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"steve buechele" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"A candy asked for old trapper by name, because no other jerky compares old trapper. What is your beef? Coming up the top of the hour, the head football coach at Vanderbilt Clark Lee has promised right now we're joined by former NFL quarterback He is a quarterback consultant. He's founder of QB Summit players that he has worked with. Includes. Shawn Watson, Patrick Mahomes, Sam Donald, Josh Allen drew lock job, Earl. This year's class includes Trevor Laurence. Grady White and Steve Buechele. We're joined by Jordan Palmer, Jordan. Great to have you back. How are you? I'm doing great. How you doing? Good, Good. Jordan. Great to visit with you. Let me start by asking you about Trevor Laurence because he threw on Friday Jordan and from people who talk about the legal cover the league. It seems like he's the biggest lock is a first round pick for the first pickle roll in a long, long time. If he didn't have to throw and he didn't. Why did he and what's that say about him? Well, I think the biggest thing with Trevor is Um, you know he's got and it's pretty binary. You're either or on this. Where you either go through this process and you try and do it exactly the way that everybody advises you and what you think is perfect and don't slip up. That's one way to go through this process and send some guys go through this process and say I got nothing to hide. Give me a ball. Let me play. Andre, for example. I mean, my brother Carson Palmer was he was a lock to go Number one, and he played in the Senior bowl and through and ran at the combine. Because that mind set of well, I mean, everyone else is doing it. I've got nothing to hide. Give me a ball, and Trevor certainly has the same mentality. So it was never an issue is never a conversation. He was said. Yeah, let's do it. Let's do a full pro day. Whenever it makes sense for everybody to do it. I'll be ready to go and he showed up. He was respected, in fact, in terms of how he showed up. What do you make of how he looked on Friday? And what did he show everybody? Well, I think you look great. Um, you know, he's only been really throwing coming off of this last season for Ah, a couple of weeks and you know with him and in last year with Joe Burrow having the national championship and everything I think it's important for these guys. You were the face of college football to take a little bit of time away before they start going here And really with Trevor. You know his season. It didn't start when everyone else is did. Trevor led the Let us played movement early this year. Right and then social injustice. You use this platform to be involved in that so even when they weren't playing games Trevor Laurence was on and this has been a lot a lot in one year. And on top of it, just being the crazy year that we've all experienced, and so he took a little bit of time away and then came back into it. And so it really for a couple of weeks. New footwork, New ball knew everything. Um, I think he showed that you can throw him in a in a weird situation, and he's just gonna be Home and steady ID and poised, and, um, you know, if if, if he if he would have gone through the process any differently, Um then I don't think it would have been true to who he is. And so I think you showed that he can spin. It doesn't matter how I knew the footwork is or what The situation is. He's going to be poison under control and And doesn't matter how many eyeballs are on him. He's gonna be ready to rock. We're talking to Ron Palmer really interesting, So he's coming off one of the all time Great college career is, But as you've pointed out, the transition to the NFL is the challenge for every single quarterback. So what are the things that he's going to experience both on field and off the field in the NFL that he has not experienced in college? Well, honestly, Jim, I think he's different than a lot of guys in that. Might he goes to Jacksonville? I actually think the sum like the adding up all the pieces, the sum of the entire experience the media the pressure all the expectations. I actually think that some of it will be Kind of equal to what it was and maybe even feel smaller, because not because he came from Clemson. But because he's been kind of the face of college football for a few years now and the expectations and the media and the way that the SEC is set up. We're being so top heavy where you know they kind of they beat up on a bunch of teams, and then they get a couple games here where you just have to win all of them. It's so set up that way, like in the NFL, if you go 10 and six It's a pretty good year. You're gonna make the playoffs. When you're at Clemson, You can't lose a game. And so I think a lot of that where every game matters and then being the face of college football and all the media that comes with that, because it's national media there, I actually think when he transitions Some elements of it are going to be even in the same or easier, And so I loved all the experience he's had coming at being, you know, the one of the most highly recruited kids ever. All the eyeballs and the target on his back and all that stuff the last 45 years. I actually think The All of that is going to make his transition easier and no doubt there's gonna be a bunch of new stuff for him like there is for anybody going from college to pro, but I actually think he's better position to handle all of it than a lot of guys I've worked with in the past. Not because he's better or worse, just because he's had so many reps that air relevant, But I think it's going to really help with his transition. And because Jordan has been in the spotlight literally forever since he was roughly 15 years old. What about one more thought about Jacksonville? Specifically, what do you make of the fit with urban Meyer specifically and what Meyer did with offenses in college? How do you like that Fit? I love it. I'll tell you what just kind of Seeing the way that things coming together and No urban is he's in college is hard on the coaches, but the players love him. I think that transition works in the league when they're when coaches would go from college. Your poem blossoms. They're overly hard on players and bring that college mentality. Sometimes we hear that doesn't work as well..

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