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"steve alderman alderman" Discussed on Epicenter

"Talk. I welcome to epicenter. My name is nick would you. Yeah well it is still the holidays and we are still on break so for the very last episode of the year. We're bringing you a panel discussion. which took place at Macro Acura Dot W. t.f which was a side event of SF blockchain week? Now if you're not familiar with the W. T. F. collective. They've organized two events so far at one during Defcon in Osaka which was called defied w. t. f. and then the second event macaroni. WPF during of blockchain week. And I'm quite sure they'll be organizing organizing more events during your major blockchain weeks in twenty twenty so macro dot w. t. f.. Was All about the intersection. Between macroeconomics academics and Crypto and sunny was co organizer so this particular panel is called monetary systems in an international context. And it's all about reshaping our thinking around international political economies. The panelists were John Conley. WHO's a professor of economics six at Vanderbilt University back? Kim Who is an investor Hashed Jay Quan the inventor of Tenement and Steve Alderman Alderman. WHO's in economics blogger at inter fluidity dot com sunny moderate this panel and I thought it was an interesting conversation because I learned about existing assisting problems and issues in monetary policy and economics and how economists are already projecting how these problems could carry over into the crypto space and in some ways as we'll see in the conversation already are starting to emerge in the crypto space and how that could affect things like monetary policy in stable table coins into a larger extent governance of CRYPTO network? So it was really cool conversation. I really hope you'll enjoy it now. The audio on this panel isn't great because as it was reported on a camera but we did try to clean it up as much as possible so that it's at least pleasant to listen to so I am now off on vacation. I'm going to be completely offline for a week. At least that's the plan. I hope I can make it but We'll be back here in January with brand new episodes on January. Seventh will release earned view with Charlie Schramm which was absolutely fantastic so looking forward to putting it out but until then I want to wish you all very a happy new year enjoy the celebrations be say but have fun and we'll see you back here in January before we go to the panel. I'd like to tell you about order sponsor for today's episode and that is Pepo. PEPO is a community of content creators sharing short video. Content on Crypto in entrepreneurship. And what's really interesting about. PEPO is the way that you show your love for content when you like something on Pepo you tip. The content created with pepe coins. When you want to take part in a conversation you show your interest by putting up pepe coins? Well so I'm Pepo you'll find an interesting community of people sharing short thirty second videos. Sharing your thoughts on Crypto. The sharing thoughts on entrepreneurship entrepreneurship and the community is growing. It's still small but it's growing in. The conversations are really interesting and I think really high quality I always learn something when I'm scrolling through my pepo feed so if you WANNA take part in this growing community you download Pepo for IOS or android. That's P. E. P. O.. You log in with your twitter account and they'll even give you some Pepo coin so you can start tipping people. If you create content you can also earn penguins as well and of course you can find me there. My name name is set. Two Point Zero said two zero. I regularly post content there and interact with the community and we'd love to see you there too and have a chat with view on Pepo. We'd like to thank Pepo for those supportive. Epicenter and with that here is monetary systems in an international context moderated by Sunni Agarwal. The goal of this panel is we're heavily going to sort of explore a lot of monetary policy. We've been talking about thus far but then what happens when it starts to come back into we've put it in an international context and so for.

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