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July 24, Hr 1  Professor Peter Pitts

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July 24, Hr 1 Professor Peter Pitts

"Wake Up. It's time for mornings with Gail on thirteen ten. KFI K. A.. Well Doctor Pal, she wanted to plant a curve, and he certainly did last night. throwing out that I. It's at the long. Awaited Twenty, twenty. Major, League, baseball season opener as the New York Yankees took on the world series champions the nationals, but unfortunately in flattening the curve. Yeah, he flat straight into the grounds on his opening day I hit all right now you know I mean, he's an epidemiologist, right? He is the nation's leading edge anemia. So give the man of break I mean. He readily admitted he was pretty nervous about to it. Yeah I don't know if you watched it last night or not. that it was kind of an epic. Fail you know what I don't care if they're piping in Oregon music if they're piping in a soundtrack, crowd noise, it's really odd though Chapman to watch the game last night and like the the stadium. It's crickets. There's nobody there so here's a question for you all right? They're talking about cardboard cutouts right all right, so if you if you're a fan of cardboard cutouts well should there be cardboard cutouts of folks in the stands of fans in the stands. And who would you like to see? At those baseball games. You tell me six Oh nine now thirteen ten K of k thirteen ten. K. Dot com mornings with Gail live and local. The the auto collisions, Specialists Studios Yep Doctor Pal pouches curve was just a little bit too flat, but he is a diehard baseball fan, th Ouchi seventy-nine. Perhaps he should have stuck to infectious diseases. Because well, let's just say. He fumbled the ball straight into the ground. Now is wearing a nationals. Jersey this according. According to a piece by Leppin out of the New York Post read facemask. He's only five foot seven well. He kind of bounce the ball on the grass, crossing the first base line far wide of home plate. He had been trying to connect. He had been aiming for nationals relievers Sean. doolittle, but well, he was just a bit away and outside. He's the Brooklyn. Nets fan he did have some pre-game jeters telling the teams Ryan Zimmerman. He was quote quite nervous about pitching well. Who could blame him? Imagine that getting up on the mound and it's like all eyes on you as we have so long awaited the opening of well okay, admittedly bizarre Major League baseball season, but then again isn't that the APP definition for everything in a time of covid nineteen? But can you imagine getting up there on the mound I just? I don't know I. Think could at least get it across the plate I don't know but I. Think I probably could well Zimmerman. WHO's sitting out the season for health reasons? He a video back to Anthony Fauci as. Thoug- told Ryan Zimmerman quote quite nervous. Close quote about pitching. Okay, don't worry about it. That's what Zimmerman trying to like. There's an old radio adage for those who are starting out in radio, and of course have. Those. Microphone Jitters as we all had when we first started, and here it is, you'll be great by tonight. Well. That was basically Zimmerman's response to foul. Gee, if you bounce it Zimmerman, said. Jinx Dr Faouzi now, didn't he? If you bounce it, there's nobody there to boo us, so you'll be good to go well. All right Doctor Flat Faculty did indeed manage to flatten the curve, but well I don't think it was the curve. He's aiming for meanwhile the official opening of Globe Life Field. Well, it's it was expected to be packed with fans, the start of one hundred and sixty two game season that spans six months funny. How covid nineteen changes just about everything in steady truncated twenty twenty campaign, we'll break in the new home for the Texas. Rangers this as they host the Colorado Rockies, and you can listen to the game right here on thirteen ten. F. Fda your northern Colorado home for the Colorado Rockies as. As, we get coverage going on tonight at five forty five, but things will be much different than hoped. At the one point. Two Billion Dollar Stadium for the rebooted opening day of the twenty twenty baseball season, the Rangers play their first regular season game at their new ballpark in Arlington. Star own Colorado Rockies, but the forty thousand three hundred seats will be devoid of fans and. And the only cheering will come from piped in crowd noise wonder if they're going to have the piped-in music as well course covid nineteen pandemic has changed things dramatically for all of us in almost every single sector of our lives, including the sports world, but for the Rangers in the rockies. The sixty game season hasn't changed their goal and their ultimate goal why winning of course. Colorado, third baseman Nolan Aeronautics said. This is what it is this year. And everybody had to make adjustments right. If we have a chance to get to the World Series and play offs, he said I'm all about it accounts. I want to win. The goal is always to win and there's a chance to win a world series, so that should always be the goal now. Stands to reason shaving one hundred and two games off. The normal schedule will mean that slumps and losing streak swell well become more problematic. Rockies played in the postseason five times in their twenty seven year history believe that it's been twenty seven years, and in two of those years have losing record after sixty games and two thousand seven of course they recovered to reach the world series are not went on, say the approach is different because before. If you lost early on, you could balanced back. You could hope hopefully hopefully. Hopefully make it up on the back end, but there is no back end the season. If you get off to a good start, it can carry you so getting off to a good start is going