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798: Tech Podcast Q&A - You Asked, I Answer

The Tech Blog Writer Podcast - Inspired Tech Startup Stories

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798: Tech Podcast Q&A - You Asked, I Answer

"Welcome to the tank bloke rights podcast, your guy to future, Tech, Trends and innovation in a language. You understand now. Over to your host Neal Hughes. I'm not saying welcome back to the tech blow Greider podcast wet today. I have no guess why? Well, I'm gonna let you take a little peek around the curtain because before I went on holiday or recorded sixteen podcast interviews to ensure that you all had something to listen to while. I was away. I when I return had another episode book tune. But guess what happened three guests cancelled? I'm sorry for the late. Now put the guest is in a meeting today for a fly all those usual kind of excuses. But that's just how it happens. Sometimes I'm not rocking back and forth. In my chair here to biting my nails manically, and we do have ten guests elitebook teen until mid April. So I think we're going to be okay, I'm gonna let you into a bit of a secret here. I quite enjoy. When this happens is get the market phone to myself, and I can sneak in a cheeky chat with you all and maybe I've just a little catcher also admit, I am quite a lazy person. So if I get the same questions multiple times sometimes easier to answer you all on here just answering the question on the podcast in the last two weeks, I've received emails from Leslie in the US Steve cave, Vladimir in Bulgaria and max in the Netherlands who've all asked very similar question around where the listeners to this podcast are actually located on the Email typically begin with a line, such as you say that you have listeners in one hundred sixty five countries on your podcast, but where is your piggies to audience is the UK? Well, believe it or not this shows biggies to audience share is actually in the US. But here are the top ten countries. Where people listen to the show and from the top we have the US, then the UK then India, Germany, Australia, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia and China and at the end of every show. I also ask everybody to rate and review these podcast on itunes. Does. He really does help. Bring more listeners this way because the algorithm we'll pretty much look and say if a show got more likes more subscribers more listens. The show must be good. So we'll move the rankings eleo, but one of the strange things about how they manage that. Is that all the reviews are only able to be seen in each country's I tunes. And of course, it is impossible for me to Wade through all of them opening in the US store closing it. Then opening in the Moroccan, I tune start. You just never going to do it book are recently found a great tool that lets me see exactly where the show is doing. Well, and I quickly found that the tech blow grow a podcast has been riding op the download charts for tech podcasts in Zimbabwe. Albania, vietnam. Slovakia and Swaziland wanna collect take mix. And I absolutely love their the mold anything though, I would love if new and old regular listeners of this podcast will actually just reach out and Email me at tech blog ri- to outlook dot com. Tweet me at Neil c Hughes or get me on Instagram at Neo see Hughes and let me know, exactly. Where in the world, you listen to this show? Sure. I'd love to give you all shoutout and actually show everyone. That's listening. How we're all learning about how tech is transforming industries and tearing down geographical borders together, and if you are on Instagram at meal net because I love to see the world through your eyes. And where you listen to this podcast. But again, don't just add me, I want you to send me a note. I mean if I'm spending every day talking directly into your ears. It's about time you said Hello. And we got to know each other in a little bit better. So feel free to put in the subject line longtime listener. First time emailer. In fact of never even contacted a podcast all radio show ever before. And I don't know what doing that. So let's shake things. Open change. All sap me a quick easy. You have Email now, I do have a few quick emails in questions. I wanted to go through today. And the first is from Matt Mason who says Neal, you always knock sensationalist negative tech headlines in the media. And I agree with you book. He goes on to say meal, I want you to level with me. Is there anything that? You don't like that's happening in tech at the moment or anything that just concerns you. Darrow. I say the name of tax very own potential bond villain. Mark Zuckerberg, all the social media platform, Facebook unknow, everybody's talking about it and the minute book, we'll concerns as it seems to me that social media is for one of a better phrase screwed at the moment because there's so many negative ads lines around echo chambers misinformation privacy breaches, and so much more say appears at Facebook and its family of apps on now actually retreat in from social media and targeting messaging and communication because that's facing all those juicy conversations that we all having they're not in the public domain. They're all on group chats on a variety of messaging platforms. So when Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg recently published a blog post promoting his new privacy focused vision for Facebook. Without any hint of irony. I was more than allow prehensile if especially considering they're looking at uniting, Facebook, messenger, Instagram what's up and even SMS because I'm immediately asking myself. The implications of enabling one company with a reputation of having a disturbing disregard for user privacy being in control of all of our communication methods. And by combining all their online identities that many intended to keep separate and for good reason could open a huge kind of worms for a lot of people and privacy choice and control. I think would appear the first casualties of section aggressive move by an advertising company in the guise of a social media platform. And I want to everyone listening to think about this for just a few moments. Think about every person that you've contacted from your smartphone in the last thirty days are suspect that most of your conversations fell into the bracket of Facebook, messenger, Instagram. And what's up an SMS? Now, imagine one company having access to all of that communication, especially one with a bad reputation. And for me that is much much more scary than any of the headlines around artificial intelligence, an automation. But that's just the ramblings of a tech podcast host of love to hear your thoughts on that one. So a game. Let me know your tech phase or anything that concerns you about the tech industry. Next up. I have a question from Stacey. Koon Kooning aid New Jersey. Who should I say new joyously? Sorry. I do love Italian American gangs to shows and movies. I was raised on that stuff. And I must admit when I hear the name couldn't game. I also think of Stephen king's Christine movie. Sorry, Stacey I do. Digress. She s hey now, I'm interested in making money starting my own podcast and turning it into a business. I love how you offer a service that removes the hassle of editing and publishing so I only have to recall the interview book the question, I've got is. How can I monetize it from the offset? Thanks in advance. Stacey most bay whatever. I say, thanks in advance. I always think it borderline passive aggressive because you will do this for me now. And I'm thanking you for doing it. Maybe that's just me reading too much into stuff. And don't get me started on exclamation marks either. But I think that is because the Email communication just has no intonation at all. So you can't tell if the author is happy sad angry or sarcastic again. Sorry. I digress. I think the lack of structure in the solo shows highlights just how many crazy ideas Bouchara Moorhead, and I just reach out and grab him without the luxury. Of a filter sometimes but to answer your question. Stacey up bring a little bit about news because I'm afraid that is no quick answer. If I'm completely honest with you the reality of you making money from any podcast, especially right from the beginning completely on its own Osler into non I always think the trick is to build a podcast around your existing business. Not the other way ram. So imagine if you've got a small business doing anything at all you're going to be creating blog content, and that's going to be posted across social media all geared around your own business website and building relationships with your audience and podcast. Really is exactly the same. As a blog post of log or a website post is about complementing, your business, your brand and broadcasting who you are what you stand for and creating a meaningful dialogue with your audience by serving them not selling to them. And it's interesting that you sent over Stacey. Because I was chatting with David. Ralph's the other day, and he's the host of the join up docs podcast, and we were talking about some of the big name podcast is out. There have all become almost unlistenable because he's all about selling their services and webinars and even guests webinars we're probably a little bit different from there because we're both hosts that tried to deliver value in meaningfully serving our audience, but hey, they make more money than both mayo. And Dave I suspect. So maybe we're the foolish ones. I kind of like the idea of serving my audience rolling selling to them. So for that reason alone. Stacey I'm going to say you don't need my help launching a podcast yet. I want you to focus on creating a business first and then build content around it. But remember when you already a podcast can be transcribed into a blog post, an Instagram image or even a video on YouTube, boo at the heart of all that must be business. I make sense if anyone isn't a sling that has a successful business or building a business wants help launching a podcast feel free to send me a. Quick Email to tech blog writer outlook dot com, and I'll gladly help you or even just point you in the right direction. There is a message for you. And we also have an Email from Gary FitzGerald in Australia. Most of me, I thought Gary with disappearing from the world, Gary if you have a soon you most name him Gary junior or something because when lead to keep your name alive. Seriously, Gary s Neil, what are your tech gripes reading your questions? Here seems you're trying to find out what the Chinky mile, and I'm always very positive about technology and avoid the other question around things that concern me in tech. And now see Gary's asking what my tech gripe. So I can say well, you guys are guy with these. But if I'm honest charging is the bane of my life. It seems I'm constantly having to charge a myriad of devices every day, including headphones and also seems constantly looking for a wall socket when I'm abroad or covering an event somewhere. So any phone manufacturers listening? I don't wanna foldable phone. I want one that I don't have to charge on the screen won't shatter into a thousand pieces when I drop it from twelve inches off the grab. Outside of that. I think we need to talk about software patches. So first of all here comes a disclaimer, I advise each and every person listening that they must download and apply every security patch as crucial to protecting you and your network books. And here comes the book when I do get the opportunity to sit down and relax. I usually switch on my XBox. I very often it will say you. Call play anything right now to you completely long update. So I try and get ahead of the game. And I stole that update. And then switch on my PS four which says the same. So then find myself sitting there for an hour is to consoles perform security updates. Yes is boy folk, but untimely an aggressively pestering updates drive me news. And I think many think many of you listening will when you get those reminders would it be on the computer your phone. I think we're all guilty of hitting remind me later on more than a few occasions. Finally, online payments. We're all living in a digital age sending payments seems to be stoke in the dark ages. And if we have any crypto will bitcoin enthusiast listening. Yes, he's incredibly cooler next saw in technology, but the idea of my ground getting past two factor authentication copying along complicate. It'd be bitcoin address an incendiary crypto to the other side of the world and waiting for an hour to complete is equally as insane. An unused friendly is the arcade processes that banks put me through when just trying to make or receive an international payment. But I am all in on fintech. Eradicate in my first world problems, and solving that problem with international payments, but what are your tech gripes or I will problems look to hear your rents and your your insults to so please remember Email me tech blog writer at outlook dot com. All tweet me at Neil, see us. Now, as you all know, I also like to grab a hot coffee or cold beer with my guess and listeners when am I on my travels and on March twenty four I'm heading to Vegas to cover the initiative, informative and inspiring a dome resume it. If anyone listening is in town for that show. Let me know, and this she is event has pretty eclectic guests, including the Microsoft CEO. And even Reese Witherspoon, she's a little bit bizarre. And if you're not there, I applaud you to watch the live streams just let it a little bit more about the work that adobe is doing with real time personalized digital experiences. So funny incredibly interesting aiming to do there. He's a fantastic event. And even though it might sound glamorous. He's actually me being locked inside a hotel for a few days without seeing any sunlight as I go round hunting for guests to go on this podcast. I'm not complaining how now that's what I love to do book. Maybe you can help me with a slight problem. Today actually at the event on a Thursday evening. They have an after show party with unlimited food drink and gig. And over the last few years, I've wandered around hoovering up food and watching death cab for a Q E Beck and this year, they have the killers playing was the problem Hughes. I hear you all saying well, the prospect of dancing to Mr. bri- solid on my own with buffet food for one isn't the same as having a chat and a bit of a laugh with a guest or listening to this show say if you are in town, food and drinks are on me or sure adobe, maybe if you all at the event, maybe we could enjoy the killers together on a warm Vegas night. Oh, of course, feel free to say get out of here needy podcast host with I'll stick with just listening to the podcast. Thanks that is completely fine too. But keep your questions coming our love to hear from you guys. And I looked at it to see your photos of where you listen to this show, and you may be. Glad all sad to hear that that we've got a week full of guests just waiting to get on this show a normal service where we resume tomorrow. So I'll hope you join me for another week of learning. How technology is transforming multiple industries and learning from some of the biggest names in technology and business. It's time for me to go now. So a big thank you for listening. And until next on don't be a stranger. Thanks for listening to take global podcast until next time. Remember technology is best when it brings people together.

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Episode #1860 The New Phil Hendrie Show

