iran better not want. Those things Morgan Ortega's is State Department spokesman. We continue to call on the Iranian regime, not to take a nuclear weapon to abide by their commitments to the international community. But all those words come alongside certain actions. Iran says it plans to break one of the limits on nuclear activity that had agreed to in a deal in two thousand fifteen the United States withdrew from that deal. But once Iran to keep it, and now the US is sending an additional thousand troops to the region. NPR's Peter Kenyon has covered Iran for years. He's in Istanbul, and he's on the line. Either Peter, I Steve. So let's move through the way people around the world are reviewing our viewing these actions. What? The Middle Eastern nations are on neighbors affect say about the US moves. I well, the ones that are Washington's regional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia are fully on board with this pressure campaign. So sending more troops will be welcomed there on the other hand, you've got a country like a rock. It's got important trade links with Iran electrolytic things like that. So they'll be concerned in Baghdad about the potential for these tensions to boil over to the point where Iran Iraq trade suffers so, so some concern in some countries, and you say the potential for tensions to boil over, we should be clear about where we are. We have two countries that have pushed and pulled against each other before they're doing that again. We don't know if it's heading for war, but their warlike moves. What about reaction to Iran's announcement that it's going to go beyond the amount of enriched uranium to supposed to have on hand? Well, some see this is a fairly predictable response, Iran, usually response to pressure with defiant, statements, even at significant economic cost at the moment, Tehran remains a long way from having a nuclear weapon that was the intent of the nuclear agreement to keep Iran far from weapons capacity. So that should it ever tried to break out as they say, in Tena weapon, the outside world would have plenty of time to step in as for this announcement Byron being potentially dangerous. Certainly the main danger would seem to be to what's left of the nuclear deal. And so let's talk about that deal recall where we are the United States withdrew from the deal. It says it wants a maximum pressure on Iran to put some kind of more extreme limits on its nuclear program European countries that were part of the deal have wanted to stay in where did these developments, leave the Europeans in an increasingly difficult spot. I would say none of the other signers of this deal that's Britain France, Germany, as well. As Russia and China, none of them support this American pressure campaign. They think the deal was working U N inspectors routinely, verified around compliance, why go back to confrontation and uncertainty. Senior Chinese diplomat is warning against a Pandora's box about to be opened in the Middle East. But European efforts to save the deal have to have a mechanism and so far that alternative payments game. They've been working on has not impressed running officials so far. Now, if a run does breach, the agreement Steve EuroPol funded even tougher to save it. Well, how much how much pain is this maximum pressure campaign causing inside Iran? It's a bit of an opaque situation as always there, but the economy is clearly suffering, even Ron's, elite revolutionary guard corps designated a terrorist group by Washington is reportedly feeling some pain president, Ronnie today is repeating Iran's message that it doesn't intend to wage war with any nation, but he says, we're facing a group of politicians with little experience. Meanwhile, the troop, build up and economic pressure. Continues. Peter, thanks. You welcome. Sti. That's NPR's. Peter kenyon. All right. Last night, one.

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