to be huge now do the circumstances teams will have thirty players on their roster this until August six, and then we'll carry twenty eight for two more weeks before getting down. To Twenty six, and of course with a short season, pitching is going to be that much more important for the teams, and for Colorado that means shoring up its relief. Corps rockies released of course too big salaries from their bullpen lefty jake. McGee Righty Ryan, Shaw earlier in the week and right hander Scott Oberg who finished the season? As closer is on the disabled list with a back strain. Colorado relying on a very young rotation led by Hormone Marquez, who will make his first opening day start first regular season appearance against the Rangers. Last Season Marquez was seven and three. With a three point seven E. R. A. and fifteen road starts. He will face Texas. Righty Lance Lynn also making his first start on opening day so looking forward to opening day for the Colorado Rockies, the Texas Rangers, and of course looking forward to our coverage as your northern Colorado Rome home for. Rockies ball as coverage gets underway at five forty five tonight sixteen, now thirteen ten KFI K. A. This time check sponsored by caring hearts home, healthcare, serving northern Colorado since two thousand one, where patient care always comes first nine, seven, three, seven fourteen o, nine or caring hearts, H. dot com, while the whole sports story in northern, Colorado, the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi k while the All sports story in northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Again on six twenty, four, now, thirteen ten K of K, thirteen ten AF K.. A. Dot Com northern. Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local. The auto collision specialist studios right so looking forward to kicking off your brand new northern Colorado home for the Colorado rockies says we will be carrying that rockies game tonight getting underway. Coverage does at five forty, five, looking forward to our conversation this morning at eight Oh five with all of the rules and the truncated season. Begs the question. When will baseball actually have time to play baseball? We ran through that. Gosh endless list of rules among them, no spitting no spitting allowed and all the social distancing all the testing in a time of copay nineteen, but what will the season looked like a for the Colorado rockies eight? Oh, five friend of all idol of many Ed Henderson Ed Henderson, of course, a major longtime major league, Baseball Scout, and also Koa's baseball insider at Anderson will join us to give a supreme view of the truncated rocky season at eight. Oh five, but hold on this for quite some time at least the past couple of days. Because, we run through these surveys of course, not with a grain of salt but with. A few pillars of salt and everything related to covid nineteen, while it seems as though the story changes every single day, but begging the question could a trip to the cabbage patch actually boost your Cova nineteen immunity. Okay, this Kinda tongue-in-cheek readily admit we'll put it out there, and you can decide so in the race to beat covid nineteen. The winner fit Welby Kimchi. This is according to a new study. Coming out of France. La La Foods containing raw. Cabbage maybe beneficial against the coronavirus by reducing the levels of a compound that actually helps the virus infect the body. Now this is according to the south China growing even more suspect morning post This was a report on Monday. The study found that the cabbage weather raw pickled in Sauerkraut or mixed into Coleslaw as well as cucumbers in Kimchi him, she, of course as well where I spend most of my time on the golf course, but actually Kimchi is defined as a Korean delicacy made from pickled cabbage and other vegetables could help you build up resistance to the virus now the European researchers said. The abundant antioxidants in Kimchi and cabbage and Sauerkraut could explain why countries where cabbage is a part of the. National Diet A. Staple like in Germany and South Korea had lower fatality rates than hard hit countries. Such as the United States Dr John Wolff's Cobb professor of Pulmonary Medicine at Mont.. versity in France said Diet may pay play a larger role in determining who contracts the virus, and how well they fair, actually fighting it off, he went on to say little attention has been given to the spread and severity of the virus and regional differences in Diet, but dietary changes may be of great benefit not slaps in Cliche, but it's long been said you are what you eat, right nutrition may play a role in the immune defense against nineteen might explain some. Some of the differences seen in Covid, nineteen across Europe adding that he's changed his diet to include rock cabbage three times week Sauerkraut once we can pickled vegetables, understanding these differences and protective factors like diet, but many others to is of paramount importance, and may eventually help to control these epidemics interesting, these epidemics, the study published in the Journal of Clinical and translational allergy looked at virus, death, rates and national dietary differences that found that Germany had significantly lower mortality as did. The Czech Republic Poland Slovakia the Baltic. States and Finland where cabbage is very very popular, wasn't in my household growing up. My Dad Eight IT ABBOTT Particularly cooked cabbage, because let's just say. The sent lingered in the household. Area. Greece Romania also had reduced death rates whereas fatalities were much higher in Belgium France Italy Spain in the UK where apparently less cabbage is consumed. This according to The Sun now most Cau- Former chair of the World Health Organization's Global Lions against chronic respiratory diseases said the antioxidant rich foods could be