The World of Phil Hendrie

40:40 min | 6 months ago

Episode #1860 The New Phil Hendrie Show

"Are you a business owner. D Love podcast. Are you looking to attract more customers to your business. Of course, you are well good news podcast and. is now local the same advertising channel that has been used by large national brands for years can now help you reach your ideal target customers on their favorite podcast run affordable campaigns by state city Zip, and even target specific listener demographics or interests looking to reach families with children in your city. Perfect. How about a unique way to reach men under forty five looking for auto insurance great to harness the power of podcast advertising for Your Business. visit advertised cast dot com slash local. That's advertise cast like in podcast dot com slash local. Hi, it's Phil Henry for the world famous. Phil Hendrie show and on our website is you have been told as you have been taught as you have been as you have been instructed as you have been. Imbued almost Let's not making religious. Let me I don't want you guys butting anymore. Okay. Yes Sir Cavas. Tannery. What's wrong? Nothing's wrong. Yeah, I'm sure just don't put in. As as I was saying the world of. The world famous Phil Hendrie show over forty thousand hours of Classic Radio Material, and not only that we have many many thousands of hours of the digital podcast. has come into its own as one of the premier podcasts in the history of the entire planet earth. There is that good enough. Yeah, and also, of course, we have our Friday night chats. We have a number of things that can be yours yours alone while you and a bunch of other people if you've got a subscription to the world famous Henry Show at Phil Hendrie Show Dot Com you can get it for one month. You can get it for one year. What's that the cost? Our podcast is less than seven dollars a month you get a one year subscription for one month that's under ten dollars. That's right and guess what? It's the best value online other than porn. Got It. So check it out today and fill ratio dot com that's Phil Hendrie show dot com. Welcome to today's encore show on the world famous Phil Hendrie Show, this is one from twenty sixteen I'm GonNa look forward to this one because this is one of those shows that you guys May. Look back on with a great affection The Ted Bell shows when Ted Bell was live there at Ted's of Beverly Hills Dinner. Sunday night show and he would have the dunphy brothers in and the dunphy brothers were popular for singing all kinds of songs. One of which was if you knew susie sung by. Timmy. Well, on this show today Ted's of beverly. Hills on a Sunday night is featured as the show was. A livestream with Timmy dunphy reprising if you knew Susie and Ted losing another bet also Jim Sadler instructs me on how to construct a proper resume all that coming up right now for your folks on the world famous Phil. Hendrie, show our encore. Show this coming to us from October thirty first of two, thousand sixteen on this day. The twenty ninth of October Twenty Twenty, the world famous villain reshow and Phil Hendrie show dot? com. All the tensing listening. Hey I here you guys did a great job night living dead. What are we? Can't Larson Carl. Seek. Collins because he's back in the saddle again, my friend. I don't WanNa, do that well, you can't just decide you're going to do that's up to fill. Our is back for people but a lot of people miss you bud. So I don't carry the both of these guys are idiots. We just I just heard that bloodied PUTT PUTT drop out again that can't hear anything out. He heard the bloody PUTT drop out again you're put too much pressure misery as told that but an engineer and. Yeah. Well. He doesn't. He's making it up as he goes. No, it's weird. You're putting too much pressure on it I'm GONNA put all kinds of pressure on it. I'M GONNA put all kinds of pressure on it. I treat equipment the way I treat people I, put print well I shouldn't say that. That is absolutely accurately put too much pressure on people and you put too much pressure on equipment and both the will malfunction. Function. All Right Barbara I heard, you just want to make sure. God Damn. You know what? I don't like the Lord's name. Phil. What's what's the Gd? Okay. Now. Yeah, you. Know. What was this with of the what we did not have the living dead that was the cinematic. The deal? Yeah. A Lotta people enjoyed that I watched it in fact. When I was hitting the sack last night you guys were right on. That film is. Very interesting because it's it's been the first of all of surprised. We were doing it. You say that's public domain. Yeah. Night of the living dead is. Public Domain. It's got a copyright that expired. So now, that's the George Romero film. That's a classic I know that Frank was going to do some work with Jorge Romero. Up Start dropping names everything you know what? I'm going to drop cakes. Online. I'll drop you. Hey. Dropping Dame. And everything make it easy. Bud Her husband's and entertainment attorney. Ever. Whatever? Wait wait what what is this closed program? Items. You know we got to throw this computer away. We're GONNA throw this computer away. What are you gonNA throw it away for I don't trust it man. This computer is constantly F and up and and end. Up and gene. So, what were we going to talk about? You were talking about I tunes and being night of the living. Talking you're talking about I tunes copyright expired because of the did. No I was talking about night of the living dead. Yeah. The copyright expired on that nobody renewed it. I. They just didn't think that it was going to be worth a pinch of You know what you're kidding. Well, that was what I was to say frank did some work with this man Ramiro now we did a film called. The. Dead. Day Day. In Day of the dead was bitching and it's about hobbies and everything was it about Zombie will? I. Figured that Much Romero. I guess to capitalize on The good work that you've done not really making any money with night of the living dead because nobody really knew where we're going to be hit or not. Like we were saying, that's where the copyright was not renewed but he did follow up eventually around one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine, eighty with the day of the dead I think I don't know Dave Donna the yeah we were certain day of the. Deltona Edge. That's what we say. uh-huh. I'm like, where were you at now got stuck in traffic you're late and everything I got stuck in. Traffic. I know is it up there in Victoria? Yeah? Oh that thing Victoria what's going on up there? I don't know they're changing something they're changing lanes or some I don't know what they're doing but everything is funneled down to one lane there and everybody is jockeying for position to coming down here toward the beach. Anyway what are the program world-famous Phil Hendrie showed? Dot Com ted bell from tens of every hills is going to be joining us in just a moment because as we speak, this is our live streaming show you are listening to us. Now you may be listening to us live or you may be listening to us on Monday. In which case you should know that this show was recorded on Sunday night and we were doing it live for the BS ps. So there watching and one of the things we're watching as Cleveland Chicago game now what? This is what I was warning you against. Okay. Go. Yeah, he said descended like your stuttered did sound like there was a a stutter on its way to a stutter stroke. You know here we go again with this I tunes. Stop and working at the piece of. Life suggests somebody fix that maybe we ought to just download it again or something. So Anyway you were saying what about who and the? Cleveland Indians in the Chicago bears or something they're playing right now. So we're going to be watching this. Rest greedy interest not let me go. Let me go over to traffic now and his phone they bobby there. Grab it. But I'll tell you this if you. And your. With you got your underwear on make sure you get up fifteen freeway today because everything out there is electric and we're lecturing it up for grabs around. Let's up guidelines crime. Look. Over there and Great. Up. Five. Downtown. Else. Here sky boy tweet. Brown round. Sky. Babies Tweet van. Goghs the second gas tank that hurt. Jesus. That's charring to the nerves. Hill. Amity affliction bringing us into this segment of the program were famous. Name. Jarring. It's very jarring to the nerves of reminds me the first time I saw that but was it general? What I went and saw the exorcist. That's right that Jordan by nerves and it doesn't seem. Sorry about that Anyway thank you very very much emily affliction back the world famous Phil Emery Show Filigree reshow DOT COM And it's time now to head on out to our favorite guys place Ted Bell Heads Beverly Hills. Yeah. Very Jari. Steakhouse come on. Beverly Hills reminding you to come on down tonight because we got the ball game on. Sunday. Night if you listen to this on a tape I guess you're out of luck. Here do people workout. Dunn Brothers. we wanted to one of the main dining area here. We here today. What could I can really hills fill is pretty special night because we have the ballgame on. That is the cubs heavy Cleveland Indians. We got the dumpy brothers in the air and I think I finally got him where I want him. And they're playing the Chicago, cubs in the Cleveland Indians shut I take it. You're a cubs fan no, no I'm not a cup fan. I'm a Cleveland Indian fan and that's okay because I know they're down to one but the Indians are guess what. The ball game right now is free to win Chicago. Okay you haven't the Indians are leading the series exactly. Right. The Indians are leading the series of the Dundee's. are in here. And we're in here for the last couple of talking about the Chicago cubs like this stuff doesn't smell and so i. Love to go a couple of dollars with you know what happens when you bet the donkeys? I don't want about it but. By the way bill, I really resent the idea that you make like I've got A. You know these guys are crooked shopping. Sell crooked dunphy brothers slapping around. Slap me around if I don't pay my. You can expect that right. What do you do that to you? I don't let them do it to me unless I Welsh on my bet, which is every other bet. Okay why would you do that because I don't think I, owe it to them because there there's usually some dispute. Your ad I would let a guy slept me around for love or money. Well, you gotta be kidding me don't worry you guys have got the wrong idea Utah mopped up. You Watch too many comic books. You read too many movies watch too many comic book they watch too many comic they read too many movies. They read. They, read too many comic books. Comic books. Watch. Any movies? I'm fine. Might Away, Tommy Duffy just committee. I want to get this over to to rudy for second okay. Allen Phil Hey Rudy how you doing Good. Business. Tonight the ball game on primary room right now we're dining area, but we'll move into primary up here in just. A minute. So tell me about. What what to do here. Okay said he misses for a minute Mrs Jones leaving good night miss. Johnson. Good night. She loves it. I don't understand any woman would. Great. I told you free of charge you come in tonight. You have yourself some dinner with frank and as you're leaving I will give you the rudy and that and the had added that and I guarantee you know. You'll freak. So I'm sure I will. What what's the deal here with? The dunphy brothers out dummies are here. HAS GOT THE CLEVELAND INDIANS NS bad. That's what he says. I want them tonight. And is he game number five right Phil? Six. Game. Yeah. Tonight Chicago's leading McClellan in three one and I said, you know I said to him I said. Exactly, the best Situation for you he said, don't worry about it. I feel good about this I think. I probably got this He was upset because there is a home run. That was hit. I forget who hit it but at home run hit by one of the players and he stood there admire he goes down. I will talk about that. A home run hit by that one. Can you were talking about not exactly fat I wanted to say something about that I don't like it. You know. And I don't think I've ever liked the fact that Guy Can stand there. And admire his. The ball flying off the bat and Shannon they're like Hey Art I. Normal A. Guys do that. A lot of guys do that just started the best of taste. But it is done it done. Yeah. I mean you admire it well, guess what it wasn't a home run you know Oh, you're talking about the double off the wall think you said I was listening to the show at that point. You said something like that if you're the guy handed standard there. You know admiring it. Look that Phil was saying if he hadn't stood there looking at it, he might have gotten another base out of the yeah. Yeah. I agree with you on. My team. But I I gotTa tell you something. For my money. Guys did in there and. Oh this is so great. There should be a rule against. Don't you think well, what rule are they going to? What kind of a rule? Penalties. In. Football for. What do you call it Football for demonstrations right there with the kids said right there. Well let's let's call unsportsmanlike conduct when excessive celebration right and what does that do okay. Well, the reason for that hold on General Get away? I'll tell you what it does when you dance up and down you look like an ass. And you're going, Hey, look at me you are depressing and you demoralizing the other team to the point where they become. Despondent. And you know what are you gonNA blow their brains out or something? No not. There is a despondency and it. It pisses everybody pisses me off. We're talking mostly about the BETTAS and the fans no no no. Talk about the players. Don't the guy stands there every hits the ball and then he starts admiring it like, wow I just took a wimp or something I just put the toilet guess what it ain't that bad. Right built. That's really a nice thought coming from a guy that owns a restaurant good God Almighty tear into one of your stakes I throw it right back. Alright. I'm sorry but you know what? I looked like that's exactly what he looked like what about the guy? What he hits it they're going to look the ball. See if it goes out if he had first of all look at the ball, listen to what I'm saying yes. Yes. Yes. I got to see some don't be right back. He's got to. Do the fees, what is going on tonight again. I'll do it. Rudy he is. He's got the Duffy's they're they're having a party because he thinks Cleveland to. Clinch. Going to. Chicago meeting the White. Getting. More to the point that Don fees are here and. Gary, is GONNA WANNA sing I think saw sooner or later there he's going to go up and sing and that's GonNa make pets really pumped out. You know. And then he's got the possibility the possibility of going to win this game. And Chicago, which the game. Extent he loses his bet, right? Right. Here. What you talking about I was headed to Chicago loses this game. Study your don't Chicago's not GONNA lose the Game Phil I guarantee you and so. I don't watch. Cleveland win. Right but I'd say Chicago's. This game. Yeah. Well. All right. So Chicago. All right. So what do you? What do you say you're not GonNa win the bet tonight. Oh Shit Yeah God man I was setting up the bandstand because I got. What does ask wants to Sing God? Damn. These I gotTa tell you something Phil You know I love the piece but these cheap. And their kid brothers and timmy dumped as the kid brother and he's A. He wants to sink. Not Not that guy that saying the last time? Yeah. He's WHO's this Guy Timmy Timmy dumpy done. Ladies and Gentlemen Ten bell here and welcome this evening to. Welcome this evening to yeah. All right. Tonight's performance Timmy Gut he's GonNa come up. Here, the Pearl Street guys are from Cleveland. And I got Cleveland in the series. Okay. So let's hear it for me. Thank you. and so without further ado. Let's Timmy and get a singer and song for his two one, two three. Susan Quack I know Suzy. OUGHTA GAL does not so classy. Fair lasts. Oh. What a chassis Dried. Whole. Prom Yuccas I. WanNa. Walk New Suzy can. You. Thank God or is very pb backout Gerry Nice going. Yeah I got. All right bill you got confused there man you got confused. Confused. You said that you are betting on who I'm. Back on. CLEVELAND. I know they're losing I'm hoping and praying that they won't continue to lose but you know what? You didn't bet them for the game. That's the only problem I got. Yes. And what can I answer phone? What I want to say is that they you know in the meantime. Getting me dumpy letting all these clowns get up to sing and act like the clowns they are because he feels that he's going to. Make them feel better when he picks their money I got you're not gonNA take some money. But. I'm not gonNA TAKE ANY MONEY SAYS WHO Me I said score. Anyway what do you think about that? Billy guys that are staring and looking at it. This You're not gonNA be able to do anything about the ten. Just the tradition in baseball is different from the tradition in football. Where are you anyway kitchen right now. Yeah. Give me about putting A. Shepherd, Ilya Asia I got Bill Henry. Show positive. I'm good. How's business good a lot of. A lot of people in Anthony. So. Anyway. You know. As I was saying excessive celebration in any sport I think she'd be penalized when I look at that guy stand there like Oh. Yeah. This and he stands any stands I'm thinking Oh my God I I was thinking to myself I. Hope You burn in Hell. I hope you die today inverted helper like you're doing to me. Well I don't know we just on the phone with me I did I was at the restaurant just got out there. He is break your wife what P one. I'll say I was just in the phone and I was at the restaurant and I came back through the phone here. Are you all right? I'm fine. I'm I just heard Timmy Day did you hear her? Yeah he said ridiculous like Duffy, what punk to bit punk. Her enter brothers. Okay thanks so What's your problem nothing? Give the phone back to Ted Williams care. Toe. Point being I don't need to sit. They sit here with money riding on Cleveland Indians and some guy sticking it up against the wall brush goes another one man. Now. He's under it. Oh. God. You see that yeah I'm watching all of them. All right Ted Bell Ted's of Beverly Hills with US tonight and he has the Dunphy zinn singing. Songs and everything that dumpty brother man that guy has who knows susie Hey Hey. Classy. Pair lassie. What Chassis we were riding? yuccas on. How Knew move. Suzie I. Know Suzy. Guy. I'm. Great Kenny. I knew. Then, we'd brutality clap. I. That was absolutely uncalled-for. Sorry. Ted is gone to the John. And we're still holding this is. Going to ruin him on the get really there. I went into the bathroom right now I'm not sure if he's you're right Ted. Oh. I think it's all idea he's going to lose his tonight That's why I it doesn't matter how many times he lets jimmy don't. They get up to sing that stupid song They're gonNA make him pay now what does that mean? Anything means he's going to go with the cash. Fooling around with it and pay off. I. What he's you know he's always. No. No. No. I'll be able to be. You know I can own them. No No. Carry it not in. The War I know I know that Dunphy I know them like the back of my hand. About fifteen minutes the. Village all right under control speak for me is really he's a great guy but let me remind you of something I think people forget this. Okay. You people I think a lot of ups skew people I think a lot of people forget this and the reason why I say you people Margaret is because sometimes and I mean this with great respect but sometimes I'm not sure. You're the white race and what does that mean I'm joking around? Okay. Giving it one. The he is kidding around she says that stuff for the dumpty brothers. beat him up and kick his ass and make him look like the child abuse. You know look like the punk and a child that he is but he will learn someday he will learn i. I know that these things can happen and these things can be thinking. That over. Over I mean my over your over over for a long time. On hold on hold on I got. The Cleveland Indians come from behind, win this game and get this series over with. So I collect from the Dunphy is for the first time in my life. Keep it here. Three. What? susie. Oh Oh. Direct. Consumer. lassie. Oh. Goodness me a chassis we went riding. What's that like an atomic bomb or something get him back on the phone Okay everything's okay. You're watching if you knew susie like. Thank you. A Ted Bell and the guys from Ted's of beverly. Hills here in the world famous Phil Hendrie show be right back. With more of this fantastic folderol in just a minute. This is the world famous Phil Henry Show for the Pacific and Southern California. Barca Drake. General Cayman Shaw Bergen Trade slacks I'll tell you right now I never thought I'd wear red plastic slacks but Bergen toyed selects look so good. The red plastic melts perfectly with the body. It doesn't have that shiny see through ask cheek thing I said, no, I can't do that. But these burqa -TROIT's flex look good with any kind of blazer any kind of t shirt and any kind of upper muscle wear anything you WANNA wear I wear them around the house relaxing. Type so that you don't look like you're running around trying to show it to everybody like some creep Bergen. Toyed slacks downtown at the multi mole tell them General Gaiman Shaw sent you Berga trusted slacks. General Sean don't forget to get my Special Dakota ring to with every pair of Bergen Troy slacks. Special. Gaylon Shaw Decoder Ring for full grown adult men is embarrassing. Yes. But I a hundred percent of all of the profit from the sale of the Dakota ring from General Gaylon Shaw got him. I embarrassed. Him. Oh. Yeah. Oh Famous Phil Henry Show from the Pacific in Southern, California and. Welcome on back here with Robert Leonard and Margaret Gray and General Galen Shaw and Bud Dickman. And here on this money, we're just over Ted's of Beverly Hills talking with Ted didn't Mr He's messing around with those Duffy's again. His best around with dumfries dumfries a mess around with I'll tell you this much. GonNa wind up kicking his ears Buxton. And his legs broken and I don't care how many times he lets. Timmy Dunphy Sing that song if you knew. susie. Well I don't I don't approve of it. As you know I never have approved of it. I don't approve mobsters well. Yeah. That would not think that you would anyway enough about that you know. Too much about the duffy brother as long as they're in town. xactly. So wild weekend, a wild wild weekend for me as I sat here. Doing a number of what was I doing this week I was so goofy. Get the resume like that. Oh. Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to get a resume done and I'm trying to get just stuff done right? Now what do you need the resume for? It's a it's a resume for stuff that I that I just stuff that I've done radio television stuff like that. But the problem is I don't have the and here we go again. But yeah, I tunes has stopped working close program or check online for solution to get outta breathe. It. So anyway as I was doing this, I was trying to format things and I couldn't get anything formatted right and so I had to finally call a friend of mine and get this thing. We'll you know either you know how to use word processing and you know how to correctly for these things so that you can get the work done or you do not. Rather disorganized that fuel gets disorganized would you say that? Phil know everything I'm disorganized I thought it'd be fun to have on Dr Jim Sadler's you know in some. Don't do Sadler as a man of organizations doctors. So he has a doctor's office he has a doctor's office but. I would say organized guy start laughing for even get on a phone. I'm not trying to laugh at the band understand that but I am saying, well, you know we've talked to Dr settler where he's had every kind of weird guy. Came crashing into his office. Oh nurse was kidding him and said some man at crash. I don't know what it was. I remember that. What was that? have. Find. Out. Find out about him find out about it from him well, no I mean the reason why I have him on. No not going to do that. The reason why on the phone is to talk to feel about organization in the office. All Right Phil Fine But I thought it would be an interesting story. We're not going to talk about that. We're talking about organization in the Office to Jim. Sadler. From San Diego California and very, very happy to have with us Dr I know that of course. You're very busy so that you would vote all of this time to us. We appreciate that. we're talking about Phil and him spending the good part of this weekend figuring out how to format. You have long been in business in your own practice. I don't imagine you have to format resumes anymore. But at one time you did did new well I mean. Not Really. Yes when I got out of medical school and I began to look around whether they WANNA do. But that I wanted to do and so I decided that I would go into private practice but I also wanted to get of course, and you have to get your internal rather your emergency room your your hands on hospital experience a lot of debt paid dues at the Fed Ben, which is the emergency hospital here in the Northern County every kind of gunshot won't head wound. Arrows, you've never seen anything like it and and that was. Where whereas this up in the North County. One of the most gruesome emergency hospitals you'd have been in and seriously I would come to work every night and I worked in emergency room and You know guys would come in with an Arrow through his head and other guy. Came in with with a leg blown off, and he's still trying to fight the other guy that unbelievable stuff this what is this whole Gangsta? Man That's that's a pretty violent area very, very violent area was up here in the right near Escondido. ESCONDIDO. That's open the suburbia. Whatever you want man but. It was pretty bad at. Pay You that right now? So Around there is it might have been then I don't know. But. Maybe it wasn't a North Carolina maybe somewhere else I seem to remember driving north. Airway. Who was that? Lady say maybe you went all the way to La. Maybe I went to La. I know I drove north. You draw from San Diego to la every night to work in an emergency room I may have I don't know that was so hard for me Phil and those were such difficult days. I barely was out of medical school I've been. We know that you supported yourself through medical school Dr Center, we're very proud of you trying to say. I didn't mean to upset you. But what I really WanNa talk to you about tonight though is you're an organized guy you do run an office I. All I was trying to do is put a resume together. I didn't know that Margaret was going to call you but I'm very happy to have you on the phone Eh, and now of course, everything is word processing everything is that all you have to do a resume or we'll have a picture and all that stuff. For these people. I hope will work from work with me. In the more of the theatrical end of things. Like. What are you GONNA do? A be onstage if you knew, susie. About in Syria younger you. Know I'm not going to do if you knew susie. I'm talking about more acting this. This is the comedy thing that feel does stuck two seven Oh yeah. All right. Well here. Here's what you should do. First of all, you want to list all of your accomplishments in the different areas. Okay. What do you mean? Well, in Radio and Television in film? Film How many films have you been in? Okay Hold on. Team. America. This is forty. That all right. Thing called last call was shot that I didn't see that either is fine. That's fine semi pro I see that how long were you in that like Small part is the nets coach. and I think that's about it in terms of movies probably about four movies. Yeah. Movies about Steve Cave only it's only four I mean if you don't really have that much time. Yeah it was four. Okay. Now how many? Then the other thing you WanNa do cartoons have you done Khartoum's? Animation. Well, what do you mean by that? Well, that's what they call cartoons. Now, they call it the animation basically a cartoon right now pretty much has his sights evidence. Khartoum's be. I've done animation and cartoon cartoon because people will be very, very appreciative of the fact that you don't have your nose up your own rectum excuse me for saying that but I can't because I'm a doctor. That, you don't have your own nose up your own rectum again I'm able to say that I'm a doctor. That's great. Right. So how many Khartoum's have you done? Six or seven. You've been to Khartoum that many times What do you mean Old Khartoum? Tumor Africa. Get Him Outta here. CARE. I was giving it back on the phone. Just, get him back on the phone. please. Duck sadly, he's yes. The Art. I can't spell that he knows how to spell it. Yeah. Give me the phone please don't grab it from me fill. I'll delicately give it to you. Dr Savage Phil Henry. Henry settling. Wait a minute fill. Yes. Hello. Dr Sadler. You hang up on me. Yes. I. Hung Up on you why Khartoum cartoon I'm trying to get to the point here okay, and the point is have you got any tips for a guy? Who is trying to make his way professionally to present himself with the right kind of resume and that kind of thing bill I? Yeah. I. Do I got one little cutie about Khartoum and you see you you like you're You're on rag or something you know the R. G. which I understand. Now you know how to spell so. Yeah I do and all of your jokes are probably really good for another town another place but I'm trying to just get this stuff together here. So what does he supposed to do Anyway Sadler? Well I don't like being called by my last name if you don't mind Dr Sandler what does he do? Well, what he has to do is you get someone that you know that knows how to type. And tell them you want to resume. Then you go online and you find typical resume for your profession I don't know what it looks like I know what a resume it looks like by profession in the medical profession like what would you have on yours? On my resume. Yeah. All right. I have my resume. He has by name my address, my phone number. Experience I'm Don I was a doctor at. Local hospital for two years. Then I was another doctor at here is Belbin emergency for two years. Then I was another doctor at rapper hole then I was adopted an office. Is that what your resume says. Yeah. Yeah. It's worth it. What you're doing you got a problem with that well, that sounds doesn't sound professional. Oh, wait a minute. I'm telling you what you asked me what is your on my resume you then I was a doctor then I was a doctor. Right I was a doctorate three. Then I was in practice what does it say exactly though it says on my resume I was in private practice until I got angry at lady one time because the kid was bothering me and then I quit Then I was in practice to put that on there. I think you're weird. Why would someone think I'm being honest about it. You put down I was in practice in an office till a lady I got angry at the lady got angry at her because her kid was weird. And you put that on the resume. Wait wait how many times you people. All right. So we believe in that sounds ridiculous. It sounds born professional can do. In professional how is it that I found my way to this point in my life where I own my own practice in the San Diego area and I'll say it excuse me, Ms. Grey. I got a piece asked for a nurse. She Man Yeah thank you very much for that Margaret Margaret. I said excuse me say excuse me does not excuse it. That was a vulgar thing. Say I've worked my Ashok excuse my language to get to where I am today. And for the first time, I have my own practice. I have a great clientele. Great Patience. I have a beautiful office I'm accomplish Dhaka and I yeah, I got a pizza for A. Look you're losing a lot of people generally what happens on the Phil Hendrie show somebody loses it. Okay. Yeah losing it because you guys a question might professional -bility shrink get it I'm not questioning that you've done things question you're a doctor I'm questioning that resume don't call me up and break by Don't hang up. Thank you very much. So. Now he's GonNa Hang. Well. It's Monday. Yeah. It's Monday. It's Monday and. Val, it's money. It ain't gonNA ain't going to be Tuesday until it gets to be Tuesday man. So. Well, you know any better now how you want your resume to look Yeah I know better now I will just go back online just as he said, and I'll find a professional resume in the theatrical field I will go ahead and I will I'll copy that one. You know what you should have done in the first place. Dr, Sandler is a very accomplished man a good man deep down. He's a good man but even deeper down, he is a low life and a reprobate you know what? I mean. Deep. Down he's a good man deep. There's a good man, but then go deeper. Yes. Go deeper and he's a low life and possibly a mass murderer. Deeper than that. Go deeper than that, and then he's a good man again. What's your problem? My problem is. All of you people sitting around me, that's my problem. With. You people. FAMOUS PHIL CAN I do it go ahead for famous Henry chauffeured Fidel Pacific and Southern California. EARN. Executive produced by Phil Henry. Incorporated all rights reserved. On podcast one, podcast one. Are, you a business owner. 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The Steve Warne Project - Sports

