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"stephen gutenberg" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

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"stephen gutenberg" Discussed on Fantasy Football Today Podcast

"But you're looking for older not as not the opposite of dan campbell. It's what you're looking at. So which one do you think you actually would have a chance against. And you're looking at nfl coach all the of all the coaches coaches headquarters. Yeah yeah i mean. I hate to say it but i think i could. I could probably take cliff. Ob- live about bids. That's a handsome man. I don't know that he's been in many fights not that not that. I've i've been in a grand total zero flights in my life but i've watched plenty of jujitsu. Clearly i could do it. do you. Watch cobra kai by the way. I don't i it's it's on the list of show's garbage. I've don't do it it is. It's so i need to watch. It's so pad and i wrote it for for my wife because i've pointed out how bad it is. And now she sees it and she's like i can't wish she can't really watch cobra kai anymore as i pointed out all the badness of it as a child he had the crane kick poster bedroom. I've seen karate kid many times. And by the way guns mahoney how. That's obviously makes you think a police academy right. Yeah yeah okay. Because he was stephen gutenberg it was pretty ripped police academy so all right just making sure what happened. I don't wanna feel like he was. And i watched it a few weeks ago so i really should know this. I feel like he was little remix. Atoms list of top ten most buff jews so interestingly enough i also on that list all right. That's my fantasy footballers. Just check out. All their content is really outstanding and the two thousand twenty one ultimate draft kid is available now on their website and their podcast is awesome their award winners great guys and we appreciate you can follow him at f- f hitman on twitter mike. Thanks for stopping by Glad to be here. Thanks for inviting me. In fact jamie later thanks everybody listening. We'll talk to you later in the week on fantasy football..

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