another Arrow in the quiver of researchers seeking to stem the pandemic fermented foods. He said have potent antioxidant activity and Han. May help protect against the severe ramifications of covid nineteen. By the way the study has not been peer reviewed. For Your consideration this morning closing in on six thirty now thirteen ten KFI, a thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot, com let's flip the script. Shall we a number of cove nineteen vaccines looking quite promising, but will the blistering pace to make them available actually backfire. Dr Peter Pitts is a former F. D.. A. Associate Commissioner and is currently president. Co founder of the Center for Medicine in the public interest, and he weighs in at six thirty, five, thirteen ten K. K. preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage. If you miss any portion of mornings with Gail, go to thirteen ten. KFI DOT COM to download the podcast today back, tale. covid nineteen vaccines found the UK the US and China sprinting on Head in global race that involves at least one hundred ninety seven vaccine candidates producing geopolitical class, even as it promises a possible pandemic escape route now the first two candidates to reach phase three trials one from the University of Oxford. An Astra Zeneca the other from China both up here save they appear safe and produce immune responses this according to preliminary results published in the Lancet, but it begs the question. Will this blistering pace actually backfire six thirty, eight, now thirteen, ten KFI K. Thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local via the auto collisions, specialists studios joined morning by Professor Peter. Pitts former FDA, associate, commissioner, and president and CO founder for the Center for medicine in the public interest in independent body for the study of Health Matters, professor pits welcome to the show. Thank you robbing me certainly and I certainly appreciate your taking your taking the time to John Join us, because well I think you know. Hopes are high for these vaccines, but the problem is, we are pursuing them at a rather rapid pace, and as you note, this could have well unforeseen ramifications correct. What you know definitely, but I think there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, the news reports that we're getting I think are a little bit too hyped without of that. We're seeing these vaccines are positive, and there should be a cause for optimism, but they are early studies. The data is still small and young, and we have to keep our hope under control. Talk the time for irrational exuberance and the second thing I. Guess we'll kind of balances. Balances that that the US FDA approved drug administration is looking at all of this data. You know very seriously at the oversight. Incredibly robust people can trust the decisions that the FCA made and that there's a difference between rushing which is bad, cut corners and make mistakes, and that's not acceptable versus expediting which when you take all the time and talent that you've got and folks on the most important thing right now, which is looking at the data for Nineteen And that is what's out. I'm optimistic and people should be able to trust the public authorities, especially the FBI. All right so the trump administration's operation warp speed accelerating vaccine development as well. As the manufacturing of ingredients and equipment with the aim of delivering three hundred million doses by January twenty twenty one. Is that realistic? I foresee a vaccine that the public can get probably by early twenty twenty one probably more towards the February march time frame the hope I'm wrong. I hope it's faster, but it really all depends on the science, and then as you said the ability for these companies to manufacture these drugs to the highest quality I in the volume that we need to take care of our entire population plus. Likely that they'll be more than one vaccine. They made a couple of vaccines for the general population that might be one that's best for children, and it's important as we want kids to get back to school and be healthy and one for the more at risk, population is elderly population people with respiratory conditions and other series ongoing healthcare conditions, so it's complicated proposition, but we're absolutely moving in the right direction. You'll be at work speed. We definitely are generally speaking and new takes five years to bring to market, so this is unprecedented speed with accuracy and scientific hundred zero busman's. Didn't. Take us through the procedural steps, clinical trials, my understanding, and and you would know better than I. is that the fastest? We have ever been able to bring a vaccine to market for lack of a better term. given all the trials and all the testing and everything that needs to be accomplished before you can do that. In terms of safety and efficacy is five years. Is that correct? Well different vaccines, different viruses take different about time five years. Is it good average, but generally speaking one of the things that really slows down bringing back into market is the ability to recruit healthy volunteers to be in these large clinical trials, hundreds of thousands of people so far in the US is not gonNA problem. People are literally lining up to sign up to become healthy volunteers. Hundreds of thousands of people to that's very good news, and the second thing generally slows things down once. You've figured out the science and work yourself through the FDA approval. No mean feat under any circumstance. You have to figure out how to manufacture the vaccine at large scale, there are not a lot of solid quality facilities, so a lot of these companies have said listen even before vaccine gets approved. We're going to do what's called manufacturing at risk, and that means that if