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"Steve one project. Everybody and welcome to the Steve, Warne project. Presented by faces magazine. Why this is a podcast about sports in whatever I'm Steve Warren, Jim Jerome to join shortly. This would be episode. Forty-three the greatest NHL aware forty-three kinda slim, Pickens, Nazem cadre. What are you doing here? I don't think so mardi bear. All come on coming up today. Bruins draw first blood, Gary Bettman with the state of the union address is two more vacancies up for grabs in the NHL coaching department. Now, one actually Dave Tippett is official in Edmonton. Anaheim is the last looking at an old oil coach there, the Rb computing web poll will Leonard resigned with Toronto. Thank everybody's been listening into the podcast of this stage. If you wanna give us a little bit of a hand we hope you'll consider becoming a project. Member of this cool benefits, just check out Steve w project dot com. Some people think faces magazine our title sponsor prepping for casino royale next month. It's supported the sense foundation. All your favorite casino games and a chance to win it one hundred thousand prising luxury items included Friday June fourteenth at brook street. You wanna go and check out casino royale auto dot com. If you love being put on hold listening to scratchy, Jim. Scratchy recordings of jazz, music watering, who you'll be talking to then all insurance on -tario is not the broker for you with all insurance on -tario you get one dedicated contact who's never more than a quick textra phone call away. Visit all ends dossier or text them, six one three eight six six zero zero eight and Jim Kaye Ford. Whether twenty nineteen Ford ranger is back by popular demand. A love this truck if you wanna take it for a spin today trial, Jim K Ford's new at home test drive. They'll bring the test drive right to you home or work, whatever's best for you book today at Jim k four dot com. You've drive in Orleans. Let's get to it. Say alot to our pal Jim jerem Jimmy excellent. These are good other than Steve, I just I just hung up the phone this morning from trying to figure on a password. Steve for something. Okay. You're. Are not real strong at that. I'd pal tell you what I just was going bananas on the guy just absolutely bananas. So I forget what it was. I forget what it was. I don't know my cell phone Bill or something, and the and the password didn't work anymore right phone. The guy. I don't know what my password is or my pin, that's you need a pin number. Okay. Right. I go. I don't know. I don't know what might Pinhas. Okay. I tried to numbers that I thought it was, which is my pin for everything. It's always one of its one of two things. Okay. And no, sir. That's not gonna work. I said, well, okay, you're having trouble the payment here. This isn't me. Trying to get money from you. You know, all these criminals trying to give their money away to people. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Exactly. No, I'll have to ask you several questions, sir to see if you're the guy you are, you know, okay, it's Jim Jim address and Email. You know how tall is your mother, who's your best friend? They all of its the bang, it off, like nothing. Okay. Banging off, like nothing. I'm not lying Steve. Okay. That's good. Now, if you could just give us your pin number, sir. What, what, what no member we talked about this sixty two questions ago. Then answered properly. Okay. You want me to pay my Bill. Juries of this. Well, I just hung up. I just hung up. You know the guy we'll, we'll put you on hold. I don't want to be put on hold here trying to you want me to pay. You're having trouble with my automatic payment or something Jesus. Early jumping on things today. The Stanley Cup finals good place to start and the Boston Bruins have drawn first blood on the Saint Louis blues that after a four two win over Saint Louis. Boston add a whole bunch of rust after eleven days off the thing is they kicked it off pretty quickly. They fell behind to nothing in the game and then stormed back for four to win. And there was a little of what happened to Carolina that happened to Saint Louis in that game. Because Carolina, you'll remember led by Justin Williams or not led by them. Moore, captain lost his composure the team lost its composure, and that was at least part of the reason why Carolina lost in the eastern final. Although Boston was the better team. I don't think there's any question about that. But the blues did lose their composure last night. Boston could certainly onto your skin and after getting to nothing lead last night. They took five penalties in a row. I mean talk about putting. Madam Boston side. A couple of things. Interesting that I find in the playoffs. So we're talking of yesterday about what will the viewings be with the raptors playing the same final over the same two weeks. Here's Boston virtue virtually right? They're, they're, they're neck and neck here. The charred Tronto starts on Thursday, a couple of days. Yeah, so I go to a little restaurant Steve, I love my little restaurants, is, you know, I love the little talion joints. I love finding one in the hood, and I'm a creature happened. And when I go out for dinner. Usually by myself when I go out because all the broad say, no, Steve. Because you call them broad Rico Rico is the name of the older of the restaurant's called allegro, little little say about there's only there's about ten tables in the joint with a little bar. This guy's a massive hockey fan massive hockey fan. Okay. From Toronto loves his leads. Follows the Oilers. Religiously knows everything about trades, and all this coaching talk that we're having lately, because it's that time of year where we're coaches are getting fired and hired and to give you an idea. So he's got a little TV screen on the wall where I consider the bar, and I have my little mushroom, cannelloni Stevie, all the time and the games on last night. Okay. The Boston Saint-Louis game, of course and Rico's air talking to me, and I'm almost afraid the guy such a fan of freight to interrupt them. You know, so he's sort of tending bar a little bit saying. Hi everyone and the game is on the whole conversation. Steve he completely ignored the game completely ignored the game. And we talked about the raptors the whole the whole time while the game was on five feet from us in the so this would be if this guy's a sample size of what's going to happen when. When the raptors kick off, you know, like of all, guys is, like, say, rabbit hockey fan, but he was talking the raptors old thing the whole evening. The other thing Steve Boston, one of the plays. That's our early on some reason I see it a lot. We're players try this gonna fake passing up the boards shooting into the corner of whipping along the, the half boards or whatever they call. And I'm going to blindly fire. The thing back hand off the back of the boards behind the net. And get it over to the other guy. Okay. Well that results in the steel and a goal. Yeah. That was a funny one. It's David pasternack, who's just a tremendous offense of talent for the Bruins. And he picks up the puck in the his own end. And he decides sprint around the Boston net to try and make something happen. And then he realizes the Saint Louis four checker on him and that stage of the game was almost like those a little voice in his head that says. Well, I see my d- buddies get it all kinds of trouble like this by kind of just throw the puck behind their own net. But. Pasta. Throws it blindly back there. And no one's ready. What he what he seemed almost failed understand, is that when guys who are defensemen when they run a DVD reverse they're really organized with it, and they, you know, first of all, the deer usually, on the same page, but they're constantly yelling at each other communicating. Sometimes they'll coats lopping stick, or whatever, just to let their departure know that the reverse is available to them. So Pasternak just seem to do it as though well if I do this, they'll automatically know what I'm up to here. Well today. No chara and Charlie McEvoy, had no clue that Pasternak was going to do that. And so there's a blues four checker back there. Waiting for it. I think might have been Hsien right out in front, two Tarasenko bam. And it's to nothing game. Boston survived it that come back to win four two but yeah, that, that was not a smart play by Pasternak. You know that's going to be the demise of teams in the playoffs where guys just try something that the coach is going. Now, we're, we're is that I don't recall practicing that move, you know, in the end, of course Boston won the game. But I see that a lot. Well, that's the thing about dangerous plays when you make angel is sort of blind passes, and they work out. Everybody's like, oh my God. It's like they're on the same page. It's like you know, they're like the sedan twins or something, they just know exactly where they're going to be on the ice at all times. It's a fabulous play. So when things work out. Everybody's wild by, but I think for the average head coach. Yeah, they do like things to be done a certain way. So the message would always be like, okay if some crazy blind pass dangerous pass ends up in something good, happening or goal. The coach will say that's a great play. Never do it again. Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. Anyway, that's, that's sort of I brought a wave of the only portion of the game was allowed to watch with with Rico going off on the on the on the raptors. So anyway, knock it off boys. Well stare, the box is the big thing for Saint Louis. Again, Carolina learned that lesson, the hard way and we're eliminated largely because they lost their composure. And by the way, the clock struck midnight on their Cinderella story. Boston was a better team on top of that. But here comes Saint Louis, and they have to nothing lead. They draw these penalties and lose their composure somewhat and it's not just about Boston having success on the power play. You have to. Stay out of the box because of the momentum that the other team generates from it gave if they don't score any goals, which wasn't the case here. They've got all the puck possession in the offensive zone. They start to feel the puck little more. They start to feel MO Jo they feel confidence. They feel momentum turning, so even if the power play isn't showing a bunch of success just whip in the puck around and having all kinds of control that can change the dynamic of a game as well. So you absolutely need to stay out of the box in the playoffs. Particularly in the Stanley Cup final in the blues could not do that. And thought it was interesting as well at the start of the game kind of, I guess, giving you a feel for the kind of series it's probably going to be, maybe another note that would suggest. Yeah. The NBA finals gonna kick the NHL finals ask when it comes to TV ratings, both coaches through their fourth lines out there to start the game really to work expecting a grinder tech series. I think what's your take see enough? See enough in the. I game that this is going to be a wallop by Boston or there's a real after watching that game. There's a real temptation, declare it over, because I thought Boston was by far the superior team in that game, the second period was a joke, and for in terms of shots didn't look like the blues head in the answers, but I've seen enough craziness in this playoffs to certainly not base my opinion on one game. But I'm sure feeling Boston right now. No question about that. And other thing I was struck by with the Bruins in watching the game was there thirty and overcrowd- on their roster. Because sometimes I say to myself with the Ottawa, Senators need the UFA's, you don't need the older guys. Right. It's a young man's game. Okay. They can't afford to pay you face. So maybe the sends forevermore with Eugene Melnyk as the owner are going to be at twenty five and under team. But I'd say those guys in Boston right now approving the can't win with you alone. And that thirty overcrowd- includes Brad Marchand betrays Berge Bergeroo David cry CI, their goalie to harass Zidane, chara way over third Kevin Miller is a great defenceman as well. Like you need that veteran leadership, and not just that they're still such impact players on top of that. So I don't know if you can win with youth alone. Hey, what did you think about Bob Kraft, the New England Patriots owner being at the game? He of course, kicked up a little legal dust with his run in with sexy time, apparently allegedly at a massage parlor, and he was shown on the big screen waving a B's towel. And I'm wondering is that massage parlor issue. Bob. Yeah, I know. Yeah, I don't know. Nice to see him out in about though. He's probably just run with that whole thing. Next New England game you know he could be like Oprah Lou England scores or like you know the, the pizza joints. I think they have this an Ottawa, too. I know they have an Edmonton if the other score five goals in a game. Everyone gets a free slice. Well, they used to have that here with Spencer, Heatley Alfredsson, the pizza line, twenty thousand people hell of a deal. Right. And maybe, maybe Mr. craft could could say something the next New England game when they opened up the season if you know if they if they score thirty or more points. Well everyone gets everyone gets a little trip. To see Lucy to see Lucy. For a little something, something Steve, I like it. That's fan appreciation day, my only, my only regret in this conversation. Is that Ron tug, no longer plays in the NHL? Sure that seems like a good place to change topics, and let's head to your neck of the woods, the Edmonton Oilers of made it official. They have hired as their new head coach Dave Tippett, just an exciting time. I've been pro hockey a longtime as a player and as a coach, I haven't had the good fortune of coaching in Canada or playing in Canada. And that was very intriguing to me. It was funny last night talking to my mom who lives out on Vancouver island. I don't think I've ever heard her so enthused about a job that I've taken in my life is coming back to coaching Canada. So real, real exciting time for, for me, and my family, I come to a team here that obviously has good pieces. Lots of upside. And everybody talks about mcdavid and dry Seidel. There's more pieces here than mcdavid, dry Seidel. There's good players here to build on. And I think there's lots upside with this with this, with this organization can I have talked a little bit about his? He's kind of given me his vision of where he wants to go. And we're very much in alignment with the pace of play. We wanna play at how hard you have to compete allowing players to make sure that they maximize their talents. Like he talked about structure is a big part of it. I think being able to play with the puck as well as with the puck is is a big part of being successful in today's game. You look at the two teams competing in the finals right now, sound offensive teams but players that allow their per teams that allow their players to flourish with the puck. And those are all things that I see happening for this organization here. So. Delighted to be here thankful for the opportunity, and, and well rested have been for a couple of years time to get going. So again, there's new Oilers head coach Dave Tippett's guy coach for six years as head coach of the Dallas Stars eight years in Phoenix, and I was thinking about the fact he won the Jack items award and I don't know if I'm putting much stock in that anymore. You know, I'm looking at some of the guys who've won that thing over the years, guys, like Bob Francis. Paul McClain, Bill barber Patrick wa the coach of the year has some dandies in their absolutely. But they've also got some guys in there that well didn't coach a whole lot after they actually won the award. So anyway, I'll put David in the good category. And as a former jackass Adams, winter, and never a bad deal to take over a gig, where Connor mcdavid is playing. It's almost like the DJ Smith higher for me here. You know, I didn't I didn't do a backflip when I read that this morning Oilers painstaking search for the next coaches over. And here it is. But he's got fourteen years as an H L head coach experience, though. He's a little different than Smith, a little better a little better, and with a tough team right? Mostly his last, when we went to twenty seventeen from nine so eight or nine years there with, with Arizona, which is tough market, right? And it's been a tough tough sledding, although they almost made it this year with Rick talk at their right down to final couple days. But. No. Okay. Let's go. Let's move on. Then let's get the guy done. Let's not let's not debate this too much. I'm backing down Stevie. I thought no I'm not going to be a. I'm not going to be goofball about this. Let's just move ahead, my favorite memory. Dave Tippett comes as a player because he will he played for a while back in the early ninety late eighties early nineties. And so this is when they are the Civic Center, the sends I season. So I lived at the rink that year. And so Dave tip it's playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. And after the game, an auto a reporter who is not me walks up to tip it, and again playing for the penguins and the reporters asked him a couple of questions and tip it answers in his thoughtful way. And then the reporter negatives third or fourth question finally gets around to your thoughts on your two goal performance tonight, and then Dave Tippett goes wrong guy. I'm not rant. Ron francis. I see the look on the Ottawa reporter's face it just absolute shock and terror, and wanted to probably crawl into a hole at that point. And let's set the table. Ron Francis fairly toll guy. Dave Tippett is about five foot nine and had a nineteen seventies star mustache at the time. Right. It's not exactly dead ringer. That's, that's painful for me, Steve, because of how many interviews I did when we're in radio calling people by the wrong name, you know, our guest our featured guest coming up in the next hour makes us. I forget how many times I did it, but it was a lot of times, can I can I step into your mind for a second, because I have a question for you. Let me open it. Let me open it. Come on. Come on K. So you and I've been to a multitude of social occasions together. Yes. And sometimes I'll see someone where I I've known the way too long way too long to not know their name, and it's way too late in the relationship for me to ask, and so on not one not two but three occasions, and that's on me. I guess the whole fool me once. Shame on shame on you for me twice. Shame on me, but I did it three times where I said, Jimmy buddy in the red sweater. What's his name again and three times over the course of our friendship three times you intentionally gave me the wrong effing name. And I was. Are you buddy? Oh, ron. Oh, yeah. It's a hell of a move. It's a hell of a move. You know, my question is, why does that bring you joy as long as I mean your brain? Why did that bring you such joy brings? We complete joy absolutely love doing. But I'll give you a tip Steve. I'll give you a tip. Here's how you do it. Okay. Next time in a room or maybe we're going to be at one of these corporate functions again for the podcast, and they'll be a bunch of people there, you know, that I totally appreciate your pain. Okay. So all you need Steve. Excuse me. All you need is a name of one person that your hundred percent on. Okay. Here's what I do. So you got you got Bill. Okay. You look around the room. So you'll whistle over to Bill right away Stevie. Okay. And hey Beli Beli champ. How are you, boss? Good to see, you know, scooter, what's going on. And then the guy's gives it a little bit of small talk. And then you lean in and go Billy you. Point to the guy the other guy, what's his name over. There is smart assume he's not gonna pull the same guy do. He's not going to because. Yeah, it's Martin. Listen, thanks a lot. Look. We'll talk Lynn Wissel over to Martin Stevie Martin. Hey Gilligan, buddy. How are you? Good to see it Martin. The guy behind you there to back that Kevin beautiful. You get the drift, Steve. You see how you do it. You see how you work room. Yup. Yup. But that's what I did. When I asked you, and you burned me so badly. I know. But they won't they won't all do that Steve, my favorite thing that you always did. I don't know why this is the only thing you got, you got tons and tons of talent your sports all just through the roof. But my favorite thing that you ever did. You're, you're at my house. I think it was my mother through a little birthday bash for me and you were there, you know, laughing having fun, and you'd lost your beer. You put it down somewhere and you're looking around for they distracted, you're gonna fuck. I'm looking for my beer, and I don't want to do this again. I'm losing my mind and then you're walking to the kitchen. It was sitting up on top of the fridge favorite line. And you look at it, we've put your hands on your hip tilt your head to go there. You are come here. Kevin there. There you are. I missed you. I missed you give it a little hug just kind of like the way you were giving your golf clubs tongue bath, there on your, your little loved ones tweet there while back. Oh, yeah. Check that out. If you haven't seen him here, here, I want to quick time out here. When we come back on the show when I