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"steve bingham" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Sexual abuse perpetrated by members with rows of. Responsibility in the church yesterday the pope met with eight victims including some who were sexually abused by. Clergy others were taken from their unwed mothers and put up for. Adoption the pope is asking for, forgiveness ten days after being rescued in the Mediterranean, Sea five of them in a dark and, Sicily more than one hundred migrants were allowed to walk off an Italian coastguard ship. Today Italy's government allowed them off only after other countries agreed to take them. In this is NPR from k. q. e. d.. News I'm Tiffany Cam high hundreds of protesters gathered yesterday at San Quentin state prison in support of a more than two week. Nationwide prison strike. Cake Sara Hussain reports inmates across the, country launched the action on, Tuesday the anniversary of the death of prominent Black Panther George jacks At the prison in nineteen seventy one At the. Entrance to San Quinton civil rights lawyer Steve Bingham seems amazed that passersby or tooting their horns as protesters, carry signs saying things like abolish prison slavery Never ever ever would have happens Bingham says. You wouldn't, have seen support like this in the seventies when he had to flee the country after being accused of helping pass a gun to an inmate nudist George Jackson Amanda was held for much of a decade in solitary confinement at Saint Quentin for stealing seventy dollars worth of gas Bingham says. Jackson and his subsequent death at the prison alongside three guards and two inmates. Inspire people to pay attention to, what was happening inside. Jails for the. First time so his name is been legendary Bingham was later acquitted of charges against him standing at. San Quentin skate today he's optimistic about prison reform demands show reasonable meets are calling for things like regular wages for prison workers. And more rehabilitation programs and activists say they believe that some are already refusing, to eat or work in, protest Jamir sale says. He's here to amplify the voices none of the demands say let us out They're. Saying treat us like humans so that should, tell us something about.

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