for vaccine approved, we'll have hundreds of millions of doses on. On hand, we can get a jump on on things. Start vaccinating people, but if they don't get approved, those manufacturing biles become garbage that needs to be destroyed, so it's a good example of private industry working with worship, redacting putting money and time and talent on the line to get these things done so that when something does get approved, we can get people. To actually which I guess. The final problem to your point that about twenty seven percent of American public has said that even when there is a vaccine they will get. So what we need is a serious public education campaign to explain why it's crucial because you know what's the point of rushing vaccine through all these entire count money if we can't get people vaccinated. All right science news reporting vaccines can trigger the production of multiple types of antibodies. Some called neutralizing antibodies protect against disease, but others may make the disease worse, and that's a concern that you have expressed as well. Yes and that's exactly why you can't shirk the scientific of composites, and you'd have to do it right and the only thing worse than having no vaccine is having him back soon. It doesn't work because that allows the virus to mutate to become stronger. That's what viruses do now would actually send us back. What's crucial? The backseat development process is we absolutely follow the rules? Do everything right, but make sure we focused all of our time and telling them count on it, so we can expedite the process to be ultimate conclusion, an improved vaccines that Americans can get a quickly as possible. Six forty, four, now thirteen ten K. K. Thirteen ten. KFI K. A. dot com professor, Peter Pitts is former FDA associate commissioner and president and Co founder for the Center for medicine in the public interest in independent body for the study of Health Matters, professor pets. I understand that this is a novel Corona Virus, but I think what is so frustrating to so many of us is. We have been bombarded with conflicting narratives about how it spreads, and how long it lingers on surfaces. Don't viruses share similar characteristics and what makes this one so novel? The Kobe nineteen virus is a very wily virus, which still learning exactly how it operates for example generally speaking when you get a virus, you don't get it again, you're. You can't get reinfected because in nineteen we're not. We're not exactly sure what because we're learning that we've today. Thought of as Kobe nineteen conception, basically be lingering effects of the first infection, but again you know we're. We're learning. We're learning how the vaccine how the virus? Grows take to make it more sexually. Now having more infectious version of the virus going going around the US, and we're also learning how to combat it in years to come because you're right now. Americans are used to getting an annual flu vaccine I. Think the same may very well be true. When it comes to cope nineteen where every year we'll be getting vaccine and a good nineteen vaccine, so maybe you know a Bright Ch- a bright ray of sunshine beneath all the Kobe clouds here is that people will be educated as to the value, not just flu back, but to vaccines in general. Reporting I think has been frustrating for many as well because I don't feel that. The mainstream media is telling the whole story when we're talking about the number of cases in the United States and maybe I'm inaccurate, my assessment here, but with additional testing we're going to have more cases, but don't. We also need to look at the parallel track of increased hot hospitalizations and death rates and that information seems to be coming through in dribs and drabs. I agree with that I. think that the really unfortunate thing about the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic in the US and elsewhere I guess is as become critically politicized, and you know how you view statistics and preventive measures like wearing masks has become. Kid where you stand politically, and that's that's that's not the way that it should be raised a good point I mean obviously know if your chest or you don't test dictionaries, identical questions knowing, but you raise an important point. Is that you know sexuality is one thing, and also you want to be as low as possible, so you know. The the death rate has been relatively stable or hospitals are not overflowing as they were here New York where I lived during the early days of coded when the virus was largely affecting and killing. The elderly population in an at risk population, so we've learned how to keep people alive and in the hospital, so they can walk out having survived the bars that huge coping nineteen, at least, initially is now transforming salt from a deadly virus to a virus that we can control, and now we've got to control the spread, but I think you're right the coverage of its very slanted and not and not balanced at all and not balance unfortunately for political purposes. Professor what about herd immunity in this case I'm not calling for Covid nineteen parties, but. What about the efficacy of herd, immunity, because I can't help but think that if we move back toward that lockdown phase of that, it's not going to be taken well by many Americans. I think if you look at me Swedish example where they tried to hurt unity theory, it didn't work. They say the same infection rate in the same death rate, so it didn't prove out to be a solid strategy is versus masks, and and can't personal hygiene and and the proper social distancing. That that out born at the moment right now we've got to focus on getting our pictionary down. That absolutely focuses on personal responsibility. If. You're talking about Kobe parties, which just staggers the imagination that? Actually true things. But