talk about another NHL coaching vacancy that might be actually filled this week and the future of Leonard in Toronto. His sister may have let something slip on Instagram about her brother's future. So we'll get to that in just a second. I dread calling your insurance company, a tired of the long wait time in impersonal service. Switch to all insurance on -tario you'll get one dedicated contact who's never more than a quick text or a phone call away. Visit all ins dossier, or tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight Jim K Ford and their new ad home. Test drive. They bring that test drive right to you home or work, whatever's best for you. Maybe. Try the twenty nineteen Ford ranger on for size. Everybody looks good in a Ford ranger book your ad home. Test drive today. Jim k four dot com. You've ill drive in Orleans, and reminder faces magazine is titled sponsor checkered faces great story by the west Carleton warriors peewee hockey team, where did they come together to support tornado relief efforts in their community and went onto win the Chevrolet good deeds Cup. Check that out at faces MAG dossier. And there, you can also find other great articles, of course as well. And how you can get faces issues mailed out to you. All right. Let's get to the news of the day on the coaching. Fred, Dave tip, and of course being hard Edmonton. So that leaves only Anaheim as the last team to fill their coaching vacancy. It's technically filled now with the general manager, Bob Murray being the interim GM at the end of the year, but they're going to replace him and looks like Dallas Aken 's may be back in the NHL former Edmonton Oilers head coach. It was a didn't go very well for. Him and Edmonton, but he definitely did very well with Anaheim's minor league team. And he had guys lot of young guys that are expected to be with the big club the ducks next year guys like Sam Steele, max Comtois max Jones, Troy -tary had all those guys. So there's some logic to bring the young guys up at the same time you bring their head coach up for next season. So that would be the end of the line. In terms of all thirty one teams getting their NHL coaches, but I wanted to flash back to something that Andrew Farren said in December, we talked about this earlier episode how farance took a pretty hard run at the Oilers party culture when he was there, and it was aching who was the head coach of those teams and ferrets in December talking to Elliot Friedman. He basically said, you could have any kind of defense or any kind of system. If you go in a western swing and your guys are out every single night till five AM you're not going to win too. Any hockey games and Aikman's. Well, he didn't never seem to be on the same page with these guys. I wonder is that on the coach like as a coach is a coach really old school and everything think about the coach and putting guys in curfew situations. And all that in twenty nineteen does the coach still have to babysit. It is two hundred thousand percent on the coach, you know. Absolutely. It's on the coach. Absolutely. You know. You know, I think I think a good coach at the start of the year. Blast in there doesn't freak out. You know, doesn't say there's going to be going to be a price to pay here now that there's a new sheriff in town and stuff like that. But you gotta set down some rules. You know, you got to set down some rules. So at least players can expect something, you know, and one of the might be were coach says there's gonna be a curfew. There's a there's a standard thing when we're on the road, a let you on the plane when guys should be in their rooms or not. You know. You have to have that I think you got to you got to be able to do that. So I- something happens there with the team just goes bananas. You know, whether go absolutely bananas and and was a loss of control. The problem is Steve, they're making so much money. How do you discipline a guy? You know how do you discipline a guy getting a point in the night? But for sure for sure I blame the coach for that Andrew Fahrenheit, some good things to say about Dallas Aitken's in the context of that same interview as well. He said as I think the most frustrating part for me as a player, I went to Edmonton straight from Boston was talk is cheap. I went in and Dallas. He's a fantastic coach. And there's another whipping boy, got raked over the coals. There's a fantastic coach that was just Elta pure crap. Hand, yet had a group of players that talk about how they wanted to make the playoffs talk about how sick they were of losing. And then by game three after losing six one they're straight out to the bar at three in the morning lighting up the nightlife scene in Edmond, and you also talked about it practice. They all seem to have an attitude of that. It was uncool to work hard at practice. Yeah. So it's out of control. So it's gone out of control. You know, you gotta you gotta someone's gonna step it. Usually, if you got a great captain, you don't need to worry about that. I'll tell you what happened. Another thing with the Oilers that happened last year. During their season that they, they put a stop to, and one was, they were on a road trip to New York, these co where one of the big cities. And when they go to these big centers, L, A, New York, Chicago. The wives were all coming along wives and girlfriends were were coming out now. They weren't jumping on the charter. I don't think but they all got together and said, well, let's go to New York, you know, they're playing the islanders and Rangers are they're all around there. Let's go spend a bunch of time in New York. You know. So all these wives were showing up on road trips and no one said anything no one said anything for a while, and their performance. Of course if you're winning everything, no one's going to say anything. You're okay, but they were losing and, and somehow someone looked up. Well, what's going on? Let's, let's regroup here. What's going on? Are they trying to practice you out there? They're showing up on time and, you know it's not out of control. And then the guy says, yeah, the. Wives on that road trip in. So we couldn't do. Well, they just put a stop to it. You know, they had the governor come in and say, we're not doing this. The wives are not allowed to come these road trips, you know, so it's, you know someone's going to step in their mouth. It's going to be interesting to see if you'd be successful in Anaheim, because that the last couple of years, they were swept two years ago. They didn't make the playoffs this year and it seems like that, that regime of gets laugh in Perry. These guys that were part of the heyday back when they won back and seven and have been good really up until these last couple of years. They seem to get old in Anaheim in a hurry. Ryan kesler was junk last year, like absolute junk. So it's injured and Junkin. So I just feels like a changing of the guard. I think it'll take a little time for Anaheim to get kinda get back to where they were right now. It's time for the Rb computing web poll it's very simple one today. Do you think Hawaii, Leonard will leave Toronto this off season? Yes. Or. I know a couple of bits of feedback here that I gleaned off Twitter, gene, falsetto writes, who cares one year of Kawai equals a lifetime of happiness, cow Cochran rights, Kawai is so hard to read. I hope he stays are the ways done more for the team than anyone else ever has. And he hasn't been dishonest. Anyone about his intentions one way or the other is nice to have a drama free superstar who works his ass off. What say you, do you think wise back in Toronto next season or not, why on God's green earth? What a guy who came to a team begrudgingly. Okay. Arguably. And says, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know if I'm gonna stay you know, I I'm here, let's do be professional. Let's play. Obviously, he's saying if these guys go on the tank, I don't wanna stick around I want to win a championship. That's the guy you want, I want. So now the guy's gone to the final. Now the guy's gone to the final he gets you know, he's playing unbelievably. Well, the best basketball of his career. Why would he want to leave drano now? What more do you want as a player? All right. So I'll give you some ideas as to why think he's going to leave. And I don't begrudge anybody. They signed the contract, I do their time. They're good corporate citizens. They're good teammates, they perform, well under their contracts up to them what they wanna do. It would be disappointing hell for raptors fans for sure. And I don't think it. I think good raptor fan. No matter what happens from here on, like I saying the last episode if the raptors lose the NBA final and lose by Leonard to another team. I think they will still think the trade was worth it. Here's why think Kawhi Leonard will be leaving Toronto in the off season. And talking about this because of all the excitement right now with the NBA final about to start, but it does come up as talking point. I think he leaves because he's all business. He's a do what needs to be done kind of guy. And I just the kind of character is I don't see him necessarily, you know, bonding with Toronto per se. He's more of a, a businessman he, he just does what he wants takes the emotion out of it. And honestly, that's part of why such a great player because being focused and emotionless as part of what makes him so great. He's Mr. ice water out there. So I think he'll do what makes sense and they're things Toronto doesn't have like low taxes, like decent weather. Close to his family and friends in LA, probably better making money making opportunities wherever he ends up. And maybe I don't maybe I hear very conflicting reports on it, but maybe wants to play with LeBron with the Lakers. I don't know. But there's, there's too much too many reasons like I just indicated for him to try some other market. Okay. I'll ask you a question. Steve reten. You're, you're a guy like Leonard, okay? And I'm interviewing you now. Okay. We're trying to decide if we're going to have you part of our team. Okay. So Mr. Warren, we're happy to have you on board. I'm going to tell you something about this market that you're coming to. All right. Before we before you decide the taxes are high. Okay. The taxes are high. The weather is bad. What else did you say there? Steve cave, high taxes, the weather's far away from my family friends, you're going to be far away from your family and friends. So there's four five negatives here on the fans aren't that the fans are tough to deal with and the media stuff to deal. So even give him seven or eight more. Okay. There are a lot of negatives about coming to this team. However, if I could guarantee you Steve going to the final if we look ahead and say this team's going to the final, would you be okay with these other seven or eight? Thanks guarantee. Sure. I like going to the finally other Byard. Yeah. But there's no you can't guarantee that, but you would Steve, you would, if they said, we'll give it a year, but we got the high tax got shitty weather it's far away from your family. The fans tough above other medias tough. To do etc. Etc. But if we went to the final, would you be okay with that stuff, every guys can say, yes? Every guy's going to say, yes, so I don't hear your argument for me. It doesn't hold water here. It doesn't hold water that I wanna leave, you know, he wants to win. And if a player comes in and says anything else, but that, that I'm not signing sure players want to win. But I'm sure he's going to go to another market that has a chance to win. Let's let's make clear here. The raptors were, there were on the ropes they're down to Milwaukee, and they go to double overtime couple of bounces here, there Milwaukee goes up three nothing. And that's here is probably over no market can guarantee, you maybe with the exception of Golden State that you're going to the NBA final. Well, I'm just saying. I would I wouldn't do that if I would put up with a whole bunch of stuff, Steve, is what I'm saying, I'd put up with a whole bunch of stuff, if we got to the final, you know, the guy goes in and says, guy starts to say, yeah. I get it here. You want the winning culture and all that. But man, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to deal with these taxes and the bad weather. You're off. I'm not signing. Fuck out of here, get out of here. You know, we want all I wanted to guy who's can win, and there's tons of examples, Steve of guys who have spoken about winning and saying, that's all that matters. I'll go where to my comfort zone here. If I got a shot very other shot to win. That's the guy who want, you know, I don't think he's going off to a loser for sure. I think he's going to get east gonna want everything. He'll want everything in the next contract the money, the locale the weather that taxation, the family and friends being closer to them all those things. And no, I'm not saying he's going to wander off, and go off to a team that's garbage. But I do think he's gonna want everything everything Steve. He's got it. He doesn't have the things I talked about. Listen. I'll give you a parka okay for the weather. All right. Give nice warm coat. And we got we got a very strong accountant here. Okay. So we'll do all we can for your tax breaks. Okay. We'll all those little flyer. Frigging family. You're making six Jillian a year. Do you wanna throw down a few first class tickets yourself, if you don't pal? Okay. We'll look after that to, you know this, this. I just don't understand. I totally understand it. Steve. If the guy comes in, and they don't make the playoffs or they get wiped out in the first round. You know, the guys the highlight of the team, they couldn't do he he's, he's a whether he likes it or not. He sure handles it. Well, there's no doubt about it about being the focal point of the team. That's all anyone is talking about with this. Raptors team is coy Leonard. You haven't voted yet though. Have you what's that given voted yet for what will stay or will it go? You talk about what he should do. But what do the Gill do? I don't know. I don't know. I'm not sure why I there's no I'm not sure there's yes or no. I. I think no, I know he's gonna look at one more do I want. What more do I want? You know, go to LA. Okay. I wanna go to LA go to the Lakers and play with LeBron. Okay. I'll give you, I'll give you fifteen negatives about going to LA. Okay. I'll give you a ton crime. Okay, crime or as is a big one, you're gonna family. Okay. Watch out for that. Do you like spend two hours on any given point during a day in traffic? Okay. Brutal is absolutely brutal. Oh, the other thing there may be an earthquake happening any second around there, and the fire seemed to kick around every two years and wipe out a bunch of homes. You know, I keep going. Yes, you can that is it for the Rb computing, web poll and we all run into technical problems with our computers, laptops, or phones, from time to time Rb computing is here to help Rb computing has been helping Ottawa with computer and phone repairs. Doing high quality work for over. Twenty years now check demoted Rb, computing dot com or one. Oh, six Menton place in bells corners. Can you get Rb computing on the line? I don't know how to turn on my computer. Or the passwords. Are these guys come in here and fix me up a bit or the? Yeah, I'm all for it. What are you going to do about your loss lost pin number? You just hung up on the guy who is trying to help you because you were so frustrated I dunno. I dunno while it happens all the time I spent I spent three four times a week, Steve, I'm talking to people to try and get me to be able to log on and talking to you to figure out how to do that. We don't forty three times we've done this now. And I'm still to talk to you about up. You know, it's just part of the deal. Stevie is just part of the deal, you know, especially if I told you, if I get low on the Ritalin, Steve and the circle trouble, I always wonder if maybe a lights, which will go off and all of a sudden you'll become technically savvy, Jack Moore meds. I gotta Jack. But the way Steve, I will say this about the Golden State, Toronto, Raptors final and quite Leonard and all that stuff. More more to the point right now. And what the focus is cantor on a win this series. And, you know, sort of through the second round a little bit. You know Toronto was they had a great regular season but there's always these people. Well, yeah, but they don't have a shot. They'll never do in a perfect world. We want them to do the different Steve with this raptors being in the is they're not quite as Cinderella story. Right. They're not the they're not the. Sentimental favorite here? They're the real deal. Right. Well, it's got a little of that. I would say Jimmy just because I mean you get it depends on where your head space is because they've been like over the last six years, regular season wise, I think they've been maybe top two in the league in terms of their record, but they've been such a playoff failure. Just disappointing year after year and this year, all of a sudden Kawai, Leonard comes into town, the white Knight, and all of a sudden they're just unbelievable and finally get it done. So it does to me at least have a slight Cinderella component to it. Well tell you what I'm looking online right now. I like the score up to check the raptors favorite in game one by a point only probably the injury factor. And the home factor there still. Virtually a pick them deal. Pretty even. Did I tell you Steve one time my, my love to bet is this final thought final? I love to game. I may told the story before, so me and my buddy are betting hockey. Okay. And we're on a roll baby. We're on a roll. We're killing it and. We've won like eleven of twelve games with the bookie. Got house money. We're just having a gas go bad for a couple of games and I say, and then we go back for two more. Jay to go Betty. So we ended up losing, you know. You know six of x seven and I say, you know what we gotta do. We got a basketball game and here's my luck. So I see the, the over under on the game is something like two hundred and twenty eight and I'm going do there's no Jim, we gotta go under here. There's no shot this is this is a. Screwed up line. He goes, I didn't wanna bet basketball to sit. No, no. We got a bed basketball, so we got about eight hundred left in our count. Okay. And I say shoot the eight hundred shoot the eight on the under on the basketball game. So off we go Steve looking like a genius. It is I don't know something like sixty all I don't know, sixty five all at the end of three quarters, seventy all something like that. Yeah. And off we go. I'm counting the cash and the two teams both teams at the same time score a record amount of points in the fourth quarter. All times got the one team. It can't just be the one team. You get to get the seventy or eighty points combined for us to lose money or something like that. So I'm breaking out in hives a little bit here as I say, when that's why you never gambled on sports right there. All right. So that'll do it for today's episode a quick word on the show and where we stand right now, thanks to everybody for helping us continue to grow. Thanks to those of you considering advertising on the show or joining our membership community on patriotic with some cool membership benefits. I'm on the membership site everyday answering any questions you might have. Lastly, thank you, to those of you who are listening subscribing following liking leaving. Nice review were sharing the show on your social media platforms, or just by telling others about it around the water cooler, thanks as always, so much to our current sponsors like faces magazine, our title sponsor prepping for casino royale, next month. That's in support of the sense foundation all your favorite. Casino games of the chance to win over one hundred thousand dollars in prising, trips luxury items once in a lifetime experiences. It's Friday, June fourteenth, all dressed up at brook street wanna go check out casino royale, Ottawa dot com. Wanna thank, Josh and Jaren? The gang at all insurance on -tario than if you love being put on hold, and listening to smooth jazz wondering who you'll be talking to then all insurance Ontario. Probably isn't the broker for you with all insurance on -tario. You get one dedicated contact who's never more than a quick text or a phone call away. Visit all ins dot CA or tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight and Jim K Ford with the twenty nineteen Ford ranger is back by popular demand. I love this truck. If you wanna take it for spend today, try Jim K Ford's new at home test drive. The bring the test drive right to you home or work, whatever's best for you book today at Jim k four dot com. You'll drive in Orleans check it out, JIMBO Tron is looking forward to the show tomorrow by that he means he hasn't completely loathing, that he has to be here every day. Always utterly infinite him at nauseam until JIMBO dies. So many alimony payments. It's so little time tomorrow, models, Julie hidden and Michelle Z will be in studio, and they're bringing with them emend Evans, who will be in next month's playboy final JIMBO Tron cannot wait to meet them, actually, JIMBO Tron may just save time and immediately by the mall houses and surrender half his net worth now. Get away from me and read the freaking emails, you know talent jerk stores. Steve project.

