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"sterling jinya" Discussed on WLAC

"He tried to get the money back then he had been paid saying to them as hush money you know look at page you all at money to be quiet and i love get busted anyway so unita gimme that money back real sorry about molesting you as as a kid now but juda gimme that money back his arm sitting here in jail need the money he went so far as to get lawyers to try to harass the very young men he had been molesting over all those years to get back the hushmoney he'd been paying them now how about that here we go again chipotle a closes the virginia store after reports of illness japan outlay temporarily closed a restaurant in washington dc suburb after reports that customers had become ill news that sent its shares down more than six percent as the chain had already been working on recovering from past food scares the company says it shut down a location and sterling jinya on monday after having become aware of a small number of reported illnesses it plans to reopen the restaurant choose day after a complete sanitation chipotle mexican grill says it's working with health authorities understand the calls but the reported symptoms are consistent with norovirus paris that can cause nausea stomach pain and diarrhoea the company notes that norovirus does not come from its food supply and it is safe to eat it attracts hey did these people were getting really sick and there's been a trend for people to get really sick get our restaurants but we've figured outage surely naughty they were done it oh what's interesting the timing on this ramon yesterday michael wanted um h chipotle burrito he loves to put labour rebels and it was his turn to choose so guarded said yeah that's that's cool so.

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