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"Be joking about the Vandals target the Georgia State Patrol headquarters in Atlanta with rock spray paint and fireworks. Top cocktail of some sort was thrown into the window, starting a fire on one of these exterior offices. Lieutenant Stephanie stalling, says two employees suffer smoke inhalation. Damage is estimated over 50 grand She says the culprits are not peaceful protesters they intended to cause trouble. Cases of Corona virus in Georgia climb by 30,000 in two weeks. The state Department of Public Health reports 2200 new cases confirmed in the latest 24 hour period from Saturday to Sunday. Total number of positive Cove in 19 cases now top 95,500 in our state of the USB, Cheryl Castro says Gwinnett County continues to record the highest number of cases. Account tends to be lower over a holiday weekend with some testing sites close. Florida adds 40,000 cases of Corona virus and four days announcer passes 200,000 cases clear that the growth is exponential at this point. You know, we've been breaking record after record after record. The mayor of Miami appearing on ABC is this week. Former Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert believes Florida's undercounting There is a solid reason to believe there are 500,000 people in Florida right now. Today, infectious. That's over 2% of their population masks alone won't cut it. He urges isolation and quarantine. President Trump wants an in person Republican convention in Jacksonville in August. FDA commissioner Stephen Han Hedges on CNN. It's too early to tell We'll have to see how this unfolds in Florida and elsewhere around the country. He will not directly contradict the president's claim that 99% of covert infections are harmless. Not going to get into who's right and who's wrong. He calls the caseload. Syria Texas sets do records for hospitalizations, Judge Lena and all Go in Harris County warns this point our hospitals here in Harris County, Houston, and 33 other cities they're crossing. They're into surge capacity, she says. The virus is outrunning the state strategy of do the least and hope for the best Corona virus Infects the brave squad. Freddie Freeman test positive in the face of your franchise has it. Everybody notices his picture. Mike Soroka surprises everybody, especially because we knew seriously a lot of us were taking this. Freeman's wife post on social media that this is hit her husband quote like a ton of bricks. A sound like that when I talked to him yesterday, this thing's real manager Brian Senator says Freeman was negative earlier in the week and got sick Thursday he must pass two tests. 72 hours after his symptoms leave picture. Will Smith and Tookie Tucson are positive but asymptomatic after this veteran Felix Hernandez says he won't play J Black 95.5 ws an inauspicious start to the All American Team Cup tennis tournament in Peachtree Corners over the holiday weekend. Captain Frances Tiafoe test positive for Corona virus after his first match event organizer sanitized the lifetime venue. The tournament continues with Atlanta's Christopher Eubanks Subbing for T F O. Team stars.

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