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PerkinElmer CEO, Digging Into KE Holdings' IPO, and GrowGeneration CEO


48:03 min | 8 months ago

PerkinElmer CEO, Digging Into KE Holdings' IPO, and GrowGeneration CEO

"INVESCO Q. Q. Q. believes new innovations create new opportunities. Here's to greater possibilities together learn more at INVESCO DOT com slash Q. Q., Q., invesco Distributors Inc... Michigan is simple to make you money. I'm here to level the playing field. Investors, there's always a bulwark at summer. I promised to help you find mad money starts now. Craving? We'll have money. Into America. I'll be one of my friends try and make some money. My job is not just entertain you educate and teach. So call me at one, eight, hundred, seven, three, CBC or Tweet Me Action Kramer. This is giving me a split personnel quitting daily today with the Nasdaq word percent s me gained point to seven percent and the Dow declined eighty six points. We're about to get a set of unbelievably positive number, some big retailers and restaurant chains, which is fabulous if you on the stocks, but frankly it is horrifying if you think about why they are thriving. This week we hear from Walmart but. From Home Depot. Lowe's saw. Their stocks get hit for any reason. Also, you have to buy them because these major operators are up against General merchandisers, hardware stores, sporting goods, stores, and log to simply cannot compete because they were deemed non-essential by the government and I fear they'll never get those laws customers back not with the. Prices, the big guys charge. The winners have so many bandages over the little guy I'm amazed are still any competition whatsoever I've feared that there won't be and that's what's really driving me nuts. I love when these big household names go higher but I hate one of the reasons that are going higher, their small business competitors are being wiped out. A lot of these more Alvis have been able to hold on told their own before Kobe. But now, the big guys have crafted phenomenal same-day delivery services that only Amazon can beat anyone by the way who's used shipped from target knows they can send you stuff within hours because we use them for props in the show it's fabulous mom and pop outfits can't compete with that in the age of social distancing. We constantly hear that our economy's going through five years worth of technological change in a matter of months. But. That also includes hill. Now the PPP's. Run out that was the government program gave you some money. Now, everybody's left to their own devices. If anything it's even worse for restaurants repeat was so valuable. Today Domino's Nelson it needs twenty thousand more delivery experts. They need pizza makers, managers, assistant mission. Let's brainstorm on his together. I mean you think they're hiring will these people because of a surge in demand for pizza versus burgers versus Chicken Brazilian? No. No it's because they're taking share from smaller pizza parlors that are more reliant on indoor seating and don't have the same kind of delivery infrastructure and can never afford it right now there are plenty of restaurants make them do without seeing it's so exciting, right but marge laundry. Vienna. But that goes away the moment the weather gets too cold and beware if you're too crowded, the authorities might come and. Shut you down a heartbeat my twitter feed is filled with people saying restaurants always have a following. That is not the point until we get a vaccine are following is cut in half because of physical distancing in this in the bar in the restaurant and the state doesn't want lines out the door either more importantly liquor shoe as summers in the restaurant business I can tell you that the real money drinks growing up my dad would never let us start drinking until the food king because he knew that's how they got. So. A Lotta Pizza Parlors have tables inside where they can serve alcohol and that's where the profit margin isn't those tables are being cut in half the gotTa take him out. If, they can have people inside think New York City it's devastating throwing the extortion cuts demanded by the delivery services which are combining anyway go to not lower the prices. A lot of these places will not be able to stay emphasis and we'll be gone within a matter of weeks. Dominance does this why they're getting ready to poach people obviously, dominance doesn't make the best pizza in the world though the tomato pie with banana peppers is just humor but I love ordering from because I can put the tip on the bill and then put the pizza on a contact list pedestal that makes you feel more comfortable than if you order from the. Local guys. It's kind of like when you were when you were a little boy or I don't know and you would like ring the bell and then you run away and people think it's funny. Well, that's what they do this like nobody actors, Great Pizza Hut and Papa John's or set up for delivery to they. They don't care if they can't have people inside. The business wingstop think that one when we get delivery orders for a restaurant, we use our own waiters. It's the only way we can afford to do and believe me it's a lot less lucrative than having people inside the Darn restaurant have a good bottle of wine. We're seeing the same dynamic across the whole industry darden apparent of Olive Garden and young the parent of KFC Pizza and Taco both have the wherewithal to handle a dramatic decline, the number seats at the restaurant. Pizza Hut's biggest. May Have to close locations because the in store dining issues I'm talking about the stock young it's still. On the other hand, if your local Pizza Paul Republic traded you short that thing to the cows came home the because of easily transition to a takeout delivery model to police. So good at digital that they're doing better than ever I just wish that twelve hundred dollar stock would split. So more home gamers could piece of this great company. I want people say I own a piece of polling Brian Nicole I want them to Jack Heart Tongue CFL. Give a chance to own a piece of. Some of the analysts recommended chains like brinker, the parent of Chile's symbol. Because his bob into a takeout model almost overnight. The fewer people has this restaurants were likely. It is that smaller outfits will go wonder that's right. It's a win for brinker if they can lure other people from other restaurants with their. Halliday's big chain so much more profitable because the big it's all about scale to police cells Topa Chico. That's the best fizzy water in the world from Mexico they sell for less than we pay for it our Miguel, my small plate next place. That's business sports. When you have the volume when you buy in bulk, you get lower prices. Yeah. Wholesale prices can't beat. starbucks to be in the same category if your landlord. starbucks property. You know they can pay the rent although they may not pay as much as you would want to anymore. But it sure beats being empty. How about the big box chains again scale? Let's them by stuff incredibly low prices. You'll hear that tomorrow and Walmart reports I remember Jim Senegal the former CEO Cosco told me that some men store managers would just by their sherp stretching from Costco because cheap the buying the suppliers what Does that tell you about those companies prospects and that was before coded made life even harder for small business. Yet most people just don't seem to realize how precarious these businesses are. There was an amazing piece from Jeffries this morning titled Fitness Fours Planet Fitness Traffic Update we see stabilization ahead turns out in Georgia Florida and Texas planet fitness the seeing sixty one percent fifty percent and fifty three percent of their normal traffic not so hot, right Hold it. According to Jeffries thirty five, thousand independently owned and operated gyms in the United States they don't have the deep pockets like planet just many of the Murray more expensive, which is not great in a recession right and it's hard for them to keep clean. A lot of these independent gyms are probably going to go under and a lot of that is going to go to the bargain that is planet fitness. Now. For months the paycheck protection program to keep a lot of these more operators in the game it's over and then Congress couldn't compromise on a new deal and the Senate won't be back in session until September eighth, which means the small businesses that need a bailout absolutely won't be getting one anytime soon, we're just y fought. So passionately get that done failed. Whom I'm a TV but I did try to bring them both together. Anyway you could argue that this is simply how capitals is supposed to work and I hear that all the time to survival of the fittest was knack great in any other situation I probably even agree but this is an extinction level event for small businesses for fifteen million people i. don't know about you. I'd rather live in a world with some big businesses in some small ones that were only the biggest operators can survive. We need more than Pizza Hut, KFC an olive garden men cannot live on infinite breadsticks alone. Unfortunately with costing saint, not like landlords or slashing the rent. So Dizzy mean you can only Steve Half the number of customers allies independent restaurants just can't survive eventually, we're going to get a vaccine, but I doubt they'll be able to hold out that long unless they're being one is a labor of love rather than a Labor of well, you know make money. So here's the bottom line. If any of these big box outfits appointment report this week remember this could be the last quarter with the accident face significant independent competition funded by peak after that the small guys mostly done. Done. Thanks to a pandemic nobody saw coming and a political class that just can't get the job done luckily for your portfolio mom and pop outfits on publicly traded, which is how the market can keep roaring despite the small business devastation. I'm going to. Ray in Maryland, Ray? Jimmy Chill taking my call my pleasure. So I made nineteen year old. Nineteen thoughts on the stock that is go position in the company came out two weeks ago maybe big on the top and bottom line. But the stock has been trending lower ever since it has a strong balance sheet with over a billion dollars in cash in has a robust pipeline including the partnership with Bristol. A company you'd like in the past what are your thoughts short-term and long-term on X. Alexis chicken symbol? I like excellence is very much been recommended for every night since I had a biotech project, put the other one I used to work at the street dot coms before was acquired we had this great internship program. We all got together work on this one book of Biotechs, and that was my absolute favorites I want I think you should on it's great. How Gus in Virginia Gus. Jimmy. Love, your show, and thank you for all you do for us. Well, no problem. Thank you. Well my question is on a stock I own they reported great earnings last week beat on both the top and bottom estimates as well as gave strong future guidance on the conference call the GM somehow after Greek earnings conference call the stock dropped over fifteen percent and it's still down this week jam. Can you help us to understand what is going on? With this stock and the future value of A. N. G. I. N. G. Services you know I. I was quite surprised at this thing dropped I. Think it's a buying opportunity I. Think it's Great Company. They put together a remarkable business together and gus I was mystified by the client I. Think you're in good shape there could teach in New Jersey said teach. Brea. I've been wanting. To. Honor to speak with you today and I'm. You about. Shocked as they helpful to lock and stems tore. Down by forty nine percents but your randy goes. On caught but told Andrea about the digital artery. Dial up windows and sat that the all the things considering the thing it is time to hold it on. Should I spell? Just to get the Post Benelux so I I happen to love the there, but we try to be very unemotional bad things your money and the company with the best same store sales is to Poli. They haven't split their stock most people won't buy it and I think therefore. Is Default name. Wendy's had about nine percent same store sales. It's having phenomenal breakfast lock and it's got such a great manager and taught any work. So I say Wendy's down. Three percent today is your best bet that's what I would fight the big retailers restaurant changes their winning right, which is great for you. But Mar fine when you realize what? I'm sitting under the radar covert player that could be worth considering I'll reveal the name just hit Chinese. IPO just raised more than two billion dollars from tensions between the US and China what does the future hold for Kate e holdings I'm giving my take and I always say I had the smarter storage some planet, which is why I'm always happy to circle back on names that you stumped me on do not miss my exclusive with a company that I wish. I. Had heard about ten days ago and it's called grow generation stay with. Framer. Don't miss a second of mad money follow at Jim. Cramer on twitter I. Have a question tweet Greater Hashtag mad tweets send Jim Email to mad money at CNBC DOT COM or give us a call at one, eight, hundred, seven, four, three, CNBC. Something bedtime money DOT CNBC dot com. Today. Every answer matters more than ever before because whether it's about health deliveries or finance some things just can't wait. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage millions of calls, texts and chats with Watson Assistant. It's conversational AI. Designed to help your customers find the answers they need faster no matter the industry. Let's put smart to work visit Ibkr Dot com slash Watson Assistant to learn more. People want to bet on the coded vaccine place, but I think that's mugs game. We don't need thirty different vaccines we need maybe two or three most those are bad odds when you consider the dozens of companies competing here, think of the vaccine race as a gold rush. The best way to get Richard Gold rushes not with the miners it's with the companies is so picks and pants and chumps. That's why I recommend IT Thermo Fisher Tim O. Indiana urge HR month ago and wash repeatedly under the both up nicely in. The wake of some very good earnings. So it's not I've got a new one for you. It's Perkin Elmer to leaning maker of life sciences and diagnostic equipment. Here's his doctor been terrific performing the age of Kobe. Perkin Elmer is one of the first companies to get emergency authorization for virus PCR test back in March fall by an antibody test in May and a few weeks ago they got approved for dry blood spot based antibody test. When perkin our reported at the end of July, the copy shot the lights at the. Top and bottom line beat while some of that's already baked in giving stocks nearly doubled from the march lows I think it might have more room to run but don't take it for me. Let's check in with Dr Poodle Singh, he's the president's Yo perkin elmer to get a better sense vows companies to where it's headed Dr Saving. Money. On the shoulder all right doctor, we've got to get right down to this. A lot of people at home are saying you know how is it possible that we still don't have enough testing? How's it possible that we don't have enough sheet machines how hard are they to make sir? So it's nerve the ability to make the tests. The challenges really to provide donkey solutions. So there's a rapid turnaround time and the flu workflow solutions on available for our customers, and this is the beginning of this pandemic, Jim Able to leverage our full workflow solution and not capabilities around the globe to provide the first solution. So for example, when we look at Kobe testing, you don't look at it as one best, but look at us as a full solution. So, for example, when you directly asking for the Antigen. You need extraction unique, the automative grab, and then you need to occupy CR Be, have been fortunate that we've got capabilities across the blow that allows us to provide the full workflow solution for our customers. Okay. We'll. All side, we've been able to do the same. Let's talk about the deal that you have in. Arizona. Got The governor. Now, this July ninth today a strategic collaboration with Sonora Quest. Labs. MARKETSHARE dynamics lab Arizona's leader. With perkin elmer are you doing more these deals because I was thinking holy cow every college in this country should do this kind of deal with you. Yes Jim Actually, doing input a lot of states across. On the country and also across the blow, you might have seen the Release that we have been veils similarly, there are certain other governments and state and B.'s maybe are partnering of our customers in the state, and in some cases with the state KNOB STU are fun solutions to our customers. Now I think it's important in this age of where there's such political tension. You have always had a great relationship with China and you what do serology in China right now and extraction PR serology. So right now, we are not providing any solutions domestically in China, but we are leveraging some of our capabilities and our presence in the China to bring products into other regions around the world. In Asia and Europe. I got it. Okay. Because I was so can't. Help Combat Kovac nineteen across the globe. From the recent. The the recent presentation you guys did now J. P. Morgan has a piece that just came out which just as basically be careful there are many companies. NPCR it's entirely possible that it's now overcrowded and the Perkin Elmer is had big move see to me you're listening to you I. I don't see why anyone would think that you're apples to apples your customer driven product. The other guys may have something a machine, but they're not offering customer driven product. It's a very good point you again as we look at testing, you know it is not just the availability of A. Test you know anybody can make? Are. Several other elements to that play a role, and this is very excel. Over the last decade, we have building capabilities around those jam and. It is around diagnostics our life sciences. At the early stages of this growth and asks, Gohmert, has become A. Baby and being able to bring on of these solutions to four. You know you need the extraction capability been bound that you're not going to be able to RTC are as as it plays out today, and that's rare today. For example, we launched our explorer automated workstations. Brings automating automation in a modular format so that customers can do up to ten thousand samples birthday argue. And this is the story that we bring to our customer. So when you get up And you re did. They. Yell. Has a saliva test that they are going to give away is that something that you say Oh perking almost be threatened by that? A very good example, an innovation that helps us. Might be aware about eight twelve weeks ago revoked without partners, Gregor's, and they also got a saliva test to the market. But the thing is even that's a mode of collection. You still need to go the automation to scale this hour to be able to do thousands of tests per day, and you will always need the occupancy artist. So while it's a great innovation, it doesn't exclude all the other pieces of the puzzle that are needed for testing redone at large scale level I wish that journalists would be as clear as you were chess. Now, a lot of people are getting this story. Wrong. So I really appreciate you coming on mad money. Sir Good to see you. Thank you very much. Okay. That's Dr. who sing presents your Promo did you listen to that? It's not as simple as the saliva and go the journalists are doing you a disservice is much more complicated situation that money back after the break. Are you still using your beard trimmer for the rest of your body mass gapes law more three point zero was specifically to make manscaping. Featuring chance gifts a technology. Won't make our snack waterproof shock resistant. So you can train them in the south over the masking dot com they get yourself the law aboard three point zero use code audio twin for a limited time. Get a free pair of boxer briefs a free travel bag free accelerate SIP. A. Trade war with China. Keeps. Heating. Meetings postponing deathly the tick tock band new sanctions over Hong Kong crackdown. Taiwan troubles which would north the stock market so far this year we've had nine teen one nine Chinese initial public offering more than fifteen percent of all operating company IPO's on United States chase are from China you me this morning maybe it's called the street saying let's stop this already but listen to this Washington may have a problem with the People's Republic of China About Wall Street keeps laptop these deals and last Thursday. We've got the biggest Chinese of Twenty Twenty K. E. Holdings, the largest digital housing platform civil beaten. which is often described as the Chinese zillow remember all these like the Chinese. The Chinese that this thing came public at twenty bucks instantly jump to thirty five and change before closing at thirty seven dollars and forty four cents pull back on Friday sort another seventeen percent today closer new high just under thirty nine dollars. Now according to Renaissance Capital the experts they track IPO's this was the biggest first day pop for a billion dollar deal. In twenty years. Now. I'm seeing kind of interesting these new. Companies for the pure see. So tonight, I wanNA remind you the Chinese have. Let's say checker position. Historically been a dicey proposition building more states I mean you look at the latest round of deals well, that hasn't changed at all. Now, this is not a recent development has nothing to do with the TRAE war the White House I've been caution you against emerging-market IPO's in general and China's. Specifically since long before trump took office, I'd like to think that actually. The, some of the people in Washington, realize this stuff away after we did hear money. China in particular has much weaker securities laws that we do, which means their stocks were always going to be morbid gamble. There are rare cases where that gambles worth making. Do I recommended Alibaba before came public and have stuck with it because the Chinese name is unseen too good to ignore. But for the most part you're better off avoiding these deals just look at their numbers of the. Nineteen Chinese stocks