people crowding beaches or bars or streets you know, and and who could have predicted that our failure would have been driven by a younger population. We simply did not think about that. You know it's. It's simply a question of people, not wanting things to treat that are. Obviously a potent mechanism that we get comes down to public education that I'm glad that the president has kind of gotten on board, certainly on the mask issue, so we can begin to do the things that are smart and immediate and really have an impact. Professor Peter. PITS president of the Center for Medicine in the public. Interest, a nonprofit research and education organization headquartered in New, York City professor pets. Thank you so much for your time and your perspective. Certainly do appreciate it. Thank you very much and stay safe and stay. Yes exactly exactly well, said well, said, six, forty, nine, now thirteen ten Kfi K. burst to UNC bears targeting game coverage a lives on thirteen ten KFI. K. K. K. eight thirteen, ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice, six, fifty, five, the whole sports story northern Colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten Kfi K.. Well looks like the GOP won't be coming together in Jacksonville this as president trump announced yesterday. That he is. Cancelling the Republican National Convention events that were scheduled to take place a next month in Jacksonville Florida. Citing the rising number of covert nineteen cases in the states six, fifty, seven, now thirteen ten K of K, a thirteen ten Kfi K.. A., DOT COM northern Colorado's voice morning, so gail, live and local via the auto collision Specialists Studios. He went on to say the president did the timing for this event is not right. It's Joust, not really. Making the announcement during a press briefing at the White House yesterday to have a big convention. It's just not the right time adding there is nothing more important. In our country than keeping our people safe you had Republican. Committee chair Ronna mcdaniels. Supported the president's announcement calling it very difficult. Decision Bill. Stepien trump's reelection campaign manager said in a statement leading by example president trump has put the health and safety of the American people first with his decision on the Jacksonville Convention. And the Republican Party of Florida tweeted that trump made a selfless a selfless decision. By cancelling the Florida component of the GOP convention now the RNC he just last month chose Jacksonville to host major portions of the convention this after well largely abandoning the city of Charlotte North Carolina over disagreements on corona virus related crowd restriction. The president said and Republican officials were angered this after governor. Roy Cooper of North Carolina Democrat, said that because of the pandemic he wasn't prepared to guarantee the RNC of full fledged convention with an arena, packed full of party, officials, delegates and activists as desired by trump while the Jacksonville portion of the convention been canceled. Trump said the delegates will still meet in north. Carolina, and that he will give an address a when he accepts. The party nomination. Meanwhile, the Democrats have also dramatically downscaled their convention as well. The DNC which was are the democratic. National Convention was pushed back a month and scheduled to start on August, seventeenth still being held in Milwaukee. Thirteen ten K. F. K.. A. Loveland Greeley for Collins Longmont. It's seven o'clock thirteen ten. Kfi Am preps. Radio is northern Colorado's home for the best high school coverage.

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An Election Day Upset Hangs on Donald Trumps Formidable Ground Game

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An Election Day Upset Hangs on Donald Trumps Formidable Ground Game

"Brought to you. By the so-fi daily podcast reaching financial independence starts with having the right information every weekday morning so fi keeps you up to date with important business. News stock market happenings and how they affect your financial life search for s-o-f-i s. o. f. I wherever you get your podcasts. An election day upset hangs on donald. Trump's formidable ground game by brian bennett and tessa berenson president. Donald trump heads into the final day of the two thousand twenty race trailing joe biden by an average of eight points in national polls but republicans are banking that trump's hard charging campaign schedule and the gop's yearlong investment in training. Millions of volunteers will pay off in votes cast. For trump on election day trump campaign officials point trump's breakneck pace of rallies held cavernous airport hangars and sports arenas with no social distancing during a pandemic that has claimed more than two hundred thirty thousand american lives as a major part of trump's strategy to drive turnout despite being outspent by opponent joe biden and polling below him at a stable rate for the entirety of the campaign trump has amplified his campaign by using the trappings of his office holding rallies with air force. One as the backdrop accepting his party's nomination in front of the columns of the white house and having agencies launch an unusual publicity blitz that spotlight his immigration enforcement actions in key battleground states. I think we're going to take it because we're going to have a turnout. Probably on tuesday. You know what people like to vote. They liked to vote on tuesday. Trump said at a rally in green bay wisconsin on saturday. The ground effort run jointly by the rnc and the trump campaign has used to point six million volunteers according to figures provided by the rnc. The field effort made more than one hundred eighty two million voter contacts more than five times. What they did in two thousand sixteen