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"stephen prescott" Discussed on GSMC Movie Podcast

"People hard hitting and restores all my hope in humanity by the end a quick synopsis is a young homeless teen named tariq this looking to find a place to crash for the night. He texts multiple people before running into france. They hang out listen to music. Smoke little you know. Act like typical teenage boys but they get a call from their parents to go home so they leave and rica's left to his own devices again. I would assume that no one knows that. He is homeless He doesn't say it but people that he's texting aren't really understanding. They think he's just trying to not be where he's supposed to and staying at people's homes just to avoid where he needs to be anyway to wreak is left alone when his friends leave. And he has to ponder his next move doing so he walks by a man holding a sign that reads. I am a deaf blind man. Tap me if you can help me cross the street in order for him to get the bus stop that he needs to be at. Let me tell you. It's one thirty in the morning. Which is a vulnerable time for anyone to be out alone especially a minor who was homeless and a deaf blind man forced to rely completely on strangers. Tariq gently guides him to the bus stop and we learn. His name is already tariq communicates with artie by tapping against him to count numbers and spelling out words with his fingers on his palm to answer questions already rights out on a note pet which all appears subtitles on the screen. And that's that no verbal dialogue. Tariq sits with artie to wait for the bus with a short side trip to a convenience store known as data in new york city to repulse cash. Out of arts wallet to pay for his drink and takes out a ten dollar bill for himself much to the judgment of the convenience store. Cashier the bus. They were waiting for passes during their trip and the to fall asleep on the bench waiting for the next tariq is jolted awake reading texts from someone. He was relying on to open their home to him that they are not going to wait for him anymore. If he doesn't come over immediately. Tariq can stay with artie or go to the place. That's offering him a bed for the night. Tariq makes the decision to stay and he reads arby's notepad discover. He probably spent his evening with an escort in afterwards asked other passer buyers directions showing to wreak was not the first person to ask for help that night. He was just the first to respond. The bus arrives. Tariq helps already on and employers that the bus driver tap him when they get his stop. He won't accept a half sincere blowing off sort of answer. He wants this bus driver to refer to already by his name and put the effort into tapping him when they get to his destination so he can get home to with a little hesitation. Probably from the uncertainty of what the rest of the night holds or if they'll even see each other again tariq steps off the bus and walks in the opposite direction as he goes he passes a homeless man sleeping on the street tariq the ten dollar bill the while i gave this film a standing ovation from my home and i was alone. I was just so moved. I was moved because this film is transcendent forms. A connection between two people with different needs each in a different situation from each other. Who's pats wouldn't normally cross but they do that night and their lives are changed forever. it doesn't need a lot. It literally has only two actors sitting at a bus stop. The whole eighteen minutes of the film with a short scene in the bodega feeling. Through aptly named by the way was written and directed by doug rowland and stars stephen prescott to wreak and robert tarango as already executive produced by academy award winning real life. Deaf actress marlee matlin but not initially. They made this film on their own roland. Approach matlin post production where she agreed to see the rough cut. She fell in love with it for a myriad of reasons will delve into in a second and knew she had to be a part of this film. I think we would all wanna have handed making of this film. Rolling came up with this concept for his film when this actually happened to him he was coming home late from the east village when he encountered a man holding up a sign that read. I'm a deaf blind man and need help crossing the street. He tried his best and it worked out and he was forever changed by this knowing he had to put this all down and represent this experience as film rolling. Reach out to the helen. Keller national center for the death to help in finding a blind deaf person to play artie. Let me say the fact. The mere fact that roland insisted on being authentic this way is what led to the beauty of the film. They interviewed candidates from all over the country in person and over video chat. An interpreter was needed to communicate what doug said. And what the potential actor would say and what i learned is. Interpreters are not direct translations. They are really trying to get the meaning. And the essence when words cannot be set. They found robert eventually. Do you know where he was. Do you know where robert was the whole time. Robert was working at the helen. Keller institute.

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