has started trading. I'd say nine up from their IPO price tenor down, not Craig the most positive and you can put on this one. If he got it on the actual deal, you'd be roughly sixteen percent on average mostly because a handful these stocks giving you very big wins but if you'll get the median former, the actual stock that's right in the middle of the pack. It's down eight point eight percent from the deal eight point eight percent and you're in there trying to make money with these things. Okay well, maybe doesn't sound that terrible to look at the border IPO market, which is on fire right now when you look at the hundred three non Chinese skills we've had this year, they're up an average of forty seven point five percent for the. IPO. Price with the median non-chinese at up twenty eight point five percent just say no. Insurance. Even if you're lucky enough to get a piece, the actual offering these Chinese deals are under performing the rest of the IPO market and they're. Dramatically. And of course, provocation. These shares tend to be earmarked for major social money managers. Instead, you must certainly have to wait until they start trading. So how's he done? I'll be talking if you put this year's crop of Chinese side piers where they opened on day one will turns out only six of nine teen or up from their I, trade in one of the greatest bounceback markets overseen and that includes beaten k. e. for today's rally on average they're down nearly four percent in the mediums down sixteen percent. Let me give you an example. Agora is the second best performer from the Chinese class twenty twenty. It's a company that bills itself as the Chinese twilly Oh that's good stock. It's a real time engagement platform as a service, of course, up one hundred, fourteen percent from where it came public, but it's down five percent from its. First Trade, not to mention for thirty seven point, five percent from its peak and early July. So it looks really great in looks like it's a home run and it stinks long story short when you bet on Chinese companies across the United States, the odds tend to be stacked against you listen White House what are you doing Peter Navarro? Some of these stocks have a compelling pitch everything has some American analog but unless you're from China or you spend a lot of time, there have a heck east coast to know if that analogy is legitimate, well, you can do the homework and the homework tells a very different story which brings me back to Katie holy take the Chinese. Their platform is the most comprehensive residential real estate database in the People's Republic Hating I two, hundred, twenty, six, million homes. This isn't real company. They have also been moving into the real estate brokerage business like Ceelo area where they actually a couple of years they're actually a couple of astle. and. When you look at the numbers for K Holdings Preschool copy at sixty percent revenue growth last year. Thanks to brokerage business take you off that slowed the thirty percent. The first half of two, thousand twenty thanks to the pandemic. Still only thirty nine percent is something. A lot of companies would kill for even better holdings actually profitable on Steve Cave Holdings operated in a liberal democracy with a healthy regulatory apparatus I probably be a big Fan. But that's not the People's Republic of China when investing in an allegedly communist country with authoritarian leadership, which a lot of thought leaders in this country are seem to realize we need to be more selective. Something that would be a yellow fly for American IPO Chappie yourself clean bill is a Red Flag for Chinese IPO what are the red flags here for starters if you buy Katie holding its the public shareholders have no influence over how the company's run. You're just along for the ride why? Because the founder Chairman Forty, two percent of the stock and consoles eighty percent of voting power. Hey good job in fact, the stock. Trades your doesn't technically represent any equity in K. Holdings. It that's right. No equity in cable. He's the business. Instead, you'll get an interest in offshore firm with contractual rights to Gay Holdings opry Russels. Can I say that so bothell, then there's evaluation when Softbank Invest in K. Holdings earlier this year the business reportedly valued at ten billion when it came public last week it was at twenty, two, point five, billion. Now it's worth forty, three, billion pricing though it's much more reasonable prices, sales basis it trades roughly the time this year sales forecast that's along with real slow but. That's not enough for me to recommend this one of the problem. Okay. When you invest in Chinese appears the worst case is something like. Lock in coffee. That one came public last year word higher exploded. This April when it came out with a huge portion of their sales were straight up fortunate. Now despite pressure from the bankers calling me saying I was wrong from the bankers I warned you way from locking coffee not long after came public. Oh, they were very upset with me like I could care less. What am I gave him my mother's number. Hasn't been around anyway when it was trading around twenty bucks. I said, stay away not to to change how did and that's not a tent for. Split I'm not saying Kay Holdings is like Luckett Coffee. In fact, I'm confident. This is totally above board business, but the fact that lucking coffee got away with so much Ford for so long tells you that nobody screening these stakes how about the best case? What do we do with Alibaba? The Chinese Amazon were meals the Chinese tesla or by the Chinese Google. Well, here's the thing time. After time you're better off buying the original Amazon's better performing than Alibaba although I like Alibaba Tesla's been a better performance, the new Google better performing than Bindu spotify spinner better performing, we use it. Better than I Q I why? In part because I I just got hit with the SEC investigation we where it's just it's just accounting issues. So the bottom line if you're tempted by the K. holies IPO and I. Am sure you are if you want to own zillow of China who wouldn't lot of people there I say forget about it too risky. Why bother when the US housing market is on fire? I'm going to do a piece about the housing market tomorrow and you could owner American homebuilder. Maybe something happened like that. As we speak with that Guy Jesse seeing that was clear treks or home, depot Lowe's airports were. Were you can go defy the odds. And buy one of those companies that I think it should be on the other side of your trade. I need to go to Allen New York Allen Jimmy chill our you show ms low fired up about some things now and then, but he's ready to play what's going on. Right thanks for helping out in these corona time than all other times My Cock is Alibaba. I wants to know if the political turmoil between the United States and China whether this administration or then that will impact was going to be going on with the. That's the only one that I'm not live maybe by but I'm not worried about Baba because he's got US financials and by the way it happens to be a very good. I bought some stuff Alibaba. It is a very good company and just say for the record here the Chinese people is not my fight within their fabulous. My call worked for the Chinese HE LOVES IT I. For them is the way that the country's regulated is the what I don't like because it's a communist country and I'm I'm now communists. How about John and Tennessee John. Hey, how you doing jim killing great today it's great today. First Day of the rest of my life was the last. I saw you know what I mean. I hear that. All Rocky Company. Going into more than one? Thing that is a really good company. You gotTa Housing Market that's completely on fire. It's down I thank you by rocket they'll be some tech desperate. Say All right that's it. Let's move rocket that God but lettuce this Linares up big and KB homes in pulpy homes and toll brothers. This stock is a by and I also happen to like being over pretty much and I liked I I like Gilbert. You know what? If you look at rocket this is one it really does intrigue me. So all last week. You might have seen one of the greatest guys in the world come on Jay Foreigner. And he was the guy who sat to the right of Gilbert and he's a great businessman and I think that you gotta by Rock I really do. I want you to resist the temptation of Peyton holies. It's too risky I rather have you own a play on the US housing market, which is on par I'd rather zillow. How Much. Money headed including my exclusive with grow generation away. Did you hear this one company soaring today but can continue to make use of green? And uncertain environment. then. Why it may take more than a vaccine to get people back in the office and all your calls rapid fire in tonight's edition of the lightning around. So stay with. Kramer. Last Wednesday stew in Florida. Called ask about a company called Grow Generation, which owns the largest chain of hydroponic gardening stores. North America this verse Bill Copy With The stock that it only run up dramatically for the year. So I told Stu we had to do more homework before making any kind of decision. In, retrospect I should have been a lot less hesitant last survey grow generation reported a massive earnings, beat raised its forecast and rolled out some very bullish guidance for twenty twenty one turns out the gardening business booming, but it doesn't hurt that. So many states have legalized marijuana I've been reliably informed. That's the best. The best stuff is a hydroponic. Told me in response to stock shot up forty two percent of the single session for attack you. Six percent on Friday get this twenty, two percent today. That's right. Bro Generations who doubled since STU asked me about it. Do you got hair sense now I hate chasing stocks hit you trump but this'll bleed cannabis play clearly deserves a closer look. So let's dig deeper with Darrin. Lampard Co founder CEO Road Generation Mr Land for welcome and May Have Money Thank you. Jim All right. So Darren. This when I read about this, I said I want to be a groat generation CEO or I want a couple of stores. This is maybe the most exciting model I've seen in retail but people don't know you. So why don't you describe them what you guys do? Jim Becca two, thousand, fourteen, we saw we believe the cannabis industry would be a multibillion dollar industry made an investment in the ancillary side consolidate expanded fragmented industry a few thousand hydroponic stores and to sell the picks and shovels to Canada scrolls similar to what Home Depot. They would also prove the markets who is doing with the pool industry. Side one is doing with the landscape industry all great success in the specialty retail space. We're a one stop solution for all cannabis growers, small craft growers to the large missiles around the country. The your same store sales rep nine percent. Were Jim House. Possible. Jimmy sort of fifty percent increase in walk in business quarter over quarter on the Biz business is booming. You've spoken to the large Ms. Os and I know we've heard on TV we're at such an early stage of multibillion dollar industry. Generations just getting started. BUSINESSES GONE FOR TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN THIRTY MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY TO EIGHTY MILLION DOLLAR Company last year this year under five million next year. Two hundred. Fifty Give any serious competition it'll. Competition is coming from pockets of strength within states that we were there we transact business some of the old legacy states, California Colorado Maine, Michigan Oser stores that are ripe for a roll up strategy. So those are the stores that were buying roaming management in bringing in sales profits a win. That were also opening stores in new states that are emerging. You'll see US opening up the eastern corner we just opened up Oklahoma you'll see us in New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Maryland. States Open Jimmy is going into these new states. Now, a last week Ben cobblers on because he's got an outfit very big publicly traded off in Pennsylvania and he said this is really for small to medium sized growers not for the big guys now when I look at what you're doing. I don't know who's doing this stuff for the big guys I think you're doing forever buddy. It, twenty percent of our business comes from the large ms around the country no sales one, hundred, eighty percent quarter. year-over-year right. Now, we represent harvest health. CRESCO. Lab Securely Vanquish Holdings Columbia Care, just to name a few, we also represent over seven hundred commercial growers from State to State, and that number is growing currently fourteen thousand commercial licenses throughout. When I looked. You other than Rhode Island where it's a civil violation I was surprised for medical. I mean anyone can grow for medical right and then you do it I mean I saw Oklahoma's couldn't figure out because recreational illegal and also Florida. It's illegal but you guys don't check into what people use to stop for. Oklahoma home there's five thousand licenses. It's a very large craft licensed the most licenses in the country. So we've seen a tremendous boom in the Oklahoma markets right now states go two ways either open it up for many growers or or again like certain states like New York Minnesota on there's two licenses Connecticut not many life certain states again or encouraging many licenses. What's extra? So, if the Democrats win the White House. And Sweep in. In the Senate and the House of Representatives you're going to be you had this market yourself and fifty states. Were excited about a Jim and one of the beautiful parts is you see many people you'll see the home markets explode. You'll see the commercial markets explode again, the the markets are slowing down. You saw back in two thousand, eighteen, a small contraction since then during cove and stay coke stay home, economy gardening is booming right now open the cannabis side, and also from the you know from the home grow site and you're putting a bigger and bigger stores, but your average is six thousand but the new ones are much big. Big factor supplies are that you want to have a home depot size store. Are Less than we built in Tulsa Oklahoma Forty Thousand Square feet or are warehouse style stores also. Also distribution centers for US online fulfillment center. So kind of multichannel rolling out or Omni Channel Approach. In. September. To multichannel approach we have dedicated sales reps some for all large ms around the country. We're. We're we're the one stop shop, large medium and small candidates hours. Well Darren Lampert you. This is this is a this is one for the books I've got to tell you. It's very rare that I'm stunned that I didn't know company. Thank you STU that I think may be the next generation Home Depot. So a Darren Lampard quote generations co founder and CEO Great to meet you Sir Thank you so much with a being. What can I say periodically you're blown away. Doesn't look do your work, check it out the stocks very big. But STU in Florida has one up we'll make monies back after the break. Is Come Then lightning round is over. Are you ready skiing. Data. GonNa. Light. Round. Chris Chris. Hey. Jim. Thanks for Hilton. I want to to say, thanks for helping keeping US calm dern and understanding this market. Well, sure. Of questions about paying a after the reported last last week. The fell and just kind of sat there. There's something I should older. The whole group I mean OCTA. Leads Cooper Louis Jordan making a comeback. But there are so many companies in the identity business people are starting to freak out that there's too much competition and paying a very expensive stock. Let's go to Just in Michigan Justin. Jim Cramer kindle chill I'm the children I feel honored because you just answered my question on that list action alerts plus on Thursday oh, thanks could call. Yes that was very informative call I, really am. And thank you. the stock I didn't get the chance to ask about on it because it's not part of the portfolio is royal farm off the. Room. When they announced that given, I gotTa Tell You I interviewed that PA Pablo. Law Greta the that's what's Mirzet General Land and company that's been the big sponsor that it's a great pe firm I liked that company very much that you a lot of great biotech investing without a lot of risk I, like let's go to Ryan North Carolina Ryan. Jim Hurry of I am Good Ryan. How `Bout You Well Point. Line but I'm originally Dope Jersey suburbs of Philly boy. So I gotTa tell you. I'm getting I'm getting ready for fantasy for Bouma fantasy did a lot of work this weekend I have a lot more to do what's going on. So I bought a pharmaceutical stock back in two thousand ten but around thirty dollars a held. It took corona and I finally trim profit in May. So now on house money trained up to three hundred July now back down to the seventies by questioning. A long way to go or should I sell it at this point? Verdict suitable she went to buy vertex. VERTEX is technology again. So horrible disease cystic fibrosis is amazing and it's just going to get better and better by say by Vertex do not sell for cats. Let's go to Ryan and out in Alabama rilot of. Ryan. Crammer yes. took up in the US in school medicine. Wow. There you go. Fantastic. What's up? Builder's first source. Versus, come on come I can report lows report but builders versus Burger. Company. For is trading very well. So it's mascow of no, that's it, and that jumps inclusion of the. Round. Raum is sponsored by Diem Rodrigo. Every time I hear that we don't know when people are going back to work I have to let. Having comb through the most recent quarterly reports, hundreds of companies almost nobody's talking on come back. Instead they're talking about how quit is to work from home. Most of us took the pandemic seriously and they kick off their conference calls with tremendous pride about how they were able to get. Home. And hooked up clear overnight. They realized they had to get their employees out of dodge dodge skyscrapers. Cove in Nineteen They didn't buy into the government's wishful thinking about how quickly this farce would go away. Now we don't have exact numbers on how many people are staying with. Okay, and some jobs student need to be performed a person but we do know that public transit is down about sixty percent euro rear tolo traffic's down food percent. Those are huge numbers and they haven't changed much at all since the cities and states across the country reopen. That's amazing. So I need you to forget what you. Hear from pundits and politicians and focusing with big businesses actually doing echo literally dozens of companies that have switched to remote work and the tech outfits that made this transition possible. Some things are pretty darn obvious just not talked about. So here we go I, there's a tremendous level concern about safety in the office simply isn't safe sure. They can take your temperature when you enter the building, but you can still transmit the virus before you have symptoms even as everyone seems to act we don't. have. Played safe for them building actually I know that second most companies don't know Jack about how they even begin to reopen safely before we get a vaccine. So it's usually just send everyone home. Why take the risks? They don't have cheap medical officers they don't have their own machines. They don't WanNa spend a fortune upgrading ventilation systems. One thing they can't control is whether the let you in the building so they don't. Third we know the decline in travel and entertainment is pretty staggering. That's right. The tinny nobody wants to see you from immediate for meeting in person nobody no customer. Okay and nobody wants to be seen. Let me let you in a little secret. It's a lot cheaper to run a company remotely fourth when offered choices come back to work in allegedly safe environment or keep working from home most people want to stay at home. They don't want to get them public chancellor or they don't WanNa ride up I was in l. their taste somebody else gotten yelled. Am I okay. I mean, of course to mess. Now, these people don't want to win at all, they don't want. They don't want to worry about maintaining six feet of distance from the coworkers. Friendly. How do you even enforce this stuff when you see a sign, this is only five to room. Who wants to tell the sixth due to get out? And so much simpler to motely. Until we're fully in the clear with the vaccine V zooms fine. You're not to worry about getting a cold or the flu from your colleagues. Let alone Kovin nobody wants to be the face to face right now John Oliver can mock my zoom facilitated boozy brunches all he wants he says, Jim Cramer's fun time quarantine activity makes you sad but I say don't knock it till you try. Finally let's be honest it's just working convenient to work from home and personally I think it's better to be with your family although I say that as someone whose kids are grown up if you were relying on school provide needed daycare while you work, this is a very rough situation, but you need to get used to it because of big businesses with deep pockets. To reopen their offices. Sadly, there's no way America's underfunded schools will be able to pull off put it all together and I think the commuting to work at a big office in the city may be over. It's not coming back until we get back scene and maybe just maybe. Not, even. Six. By save little time here to talk about the stop of video. Now, you know invidious been my favorite stock in the market big holdings action alerts plus Dot Com stock was uptight. Reports Wednesday at this point, I have to tell you what I buy it. A above were went out today I say wait and I say that only those. Do, I, love the stop but even named my dog after video but up so much. Just wait and see now I like to say there's always walking someone I palm find just for you right here money on Jim Cramer I'll see you tomorrow. Today every answer matters more than ever before because whether it's about health deliveries or finance, some things just can't wait. That's why IBM is helping businesses manage millions of calls, texts, and chats with Watson Assistant It's conversational is designed to help your customers, find the answers they need faster no matter the industry. Let's put smart to work visit IBM DOT COM Slash Watson Assistant to learn more.

