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"steve clifford charlotte" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

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"steve clifford charlotte" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

"Handpicked by the new regime haute jeff weltman and john hammond the team started audi or odd dave than in dole word two nine game losing streak separately and there are at the bottom of the rainout had a tough loss against the brooklyn nets uh down the stretch of game they you know they they wanna win uh the other night and i just think from that that perspective you have all you have all the pieces of the would that are getting ready to ignite the fire put it that way yeah i mean it has certainly been it's been disappointing to see ito will lando is done i think steve clifford charlotte is kind of on hotseat well they've been very disappointing um you know he's obviously had some issues away from the court so maybe that's it's hard to say you know he could do anything better it's it's tough position it'd be end so hopefully you know uh we see them turn things around and clifford you know gets back to 100 percent held and all that stuff but i think if you're charlotte you're looking at this season and just like orlando ukraine disappointed the outcome uh they gave a break everything down with me mike scotto makes you guys go follow michael on twitter mike a scotto uh he does excellent work over basketball insiders be sure check out his articles he tweets them out as well the tons agree video interviews the players uh thank you for joining me they mike my pleasure aka any time this has been other episode of the hoop site podcast we drop a new episodes of the rumor round up podcast every monday.

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