and volunteers registered nearly one hundred seventy four thousand new. Gop voters the campaign is focusing. Its efforts in the final days to reach. Infrequent and low propensity voters. According to a trump campaign official early voter registration figures in florida and north carolina and other states show that republicans have essentially neutralized what had been a democrat advantage by mobilizing new voters. John podesta who ran hillary clinton's failed two thousand sixteen bid for president tells time will that be enough for trump to squeak out a win in key battleground states to win pennsylvania's twenty electoral college votes. For example trump will probably need an epic performance among white working class. Voters who haven't turned out in previous presidential elections says christopher boric political science professor at muhlenberg college in allentown pennsylvania. That's hard unlikely. Voters are unlikely. For a reason bork says even for trump and his campaign that sometimes defies political gravity. Translating lots of non voters is still a pretty big hurdle. Work says biden is outspending trump on television ads and crucial media markets in pennsylvania. Boric noted though he adds one of trump's magic pills has been his ability to get media attention. Having a buy lots of television ads and trump's roughly blitz in the final week of the campaign trump has held a blistering pace of rallies that would exhaust men decades younger. He held three rallies in three different cities. In pennsylvania on october twenty sixth and rallies in michigan wisconsin and nebraska within hours of each other the following day he was up to five rallies in five different states by sunday but the seventy four year old president just weeks out from his hospital stay while he battled kobe nineteen was defiant rallies are bigger than they've ever been trump crowed to a rally under a cold steady rain in lansing michigan on october twenty seventh one week before election day trump worn overcoat and gloves and the assembled crowd was dotted by rain. Ponchos and winter hats. I gotta say. I'm working my ass off here. Trump yelled to his sodden fans. Sleepy joe the guy goes to his basement and rnc official says all of those events are a treasure trove of data rnc teams were of every single rally registering new voters and updating existing voter files to ensure accurate information. The official says and the rnc continued to follow up with those supporters. After the rally. The local organizers then use their email addresses and phone numbers to reach out to see if they want to volunteer the nearest trump victory office and remind them of important voting deadlines the official says for over a year bill. Stepien trump's political director turned campaign manager has zeroed in on the president's ability to generate crowds as a key to his reelection the campaign has used them not only to generate enthusiasm donations and wall to wall local media coverage but also to create a database of voters to contact register and encouraged to show up at the polls. People sometimes pooh-poohed the rallies and say. There's really no campaign. structural benefit to them says. Brian ballard an influential lobbyist with ties to trump but with rallies that can draw thousands of people we were able to utilize not only the crowds that go but the crowds that registered to go and sometimes that number is five times the amount of folks that actually show up he says after a rally in lititz pennsylvania on october twenty. Six for example republican. National committee chairwoman ronna mcdaniel said that of the eighteen thousand eight hundred and ninety four sign ups for the rally just one of three rallies that day. Twenty two point two percent were not registered. Republicans and twenty point eight percent did not vote in two thousand sixteen in circle. Ville ohio october. Twenty four th mcdaniel said of the eighteen thousand nine hundred and forty-nine people signed up for the rally more than forty percent of them were not republicans and nearly thirty percent had not voted in two thousand sixteen as republicans hustled in the field. The biden campaign shut down. Its ground operation in the spring due to the coronavirus pandemic and through the summer focused on building an entirely digital operation. Biden's forces didn't knock on a single door until october seeding the field to trump until late in the race but the biden campaign has engaged in aggressive digital outreach. They made fifty eight million voter contacts halloween weekend alone. According to the campaign whereas the anc made fifteen million voter contacts from october. Twenty third through. October twenty nine. According to the nc a ground game matters said stepien who took over the campaign from brad parse gal who had burned through hundreds of millions of dollars to little evidence effect. Frittering away a sizable cache advantage and leaving. The campaign outgunned in the final stretch. Trump's many rallies also come with a liability however republican strategists have counseled trump to stick to a clear message on how he will bring the country out of the pandemic improve its economy protect communities from crime and keep confirming conservative federal judges like his third confirm supreme court justice amy conybeare it but trump's rambling stump speeches swamp any attempt at delivering a disciplined message. Instead he's let loose on a host of grievances from the false claims of widespread fraud and mail in voting to downplaying the corona virus. In the last few days he has said after the election hill. Fire dr anthony. Fauci one of america's most trusted experts on the pandemic in very short order. Trump's team will see if they're bet on rallies pays off at the polls with reporting from charlotte alter.

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