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160: WARP Records at 30, Catch-22, Thom Yorke


1:10:16 hr | 1 year ago

160: WARP Records at 30, Catch-22, Thom Yorke

"Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment our new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com that's reliability investment dot com yeah i mean i know i'm a big mouth we've had a week off one hundred plus degree and now with a normal service is redeemed i'm sean payton and undo harrison is covered in twigs and dried the pool elliott sticking out of andries it was brilliant needless to say i fantastic rico the emergency sort of m don't lift bitchy podcasts which you but last week a which is full of noise and background but i have to issue a correction we sylvie amazing acid motors temple brilliant and wild insane and then the puck is getting yeah they got this great that female guitarist he looks like a kind of medical tests turns out psychedelic mary poppins is it chap and he's turning over amazingly well so i i'm all i'm all in the psychedelic mary pulls his real real this massive most simple boils jeff goldblum pasta brilliance jeff goldblum thing is there anybody from some deland i believe trickled matt cams this demo down very very well did he play did he took it adjusting thing he said is so basically what are in in harrison told the ball fly jazz the kind of thing you expect on sunday afternoon wednesday people voting their families do do do do thing but they put two people dead set on justice inflatable toronto source rex is just writing them and they did finish the flourish of the jurassic park feeling energized style that was good and what else well somebody who's really nice plus you've after the calculus they pull the big thing of i'm keith flint a big in our case i'm not going big shares yeah so so it was absolutely lovely chris martin keep popping off and interrupting my chance actually train will carry it produces a case tickets all you yes he was they special guest florence machine of this year right up in everybody yeah i know little goes a long way absolutely who's joining us today andy harrison i just me sean we have to hardy big mouth perennials today strictly cab eight k dj food or as we know him calf against us develop the cocoa ninja june stable and he grew into semester cinematic jazz on electronic breaks with the descending listen he's also protect his own style of audio visual dj where he deconstructs at all just a label on rebuilt in his own style he's currently children epic corporate show of plastics coolest i'm curious over the catskills as if you i think rang the prophecy thousand a day in fucking like spice not say fits in right here hello welcome back injury how you doing i'm good yeah tell us about this chocolate chip that oh that's just me drawn into a different take on crop look you know i've seen the show and everyone's seen the show but that was so influential people have covered them in we waited waited style john styles and he's lazy unseen yoko there's no way before yeah i know some people sampled in heavily in a lot of people have been influenced by then so mix together but the food cheeky mashups is well excellence at the show which is amazing how's it a little bit repetitive i failed saying they've been touring the same three d think what is it ten years yeah well they've kind of been restocked in that career for twin to do you have yeah oh i she even longer than that maybe they fit since the mix rarely radio much and you know and you're playing blue also general by coney island across central just a random catch a sea of both the kind of defense all wow which is a little both it's kinda on their influences people like samples and things like that i believe jesse throwing food things have discussing later in the show excellent professional broadcasting and kevin the ninja insulted still for many years and he did a john makes it the wolf catalog in the mid nineties i'm gonna be talking about wolves so that you thought of as street later in the show before we move on i have to ask you why have you not for a mix filled strictly come dancing 'cause you need to know should also returning to big mouth this week is luke china cofounder of the quietest the wisdom of accumulating disturbing music and also the prettiest out of the woods in which he wrestles with his sexuality among the whole beams of ethics board as i say not nominated for the two thousand nineteen wainwright praises well congratulations thank you how would you got somebody how'd you do that with chris mouthy noise and helped me a fight in king county chris about how he didn't do the gospel i mean the gas on groaning obviously in the crow's nest which is my new favorite but the festival of hail a doing a bit of an out to the woods rating with a fairly serious heatstroke which meant a bit cosmic had a great time it's so different now from what i remember in the nineties the kid happiness people get roped everywhere nearly two thousand it lost it was just slightly older people seem to have lost the trail and the now i just loved it it was discussed the scale of the saying is incredible there's no more crush stays i liked that they don't see how any cross these but now people policy christie's knows about people having a great time i'm into that but i i really enjoyed it was very different from how it'd being before but what about a fifteen year old kid doing is it she august silva with dave yet all the red arrows flight fall down i now see that's that's the thing that that kid doing i mean i didn't say i rl by sort of and then today about three times to cheer me up and it was absolutely credible and you know that was one of the foot what's amazing about the festival is kind of a sign of music just kind of happened when i was a teenager between pop and done speed example ever seems have broken the kids would just into everything he was so great great but you know for me when i was feeling terrible unsighted i want to go on what's going on when the red arrows kind of ironic that was i mean you know as a navy ation infusing i suppose plays out of to my customers in the red zone pride flypast with the rainbow based on all delvin cook good traffic you sleep you're also a massive wall had said that you'll be looking forward to office he is the ship a leap foundry like trump would also be looking at a channel four h adaptation of catch twenty two half they film they unfilmable until new york's new album album enema which dropped on thursday night just as everyone who wants to the stuffing sleeping bags into a test go back for life these things i'm more after reminder from under you those exclusive big mouth mogens they're on their way to a top tier patron buckets and you could get one to if you sign the support of valuable look helpless studio bills to the tune of five a month and you will get every dish in of big while the daily direct to your own secret private rss link end you'll get exclusive extra bit or i guess stick around for a bit longer as well this week it's costa come down times that were sharing best in west festival experiences but if you pledges ten pound the month you'll get all that plus the big mouth mug perfect shogo if you ever addition on good taste in the home or workplace said patron big mouth defined houses opposes over saying it's it's my eyes upon okay let's get into the world said it best the preemptive laidlaw british electronic he was found in sheffield in nineteen ninety nine my phone records with his steve mcenroe mitchell was robert guilt and he'd be just crush atra chance on policy to solve all the good stuff over years they both is everything from amazon amazon box to effects when both canada and flying lotus while wolf films behind ben we kill list potty come sit on toronto so chris mars is full lines on so much shame met his best work but the label moved to london see thousands enroll mitchell sadly died in two thousand one wolters remind the goto outfits electronics it stretch your is even though the famous pepple rental bikes disappeared years ago before we talk about what will it means to rave is on chins stroke is a like an recommends music we've all chosen their own personal favorite will try oh my measures in the pacific coast termite treatment center everything going i race race okay a young guy in me to go okay so slash it's my choice nightmares alexa dextrous then i fix twin unlikeable will block one which wasn't actually own wall but we gotta talk about in a minute sean shows that one league tennis choice of ls i would freak and finally broadcast on the focus group will be colony has chosen by strictly cap the whole arc of all these like cat wise well the special lightly having intimate relationship but what makes it special 'em they've survived the years and they've got at least they're so good fifty percent of that original rosta will present and still doing something really interesting you know old tech boats kind of not yet a plateau see you know what pop dog i facts i mean there's not many people the on around from daily dice and the the you know the golden ever will i think you know plus they've still managed to carry on they've got me blind leftist and over yeah they mentioned stopped the date yet but they've kept the history in time they've still got designs republics working with them in some capacity visually on the goal by strong identity because the guy galley almost it's sort of a whale reasonable people did not testify after they already sympathy for the gender of loyalty is i mean they're all very many labels in the history of pop music while you just you just just slightly by 'cause it's on the label and obviously i thought with to town said cj you know factory mostly on the same with both sent me the festival three full years i would just see the recollections by some longer quality you trust them if you've never heard his body will you buy that you at least least listen to it but we're gonna we have chosen so why is that well i mean i think the people that was from a more recent one broadcast on the focus group the bay colony tell us about that mandates well that's the sort of ultimate a collaboration with the focus group is julian house from guys books recco soon and they were very he's very entwined with the broadcast designing leslie side that we left ten the wall is then of getting on the phone told edgy bandwagon is it was early on and i think it's wonderful costs sorts of weirdest works but that truck is one of the best pope was the one that stands out in the whole album which is quite weird caitlyn go collage but it's beautiful i mean really interesting they constructed recco with all sorts of weight on stick signatures going on in say off the trash paused after you and and it will ended a little bit more protests protests is only gonna put we put together eight playlist of of of that world on big mouth so if at nyu neophytes skin investigation on find out whether it missing lieutenant wilbur quite central to the whole quiet this thing i don't like the sort of like they staked out a place full challenging uncle does musical but also kind of sonically export tree yeah i think i think that's one of those key labels frustrating probably more john the me to be honest but i see them as mute smy kind of love it billows time and i saw siebel like you say i'm the label you could trust me nothing will kind of took electronic music in the nineties in in this way muted in the in eighty eight season late seventies i think for me it was all let's talk about that kind of like fragmentation of music and i when i was a kid at school no goes into will stuff the totally it was all those into i felt anything like that everyone was in the jungle brit pope who is this sort of weird things will quiet light and it was fine i want free credit 'cause that was such a gateway for me for discovering old music yeah 'cause i'm not as cut and uncompromising i've been amanda sort of the the nfl pilots i will say hits on the confirmation on radio won't move this wreck there should be a lot of people out play on the radio and they still found a way of getting of going even further with in in the thing down struck but he's almost kind of a you know a challenge see it as well as a as a as a groove yeah i'm sure people ever allow come start playing that when i was first back to back going into clubs in london and they just wanna wall is this i need to find out and and and dive in reading scott brooch wasn't it yeah and that's that's what i mean sometimes i think some of that stuff is a little slow plight for me like i like my dance music to be quite brutal and freak definitely a does up in a very sexy why is well yeah i think you think there and especially northern label when they appeared in owes the student athletes and these reckless will be sold primarily locally dead excising that you hear in nineties the list from the very familiar town and it is it read a quote by job is cookery other day a which i'm not completely go look sloppy i'm paraphrasing but he said everyone wants to identify this music with sheffield and gone about stadium happens but if some things were bright and you so it sounds like fish and chips with somebody like i would love to be in chino will i mean the brighton labels oughta be fishing chippy in a bit seesaw dealmaking a wall of sound and skins vinegar kind of ended up slightly i kind of candy from i think i think this is from old testing jumpstart these run but i i just i really associated effects were komo on oh i'm john lawrence just like do cars were just won the prize frigerator program about effects and columbus mythology and then which kings new book the locker sending he talks a lot about english postal rumbles of canada and so i i think that's interesting things i've i find about well it sounds british but from all over the place it's it's already like that it's not just a bun music it sounds it sounds like it's from everywhere thinking about komo those closest to the south in that really it's the north of the south you could argue yeah i'm gonna your show these shows are not build the wall and by extent there are several abol of bubble bath around three under there at least three more photos didgeridoo which is the brealey false crazy i do some amongst people yeah she wasn't on will produce are subway paul the whole yeah i think my side sort of academic argument with the effects and could be on you know am i you know universal and he'd still sound like wolford will pass followed tim 'cause he kind of he embodied woke me nfl and if it's unbelievable yet i think he's such a i don't think anybody's the positive a basic incredible dc from i mean it's very simple recipe yeah yeah yeah yeah she'll she should be interesting they did they were kind of the fast downs label to into it that listens we're gonna get old and it might wanna listen at home possibly with a a remedial i might cigarettes and they kind of lunch sales fischel intelligence series which had a lot of great stuff on it i feel like most honest labels rich contagious pump out by after buying that they have grown up yeah well you know i think they would like that from the stop there is and i'm being quality it's not i think they knew you won't you maybe one one for the buying the dancing and then you want the chat stuff i also see the client well mature would enable them to grow up with yeah he had it with the listeners on sunday they oldie i mean i think i'll when he stood it makes my years ago we kind of had this idea that there was like a continuum of readers and a woman with a gang nosy he raver and a bold guy with a rectal bags starting next year but actually everybody was similar on that continue and inside every rave i wish bit of a crate taking advice faster inside every great day with somebody like she just wants to the top of themselves down to the so i don't say keep also they had early success in the nfl and tricky discover how do you help hits which gave them the money to actually come out that indeed label thing unsigned people i effects and tucker and be twelve and black dog and then the whole artificial intelligence is revealing nineties was a kind the benefit of that early success is by how the money is selling these people on the side obviously now i managed to miss they mcs radio weekend of of of walk on the radio cat did you did fan weather yeah post we can yeah i'm not sure why the whole we can daddy sunday was downloading the tolerance so we'll we'll we'll picks hops bullets it kind of really good they did it to mix which is incredibly rare for them they do make is they haven't since the nineties 'em and i put in a to them influences plus a few they'll gems firm that dot com log which would be useful to sort of extracting it that way in fashion of aquarius with imaginations just as illusion insights his rhythm mixed with the talk which is a real highlight miming test and there was a whole chicken went back into the free will types of rayvey tech a older demos and did two hours of that which i'm into yeah but it's gonna be definitely was so basically will sounds of the cells in nineteen eighty nine but i'm still paying attention says he is lights whereas fall from the foundation of walt as well as the foundation of what was from basically the second but some cliff richard regulate whether it's a fancy yeah acquisitions if it's almost like i said i would andrea for failing oldest changes they felt sick days you'd sort of dumb age the way that sal parents grandparents did fifty so neutral to it and they will go with that was it's not feasible say about the fiftieth anniversary of world reckless now obviously you know because they've kind of low cages themselves both in the dance music but also in the will of god composer crystal skulls films to provide longevity we've got some more and recommendations and from each of the year of the guests into these a but then the from the from the from the don't stop a a day will last a long time here's no no no no no no no no no no they were sabres of paradise with theme promoted dumps all us chosen by shown at looks chose a broadcast then again with black cat from ten ten wins than bolger canada and again we've reached the dead from tomorrow's homicide selected by strictly cats finally my choice which is black productions with three full house or is it three cool because i've never really known from bites the competition for will sean lyceum on why hold it down so i think this is when will be it which is why so i put it in as a spider in the west when it kind of big be andrew westville came in as much they hate to be described as not but once you do something widow is what was in the music of the time he he's a fifty famous for remixes primal scream all that sorta stuff pots saves paradise i don't go a version of that and i just played the best album i'm not quite sure why to which point may at the time just stop by say paradise in there's something about i liked it because if he's there and i won't call it something different 'em oh csc i want something we're stumps these symbols don't you if you want to go out and and listen to it it's got the beat but then is what's interesting things coming through so it's it's quite as an album people call it cohesive he says because it is a bit all over the place but somehow quite like the social skeptic on the what would just go government rankled will put it out something about freedom of that which is really nice it's not like listening to supplement and it is also a mega spicing basically saying yes that particular tracking santa you've been told us the planes say i've been told us just stop whistling will not buy sabres in the kitchen stove bay mega air when you chose them the album but you're you're recommending is a tender buttons by broadcast cast on the truck drivers with black cats tell us they're carrying same on the show apparently tell those labels not one that just an amazing way of pope bind on april costs and black cat is a brilliant brilliant pop so i'm i i love that group and i i saw the one near life i'm and it was one of the best gigs i have a really good start opening atp i'm and i think they will have a wit history with find out smoke pot in still not forgiven and so it runs sit by and a and a lot of time when they would do they put a grisly by which i like i like those crazy bad wreck quote unquote but then broke has written a different you know you're talking about this of ambien wing of of will open they will move slightly brush on that in a you know like i was saying about holding toiletry not so much music that's kind of holds illogical this is quite bond and it's a it's a it's somebody else says mountain bearing you know public information films i only and you're going to die they say it's just a bit a bit rubbish whereas broadcasts of took those little sonic hidden submit a sort of pulses and radio transmissions sounds and just made it sound really mountain which i thought was wonderful i they would be my favorite albums i think it's a shame about patricia it's like you know that that potential features that you know sonny and cher would be just absolutely 'cause i love that i think i agree with that album i'm when i saw the which wasn't long before she she died on the way to doing something that could really crossover in the incredible in its its trajectory that would never happen absolutely calf there's an argument oppose a counter basically in some respects world's biggest office now they motherwell's wells most most influential you just mentioned you're doing a ground smokers will it doesn't what is it that makes them lax well how they when they got to go play so they reached the only thing they've they've got that mystery the effects hot initially where you know they didn't realize they reveal like what brothers ready do interviews that much they they retained battle mystery in astle just social media saturated weld you know and again full runs of that whole intelligible movement rarely by default because they tap into that nostalgia of you you listen to that songs and you hill things these comments thing you remember but it sounds familiar will from someplace white back in time like tapped into that yeah and they were very very pressing on this tomorrow's harvest out in the they tapped into the the whole sort of 'em battalion shallow horace soundtrack cynthia eighties movement just as the whole harbury issue movement was coming out labels on death will split reissuing obscure ity since soundtracks you know everyone had done libary music in the seventies and funk soundtracks and obscure season bullets were right in with this weird electronic since thing again you like like us on off shoot of halloween john carpenter soundtrack they had that in there and you know they renewed themselves again you really need to see inside breakfast philadelphia's going out to right field he got through that wasn't that two weeks on how seriously it after the fact everybody listening festival she my my choice was a black dog and therefore therefore mentioned to him and i implied and i just love this album bites which is a compilation of all the things people as under a million different identities on this particular just because it's so symphonic and so beautifully arrangement so poignant on eight eight seventy about what those were starting to go to sort of this stuff is you know be it's all castro but also rooted in the ravens rooted in weird noises like this what i am a i think more than anything else so we might as well if i play list of all these will trucks and it's on a facebook page listen and expand your brain responded now right onto catch twenty two in popstar acted produced on starring george clooney who lose mini series is of course an adaptation of joseph had his anti wall novel of nineteen sixty described by who is the story of the income terrible awful don't you you salary in a u s forces omitted immobile to who is furious because thousands of people he has never met are trying to kill him doesn't do the novel justice off the nineteen seventies mcnichols who's behind movie adaptation oh let's be clear is it just mash george clooney more he's a traitor doc brown me if i'm crazy right kosher after the ground anyone is crazy ground me i'm crazy you're not crazy why not catch twenty two you get out of combat duty a longer crazy and so you have fly more missions some catch the catch twenty two the best there is a lot like bring me back the last one not my last find somebody else's bringing back the last one that's my lifeline again oh no so that's my last one i read it to you just a moment ago you and i are they only to saint people understand i've decided to raise the mission counts is only five the third were gonna win saying it doesn't make a difference but somebody told a numbers game and when you're numbers are numbers not boy hello more concentrated power in the hands of most likely to well that would be agreement we had undergo piece or it's not about profits are so low rates are not only for more missions in anybody on his face and everytime jose raised in his calls what i what i can't do this anymore i think this is a big fat joke difference we make me happy happy happy dead you worry worry worry you see the difference okay catch twenty two ten way you familiar with mike nichols adaptation for you celtics yeah i was obsessed we try to when i was a concrete tino already a couple of times she really liked the film version back in the day a counter remember it puffing what am i get shelton hall standing on the life ross is quite grim i'm but i i've seen i've seen to exercise now and i'm kind of into it i i think it's sort of i remember the book just in a collection of different scenes a cause us sort of how it works and i keep the savings using keep coming back from the ride recognizable things i think the mind mind by the way there's lamb chops and this is what i colonel scott is kind of how i would imagine them caitlyn bullet they 'em he's already he's already brilliant something that you major discovery hayes cry sunnyside it's really well filmed i liked the way they action sequence sequences says when they're in ab being with flacco around in a whole exactly the same you got real sense of the kind of nuts in april absolute tyra of of flying and fighting i'm i i was not expecting to that'd be a playoff berth for a reason i'm i'm really into it now parni is different about this is because they novel is not chronological but they've made this a chronological tv series is somehow kind of maybe flattened out but in two thousand nineteen do we need this to say well it's insane man's inhumanity demand yeah i think that's the message that you you should keep going to the time when you go you know so much remembrances been completely corrupted by nationalism imaging puppy commemorations and so into has become of right wing tool robbed and remembering the absurdity on the brutality of of war and i think i think i think i think it's time they i think the sort of absolute point dismiss of it and my mind under such a great courage because he's he's he's he's able to sort of do the by slowly over as a means of marketing and and and the engine of capitalism pulling in a really funny way you know it could all you know but i i think it really works now clearly like stories of ministry in summertime in figures disney men who say goats box older zing cohen brothers movies and stuff he's the training come on the show scoff in this does he put they seem like the kind of mentioned many s i felt the opening when they're in their training camp was was really good his kind of he he just constand these young recruits who who come to sort of annoy headman gonna be up to his yeah his macular stunted so i i yeah i i'm not so great george clooney had in any way but i thought he did a good job but i also he's obviously poss if the way they could get the money and the juice and all that sort of thing but he's not necessarily paying starring no no no they don't come back kevin what did you make well i haven't read the book and i wasn't familiar with the film that you were talking about eight that's i'm not ready iran i watch tv series like this 'em i felt it was bit flat i thought they ask sequences with the rights were amazing i usually really incredible cause a law that must have been ccri on and they pulled out pretty well the monopoly that loop saying about the another ron and then the you the sort of insanity of of war and the rules and they say oh looking up the bombing run you know he's counting down the number the runs he's got left and then all of a sudden like a moron tall and you know just that ridiculous is why we're doing this with pushed i found it rarely flat on the lake carrots are completely gone sorry in 'em when he sees his friend i gamble spoiler on the scene afterwards directly with that kind of holding the wool chinese in which just there is nothing that there is no sort of a you know god you know it was just not only is there news going and i i didn't feel anything no path or with the with while i was watching i told him that emotion that may have found it rarely flap less that's when things i liked about it though because it's i i you know my shame i'd never properly read the book and to get in and out of his teenage years what he's the kind of belief should reid when you're a teenager written it properly now and i'm amazed at how multan it is because look everything you know people react the way the people twenty nine twenty nine team will react with kind of a great blindness in the face of of big events and showing you were saying it's been sort of 'em you know they they agronaut trickle hey chronological that's what the book is been flattened out and make logical which it has it doesn't feel that way because you you know events repeat themselves events were kinda the same setups between different characters repeated over and over with a message the war is not just how they also ridi barring you know it's you know he's he's the most sophisticated vision of the futility of foolishness of wool a motion futility influences of being in a large organizations we do this kind of thing and i think my including is that many it reads like a book of they am impending counterculture you could feel the run up to the hippies is happening it's actually a you know it say abject karaoke in sort of a flavor that you've got where people are beginning to lose their face and institutions in florida say the beginning the city obscenity in so many of these that's what's up the feeling of like something drafted in from italian involved at all you know surrealistic says a you know you're allowed to come and see me when i'm not there but you won't be the only about half of the great lot in the book which is gonna pay later in the show what they odious do you support and captain black at is appointed a senior intelligence officer and decides that means he's the most intelligent and they army full of great gangs like that it's it's a car remember the books about twenty assists already but it's striking me the in the film alone the dialogue is lifted from the book this guy is the truth to the book 'cause it's really smart pay people to remember the boat being already snapchat i mean the when these when i'm dumped today 'cause explaining catch twenty two which is just it's just pretty and he's really good as well developed you could character he's exactly as as as as as it says in the book the paradox heavy and the book is like that but that's one thing that job with me having started beating the book is saturday as a wise crack he's really ready shot he's brian yes yeah we have christopher abbott he looked at mount and brenda and it's it's nice looks like leave levi's at and the pitch homer off to even their own