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"steve cornetta" Discussed on Poke the Bear

"Like a he's a gonna be a good player. It just took it sounds like you could have got him later and DJ being treated this. I thought it was a very astute. You know, when you have these pics you've obviously you hope they turn a good players, but you also want to use them as a trade chip see all these guys can't they can't all play. So, you know, if you use these as trade ships and you say, oh we're gonna give you our second-rounder and other teams go. Oh we were going to draft him last year, but We didn't and you're going to give them to give them to us now like to me it just feels like you know, I get the whole motivation aspect. He's got kids are motivated cantar and Laura look more a month. I screwed up with the neighborhood floor. I more I I was like what they both were passed over last year to be drafted. Does this like does that hurt their trade values. To say they're going to be at least trade them but you know what? I mean? Yeah. I mean, I think we just look at the way the Bruins are evaluating these guys and I think that's the only may be second-guessed on my end in terms of birth a few of these guys. Cuz again, who knows you read the reports the ones that are out there isn't like there's a whole bunch of film out there for four more I but you read the reports that are out there and he's off as a guy that's a failing on and he's six for like most younger players needs to put on a lot of weight, but you look at him 6-4 if he gets to to, you know, two hundred pounds two hundred dead. Pounds he's known as a playmaking guy back there. I think he had 37 points in about 40 something games. I want to say with Green Bay in the USHL a league. Well, honestly these guys who breakthrough whether it's going on to the college ranks. Usually you can kind of see where that production is going to be coming from if they're contributing down the USHL. So for a guy like him too. I remember that level of production as a bigger defenseman especially down there that's you know, definitely appealing again for the Bruins, you know, hats off to them if they just find this diamond in the rough and a guy that choice maybe again you read if you didn't tell me like where he was ranked in central scouting a guard they found this guy who's six for you know, they say I think Steve cornetta's who does a whole bunch of great draft stuff says, you know Titanic threshold heavy, but Nimble very very high hockey IQ read all that stuff with the frame that he has like, all right, cool. This guy would be great. And you know, I think people Colton parayko and a few of these other guys read.

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