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"stephen saad burg" Discussed on Campfire Sht Show

"Laptop like just crashed and it was like he was probably only twenty minutes to show right which was probably going to be an hour and a half and the he you can see it on his face. It was almost like well. I can't start this again. Because everything sinked and i'm just pushing a button you know. I actually wasn't. He wasn't doing that thing he can't just start mid mix because everyone's going to know this is already pre done right. He's not doing anything. He's just touring and hitting a button and acting like he's turning a knob. Yeah are you to say that. I really don't think he was doing much. There's an artist marian hill and i saw. It happened at coachella where i think it was so hot or something that it melted some of their equipment and seemed thing where it's like. All of her set is that you basically just like go and that just plays and she sings along but she was like. I don't know what to do. You guys could tell. She was a canoe artisan. just imagined. this is her coachella. Debut this big deal. And then i also don't want to be the production guy then is trying to like screw drives something and while people are chanting like folk. You fuck you just all waiting for you like you could just see them sweating. That would always happen at belly up where we would have the sound guy. Just run over and try to fix something like wall. It's happening a job. It's a stressful. It would be like in the middle of like. I don't know in the middle of surgery asking a different doctor to pop in and like fix problem but what we don't okay well is just like fuck and fix it. I couldn't take it. Yeah that's that's that's too much. Yeah the sound guy at the shell was like i could just because i get like hyperfocused then right because i'm just watching the problem. Fix the problem and i'm watching him. He's you could tell. This guy has no fucking idea what he's doing he's just like okay just like keeps tapping. It's like dude. It's something bigger something bigger bigger. We speaking really fast quickly something bigger. Oh i wanted to sex are we. Yeah i wanted to just give a quick shout. Okay to our sponsor adam and eve. Oh we love i. Love are adamant e. Don't don't skip passes part. You need to listen. Yeah because it isn't just an ad. Okay we we fluff it a bit. We we're we're fluffer sprite and it's my week to pick. Yes and i know exactly what i want it to be. What is it. The sasha grey deep throat pocket pal. Don't former sasha grey. What a what a champion time. Don't think she does porn anymore. But sasha grey. Yeah yeah this is. I'm not even meant to be anything. But i'm still confused. What part of this. Oh my god what it looks like. It looks so but what part of my listeners lease for the love of god go to adam and eve dot com and look. What was it again. Sasha great deep through oh it supposed to be mouth deep throat pocket pal holy fox creepiest muddy looking fucking sex toy that he's a supposed to be sasha green mouth. Oh my god. I would not put that on my dick. I would not put that on my desk. I mean i was soccer gray on my dick. But that's the that's do you know that is. That's the girl that went onto a starring. Stephen saad burg's Movie the girlfriend experience. Never heard of that either yeah. She went like she quit porn and went on to be like tried to be a legitimate alyce. Her she's really pretty good. That's not why. yeah she's. she's a messy. she's one of those gonzo girls. I'm talking about real rough just like slap on the face. Choke the offer. Yeah i like this may not even be. If if you're not interested in its sexually. I think actually could be like a good baby toy and when i post a picture it is so cute i draw is on those googly. Eyes from michael's. I'm gonna tell you listener. Do yourself a favor go. Look this thing up. Holy fuck it. Is you'll maternal toward it is an amazing. It's i don't know why anyone would make that thing looks weird. It looks weird. Listen it a pocket pussies one thing right. Yeah pocket. Plus is one thing you've got it looks like vagina. It's in a canister. I get it but this is something altogether different. Swallow now. I guess i would do that. I don't know and then i don't know this is real questions. I should reach out to our representative. But until then go to adam and eve dot com slash campfire for fifty percents. Off plus free shipping. Okay well. I think this is a wonderful episode. Can't unsee that. And i want to look at i love you. I love you. And that's all i can say. I hope everyone has a very nice week later in this week. Whatever whenever you're listening to it. I will be heading to san francisco for a trip good for you. Happy birthday my birthday present august. Yes time packing my good pal. Let's get out of here. I can't.

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