mon see looking at his body is wondering about war i thought this could have gone in a different direction i'm not sure i'm not sure i'm convinced christopher i you know i i always say imagine your salary and being pretty hot and a bit but i had i had a toll crushing it there was something about he's kind of he's not know some of these despite his desperation to go out and i sent stateless clinton attractive man by the way but i think that one's just bad like wind you know he's madness that come into a little bit more despise him say why if you just suddenly decide you good decided then you just send somebody like that scene isn't that you said that don't shop around like the book does the very very first scene at the first episode flash forward some kind of a am right the right right and there's a guy like you'd want wondering out screaming and everything's on fire and everyone screaming yeah but i have to think updates on these are incorrect delight not making less of a kind of you know existential bilko elder and with was dr frederick i i don't think would learn very well now now because we like a central characters to now to be wondering around in the days of confusion and you know this'll just as i see one of my lady characters on his worrying about said the lady andy audience we know some we've got some prostitutes and we've got the why for a while you water sexist sent more women in the wolf but i'm as as we well know women did have a place in the morning what very hot and they were true round the characters and they says some of these actresses in this and said look after they've made it better and yet it's still a homer off take levi's commercial what it's about it's about a welder men and you'll location because underground catch to sedona you've never had she spent time in the world of men will the monthly reading bloody credit though because you're out of men how long trying to catch twenty two difficult and you'll there it's not to say it will depend because you're lady so you change it by the way i think is that difficult but let's talk about someone we talked about that and i did really well that bringing in the the kind of french resistance and that was that she'd come on right story the story line in the world amendment but i think when you take somebody cut catch twenty two it's quite hard if suddenly start inventing lots of female characters and gives some strong jesus's away is coming there is a there's a whole chapter the book could make leasehold isn't an she's like smack him on the head with the with the she which his shoe but see maybe that was a feminist statement i don't i don't know what's fair is well i mean because it just a seller on the on the adaptation all of the male character the character chisholm monsters and they all you know you get kennel captain black is clearly a joseph mccarthy character in embryo you know everybody is about forty great weather stopped everybody is a catholic actually gets twisted so yes the the you know the small handful of people kinds of roles and kind of it shouldn't build this is the absurdity of wool it's like asking for the realism in the same i'm saying a strong the current until maybe one has a different sort of input pulsing there are a little bit prophecies the federal rosie load kind of i mean just the streaming format so we in the world of the mini series this is at six puncture is not right yes so if i'm wrong 'em does this mean know who's gonna be adopted two mini series much lesser then you cooper ninety minute film oh we now going to see some universities eulogy brilliant yeah it's retro better suited to tv series yeah yeah but like this from me i'm like yes he could then going i really hope it's a massive flood because i do know loans catch twenty three i don't want my tail and then they go somewhere else whoever is not dead man's at school patch eighteen 'em originally when they took it to the publishes and they went night another eighteen the title said anything about the concern is is repetitive isn't in the report you mentioned the whole thing while he wants to be the guy yeah the music you mentioned the music ghetto yes music i thought he planned wing it's a pretty serious georgia's on a oh it's it's very often that moment and i thought well you you missed the trickiness peaky blinders since may be the if the more the counterpoint point wouldn't have made it so still just noxious among our mission accomplished bloody weekend came out and they say would drifting off the field at last raceway kind of heatstroke i didn't say but i i found that kind of that she said you know to me and then you said the spring of course i did i did something like sort of thing but i i'm quite grant they stuck with period music throughout this robbins and tried to malachi saint peaky blinders but i'm steve cave even things yeah john jay how it yet but i don't know whether that would have quite well 'cause it's not the color and they will the uniform details that'd be the period detail this is incredible so i think you kind of have to have the music and also the jones heinous of swing underscoring the banality of come on guys read what we're gonna win this ball i think is absolutely scoff at that was just a bit hammer over the head but that is me now man hey you dining moved manual blaming meaning anyone anymore all right away on racing through the books save looking like 'cause i i hate seeing things when i haven't read the book or the book of jurassic park sort of came out of san francisco racing cancer but now i'm really really enjoying it and i think i think one of the great things about it is they do you know the the tv series is comfortable robes and ruining it and apply it i must say i'm joined the book in the series i'm enjoying a lot more muscle yeah casco rask absolutely anyway if you like big mouth you'll definitely enjoy the podcasts be like with dolly loudspeakers will be dig into the stories behind the great recordings in collaboration with dolly manufacturers squeeze it speak is based on high end performance on beautiful days design in this week's episode big mouth regular belly biographer unfold on the judge has a poll trinket disclose their voting stomachs of david bowie and shawn's on this one too is a snippet of paul with a somewhat controversial opinion of web he's telling came from such be there with dolly on your favorite put a stop to get the full show don't forget to subscribe a little people disagree with me but i find it fascinating parents 'cause i believe he was in boone haven't really talented i think he learned he construction himself so when we talk about all those different persona i was the most important person i he bill which david bowie he was david jones he's he's stupid the facts by dint looked cool he's made georgia underwood with the cool and he built a bit by bit he learned how to sing and then he learned have seen in the studio by shell town me and you know people that by shell telling me he basically said look first second type no forget it not one all the way through learning all these bits and piecing it together and he i think he felt regret that he wasn't inherently towns david jealous about biden he blank you do a genuine industry is george was more talented than him but by constructing this talent maybe something that for the he could reshape later on in will backtracked crashing into first great yourself before you create well that believe me and then us well he did that was a bit of a delay just be that podcast such favorite podcast app full be there with dolly unsubscribe prevent mold it's like big mouth only it's multi okay then let's get back to music wheels ask our guests of bringing something delights in spy on bill terrified listeners let's get emotional about i've got new track by concert tutti void which is chris carter incredibly funny to see x of rubbing gristle and nick void who is in factory floor one of my favorite of the recent brisa generation groups and i absolutely love this tree i they formed as a one off gig f meet wreck holds a short circuit celebrations at around house is one of the most intense and joyous and warm euphoric gigs i've ever seen in the tiny roundhouse room and they it'd be a one off released an album announced its own that's the raccoon they just keep putting this music out and i just find it it's you know that from the old three of them from quite extreme backgrounds but if somebody about this i find a it's it's it's kind of like sunshield dance music with a really great in the middle and i love this t three point five i called you to people like it i'm juliet wave like just in case a culture to see lloyd finally told me look is put a new album out last week he did it without warning and i think at this stage the most radio had things they will be commissioned a six month boxing campaign in partnership with an energy drink because lisa project which is becoming less and less uprising anyway anima follows on from his burial soundtrack it's a complete bust short film by paul thomas edison which depicts yorker disney ponant sean ranchera joanie a kind of a nightmare you fool wage slave dystopia type of scenario what do we think of it is it gonna fill the radio head shake told many lies disease claustrophobic electronic a measure up to the way the media blitz is getting these days this i think is the best track this is doing chorus backed up to congress seven cars donate your job again chairs so she could do it all again so focused independent sound so tell me about that but despite novel called rich as usual i found that particular track quite moving you hated without thinking but it's addressed his ex partner ritual i bet you told me explicit within twenty sixty nine who supposedly died of cancer and cats radio head on time look i'm not find a tool of a massive problem with tony voice so i've never will tell you folks and i thought i she like there's a lot more than i those words 'em if he didn't sing it sounds to me like he's been listening for a floating points and 'em it's very very competent musically i really enjoyed it musically but yeah pretty much whenever you are miss his mouth are about to go yeah he's got he's kind of hey and radio had hubs being a absorbing won't be type things but like knocking on twenty is now have a night and one of the criticisms is you know you get more attention to this because of your brand name and see what it's come out on the you know the name of sideway three thousand whatever it would probably be it could be doing its own says it might not be releasing this as a cigarette how do you think it fits saying today a competitive says it was i think it's rudy really out there yeah so i mean i would go to forty five points for this kind of thing i wouldn't goat's milk is he has that thing with the way things way kind of starts ascendance in terms of you know anyone has any wines and they will try electron way i think he's singing i thought we had a deal but yeah like you're saying i thought we had the dia so maybe they have a day i felt i do i do that she see some lyrics one of the songs on a nice day with actual things i was on the cheap comments thing and they were awesome popovich i mean just types of guys on his thing though isn't it it's not you know he's been doing is almost not to write the song since great on the lyrics several random snippets mike borrows seem a coherent indirect which is his what we haven't are designed to fail round numbers have some decisiveness after the you know tom seems just you know throw woods into kind of one of those little things you know you're gonna find that says you can't write a book from imagine the mood and miserable mood enrolling windy wind they know a good singer that's the trouble is well he's not a great writing joke right voice and yeah it just doesn't the fermi barkley i'm there were some really good teams that are locked twist phone is great yeah i mean there were some there is never any doubt who you're listening to the sounds like you know it's painful that well and it raises the question of you know the starts as well already had doing all those representatives he loves writing i'd rather they created by the band maybe they have a full list whether you like the law and i tend to really like and they have a full list of his own still tend to not a half i oh absolutely yeah lucchino massive fan only do some some what did you make a i mean i liked it then i thought i was going to a case i just think it's it's whiny voice and these lyrics crop and it's just the sort of saint louis has some thoughts and and just typing what makes you think yeah he's the bankruptcy say of of pumpers electronic music and i mean to me it sounded like a very page version of lawyers a bind already love who have gone further and further left field on he sounds relying on drew and then i had a massive lies his fans which is interesting it's not just the kind of stuff they pick up on a he's just he's just a minute what that's all about thought we had the day off quite good song this this to three dollars a share this is a song and do different singer system militant yeah i wish i wasn't expecting that after saturday was the kind of the top humanity stuff yeah i liked what i saw was going to but you know i was one of my favorite every gigs is will always remain right there had to be ninety seven and i love the computer but i was really serious eighteen year old and i just grown out and completely is don't many pounds are going off in such a spectacular fashion is right here head and everything around it just it just sort of like hey yo stuff's being leaked but you were gonna say oh don't give it to extinction rebellion it's just a i mean i just kind of be cynical which makes me feel bad about myself too i wrote the piece in the new statesman so it's the love it and it was very enjoyable because you can hear them enjoying themselves not exactly you know they all know as i said it probably about five or six hours of it and it's still possible this device you know suddenly the deadline they gave me but you know it's it's not is it was never designed to listen to it's all the fight the guy tried out in around someone they went yeah so having flown the saudi arabian rubber chickens each other and so you don't googly eyes but they haven't uk rocking out and grieve and you get this i'm taking shape and while i find troublesome with this is that i think you'll sign you you kind of grew out of it very very hard angela any joy into his life there is george we found on radio row in rainbows is a very joyful recalled can't get a glimpse less so the last one in shape pool these are very kind of uplifting at its own satellite and this is just a bit yeah look at the state of well you know using i enjoyed at the beginning on first these songs say twist is amazing and it's really beautiful and i could listen to that on a loop he does well it is absolutely completely expected it's not nothing surprising said the lie as it just be useful just beautifully produced by the middle you're just thinking i need a different tone i need something else because it's all on the same street infant so you get so we might not necessarily i think we've been quite harsh on him he knows what his voice like and he's trying to use instrumentally he's trying to use a different way and i think robots good at least he's not think she wrote songs that will be a bad thing he's obviously trying to do creep every single some he does budget to miserable ripple by the end of it you it's a bit cnn should we just don't jump out the window i just felt totally it does need the rubber chicken and then the other thing about amazon i think dome choruses although of formally assad so many so many so beautiful but it makes you happy it is very beautiful these these means like get leaning what do we think of the film mm i love their emails said that we explain a locked in a few could interpret more contemporary domes yes so the just as were on the cheap training and then european city with a bunch of work at drones all of whom were sort of at twitching adultery matter and it depends on their way to what the man and that and say come on and they a female and was played by tom's actual real life go and they kind of wake up to the reality yeah they think about it people and they kind of wincing lick well did you think like these thankfully i i didn't have a chance to watch it goes out last somebody saw what you must have been explained the outgo now you've described it i i would probably made me tightly album 'cause i just said hey guys we ate resupplying seething again look if you just realized i'm i'm singing the truth reminder on yeah i'm a spoof on selected many many years ago but i wasn't which is like nato titles full rich rich sculpture albums and songs rather one of the one of the song tells money makes you pull it makes you pull it is a lots of twitching contemporary directed by am i keep telling them pulled trouble on this one was pulled from the census literally well made it beautifully made didn't make me laugh about money that might be more annoyed but you know i mean stops wish the best the eastern european trading cabbage and you could tell everyone the dumps sitting up straight really not that core is very very strong randy randy i know they're gonna talk some just waiting thomas which puts me off my life to the point where they're on the sort of new votes cool story is that we're going to see this little moving and you're wondering yeah don't sing is why you need no matter where you know you look at and obviously it is a bit hypocritical just somebody like may go the dancing 'cause we should dance like no one's looking and told me dancing like no one's looking you know a yeah it's it's sort reprise a win so then julian assange breaking out at nineteen ninetyfour it's completely not be man yeah yeah but it's just make you think it might just say he doesn't need to sell reckless he will be some money anthony so he is doing this out of the love of doing they you gotta do it yeah not necessarily populace stratton going through that might not be and he's also not doing this on the camera and behind you know i'm not supposed to be uploaded i mean i i kind of enjoyed this record i love doing colorist i believe playing the law find pottsville as you say shit like those eight just one other time is a little bit too far but what made me think of often radio has reason maybe think this too is you don't disparage the rising creep don't disparage the rising of a mind alone it's a lot harder to write a song which crystallizes and expresses it drew piece of feeling gonna stick right up kinda swatch of driven by without the base and so skittering picturing prompting a throwback logs in size ron go bob's zeroed in its hottest females hadn't made the idea of song i'm just saying i would love radio as you know we've we've got out into the lines of waited and perhaps it's something we did sort of truck route revisits they see original assault and reinvent some writing rather than abandon so i wish i mean that's i got somebody go pull you know i can't stand coldplay bottle always give credit to chris in credit because it those kind of songs of the he he so good of impossible i got the united materials and i would love it if they had kind of at one point when we inspired all these medupi indie bands you've got massive like coal play tyrone lineage let's just show them how to do really good songs songs but with some weird stuff around and i'll be like oh welcome back radio had i'd love it if they did that and also the coal play what kind of like the decaffeinated radio held at the sliding doors radio head you know what could go in this direction decided on either direction but it's also very good his fellow yeah it's almost like the splits into a kind of a science fiction schism type of thing but you're right it would be very interesting 'cause i mean there is no doubt saying they the son of venture is telling you all musicianship but everybody in radio head and they go home at radio head of you listening they went to university i'd like to hear john agreeing with sort of out more at least on the on the soundtrack nissan to prop up let alone this is leaning like i say sylvie mason james okay we can track a strictly caswell choon if he brought into recommends hills spanish in twin on fire record's which is now behind the dream weaver as well and death in manila a new album out called age of immi norma jean which i think is number two in the court just yet we love this record is pretty amazing well why don't they got is anyone's double bill sex i don't think nothing nothing but i saw them a couple of weeks ago and brought in a says the pop up by fifty people die and to dissect it as a bulging staring up in london at some point night they're amazing there's some stared at brokaw city obvious comparisons but they whitey bolger the that much more calls me that molson raw definitely he saying that brought his liberal liberal doesn't broadcast all around great guy and i go into the past traumas i've ever seen valentino these incredible plays in so many she's in tomorrow's well play host to survivors survivors and they'll sell easing the she's just this tiny little woman the if you just go watch she's amazing she's having a bowl when she's drumming she's screaming and just laughing and just just incredible on testing on the track is called truck is cooled chronic suspension may save your life probiotics especially by save your life excellent we will we will do the walt disney phrase you'll sell for future medical child after this year and and and and and and some of and that's the end of the show which means closing time chapter what will be discussing overclass evacuated stevia juice with tom you'll notice the sec his mind that's everything that will be telling tommy allows a site so bright tom you know you think you're making way admitted it you know making music you need to listen to my colleague and friend john bolton's poked a regular folk program not pocus program new wave britain which was a full pop thing i'm writing for lunch times and it was looking at m the music way kind of into the client is which people say oh cars writes about been falling downstairs again this is music the is very volatile it's about a lot of times people with mental health issues around as issued about sexuality it's made by people who have kind of gone i can't make any money doing this and the mainstream i'm not living undone i'm not gonna try and engage with the music industry i'm gonna be in the cold the valley somewhere up in the hills and i'm just gonna make this music put it on buying come on crazy happenings collaborate with people and it's just wonderful todd underground we felt we writes about sets up a couple of other places to be just doesn't get taken seriously by the time the media will kind of have this like tony who spent wade wade and and we think there's no way you can get into it because a lot this is telling ten so fun ridiculous this is actually quite accessible and it was brilliant you know i felt like it was quite achievement from the clouds as well just listening to put right ear full ron and you got stuff like justice night purchased intense light heavy weird noise group from from the north playing out on on a sunday afternoon before there is a couple of shows yeah but i am so i would say somebody will come up basically israeli way of music stop the pope pope will catalog aside forbid start ripping off listen system gives out twin some gusts aside some time see the missed some richard scouts and some christian cozy these sorts of all tastes and then you know that that's the true kind of i think eccentricity tricity but no overlooking may rocky why took it turns out they should just say yes she laid off city a secret very divisive and i saw her at sea change festival and she does say it's whole album pastoral which is all about kind of the twist the countryside how the the talk about books vision of the budget come size complete nonsense it's would have death and she's she's moved that 'cause it's cheap scott folks living the city a she's hike space lots of kind of don't eat breakfast vibes because she's got a european sounding sudden i'm pete with dementia takes their kids to school it's sort of like sprightly nasty chart and but say she comes on waivers this crazy justice outfit and it's really really heavy heavy electronic music affiliates left the other half who really into it you know and i i liked that i love music is is divisive between in that way lip especially britain britain together you know this is a list of some of the day politics andre strictly cats will seal it doesn't sound like what insults although i think he needs to chill out so i'm gonna get into watch youtube videos on restoring out tools or toys that really lovely a restoration video has been going up online a wet someone will would leslie ends sound leslie leah pop from the sounds of the tools were still arrested old jeep toy jeep to its former glory inexpensive fifteen minutes with old the tolls sandblasting driven the drilling and riveting empower the coaching painting it and these in the ambient things i've ever seen in my life that so so comington which is it like a sort of a mini and sort of quickly and bob flashing if those eight our films have change any sweden is it is but the great thing is there's no music in this and i've annoying voiceovers economic and political mess and still this like i'm not by the current through and all this and the great thing about it is there's no musical it says dj strictly my ass oes release slam and i'm being watched a couple pull the powder coating future just want people to think so now i will say the other emails with joe it sounds like they are yes i'm a daily wire says planned by vows so obviously the next generation of this sort of those fifty minute videos and stretched out to three hours long so he just got the nra stunned pounding what's your ram trucks and i'm not gonna be cheering tom yokum afraid one of the things about doing this show is great news stop new stuff new stuff but we don't always come back to what we've done so i've now what story of tunnel so it's gonna come on oh my god so we watched the first one to the show it's grim obviously gave it a bit arrest couple of people said oh keep watching keep watching just i want to say what amazing mini series it's great it was absolutely there the whole me still i am a gold i see amount of detail but also they amount the way they dramatize a real life is way tons of into fiction but it's for the good on the end where it talks about the real life characters in it i just thought exemplary is the word i would use like a schoolteacher i would just absolutely blown away by how do i want to ruin i really want to say keep up with joe but so why don't you just it's incredible to revise criticism of it which was how i felt like i would wall it you know you've discovered in no way why or how any of this is happening you just don't know you're lightning said that i said i might why am i right about it was well what the hell's going on hey you just showed me a on releasing series of people running down car doesn't being frightened the final episode the courtroom drama with some explains everything we've been reading the blue college it's creepy constructed with that in mind it as which i really didn't happen quite like that there's one scene just obama never forget you then go back in the last episode and you see the young guys but evil evil ready kind of been through the john you've seen them die and there's the point wouldn't be on guard twentyfive and they keep moving in for being twentyfive he has visited by m and he walks and i think and absurd to stay in the hospital and she also how old he is and he says i'm twentyfive and he looks like he's a hundred and fifty the slight thought they were just keep coming back in jarring i those apps and they didn't say it but i heard about the soundtrack and it was all recode it in a problem and i listened to that one liners and cut out all the pieces together and say well i also i'm for the first thing is i'm scott lansing and you figure what you don't know massively massive they will you watched by liberty care about this stuff it's been great to see how bits of events of the language solve it people going is an hp in his biggest series that's the best righted ever said that's not really smart shit on scott atlantic yes will not be anyone you like people to follow repeat what will then go and said yeah well let's take another side of the life in super bowl the whatever the oldies risers we show them to the policies that people get like how's things it was a roughly all the all the polls we got real postive kyla fishing here i ate the thing you're giving a negative thing the thing was so i've been in years and years that must be going on about the man i think you should watch these things everyone's watching them but i think the guardian everyday and the whole page is just absolute to in this climate change going on the heat waves and not so well so we thought and i just i can't face sang going home and going on what they used to release bleak tally dramas i i can't i can't do it off being soft go much you should always have devali king i really enjoyed their mistakes and what we can do about it matter that there's something you came from it that same mindless likely it's on shots i show up and this will really enraged telling me look actually it's the phenomena badly photo shopped knockoff t shirts on facebook you go and look and there's a picture of pizza hook holding the worst shapes all known budget see she stayed in life complete with his bad signatures from each member of new order really with somebody like psyche forty is pledges essential federal fans and people on this is disgusting a company for people get involved in this look at it it's clearly bob photo shopped title teasha is complete straight also next to it is a picture of another famous best nobody exact same shit but what some of their own shit all over it i'm just saying eight people need to work on the photo shop spotting skills if you kind of think even even pizza hook listen to this probably it's also there's a slightly serious thing which is like there's no way of reporting this facebook facebook this whole thing copyrights after like around the sky let's say on instagram older time if i look at this new beastie boys teasha and everyone underneath his just got oh yeah look at this time they might not thinking this is brian wilson at somebody is basically see ship being held by yeah yeah yes okay 'cause he would definitely do that wasn't even if you were able to say that many com so yeah i get together they'll come back you're listening sociopaths because he will not and that is the end of the show kevin look at that rally extrabase that's all patrons opposes but in the meantime flex coming in cav when people would see across which oh god 'em i'm doing the live with the price in the moment a dancer is they should google strictly casually what they should they should go into the dj v dot org and look at the big list okay will come down and say it luke working people hey you rating firm out of the woods national guest appearance by chris martin autistic and i think those things doing a poet laureate no pride next week green mountain festival under the road stuff it's all on my twitter people won't come see reed about sex injuries centuries circle home they like their knowledge brought up on a policy is gonna be voting or its products could be regal yeah well let ron thanks for listening sean thank you for being show thank you jesus soviet bloc i will see all

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